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Ridge was sickened when Rick suggested that Rick and Steffy marry on the same beach where Ridge had married Brooke. Stephanie pulled some strings to get Jackie financial help, and vowing to be more successful than she'd ever been at Forrester, Stephanie accepted Nick's job offer at Jackie M.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on B&B
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Stephanie lingered by the shoreline, looked at the water, and tried to make peace with her past.

Taylor thanked Nick for all the flowers and messages he had sent to encourage her over the previous few months. She said without his support and friendship, she would not have made it through. Nick said it had been his pleasure. Nick, however, hadn't dropped by for a social visit with Taylor; he had more important issues to discuss. Nick was concerned for Stephanie and asked Taylor to check in on her friend.

Taylor had heard that Stephanie had been fired from Forrester but assured Nick that Stephanie was a strong woman and would be fine. Nick recounted that he had found Stephanie sitting on rocks at the cove, staring out to sea. Nick assured Taylor that Stephanie hadn't looked fine.

Taylor asked if Nick thought Stephanie was a danger to herself. Nick said Stephanie was forlorn and had confided in him about her past with Eric. Taylor was surprised Stephanie had taken Nick into her confidence. He said he was surprised as well. Nick admitted there had been a time when he had rooted for Stephanie to end up alone, but when it had happened for real, he had felt different. Nick said it would be an ugly world if everyone got what they deserved.

Taylor asked if Nick planned to host an intervention and wanted her input. Nick said no; he merely wanted to pass on information to Taylor because he believed Stephanie and Taylor were friends. Taylor said the surprising part of the conversation was that Nick acted like he was Stephanie's friend.

Nick repeated that he only wanted to share information with Taylor. Taylor said Eric and Nick had both gone to her and acted like she should know what to do to help Stephanie. She said perhaps six months before, she would have had an answer, but at that moment, Taylor felt she had nothing to give. Taylor said she couldn't fix anyone else because she was broken.

Taylor admitted she still wrestled with grief. Phoebe had been the center of their family, and after Phoebe had died, their family had fallen apart, according to Taylor.

Nick mentioned that he had heard Steffy was engaged. Taylor said she was and lamented that Steffy had once listened to her mother's advice, but did not anymore. Nick said it sounded like Taylor was sad and lonely. He reminded Taylor that Stephanie was in the same emotional state and suggested they might be good company for one another.

Stephanie arrived at Taylor's house; Taylor was relieved to see Stephanie. Taylor had left several voicemails for Stephanie and had been uneasy when they had gone unanswered. Stephanie said she wasn't up for the pep talk. She didn't want to be Taylor's patient. Stephanie said she didn't want to hear any clichés about all the opportunities life held if only she would reach out her hand to grab them.

Taylor reassured Stephanie she would not be hearing any such advice from Taylor because Taylor didn't believe that herself anymore.

Taylor said she and Stephanie were mirror images of one another. Stephanie had been kicked out of her home, her bed, her company, and her life. Taylor said she still had her home, her bed, and her life, but all the people had left. The end result was that they were both in the same place -- alone. Taylor said Stephanie was really the only person who had ever truly cared for her. Taylor said she and Stephanie were two peas in a pod, and they should live together.

Stephanie said she was in no state to take care of anyone or to advise Taylor, as Stephanie's own life was a wreck. Taylor said all she wanted was the sound of another human being in the house, making coffee or walking down the hallways. She said the sound of another person in the house could keep her from losing her mind. Stephanie said she could do that and agreed to live with Taylor.

Owen interviewed models for Jackie M. When they left, Jackie complimented him on the way he had handled the ladies. He chuckled and mentioned that her real estate agent had called and had some more places to show Jackie. She said it was hard to find a place for stuffy old women to live. Owen laughed and reminded her that Stephanie Forrester would not be caught dead living in a loft apartment.

Owen asked if the reason Jackie didn't like the loft was because it didn't have a big enough bathtub. Jackie snapped at him that she hadn't said she didn't like it. After Jackie left the office, a package was delivered for Jackie with her new address listed. Owen seemed surprised to see where she lived.

Owen arrived at the loft, and Jackie was uncomfortable that Owen had learned her secret. Owen commented that Jackie had pulled the place together quickly. Jackie thanked him and apologized for lying to him. She said she wanted to keep an air of mystery. She didn't want Owen to know his opinion mattered so much to her.

