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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 24, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Owen said that Eric had his chance and he should not expect Donna to wait around for him to make a decision. Donna said Owen should stop pursuing her. She insisted that nothing would ever happen between them because she loved Eric. Owen moved closer and put his hands on Donna's shoulders. He said they had to act on what they felt before it was too late.

Eric and Thorne watched the scene unfold via the hidden web cam. Eric lamented that he did not ask Thorne to install a microphone. Thorne asked if Eric would really want a running commentary on his wife's infidelity.

They continued to watch, and Eric was delighted to see that Donna pushed Owen away and left the room. Thorne said Donna had almost crossed the line. Eric said yes, but she didn't cross the line, she stopped herself and left the room before things with Owen went too far. Eric said Donna passed the test and he would never question her love again.

Thorne said Eric needed to give it more time. Thorne said Donna was tempted by Owen. Eric said yes, she was tempted, but she didn't give in, so he was content that she walked away. Thorne said Eric and Stephanie had a bright future and a rich history together and he should not allow Donna to bamboozle him.

Eric said he had great affection and respect for Stephanie and the years they had shared, but Donna was his future. Eric said Donna brought something wonderful to his life. Eric made a phone call and left a message for his lawyer asking him to stop his divorce from Donna. Eric told Thorne that Donna loved Eric and the two of them planned to spend the rest of their lives together. Eric said he was headed home to resolve the situation. Thorne asked if that meant that Eric intended to kick Stephanie out of the house, and Eric said he wouldn't put it that harshly, but yes. Eric said the situation wasn't healthy for anyone.

Donna went home and took a bubble bath. She heard the door open and assumed it was Eric. She told her "honey bear" to come on in. She had a mask on and didn't see her visitor was Stephanie and not Eric. Stephanie massaged Donna's shoulders, and Donna waxed poetic about what big strong hands Eric had. Stephanie couldn't take anymore and pushed Donna's head underwater.

Donna screamed in shock when she realized Stephanie was in the bathroom with her. The two of them began to bicker about Eric. Stephanie asked Donna if her boobs were real. Donna gasped at the question. Stephanie commented that she bet Donna wasn't really a blonde either. Donna said Stephanie was just jealous that she made Eric happy in the bedroom. Stephanie said a couple couldn't stay in bed their whole lives and the only part of Donna that Eric loved was her body. Stephanie said eventually Eric would want to talk, and that Donna was all boobs and no brains.

Eric came in and caught them fighting. Stephanie said that Eric needed to make a choice, and that the situation had to change. Eric said she was right and that it was time for a big change. Donna went to get dressed. Stephanie said that she realized each woman offered Eric something different. Stephanie told Eric she understood what he got from Donna, and she understood what he got from her, and he had to decide which woman he wanted. She asked him to please remember that he loved her.

The phone rang and Stephanie left the room. While she was gone, Donna said that she belonged there with Eric and wanted him to admit it. When Stephanie came back into the room, she found Eric and Donna kissing and locked in a passionate embrace.

Rick apologized to an extremely irate Steffy for having kissed her. Steffy reminded Rick that he had already dated her sister, Phoebe, and had been engaged to her mother. Steffy stated that she was involved with Marcus and was not interested in Rick. Rick said he regretted the kiss, and explained that ever since Taylor dumped him, he had been lonely. He said Steffy reminded him of her mother, and he acted in impulse.

Steffy said Rick was disgusting. She said Rick dated her mother and if he kissed Steffy because she reminded him of Taylor, that was messed up. Rick said it wasn't disgusting at all and Steffy should be flattered. He said Steffy was strong and smart and feisty, just like Taylor. Steffy said she knew Rick was working her and that he should give it up. Rick denied it, and said he truly loved Taylor and he was brokenhearted when she broke up with him.

Steffy's phone rang and it was Marcus calling from Paris. Marcus said he didn't know why Rick had chosen him to go to Forrester International. Marcus said it was just too good to be true. When Marcus spoke those words, something clicked in Steffy's head. She suddenly realized why Rick sent Marcus to Paris. She hung up the phone and accused Rick of sending Marcus away on purpose as part of his evil scheme. Steffy said Rick intended to use her to hurt Ridge just as he had done with Phoebe and Taylor.

