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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ridge had a model try on one of the gowns from the new line. Stephanie asked if Ridge or Eric designed it, and Ridge said the two of them had collaborated on it. Stephanie said it was subtle and understated, unlike some people in the room -- a comment directed at Donna.

Meanwhile, over at Jackie M, a very similar gown was being displayed. Clarke congratulated Jackie for taking a page out of Sally Spectra's playbook. Jackie said Clarke would have to make a few modifications to the designs, and he asked her for his deadline. Jackie said she planned to launch her new line the next day. Clarke said that didn't leave him much time to work, and he left he room in a hurry. Nick pointed out that he still was not on board with Jackie's plan until they found out who was feeding them the inside information.

Both Thorne and Felicia expressed a desire for the new line to fail so Eric would realize the Logans were ruining their company. Stephanie was startled to hear her kids talk that way.

Owen asked Donna if Eric had mentioned letting Owen go. Donna said she hadn't and asked why. Owen said since the surf line wasn't doing very well, he wondered if Eric would want to keep him on. Donna got called away and left her laptop on. Owen opened it when Donna left the room and checked out Eric's new secret designs.

Bridget walked in and asked Owen what was going on. He gave her the same song and dance about feeling expendable because the surf line wasn't selling. Owen asked Bridget what she needed to speak to Donna about. When she hesitated to answer, he asked her if that had just been an excuse to drop by his office. He reminded her that she'd stopped by his place in a bikini the other night. Owen said he was worried that Bridget had gotten the wrong impression about him. She asked what he meant, and he kissed her.

Jackie placed a call to Stephanie to see if Jackie would meet her for lunch. Stephanie agreed.

When Stephanie and Jackie met, Stephanie mentioned Jackie's impending fashion show. Stephanie asked if it was her last hurrah. Jackie said rumors of their demise had been highly exaggerated, and she said she had the feeling that Stephanie already knew that. Stephanie said she didn't know which was worse, having a company going under, or having her company overrun by Logans.

Jackie said she didn't think she would ever see the day when Stephanie would give up on her company without a fight. Stephanie said she didn't intend to give up without a fight. Jackie asked Stephanie if she had found a way to fight. Stephanie smiled a sly smile, and Jackie said it looked like Stephanie had found a plan.

Felicia showed up at Nick's office and asked him for a job as a designer. Nick said Felicia had better not let Eric hear that. She said Eric barely knew she existed since the Logans had moved in at Forrester. Felicia reminded Nick about their previous relationship and said she hoped they could try again. Nick reminded her that he was engaged. Felicia said he wasn't married yet and kissed him.

Rick went to Ridge and said they needed to talk. Ridge told him to go away. Rick refused. Rick pleaded with Ridge to hear him out. Rick said he was profoundly sorry for Phoebe's death and that he would do anything he could to help Ridge feel better about it -- if only Ridge would give Rick a chance. Rick asked if there were any possibility that Ridge would ever be able to forgive and accept Rick.

Ridge asked Rick if he was out of his mind. Rick again implored Ridge to please hear him out. Rick said since Ridge and Brooke had remarried, Rick and Ridge were family, like it or not. Rick said they should try to get past the tragedy and make peace. Ridge said he was trying to get along with Rick at work and that was all he would commit to. Ridge said when he saw Rick with Steffy, it terrified him, and he didn't expect that would change anytime soon.

Nick ran into Thorne at the bar, having a cocktail. Nick asked if he could join Thorne and told the bartender he would have whatever Thorne was having. Nick asked why Thorne was drowning his sorrows instead of working on the big fashion show. Thorne said it didn't do any good -- he could work his butt off, but Ridge and Rick were the only ones Eric noticed.

Nick said it must be hard to be the third wheel, and Thorne threw back another shot. Thorne asked Nick if he was drowning his sorrows because Jackie M was going under. Nick said no, he was just there to make sure there was no bloodshed when Jackie and Stephanie had lunch. The two laughed.

Nick and Jackie met back at the office and were still not certain who their mysterious emailer was. They received another email that said the anonymous tipster would email them the entire new Forrester line in return for one thing -- that they would be made president of Jackie M designs. Nick was hesitant to accept. He said they didn't know who that person was or what they had in mind. Jackie said if they said no, their company would go under in three days, but if they agreed they could stay afloat.

