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Monday, March 23, 2009

Steffy gave Thomas a piece of her mind. She asked Thomas who he thought he was to have declared she was not allowed to see Rick again. Steffy disowned Thomas and said she didn't even know him anymore. The brother she loved had become unrecognizable to her. Thomas tried to defend himself and said he only wanted to protect Steffy from that crazy and sick Rick Forrester. Steffy turned the tables and said Thomas was the one who was sick and crazy.

Thomas said he deserved her anger; he acted foolishly when he tried to torch Rick's house and when he blew up his car. Thomas explained that he had gone to the beach house to talk to Steffy and convince her to end things with Rick, but instead he caught the two of them in bed together and that he couldn't take what he had seen. Steffy was furious to hear that her brother had been spying on her with Rick. Thomas continued and said when Steffy left he couldn't even look at her, much less talk to her. He saw the lighter fluid and acted on impulse when he lit the match. Ridge intervened and asked Thomas to stop his confession, because everyone already knew what happened. Steffy urged him to go on and said she wanted all the details.

As Thomas began to tell her about blowing up Rick's car, her phone rang. Her parents begged her not to tell Rick what she knew about Thomas. Steffy picked up the phone and said she had something to tell Rick that her parents didn't want him to know. Ridge grabbed her phone away and begged her to give them more time to decide what to do about Thomas. Steffy told Rick she would have to call him back, and added that she missed him and nothing would come between them again.

Steffy hung up and informed her parents there was nothing to decide; they had to tell the truth. She reminded them that Aunt Pam was in prison for attempted murder. Steffy said Aunt Pam had worked very hard to fight her way back to sanity, and just as she was getting her life together, she ended up wrongly accused of a crime. Thomas agreed and said they had to go to the police and tell the truth.

Ridge wouldn't hear of it. He said Thomas was his first priority. Their family had lost too much already, Ridge said, and he didn't want them to lose anything more. Taylor agreed and said they could not spring Aunt Pam from prison without incriminating Thomas.

Thomas apologized to Steffy and said he was truly sorry for what he had done. She reluctantly hugged him. Thomas asked Steffy what she was going to tell Rick. Steffy said she wasn't sure, but she knew what she wanted to say-she wanted to tell Rick the truth. Thomas said she should do what she needed to do, and he would understand.

Steffy told Rick she would be home in a few hours, but didn't give him any details about Thomas' involvement in the attacks against him. Thomas lurked in the corner and listened in on their phone call. When Steffy said she loved Rick, Thomas got an angry look on his face.

Nick went to the Jackie M office and found Jackie toiling away on another late night of work. He asked her to take a break and let herself have a little breathing room. Jackie reminded him that Jackie M was still struggling to stay afloat and there was a lot of work to be done. Nick agreed, but said that didn't mean she had to stop enjoying herself. Jackie said what she would enjoy the most was for Nick to reunite with Bridget and to dump that awful Katie.

Nick said if Jackie would work on her own personal life, she would have less time to meddle in his life. Jackie said her life was plenty busy. Nick said he meant outside of the office. He noted that he realized she was lonely. Jackie took offense and said Nick thought she was like Stephanie Forrester, a lonely meddling old woman. Nick said not at all, he just wanted her to be happy.

Nick asked how long it had been since his mother had a "gentleman friend." Jackie admitted it had been awhile. She said she had her work and Nick and her grandson to keep her busy, but Nick said she deserved more. Jackie admitted she was miserable. Nick said she deserved someone to make her feel loved and appreciated. Jackie said she didn't have anyone in her life that fit that bill. Nick said she never would unless she got out of the office every now and then.

Brooke went to the jail to visit Pam. Pam was curious about what drew Brooke to visit her. Brooke said she was seeking answers; she wanted to know what happened. Pam said Brooke should join the club; Pam wanted answers of her own. Brooke said she had spoken to Stephanie and that Stephanie was convinced of Pam's innocence. Pam asked if Brooke expected Pam to try to convince her, too. Brooke said not at all; she wanted Pam to confess that she was the one who tried to kill Rick.

