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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ridge worked on the replacement line of clothing to make up for the stolen designs. Brooke expressed her doubts that Rick was the thief. Ridge said that was a topic they should not get into. A model walked in wearing a shiny silver dress, and Ridge's face went white. He said that dress was supposed to be for his late daughter Phoebe, and after her death, Ridge had it pulled from the line. He had no idea how it had made it into production. He lamented to Brooke about all of Phoebe's dreams and hopes that would never happen.

Ridge told Brooke that the night of their engagement party would haunt him forever. He clearly remembered holding Phoebe in his arms as she quietly slipped away. Ridge said if he could have died with her that night, he would have. He expressed that he had an endless empty feeling that gnawed at his heart. Although Ridge knew time healed all wounds, he said he had lost all sense of time. He said time had become before Phoebe died and afterward, and Ridge told Brooke that afterward was a very dark place.

Stephanie continued to lurk in the closet and spy on Steffy and Rick. She certainly got her money's worth when she heard Rick confess to stealing Eric's designs. Steffy reminded Rick that what he did was wrong but she realized he stole the designs out of love for her. When Stephanie heard the two of them confess their love for one another, she rolled her eyes in disgust.

Steffy said when Rick first admitted to stealing the designs from Eric, she was furious with him, and frightened of him, too. She said she thought he was crazy. Rick admitted that he had been crazy when he stole the designs. But once Rick explained his reasons for stealing the designs, his passion won her over. Steffy swore she would not turn her back on Rick. They discussed how angry Ridge would be when he found out they were involved. Rick planned to enlist Brooke's help to turn Ridge around. Stephanie was in the bedroom about to burst through the walls with each new word from Rick. Rick bragged about how Brooke could work her magic on Ridge and bring him around. Steffy said it was too soon, and Rick agreed to keep their relationship a secret for the time being. Rick asked Steffy is their love was real and gave her an out if she wanted to change her mind. Steffy proclaimed that Rick had all of her.

Brooke called and asked Steffy to stop by the office to visit Ridge. Brooke explained that Ridge was having a rough day and was missing Phoebe. Brooke thought it would cheer Ridge up to see Steffy. Steffy agreed to go to her Dad.

Steffy went to see Ridge and he explained to her how upset he was when he saw the dress he had designed for her sister. Steffy said she understood about grief-it snuck up on you when you least expected it. Ridge asked her not to let his bad day become hers. Steffy reassured her dad and said she had plenty of distractions. Ridge got a nervous look on his face and asked her not to get distracted while she was driving. She promised to drive safely and asked Ridge to have faith. He said he was working on it, but it was easy for someone to take advantage of someone as sweet and trusting as Steffy.

Ridge stepped back from the embrace, Steffy said she saw that frightened look in Ridge's eyes again and could tell that he was worried about losing her. Steffy assured him that wouldn't happen. Ridge said it was natural for fathers to want to protect their little girls.

Steffy pointed out the obvious-- Phoebe was not a little girl when she died,; she was an adult who made the choice to get in Rick's car. Steffy said Ridge could not have protected her from her own decisions. She reminded Ridge that Phoebe was angry and stubborn, and had not gotten out of the car when Rick asked her to. Ridge said he blamed Rick because he had never seen Phoebe angry enough to be out of control before Rick was in her life. Ridge said Phoebe's death was Rick's fault, period. He proclaimed he never wanted to see Steffy anywhere near Rick.

As soon as Steffy left, Stephanie revealed herself and scared the daylights out of Rick. Stephanie asked Rick what he thought Ridge would do to him once he found out Rick was after Steffy. Stephanie said Rick was a thief who had stolen Ridge's designs and wanted to steal his daughter, too. Rick protested and said it was not like that, he and Steffy had come together in their grief over Phoebe and made a genuine connection. Stephanie wasn't buying his line, and accused Rick of using Steffy to hurt Ridge. Rick asked why he would want it to remain a secret from Ridge if he were trying to stick it to him. Stephanie supposed that Rick was waiting for the right moment to throw it in Ridge's face.

Rick tried his best to convince Stephanie that he and Steffy were in love. Stephanie said that Rick was incapable of love and was a young man filled with rage. She also pointed out that Steffy was young and thought of the relationship as some Romeo and Juliet situation, and Stephanie reminded Rick that everyone knew how badly that relationship ended. Rick told Stephanie it was not her choice-- he and Steffy were in love. Stephanie threatened Rick and said she would stop at nothing to keep the two of them apart.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

At the beach house, Rick assured Stephanie that her threats against him were futile because he was in love with Steffy and wouldn't give her up. Stephanie warned him that Ridge and Brooke had already suffered enough because of Rick. She said he had to give up Steffy and stop hurting his mother and Ridge.