Against Nick's better judgment, he clicked "accept" and the entire new Forrester collection was unzipped into his system. A set of hands in blue rubber gloves deleted the file in question from their computer.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Due to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, this episode of The Bold and the Beautiful was preempted.

There were no lost episodes as a result of this programming change, and broadcasting returned to a regular schedule on Wednesday, January 21, where the Monday, January 19, episode concluded.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jackie was thrilled that Clarke was able to finalize the revised gowns in just one day. Nick reminded Jackie that their designs had been stolen from Eric Forrester. Jackie argued that they were not stolen; they were a gift delivered directly to Nick's email. Nick said there would still be "hell to pay" when Eric Forrester saw his original designs on Jackie M's runway. Katie arrived to surprise Nick, and he blocked her view as the rack with the knockoff gowns was wheeled out.

Katie said she had stopped by to cheer Nick on because the fashion show was vital to Jackie M's future and to their family. Nick reminded Katie that she worked for the competitor. He suggested it might not be a good idea for her to be at Jackie M while their new line debuted. Katie said that was nonsense -- she was Nick's fiancée, and her company would understand. Nick said it would be a busy day, and he would fill her in when he got home. Katie protested again and insisted she wanted to stay. Nick yelled at her and told her in no uncertain terms that she could not stay.

Katie looked very hurt, and Nick apologized and blamed it on stress. Katie said she understood and would leave if that were what he wanted. Mostly, she said, she just wanted him to know how proud she was that he was fighting back to keep his company afloat. Nick declared that everything he was doing was because of Katie, Jackie, and Jack. He wanted to make sure she understood all was fair in love, war, and fashion. She chuckled and mentioned she thought she should quit her job at Forrester and go to work for him. He said they would discuss it later.

After Katie left, Clarke and Jackie said that had been a close call. Nick said he hated lying to Katie. Clarke said it was too late to turn back -- the press was there, and it was time to start the show.

Jackie consoled her son and reminded him it was the only way to save their company from bankruptcy. She said they would do what needed to be done and would get through it as they always had: together.

Jackie worked the room and poured Champagne. One reporter declined Champagne, and Jackie said he was boring. He asked Jackie how Jackie M was able to hold a Champagne reception and introduce a clothing line in such tough economic times. Jackie said the line would turn all her financial woes around.

The reporter scoffed and said the world had seen Clarke Garrison's designs before and had never been wowed. Jackie said under her leadership, Clarke had blossomed. She reminded the reporter that Eric Forrester had originally trained Clarke. He asked if Clarke's designs would rival a Forrester gown, and Jackie assured him they would.

Eric had the same gown on the rack at Forrester and said it needed a few finishing touches. Felicia coldly said it was just a dress. Eric rolled his eyes and asked Stephanie for her input. She said it was beautiful. He asked Felicia what he could do to put a smile on her face. She replied, "Divorce Donna."

Brooke jumped in to defend her sister Donna and reminded Felicia that the Logans and Forresters were on the same team, and everyone needed to pull together to make the latest collection a success. Eric reiterated Brooke's speech about teamwork. Felicia quipped that if she was on the team, she wished Eric would take her off the bench.

When the rest of the family left, Eric thanked Brooke and said she always knew the right words to say to pull everyone together. She said she was both a Logan and a Forrester, so she had a unique perspective. Eric said everyone had to put the company first, and he only wished his kids were happier. Brooke reminded him that one of his kids was happy: Rick.

Eric agreed and pointed out that Rick was doing a fine job as the acting president of Forrester. Brooke said her only regret was that Ridge was so uncomfortable working with Rick. Eric said Rick was a constant reminder of Phoebe's death, but Ridge had agreed to try to work with Rick, anyway. Eric predicted that given time, their relationship would heal.

Brooke walked into the next office and found Katie there at work. She asked Katie why she wasn't at Nick's fashion show. Katie said that Clarke was designing the latest line, and Nick was probably afraid it would bomb. Katie theorized that Nick was too proud to let Katie watch him fail.

Brooke said Nick had always been a proud man, but she bet that deep in his heart, Nick wanted Katie there. Katie asked Brooke if she really believed that. Brooke said she did and encouraged Katie to go back to Nick.

Rick and Steffy were locked away, secretly kissing, and Rick said he wished they did not have to keep their relationship a secret. He informed Steffy that he'd tried to talk to her father the day before. Rick told Steffy that he asked Ridge if there was anything he could do that would make Ridge forgive him. Ridge had said no.