Pam said she would not admit anything to Brooke because she hadn't done it. Brooke said it had to be Pam, because the police had evidence and arrested her. Pam said she understood that Brooke would believe Pam was the culprit because of Pam's history with Donna. Pam said she was sick when she did those bad things to Donna, but she was not sick anymore.

Pam adamantly denied that she did anything at all to Rick. Pam said if Brooke really loved Rick, she would try to get Pam out of jail so the cops would focus on finding the real person who was trying to kill Rick.

Brooke went home and told Rick about her visit with Pam. Rick said he knew Pam wouldn't confess. Rick said Stephanie had given Brooke her theory about Pam's innocence to upset her, and it had worked. Brooke said she had known Stephanie a long time and knew when Stephanie was playing games. Brooke wondered if Pam might actually be innocent and suggested to Rick he might still be in danger. Brooke thought the person who tried to kill Rick might still be out there, on the loose.

Ridge and Taylor retreated to the bedroom to discuss ways to keep Thomas out of jail. Taylor asked what happened to their family. They lost Phoebe to a senseless accident, they lost Steffy to a man who was not good for her, and they were going to lost Thomas, too. Ridge said he would not let that happen. The two embraced and Ridge promised they would save Thomas, no matter what it took to keep him safe.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At the cabin in Big Bear, Taylor woke up and found that Ridge was still in bed with her. Ridge also noticed that she was surprised to find him there. He assured Taylor that he had stayed in the bed and only had made certain that she had slept during the night. Taylor voiced her concerns to Ridge that they would not be able to protect their son, Thomas, from going to prison.

While working out at the beach house, Rick's thoughts turned to Steffy. He thought about what Steffy had recently said to him. She had told him that he had her heart and that she trusted him with it. He fondly recalled that they had made love for the first time. His pleasant thoughts were interrupted when he remembered that Thomas had punched him, and that Thomas and Ridge had taken Steffy away from Rick and into hiding.

Stephanie paid Brooke another visit at her home. Stephanie was on a mission to convince Brooke that Pam was innocent of trying to kill Rick. Stephanie tried to hurt Brooke and undermine Brooke's relationship with Ridge by saying that she noticed he wasn't home with Brooke, and knew that he was with Taylor. Stephanie told Brooke that Rick was a target because Pam, who was in jail, was innocent of trying to kill him, and the killer was still on the loose. Stephanie became very sarcastic with Brooke, and characterized Rick as on top of Los Angeles' list of the least likeable people.

Meanwhile back at the cabin, Steffy asked Thomas what would happen to him when he confessed to the police that he was responsible for both the fire at Rick's home and the bomb in Rick's car. Ridge interrupted and told Steffy that nothing would happen to Thomas, because he wanted the family to keep Thomas' deeds a family secret. Steffy asked Thomas to promise that he would never attempt to hurt Rick again. Because Thomas had promised Steffy, she agreed with Ridge's request to keep silent about what Thomas had done.

At the Jackie M Boutique, Katie and Jackie exchanged hostile words once again. Jackie started the hostility by commenting that she felt that Katie was very bad news for her son and Jackie was not going to stand by and watch him throw his life away on the likes of Katie. Katie reminded Jackie that Katie was the woman that Nick had chosen. Jackie fired back at Katie that she hoped Nick would come to his senses before his and Katie's wedding day. As they continued their hostile exchange, Katie warned Jackie not to mess with her, or Jackie would have the fight of her life on her hands. Katie reminded Jackie that she was a Logan woman, and Logan women fought for their men.

When Ridge, Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy left Big Bear, Steffy headed straight for Rick's house at the beach. Rick was thrilled to see Steffy. The two of them celebrated their reunion by making love. Later, Rick questioned if Steffy knew something about who tried to kill him.

At home, Taylor placed a call to James Warwick for assistance with Thomas. Thomas heard her and told his mother that he needed help. Taylor assured Thomas that he was not crazy, but had exercised poor judgment when he tried to scare Rick, and that was the issue that concerned her.

Brooke revealed to Ridge that after she visited Pam at the prison, she realized that Pam had not attempted to kill Rick. Ridge assured Brooke that Rick was no longer in danger and she could cancel the security detail. He promised to explain everything to Brooke later, but had something he needed to do first.

