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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 9, 2009 on B&B
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Seeing how much emotional pain Ridge was in, Stephanie refrained from revealing to her son that his daughter was in a relationship with his worst enemy. Fresh from her intervention with Dr. James Warwick, Steffy wasn't convinced that a relationship with Rick was wrong. Later, Stephanie decided to interject. Unable to listen to her grandmother's harsh words any longer, Steffy ran off. Brooke was still unsure if Rick's feelings for Steffy were genuine, or just another means of revenge towards Ridge. As Rick was explaining his and Steffy's love for each other to Brooke, Ridge overheard.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rick went to Ridge and Brooke's home to speak to Ridge about Rick and Steffy's relationship. Rick had decided that it was time Ridge learned about the relationship. Ridge immediately became worried and jumped to the conclusion that Rick had harmed Steffy when he brought up her name. Ridge questioned Rick as to what he had done to Steffy.

At Jackie M, Bridget worked late at her office. Jackie Marone, who also worked late at the office, remarked that she was happy to have Bridget at Jackie M. She wished Bridget good luck for a second chance at happiness in life and romance.

At Nick's house, he and Katie relaxed and had a glass of wine. Nick showed Katie the designs that Madam X had completed. Katie commented that she liked the designs. Nick told Katie that since they no longer would have secrets between them, he was going to be honest to her and reveal who the designer was. Nick told Katie that Bridget was Madam X. Katie told Nick that she was very surprised, especially since her niece, Bridget, had gone to medical school to be a doctor. Katie alluded to the fact that perhaps Bridget had an alternative motive for working as a clothing designer. Nick did not agree with Katie, but she remained suspicious of why Bridget was working at Jackie M. Nick asked Katie to promise to keep the designs stolen from Forrester Creations a secret, as Bridget knew nothing about them. Katie remarked that first the designs were stolen, and then Bridget showed up to work at Nick's company. Katie said that she was going to pay Bridget a visit to ask about her motives.

Katie arrived at Jackie M to speak with Bridget, but pretended she didn't know who Madam X was. Katie asked Madam X if her hair was a hairpiece. Bridget kept up the pretense of Madam X. Katie removed Bridget's sunglasses and unveiled "Madam X."

Katie reminded Bridget that she had attended medical school and become a doctor. She sarcastically asked Bridget if the X in Madam X meant ex-wife of Nick. Katie apologized for stealing Nick, then sympathized with Bridget. She denied that she had accepted the designer position at Jackie M to get closer to Nick. Bridget explained her motivation had been creativity, which made her feel alive. She commented that she could resume her career as a doctor at any time.

At home, Steffy confided to Thomas that she and Rick were dating and in love. Thomas flipped out with Steffy's news and harshly told her that Rick was only using her to anger Ridge. Thomas reminded Steffy that recently Rick had been in love with Taylor and planned to marry her. He also reminded her that shortly before Taylor, Rick was in love with Phoebe. Steffy did not want to accept what Thomas told her. Steffy tried to convince him that it was different and Rick's feelings were genuine.

Meanwhile, back at Ridge and Brooke's house, Rick calmly explained to Ridge that after Phoebe's death, he felt guilty about her death. He continued his explanation and said that he and Steffy became friends as they both grieved for Phoebe. Rick started to say that they were dating, but halted when Ridge jumped to the conclusion that there was more going on and they could be dating. Ridge demanded to know from Rick if there was more to their relationship. At that point, Rick admitted to Ridge that he and Steffy were dating and that they were in love.

Ridge suddenly became enraged. He snapped and reacted violently to the fact that Rick and Steffy were dating. He lost all control over his temper. He jumped at Rick. Brooke became hysterical and feared that Ridge would kill Rick. She begged for Ridge to stop. Ridge ignored Brooke's pleas. Rick managed to get out of the house and jump into his car. Steffy had hidden in the back seat of Rick's car and was horrified to learn that Ridge had learned about their relationship.

Ridge jumped in his car and Brooke got in the car with him. Ridge drove fast to catch up with Rick and Steffy. As Rick drove fast to escape Ridge, his driving became erratic. Brooke begged for Ridge to stop and pull off the road before another tragedy took place. Ridge refused to stop chasing Rick. He remarked that the worst had happened; Rick had his little girl.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rick and Steffy were both fine after their car skidded off the road. Ridge hugged Steffy and then pounded on Rick's window and demanded he get out of the car. Brooke told Rick to go, and Rick drove off, to Ridge's great dismay.