Owen said Jackie's place was "mod." She giggled and said that was a British expression and an old one at that. He said Jackie was like a hip old Bond girl. She said that made her feel ancient. He apologized and insisted that wasn't his intention. Jackie said the only way Owen could get out of the doghouse was to follow her orders. She instructed him to remove his suit jacket, unbutton a few buttons on his shirt, and unbutton his cuffs.

He did as he was asked, and once he was all unbuttoned, Jackie asked him to play...foosball. She said she wanted to get her game in shape so she could beat Nicky.

Back at Jackie M, Nick studied magazine articles and books about Stephanie Forrester.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Amid piles of boxes, Stephanie and Taylor chatted about their new status as housemates. Taylor said how happy she was but let it slip that it had all been Nick's idea. Stephanie then decided she'd move back out because she didn't want pity from Nick or Taylor.

Taylor tried to explain that she had selfishly wanted Stephanie to move in because she was all alone in the house. Taylor told Stephanie that both Eric and Nick were worried about her. Stephanie doubted all of it, and she angrily recounted how Eric had dumped her after she had done everything for him. She told Taylor that she had taken care of everything from the advertising to the finances and the employees so that Eric could concentrate on his art.

At Jackie's new home, Nick visited and said he couldn't help but wonder why she had moved out of her penthouse suite. Jackie said she had bought the new place because she had wanted to get out of the old apartment that Massimo had chosen. Nick suggested that they needed to economize because the company was bleeding money.

Nick accused Jackie of having a midlife crisis. Jackie said she was offended that he would accuse her of a midlife crisis, but Nick said he wondered if someone or something had influenced her. Jackie maintained that she had done it for herself.

Nick later told Jackie about his meeting with Stephanie at the marina. He talked about how Eric had dumped her for a younger woman. Nick reiterated that Jackie M needed more investors, and Jackie needed to make some calls.

Bridget showed up for a business meeting with Owen that he playfully scheduled at a beach cabana. Owen said he had told her to wear her bathing suit, and she stripped off her dress to reveal her bikini. Owen said he planned for them to go surfing for 20 minutes then discuss the Madame X line and its marketing. He asked her for keywords for the new line, and she suggested words like "cool elegance" and "graceful." Bridget and Owen grabbed rented surfboards and hit the waves, but they were back soon after Owen received a nasty cut on his shoulder.

Bridget went into first-aid mode while Owen worried that he hadn't had a tetanus shot in a while and could possibly get lockjaw. He wondered aloud if Bridget had ever seen anyone with lockjaw, and she rattled off that thousands of people died ever year from tetanus, but not in Malibu. Bridget admitted she had never seen anyone with lockjaw. She wondered if Owen was getting in touch with his hypochondriac side, but he insisted she needed to take a look at his jaw.

As Bridget examined Owen's jaw, he grabbed her and kissed her. Then, she said she had to stop because she didn't want to be in a relationship with him, since they worked together. She didn't want to have an affair, and she didn't want a one-night stand.

Owen said she needed to stop worrying and get over Nick. Owen said everyone had fallen for the wrong person at least once. He tried to convince Bridget that he could be the "right thing." She agreed but added that she needed some time for personal repairs. She said it wouldn't happen overnight. Owen agreed as they embraced.

Katie worked on her laptop at Nick's place, and Jackie arrived. Katie explained that the babysitter needed some time off, and that was why Katie was working at home. Jackie said she had stopped to visit her grandson and take over for the sitter. Katie told Jackie she could wait for Jack to awaken from his nap. Katie chomped on some pistachios, and Jackie laughed. She told Katie that she had figured that since Katie had snared Nick, she no longer needed the pistachios.

Katie told Jackie that pistachios were healthy and that she and Nick had a lot more in common than nuts. Jackie thoughtfully informed Katie that Katie was not the right woman for her son. Jackie flat-out told Katie that she knew Nick had deep feelings for Bridget. Jackie said she was sure that Katie saw that in Nick.

Nick visited Taylor, and she warned him that she didn't think his latest suggestion was a good idea. Stephanie overheard them and added that she didn't need him to help her or think of her as lonely or desperate. Nick countered that he'd had an indecent proposal for her. Taylor told Stephanie to humor Nick and listen.

Stephanie offered insulting comments about Nick and Jackie and called them trash. Nick reminded Stephanie that she was still showing loyalty to Eric, the man who had thrown her out of his company and his bed after she had given him everything and paid for his company.

