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January 5 to 9, 2009
Brooke and Ridge said their vows to one another at the beach, and told everyone they planned a traditional ceremony at the courthouse to make it legal. Rick and Steffy couldn't stay away from each other. They kept trying, but started pondering a secret romance. Steffy headed up to Big Bear with Marcus. The trip was a surprise marriage proposal, but Steffy turned Marcus down, and said she wanted to be his friend. She couldn't handle a relationship after Phoebe's death. Bridget saw Rick and Steffy together and told Rick he had to cool it with Steffy to maintain family peace. Ridge and Brooke shared some steamy moments in the steam room at Forrester. Pam's hand-crocheted bikini, the showstopper at the surf line fashion show, was a hit. Donna came clean to Eric that Pam made it, so Pam got a job. Donna and Eric got frisky in his office. Stephanie blabbed to the press that she believed Rick was responsible for Phoebe's death in the car accident. Everyone laid into Stephanie for taking a private family matter public and creating a public relations nightmare. Nick seemed distracted and secretive to Katie. Donna played matchmaker for Owen and Bridget. Rick and Stephanie battled over her constant and public whine that Rick had to pay for Phoebe's death. They fired each other from Forrester, and then took the battle to Eric to determine who won.
January 12 to 16, 2009
No one in the Forrester family was happy with the way Eric was running his company. Eric told Stephanie and Rick they had to find a way to get along or he would fire them both. Felicia and Thorne laid into Eric for paying too much attention to Rick and Ridge. Eric tried to convince Thorne and Felicia that they were valuable to the company, but they both scoffed at him. Rick and Steffy had a romantic interlude at Big Bear, and Bridget caught them; they insisted they were in love and planned to keep their relationship a secret. Back at work, Rick and Steffy left Forrester in Rick's convertible, and Ridge freaked out, stepping in front of the car to stop them. He called Steffy by the name of Phoebe, and everyone worried about Ridge's mental state. At Jackie M, the bank called in the loan on the business, and Nick feared he would lose everything, including his house and all Jackie's boutiques. Katie discovered his dire financial situation. Nick started receiving emails from someone named "Stormy Seas." The emails included copies of Eric's designs. Jackie wanted to manufacture knock-offs of the designs, but Nick feared they would go to jail along with the mystery person who was emailing them. Nick worried that it was Katie, but Jackie dished that she had a drink with Stephanie, and everyone at Forrester was unhappy. She guessed it could be almost anyone, and Nick said it was untraceable.
January 19 to 23, 2009
The Forresters made a big deal of keeping their new designs a secret, but someone was emailing the entire collection directly to Nick at Jackie M. Everyone seemed to have suspicious motives because they were dissatisfied with Eric and Forrester, but Rick was the guilty party. Jackie M had a terrific showing with Eric's designs and Rick revealed to Nick that he wanted to be the company's president in exchange for the designs. Nick agreed, but wondered why Rick would trade his presidency at Forrester for one at Jackie M. Rick said it was all because of Ridge. He was tired of always coming in second to Ridge. No one at Forrester had figured out that Rick was behind the emails. The Logan and Forrester families feuded over who sold out the company. Rick met with Steffy, and he asked her to join him at Jackie M. He believed it was what they needed to be together. It would get them away from their families. Steffy realized he sent the emails, and she asked how he could do such a thing to their families.
January 26 to 30, 2009
Rick admitted to Eric that he sent the entire collection to Nick at Jackie M because of his hatred for Ridge. Eric protected Rick from the family's wrath. He told everyone that it didn't matter who sent the collection to Jackie M. They had to design a new collection. Eric negotiated with Nick that Jackie M could keep the designs, but Rick would stay at Forrester. Nick agreed that Rick would not join his company as president, and also agreed not to tell anyone who had sent him the designs. Steffy also agreed to silence about Rick's involvement. Nearly everyone was suspicious of Rick. Steffy asked Eric how he could have forgiven Rick, and Eric said it was because Rick was his son, and Rick needed help. Jackie and Nick met with Clarke about new designs, and they realized he needed assistance. Jackie met a mystery designer for lunch and discovered it was Bridget. The two agreed Bridget would start working at Jackie M, but Bridget wanted to keep her identity a secret from the press. Bridget later told her father that she was taking a leave of absence from the hospital, but she didn't tell him about the job with Jackie M. Rick met with Steffy at the beach house, and, as they embraced, she told him that she forgave him. Stephanie spied on them from another room.
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February 2 to 6, 2009
Nick and Clarke found out Bridget was the new mystery designer at Jackie M. Clarke wasn't happy and doubted that Bridget could work with Nick. Jackie blamed Katie for breaking up Nick and Bridget's marriage. Jackie told Clarke and Bridget that she expected Bridget and Nick to work together. After Stephanie stalked Rick and Steffy and caught them in a romantic clinch, she gave Rick an earful of threats and warnings. The lovebirds finally admitted to Taylor that they were in love. Taylor freaked. Stephanie showed up with James Warwick to counsel Steffy. The psychiatrist warned Steffy that no good would come from her relationship with Rick. He told her to think about the consequences, because her relationship would devastate Ridge. James forced Steffy to realize that she would lose her family if she stayed with Rick. At Forrester, Rick came clean to Brooke that he stole the Forrester designs and emailed them to Nick. She was outraged that he hated Ridge so much that he could do something so hurtful. Rick said he did it to have a fresh start with Steffy, his new love. He explained that the two of them were hopelessly in love. An outraged Brooke forbade Rick to continue that relationship.
February 9 to 13, 2009
Katie confronted Bridget about working at Forrester. Bridget said she wasn't there to break up Nick and Katie. Stephanie continued to warn Rick and Steffy that their relationship would rip the family apart. It did. Ridge caught Rick and Brooke discussing Rick's relationship with Steffy, and he went ballistic. Rick and Steffy took off in a car, and Ridge and Brooke chased them down with a near accident. Taylor insisted that Steffy end the relationship. The Forrester clan met to discuss Rick's fate with the company after they learned that he sent the designs to Jackie M and was courting Steffy. No one trusted him except for Brooke. Thorne, Ridge, and Felicia felt it was time Eric rewarded Thorne with the presidency. Eric left the decision up to Brooke as to what to do with Rick. Brooke tearfully met with Rick and told him it was time for him to leave the company. Rick begged for his job, but Brooke said it was time to go. Rick told Steffy he didn't care if he lost his job and family, as long as he didn't lose her. He asked her to marry him.
February 16 to 20, 2009
Jackie persuaded Bridget to help her stop the wedding between Katie and Nick. They arrived with the minister. Bridget laid into Katie about ruining her marriage. Nick was angry and told Bridget and Jackie to butt out, but Katie was embarrassed and called off the wedding. Rick's family banished him from the business, so he decided to join the Army. Ridge scoffed that Rick wanted to join the Army to impress Steffy and get sympathy from the family. Ridge said Rick knew that his past medical history - a kidney transplant - would prevent his acceptance. Brooke tearfully insisted Rick had become a better person. The Army doctor turned Rick down because of his fall from the building and temporary paralysis. Ridge later saw Rick and Steffy embracing in the shipping office, and he followed Rick to the roof where, once again, they faced off. Ridge dove at Rick, but flew over the side of the building. He somehow caught himself and hung from the ledge by his fingertips. Ridge begged Rick to pull him to safety. Rick looked thoughtful as he grabbed Ridge's arms.
