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Monday, March 2, 2009

Ridge posed a hypothetical question to Brooke. If the circumstances were reversed, Ridge asked, and his son was responsible for the death of Brooke's daughter, would she be able to forgive and forget. Brooke said maybe not unless it meant she would lose Ridge and then she would have to. Ridge asked if their relationship would end if he were unable to forgive her son.

Before she answered, her phone rang. It was Rick who presumably called to check in on her. But in fact, it was only an attempt to make sure the coast was clear for Rick and Steffy to spend the night together at the beach house.

When Rick discovered Ridge was safe at home with Brooke, he told Steffy they were safe. Rick did a spot check off the beach house to ensure Stephanie wasn't hidden away in a closet like she was the last time they thought they were alone. However, they did not pull any of the window shades or pull down any blinds before making out in front of the open windows.

Steffy said it had been quite a day, and Rick reminded her that they got through it in one piece. Steffy agreed, but said Ridge looked like the life had been sucked out of him, and she hated hurting her dad. Rick said that when Ridge realized Rick really loved Steffy and was committed to her, he would accept them. He pointed out that he and Steffy were adults and didn't really have to answer to anyone, including their parents.

Rick escorted Steffy to the bedroom where he had lit dozens of candles and tossed rose petals on the bed. His show of romance took Steffy's breath away. They declared their love to one another, and Rick picked Steffy up and carried her to the bed. The two kissed and began to undress.

Ridge asked Brooke if that was Rick on the phone. She said it was. Ridge supposed that Rick called to gloat. Brooke said of course not, Rick knew it was a hot button issue between Brooke and Ridge and would not purposely cause trouble. Ridge rolled his eyes in disbelief and said Rick lived to "piss [him] off." Ridge said Rick would do anything to get under his skin.

Brooke asked Ridge to try to see the situation from her point of view. He said he had tried to, but Brooke was unable to see that Rick had manipulated both her and Steffy for his own gain. Ridge said Rick had gotten his hooks in the two women Ridge cared most about, Ridge's wife and daughter. Ridge admitted to Brooke that he was filled with despair and hate.

Brooke suggested that the three of them, Ridge, Brooke, and Rick, find a therapist and work together to find a solution to all the anger and hatred that developed after Phoebe's death. Ridge said Rick was a liar and would not be honest with a therapist. Ridge asked Brooke again to keep her son away from him. He said he lost one daughter to Rick and didn't want to lose another, or to lose Brooke. She assured him that wouldn't happen, but Ridge said he felt like he had lost her already because the love and hate and grief were all tangled up inside of him. Brooke again suggested that they get help, but as soon as she tossed Rick in as part of the package, Ridge screamed "No! Not now, not ever, not for any reason."

After Ridge and Brooke went to bed, Brooke slept while Ridge muttered to himself and said he would do whatever it took to keep his precious Steffy safe.

Pam, Thorne, Owen, Marcus, Donna, and Eric were in a heated debate about Rick staying in the role of president at Forrester. Thorne, in typical Thorne fashion, complained that it wasn't fair. His crazy Aunt Pam took Thorne's side and reminded Eric about all the horrible things Rick had done. Pam said Rick needed to be taught a lesson. Apparently it hadn't dawned on Pam that Eric gave Pam her old job back after she soaked Donna in honey and tried to get a bear to eat her just a few months before. Eric stated that Eric was the president of Forrester Creations, and a fine businessman. Eric demanded that the family treat Rick with respect, and said he was tired of all their whining. Marcus and Owen agreed with Aunt Pam, but remained silent because Donna sided with Eric and defended her nephew.

When Eric and Donna were alone, Donna pleaded with Eric to fire Pam. She said Pam was dangerous, and when Donna heard the way Pam was talking, it reminded her of all the things Pam had done in the past to harm their family. Eric said Pam was all bluster and should not concern Donna. Donna had to remind Eric that Pam poisoned his lemon bars and nearly killed him. Eric countered by reminding Donna that was before her brain surgery and there had not been any evidence that Pam was still a threat. Donna said Pam was a psychopath and asked Eric to seriously consider removing Pam from the company. Eric said he couldn't do that to Stephanie because Pam was her sister.

