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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ridge said he did not want Brooke to lose her son. They had already endured the pain of him losing his daughter, Phoebe. Ridge admitted he nearly let his grief push him into losing Brooke. Brooke said if Ridge told her what he needed, that was how it would be. She would do anything. Ridge said he only needed Brooke and the two kissed. Ridge said he would like Rick to keep his distance, especially from Thomas and Steffy. Ridge said he understood that Eric would want to keep Rick on at Forrester, but he hoped Rick would not be in his office. Brooke said they should talk to Eric and see what could be done to accommodate him. Brooke thanked Ridge for his kindness regarding her son. Ridge said kind was not really the way he was feeling, but he was trying to do his best.

Steffy and Rick kissed passionately and made a joint decision that they should stop. But then the passion got the best of them and they began kissing again. Rick pulled away and said he could not go ahead. Steffy insisted that she knew Rick was not using her like he did when he kissed her before. Rick still protested, but Steffy lunged at him with her lips aimed for his and kissed him again. The two undressed and dropped to the floor in front of the fireplace. Just as they were about to make love, Brooke and Ridge knocked on Rick's door.

Rick rushed to the door while he looked over his shoulder to make certain Steffy was out of sight. Brooke said they wanted to talk to Rick. She said Ridge understood that Rick was her son and that they realized it was not the right time for Rick to go to Paris. Brooke explained that they expected Rick to accept the boundaries Ridge requested. Rick agreed and said he would do whatever was in his power to make it easier on Ridge for Rick to stay in town. Ridge said that since Rick and Taylor shared a history, he would not interfere in whatever relationship the two of them had. Brooke said that Thomas would not be around much, but Ridge really wanted Rick to keep his distance from Steffy. Steffy overheard that request from Rick's bedroom where she was still partially undressed.

Rick said he didn't understand why Ridge didn't want him dead or behind bars after what he did to Phoebe. Rick said he realized it would sound shallow and meaningless, but he truly loved Phoebe, and was deeply sorry for what had happened. Rick wanted to find a way to make things right with Ridge. Rick said he loved Phoebe and would never have done anything to deliberately hurt her. Ridge said all he asked was that Rick would keep his distance from Ridge's family as they tried to heal. He said Rick should not have any contact with Thomas or Steffy. Rick agreed to Ridge's request while Steffy cried silently in the other room.

Stephanie asked Eric point-blank if he planned to leave her. Eric said yes, he was going to cancel his divorce from Donna because that choice had been made under false pretenses. Stephanie suggested that the reason Eric had been so ready to believe the phony video he saw of Donna cheating on him was because somewhere inside, Eric knew he could not trust Donna. Stephanie implied that Donna was not the sort to be faithful for long. Eric said he realized Stephanie was hurt, but didn't like her saying such awful things about Donna. Stephanie said Donna would be just as happy being married to a young man who didn't have to hold in his tummy when he had a swimsuit on. If another man came along who could house and clothe Donna in the manner to which she had become accustomed, she would be with him in a heartbeat, insisted Stephanie.

Stephanie asked Eric if he had only pretended to care for her because he thought Donna was cheating on him. Stephanie said her hair had gone white, and she had lost her figure, and Eric was casting her aside to make goo-goo eyes at a voluptuous young woman. There was no substance to that relationship, only pleasure, Stephanie said. Eric said Stephanie thought pleasure was a dirty word. He didn't see anything wrong with pleasure. Stephanie asked Eric where all his pretty young things were when Eric was in the hospital dying. Eric said Stephanie always told him that no one loved him but her. Stephanie announced that Eric had won; she was finished with him. Stephanie said when things fell apart with Donna, she didn't want him to come crawling back to her.

Eric asked Stephanie if she had ever met a man she had genuinely liked. He said she claimed to hate her father, yet his brand of masculinity was the only one she could accept. Stephanie said she had many men she liked and admired, and mentioned Massimo's name. Eric asked why she had not married Massimo, since she was pregnant with his child. Stephanie said she asked herself that many times. Eric said she married him and then railed at him his whole life for being spineless. Eric said if he hadn't been a weakling, he would never have married Stephanie. Stephanie accused Donna of trapping Eric into marriage, but Eric reminded Stephanie that in truth, it was she who had trapped him into marrying her all those years ago. Donna gave herself to Eric freely, he said, while Stephanie demanded his future, his firstborn, and his dignity. Eric said that debt was paid and he would not pay anymore.