Ridge informed Stephanie that he knew that Pam was innocent and that Thomas was the likely perpetrator. Stephanie was shocked by Ridge's news. Ridge explained that Thomas had not intended to hurt Rick, but only to scare him. Stephanie assured him that she supported him and agreed to help him obtain the best criminal attorneys. Ridge had a difficult request of his mother. He asked if she could keep silent temporarily and have Pam stay in prison while he figured out a plan to help Thomas.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stephanie was horrified that Ridge wanted Pam to stay in jail and take the fall for Thomas' actions. Ridge said it made sense because Pam should probably already be in jail for what she did to Eric and Donna. Stephanie's jaw dropped and she said that while she understood that Ridge wanted to protect his son, she would not let him do it at Pam's expense.

Ridge said Thomas could not confess, because if he did, he would get life in prison for attempted murder. Stephanie pointed out to him that was what his Aunt Pam would be facing, too. Stephanie countered that they could get Thomas the best legal counsel that money could buy, and have him do the right thing. Ridge went ballistic and said he would not risk Thomas ending up in prison.

Stephanie speculated "if only" they had gotten Rick out of their lives sooner, and Ridge concurred. He said Rick had already stolen Phoebe from him, and Ridge would not allow Rick to steal Thomas' life, too. Stephanie looked worried and said she couldn't imagine a happy ending in the scenario where Pam took the fall for Thomas.

Stephanie asked how Steffy had taken the news that her brother was the person who tried to kill her boyfriend. Ridge said Steffy stood up for Rick as though they were already married, which sickened him. Ridge said Steffy was furious with Thomas, but in the end, she realized he had only meant to protect her. Stephanie said Steffy had to realize she could not tell Rick what she knew about her brother.

Stephanie said if Rick found out about Thomas, he would make a beeline to the police. Stephanie thought Rick would push until Thomas was in jail for the rest of his life. Stephanie said they had to find a way to get Pam out of jail without incriminating Thomas.

Ridge pointed out that all the evidence against Pam was circumstantial and there was no direct link between the evidence and Pam. Ridge felt with the right legal representation they might be able to persuade the D.A. to drop all charges against Pam. Stephanie asked Ridge what would happen if that didn't work. Ridge had no answer.

Thomas was uncomfortable with the choices he was given. He felt guilty for his Aunt Pam's plight, and insisted he should go to the jail and confess to free his innocent Aunt Pam. Thomas remarked that Aunt Pam was never too stable to begin with, and being falsely accused might really push her over the edge. Taylor implored Thomas to stick to the plan and just let it be until they figured out a "Plan B."

Thomas said there was no way out of it; he had to confess. He could not have his parents lying to the police and his Aunt Pam in jail taking the fall for his crimes. Thomas expressed deep regret and said he had only wanted to rattle Rick's cage and never actually meant to hurt him.

Thomas said there was no way to free Aunt Pam from jail without implicating himself. Thomas also pointed out that if Pam was released, Rick would want answers, and all the clues would lead back to Thomas. Thomas began obsessing about Rick again and wondering if Steffy was with him and what Rick was doing to his sister. Taylor pointed out that obsession was what got him into trouble in the first place and told him to stop it.

Thomas was concerned that his parents would take the brunt of this, and worried about what his actions would cost his parents when the fallout came. Taylor assured Thomas that she and Ridge would protect him at any cost and would not fail him.

Katie stopped at Brooke's house and asked why the squad car that had been assigned to protect the house was gone. Brooke informed Katie that Ridge cancelled it. Katie asked why, and Brooke explained that Ridge felt certain that Rick was safe. Katie asked if Ridge believed Aunt Pam was the culprit. Brooke said no, he believed Aunt Pam was innocent.

Katie was confused and asked Brooke why Ridge was so sure that Rick was safe. Brooke said she wished she knew. Ridge hadn't really explained it to her.

Katie deduced that if Ridge removed the security from his family, he had to know who tried to kill Rick. Brooke said she had thought the same thing. Ridge had to go out, but told Brooke he would explain it all when he got home. Brooke said Ridge appeared to have the weight of the world on his shoulders, and she was almost afraid to find out what he knew.