February 23 to 27, 2009
Rick saved Ridge from falling off the Forrester roof, but Ridge gave Brooke an ultimatum that she must fire Rick, since Rick would not stay away from Steffy. Rick managed to turn the tables again. He and Brooke decided that if Steffy left the company, Rick wouldn't have to leave because they wouldn't be working together. Brooke coerced Steffy into agreeing to leave the company, but Ridge heard about the plan and blasted Brooke, Steffy, and Rick. Ridge told Brooke that Rick could not stay at Forrester under any circumstances. The family called a press conference, supposedly for Eric to announce that Rick was out and Thorne would take over as president. Brooke stepped in and announced that the new collection was almost ready. She congratulated Rick as president and Thorne as vice president. She said the family had some difficult times and then ended the lackluster press conference. Rick made Pam, Owen, and Marcus wonder if they would have jobs if he stayed on. Stephanie warned Steffy not to trust Rick. Ridge was disgusted with Brooke and Rick and went to Taylor's place. Taylor and Ridge agreed to work together to break up Rick and Steffy. Ridge told Brooke he was furious with her for keeping Rick at Forrester. Brooke begged Ridge to understand.
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MARCH 2009
March 2 to 6, 2009
After Rick seduced Steffy at his beach house, someone set Rick's beach house on fire. And almost everyone was a suspect, even Rick, according to Stephanie. Rick fired Pam and Owen. Stephanie rehired Pam, and Rick gave her some errands to run in his car. Ridge was disgusted with Rick and Brooke, and grew even angrier when he talked to Taylor. He figured out that Rick and Steffy had made love. Owen, Marcus, and Ridge threatened Rick. Rick asked Ridge for Steffy's hand in marriage. Ridge told Rick he would never touch Steffy again. Rick again apologized to Ridge for Phoebe's death. Rick begged Ridge to believe he and Steffy had feelings for one another and to forgive him. Ridge told Rick that he had no idea was Ridge was capable of. After the encounter with Ridge, Rick approached his car to leave Forrester, and the vehicle blew up.
March 9 to 13, 2009
Rick's car blew up before he ever got into it, and everyone at Forrester started finger-pointing, with many believing Rick did it himself. Pam wound up going to jail because yarn fibers from all her knitting and crocheting were found in Rick's car. Rick and Steffy believed they were safe once Pam was in jail, but Stephanie said Pam was innocent. Stephanie tried to physically drag Steffy away from Rick's beach house because she believed someone would try to kill Rick again. Stephanie didn't want Steffy in the crossfire. Ridge decided that Brooke was right: he needed to stop fighting Steffy and Rick's relationship. Thorne transferred Rocco Carner from Paris back to Los Angeles- a transfer that Rick had refused to approve. When Felicia and Steffy asked why he was back, Rocco said he was working on a top secret project that was "dynamite" and "the bomb." Ridge, Taylor, and Thomas performed their own intervention at Rick's. Thomas punched Rick, and the family snuck Steffy up to Big Bear, where they explained that someone was still trying to kill Rick, and they wanted her to be safe. Steffy was upset. Thomas told his mom that he hated Rick, and Taylor later found Thomas' sweater, the one his Aunt Pam had made for him, had fibers that matched those found in Rick's car when it blew up.
March 16 to 20, 2009
At Big Bear, Thomas confessed to Taylor that he wanted to scare Rick, and had set the fire and planted the car bomb. Thomas told Taylor he was sorry, and especially sorry that Pam was in jail accused of his crimes. Thomas told Taylor and Ridge that he hated that Rick had been with Taylor and Phoebe, and was hitting on Steffy. Thomas couldn't take it any longer. Taylor gave Steffy the bad news that it was Thomas who set the fire at Rick's and planted the bomb. Steffy flipped out on Thomas, but Thomas fired right back at her that it was sick that Steffy would want to be with the guy who killed Phoebe and nearly married their mother. Thomas shouted that he would never let Steffy be with Rick. Back in L.A., Stephanie informed Brooke that the police had the wrong person in jail. Pam didn't have the knowledge to assemble a car bomb, so whoever was trying to kill Rick was still free. Stephanie warned Brooke that the killer might harm Brooke's kids while trying to get at Rick. Stephanie warned Brooke that Ridge might be gone a long time with Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas. Brooke scoffed, but seemed worried.
March 23 to 27, 2009
Ridge, Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas returned from the mountains. Steffy went straight to Rick for an afternoon delight. She didn't tell him that Thomas was the assailant who set his house afire and planted the car bomb. Ridge shared the news of Thomas' guilt with Stephanie and Brooke, and convinced both of them to keep it a secret. It was too late, because Rick stopped at Taylor's house, and Thomas freaked out on Rick so the truth came out. They started to scuffle, but Ridge arrived to separate them. Then Ridge negotiated for Rick's silence about Thomas' crimes, and it came at a high price. Rick laid out some conditions by telling Ridge that Rick and Steffy would be the new Brooke, and Ridge would just have to handle it. Rick promised that, like Brooke and Ridge, Rick and Steffy would be doing it at Forrester in the steam room and everywhere else. Rick expected Ridge to respect his relationship with Steffy. Rick added that he might design a lingerie line modeled by Steffy, who would march up and down a runway in next-to-nothing. Rick reminded Ridge that Brooke did the same thing, and Rick found it embarrassing. Ridge restrained himself, knowing he had to save Thomas from jail. Jackie met with Owen at Bridget's urging. Owen presented his portfolio, which included photos of Owen modeling the Forrester surf line. The photos clearly had Jackie drooling over Owen's hot body. Jackie ran into Owen at a restaurant, but she didn't stay. She appeared to be attracted to Owen. After she left, Owen hoped for a job offer.
March 30 to April 3, 2009
Eric fired Stephanie after they argued over Rick and Steffy. Eric said he was tired of Stephanie's constant negativity. Stephanie agreed she needed to get away from Forrester, and she said an emotional goodbye to the employees. As she sat by herself, Stephanie reminisced about when she and Eric were young at the fashion shows. She walked along the waterfront remembering when she and Eric named Forrester Creations. She suddenly realized she was all alone. Nick brought Stephanie aboard the Shady Marlin where she shared that she never thought her relationship with Eric would end. Stephanie said she had put up with all Eric's dalliances over the years because he always came back to her. Even after he married Brooke, he came back to Stephanie. Stephanie left the Marlin, and walked along the waterfront again, promising herself that her best years were yet to come. Jackie and Nick hired Owen at Jackie M, and Owen flirted with Jackie. Rick presented Steffy with a giant, sparkling engagement ring, and they planned to wed in three months. Ridge told Taylor they needed to stop fighting Steffy's relationship with Rick so that they could remain close to her. Ridge confided in Taylor, Stephanie, and Brooke that he hoped Steffy would come to her senses before she married Rick. Brooke agreed to help plan Rick and Steffy's wedding even though she knew Ridge was against the marriage.