Stephanie announced that to maintain her dignity, she was not going to wait for Eric to walk out on her. She said she was leaving him and that she would not be back. Eric said "Woe to the bookie who takes bets on that." Stephanie asked if she was fired. Eric said he hadn't hired her back in the first place. She asked again if she was fired. Eric said he didn't want things to deteriorate between them. She reminded him that they had a meeting the next day at nine o'clock. Eric reminded Stephanie that she had just finished saying that she was leaving and never coming back. Stephanie told Eric he would never be rid of her. That from the woman with six guns registered in her name, said Eric. Stephanie retorted that it said something about her that after all the abuse Eric heaped on her over the years that she never shot him. Eric could not help but smile at Stephanie as she walked out the door.

Donna opened the door to find Aunt Pam with a shiny object in her hand and Donna screamed at the top of her lungs. Pam chuckled and wondered aloud if Donna had never seen a crochet hook before. Donna warned Pam that she was going to call the police. Pam explained that she was crocheting a yarmulke for her Jewish brain surgeon. Pam explained she was in L.A. because the doctor asked to see her to get a progress report on her brain surgery. Pam said she felt like a new person, and had stopped by just to apologize to Donna for the terrible things she had done to her. Donna appeared stunned to hear those words escape Pam's lips.

Donna asked if Pam's therapist asked her to apologize. Pam said not at all, that in fact her therapist thought it was a bad idea. Donna asked why Pam had come, and Pam replied that she wanted to make amends. She pulled something out of her purse and handed it to Donna. Donna was afraid to touch it and asked Pam what it was. Pam had crocheted Donna a bikini top. Pam explained she didn't know what size Donna was, so she had taken it to the produce department and tried it on some melons. Donna looked at Pam with horror.

Pam said that it appeared that Donna didn't have much respect for handicrafts. Donna said she was afraid that anything Pam had touched would explode when she tried it on. Pam insisted she was merely trying to make amends and hoped one day she and Donna could be friends. Donna reminded Pam that she had tried to feed her to a bear, and Pam replied that perhaps they wouldn't be able to be friends right away. Donna asked Pam if she intended to fly back to Chicago after her checkup. Pam said that L.A. was a big city and that she assumed Donna had never spent a winter in Chicago. Pam said she missed L.A. and the warm weather. When Donna realized Pam wanted to stay in L.A. she simply repeated the word "NO" several times.

Pam said with 10 million people in L.A., Donna would not even know she was in town. Donna reminded Pam that she agreed not to press charges against Pam on the condition that Pam remained locked up someplace. Pam said she was taking her meds and was no longer a danger to anyone. She said she realized that Donna didn't intend to kill her dog, Tiny. Donna got spooked and told Pam it was time to leave. Pam asked Donna if she felt that had gone well for a first visit. Donna replied there would be no second visit then pushed Pam out the door and locked it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

At the Forrester Creations headquarters, Eric conducted a meeting with the entire family. He thanked them for a good Christmas despite Phoebe's tragic death. Eric announced that he had decided to leave Stephanie and resume his marriage to Donna. Ridge and Felicia commented that they were surprised by Eric's news. Eric explained that he had been misled into believing that Donna had cheated on him when in fact she had not. He explained that Thorne had used doubles of Owen and Donna and showed him that they had sexual relations in Owen's office.

Stephanie told her children that although she was upset by Eric's leaving, she did not want their pity and that she had to accept the situation. Ridge announced to Thorne and Felicia that he still had issues with Rick. Soon afterward, Eric appointed Ridge CEO of Forrester Creations. He announced that Rick would remain the president of Forrester Creations.

Rick congratulated Ridge on his appointment as president of Forrester Creations.

Rick later told Brooke that he was very grateful that Ridge had forgiven him for Phoebe's death. He told Brooke that he wanted to set things right; Ridge had lost a daughter and he commented that he felt responsible. Suddenly, Steffy sent a text message to Rick and asked him to meet her at the dressing room.

As they prepared for the Forrester fashion show, Owen told Donna that even though they were not in a romantic relationship, he still cared about her. She thanked him for informing Eric that doubles were used to pose as the two of them. She informed him that Pam was back in town. She explained that Pam's doctor's felt she was stable enough to leave the hospital if she continued to take her medication. She showed Owen the bikini that Pam had crocheted. Somehow, the model Grace put the bathing suit on. Donna informed her that the bikini was not part of the show.

Donna informed Eric that the fashion show would benefit the V-8 Program which donated fruits and vegetables to low-income families. Donna explained the details of the Surf Line show to Eric.

Ridge suggested to Brooke that they get married right after the fashion show; Brooke happily agreed to do so. Brooke thanked Ridge for his effort to forgive Rick. She further commented that they were meant to be together because they had survived everything-Stephanie and then Rick. Ridge commented that he was worried about Steffy, who was vulnerable after losing her twin sister.