Steffy said she wished it didn't have to be that way. She wanted everyone to know how much they loved one another. She suggested if all they could have was a secret relationship, they should give up. Rick said when something was worth fighting for -- and they were -- a clear path would present itself, and they would find a way to be together.

Rick said nothing and no one would keep them apart. Steffy declared her deep love for Rick but added that her dad meant the world to her. She didn't want to cause him any more pain. Rick posed a hypothetical question and asked Steffy what would happen if they didn't have to deal with Ridge anymore.

Stephanie walked into Eric's office and admired the designs he had displayed. Stephanie said it was fine work, and she didn't know a designer alive who wouldn't give their right arm for those designs. Eric said he only hoped the show would be a major success for Forrester Creations. Eric expressed concern about the lousy attitude he got from Thorne and Felicia. Stephanie said they felt slighted.

Eric said that was nonsense -- all of his kids had any opportunity they wanted at his company. Stephanie said Eric should be more sensitive and look at it from their point of view, and try to understand how they felt.

Katie walked in just as the fashion show began. She saw the first dress go down the runway and said it looked familiar.

Across town, the same gown was being modeled in Eric's office. His family praised him profusely and said there was nothing else like it on the market.

Back at Jackie M, the second gown appeared on the runway, and Katie recognized it as a Forrester original design. She got a look of horror on her face and asked what was going on.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

by Pam

The audience loved the Jackie M fashion show as Katie watched in shock. A reporter spoke into his recorder and announced that it was a triumph. Backstage, Katie venomously accused Jackie and Clarke of stealing Eric's designs. Katie said Sally Spectra would have been proud of them. Nick tried to shuttle Katie out of the public area and into an office, and Jackie and Clarke followed.

Accusations flew around the room, and Nick pushed Jackie and Clarke to get back to the show while he spoke to Katie. He admitted that the collection had been sent to him anonymously via email. Nick said he'd thought Katie had sent the designs, but he'd realized it hadn't been Katie. Incredulous that Nick could think that Katie could be so dishonest, she shouted at him that she was going to get the blame at Forrester. She reminded him that Forrester was on the verge of civil war, with the Forresters and Logans at each other's throats.

Katie suggested that they rob a bank or a liquor store if they were going to be thieves. Nick refused to acknowledge that he'd stolen the designs. He said they had been a gift, since the sender had said it had been to keep him afloat. Katie said someone at Forrester was trying to destroy the company. She said she wasn't sure she knew who Nick was. The man she'd fallen in love with wouldn't think of using the designs.

On the runway, the fashion show continued to thunderous applause as Clarke and Jackie rejoiced.

Rick and Steffy talked about how everything seemed to be going against them. Steffy wanted to give up their relationship, but Rick refused. Steffy said she wanted one normal day as a regular couple, but she didn't think it would ever happen because of their families. She said that sometimes love wasn't enough to hold a couple together.

Rick refused to let the circumstances control him, and they kissed. Rick said he believed there was a solution to their problem, and he bragged that he was a man who could make things happen. He said he had a plan, and promised that they would be together.

Eric met with the family about the collection, and he said he was glad that they'd kept the entire thing under wraps. Felicia snidely said that Katie's relationship with Nick compromised the collection, and Thorne agreed. Brooke said Nick and Katie were engaged, and they were professionals. Eric added that Katie was about to marry into a family on the verge of financial collapse. Eric insisted that nothing Jackie M had was even close to any of the Forrester designs as a model walked in wearing one of his designs.

Backstage at Jackie M, Jackie and Clarke were handing over the same dress to a model. It was the showstopper. In the hallway, Katie called Brooke to tell her that Jackie M had hijacked the entire Forrester collection. Katie was on speakerphone as she broke the news to everyone in the Forrester office that every design was on display at Jackie M. Eric was furious, and he said he was on his way.

After the Forresters listened to Katie's bad news, Felicia accused Katie of being behind the espionage. Stephanie suggested it was an inside job, and Thorne took offense. He wondered if Stephanie was accusing him of stealing the designs. Stephanie said she wondered how the designs could end up at Jackie M when everyone who had access to them had access codes. She said that in the old days, only family had access. She said she had no idea who some of the employees were who had access to the collection, so it could have been anyone.

Brooke piped up that Stephanie didn't seem surprised, so it could be someone in the room who had given the designs to Jackie. Felicia and Thorne were insulted and accused Brooke of helping Nick. Stephanie said she knew there was no way Jackie M would survive without a successful show.