Meanwhile, at Forrester, Steffy was trying to make her father understand that she was not Phoebe and he didn't have to worry about her night and day. Ridge declared that if he had acted sooner, Rick wouldn't have hurt Phoebe. Ridge was very sure of himself when he said that he would never forgive Rick for what he did. Steffy hoped that in time, he'd find a way to forgive Rick, but Ridge insisted that there were some tragedies in life that you could never overcome, and this was one of them. He said that even though Rick apologized for the accident, Ridge didn't believe him. He also stunned Steffy by telling her that he knew Rick had kissed Steffy.

She asked what he was talking about, fearful that he was onto their love affair. But that wasn't it; Ridge explained that Stephanie had told him that Rick tried to provoke Ridge's anger by kissing Steffy weeks before. She was relieved for a moment, until Ridge went on and on about how he would protect Steffy the way he should have protected Phoebe before her death.

Steffy told her father that if Phoebe were still alive, she would tell Ridge not to blame himself. Just as Steffy and Ridge were embracing, Brooke walked in to tell Ridge that a client from Hong Kong was waiting in Eric's office to speak with him about the postponed collection.

Back in Malibu, Stephanie asked Rick to promise her that he would stop his affair with Steffy for Ridge's sake. She explained that losing Phoebe was too much for Ridge to endure. Full of righteous indignation, Stephanie wondered how Rick could sleep at night after what he'd done to Phoebe. Rick screamed that he didn't sleep at night because he was haunted by the accident. Every night he relived the events over and over in his dreams. He said he could still see Ridge holding Phoebe as she died.

Stephanie told Rick that she believed he hated Ridge, but Rick declared that he didn't hate him anymore. Stephanie didn't believe him, and accused Rick of going after Steffy to get revenge on Ridge. Rick begged Stephanie to understand that he loved Steffy with all his heart and that he could not end something as beautiful and pure as their love. He just couldn't give her up.

Stephanie reminded Rick that Eric's love for him had been all-forgiving, but an affair with Steffy might be too much for his father to accept. Stephanie also pointed out that Taylor didn't blame Rick for the wreck, but she might not be as understanding if Rick ruined Steffy's relationship with Ridge. Stephanie tried to make Rick prove that he was not a defiant, vengeful young man by walking away from Steffy.

Showing sympathy, Stephanie said she understood how painful Rick's childhood was, but if he wanted to regain some self-respect, he had to do the right thing. She urged him to be selfless and let Steffy go. Stephanie warned that he'd be hurting her more than he knew by forcing Steffy to choose between her family and him.

Brooke was grateful to Steffy for coming to see Ridge. Steffy wished that Ridge would someday forgive Rick. Brooke said that she'd been trying to help Ridge deal with his grief, but she was worried that something else might come along to upset him. Brooke appreciated that Steffy was in Rick's corner, but she wondered if Steffy was also grieving because she'd lost her twin. Steffy claimed that Phoebe was still with her. She believed that Phoebe would have forgiven Rick. Steffy then vigorously defended Rick to Brooke, saying that Rick wasn't a bad person, no matter what happened. Ridge returned from the meeting because he needed to spend time with Steffy. He said Steffy was forgiving of Rick because she had a big heart. He announced that he would never be that forgiving of Rick.

Rick told Stephanie that he was not taking advantage of Steffy. Stephanie believed that Steffy was too vulnerable to know what she was doing with Rick. Stephanie was certain that if Ridge found out about Steffy and Rick, the wounds between them would never heal. She painted a picture of the future in which Ridge was inconsolably angry and Steffy was consumed by guilt and unable to find peace and joy. Stephanie asked him if that was what he really wanted.

Ridge and Steffy made a date to go to the movies the next week. He remembered Steffy and Phoebe as little girls, and wished he could turn back the clock. Ridge hoped Steffy wouldn't run off with a Prince Charming any time soon, and she promised to always be his little girl. After Steffy left, Brooke told Ridge what a remarkable young woman she'd become. Ridge thanked Brooke for getting Steffy to visit because he had really needed to see her.

In the hallway, Steffy read at a clipping about Rick's success and hoped she could please her father and have Rick, too.

Stephanie reminded Rick all about his womanizing in Paris, not to mention his affair with Taylor. Rick told Stephanie that what he felt for Steffy was pure and from the heart. Stephanie said if he wanted Steffy happy, Rick should be willing to let her go.

