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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 16, 2009 on B&B
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Taylor fondled Thomas' sweater and thought about the conversation she had with Stephanie about the incriminating fibers from Pam's yarn. Thomas entered and saw the puzzled look on his mom's face and asked if she was okay.

Taylor asked Thomas to sit down and spend a little time with her. He agreed and commented how nice it was to have their family together. Taylor agreed, but pointed out that they were only together because there could be a dangerous person on the loose. Taylor said the police believed it was Pam, but Stephanie didn't think her sister would do the things she was accused of. Taylor asked Thomas to chime in with an opinion.

Thomas said Aunt Pam was sweet and he didn't believe she did those things. He wanted to do everything possible to help clear her name. Taylor informed him that Stephanie was already working on that and noted Stephanie would not give up until the real criminal was found. Thomas quickly dropped his head and began looking intently at his cereal bowl to avoid eye contact. Taylor noticed his shady reaction.

Taylor morphed into shrink mode and said she realized Thomas had been extremely impacted by the trials their family had faced: his parent's divorce, Phoebe's death, and Taylor's relationships with both Nick and Rick. Thomas said it was a good thing that Taylor hadn't ended up with that jerk, Rick. He said he didn't understand how Steffy could let Rick touch her when it was Rick's fault Phoebe was dead. Thomas mentioned that he wondered how Rick felt when he was fooling around with the sister of the girl he killed.

Taylor said she understood that Thomas had always been very protective of his sisters. Taylor said Thomas was extremely loyal to the family and would do anything to protect his sisters. Thomas interrupted Taylor and realized where she was headed with that line of conversation. Thomas asked Taylor point-blank if she thought he was the one who made the attempts on Rick's life.

Pam was led into the visiting room and was surprised to see Donna on the other side of the table. Pam asked if Donna had come to gloat. Donna said no, she came to bring Pam a gift. She pulled a stuffed dog out of her bag that looked like Pam's deceased dog, Tiny, as a puppy. For just a split second, Pam smiled and believed Donna's gift was sincere.

Before Pam got too comfortable in her happiness, Donna snapped the stuffed dog's head off and laughed in Pam's face. Donna said the stuffed animal had lost its head just like Pammy. As a side gift, Donna brought Pam a pair of crocheted handcuffs and noted that she wouldn't be allowed to wear a crocheted bikini in jail. Donna was intentionally cruel and Pam was not amused.

Donna said she tried to warn everyone how dangerous Pam was, but the family had made excuses for her. Donna said she had never believed the "scar tissue on the brain" excuse. Donna said for the first time in a year, she felt safe because Pam was finally behind bars.

Pam accused Donna of being the one to plant the evidence against her and framing her for crimes she didn't commit. Pam asked who else would want to see her locked up besides Donna. Donna sarcastically replied, "Society." Donna said the idea that she would frame Pam was crazy. Pam suggested if it wasn't Donna, it was her kid, Marcus. Donna became very defensive and said her son had nothing to do with any of it.

Stephanie arrived at the jail just in time to see Donna leave. Donna said she wanted to see Pam behind bars for herself. Donna warned Stephanie not to try to pin the crimes on Marcus or her-there would be no evidence. Donna said it would just be a waste of Stephanie's time. Stephanie said if she could get Donna locked up in jail, it wouldn't be a waste of time at all.

Pam was shaken when Stephanie entered the visitor's room, and fell into Stephanie's arms crying and clutching the mangled stuffed dog. She begged Stephanie to get her out of jail and proclaimed her innocence again. Stephanie assured Pam she was doing all she could do to get her sister released.

Steffy called Rick and let him know that she was okay. He said he was happy to hear her voice. She assured him that her family was not trying to keep the two of them apart; they were only worried because someone was trying to kill Rick. Her family felt it would be safe for her to keep her distance until the real attempted killer was identified. Rick said he understood and could be patient a few more days, because they had the rest of their lives together. Rick asked Steffy not to divulge her location because he would not be able to control himself from coming to get her.

Stephanie summoned Marcus to her office. Marcus already knew what she wanted-to accuse him of trying to kill Rick. Stephanie admitted he was right and said she understood his motives. Rick stole Steffy from Marcus, so he was understandably upset, Stephanie said. She promised Marcus if he would just confess to what he had done, she would pay for the best lawyer money could buy.

Rick stopped by Brooke's house and she examined the bruise on his face from Thomas' right hook. Brooke assured Rick she communicated her displeasure to Ridge about Steffy being taken from Rick's house by force. Rick said if he believed there was any danger, he would get Steffy out of town, too. He thought it was just Stephanie grasping at straws to get her sister out of jail. Rick asked Brooke if she knew why Thomas punched him - Rick said he had no idea where that had come from.