Katie suggested Brooke call Ridge and find out where he was. Brooke said no, Ridge was in a surly mood when he left and she wanted to give him space to do what he needed to do. Katie said she was worried about the two of them. Katie reminded Brooke that her son, Rick, was right in the center of Ridge's family tragedy of losing Phoebe, and she didn't know how they could overcome that. Brooke said that was where love and forgiveness would come in. She assured Katie they had plenty of that. Brooke said she believed things would work out, and that Ridge was working hard on accepting her son.

Rick and Steffy lounged in bed together and cuddled and kissed. Rick asked Steffy to tell him what happened when she was with her parents. Rick felt certain there was something she was holding back. Steffy danced around his question without giving anything away.

Rick believed that Ridge never feared for Steffy's safety when he dragged her out of town, but believed Ridge was merely trying to keep them apart again. Steffy insisted that wasn't true. Rick pointed out that with Pam in jail; Ridge knew Steffy was safe with the culprit behind bars. Steffy blurted out that it was not Aunt Pam who tried to kill him. Rick noted that she sounded very certain when she said that. He asked Steffy point-blank if she knew who tried to kill him. She averted her eyes and turned her head away.

Rick said he knew that Steffy knew who it was and asked her if it was Ridge. She said so, and asked why he was talking instead of kissing her. She seduced him into silence by kissing him every time he asked another question she did not want to answer. The two made love and Rick said there was nothing the two of them could not share. He said he could handle anything Steffy told him.

Steffy said her life had been crazy, but she was happy that all the madness had ended up with her and Rick together. Rick said it was much to the dismay of her parents and her crazy psycho brother. Steffy bristled and said she didn't want Rick to talk about Thomas that way. Steffy said Thomas had done a lot of crazy things, but he was her brother and she loved him. Rick looked puzzled by how defensive Steffy got when Thomas' name came up.

Ridge arrived home and Brooke bombarded him at the door with a series of questions. She asked Ridge if the person who had tried to kill Rick had been arrested. Ridge said no. Brooke asked why, and Ridge explained the assailant was someone in their own family, someone they loved. Ridge reminded Brooke that Rick had done a lot of awful things and made enemies in the family.

Brooke got angry and said it appeared as though Rick was trying to justify the assailant's actions. Ridge said not at all, he knew it was wrong, but just wanted Brooke to think about what might have prompted someone to act out against Rick. Brooke said Rick was her son, a little boy she had raised and cherished. Ridge said he understood because he and Taylor had a son, too.

Brooke said they weren't talking about Thomas, but about Rick. Ridge admitted that they were talking about Thomas. Brooke realized the ugly truth; Thomas was the person who had tried to kill Rick.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

by Pam

Owen showed up at Jackie M and flirted with Bridget. He discovered that she was Madame X, and he promised to keep her secret. He later met Jackie and told her he was looking for a job. Intrigued, Jackie listened intently to what Owen could offer her company. She wondered what position he wanted, and he said he could do anything standing, sitting, or lying down. Owen added that he had done everything from marketing to contributing to designs and modeling for Forrester.

Jackie pointed out that the surf line that Owen worked on had failed at Forrester. Owen agreed and said the idea had merit, but it never took off with the target audience because surfers were unfamiliar with Forrester, and Forrester didn't know how to market to surfers.

Jackie explained that everyone at her company did a little bit of everything. Owen presented his portfolio on the surf line he worked on for Forrester. Jackie said she would take a look at the portfolio. After Owen left, Jackie drooled over the photos of a shirtless Owen in beachwear in the portfolio.

At Brooke's, Ridge explained to Brooke that Thomas was the one who set the car bomb and set Rick's house on fire. Brooke wondered when Thomas planned to confess, but Ridge said his son was not going to jail. Brooke said Thomas framed Pam for his crimes, but Ridge said Thomas panicked when the police came after the car bomb went off unexpectedly. Thomas tossed the evidence in the first place he could find, and that led police to Pam. Ridge said it was unintentional.

Ridge asked for Brooke to be silent about Thomas' crimes and insisted that Rick could never know Thomas had committed them. Ridge said Thomas was only trying to scare Rick. Thomas was fed up with what Rick had done to the women in his family.