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APRIL 2009
April 6 to 10, 2009
Stephanie moved in with Taylor and turned down Nick's job offer, but she sent a money lifeline to Jackie M. She made a call to an influential Frenchman, Fabrice Dufau, who called Nick and offered his financial help. Nick was impressed. Jackie celebrated with a lingering kiss with Owen, who had been making out with Bridget the day before. At lunch, Donna visited Stephanie's table and served up some insults, but Stephanie fired back. She gave Eric and Donna a snarky warning that she was going to use all her power and influence to rise up and be more successful than she had ever been at Forrester. She then took Nick up on his job offer at Jackie M. She had some heavy demands for Nick and Jackie, but all agreed, and Stephanie joined the team. Rick insisted that he and Steffy should get married at the same beach location where Ridge and Brooke had gotten married. Brooke sappily thought it was wonderful, but the suggestion sickened Ridge. Steffy wanted her own special spot, but Brooke talked her out of it while Rick continued to sicken Ridge with tales of how he and Steffy would have a bed on the beach just like Ridge and Brooke.
April 13 to 17, 2009
Bridget impressed the fashion world when Jackie introduced Bridget's new line on live television. Jackie announced that two Forresters had joined Jackie M, and handed the microphone over to Stephanie. The surprised audience applauded Stephanie's announcement that she joined Jackie M because Forrester Creations no longer felt she made a contribution to the fashion world. Stephanie encouraged new designers to come calling on Jackie M. As Eric watched, he was furious, and Donna called Jackie M, "a band of misfits" that could never compete with Forrester Creations. Jackie and Owen took their flirting up a notch to kissing and massage. Ridge told Brooke that he would never accept Rick and Steffy's relationship. He begged her to stop Rick from marrying Steffy. Rick continued to torment Ridge by repeatedly saying he "owned" Steffy. Rick told Ridge that he planned to make Ridge's life miserable, just as Ridge had made Rick unhappy in his youth when Ridge constantly bounced back and forth from Brooke to Taylor. Rick said he wanted Ridge to feel just as helpless as Rick had. Ridge recorded Rick's latest tirade on his computer, and he and Taylor planned to play the recording for Steffy. Brooke told Rick that Ridge had to accept Rick and Steffy's relationship for Brooke's marriage to survive. Clueless about Rick's chat with Ridge, Brooke told Rick she was confident that Ridge would give in.
April 20 to 24, 2009
Jackie and Owen had a lovemaking session at her new place. Rick got caught on tape as Taylor and Ridge recorded his disrespectful tirade about Steffy. He realized he was caught so he tried to sneak Steffy away on the company jet before Ridge and Taylor could play the tape for Steffy. Ridge stopped the plane, and Steffy got an earful on tape as Rick told Ridge that Rick owned Steffy and planned revenge on Ridge. Rick pleaded with Steffy to forgive him, but she told him he needed help and ended their engagement. Steffy apologized to her parents for not believing them when they had told her that Rick was bad news. Rick complained to Brooke that Ridge and Taylor had trapped Rick into saying horrible things about Steffy in a moment of anger. Rick told his mother that Ridge and Taylor conspired to record him. Rick whined that Steffy called off the wedding thanks to Ridge and Taylor. Brooke set off on a collision course with Taylor and Ridge, but she found out Rick was not entirely innocent. She also angered Taylor, who told both Brooke and Ridge that Brooke didn't respect Ridge or his feelings. Taylor wanted Ridge to leave his dysfunctional family with Brooke and return to his family with Taylor.
April 27 to May 1, 2009
Brooke and Rick argued again about Rick's interference in their marriage when Rick decided to stay at Brooke's for the night. Ridge refused to stay in the same house with Rick, so he spent the night at Taylor's in the guest room. Steffy, Thomas, and Taylor agreed it was good to have Ridge back in the house. Taylor fantasized about sleeping with Ridge. Brooke finally admitted to Ridge that she felt guilty that she didn't give Rick a stable home as a child. She agreed she didn't see his faults as others did. Brooke lashed out at Rick and told him he never should have pursued a relationship with Steffy. She added that her own marriage would survive in spite of his interference. Pam made clerical errors that resulted in an invalid marriage license for Ridge and Brooke. Pam told Stephanie, who reveled in the news. Stephanie shared the news with Taylor, and encouraged her to make a play for Ridge because he wasn't really married to Brooke. Bill Spencer's death brought Eric calling on Stephanie to say he wanted to attend the funeral with her. Stephanie smugly told Eric that he only wanted to appear in public with Stephanie because it would benefit Eric-and because Donna had a history with Bill Spencer. Stephanie told Eric she was no longer his friend, but rather a competitor, and she asked him to leave. Stephanie later met with Bill's daughter, Karen, the twin sister of the late Caroline Spencer, who was once married to Ridge. They promised to stay in touch.
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MAY 2009
May 4 to 8, 2009
Ridge and Taylor wanted to bring Thomas into Forrester Creations, but Brooke and Rick were adamant that Thomas would not be permitted to work at Forrester. They all argued. Brooke whined to Ridge about siding with Taylor. Brooke warned Taylor about interfering in Brooke's marriage. Taylor used her newfound information from Pam that Brooke and Ridge's marriage license was invalid. Taylor blurted out that there was no marriage to interfere in. Brooke was shocked. Marcus and Steffy reconnected, and Steffy returned her engagement ring to Rick. Katie worried to her sisters that she and Nick still didn't have a wedding date. Bridget and Owen shared dinner and some romance at Owen's, but Bridget wasn't ready for lovemaking. Nick showed a jealous side when he heard about Bridget's date. Nick told Bridget he was sorry for everything he had done to her. He grabbed her and kissed her, and then left.
May 11 to 15, 2009
Rick decided Thomas should work at Forrester because it would make peace in the family. Rick's emotional video tribute to Phoebe convinced Steffy to get back together with Rick. When Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke saw the video, Ridge was furious that Rick used Ridge's dead daughter to get back together with Steffy. Taylor later told Ridge that he was not really married to Brooke. Stephanie started a webcast called "The Logan Chronicles," on the Eye on Fashion web site -- thanks to Bill Spencer, Jr. Stephanie's inflammatory ranting about the Logans infuriated Donna, Brooke, and Eric. Donna visited Bill and told him stop Stephanie's slanderous webcasts because it was hurting Forrester Creations. Bill wondered why Eric hadn't come to see Bill himself. Donna said Eric wouldn't stoop to Stephanie's level, and Donna stuck up for her husband. Bill said he admired Donna's passion and he wanted to see more passion and less clothing. That might persuade him to turn against Stephanie. Donna said she was married. Owen told Jackie he wanted to date Bridget, and Jackie told Owen that he would do everything Jackie wanted when she wanted, or she would fire him.
May 18 to 22, 2009
Eric threw Bill out of his house when Bill said he wanted to buy Forrester Creations. Eric told Stephanie that her deal with Bill was hurting Forrester because two large customers weren't carrying the fall line. Stephanie was smug. Eric told her that she was ruining her children's legacy and embarrassing herself. Ridge and Taylor teamed up to tell Brooke, Rick, and Steffy that Rick and Steffy's relationship was not acceptable. Taylor told Ridge that he wasn't really married to Brooke since the marriage license was invalid. Katie wrote Nick a letter to tell him she was leaving him, and then she got drunk and wound up sleeping it off in Bill's hotel room. Bill called Donna to come and get Katie. Donna cleaned up a vomiting Katie, and Donna thanked Bill for taking care of her sister. Bill wanted more than a thank-you, and he kissed Donna. At Owen's, Owen and Bridget almost made love, but Bridget decided she couldn't do it because she still loved Nick. Jackie and Nick showed up to interrupt what they thought was Bridget's romantic evening at Owen's. Bridget and Owen were blabbering that nothing happened. Nick and Bridget got back together, and they saw Jackie and Owen kissing. Nick and Bridget left Owen and Jackie alone at Owen's beach house. Nick and Bridget made love at Nick's house.