Back in the conference room, Thorne, Pam, Owen, and Marcus discussed their hatred for Rick. Owen said as soon as Rick got back to work, Owen would be fired. Pam said not if something happened to Rick first. Marcus asked what kind of thing might happen, and Pam said she didn't know, but had a creepy glint in her eye. She covered and said maybe Brooke would change her mind and fire Rick, after all. Marcus said he hoped so, because he and Steffy had a strong relationship before Rick weaseled his way in between them. Aunt Pam agreed that Steffy should not be with Rick.

Thorne asked Marcus and Owen if they wanted to get a drink. Owen said it would take him five drinks to get Rick out of his head. Marcus declined and said he would be lousy company. When the three of them left, Aunt Pam got that squirrelly look in her eye like she was concocting a dastardly plan.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Steffy and Rick were in bed together, having made love and ready to make love again. Steffy said she would never walk away from Rick because she waited all her life to have the kind of love they shared. Steffy finally was dressed and ready to say goodbye to Rick. They were outside the beach house and she said she would never give up on him. The lovers were barely able to say goodbye, kissing and clutching till the last possible moment.

From the front entrance of his house, Ridge called Taylor to ask about Steffy and learned that she wasn't home yet. Worried and anxious, Ridge headed out, presumably to find his daughter.

Brooke woke up to find that Ridge wasn't in bed and hadn't slept beside her. She got up and looked for him. He wasn't in the house. Brooke called Rick to tell him that Ridge was gone and she had a bad feeling. She warned Rick that Ridge might be on his way to see him. She asked Rick not to get into a fight with Ridge. Rick was grateful for the warning and said he wouldn't do anything foolish. He locked the door and waited to see if Ridge showed up.

Outside Rick's house, someone approached the door and peered into the window before reaching for a container of lighter fluid and squirting it all over the front door. The welcome mat was then set on fire by the unknown, gloved person. Soon, the entire door was engulfed in flames.

Steffy got home and was giddy about her night of passion with Rick. She couldn't get over how wonderful making love to Rick had been. She called Rick to tell him again that she thought it was the most romantic night of her life. Steffy promised him that her parents would never separate them.

Taylor discovered Steffy grinning like a girl in love and mooning about her night with Rick. Taylor warned her daughter to stop seeing Rick, but Steffy wouldn't take advice from Taylor, especially about Rick. Taylor told Steffy that Rick was manipulating her, but Steffy wouldn't believe that.

At Forrester Creations, Pam gave Marcus a message. They were working very late, but had both been away for a while. Pam said she had been on an errand. Marcus claimed he'd taken a dinner break. Thorne was coming back from getting a drink, but claimed that he knew that Rick was home. In Rick's office, Jake was complaining about how Rick had ordered him to clean the place up. Thorne told Jake that little Ricky would be getting burned soon enough.

Meanwhile, at Rick's, when the smoke alarm went off, Rick grabbed a fire extinguisher and then a water hose to douse the flames. He put out most of the fire. When the firefighters appeared, they were impressed with how he put out the fire, and said they had to report the incident to the cops. It was too suspicious to be just an accident. Under his breath, Rick said, "Ridge," assuming that Ridge had set the fire.

Ridge returned home. Brooke rushed to his side and Ridge said he'd been out riding his motorcycle. Brooke noticed that he smelled of gasoline. He said he'd been to a gas station and resented her asking him questions. He admitted driving out to Rick's when he learned Steffy wasn't home. When he didn't see her car in the driveway, Ridge said he drove home.

While Ridge went upstairs to take a shower, Rick showed up and told Brooke that Ridge had torched his house. Brooke told Rick that Ridge wouldn't do what Rick accused him of. Brooke asked him to spend the night and to take a shower, because he smelled of smoke. Brooke realized it was the same odor she smelled on Ridge, but she didn't tell that to Rick.