Nick invited Stephanie to Jackie M, where they could help each other into a comeback, but Stephanie scoffed. Nick reminded her that Stephanie was the one who had sent Pat Nixon a gown that she had worn for her husband's second inauguration. He said that when Eric and Stephanie had visited the Shah of Iran, it was Stephanie who had obtained the measurements of the Shah's wife and daughter.

Taylor was amazed at Stephanie's accomplishments.

Stephanie smiled and told Nick to leave, but Nick continued that he didn't really like Stephanie. In fact, he called her a rattlesnake, but he said he was also a rattlesnake. Together, there would be no stopping them. He asked her to join Jackie M. Stephanie called him crazy, but Nick smiled with confidence.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nick offered Stephanie a job, and she balked at the idea. Stephanie made it clear she neither liked nor trusted Nick Marone. Nick said he didn't like her much, either, but added people didn't have to like each other to work together. Stephanie accused Nick of just wanting someone to save his and Jackie's "ass." Nick sighed and said perhaps he should have left Stephanie alone at the beach to mope by herself instead of helping her. She glared at him for attempting to play the guilt card.

Nick continued and said that the way he saw it, he had saved Stephanie's life. Stephanie said he had given her a cup of coffee and a warm blanket. She was still not interested in his offer. Nick passionately pitched his offer; he said he was offering Stephanie a lifeline. Nick said "Honey Bear" might not realize how valuable Stephanie was, but Nick did.

Nick assured Stephanie that he wasn't asking her to fall in love with him, just to work for him. He believed Stephanie had something vital to contribute to Jackie M designs. And, as an added bonus, Stephanie would have the chance to "stick it" to Eric for the crude way he had dismissed her years of service to Forrester.

Stephanie said what Nick needed was her money. Nick said he didn't need her money; perhaps he just wanted a lunch buddy. Stephanie suggested his motivation might be to stick it to Ridge for stealing Brooke back from Nick. Nick denied it and said that was old news.

Nick said the real truth was that he needed Stephanie's clout and power. He gave examples of designers he had called who wouldn't take his calls but would definitely talk to Stephanie. Stephanie insisted it was never going to happen. She said she could not be disloyal to her husband. Taylor leaped off the sofa and demanded to know why Stephanie was still being loyal to a man who had tossed her out like an old pair of socks.

Nick said Eric never knew what he had, and if Stephanie went to work for Jackie M, her wisdom, advice, and experience would be respected for once in her life. Stephanie lifted her hand and pointed Nick to the door.

Nick said maybe she was right -- maybe they couldn't work together. Nick playfully suggested that after years of playing second banana to Eric, she didn't have the courage to step up into the lead position and shine on her own. That seemed to catch her attention. Nick moved in closer, placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, and whispered that he thought Stephanie did have the courage. After he left, Stephanie thought about his words.

Jackie walked into her office and found Katie leafing through a design book. Jackie grabbed it away from her and reminded Katie that she worked for the competition. Katie said Jackie looked at it the wrong way and noted that Katie could find out information at Forrester that would be valuable to Nick and Jackie. Jackie was uninterested and asked Katie to leave.

Katie dropped a teaser and said some big news from Forrester was about to break. Jackie rolled her eyes and asked Katie if it was the big news that Stephanie had been fired. Katie seemed startled that Jackie had already gotten wind of Forrester's big secret.

Katie angrily demanded to know how Jackie had found out about Stephanie. Jackie smiled coyly and reminded Katie that Nicky shared everything with her. Katie was not amused. Jackie asked Katie what Eric had been thinking when he had fired Stephanie. Katie explained that Eric and Stephanie's working relationship had been tense ever since Eric had married Donna.

Jackie pronounced that Eric's marriage to Donna was just one in a series of bad mistakes he had made. Jackie said that if Eric believed he would enjoy the same respect in the fashion community without Stephanie, he was dead wrong. Stephanie was the heart of Forrester Creations, said Jackie. With Donna at his side instead of Stephanie, Jackie expected Eric was in for a rude awakening. Katie looked perturbed by Jackie's tirade.

Nick went back to Jackie M and informed Jackie that he had offered Stephanie a job. Jackie met the news with mixed feelings. She asked how Stephanie had reacted. Nick said it didn't look like she would consider his offer. Nick didn't believe it would happen. Jackie said it was probably just as well. Nick agreed and wondered if he could put up with Stephanie every day. Katie got a sly smile on her face as if she were thinking something delicious.

Katie assured Nick that she thought offering Stephanie a job was pure genius. Katie also mentioned her concern about Jackie and how much she was fighting the idea of Nick and Katie getting married. Nick assured her she had nothing to fear.