In a moment of candid emotion, Stephanie grew wistful as she remembered how much she had loved Rick as a little boy. She blamed Eric and Brooke for the selfish man he had become. Stephanie agreed that if Rick left Steffy right away, Steffy would be hurt, but it would be a hurt she could deal with. On the other hand, if Steffy and Rick continued to sneak around, the truth would come out and it would be a tragic mistake.

With tears in his eyes, Rick asked Stephanie to stop saying those things. Unwilling to be denied, Stephanie urged Rick to prove his love for Steffy by letting her go.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nick asked Jackie to reveal the name of their new designer. Jackie explained that the designer was a private person and preferred to only work with Jackie. Nick pressed for a name, so Jackie dropped Madame X.

Nick rolled his eyes and asked if he could go back and live on his boat. Jackie said no. Katie arrived and Jackie made a beeline for the door. Katie said that Jackie would have to face her eventually. Jackie urged Katie to get whatever it was she wanted to say off her chest.

Katie said since Jackie had taken Ridge and Eric's designs, they were forced to redesign an entirely new collection. Jackie reminded Katie that she did not steal the designs; they were given to her. Katie pointed out to Jackie that since Katie was engaged to Nick and worked for Forrester, the stolen designs would reflect badly on her. Jackie said she was sorry if she put Katie in an awkward position, but she had to save her company and would do it again if necessary. Nick jumped in and defended his mother. Nick said it was ultimately his choice to use the designs. Katie suspected Jackie had pressured Nick into it, but he took the blame. Nick urged Katie to get over it and move past the situation.

A mysterious figure tossed a black wig on the bed. She began to dress in black stockings, heels and a flaming red dress and lipstick. She pulled the wig down over her head, but her face was not revealed. She showed up at the office of Jackie M, and Jackie saw through the disguise. It was Bridget! Jackie explained that she had told Nick the new designer's name was Madame X. Nick walked in and Bridget quickly put her sunglasses back on. She extended her gloved hand, introduced herself as Madame X and dropped some pleasantries in French.

Stephanie showed up on Rick's doorstep first thing in the morning and invited herself in for coffee. Rick said he hadn't made any. Stephanie said she had really stopped by just to make certain Rick had gotten the message and planned to end things with Steffy. Rick said he had not slept all night. Stephanie said she hadn't, either, and asked what that had to do with anything. Rick said he stayed up all night thinking about her request. The premise that Ridge would never accept Rick and Steffy was faulty, according to Rick's midnight epiphany.

Rick said Ridge loved Steffy and would ask her what she wanted. Steffy would explain to Ridge that she was in love with Rick, and according to Rick, if Ridge truly loved his daughter, he would have to give in to what she wanted. Stephanie looked at him like he was a lunatic. Stephanie said she had given Rick the chance to do the right thing, and if he didn't end things with Steffy, he would regret it, and that Steffy would, too.

Rick said he wanted a future with Steffy. Stephanie said any future the two of them had would be marred by conflict and hostility. Stephanie said she understood that the concept of "you and me against the world" was terribly romantic. But she reminded Rick that he and Steffy wouldn't just be fighting her, but their entire family.

Stephanie asked Rick if he really wanted to battle with her. Rick said he was not afraid of Stephanie, and she said, "You should be," and she left.

Steffy arrived at the beach house. Rick warned her that they had a big problem. Rick had to tell Steffy that her grandmother had been spying on them and had overheard their conversation from the night before. Stephanie knew they had a relationship and knew about the stolen designs. Steffy started shaking and hyperventilating. Rick told her to calm down. Steffy explained that her grandmother never bluffed, and she knew Stephanie would work to split them up no matter whom she hurt in the process.

Stephanie showed up at Taylor's house unannounced and Taylor was delighted to see her. She had been weeping and said she was happy Stephanie stopped by, because she really needed to hear some good news. Sadly, that was not the sort of news that Stephanie planned to deliver.

Taylor explained that she smelled coffee when she woke up and thought Phoebe was downstairs making breakfast. Taylor admitted she had gone so far as to call out Phoebe's name before she realized Phoebe was gone. Stephanie asked how Steffy was handling her grief. Taylor said she had spoken to Steffy and warned her that since she lost her twin, she was extremely vulnerable. Taylor said she explained to Steffy that when a person felt that large of a void, they could try to fill it in positive or negative ways. Stephanie pounced on her opportunity to let Taylor know Steffy was filling that void in a negative way.