Back at Forrester, Marcus told Pam he'd like to see Rick go down in flames. Pam hoped he was doing something about his hatred, not just talking.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brooke replayed several conversations in her head and tried to determine if Ridge was responsible for the fire at Rick's house. Ridge arrived and noticed an extra coffee cup on the table. He asked Brooke if she expected company. She explained that Rick stayed there the night before. Ridge was very unhappy and asked why Rick didn't stay at his own house. Brooke said Rick's house had been set on fire and he had no place left to go. Ridge inquired about the beach house and how much damage it had sustained. Brooke was hurt that Ridge asked about the house and not about her son. Ridge explained that since Rick stayed at Brooke's house, apparently he survived. Brooke was appalled by his cavalier attitude.

Brooke continued and said the police suspected arson as the cause of the fire. She added that Rick believed Ridge was the arsonist. Ridge asked Brooke if she agreed with Rick. Brooke reminded Ridge that he left on his motorcycle during the night and was going to Rick's house. Ridge said he just drove by to see if Steffy's car was in Rick's driveway. When it wasn't, Ridge said he left. Brooke said she believed him.

Rick stomped down the stairs and bellowed at Brooke and asked why Ridge was in her house after what he had done. Ridge and Rick both demanded that Brooke throw the other one out, and she asked them to both calm down. But alas, they did not calm down. Rick asked Ridge if he intended to finish the job and if so, what he planned to use to kill him. Ridge asked Brooke if they had any arsenic, and her jaw dropped in disbelief.

Rick pressed Ridge for a confession. He asked Ridge to admit to Rick's face that Ridge tried to kill Rick. Ridge just glared at Rick and said nothing. Rick said Ridge wasn't man enough to admit it. Just as the two were about to erupt into yet another fight, Brooke intervened and said she would not let them hurt one another and that their fighting had to end.

Ridge said he wished he had set Rick's house on fire, but that someone else had beaten him to the punch. Rick asked Brooke if she realized that her husband, Ridge, was a psychopath who just admitted he wanted to torch Rick's house. Ridge said if he had done it, he would not have been stupid enough to admit that he rode to Rick's on his motorcycle. Ridge gave Brooke a direct order to get Rick out of the house by the time he got home from work. She reluctantly agreed.

After Ridge left for work, Rick said he still believed Ridge was responsible for the fire and was out to get him. Brooke said Ridge would never do such a thing. Rick shrugged and said he hoped Brooke believed him before it was too late.

Brooke said perhaps a drifter stopped by the beach house with lighter fluid and torched Rick's house. Rick didn't buy the drifter theory and countered with his own. He explained that something significant had occurred between him and Steffy the night before. He said although Steffy left before the onset of the fire, the arsonist could had been there earlier and known what happened.

Brooke and Rick heard pounding at the door and Steffy shouted Rick's name. He ran to the door and flung it open and she nearly knocked Rick down when she leapt into his arms. She kissed him repeatedly and thanked God he was okay. Brooke witnessed their happy reunion and said, "Oh God, you two made love."

Rick said he realized Brooke was upset, and she said that word didn't begin to cover it. She pointed out that Rick went ahead and got more deeply involved with Steffy even though he knew how much it would hurt Ridge, and thus her marriage. Rick said he and Steffy had waited a long time to be together to give Ridge time to get used to the idea, but since he hadn't, they went for it. Brooke said they should end their relationship immediately. To make her point, she noted that someone already tried to kill Rick by setting his house ablaze. She asked how much more danger he needed to be in before he took it seriously.

Stephanie arrived at the Forrester office to find Thorne passed out on the sofa with an empty bottle of tequila in his hand and wearing a rumpled suit. She said it appeared that Thorne had really "tied one on" the night before. Just then Donna walked in and was on the phone with Eric in Paris. She hung up, obviously in shock, and shared the news with Stephanie and Thorne that someone had set Rick's house on fire. In unison, Thorne and Stephanie said almost expectantly, "Did he die?"

Donna said he had not and thanked God, but she was the only one rejoicing. Owen and Marcus entered the office, too, and caught the tail end of the conversation. When the two of them learned that Rick survived the fire, they seemed mildly disappointed.

Owen noticed Thorne's sorry condition and asked if he was okay. Thorne said no, he was not okay, and it was no secret why. Owen agreed and said Rick was on Thorne's hit list, too. Stephanie said Rick had made a lot of enemies and with good reason. Marcus chimed in and said, "Damn straight."