Ridge said he didn't want to lose Steffy, and she repeatedly assured him that she was fine. She asked her dad if he wanted her to go to the hospital to get checked out. He said he wasn't worried about her physical health; he was worried about her relationship with Rick. Steffy explained how she and Rick bonded during their grief over Phoebe. Ridge said Rick was only interested in Steffy to get revenge on Ridge. Ridge was certain that Rick was using Steffy. Steffy stomped her foot and declared that what she and Rick felt was real. Ridge disagreed. He said Rick might be angry with Ridge because Rick blamed Ridge for losing Taylor, or maybe because of things that happened in Rick's childhood. Ridge assured Steffy that either way, Rick could not possibly love her.

Steffy went to Brooke and asked Brooke to intervene. Steffy stated that Brooke knew Rick better than anyone, and asked her if Rick truly loved Steffy. Brooke said she had no idea how Rick felt about anything anymore. Brooke was ashamed of Rick because he knew his relationship with Steffy would hurt Ridge, but he pursued her anyway. Ridge asked Steffy to end things with Rick. She said she didn't want to hurt Ridge. Steffy explained that she had been in Rick's car because she planned to end things with him. Ridge said that was the best decision for everyone.

Eric worked feverishly to try to complete the spring line in time for the upcoming fashion show. Donna asked Eric why he hadn't pressed charges or filed a lawsuit against Jackie M. Eric explained he didn't have the time or money to waste tangled up in a lawsuit for months. Donna didn't buy his explanation and asked what the real nature of his relationship was with Jackie Marone.

Eric said Donna had no reason to be concerned about his relationship with Jackie. Donna said she believed him, but thought there must be a reason he let it go without a fight. Donna asked Eric whom he was protecting. Eric didn't respond. Rick burst into the office and said he needed to talk to Eric and that it was an emergency. When Donna left, Rick told Eric that Ridge was going to kill him.

Rick mentioned to Eric that when Eric first got involved with Donna that the whole family disapproved. Eric nodded in agreement. Rick continued and reminded Eric that when the rest of the family was against Eric's marriage to Donna, Rick had stood up for him. Eric nodded in agreement again. Then Rick confessed that he had fallen in love with someone the family didn't approve of and admitted he had fallen in love with Steffy. Eric was stunned.

Eric screamed at Rick and said that wasn't possible, that it could not have happened. Rick said it had happened, and he was indeed in love with Steffy. Eric accused Rick of plotting the whole thing just to get Ridge's goat. Rick was hurt by the accusation.

Eric reminded Rick that he backed him up when Ridge wanted to ship him off to Paris. Eric said he protected Rick after he stole Eric's designs. Eric was infuriated that Rick had lied to him again. Eric said he didn't see how Ridge would be able to work with Rick again. Eric planned to set up a meeting to discuss Rick's future at Forrester, and said Rick had let him down for the last time.

Brooke called and warned Rick not to go home. She suggested he should go to a hotel, or anyplace where Ridge could not find him. Most of all, she said he should not go anywhere near Steffy.

Eric filled Donna in on Rick and Steffy's relationship. Donna reminded Eric that his family said the same thing when the two of them got involved. Donna thought that since Rick was so determined to see Steffy, even knowing how opposed his family was to their relationship, it meant he must truly love her. Donna suggested what Rick and Steffy had could be the real thing.

Brooke and Ridge talked and she said she just found out about Rick and Steffy and was as upset as he was. Brooke assured Ridge that Rick understood how volatile the situation was, and she was sure he would stay away from Steffy.

When Steffy retired for the night, she found Rick in her bedroom. He pleaded with her not to give up on their relationship. Rick said the family could yell at him all they wanted, but he would never give up on Steffy. Steffy said they had to end it, not just for Ridge's sake, but for Rick's too. Rick said he didn't want it to end and couldn't stay away from Steffy; they fell into a passionate kiss.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The morning after the wild car chase between Rick and Ridge, Brooke asked Ridge if he was all right. Ridge told Brooke that he was anxious to get Rick out of the company and out of their lives. He reminded her that Eric had called an emergency family meeting at Forrester to deal with the Rick situation once and for all.