At the runway, Eric noticed the bikini on Grace. He commented that he thought the bikini was fabulous and decided it should be part of the fashion show. Eric asked Donna to model the showstopper. Eric decided the showstopper would be the bikini that Pam had crocheted. Donna did not get a chance to tell Eric that Pam had made the bikini. Owen advised Donna to just wear the bikini and let go of the fact that Pam had made it.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brooke asked Ridge how things were coming along for the fashion show. Ridge said fine, but that even if all hell broke loose, he would take the time to ring in the New Year by taking a beautiful bride. Brooke giggled like a schoolgirl. Brooke reminded Ridge they had people they had to tell about their wedding. Ridge said he would explain the situation to Taylor. Although the whole family was still mourning the loss of Phoebe, Ridge wanted Taylor to understand why he and Brooke had decided to move forward with their plans.

Taylor asked Steffy how she was coping with her grief. Steffy said she was handling it. Taylor cautioned her daughter that people were emotionally vulnerable while they were grieving, and that Steffy might find herself doing or saying things she could not have imagined herself doing before. Steffy flashed back to kissing Rick, but said nothing.

Ridge arrived and explained to Steffy and Taylor that he and Brooke planned to marry right after the fashion show. Taylor asked if they had resolved their problems over Rick. Ridge said he felt certain he would be able to forgive Rick eventually. He was actively working on it, and had set some guidelines for Rick, one of which was to stay away from Steffy, Ridge announced.

Ridge assured Taylor he would still be around to support her. They discussed how worried they were when Steffy drove after Phoebe's accident. Ridge said whenever Taylor needed him, he would be there for her. She admitted that she wished he were marrying her.

Meanwhile, Brooke had a similar talk with Rick. Rick didn't respond, and Brooke asked if Rick still had reservations about her impending marriage to Ridge. Rick said not at all, he finally realized how much Ridge loved Brooke. Rick said he never thought he would say it, but Ridge was actually worthy of Brooke. Ridge proved himself with everything he had done for Rick after the accident. The real problem for Rick was that he was lost in thoughts of kissing Steffy. Brooke said she could tell something was still troubling Rick and implored him to confide in her. Rick's mind played a video of him and Steffy kissing, and he told Brooke nothing was wrong.

Rick said he never wanted to do anything again to jeopardize Brooke's happiness. She assured him that she knew he would not do that. Brooke knew that Rick wanted the family to heal as much as she did, and promised him that everything would be fine.

When Ridge arrived home, Brooke asked if Taylor had still hoped for a reunion with Ridge. Ridge said he would always be connected to Taylor, but that Brooke was his love and his life.

Pam and Stephanie had a happy reunion and embraced. Stephanie admitted that she was surprised to see Pam out and about. Pam asked Stephanie not to pull any punches. Pam admitted she had been truly crazy and had to be sprung from the mental hospital. Pam filled Stephanie in on her visit with Donna and on the bikini she crocheted for Donna. Stephanie looked surprised. Pam continued on and said that she was happy to be whole again, just as Eric and Stephanie's marriage was whole again. Stephanie had to correct Pam and let her know that she and Eric had separated again. Stephanie let Pam know that Donna and Eric had reconciled.

Pam tried to comfort her, but Stephanie insisted that she was fine. Stephanie suggested that she and Pam could share a place and have fun living together as sisters again. Pam said Stephanie was a remarkable woman and Eric would regret giving her up one day. Pam said Stephanie was a million times the woman Donna was. Stephanie laughed and told Pam she wouldn't argue with her on that point. Stephanie toyed with the idea of going to see Eric for New Year's Eve for their traditional toast.

Eric prepared for the fashion show and promised Donna that after it was over, the two of them would have a magnificent New Year's Eve. Donna told Eric she wanted to discuss his choice of showstopper with him. He said it was not up for discussion. The design was fabulous and the stitching was intricate. That was the piece he wanted. Donna had to be the bearer of bad news and told him that Pam was back in town and that she was the one who had made the bikini. Donna explained that Pam had apologized for all the horrible things she had done. Donna said Pam seemed sincere, but reminded Eric she had fooled them before. Eric said this time he was around to protect Donna and she was safe with him. Eric said he had a special dress lined up for Donna to wear and ask her to go and slip into it.

Steffy went to Rick and explained the press kits did not make note of the fact a percentage of their proceeds from the show were going to a V8 "Make Every Serving Count" charity campaign. Rick completely ignored what she said and noted that he had never seen her so hyper before. Steffy explained it was her first fashion show and she didn't want to mess anything up. Rick reminded her that her family owned the company and it was unlikely she would get fired. Rick reminded Steffy that it was New Year's Eve. He asked what her resolutions would be. She said he already knew-to stay away from him. Rick said they had until midnight to make that resolution and asked if he could kiss her one more time before the clock struck midnight. Steffy agreed to one last kiss.