Owen said Rick was about to ruin Owen's life, too. Donna asked what he was talking about. Owen explained that he would be fired when Rick got back to work, because the Surf line tanked and Rick needed a scapegoat. Marcus said if the person who tried to kill Rick would just try again and finish the job, they wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. Donna was sickened to hear her son speak that way.

Marcus and Donna spoke in private and he reminded her that Rick sent Marcus on a phony trip to Paris to clear the path to Steffy. Donna said she remembered, but that Steffy saw through Rick back then. Marcus said that she was falling for Rick this time around and he still believed wholeheartedly that Rick was using Steffy. Donna realized her son still deeply loved Steffy. Marcus continued on and said when Rick finally dumped Steffy she would have the heartbreak of her life.

Marcus said some more disparaging things about Rick, and Donna told him to be quiet and stop talking about how much he hated Rick. Marcus asked if, since someone burned Rick's house down, Marcus had to pretend he liked Rick. Donna reminded him that one never knew who was listening in on the conversations in the Forrester offices. She pointed out that Marcus would be a natural suspect because Rick stole his girlfriend. Marcus said a lot of people hated Rick, but Donna cautioned him again to watch what he said about Rick in public. She also mentioned that if the police questioned him, he should not volunteer any information. She asked him to be careful.

Lieutenant Baker and his son, Charlie, arrived at the crime scene. Lt. Baker chuckled and said someone had a weenie roast and forgot to invite him. Lt. Baker said the Forrester family never ceased to fascinate him. They were one of the wealthiest and most successful families in Los Angeles, yet always had some sort of criminal activity going on around them. Charlie said he finally understood why his dad assigned himself to all of their cases. Steffy arrived on the scene and, in panicked tones, asked Lt. Baker what had happened there and if Rick was all right.

The detectives assured Steffy that Rick was fine. Charlie asked Steffy if she and Rick were close. Instead of saying, "His Mom is married to my Dad," she said, "We work together at Forrester," as though they were only mildly acquainted. She asked how the house had caught on fire and if it had been an accident. Lt. Baker explained his theory about arson and asked Steffy if she knew anyone at all that would want to hurt Rick. Her eyes darted from side to side to avoid making eye contact with Lt. Baker after his loaded question.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

by Pam

Marcus watched Rick pull into the parking lot and called Ridge to tell him the Rick had arrived.

Ridge told everyone that Rick was coming in, and the insults started. Thorne said he wanted to run the company without Rick, just as Rick arrived. Katie and Donna asked how Rick was doing, because they were concerned for his safety.

Rick thanked his family for their support, although it was only Donna, Katie, and Brooke who supported him. Brooke was concerned that Lieutenant Baker and his son were investigating the fire as arson. She worried that the arsonist might work at Forrester. Ridge scoffed and said everyone needed to get to work to meet the new deadline.

Ridge left and Rick took the opportunity to fire Pam and Owen, since the surf line didn't do well. Owen suggested a fire sale.

Stephanie talked to Lieutenant and Detective Baker and told them that she believed Rick set the fire himself. The Bakers said that was a serious charge, but Stephanie continued that she was confident the investigation would prove it.

Pam and Owen commiserated over being fired. Marcus told Owen that Rick should be leaving, not Pam and Owen.

Brooke asked Donna about Marcus, and Donna warned her not to dare to accuse her son of hating Rick so much, that he would set fire to the beach house. Donna told Katie and Brooke that Rick had no right to fire Owen. Brook said Rick had made some mistakes, but she was worried about his safety. Brooke reminded Donna that Marcus was revengeful against Rick because he sent Marcus to Paris and then stole Steffy away from him while Marcus was gone. Brooke said she didn't want to accuse anyone, but she was worried that someone wanted to kill Rick. Donna insisted that it wasn't Marcus. She added that Rick should have gone back to Paris where he would have ben safe. In Los Angeles, he had a lot of enemies.

Marcus barged into Rick's office and threatened him. He said that he hoped Steffy would see what a punk Rick had become. Rick defended himself and his decisions, but Marcus warned that things could blow up in his face.