May 25 to 29, 2009
Bill called Eric and reduced his offer to $80 million for Forrester Creations. Bill let Brooke complete her own webcast to counter Stephanie's "Logan Chronicles," and in her webcast, she said that Forrester was a Logan-run company, further hurting Forrester. After Ridge, Felicia, and Thorne begged Stephanie to stop the "Logan Chronicles," Stephanie told Bill she no longer wanted to continue. Bill told her it was too late. He wanted Forrester Creations for himself. Taylor begged Ridge to come back to her. Bridget moved back in with Nick. Owen told Nick that he was staying with Jackie because they were happy. Ridge told Brooke that her webcast was a mistake, but Brooke said she had to defend her family, and Rick agreed. Ridge said that Rick was still a problem in their marriage. He grabbed Brooke and hugged her, looking like he wanted to tell her about their invalid marriage license. Brooke wanted to know why Ridge was so secretive.
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JUNE 2009
June 1 to 5, 2009
Bill's offer for Forrester Creations went from the original $100 million to $50 million when Bill discovered that Eric had illegally hired immigrants and forged documents to give them identification. He told Eric he would release all the information in his magazine if Eric didn't sell the company. Stephanie fought back when she recorded Bill blackmailing Eric. Bill was impressed, but he said he would be back. Bill also warned Donna that Eric would dump her because Eric always went back to Stephanie. Bill told her she would regret staying married to Eric one day. Brooke and Ridge patched things up after their last argument over Rick and Steffy. Ridge told Brooke that they had an invalid marriage license, and needed to take care of it. Rick and Steffy announced they were back together again. Ridge told Brooke to tell Rick that it was unacceptable, but she waffled. Bridget and Nick were back together. Owen moved in with Jackie, and he told her he wanted a real relationship with her in spite of Nick's attitude toward him. Nick caught Jackie and Owen together, and told his mother it was a mistake. She told Nick that Owen made her happy.
June 8 to 12, 2009
When Rick and Steffy announced that they were back together again, Brooke supported it. Ridge walked out on Brooke and said he couldn't take it anymore. Taylor found Ridge at Phoebe's grave and took him to Big Bear where she gave him some anti-anxiety pills, because she thought he was close to a nervous breakdown. Eric asked Stephanie to return to Forrester, but she refused. She told him that his sexual escapades with Donna were embarrassing for the company and the employees. Ridge and Taylor kissed at Big Bear. Ridge returned from Big Bear and told Brooke that he couldn't be around Rick. He admittedthat he felt it was a weak character flaw, but it was too painful for him, and he was moving out. Brooke insisted they could make it work. Ridge met with Stephanie, and Stephanie called Taylor over to talk to Ridge. Owen begged Bridget to help him keep his job because he feared that Nick was going to fire him. Nick did fire him, and Jackie sided with Nick. Owen later asked Jackie to marry him, and Jackie accepted. Stephanie discovered that Ridge was taking anti-anxiety medication.
June 15 to 19, 2009
Steffy decided to slow things down with Rick, but they were back together again. She told him she could forgive the terrible things he said about her, but she couldn't forget them. Ridge couldn't handle Steffy and Rick getting back together. It was even worse that Brooke supported the relationship. Ridge moved to the guesthouse to get some space from Brooke and her son. He told Brooke that he loved her and was committed to her, but was on the verge of a breakdown. He needed time. Stephanie encouraged Taylor to step up her efforts to snag Ridge. So, Taylor showed up at the guesthouse and made dinner for Ridge. Meanwhile, he took a handful of anti-anxiety pills out of her purse and washed them down with wine. Woozy and fatigued, Ridge asked Taylor to go to the bedroom with him. Taylor led the way, and they got passionate. Donna and Pam appeared on The Price Is Right, and Pam won a car, range, and vacations to Las Vegas and Hawaii. Nick and Bridget became engaged, and Nick freaked out when Jackie told him that she and Owen were also engaged. Nick told Jackie that Owen was only using her for her money. Jackie defended Owen, and warned Nick that she was happy for the first time in a long time. She had no intention of giving Owen up.
June 22 to 26, 2009
An embarrassed Taylor discovered that Ridge had taken all of her anti-anxiety medication before he slept with her. Taylor begged him not to tell Brooke about their night together, but Ridge said he had to be honest. Nick and Bridget had a beautiful wedding ceremony, but things got ugly between Nick and Owen. Nick had warned Jackie several times not to bring Owen to his wedding. Jackie and Owen showed up, but Nick didn't cause a scene. Jackie caught the bouquet. Nick told Owen to be gone from Jackie M by the time Nick returned from his honeymoon. Nick and Bridget took a private jet, with a bed in it, to Hawaii for their honeymoon. At the same time, Owen surprised Jackie with tickets to Hawaii, and he said they were leaving right after Nick's wedding. Thorne and Felicia told Eric they were quitting Forrester to join Jackie M. They said the Logans were running Forrester, and there was no room for the Forresters. Eric refused to allow them to quit, and said he would talk to them on Monday. Ridge tried to tell Brooke about his night with Taylor, but he was interrupted during every attempt. Taylor cried to Stephanie that Ridge didn't remember the night he spent with her, and that he wanted to work things out with Brooke.
June 29 to July 3, 2009
Ridge finally spilled the beans to Brooke that he slept with Taylor after taking a handful of anti-anxiety pills. Brooke laid into Taylor and blamed her for over-medicating Ridge and then taking advantage of him. Ridge showed up to defend Taylor. He told Brooke he had taken the pills on his own, and it was his fault. Brooke cried and realized that she couldn't help Ridge get past his hatred of Rick or his sorrow over losing Phoebe. Brooke told Ridge to stay with Taylor, and she asked Taylor to help Ridge heal. Ridge was confused, but he later decided to move back in with Taylor and his kids. Brooke and Stephanie talked about Brooke's sacrifice of giving Ridge up because he needed time to heal, and Brooke's realization that he couldn't do it around Brooke and Rick. Stephanie warned that Brooke needed to deal with Rick's anger. Jackie, Owen, Bridget, and Nick were all in Hawaii, but only Bridget and Owen realized that the couples were there at the same time. They agreed to stay away from one another because Nick would go ballistic. Owen pressured Jackie to marry him in Hawaii, and she finally gave in, so they were married on the beach. Bridget figured out what Owen was up to, but it was too late. Bridget and Nick arrived at the wedding ceremony just as Owen and his bride were driving away for their honeymoon. Nick was furious.
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JULY 2009
July 6 to 10, 2009
Ridge moved back in with Taylor and his kids. He and Taylor bonded over a romantic dinner Thomas and Steffy provided. Brooke had second thoughts about suggesting that Ridge return to his family to heal over Phoebe's death. She told Ridge that she was wrong to send him back to Taylor, but she knew they couldn't be together. She and Ridge had an emotional parting when she said she needed a leave of absence from Forrester Creations. After Thorne and Felicia resigned from Forrester, Stephanie suggested that Eric step down and turn the company over to Ridge. Eric refused. The Forrester fashion show was a success, and the elegant showstopper gown, modeled by Donna, was a true showstopper. The show closed with gold confetti dropping on everyone and Donna. At the same time, Pam had her own showstopper planned as she dumped honey all over Donna from high above the stage, which covered her from head to toe. The gooey golden coating gave Donna a metallic glow. Pam laughed that Donna looked like a "trophy wife" as she finished dumping the honey. Donna and the audience looked surprised, but the audience applauded, and Donna stood her ground. Jackie, Owen, Bridget, and Nick returned from Hawaii, and Nick lashed out at everyone about Jackie's lack of a prenuptial agreement with Owen. Jackie insisted she didn't need one, and she was happy. Owen joked that Nick could call him "Dad."