Steffy said she did not want anything to do with whatever plot was unfolding in Rick's twisted mind. Rick admitted that he hated Ridge. Rick said he truly loved Taylor. He said if Ridge had not made a move on Taylor, she and Rick might have been happy together. He said his hatred of Ridge ran deep. He said he hated Ridge for taking Taylor from him. He said he hated Ridge for messing up his family when he was a kid. Rick said he hated Ridge for hurting his mother so many times.

Steffy said she understood that Rick was going through a difficult time in his life. She said that blaming Ridge for all of his troubles was a cop-out. Steffy said it was wrong of Rick to kiss her. Rick agreed and said that he was sorry. Steffy asked Rick what the hell had happened to him, and reminded him that he used to be a really decent guy.

Steffy reminded Rick about the day she ran into him at the cabana when she was contemplating making love to Marcus and how her advice helped her. She said on that day she understood what Taylor saw in Rick, although he couldn't hold a candle to Ridge. Rick said that was what he'd been told.

Steffy said Rick was a really cool guy, but he had turned into a power-hungry creep. Steffy said she didn't want to see Rick lose the good side of him just because he was angry about a breakup. Rick said Steffy was right, Taylor really did a number on him and he had blamed it all on Ridge.

Rick said he wanted to make a powerful impression at Forrester. He said Eric had just promoted him to president and he wanted to make his Dad proud, but he felt he was doing it all without a single friend in the world. Steffy said Rick could have a friend if he wanted one. He asked if she was volunteering for the post. Steffy said yes, as long as they had some ground rules. Rick could never try to use her again. She didn't want his rage to destroy him.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

At Eric's corporate office, he and Donna agreed that they had experienced the best morning together since they had reconciled. Donna steadily expressed her desire to reunite with Eric and resume their marriage. Donna suggested that they simply pick up where they had left off before Eric's illness. Eric warned her that it would not be easy for her, due to the media coverage and hostile members of his family. He told her that he was proud of the way she handled business and the media while he was ill.

Meanwhile, Katie looked for Donna in Owen's office but found Owen instead. She remarked that she would probably find Donna in Eric's office. Katie commented to Owen that Eric had hired him only as a test of Donna's faithfulness. Katie assumed that Eric did not trust Owen. Katie cruelly pointed out to Owen that if Donna had wanted to be with him, she would have been. Owen responded to Katie's remarks by saying that Donna would never receive respect from the Forrester family and they would never accept her as part of the family. Owen concluded that it was time for Donna to realize that Eric was wrong for her. He told Katie that he planned to make his own move on Donna. Katie warned him about the consequences of making the wrong move.

Thorne paid Stephanie a visit. When Stephanie told Thorne that she observed Eric and Donna kissing, he strongly encouraged her not to give up on Eric. Thorne told her that her that he would not allow her to give up on Eric.

Thorne returned to Eric's office at Forrester Creations. He looked at the computer monitor, which showed the images from the hidden camera and revealed that no one was in Owen's office. A few moments later, he called Eric to the office to view some models.

On the Forrester Creation's outdoor terrace, Eric had a telephone conversation with Ashley Abbot. She told Eric that she was grateful for her position at Forrester International and then tendered her resignation. She informed Eric that she was moving back to Genoa City and had resumed her relationship with Victor Newman. Ashley asked about Ridge. Eric responded that things were complicated for Ridge at that time. Ashley wished Ridge and Brooke the best and terminated the call.

Katie went on a mission and visited Stephanie. She told her that if Eric had chosen Donna, there was nothing Stephanie could do about it and she should walk away. Stephanie explained that she would not give Eric up without a fight.

When Eric arrived back at the office, Thorne was waiting for him. Thorne begged him not to reunite with Donna. He reminded him that he was so distrustful of Donna that he had planted a camera in Owen's office to keep an eye on them. Eric agreed that Stephanie would always be a big part of his life, but he wanted and loved Donna. Thorne told Eric to take a look at the computer monitor. Eric saw Donna and Owen becoming romantic towards one another. Eric explained to Thorne that Owen was trying to make a move, but he trusted that Donna would tell Owen that she loved Eric. Suddenly, Donna and Owen began to make love. Eric was angry and devastated by what he saw.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eric was enraged by the sight of Donna and Owen kissing via web cam. Eric instructed Thorne to bring Donna to his office immediately. Thorne tried to convince Eric it would not be a good idea, but Eric insisted. Of course, Eric did not really see Owen and Donna kissing; Thorne hired body doubles to trick Eric into believing Donna betrayed him.