Stephanie found out that Rick had fired Pam, but she said that wasn't going to happen. She encouraged Pam to crochet a line of purses for Forrester. Donna insisted Pam had to go because of all she had done to the family. Pam defended herself using the excuse that she had a brain tumor, but Donna didn't buy it. Stephanie said her sister wasn't going anywhere.

Lt. and Det. Baker popped in on Marcus to ask questions. Marcus instantly became defensive. The cops suggested he shouldn't have anything to hide. Marcus came clean that he hated Rick because Rick stole Steffy from him, but Marcus would never harm Rick. Donna showed up, and told the Bakers they wouldn't find anything to connect her son to the arson.

Owen stopped by to threaten Rick before he left Forrester. Rick told him to go spend some time with his surfer buddies. Owen warned that since he no longer had a job, he had more time for a barbecue on the beach. Rick added some snide comments, but Owen got the last word. He told Rick that Rick's reign at Forrester might explode.

At Taylor's house, Taylor and Steffy talked about the fire at Rick's house, and Taylor discovered that Steffy had slept with Rick. Taylor shouted at Steffy that she had made a huge mistake. She added that Ridge would go crazy if he found out. Steffy said he would have to get over it. Steffy blabbed that she and Rick were in love. She also said that Rick believed Ridge might have known about their lovemaking, and started the fire as revenge after Steffy left. Taylor told Steffy they had to tell Ridge before someone else told him about Steffy and Rick.

At Forrester, Stephanie warned Ridge that Brooke seemed more concerned about Rick than Ridge. Brooke barged in and said she wanted to talk to Ridge alone. Ridge shared his suspicions that Rick set the fire himself. Brooke was adamant that Rick was innocent, and she wanted Ridge to forgive Rick. Ridge told Brooke that he didn't want Rick at Forrester, but he had to see him everyday thanks to Brooke backing down about sending him away. Brooke refused to abandon Rick.

Ridge said Rick was messed up, and didn't want Rick anywhere near Steffy. He freaked out and told Brooke that if Rick laid a hand on Steffy, he didn't know what he would do. He was very emotional and angry. Brooke fought back and said that if Rick and Steffy wanted to be together, no one could stop them. She said it was just like when his mother tried to come between them. Ridge was insulted. Brooke said that she believed Rick and Steffy truly cared about each other. Ridge warned that if Rick ever violated Steffy, he wouldn't stand for it. Brooke looked guilty, since she knew Rick and Steffy had already been intimate.

Ridge's phone rang and Taylor said she needed to talk to Ridge about Rick and Steffy. Ridge wanted to know what Rick had done.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Taylor asked Ridge to promise he wouldn't do anything if she told him about Steffy. He did not promise, but said he wanted to know what happened, anyway. Taylor hesitated to respond. She made some vague comments about needing to get Steffy away from Rick. Ridge asked again for Taylor to tell him exactly what Rick had done. She danced around it and merely said things between their daughter and Rick had gotten serious.

Ridge admitted he had ridden his motorcycle to Rick's to see if Steffy's car was there and it was not. Taylor said that was because she had already left, but informed Rick that Steffy was at Rick's prior to the fire. It dawned on Ridge that Steffy and Rick had sex and he started pounding his fists on the desk and said he was done playing games with Rick.

Owen boxed up his things to leave and stopped by Thorne's office on his way out. Thorne tried to console Owen and said Rick had treated Owen unfairly. Thorne offered Owen his support for the future and said he would write Owen a letter of recommendation if he ever needed one. Owen was touched by Thorne's offer. Thorne offered that an enemy of an enemy was his friend.

Steffy walked by and overheard Thorne and Owen, and pointed out that it was in bad taste for them to bond over their hatred for Rick. She reminded them that someone torched his house and nearly killed him. Owen said that was no reason for Rick to fire him. Steffy said Rick fired Owen because his surf line had bombed. Owen disagreed and thought it was personal.

Steffy said nothing could be more personal than someone trying to burn Rick's house down. She appealed to their best nature and asked them to look at things through Rick's eyes and imagine how it felt to be in a building where everyone was out to get him and he could never feel safe. Thorne said if Rick wanted to feel safe, he was in the wrong building. Steffy left in a huff.