July 13 to 17, 2009
After dumping honey all over Donna during the Forrester fashion show, Pam quit Forrester and went to work for Jackie M. Katie and Bill had a flirtatious evening, and Katie tried to persuade him to use the elegant photograph of Donna for a cover shot, rather than the honey-soaked version. Katie was unsuccessful, and she discovered that Bill was a bitter man. Bill told Katie that he liked her, but he didn't want to hurt her. Taylor and Ridge enjoyed private romantic evenings making love. Everyone encouraged Steffy to become a Forrester model in order to give Forrester a more youthful image, but it was a bad idea. She looked awkward and inexperienced during a photo shoot with Giovanni. With encouragement from Stephanie, Nick and Jackie hired Whip Jones as their public relations director. Stephanie met privately with Whip and pushed him to reconnect with his former wife, Brooke. Stephanie and Taylor conspired to keep Brooke away from Ridge. Brooke returned to Forrester to ask Ridge to leave Taylor and return to her. She kissed Ridge and he appeared distraught and indecisive.
July 20 to 24, 2009
Brooke tried to persuade Ridge to return to her, but he said he had moved on with Taylor. Steffy warned Brooke to stay away from Ridge because he was happy. Steffy added that her family was finally beginning to heal over Phoebe's death. Brooke argued, but Steffy gave another stern warning that she would not allow Brooke to invade her dad's life again. Stephanie filled Whip in on Brooke's new role as a single woman. Whip doubted that Brooke's love for Ridge would ever fade, but he visited Brooke and laid a kiss on her. They laughed about old times, and Whip asked Brooke to dinner, but she refused. Whip said he would call her again. Taylor proposed to Ridge, and he accepted. Ridge broke the news to Brooke, but shared a steamy kiss with her before he begged her not to contact him anymore. Brooke argued, but Ridge left. Brooke sent him a text message, but Thomas and Steffy intercepted the message and replied - pretending to be Ridge. The text message asked Brooke to leave Ridge alone. Later, Steffy, again posing as Ridge, sent Brooke a photo of Taylor and Ridge hugging with Taylor wearing her new engagement ring. Brooke was heartbroken. At Jackie M, Whip Jones introduced an indulgent ad campaign with Jackie as its sexy star. She posed with hot young men and Owen in some diva-ish settings. Owen didn't like the campaign, but Jackie and Whip loved it.
July 27 to 31, 2009
Wedding plans were underway with Steffy and Thomas successfully thwarting all of Brooke's attempts to contact Ridge by intercepting her text messages and replying to them. Before the wedding, Ridge admitted to his father that he loved both Taylor and Brooke. Ridge added that he was surprised that Brooke had never contacted him. He was unaware that Brooke had been sending innumerable text messages with Steffy intercepting them. As the wedding commenced, Ridge and Taylor vowed to love each other forever and reunite their family. At the same time, Steffy's text messages had convinced Brooke that Ridge was not going to marry Taylor. Brooke believed that Ridge was going to meet her at their former wedding site, so Brooke rode her horse to the beach. After waiting, she finally figured out it was all a hoax, and she rode up to the beach house where the wedding was already in progress. She dramatically stopped the wedding by riding her horse right up onto the porch. At Jackie M, Whip worked hard to get to know Jackie, and he impressed her. He visited her at home with her favorite tea, and told her he wanted to take the "Indulgent" campaign to an international audience. He inferred that Jackie deserved an intellectually stimulating man in her life. Whip guessed that Owen was not gifted in that department.
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August 3 to 7, 2009
After Brooke successfully stopped Ridge and Taylor's wedding, Taylor decided it was best to cancel the event for the day and removed the wedding bands that she and Ridge had exchanged. Ridge was surprised that Steffy and Thomas had prevented Brooke from contacting him, but he didn't blame them. He said he needed time, and returned home with Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas. Stephanie angrily chastised Brooke, but Brooke retaliated and said that Stephanie was angry only because she had failed in controlling Ridge. Brooke returned to Forrester, much to everyone's delight. Eric sold the company jet in order to pay for the new "Royalty" campaign that focused on Brooke, Katie, and Donna as the new faces of Forrester. Stephanie was angry when she heard the news. At Jackie M, Whip continued to amp up the "Indulge" campaign with a jungle theme. Jackie was dressed in a safari outfit riding scantily clad Owen's back. Then, Jackie sat on a cage with Owen inside. Things got dangerous when Whip bro ught in a live cougar and spooked it when he popped open a champagne bottle. The cougar got loose and everyone but Jackie ran out of the room. Jackie was trapped, and Owen couldn't get the door open as Jackie screamed.
August 10 to 14, 2009
The Jackie M "Indulge" campaign continued after Owen saved Jackie from the live cougar that was a prop in a fashion shoot. Socialite Dorothy Bright set up a fashion show for charity - a fashion challenge between Forrester and Jackie M, even though neither fashion house wanted to participate. Whip leaked the information about the fashion challenge to Bill Spencer, and said they could put it on the Internet as a done deal. Katie appealed to the softer side of Bill Spencer to give Forrester fair and objective write-ups when publicizing the "Royalty" campaign. Bill surprisingly agreed, and he and Katie shared a romantic dinner. They were about to kiss, but were interrupted. At the same time, Bill had already coerced Jarrett into bribing the fashion show judges to choose Jackie M as the winner. At the fashion show, Jarrett spilled the news to Katie that Bill had fixed the results, and she laid into Bill for being a cold-hearted monster. The fashion show was a success for both fashion houses, but remarkably, Forrester won. Katie was shocked and Bill later admitted to Katie that she had gotten to him. They shared a passionate kiss backstage. Brooke flirted with Ridge the entire time they prepared for the fashion show. After Forrester won, Brooke put her arms around Ridge and told him to return home to her. Taylor was watching and told Brooke that Ridge would be doing no such thing. Ridge stopped them both. He admitted that he loved both of them, and he couldn't be with both of them. He had a solution that he was about to share.
August 17 to 21, 2009
Bill and Katie had a couple of real dates. When Donna found out who Katie's mystery man was, she tried to flirt with Bill to show Katie his true colors, but Bill wouldn't bite. He remained true to Katie, and showed her a glowing tribute that he wrote about her in Eye on Fashion. Owen told a TV audience that his marriage to Jackie was a fantasy, and that he had fooled Jackie. Everyone at Jackie M watched, and a heartbroken Jackie ran into Whip's waiting arms for hugs and kisses. Later, Jackie discovered that Owen had a twin brother, Casper, who had pulled off the stunt without anyone finding out that he was impersonating Owen - until it was too late. Owen apologized to Jackie, and professed his love for her. She was embarrassed and regretted her kisses with Whip, but she didn't tell Owen about Whip. At Big Bear, James tried every method of therapy he could dream up to bring Brooke and Taylor together in peace. After mud baths, padded bat battles, and massages that all got outof hand, James admitted that he had failed miserably. He gave up just as Ridge arrived. Ridge managed to get Brooke and Taylor to admit that they were all a family and had to interact in peace in order to raise all the children. Brooke admitted that she had admired Taylor at times, and Taylor admitted that she thought enough of Brooke to ask her to raise Jack. The two of them finally hugged and agreed to resolve their differences without all-out war over Ridge.