Eric showed up at the fashion show as the model wearing his showstopper stepped out. He was visibly upset as the crowd raved about the collection. Eric watched as Jackie, Clarke, and the models celebrated. He was stunned that his entire collection was on display.

After the show, reporters asked Clarke what he did for inspiration for a collection that was as nice as Forrester. Jackie reminded everyone that Clarke had worked at Forrester. Clarke answered that it was mysterious and that a little bit of Eric was in every design.

Eric showed up, and he was livid with Jackie. He accused her of stealing every design that he and Ridge had. He told her it was industrial espionage, and Jackie cautioned that he was slandering her company. Eric wondered how she could have stolen everything from him when the designs were encrypted and under lock and key. He told Jackie that he couldn't believe she could stoop as low as Sally Spectra.

Eric warned Jackie that she would become a joke. Jackie turned the tables and said Eric had become Mr. Honey Bear. She spat that he had traded her for Donna. Eric was in disbelief that she would be vindictive because he had married Donna. He reminded Jackie that they had once been lovers, but they had also been friends for a long time. He told her that if she had gone to him, he would have introduced her to bankers and investors that would have kept her in business.

Nick got a text message that it was time to pay the piper, who was waiting in his office. Nick entered his darkened office, and he heard a noise acknowledging that he would finally meet the person who had given him the collection as a gift. He turned, squinted, and said, "Oh my God. You?"

Friday, January 23, 2009

by Pam

Nick lit a cigar and stared at his benefactor, Rick Forrester. He asked why Rick would ruin his family's business and why he would leave the presidency of one successful company to become the president of a failing company. Rick announced that it was all because of Ridge. He was always second to Ridge. Although Rick was president at Forrester, Ridge was CEO. Rick told Nick that he couldn't take it anymore. Every day at Forrester, he had to face Stephanie, who wanted him in jail, and Ridge, who hated him.

Rick said "we" just want a normal life. Nick asked who "we" included, but Rick declined to answer. Rick wanted reassurance that Nick would hold up his end of the bargain and indeed make Rick the company president. Nick agreed. The two of them decided to keep the announcement under wraps for the short term.

At Forrester, all the Logans and Forresters, minus Rick, gathered to figure out their next move, since Jackie M had stolen the entire collection. They were going to need a new collection. The family tried to figure out how Jackie, Nick, and Clarke had stolen the collection. Ridge said they had all been in the building for the surf line fashion show. He guessed they might have stolen designs then. Eric disagreed because he said the line hadn't been complete at that point.

Katie showed up and said that no one from Jackie M had entered the building and stolen the collection. It had been sent via email directly to Nick. Katie told Eric that they needed to have a statement for the press from Eric, Ridge, and Rick. She left to work on it. The rest of the family tried to determine who would give the collection away. They pointed fingers at Katie, but Brooke told them they were wrong.

Brooke announced that she was going to see Nick and tell him to call the press and admit exactly what had happened. The Forresters scoffed, and she left for Jackie M. Eric wondered how any employee could do such a thing to the company.

Brooke arrived in Nick's office and demanded to know who had sent him the collection. She insisted that he couldn't use it because it was stolen. Nick refused to tell her. Brooke pressured Nick to make a statement to the press that he had used Forrester designs. He refused, but Brooke continued to tell him how wrong it was to steal the collection. She said she couldn't believe he wouldn't help her after all they had been through together. He warned her to leave it alone for the time being.

Rick called Steffy and asked her to meet him in his office. She wondered where he was and if he had heard what happened. He told her they would talk about it in his office. Steffy called Taylor, in tears, and told her mother how upset Eric and Ridge were about the stolen designs. Taylor asked if there was anything she could do, but Steffy said she just needed to talk to her mother. They both worried that the news would be too much for Ridge after losing Phoebe. Taylor said she would offer her support to Ridge.

In Rick's office, Rick embraced Steffy and told her how much he loved her. He promised her that everything would be fine and that he had a new job as the president of a company. Steffy wondered what he was talking about, and Rick told her they could be together and no longer hide from family members. He wanted her to join him because he was going to be the president at Jackie M.

Steffy stared at Rick in disbelief, wondering what he was talking about. Rick told her he was Jackie M's new president, and his first order of business was to hire her. Steffy realized that Rick had sent the designs to Nick and wondered how he could do something so cruel to his family.

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