Brooke said their family was still understandably shaken over Phoebe's death, and emotions were raw. Rick said he hoped Ridge didn't use the time he had with Steffy to try to brainwash her into breaking up with Rick. Brooke asked Rick to think hard about his relationship with Steffy, and assured him the relationship would bring him a constant heartache.

Ridge followed Steffy out into the snow and explained they were holding her at Big Bear for her own good. Steffy made it clear she was unhappy that her family dragged her away from Rick against her will. Steffy said she realized it was Ridge's job to worry about her. Ridge said there was an unstable person on the loose, and he only wanted Steffy to be safe. Ridge said Steffy was in the safest place possible, alone with her dad, mom, and brother.

Back inside, Thomas confessed to Taylor that he had indeed set Rick's house on fire and blown up his car, but he didn't want to kill him, merely to frighten him. When Taylor heard Thomas' eerily calm confession, she fell back and dropped the cup of coffee she was pouring to the ground.

Thomas vented all the things he had kept inside for months-- his hatred for Rick and how furious he was that Rick had been involved with Taylor. Thomas said when Rick moved into their home and he saw Rick's hands on his mom, it made him sick inside. Thomas said he wanted Taylor to be happy so he had kept his feelings hidden. But when Taylor broke up with Rick, Thomas rejoiced.

Thomas said Rick was with Phoebe and broke her heart, and then he was with Taylor and ruined their home, then Phoebe died because of Rick. Thomas said when he discovered Rick was going after his other sister, Steffy, he snapped, and could not take it anymore. Thomas said he only wanted to scare Rick and drive him away from their family, but things had gotten out of hand. Thomas realized that Aunt Pam was in jail because of what he had done. He told Taylor he was sorry, and realized he had "screwed up real bad."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At the cabin, Thomas had confessed to Taylor. He regretted that he had set the fire at Rick's house and had placed the explosives in Rick's car. Thomas explained to Taylor that he never intended to hurt Rick; he had wanted to scare him from dating Steffy. He explained that he felt responsible for getting Rick out of Steffy's life because Ridge had not been able to do so. Taylor was surprised by what Thomas had revealed. Thomas decided that he needed to inform the police of what he had done. He told his mother that he hoped for leniency, since no one had been injured and he had not intended to kill Rick.

At Brooke's house, Rick predicted to Brooke that Ridge was pulling away from her. When Stephanie arrived, she would not tell Brooke where Ridge, Taylor, and Steffy had gone to hide. She assured Brooke that Ridge would not return home until he was certain that it was safe for Steffy. Brooke assured Stephanie that she trusted Ridge, and the recent crisis they had been through had brought them closer together.

Later, Stephanie returned to Brooke's house. She attempted to warn Brooke that Pam was not the person who attempted to kill Rick. She advised Brooke to take her children and Rick, and leave the home because the killer was still out there. Brooke asked Stephanie for proof of why she thought Pam was innocent. She tried to explain to Brooke that Pam would not have had the information of how to make the bomb that exploded in Rick's car. Stephanie begged for Brooke to understand that she and the children could be in danger. She asked that if Brooke didn't want to leave the house, then she should send her children to Stephanie's house, where they would be safe. Stephanie revealed to Brooke that she loved her grandchildren and wouldn't know what to do if they were harmed or killed.

While alone, Steffy debated with her father why he felt that he needed to protect her. She also asked him what happened with his understanding that she was an adult and needed to live her life. Steffy described herself as one half of something that wasn't there anymore. Ridge asked her not to hate him for loving her so much.

Ridge and Steffy returned from snowmobiling. The four family members, Ridge, Steffy, Thomas, and Taylor, decided to enjoy the rest of their time at the cabin together. The topic of conversation turned to Phoebe. Steffy, Thomas, and Ridge acknowledged that it was less painful to speak about her and think about her. Steffy announced that she loved them all and it was great to look back; but she wanted to go home and move forward.

While alone together, Thomas asked Steffy what had happened to the closeness in their relationship. Thomas told her that he missed the bond that they had shared as children. Steffy compared their relationship to a broken Humpty Dumpty who could not be put back together.

Taylor thanked Ridge for one last happy memory together as a family. Ridge predicted there would be plenty more memories. Taylor asked to go back home. She then told Ridge she knew who set Rick's house on fire and that she knew who put the explosives in Rick's car.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Taylor gently tried to break the news to Ridge that their son, Thomas, was the culprit behind the murder attempts on Rick. She circled around it and mentioned all the reasons Thomas had been angry with his parents. Then she worked her way into why Thomas was angry with Rick and had lashed out at him in such a violent way.