Ridge warned Eric that word of Stephanie's departure was already trickling out onto the street. Eric was aware, and assured Ridge that he had it in hand. Eric said he had called a reporter named Jarrett over to Forrester for an exclusive interview. Jarrett arrived and told Eric he had heard a crazy rumor that Stephanie had been fired. Jarrett assumed Eric had called him over to deny the rumor, but Eric confirmed Stephanie's dismissal instead. Jarrett was clearly taken aback.

Jarrett thought he had misheard and asked Eric again if he really wanted to go on record to say that Stephanie was no longer part of Forrester Creations. Again, Eric said yes.

Eric expounded on his answer. He noted that although he had the greatest respect for the contributions Stephanie had made over the years, the two of them had ended their working relationship. Ridge stood off to the side and looked embarrassed by his father's choice.

Jarrett asked if there was truth to the rumor that Stephanie had left with hard feelings and had vowed to never step foot in Forrester Creations again. Eric invited Jarrett to call Stephanie and ask her himself. Ridge stepped in and ended the interview before things could get worse.

Jarrett said he had one more question: "Now that the Queen of Forrester Creations has been dethroned, how will the company go on without her?" Donna leaped to her feet and said Forrester was embarking on a new era, and they were very excited about the future of the company. She added they wanted to move forward with a fresh perspective, "Out with the old and in with the young!" Donna quipped. Jarrett looked like he was getting queasy.

When Jarrett left, Donna slinked over to Eric and purred that he had done a wonderful job with the interview. Ridge said it was too bad Donna hadn't and repeated her "Out with the old and in with the young!" line. Donna said she was sorry; it had just slipped out. Ridge said Jarrett had made valid points. Brooke agreed that Stephanie was synonymous with Forrester. Ridge said he didn't know how they would get along without her.

Brooke moved into cheerleader mode and happily tried to bolster the team by saying cheery things like it would be a new beginning and a chance for innovation and creativity at Forrester. At the end of her pep talk, Donna and Brooke were the only ones smiling. Ridge and Eric remained somber.

Stephanie ranted to Taylor about Nick's visit. Stephanie was certain Nick was up to no good and had ulterior motives. Taylor bravely disagreed with Stephanie and said she believed Nick's offer was genuine. Stephanie said Nick merely wanted to take advantage of her reputation to make his balance sheets look better. Stephanie insisted she could not work with Nick or "that mother of his."

Taylor reminded Stephanie that when they'd had their heart-to-heart talk, Stephanie had said she felt her life had no purpose and she didn't know what to do next. Taylor pointed out that it was a perfect example of the old adage "when one door closes, another door opens."

Stephanie insisted she could not be disloyal to her husband. Taylor took Stephanie's hand and gave her a reality check. Taylor looked Stephanie in the eye and said, "Eric is not your husband anymore." Taylor urged Stephanie to let Eric go and to take the chance to move on with a new future ahead of her.

Stephanie asked Taylor if she really believed her future lay in Nick Marone's hands. Taylor said if Stephanie would look at the situation with fresh eyes, she would realize what a gift had been dropped in her lap. Stephanie had no warm feelings for Nick and pointed out to Taylor that Nick could not be trusted, based on the way he treated Bridget.

Taylor put the blame for Nick's infidelity squarely on Katie and told Stephanie that she had found Nick to be a man of true character. Taylor pointed out that Eric, the "husband" Stephanie was being so loyal to, had left her for a younger woman. Taylor had a meltdown about how the Logan women had stolen everything from Stephanie and Taylor and wrecked both of their families.

Stephanie assured Taylor they would get through their trials together. They were strong, capable women who would emerge victorious over the evil Logan girls. They would get their turn, Stephanie promised.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

by Pam

A copy of Eye on Fashion magazine rested on Taylor's table, and Stephanie was on the cover. As Taylor read the cover story, she was dismayed to see Donna's catty comments about "out with the old and in with young."

Stephanie walked in and was finishing a phone call. Taylor asked who was on the phone, and Stephanie joked that it was a hit man for the Logan family and Nick, but she couldn't decide who to hit first. Stephanie wondered why Taylor supported Nick's idea of Stephanie going to work for Jackie M. Taylor said she thought Nick was sincere.

Stephanie disagreed and said she didn't want to be used again. She wasn't interested in working with Nick and Jackie, but she stopped as she saw her photo on the cover of the magazine. She sighed as she read the cover and said she had never thought Eric would leave her for Donna, of all people. Taylor suggested they go out to lunch, and off they went.

