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Monday, April 13, 2009

Rick confessed to Steffy that he realized Ridge would be upset by his choice of wedding venue. Steffy asked him if he chose Point Dume to purposely upset Ridge. Rick was hurt that Steffy questioned his motives. He explained that he thought he could get through to Ridge. Rick chose Pt. Dume because he knew it was special to Ridge and tried to bring up their dual family history in hopes of making peace.

Steffy pushed back a little and said that even if Rick's intentions were good, even if getting married at the beach would make them happy, it would not be worth it if it broke her dad's heart. Steffy questioned the validity of their feelings. Steffy pointed out that the way they came together was in grief over Phoebe's death and said she had lingering doubts.

Steffy explained that the emotions were so strong and convoluted at that time that she wasn't sure they could trust what they felt. Rick was stunned and asked Steffy if her dad had brainwashed her. She said he hadn't, that she wondered about it on her own because their relationship happened so fast. Stephanie worried aloud that Rick's hatred for Ridge and his supposed love for Steffy got all jumbled up into one.

Rick admitted that he felt competitive and angry about Ridge after Eric told Rick he was "no Ridge Forrester." Rick said he had done a lot of stupid things to get even with Ridge. But he wanted to assure Steffy his relationship with her, and the feelings he had for her, were absolutely genuine. She said that she believed him.

Rick asked if she believed him enough to pick out china patterns, and Steffy giggled. She suggested they register for their wedding online at Macy's. Rick said he didn't think Macy's would have the lifetime supply of candles and massage oil he wanted. Steffy said she meant for things like silverware, dishes, and sheets. Rick said they didn't need sheets, or even a bed, and started to undress her on his desk.

Rick suggested they move their tryst back to their place. Steffy started talking about linens again and Rick asked if she would rather be shopping. Steffy explained registering for one's wedding was better than shopping, it was more like Christmas. She went online and started making a wish list, like twelve settings of china. Rick asked her why so many and Steffy explained she hoped one day their two families would be at peace and would all sit down together to dinner at their table.

Ridge ranted to Brooke about her son's attempt to desecrate Ridge's sacred spot at Pt. Dume. Ridge accused Rick of purposely pushing Ridge's buttons. Brooke thought that was nonsense and believed Rick had pure motives. Brooke pointed out that she and Ridge both wanted their kids to be happy. Brooke understood that Rick and Steffy's relationship was hard on Ridge, but realized the kids wanted to get married. Ridge said of course he wanted his daughter to be happy, but he and Brooke had very different ideas on how to make that happen.

Brooke supposed that choosing Pt. Dume was Rick's way of telling Brooke and Ridge that he finally accepted their marriage. Ridge rolled his eyes at Brooke's naiveté. Ridge reminded Brooke that Rick had tried to tank their marriage on more than one occasion.

Taylor stomped into the room and demanded to know what the emergency was. Brooke said there was no emergency and was sorry Ridge worried her for nothing. Ridge explained that Rick wanted to marry Steffy on the beach where Ridge and Brooke had wed. Taylor said it was merely another of Rick's attempts to push Ridge's buttons. Brooke was not happy that Ridge and Taylor ganged up on her.

Brooke said her son was genuinely in love with Steffy, and was planning a wedding. Brooke believed his intentions were pure. Ridge said Brooke was Rick's mother and was supposed to believe in him. Ridge said Rick was everything he did not want in a son-in-law.

Ridge apologized to Brooke. Ridge said he knew that he promised to try to accept Rick and Steffy's relationship, but found that he could not. Ridge said Brooke had blinders on when it came to Rick, and that really concerned him.

Taylor said Rick was an unstable man filled with venom, and he needed help. Brooke said it was Taylor's son, Thomas, that needed help, and not Rick. Taylor said Steffy had to be pried away from Rick no matter what it took, because her parents had to protect her. Brooke said Steffy and Rick had genuine feelings for one another, and their relationship could bring healing to their two families if everyone would just leave them alone. Taylor said that would not happen; she was determined to break up Steffy and Rick for her daughter's own good.

Brooke tried to get Ridge to defend her, but he walked over and sat down next to Taylor, and said he agreed with everything Taylor had said. Brooke said Taylor accused Rick of being manipulative, but it was Taylor who was manipulating Ridge by playing on his darkest fears. Ridge said Taylor knew what she was talking about. Brooke said Taylor wasn't speaking as a psychiatrist, but as a grieving mother.

Ridge reiterated that he agreed with Taylor. Ridge said since Rick and Steffy would not listen to him, it was up to Brooke to do something to stop their wedding. Ridge left it in Brooke's hands to break up Steffy and Rick.

Jackie looked over Stephanie's contract demands and called them highway robbery. Stephanie asked for 50% of Jackie M. When Nick and Jackie balked, Stephanie said she would not accept one penny less than she was worth. Stephanie reminded them nothing was in writing yet, and they certainly had the option to say no. Stephanie walked out of the room and wished them good luck getting their company on track without her. As she reached the door, Nick said, "Wait!" Stephanie got a sly smile on her face knowing she hooked them.

Stephanie asked if Nick wanted her to leave. Nick said he wanted Stephanie to stay, but he did not want to give up half of his company. Stephanie pointed out that 50% of a viable business was much better than 100% of nothing.

Nick offered to pay Stephanie 500K the first year. Nick added that he would be willing to talk partnership with her in one year if her help was as valuable as she hoped it would be. Stephanie smiled and said to have his people call her people and they could try to reach an agreement. Bridget walked in carrying sketches during their negotiations.