August 24 to 28, 2009
Bill attended the Royalty fashion shoot where the Logans wore bikinis while Eric wore a cape and crown. Bill told the Logans and Eric that Katie had a marked impact on him. Bill later told Katie that he understood that she felt she had to accomplish something special because of her heart transplant. He said he looked forward to a journey with her in which they discovered together what she was meant to do. Jackie admitted to Owen that she went to Whip's apartment after she saw the television interview in which Owen's twin brother, Casper, posed as Owen. Jackie said she was devastated when she heard him say that his marriage to Jackie was not real, and she had no idea that he had a twin. She came clean that she and Whip were kissing. Owen couldn't believe that Jackie would run to another man after only a few hours. Owen moved out, but Pam encouraged Jackie to go after him by parasailing over her his beach house. Jackie did, but she went tumbling into the ocean when a flock of seagulls knocked her down. Owen rescued her, and they bonded again as Owen admitted that he loved Jackie. Brooke told Ridge that her mother had advanced Alzheimer's. It became evident when Beth attacked Stephanie in front of everyone at Forrester.
August 31 to September 3, 2009
Jackie saw Owen and Steffy talking and decided that he might be better off with a younger woman. She thought about annulling their marriage, but Owen persuaded her that they belonged together. He wanted to return home and return to work at Jackie M, but he insisted that Whip had to be fired. Jackie disagreed at first, but then relented. Beth and her family discussed that her Alzheimer's disease was progressing, Stephen asked Beth to marry him, and she accepted, but she insisted on returning to Paris. Brooke decided to travel to Paris to be live with her mother. Katie, Donna, and Ridge begged her to stay, but Brooke told all of them that she couldn't go on living in Los Angeles without Ridge in her life. She refused to see Ridge every day at work and know that he went home to Taylor every night. Brooke told Ridge that the only way that she would stay was if he returned to her. Ridge couldn't commit, but by the time Brooke was packed, he was devastated that he was going to lose her. He created a heart in the sand with Brooke and Ridge's names in it on the beach at Point Dume. It was similar to the heart that he had made for their beach wedding. Brooke saw it from the airplane and reunited with Ridge. Ridge told Brooke that a part of him was missing when he was without her. They promised to stay together forever.
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September 7 to 11, 2009
Ridge told Taylor that he belonged with Brooke, and Taylor wished him well. Brooke bonded with Stephanie over a bottle of tequila, but Stephanie said they would never be friends. Brooke and Ridge were married and promised to stay together. The years-old fashion show video where Stephanie announced Jackie's past as a prostituted surfaced on the Internet, and Jackie felt she had to tell Owen. She broke the news, and a devastated Owen was speechless. At Forrester, Ridge and Rick agreed to get along. Ridge apologized for blaming Rick for Phoebe's death. Rick made peace with Thomas and Ridge. He apologized for all the things he had done, and admitted that Ridge made his mother happy. Brooke and Ridge asked Felicia and Thorne to return to the Forrester fold, and they all agreed to work together to get Forrester back on top in the fashion world.
September 14 to 18, 2009
Owen decided that Jackie's past as a prostitute wasn't enough to break them up. Donna encountered Justin Barber, Bill Spencer's right-hand man. Justin and Donna had been young lovers, but Justin left for the East coast on a basketball scholarship while Donna was still in high school. Justin visited Donna at Forrester and wondered why she disappeared before he left for college. Donna said teenagers never make any sense. Marcus entered as Justin and Donna talked. Donna was edgy as Marcus and Justin shook hands and discussed sports. Justin told Donna that he never had any children and that his marriage ended in divorce. Donna later dished to Katie that she and Justin were in love as teens. She found out that she was pregnant when Justin heard about his scholarship. She didn't want to ruin Justin's career, so she left for her aunt's home to have Marcus. She then gave him up for adoption. Donna lamented that Eric was about to adopt Marcus, and she didn't know if she should tell Marcus about his biological father. Justin later discovered on the Internet that Marcus was Donna's son, whom she had given up for adoption as a teen. Justin returned to Forrester and asked Donna if Marcus was his son, but Donna didn't answer. Eric told Stephanie that he planned to adopt Marcus, and she was against it. Ridge supported the adoption plan. When Stephanie was alone, she had a scare as her arm went numb and her vision blurred for a minute. She was clearly rattled. Bill and Katie had a romantic evening alone. They slowly undressed each other and made passionate love.
September 21 to 26, 2009
Eric filed the paperwork to adopt Marcus, and Eric, Marcus, and Donna decided to celebrate. At the same time, Justin discovered Marcus' birthday and became convinced that Marcus was his son. After denying that Justin was Marcus' father several times, Donna tearfully admitted the truth to Justin. She added that Marcus had told her that he didn't want to find his birth father. She tearfully wished she hadn't given their son up for adoption as she and Justin hugged. Justin gently kissed her and said that he understood. He wished that she had told him, but he said that Marcus' adoptive family had raised a wonderful young man. Marcus entered and interrupted. He quickly figured out that Justin was his biological father. Stephanie had another mini-stroke when she was with Steffy, and Steffy called 9-1-1. Steffy promised her grandmother that she would keep Stephanie's secret, but Stephanie discovered that her vision, her memory, and her right arm had been affected when she returned to Jackie M. Trying to hide her medical issues, Stephanie snapped at Whip, Bridget, Pam, and Nick at the office. When they all expressed concern about her, Stephanie angrily told them all to get to work and leave her alone. Pam later returned to Stephanie's office, and discovered her sister's inability to sign a document. Stephanie angrily threw the pen aside, and broke down in tears in Pam's arms.
September 28 to October 2, 2009
Eric officially adopted Marcus, but Marcus acknowledged that he wanted to get to know Justin Barber, his biological father, whom he had just met. Still trying to hide that she had been affected by a mini-stroke, Stephanie alienated everyone at Jackie M by claiming that she was responsible for all the company's success. At Forrester, Eric decided to turn the company over to Ridge, but promised to stay on as a designer. Eric didn't realize that the company had made a late payment -- by about 30 minutes -- on its loan, and the bank began foreclosure proceedings. Bill Spencer immediately wired money to make the payment and take over Forrester. Katie and Bill announced to Eric, Ridge, Brooke, and Donna that Katie would be the CEO once Bill owned the company. Eric said that he had his lawyers working on blocking Bill's involvement. Eric and Ridge promised the bank and Bill that Forrester would tie everyone up in court for years if it had to, but Bill would never get ownership of Forrester. Steffy told Jackie that she wasn't after Owen because they were friends. Steffy later changed her tune as she raised questions with Owen about his happiness in his marriage. Jackie warned Steffy to stay away from Owen, but Steffy was already looking at Owen with romance in her eyes.