At a new restaurant, Taylor suggested that Stephanie take Nick up on his offer. Stephanie was lamenting what her husband had done to her, and Taylor reminded her that Eric was no longer her husband.

Seated across the restaurant, Donna and Eric were lovey-dovey as Eric's phone rang nonstop and he answered media calls about Stephanie's exit from Forrester. He kept telling reporters that he didn't want to elaborate on her leaving. Eric told Donna they couldn't be too cavalier about Stephanie's absence. He knew Donna was glad that Stephanie was gone, but he had to be concerned about the press and customers. Donna took Eric's phone so she could romance him at the table.

Across the room, Stephanie calmly recounted Eric's shortcomings. She suddenly saw Eric and Donna and wanted to make a hasty exit, but Taylor refused to allow Stephanie to leave. Stephanie worried that everyone probably knew that Eric had dumped her, and everyone probably felt sorry for her. Taylor persuaded Stephanie to stay and reminded her that they had a pact and that they would have their day.

Donna approached and accused Stephanie of stalking Eric and Donna, but Taylor said she had suggested the restaurant, not Stephanie. Donna recommended that Stephanie and her crazy sister go off and crochet something or play bridge. She snidely called Stephanie "Grandma." Stephanie admitted that she was a grandmother -- and was "damned proud" of it. She added that she still had plenty of fire in the belly. Donna left.

At Jackie M, Nick took a call from a French investor and discovered that Stephanie Forrester had recommended that he invest in Jackie M. The investor said Stephanie had spoken very highly of Nick. Nick promised to email designs by the new designer, Madame X. The investor, a major European player, was interested.

Nick told Jackie that Stephanie had to have been impressed enough to make a call and pull through for Jackie M, saving the company from financial ruin. Jackie left, and Katie showed up. Nick shared his good news with her. He and Katie made out while Nick conjectured that he and Stephanie might be working together. Katie promised to keep quiet at Forrester about the news. The two decided to celebrate with some romance.

Jackie met with Owen and told him that the European investor had promised to invest in the company. She said it would require a lot of travel, and she wanted Owen to handle some of the traveling. Owen was thrilled and said that he would make her proud. He gushed that Jackie was in her prime, appealing, and beautiful. They embraced, and it turned into a romantic kiss.

Stephanie headed over to Eric's table, where Donna and Eric were kissing. Stephanie warned Donna not to get "Grampa" too excited. Eric was offended, but Stephanie explained Donna's earlier comments. Eric and Donna warned Stephanie not to cause a scene, but she told the pair they looked ridiculous with Donna playing sex kitten when Eric was old enough to be her grandfather.

Stephanie laid into Eric for always sending his wedding vows right out the window when a pretty face happened along. She further chastised Eric for letting Rick seduce his granddaughter. She reminded Eric that she had always been loyal to him and always taken him back, but he had taken the Logan girls into his business and into his bed.

Stephanie warned Eric that he had not defeated her. She promised to use all of her connections and experience, and she'd be roaring back. She planned on starting a new career. She was no longer Mrs. Eric Forrester, but rather "Simply Stephanie."

Stephanie ordered a martini and suggested the waiter give it to Eric because he was going to need it once she got going and competed with Forrester. She left with a smug and triumphant look on her face while Donna and Eric looked puzzled.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rick insisted that Ridge and Brooke accompany him and Steffy to a mystery destination. Ridge agreed to go, but only if he got to drive. The four of them headed off down the Pacific Coast Highway and ended up on the same stretch of beach where Brooke and Ridge had said their vows to one another. Rick gleefully announced that he had chosen that spot for his wedding to Steffy. Steffy was giddy and leaped into his arms. Ridge, on the other hand, looked suspicious and angry.

Ridge had flashbacks of his wedding to Brooke. When Steffy realized they were at the same spot where Ridge and Brooke had gotten married, Steffy suggested they might want to find a special spot of their own. She asked Rick why, of all the miles of coastline, he had chosen the spot where her dad had married his mom. Ridge said he wanted to know the answer to that as well.

Rick passionately made his case. He pointed out that Brooke and Ridge had gotten married there, not once, but twice. It was a place of second chances, Rick said, and he desperately needed one. Rick implored Ridge to consider his idea. Rick hoped for a second chance and a new beginning between him and Ridge, and for both of their families.