Brooke was in disbelief that Ridge wanted her to do nothing and hide the information. She worried that Rick would wonder who had tried to kill him, but Ridge confronted her with her own demands that Ridge remain silent about Rick driving the car when Phoebe was killed. Ridge reminded Brooke that in spite of everything Rick had done to Ridge's family, Ridge still did not press charges due to Brooke's pleas. Ridge had tried to move on and release his anger.

Ridge insisted he was asking Brooke to do the very same thing. Ridge added that they had to keep Thomas and Rick as far away from one another as possible. Brooke's eyes teared up and she asked who else knew the circumstances. Ridge said only Stephanie, Taylor, and Steffy knew. Brooke said Stephanie never kept secrets, but Brooke promised Rick would never hear the truth from her. Ridge and Brooke embraced.

At Taylor's, Rick showed up and Thomas railed at Rick. Thomas wanted Rick to leave and stay away from Thomas' family. Thomas ranted about Rick going after all the women in the family. He said Rick had his hands all over Thomas' mother after using up Phoebe, and then moved on to Steffy. Thomas shouted that he would never let that happen. Rick stared intently at Thomas, and realized that Thomas set Rick's house on fire and planted the car bomb.

"It was you," Rick said.

Thomas insisted he was only trying to scare Rick and wanted Rick to leave town and get away from Thomas' family.

Rick fired back that he had helped Taylor when no one in her family was there for her - not Thomas or Ridge or anyone. Rick insisted he got Taylor through some tough times and prevented her from drinking. He shouted that when Taylor was done with him, she dumped him. Rick never dumped Taylor, he said. Rick added that the same thing had happened with Phoebe. Phoebe dumped Rick, not the other way around.

Rick told Thomas he could have been killed. Then, he said he was going to call the police and get Thomas thrown in jail. Rick picked up the phone, but Thomas stopped him, and they scuffled.

Thomas said, "If I'm going to go to jail, it might as well be worth it." Just as Rick was ready to throw a punch, Ridge showed up and stopped him. Ridge warned Rick to never lay a hand on Thomas.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jackie walked into a restaurant and saw Owen sitting alone drinking a cocktail. She asked if he was drowning his sorrows, and he said yes, it was something like that. Jackie said there was no harm in that every now and then. Jackie was dressed to the nines and Owen asked her if she had a date. Jackie joked that she hadn't had a date since the millennium. Owen said he couldn't believe that, because Jackie was a beautiful woman.

Jackie asked Owen if he was merely flattering her because he wanted a job. Owen said he had heard that flattery would "get you everywhere." Jackie asked Owen if he would buy her a glass of champagne, and he happily agreed. Jackie noticed how handsome Owen was and, at the last minute, changed her order to sparkling water. It appeared that she didn't trust herself to behave under the influence of champagne.

As they shared a drink, Owen talked about his disappointment at having been fired from Forrester. Jackie asked him how he spent his days, and he pointed to his drink and said a lot of booze and a lot of surfing. Jackie asked if it had been his unbridled passion for the waves that inspired him to design the surf line. He said it had sounded like a good idea at the time, and that Rick had agreed. Jackie put two and two together and asked Owen if Rick turned on him when the surf line didn't sell as expected. Owen said yes, that was the case, and he merely hoped someone else would give him a chance someday.

Jackie mentioned that she went through Owen's portfolio and complimented him on his many talents. She said she saw real potential in him. Owen fished for more compliments and got them. Jackie's takeout order arrived, and they both wished it had taken longer. They had enjoyed their time together. Jackie picked up Owen's bar tab even though he objected. She reminded him that he was unemployed. However, the way she smiled at him as she left gave him the impression he wouldn't be unemployed for long.

Taylor worked hard to convince Steffy to keep lying to Rick about Thomas. Taylor asked Steffy if it would be worse to lie to Rick for a few more days, or to see her brother go to prison for life. Steffy asked about Aunt Pam, who was locked up in jail for a crime she didn't commit. Taylor said Pam had been set free because their attorney convinced the District Attorney they didn't have enough evidence to go to trial.

Steffy argued that was even more reason for her to tell Rick the truth, because he thought Pam was the one who tried to kill him. Rick would be afraid that Pam was out on the street if he still believed she was the person trying to kill him. Steffy insisted that she had to tell Rick. Thomas walked in and let Taylor and Steffy know it was too late, Rick already knew the truth.