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October 5 to 9, 2009
Eric decided to sell the beach house in order to make a payment on the loan that the bank had called in. Brooke, Eric, and Rick packed up the beach house and shared memories. Bill Spencer, Jr., surprised Katie by taking her to the empty beach house, where he announced that he was the new owner. He asked Katie to move in with him, and she agreed. Katie later discovered a DVD made by Bill's father. She was shocked that it was a speech by Bill's father about his vendetta against Eric, Brooke, and Donna. Bill's father wanted his son to destroy Forrester at any cost in order to receive his inheritance. While Katie was watching, Bill entered and sternly admonished her for opening his private family DVD. Katie lashed out at him for using her, but Bill stopped her with a passionate kiss. He told her never to question his commitment to her. Steffy and Owen took off on the Shady Marlin. Steffy hit her head and fell overboard, but Owen saved her with CPR and mouth-to-mouth. Stephanie admitted she had a stroke to Taylor. She added that she was scared about being alone after her stroke. Taylor promised that Stephanie would never be alone.
October 12 to 16, 2009
Bill presented Katie with a stunning pair of diamond earrings and reiterated his love for her. Brooke and Ridge were looking for a way to make the loan payment, and decided to sell the flat that Forrester owned in Paris. Bill visited, and overheard Ridge telling the banker that Forrester would make a $25 million payment. Ridge admonished Bill for using Katie. Bill said that he genuinely cared for Katie. Bill suggested that Ridge might want to sell the Forrester mansion in order to make payments. Bill added that he might be interested in a second home to share with Katie. Stephanie decided to quit Jackie M because she had not regained strength in her arm after her stroke, She refused to tell anyone why she had quit, but Taylor finally dished the news to Jackie. At Jackie M, the entire gang planned a pep rally for Stephanie. They paid Stephanie a visit as "Team Stephanie," and they begged her to return. Stephanie relented. Donna and Brooke walked into the beach house while Katie was watching Bill's dad's DVD. Brooke and Donna overheard Bill's dad ranting about taking down Eric, Brooke, and Donna. Brooke and Donna freaked out on Katie and started their usual mantra about Bill using their baby sister. Katie argued that she loved Bill, and Bill showed up to support Katie. Owen wanted to interview surrogate mothers, but Jackie said that she wasn't sure she wanted to take care of a baby again. A disappointed Owen met with Steffy about Jackie's decision.
October 19 to 23, 2009
Bill bought Forrester and named Katie as CEO. Brooke convinced the Forresters that it was a good deal because Katie would always be loyal to her family and not to Bill. The night before Katie started her job as Forrester CEO, Bill romantically asked Katie to marry him, and she accepted. Bill shocked Brooke and Ridge with the engagement news. During a press conference, Brooke announced a partnership with Spencer, but Bill corrected her and made it clear that Spencer had purchased Forrester. The press asked Katie where her loyalties would be if a situation came up in which the Forresters disagreed with Bill. Katie said that she had to agree with the CEO of the parent company, Bill Spencer. Privately, the Forresters laid into Katie for her comments during the press conference, but she defended herself. She warned everyone that they all worked for Bill. Getting off on the wrong foot at a press conference was not going to help. Ridge and Eric refused to be puppets for Bill, but Bill reminded them that they had all signed multi-million dollar contracts and non-compete clauses. Stephanie returned to Jackie M after her stroke, and was grateful to be a part of the crew again. Owen convinced Jackie to interview surrogate mothers so that they could become parents, but she later changed her mind. Jackie admitted that she could not raise another child. Jackie called Steffy over to discuss Owen's decision to start a family. Jackie suggested that Owen and Steffy might become more than friends one day, and they might become parents.
October 26 to 30, 2009
As CEO, Katie offered the Forrester presidency to Ridge and a vice presidency to Thorne, but both declined. Katie named Brooke and Donna president and vice president. Ridge told Brooke that he couldn't work for Bill and Katie. Brooke called her accountant to discuss liquidating her portfolio in order to buy Forrester from Bill Spencer. Brooke pitched the deal to Bill, but he told her that the sale was final, and a change would do irreparably damage both companies. Ridge overheard Brooke's plea to Bill. Ridge developed a new attitude when he realized that Brooke would give up everything to make Ridge happy. Ridge told Brooke that he might never have his dream of running Forrester, but he would make things work as long as he had Brooke. Bill hosted a photo shoot with Katie as the new Forrester queen. Justin pushed Donna into the role of a TV talk-show host on The Catwalk with Stephanie as her guest, but Stephanie walked off the set. Pam stepped in as the guest, and Justin decided that Pam and Donna would become co-hosts of The Catwalk. Owen decided that he loved Jackie more than the idea of becoming a father. Bridget wanted to get pregnant, but her doctor told her that she would never carry a baby to term. Nick said that he had almost lost Bridget once, and he didn't want to endanger Bridget's life or another baby's life. He thought about having a vasectomy.
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November 2 to 6, 2009
Katie and Bill made wedding plans. Ridge had a change of heart, and presented a wedding dress to Katie. Bill approved Steffy's idea for a new ad campaign, and the photo shoot took place. Bill was impressed and told Steffy he had faith in her. Steffy gushed and flirted with Bill, and then hugged and kissed him, much to his surprise. Eric told Donna that he did not want her hosting The Catwalk. Justin told Donna she was a natural on TV, and he told her that he still loved her. Jackie M's staff came up with a new campaign of their own based on nature and Adam and Eve. Bridget and Nick decided to meet with a surrogate named Sandy Sommers, but something seemed shady. Andrea, the woman from the surrogacy agency who set up the meeting, called Sandy by the name of Agnes when she left a message for her warning her not to let Andrea down. In her dumpy apartment strewn with stuffed animals, Sandy researched Bridget and Nick on the Internet. Sandy discovered that Bridget was a fashion heiress in the Forrester family. Sandy kicked into high gear to become the surrogate for Bridget and Nick, who felt she was the perfect person to carry their baby.
November 9 to 13, 2009
Steffy freaked out about kissing Bill and insisted that he meet her at Big Bear, because she needed to talk. Bill met her at Big Bear and told her to stop worrying, because the kiss might have been a big deal to her, but it was not a big deal to him. He told her she needed to let it go. Bridget and Nick started the egg harvesting and stayed in contact with surrogate Sandy Sommers. Sandy lied about eating healthy meals as she continued to munch on chips, candy, and hot dogs instead of the protein smoothies Bridget wanted her to drink. Katie and Bill got married in a touching, beautiful, and romantic ceremony in the park near Katie's childhood home. Bill was overwhelmed to be welcomed into the Logan family, and told everyone that he would love Katie until the day he died. Eric refused to attend the wedding. Instead, he stayed at home with the caterers and florists, who decorated for the reception. Stephanie joined Eric and they sipped martinis and vengefully ate a lot of the food reserved for guests. Thorne joined them and prattled on about how nice it was to see them together again. He whined that it was disrespectful of Donna to expect Eric to host the reception. Eric agreed, even though Katie was Donna's sister. Before any guests arrived, they all toasted Katie, and hoped she was happy.