Rick's speech wowed the women; both Steffy and Brooke melted at Rick's tender words. Ridge said, "I think it's bull." Brooke pulled Ridge aside for a talk. Brooke said Rick was extending an olive branch. Ridge disagreed and said Rick was trying to manipulate them. Brooke asked Ridge to give her son the same benefit of the doubt she had given Thomas after he had tried to kill Rick. Brooke reminded Ridge that Rick hadn't pressed charges and had given Thomas a second chance.

Steffy and Rick returned from their walk, and Brooke said she had something to show Steffy. She left Ridge and Rick alone. Rick pointed out that Brooke and Steffy were fabulous women. Ridge said Rick could cut the crap; he wasn't buying Rick's "celebration of family" routine. Ridge accused Rick of trying to desecrate one more thing that was sacred to him. Ridge said he would not let Rick do it.

Rick said Ridge would let him do whatever he wanted for Steffy's sake -- and Thomas'. Rick asked how Thomas was doing and asked if Thomas had gotten the counseling he needed. Ridge looked furious that Rick was using Thomas to blackmail him again.

Ridge said Rick would not marry Steffy anywhere, not on that beach or any other spot. Rick said they would get married there and that Ridge would walk Steffy down the aisle through the sand with a smile on his face. Just as Ridge was about to blow up at Rick, the women returned, and Ridge had to pretend they were getting along again, much to his dismay.

Ridge told Brooke that Rick was using Steffy to taunt him. Brooke said Ridge had to have misunderstood. Ridge said he understood perfectly -- Steffy was just the latest tool in Rick's campaign to exact revenge on Ridge. Ridge said the wedding between Rick and Steffy could not happen under any circumstances.

Taylor congratulated Stephanie on the way she had told off Eric and Donna. Stephanie said they had needed it. Taylor agreed but noted that Stephanie had needed to do it as much as Donna and Eric had needed to hear it.

Stephanie said perhaps she had gone a little overboard, since she had bragged to Eric and Donna about a job she didn't have. Taylor suggested she call Nick about the job he had offered her. Stephanie wondered if the offer still stood. Taylor said the only way to find out was to call.

Nick updated Jackie on the state of their finances. She did not appear too concerned and said they should just borrow a little more money. Nick rolled his eyes; he knew Jackie didn't grasp the gravity of their situation. Jackie informed Nick she had asked Owen to handle the Dufau account. Nick was concerned that Owen was too green to take on such a huge account. Jackie expressed absolute faith in Owen. Nick was very curious about why his mother was so sure of Owen's abilities.

Jackie said she and Owen had worked closely together, and she had seen his special talents. She reminded Nick that he had noticed something special about Owen, too. Nick said he had, but wasn't sure they should entrust Owen with their most valuable account. Jackie marveled that they wouldn't even have the account except for Stephanie Forrester putting in a good word for them. Nick said he still didn't understand why Stephanie had decided to assist them. Jackie said probably to get back at Eric Forrester for firing Stephanie.

Jackie continued and said it was a good thing Stephanie had rejected Nick's job offer and muttered about how awful it would be to have to work with "that woman" on a day-to-day basis. Just then, Stephanie appeared in the doorway and said she had reconsidered and wanted to accept Nick's job offer.

Nick said the offer had been rescinded when Stephanie had laughed in his face and thrown him out. Stephanie argued that Nick needed her. She asked if he was man enough to admit it.

Jackie huffed and said they didn't need Stephanie. Stephanie reminded Jackie that it was Jackie M who had approached her in desperation, offering Stephanie a job.

Jackie said that was true, but they weren't desperate anymore. Taylor jumped in and pointed out that it was only because Stephanie had intervened that they had gotten the Dufau account. Jackie asked if Taylor had taken the job of Stephanie's publicist. Taylor said she wanted to make sure they knew what Stephanie could offer.

Nick said he assumed what Stephanie really wanted was revenge against Eric. Nick reminded Stephanie about Donna's "out with the old and in with the young" comment, and suggested that might need rectifying, too. Stephanie said her motives weren't entirely about revenge. She said she had thought about Sally Spectra and what a grand woman she was.

Stephanie said the idea of taking Sally's company from near bankruptcy to a grand success stoked a real fire within her soul. Stephanie presented Jackie and Nick with a list of things she wanted before she would work for them. Jackie looked at the list and said Stephanie couldn't be serious. Stephanie was serious. She pointed out that in a first marriage, one was inclined to trust, but in the second marriage, one asked for a pre-nup.

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