In Steffy's bedroom, Taylor and Steffy told Stephanie about the car chase. Stephanie was livid and blamed Rick for putting Steffy's life at risk. Steffy revealed that Rick hadn't risked her life at all, that he would never hurt her. She nearly added that she was already in his car when Rick took off to get away from Ridge.

At that moment, Ridge walked into the room and asked to speak with Steffy alone.

Stephanie and Taylor said that they knew what was going on. Ridge was ticked off at his mother for knowing about Steffy and Rick before he did and not telling him. Stephanie said she had been protecting Steffy. Ridge wanted to know why Dr. James Warrick learned about Steffy and Rick before he was?

Taylor defended her decision to bring in James, and said she had hoped that the intervention would be enough to end Rick and Steffy's affair before Ridge ever found out. Although not happy about their keeping him in the dark, Ridge felt confident the Forrester meeting would result in Rick getting his comeuppance. Stephanie believed that the best thing would be for Rick to go back to Paris, far away from Steffy.

After making sure that Ridge was gone, Rick showed up at his mother's house, hoping for her support. Rick said Ridge was responsible for the car chase. Brooke was shocked by Rick's assertion that it was Ridge who was out of control. She defended Ridge's actions and blamed Rick for putting the entire family in turmoil by going after Steffy. Rick insisted that he truly loved Steffy. Brooke wanted Rick to own up for the damage he had caused.

Rick refused to say that loving Steffy was wrong, and he accused Ridge of creating problems. Rick declared that Brooke always sided with Ridge against him. Brooke wondered why Rick questioned her love and loyalty to him every time she criticized him?

At Forrester, Eric told Donna that he was concerned about the family meeting. Donna thought a family meeting wasn't really necessary, but Eric felt it was. Rick burst in and asked his father to cancel the meeting. Before Eric could respond, the rest of the family appeared.

Thorne and Felicia wondered what was going on and why they were called away from business.

Ridge arrived with Stephanie and Brooke. He demanded that Rick explain himself to the family, certain that nobody would take his side, not even Brooke or Eric. Ridge said he wanted Rick to pack his bags and leave the company. He also repeated for the hundredth time that he wanted Rick to stay away from Steffy, his only remaining daughter.

Back at the house, Taylor begged off work so she could spend the day with Steffy. Being a supportive mother, but sounding like a therapist, Taylor pointed out to Steffy that Rick was a troubled young man. She said that if he really loved Steffy, he would leave her alone and respect the family's wishes. Steffy disagreed. She didn't believe that Rick was pretending to love her so he could get revenge on Ridge.

Steffy said that she was in love with Rick and that he loved her, too. Taylor tried to make Steffy understand that Rick was a liar, that he might even believe he loved Steffy, but that it wasn't real. The implication was that Rick was psychologically defective. Steffy said that she was sure Rick would never give up on her, no matter what. Taylor insisted that Rick was not the right man for Steffy, but someday Mr. Right would come along.

Back at Forrester, Stephanie blamed Rick for causing Phoebe's accident, reminding him that if he hadn't tried to kiss Steffy in the first place, Phoebe wouldn't have been so upset and wouldn't have gotten in the car with Rick. Thorne and Felicia agreed with Ridge and Stephanie that it was impossible for Rick to remain in the L.A. office.

In his defense, Donna said that Rick wasn't responsible for his feelings because one couldn't control whom one loved. Stephanie thought that was a ridiculous thing to say, but typical of a home wrecker like Donna.

At that point, Eric got in the middle of his wife and ex-wife. He announced that the purpose of the meeting was to decide if Rick could work at Forrester any longer. Ridge said that he had tried his best to keep the peace with Rick. All he had asked was that Rick promise to stay away from Steffy. Rick was the one who hadn't kept his word.

Eric looked at Rick and shook his head despondently. He blamed Rick for creating the lack of trust that existed with everyone in the family. He wasn't sure how Rick could continue with the company.