Ridge didn't believe what Taylor said. Ridge assumed there must have been some sort of mistake. Taylor assured Ridge there was no mistake. Thomas had confessed to her himself.

Taylor explained that Thomas looked up to Ridge, and when Thomas learned Ridge held Rick responsible for Phoebe's death, Thomas did, too. Thomas was trying to step up and be a man and protect his sister, Steffy from Rick, according to Dr. Taylor. Ridge argued that their son was not a killer. Taylor explained that Thomas only wanted to scare Rick and drive him away, not actually kill him. Ridge did not look relieved by that news, merely more confused.

Ridge confronted Thomas and asked why he hadn't come to his father with all of his anger and confusion. Thomas whined that Ridge wasn't really a part of their family anymore because he had a new family with Brooke. Ridge asked if he and Thomas could have a moment alone, and Taylor obliged.

Thomas gave Ridge his mea culpa and admitted all of his wrongdoings concerning Rick. Thomas said he had not been raised to sit idly by and do nothing when he saw something terrible happening. Thomas said after Rick killed Phoebe, used Taylor, and was on his way into hurting Steffy, he felt he had to act. Thomas said he couldn't take any more of Rick's shenanigans and decided to take matters into his own hands and do something about it.,

Thomas believed Rick was sick, and perhaps watching Rick's sickness infected Thomas and made him a little sick, too, he reasoned. Thomas felt true remorse for what he had done, especially because Aunt Pam had been arrested for his evil deeds. Thomas said he thought Rick belonged in hell, and perhaps Thomas' actions of late would land him a spot in hell, too. Ridge embraced Thomas tightly and said no, and assured his son he understood.

Thomas said Rick was feeding off of all the women in their family and everyone had just stood by and watched him do it. Thomas regretted that he had allowed Rick's actions push Thomas into doing things and becoming someone he never wanted to be. Thomas said he would have to take Aunt Pam's place in jail, become a disgrace to his family, and be hated by his one remaining sister.

Taylor went outside to talk to Steffy. Steffy plead her case and asked Taylor if she could go back home. Steffy said she didn't feel she was in any danger. Taylor said she agreed. Steffy was surprised by her mother's shift in attitude and asked why Taylor had changed her mind. Taylor had to break the news to Steffy that it was her own brother, Thomas, who had blown up Rick's car and torched Rick's house.

Steffy said Thomas would never do those things, and he must have confessed to cover for someone else. Taylor assured Steffy that was not the case. Thomas had done those things because he loved Steffy and tried to protect her from Rick, however misguided. Steffy went into the cabin and confronted Thomas. She said she didn't even know who he was anymore.

Thomas screamed at her and said he begged her to end her relationship with Rick. He reminded her that she promised to end it, but didn't. Thomas said after Rick killed Phoebe, it was sick for Steffy to be involved with him. Steffy said Thomas had no right and called him a backstabber. Thomas continued shouting at her and said she had to stop seeing Rick that she could never be with Rick again. Thomas added he would never let the two of them be together.

Stephanie asked Brooke what sort of safety precautions she had in place for her and the kids. Brooke said she and Ridge would discuss it when he got back home. Stephanie said she was only trying to be Brooke's friend by caring about the welfare of her and the kids. Brooke scoffed at the thought that Stephanie might actually want to help her. Stephanie said Ridge wouldn't be home anytime soon because Taylor and the kids needed him, and that family would always come first with Ridge. Stephanie said Brooke could remarry Ridge every third Monday for the rest of time and he would still go to Taylor in a moment of crisis.

Brooke said her ears were ringing with all Stephanie's haranguing. Rick entered and asked Stephanie if she wanted a ride home. Stephanie sarcastically replied "Not with you." Stephanie said if Rick really cared about Steffy, he would let her go. Rick said they two of them had different definitions of concern. Stephanie accused Rick of being arrogant, and suggested he might want to be more concerned that someone was trying to kill him.

Brooke asked Stephanie if she had noticed that there had been no threats against Rick since Pam was arrested. Stephanie said yes, but reminded Brooke that she had 24-hour police protection, and wondered what would happen when the police eventually left. Stephanie reminded Rick that he had made a whole list of enemies, and when one was arrested there were nine or ten more people in line who wanted him dead. Rick said the evidence against Pam was rock solid, and Stephanie reminded Rick there was a lot of yarn fiber in the world. With that, she made a dramatic departure and told Rick to sleep tight.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" basketball tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted. This scheduling change was anticipated by the network and there will be no "lost" episodes of your favorite shows.

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