Stephanie began to explain that Steffy was involved with a man she hadn't mentioned to her family. Before Stephanie named names, Steffy and Rick walked into Taylor's house together. Taylor put two and two together and started screaming, "No!"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

At Taylor's house, Taylor furiously asked Rick why he was so intent on hurting her family. She conjectured that he still hated her for breaking off their engagement. Rick argued that he was in love with Steffy, but Taylor refused to listen. She reminded him that she never blamed him for Phoebe's death. Even when everyone else blamed him, she said she stood by him. She warned him that he could not take another of her daughters.

Stephanie added that Rick was only using Steffy. Stephanie reminded Rick that he told her he was using Steffy to break up Ridge and Brooke. Rick said it started out that way, but it changed. He and Steffy loved each other. Steffy agreed. Taylor freaked out. She blasted Steffy and Rick, reminding both of them that Rick told Taylor the same thing months earlier. She warned Rick that she would protect Steffy. She told Steffy and Rick that their relationship was over.

Steffy tried to explain to her mother that she and Rick had found a common ground in their grief over Phoebe's death. Rick mentioned Phoebe's name, and Taylor screamed at him that she didn't even want him to utter her name.

Stephanie wondered what had happened to Marcus, but Steffy explained her feelings for Marcus were a crush. Taylor blasted Rick again and asked if he had a crush on Steffy or if he really loved her. She noted that Ashley, Phoebe, Taylor, and Steffy -- every woman he had been with in his recent past -- had ties to Ridge.

Taylor told Steffy that Ridge would never accept her in a relationship with Rick. Steffy admitted that she worried about her dad's reaction, but she begged her mother to soften. Taylor refused. Stephanie warned Rick and Steffy to end it. She sent Rick off with a warning that she would call the police. Taylor insisted that Rick get out of the house. She then begged Steffy to understand that the family couldn't handle her relationship after all they had been through.

At Jackie M, Jackie introduced Nick to Madame X-Bridget in disguise. Jackie set up an interview with Jarrett, the Eye on Fashion reporter. She pushed Bridget behind a screen and lit her in silhouette, but told Jarrett that Madame X had developed some new designs that would rival any others in the fashion world. She shared a few of them with Jarrett. He was impressed.

Nick later quizzed Madame X about her background and cagily told the designer she had a surgeon's touch, as if a doctor was hunting for a new career. He called her bluff and recognized her as Bridget.

At Forrester, Ridge continued his tirade of blaming Rick for sending their designs to Jackie M. Eric encouraged him to let it go, but Ridge even brought up Sally Spectra's name. He likened Jackie to Sally. Jarrett showed up. He tattled to Eric and Ridge that Jackie M's new designer, Madame X, showed some promising talent. Ridge and Eric scoffed that it was a publicity stunt, but Jarrett disagreed and shared a few of the designs. Eric admitted the designs were impressive, but asked for more information on Madame X's identity.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nick was not fooled by 'Madame X's' elaborate disguise. He told Bridget he would have recognized her in any outfit. Nick asked who the real designer was. He absolutely refused to believe that Bridget had drawn the designs herself. She worked hard to convince him and mentioned that she had taken a leave of absence from the hospital to pursue her dreams. Bridget reminded Nick that designing was in her blood. She explained that she did not want to trade on her family name and wanted to make it on her own, which is why she had come to Jackie M incognito.

Outside, Clarke asked Jackie to divulge the dirt on their new designer. Jackie made him promise not to tell a soul the identity of the new designer. Once she had his word, she informed him that Madame X was Bridget Forrester. Clarke said he refused to take orders from a doctor with no design experience. Clarke said she knew how to wear a dress, but doubted she could design one. Jackie assured him that Bridget was quite talented at design and would be a valuable asset to Jackie M.

Clarke reminded Jackie that Bridget and Nick's marriage ended badly, and he wondered aloud if they would be able to work together. Jackie said Bridget and Nick had been very happy together before "that awful Katie Logan" had come between them.

Back in the office, Bridget said Jackie convinced her that Nick didn't work closely with the design team. She proposed that if Nick would keep his distance from her, they shouldn't have a problem. Nick said he had tried to keep his distance from the company and let his mother run things, but Jackie M almost went bankrupt. Nick said he realized he would have to start working more closely with the designers.

Nick said that if Bridget gave up medicine to pursue design, he knew she must be serious about it. After the way he had hurt her, he said he would do anything to help her achieve her dreams. Nick left the final decision in Bridget's hands-- he asked if she could she work for Jackie M knowing that Nick would be involved.