Eric had arranged a romantic dinner for two on the fashion show stage for him and Donna. She had on the gorgeous golden gown he had waiting for her and he was in a tuxedo. As they lifted their champagne glasses to toast one another, Stephanie lurked in the hallway. She heard Eric use the same toast he had used with her all of the years of their marriage and walked away forlorn. Donna and Eric toasted the New Year, unaware Stephanie had been there, and declared their love for one another as the clock stuck twelve.

Thursday, January 1, 2008

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episodes of your favorite CBS Daytime soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- were not shown.

Regular programming will resume on January 2, 2009, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday pre-emption.

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Friday, January 2, 2008

Forrester Creations staged a fashion show where their new "Surfliner" swimwear collection debuted. Eric gushed when he saw Donna, and said she would be the highlight of the show in her crocheted bikini. Donna was visibly jittery and Eric asked her what the problem was. Donna explained that her suit was just a ball of yarn and it could get snagged and fall off of her mid-show. Eric, dirty old man that he was, exclaimed that if that happened, it would certainly be a showstopper to top all others.

Reporters questioned Rick about the V8 tie-in promotion.

A member of the press called out "Mrs. Forrester!" and both Donna and Stephanie responded, which was awkward. The reporter pounced on Eric as he entered the room and asked him why he had chosen to design surf wear instead of ball gowns. Eric said he was invigorated after his illness and was ready to try something fresh. The reporter cattily looked at Stephanie, Eric's first wife and quipped, "Out with the old and in with the new." Stephanie did not look amused.

Eric apologized to Stephanie and assured her that she was not being discarded. He said he would understand if she wanted to leave. Stephanie responded that she did not want to miss Donna's bikini line. The two of them shared a warm laugh. Stephanie reminded Eric that he had nearly died, and said that Eric had lived through his ordeal; she admitted he was happy and that was all Stephanie ever wanted for him.

Eric gathered the models and staff and gave them a pep talk prior to the beginning of the show. He said that swimwear was sexy, rebellious, and exciting, and he wanted the models to embody that on the runway. Eric said he realized that deviating from the norm was a risk, but he believed they were up for the challenge. Eric suggested that their new line would encourage their clients to get out in the sun and become more active.

Ridge introduced Eric to the audience, and Eric spoke about taking the company in a new youthful and energetic direction. In that spirit, Eric continued, he wanted to introduce the new president, his son Rick. When Rick took the microphone and began to speak, Steffy made goo-goo eyes at Rick and reminisced about their forbidden kiss.

The models paraded up and down the runway in bizarre attire, such as bikinis paired with winter boots, scarves, and ear flap hats. The crowd clapped politely and Eric noted that they had not "wowed" their audience yet. He predicted that they would as soon as they saw Donna in her show-stopping bikini.

Donna waited restlessly in the wings but eventually went and found Owen in the changing area. She told him she could not go down the runway with "Crazy Pam's" crocheted bikini. Donna predicted Eric would be a laughingstock. She refused to wear it. Owen went to Eric and explained that Donna didn't want to wear that piece. Eric said Owen needed to convince Donna to wear the bikini. Owen returned to Donna and told her that her husband needed her and that she needed to wear it, period. Reluctantly, she changed back into it.

Meanwhile, Steffy noticed that her grandfather looked glum. She asked him what was wrong, and he said their buyers didn't know what to make of the new collection. He told her it wasn't always easy to sell new ideas, and she said, "Tell me about it." She understood full well what he meant.

As the show continued, Stephanie was startled to look up and find Pam was in the audience. Stephanie was seated next to Taylor and expressed that she was concerned about Eric because his show was not being well received. Taylor asked Stephanie why she didn't go check in on Eric. Stephanie said she was not Eric's wife anymore. Taylor assured Stephanie that Eric would always need her. After Taylor's pep talk, Stephanie got up and headed Eric's way.

Steffy bumped into Rick backstage, and the two agreed the show was not going very well. Steffy said at least they could look forward to Brooke and Ridge's wedding after the show.

Brooke and Ridge lingered in the hallway, and Brooke said she felt like she should go to Rick and comfort him. Ridge said a kind word from his mommy would not ease Rick's disappointment. Ridge assured her Rick was a grown man and would handle the disappointment. Ridge reminded Brooke that Rick would have other shows in the future. Ridge urged Brooke to ditch the rest of the show and go and get married right away. Brooke agreed and the two snuck out the back door.

While Donna changed back into the bikini, Eric went onstage and stalled for the crowd. When the music started up, he said the showstopper was a piece that had been designed by his wife Donna. When Donna "surfed" onto the stage in the bikini Pam had crocheted for her, Pam got that crazy look in her eyes again. She went backstage and confronted Donna for taking credit for Pam's design.

Ridge and Brooke arrived at the top of a cliff overlooking the beach at Malibu to begin their wedding. When Brooke looked down in the sand, the names Ridge and Brooke had been artistically carved inside a giant heart on the beach below them.

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