Taylor was horrified that Rick knew the truth, but Steffy said she was not worried. Steffy was certain she could convince Rick not to send her brother to jail. Thomas disagreed, and said Rick would do anything to stick it to Ridge and their family. Steffy reasserted her confidence in Rick and proclaimed she was certain that he would come through for her.

Ridge walked in and discovered Thomas and Rick in a fight. Ridge pulled the two of them apart and warned Rick not to touch his son. Rick scoffed and said it was funny that Ridge was worried about him touching Thomas, when in fact it was Thomas who had tried to kill Rick. Ridge was startled when to realize Rick knew the truth about his assailant.

Rick was furious and asked Ridge if he had planned to keep Thomas' involvement a secret. Ridge defended his son and said Thomas had never meant to hurt Rick. Rick stopped Ridge and said he had already heard the whole twisted story. Thomas admitted that he only meant to scare Rick into staying away from Thomas' family.

Rick pointed out that it was not okay to torch someone's house to relieve stress. Rick said he could have died. Thomas chimed in and said he knew that what he had done was wrong. Rick quipped that it was really reassuring to know that, and asked how he could know Thomas wouldn't try again.

Ridge said Thomas promised he wouldn't try anything else. Rick informed Ridge that Thomas had gone "postal" on him right before Ridge arrived. Rick did not want to live his life looking over one shoulder, afraid of what Thomas might do next. Rick felt he had no choice but to call Lieutenant Baker. As Rick reached for the phone, Ridge grabbed it away from him and said, "Oh no you don't!"

Rick apologized to Thomas and said he hated to have to turn Thomas in, but he had no choice. Ridge asked Thomas to leave the room and said he and Rick had things to discuss. Thomas argued and said he wanted to face the consequences of his actions like a man, but Ridge chased him out.

When they were alone, Ridge reminded Rick that when Phoebe died, the police wanted to investigate the accident. Ridge said that he had refused to press charges against Rick, even though Ridge's daughter had been killed. Ridge pleaded with Rick to show Thomas the same mercy that Ridge had shown Rick. Rick was supremely pleased to have the fate of Ridge's son in his hands.

Rick said he was inclined to call the police, and asked Ridge to convince him otherwise. Ridge reminded Rick that after Phoebe's death, Rick had said he would do anything to make it right if he could. Ridge said this was the time he could do something to help Phoebe's family. If Rick really loved Steffy the way he said he did, he would not willingly put her brother in prison. Rick seriously contemplated Ridge's words.

Rick said he would give his silence to save Thomas from life in prison, but he had a few conditions. Ridge thought Rick wanted money, but Rick said his needs were simpler. Rick pointed out his beach house could use some sprucing up after Thomas torched it. Ridge agreed to fix it. Rick mentioned that his car was vintage and in mint condition before Thomas blew it to bits, and it sure would be nice to have a new one. Ridge agreed to that condition, as well.

Rick said he expected to be on equal footing with Ridge at Forrester Creations. Rick reminded Ridge that he was Eric Forrester, Jr., after all, and the legitimate heir of the company. Ridge moved toward Rick menacingly, but Rick said if Ridge punched him, Thomas would go to prison. Ridge backed off.

Rick said he had one final condition. Ridge could have Thomas, but Rick would get Steffy. Rick said if Steffy were in Rick's office with the doors closed, Ridge would have to respect that. If Steffy were in Rick's house and in his bed, Ridge would have to respect that. If a new lingerie line came out and Rick wanted to use Steffy as the lingerie model and have her parade up and down the runway in her undies, Ridge would have to respect that.

Rick reminded Ridge of all the times Ridge had used Brooke that way. Rick confessed how uncomfortable it was as a child to see his mom being objectified that way. Rick said he wanted Ridge to feel all the things Rick felt and to have to endure all the things Rick had endured. Rick said it was justice; it was time someone finally brought Ridge to his knees. Rick said he wanted to make it clear - if he stayed silent about Thomas, Rick "own[ed] Ridge's ass, and Steffy's, too."

Ridge gritted his teeth and used every ounce of self-control he had to keep from killing Rick.

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