Bridget said it probably wouldn't be wise for the two of them to work together. Jackie walked in and overheard Bridget's pronouncement. Jackie said Jackie M was her company, and she was the decision maker. Her decision was that Bridget and Nick would do whatever was necessary to make it work, because she needed them both to stay on.

Rick dropped by to see Brooke, but she was visiting with Beth. Rick decided against airing his dirty laundry in front of his grandmother.

Grandma Beth showed Rick photos from Brooke and Ridge's private wedding. Rick looked puzzled, and Brooke explained the Ridge had hired secret photographers to hide on the cliff and shoot pictures their wedding.

Rick said he hated to interrupt, but really needed to talk to his mom. He succeeded in chasing Beth off and finally had Brooke to himself. He said he had news, and wanted Brooke to know she wasn't the only one who was in love. Rick announced that he had found someone, too, and was very happy about it. Brooke smiled brightly at her son's joy.

Brooke asked if she knew the girl, and Rick sheepishly said yes, adding that Brooke knew her very well. Brooke looked at him in anticipation. Rick went on and on extolling the wonders of his new love interest. He said she was someone he could picture himself spending the rest of his life with. He continued to build the anticipation without dropping a name. Brooke became impatient and asked Rick to stop holding out on her and to divulge the girl's identity. When Rick said it was Steffy, Brooke's face fell as if someone had punched her. She asked Rick to clarify that he was speaking of Ridge's daughter. He said yes.

Brooke screamed at the top of her lungs and said the Rick could not be in love with Steffy. Brooke reminded Rick that when the whole family had turned their backs on him, she took his side. He thanked her for that and swore he was not trying to cause problems for Brooke and Ridge. Brooke said she stood by Rick when Ridge and Stephanie had accused him of stealing Eric's designs. Rick said they were right; he was the one who stole the designs. Brooke's jaw dropped even further. She was shocked and appalled in equal measure. Rick explained he had done it for Steffy, so the two of them could have a future away from the disapproval of their families. Brooke said Rick was obviously still consumed with revenge She accused him of being with Steffy simply to get back at Ridge. She announced that she would not allow it. Rick looked at her as if she were insane.

Brooke said Ridge would lose his mind if he knew Rick was involved with Steffy. Rick said Taylor and Stephanie already knew, and that Stephanie had threatened to tell Ridge. He asked Brooke for her support. She refused. Brooke said she would not allow Rick to hurt Ridge anymore. She said she fought for him after the accident and hadn't let the family ship him off to Paris, but he had gone too far. Brooke said she absolutely forbade Rick from seeing Steffy Forrester again.

Taylor tried to convince Steffy that her relationship with Rick could never work. But Steffy declared her undying love for Rick. Taylor assured Steffy that Rick was merely using her, and reminded Steffy that Taylor knew Rick intimately. Steffy would not listen, so Taylor pulled out the big guns and produced her shrink, Dr. James Warwick. Steffy was none too thrilled to see him.

Taylor asked James to convince her daughter that Rick was using Steffy in the same way he used Phoebe and Taylor. Dr. Warwick pulled Steffy aside and warned her that the relationship she had entered into was not a healthy one. He said Steffy had just lost her twin sister, and falling in love with the man that was behind the wheel when her sister died didn't make sense. Dr. Warwick said if Steffy would take a step back and look at things clearly, she would realize Rick was using her.

Steffy defended Rick and said Rick was not using her, and their relationship was real. Dr. Warwick reminded her that her father would never accept Steffy being involved with the man who killed her sister. Dr. Warwick asked Steffy if she would really embark on a relationship with Rick, knowing in advance that Ridge might hate him for the rest of his life. Steffy said she refused to choose between her dad and Rick because she loved them both

Dr. Warwick asked Steffy how long she had been involved with Rick, and she agreed that it had been a little over a month. Dr. Warwick reminded Steffy that Ridge had been there for her every day of her life; he asked her to find the balance of those two loves on a scale. One man she barely knew, and the other man was the father who had been by her side her entire life. James reminded Steffy that Rick had been involved with her twin sister and her mom-just weeks before he got involved with Steffy. James said if Steffy chose to continue a relationship with Rick, she would lose Ridge and possibly more people in her family who would find their relationship unforgivable. Dr. Warwick pointed out that it would be Steffy and Rick against the world, and that would be too high a price to pay to be with a man she had only been dating for a month. James predicted Steffy would eventually resent Rick for all the things she had given up to be with him.

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