Pam was rooting around in Rick's office. Rick stopped in and reminded her that she no longer worked there because he had fired her. Pam said Stephanie had rehired her to crochet handbags. Rick tossed her his car keys and assigned Pam some menial errands to annoy her. When she balked, he reminded her that she just said she still worked there.

Lt. Baker and Charlie stopped by the mailroom to question Marcus. Donna objected and said they were not allowed to barge into Forrester and question her son. Lt. Baker said they could take him downtown if she preferred. Donna insisted Marcus hadn't done anything wrong. Charlie asked why he had a box of matches if he didn't start the fire. Marcus said he kept them around in case any of his co-workers had birthdays so he could light their candles. Lt. Baker asked if anyone had a birthday in the past few days. Marcus said maybe someone left them on his desk when they went outside for a smoke. Lt Baker said they were going to take the matches and test them against the ones they found at the beach.

Rick and Brooke argued, and she said that Ridge could never find out the Rick and Steffy had made love. Rick said he didn't care if Ridge found out; he and Steffy were adults and had every right to be together. Brooke asked why he had to push things with Ridge. Rick said it was obviously a foreign concept to Brooke, but many adults did things without Ridge's permission.

Brooke went to Ridge's office to find him, but he was gone. She found Taylor there instead. Taylor asked Brooke if she knew that her son, Rick, had seduced Steffy. Brooke asked Taylor if she had spoken to Ridge about it. Taylor nodded yes. Brooke was terrified and asked Taylor why she would do such a thing. Brooke said she was going to get Rick out of the building and asked Taylor to stay and wait for Ridge. Taylor grabbed Brooke by the arm and said Brooke needed to make her "sick son" get out Steffy's life. Brooke said she tried to keep Rick away from Steffy, but the two of them were in love and didn't want to stay away from one another. Taylor said Rick didn't know what love was. Brooke said his feelings for Steffy were genuine. Taylor asked Brooke is she had planned to tell Ridge that Steffy and Rick made love. Brooke said no, because she knew he would go off to confront Rick and someone would get hurt. She wanted to avoid that. Brooke left to find Ridge and Rick to try to stop whatever fight was brewing

Rick called Ridge and asked to meet him at the Sky Lounge immediately. They both arrived and stared one another down. A couple of Forrester employees came in. Ridge asked them to leave and give him some privacy. Rick said he didn't come to fight; he wanted to talk and reason things out together with Ridge. Rick said his feelings for Steffy were sincere, and that Steffy loved him, too. Rick pointed out that everyone had told Ridge that, but he wouldn't listen. Rick hoped Ridge would listen to him this time because he wanted to ask Ridge for Steffy's hand in marriage as a show of good faith that he was serious about her.

Ridge said Rick would never touch Steffy again and he didn't buy the marriage proposal. Ridge said Rick was only there to cover his tracks because Rick slept with Steffy and knew Ridge would find out. Ridge promised that Rick would never touch Steffy again.

Rick said Ridge could not control everything. Rick reminded Ridge that Steffy was a grown woman with a mind of her own, capable of making her own choices. Rick said Ridge had to accept Steffy's choices if he wanted to keep her in his life. Rick reminded Ridge that Ridge had not listened when Stephanie demanded Ridge stop seeing Brooke, just as Steffy would not listen to Ridge when he demanded she stop seeing Rick-like father like daughter.

Rick said he was weary of fighting and was going back to work. Ridge said no he wasn't and demanded that Rick leave the premises. Rick said he would go, but he would be back the next day, and the next day and the next day, so Ridge had better get used to him. Ridge insisted Rick go straight down to his car and leave. Brooke arrived just as Rick left. She asked Ridge where her son was. The two of them watched Rick heading to his car from their rooftop vantage point.

Rick went to his car and ran into Steffy in the parking lot. She asked how things went with her dad, and Rick said he thought Ridge hated him more than ever. He explained to Steffy that he had to leave and she watched him walk to his car. As Rick approached his car, it exploded and fire filled the night sky. Brooke screamed Rick's name as she watched her son's car get lost in the flames.

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