November 16 to 20, 2009
Bill and Katie celebrated their marriage with family at the Forrester mansion, but Eric was not a gracious host. He remained on the veranda during the party. Bill discovered that he had lost his necklace when Katie started unbuttoning his shirt as they drove off for their honeymoon. Aboard Bill's private plane, he and Katie made love, and he still wouldn't tell her where they were honeymooning. Ridge, Steffy, Donna, and Brooke celebrated the new line of fashions and wondered what their competition would do. Donna shared that Pam and Stephanie's mother was in town. Eric reminisced about how vulnerable Stephanie had been when she confronted her mother because Ann had not protected Stephanie from her father who had physically abused Stephanie as a child. Surrogate Sandy Summers was implanted with Nick and Bridget's embryo. Whip met Sandy and realized that she was his cousin, Agnes, but he didn't let on to anyone that she was faking her identification. Stephanie and Pam took Ann to stay at Taylor's house. Ann announced that she had advanced pancreatic cancer, but she begged her daughters to keep her out of the hospital. Pam called 9-1-1 when Ann screamed out in pain, and paramedics took her to the hospital. Ann told her daughters she didn't want to die in the hospital.
November 23 to 27, 2009
Bill and Katie returned from their honeymoon and Katie told her sisters that it was paradise. Bill still couldn't find his sword necklace. Stephanie and Pam respected their mother Ann's wishes and took her away from the hospital. They returned to Paradise Cove, where Ann died peacefully. Ridge, Thorne, Eric, and Felicia spent time with Stephanie as she remembered her mother. Stephanie thanked Eric for inviting Ann and Pam to spend the holidays a few years before. It had been against Stephanie's wishes, but she remembered that if Eric hadn't invited them, Stephanie might never had made peace with her mother. Stephanie went to Big Bear to spend some time alone, but Eric joined her. Stephanie discovered a sword necklace in the cushions of the couch. Whip didn't tell anyone that Sandy was his cousin, Agnes. Whip and Steffy appeared on The Catwalk, and challenged each other to a fashion show runoff that would take place on the show. Bill was delighted because he thought the show's ratings would skyrocket. He told Steffy that he thought she had a brilliant idea.
November 30 to December 4, 2009
Brooke confronted Bill about his lost necklace surfacing at Big Bear. Bill admitted that he had been to Big Bear to talk to Steffy. He finally admitted that Steffy had kissed him, for a second time, at Big Bear, and his necklace must have fallen off. He warned Brooke that telling anyone would upset the comfortable balance that they had at Forrester. It would result in Katie mistrusting Steffy, and Ridge would be furious that his daughter was anywhere near Bill. Brooke was determined to talk to Steffy and Katie, but she changed her mind. Bill eventually decided to tell Katie what had happened, but missed his opportunity. Brooke confronted Steffy. Sandy was pregnant with Nick and Bridget's baby, but she showed signs of big problems. Nick found out that Sandy's real name was Agnes Jones when he dropped by and saw her mail. He also found out that she was uncomfortable around men, and wondered what had happened to her. At Jackie M, the team worked on the "Adam and Eve" campaign. Rick admitted to Steffy that he missed having her in his life. Steffy said that she had made some terrible mistakes, and apologized for being so demanding of him when they were together. Taylor's date with her Internet match was disastrous. Carl, the hospital employee who had uncovered the mix-up in the eggs that supposedly resulted in Brooke's eggs being implanted in Taylor, showed up in a leisure suit. A disheartened Taylor left. Ridge, Brooke and Steffy, discussed getting Forrester back under the Forrester family's control.
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December 7 to 11, 2009
Bill told Katie about Steffy kissing him. Katie was understanding to Bill, but she fired Steffy. Katie was convinced that Steffy was out for revenge. Katie believed that Steffy wanted to hurt Katie for taking over the company, so Steffy went after Bill the night before the wedding, Steffy argued, but she later admitted to Thomas that Katie was right. Bill showered Katie with gifts and affection, but he was surprised when Katie told him that she had fired Steffy. Nick didn't get the full story on Sandy's identity, and Whip warned Sandy that Nick would be digging deeper to find out more about her. Bridget discovered that Sandy, who claimed to know all about yoga, knew nothing when they attended a yoga class together. Bridget wanted to become Sandy's friend, and Sandy shared that she had few friends and did not want to disappoint Bridget. Nick confided in Brooke about his suspicions of Sandy, but he never said a word to Bridget. Taylor tried another Internet dating match-up, and was surprised to find Whip was her date. She seemed intrigued and wanted a second date, but later changed her mind saying that she wanted nothing to do with another of Brooke's many men. Whip refused to give up. He visited Taylor at her office and said that he would become a patient if he had to in order to see her more often. After yoga, Nick took Sandy home to her trailer and she discovered the lights weren't working and someone had already opened the door.
December 14 to 18, 2009
Bill persuaded Katie that firing Steffy would cause too many problems because Steffy had come up with the "Hollywood Glamour" ad campaign that was airing on the fashion challenge during The Catwalk. Sandy confided in Nick that she had been raped, and Nick told Brooke about it. Brooke counseled Sandy and they shared their experiences. Sandy thanked Brooke for helping her. Nick and Bridget offered Sandy a job as Stephanie's assistant. Jackie M won the fashion challenge on The Catwalk with its "Adam and Eve" campaign beating out the Forresters' "Hollywood Glamour." Ridge and Eric made Bill an offer to repurchase the company. Bill felt that Ridge and Eric should have been working harder on the "Hollywood Glamour" campaign than on financing a buyout. Eric apologized to Bill for ignoring his responsibilities at Forrester, and said that he wanted to return to work. Eric and Ridge planned to fool Bill into believing that a new line of horrible designs was the latest trend-setting fashion statement in the industry. They persuaded Brooke to go along with the idea and submitted the first design to Katie, who couldn't believe her eyes. Katie asked Brooke what she thought of it, and Brooke said that it was the trend sweeping Europe. Whip and Taylor shared a kiss after the fashion challenge. Steffy admitted to Thomas that she hated seeing Katie in charge and went after Bill just to make Katie miserable.
December 21 to 25, 2009
Eric and Ridge hatched a scheme to develop a gaudy 80s retro line that they hoped would fail miserably in the marketplace and ire the Spencer Publications' board members. They figured that would prompt Bill to sell the company back to the Forresters. Brooke and Donna promised to support their husbands while deceiving their sister, Katie. Bill and Katie became suspicious of the designs, but Bill decided to keep a close eye on Eric and Ridge and proceed with the designs. Eric and Ridge told Bill that the retro theme was hot in Europe and they wanted to be trendsetters, not followers. Bill told Katie that Eric and Ridge had a reputation to uphold. At Jackie M, the entire team gathered for a Christmas party on Christmas Eve, and Stephanie said that she felt she was right where she belonged with people who appreciated her. Thorne checked on his mother, and realized that she was happy. Sandy shared in the festivities and bonded with her cousin, Whip.
December 28, 2009 to January 1, 2010
Eric, Ridge, Thorne, Brooke, Steffy, and Donna unwillingly gave a preview of the gaudy "Dare" line to Bill and Katie after Bill and Katie insisted on seeing it in advance of its debut. Brooke, Donna, and Steffy modeled the 80s retro designs and claimed that they felt sexy. Bill told Katie that they had to trust the Forresters, but Katie was suspicious that the Forresters, including her sisters, were sabotaging the company. Nick and Sandy went to her trailer to retrieve the police report about her rape. They met with Lieutenant Baker to discuss why nothing had ever happened with her case. Nick and Sandy refused to leave without getting some answers, and Baker took them to an evidence room, but he looked disheartened as they discovered boxes and boxes of evidence filed away in storage.
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B&B's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, husband welcome their fourth son


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Until we meet again: Darin Brooks out as B&B's Wyatt Spencer
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WATCH: Rena Sofer's big return as GH's Lois
B&B's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, husband welcome their fourth son
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