Ridge said that Rick was a divisive and destructive presence, and he would ruin the company if he stayed. Eric felt that Brooke was the one who was most affected by Rick's actions. He left it up to Brooke to decide Rick's fate. Brooke wondered what she was going to do.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Eric asked Brooke to make the final decision about whether Rick stayed or left the company. Brooke was very uncomfortable in that position. Eric's reasoning was that Brooke was the one who would be most impacted by the choice, so he wanted her to have a voice in making it. Stephanie, Thorne, Felicia, and Ridge were chomping at the bit and unhappy that Eric left the choice in Brooke's hands.

Eric expressed to Stephanie that he would like to work things out and allow Rick to stay on. Stephanie wondered why he left it up to Brooke if he had already made up his mind. Eric said since Ridge and Brooke would be the ones most impacted if Rick stayed, he felt it was only fair to let Brooke choose.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family was campaigning for Thorne to take over as president and were waiting like vultures for Rick to get canned so Thorne could move into Rick's office.

Steffy confided her woes to Bridget and asked for Bridget's advice regarding Steffy's situation with Rick. Bridget said she understood what it was like to fall in love with the wrong man. She had fallen for both Deacon and Nick, and both relationships ended badly. Bridget said the good thing for Steffy was that she and Rick were at the beginning of their relationship and hadn't gotten too far in to stop it. Steffy said it certainly didn't feel that way to her.

Steffy said that Bridget knew Rick better than anyone, and she wanted to know if Bridget thought Rick had genuine feelings for Steffy. The entire family cautioned Steffy about Rick and accused him of using her to get revenge on Ridge. Bridget said she didn't believe that; she knew her brother and believed Rick really cared deeply for Steffy.

Steffy said she hoped that Rick did not lose his job because of her. Bridget reminded Steffy that they had already discussed that possibility. Steffy knew that it could happen to Rick, Bridget said, but they just kept going. Steffy said she had tried to stay away from Rick, but they were unable to keep their distance from one another.

Bridget said Steffy was young and would find another guy, just like Bridget found life after Deacon and Nick. Bridget said it was just not worth the pain it would cause Ridge if Steffy stayed with Rick.

Brooke talked to Rick heart to heart. Rick pleaded with his mother and said all he had wanted was for Eric, Brooke, and himself, their own little family, to work together. It was very important to him, he said, because it was the only way he could have his family reunited. Brooke said if that was really so important to him, he would not have done the one thing he was asked not to do. He got involved with Steffy after Ridge implored him to stay away from Ridge's family, and Brooke could not ignore that. Rick said Ridge had taken away every good thing from his life and that whenever he was happy, he could count on Ridge to ruin it for him. But he assured Brooke that his relationship with Steffy had nothing to do with that.

Brooke said that did not matter. Ridge's daughter was killed and Rick was involved in her death; there was no getting around that. Brooke said Rick did not respect Ridge's wishes, and also did not respect her. Brooke reminded Rick that she was his mother and he knew how much she loved Ridge, yet Rick willingly made choices that he knew would cause trouble in Brooke's marriage.

Brooke said she hated to be in the position to seal Rick's fate, but she was in that position and she had to consider his past behavior. She reminded him of all the times she backed him in the past, only to discover he was lying and manipulating her. She said this time she had to cut him loose. Rick begged her not to say it, but she continued - Brooke told Rick he was no longer an employee of Forrester Creations.

Ridge heard her decision and started to taunt Rick. He said Rick heard Brooke's choice, and Ridge wanted Rick out of the building within the hour. Ridge said Rick had done so many awful things that even his own mother had turned against him. Ridge warned Rick, in no uncertain terms, to stay away from Steffy. Rick said Ridge could make Steffy stay away from him physically, but that Steffy was in love with Rick, and there was nothing Ridge could do to pry Rick out of her heart.

The family circled around Brooke and comforted her. Even Stephanie offered her support and said she realized it was hard for Brooke to fire her own son. Ridge thanked Brooke for taking his side and doing what needed to be done.

Rick left Forrester Creations and made a beeline to see Steffy. She briefly protested and said he shouldn't be there, but stayed to hear him out anyway. Rick informed her that he had lost his job. Steffy said he knew that might happen. He said he didn't care about the job or the company anymore. He just didn't want to lose Steffy. Steffy said she didn't want to lose Rick, either, but didn't see any way around it. Rick asked Steffy to run away with him. He said she would make him the happiest man on Earth if she would marry him.

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