Donna came into Eric's office and didn't understand why Eric looked so angry. He coldly told her their marriage was over. Donna cried and pleaded with Eric, but he would not listen. Donna was convinced his family forced him to end things with her. Eric said no, it was because of her betrayal with that boyfriend of hers. Donna was startled because she thought they had worked through that in the past. She had no idea Eric viewed a fake video that implicated her in new unfaithful behavior.

Eric bellowed at Donna. He said he had given up his marriage and his family for her. He said he had fought his way back from a heart attack and a coma for her. He said all he had gotten in return was her betrayal. Donna vehemently denied it and said Eric could ask Brooke or Katie to tell him about her love and devotion for him. He said he didn't want to hear it, and asked her what sort of a woman would do what she had done.

Donna said they had the perfect marriage until the lunatic, Aunt Pam, poisoned Eric. Donna said after that everything went crazy and Owen comforted her while he was in a coma. She said that was nothing compared to what she felt for Eric. Donna said Eric was the love of her life and begged him to believe her. She asked him why he changed gears so suddenly, but he said he could not tell her. Donna said there was only one man she wanted to be with, and that was Eric.

Thorne removed all traces of the webcam and wiring, and paid the actors he had hired to portray Donna and Owen. He swore them to secrecy that they would never tell anyone what they had done.

When Thorne arrived at the house, Stephanie was packing her things anticipating that Eric planned to ask her to move out. Thorne said he couldn't tell her why, but he thought she ought to stop packing and just wait for Eric. Thorne said he thought Eric's eyes had finally been opened to Donna, and that Eric would need Stephanie when he got home.

Brooke asked Ridge if he had chosen a venue for their wedding, but Ridge was distracted by other thoughts. Brooke asked if Ridge was thinking about his parents. He said he was and was thinking about the choice Eric had to make between Stephanie and Donna. Ridge said Brooke should know which one he was rooting for. Brooke said she was on the opposite side. Ridge said "In the spirit of reaching across the aisle..." and kissed her.

Ridge said he had decided on a venue. He thought they should get married back at their special place, at the beach. Brooke was delighted. She proposed that they throw a large rehearsal dinner to celebrate their love, and have women in gowns, men in tuxes, and the press corps. Ridge said it sounded like Brooke wanted to do it like it was her first wedding. Brooke said it was her first, and her last.

Rick went to the rooftop and looked over. He had a flashback about his fall and his fight with Ridge. Steffy came up and Rick said a couple of cheesy come-on lines to her. Steffy told him to stop wasting his time, because she knew exactly what he was doing.

As Steffy worked out, Rick continued to flirt with her. While she lifted weights, he offered to spot her. When he tried to rub her shoulders, she slammed his hands into the bars and instructed him to stop trying to use her. Rick said maybe he was just attracted to her. Steffy said no, Rick's only interest in her was that she was Ridge's daughter. Steffy said Rick should stop trying to use her to get back at Ridge.

Steffy said that when Rick fell, he must have knocked something loose in his head, because he was not the same person. Rick said he didn't know what Steffy said, because he was watching her lips move when she talked and found them hypnotic. Steffy said Rick dated her mom, dated her sister, sent her boyfriend away, and hated her dad. Steffy said Rick was the last person on Earth she would be interested in.

Rick said Steffy had it all wrong. He said he and Phoebe had a very special relationship and Ridge took that away. Then Ridge took Ashley Abbot away from him, then Taylor, too. He said if anyone had it in for anyone, it was Ridge for him, and not vice versa. Rick said if he threw Steffy over the balcony, he bet she would hate him, too. Rick said Ridge had been walking all over him since he was a kid.

Steffy said Rick was exaggerating. Steffy said Rick was purposely trying to break up Brooke and Ridge. Rick said Ridge and Brooke had been married three times before, and failed. Rick said the reason the marriages broke up was because the people were incompatible, and that didn't change. Rick said Ridge might be a great guy, but not when combined with Brooke. He said the two of them were poison to one another. Rick vowed he would do anything to keep them from remarrying.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumes on Monday, December 1st where Wednesday, November 26th's episode concluded.

If you're in the mood for a little Thanksgiving leftovers, this is a good time to check out some of our archived content. We have daily recaps dating all the way back to 1997. Take a trip down memory lane or, if you're a newer viewers, find out what you've missed out on! Click here for more information about our Daily Recaps Archive.

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