Stephanie asked what Bridget was doing there. Bridget tried to lie and made up a story about babysitting Jack, but Nick blew her cover and introduced Bridget to Stephanie as "Madame X". With a twinkle in his eye, Nick said since Stephanie knew Jackie M's big secret, she would "either have to come on board, or he'd have to kill her."

Stephanie said if Jackie M hired a doctor as their lead designer, they must be in worse shape than she had imagined. Bridget took offense and explained to Stephanie that she had a childhood dream to become a designer. Stephanie asked the obvious question, of why Bridget didn't go to work for her father. Bridget said at Forrester, she would have to express Eric's vision, but at Jackie M, they gave her free reign to express her own vision.

Nick asked Bridget if she was curious about why Stephanie was there. She said she was, and he explained that he had offered Stephanie a job. Bridget's eyes lit up, and she asked Stephanie if she was going to accept. Stephanie shrugged and said Eric had kicked her to the curb. Nick got on the phone to have his lawyers draw up a contract for Stephanie, and asked Jackie and Bridget to show Stephanie around.

Stephanie and Nick brainstormed and realized there were many other talented but unknown designers like Bridget looking for a place to thrive. Stephanie pointed out that they needed a corporate strategy and identity, and that was it. Eric could keep his ancient history, and Jackie M could become the place people in Los Angeles looked for fresh, hip, young fashions.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

by Pam

In Ridge's office, Ridge and Taylor tried to convince Brooke that Rick and Steffy did not belong together. Brooke got tears in her eyes as Ridge sided with Taylor about Rick's manipulation. Brooke said she knew Rick had problems, but so did Thomas.

Taylor pointed out that Rick had undermined her entire family to get back at Ridge. Taylor said he started dating Phoebe, who was dead. Then, he moved on to Taylor and then to Steffy. She added that Thomas was being treated for his psychological breakdown, which came about because he couldn't stop Rick from interfering in his family. She claimed Rick had the classic Oedipus complex.

Brooke wondered when Taylor came up with the diagnosis - before or after she slept with Rick. Ridge told Brooke that he and Taylor were afraid of losing Steffy to Rick. Taylor wondered aloud how Brooke could be so blind to the fact that Rick was a troubled young man. Brooke stormed out of the office while Ridge told Taylor that Brooke couldn't see the side of Rick that everyone else saw. said that Brooke believed Rick was being thoughtful and trying to heal the family with his latest wishes to hold the wedding at Ridge and Brooke's sacred spot on the beach. Taylor countered that Rick was dangerous.

Taylor wondered how they would make Steffy see that Rick was out for revenge, but Ridge promised that she wouldn't have to battle Rick alone. He would never let Steffy marry Rick.

In Rick's office, Steffy searched the Macy's Web site for china patterns as she and Rick made out. It seemed for a minute that Steffy started to see Rick's manipulative side when she asked him if he and Ridge would always be fighting over something. Rick insisted that her parents would just have to accept them, but Steffy said her parents were worried about her, and they had a right to be worried.

Rick sweet-talked Steffy and they kissed. She wondered why others couldn't see how right their relationship was and how much in love they were. Steffy worried that it would always be Rick against her parents. He promised they would find a healing time.

Teary-eyed, Brooke walked in on them, and Rick wondered what had happened. She asked why he insisted that the beach was the place he had to marry Steffy, and that the world would have to accept it. Steffy disagreed and pointed out that she didn't want to be arguing with her parents the rest of her life.

Brooke said she knew that Ridge and Taylor were hoping that Steffy would change her mind. Brooke said she believed in Rick and Steffy. She believed that what they had was real, and promised to help with the wedding. But, she warned they had a battle ahead of them with Ridge and Taylor.

Brooke returned to Ridge's office and laid into Taylor, since Ridge was gone. Brooke insisted that Rick and Steffy were in love and fighting for something good. Taylor argued that she and Ridge would not allow Rick to steal another of their children. Brooke likened Taylor to Stephanie, who spent her entire life interfering in her children's lives.

Taylor wondered how Brooke changed from forbidding the relationship Rick had with Steffy-and even Taylor-to supporting it. Brooke told Taylor that she felt Rick and Steffy loved each other; she could see it. Taylor told Brooke she was living in a fairy tale.

Ridge visited Rick, and Rick continued happily irritating Ridge with every word. Rick talked about how he and Steffy were choosing china patterns and registering online for wedding and shower gifts. Ridge grabbed Rick and warned him that he would never marry Steffy. Rick told Ridge that he loved Ridge's little girl, and that she belonged to him. It was merely a benefit that it bothered Ridge so much.

Rick said he was stressed and planned a meeting in the steam room with Ridge's little girl to relieve the stress. After Rick walked out, Ridge smashed a picture of Rick and sneered.

At lunch, Pam and Stephanie celebrated Stephanie's good fortune at Jackie M with glasses of champagne. Pam told Stephanie that she wanted to join Stephanie at Jackie M, but Stephanie insisted that her sister needed to remain at Forrester. Pam said she couldn't wait until Eric and Donna found out where Stephanie was working. They laughed and Stephanie told her sister that she felt needed and alive again at Jackie M. Stephanie truly believed that she could use all her power and influence to turn Jackie M around.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ridge surprised Taylor at brunch by bringing Thomas and James as his special guests. Taylor was overjoyed to see her son and asked how his treatment was going. Thomas said the clinic was nice, but if she wanted a medical opinion, she would have to ask James. James gave Thomas the okay to share his progress. Thomas said he finally realized how enraged he was when he began attacking Rick.

Ridge said he was in the same spot, because Rick had brainwashed Brooke and Steffy and Ridge felt powerless to do anything about it. Ridge said he was becoming angrier by the day. Ridge added the Rick thought Ridge couldn't do anything about it, but added that Rick was wrong.

James was curious about why Brooke had failed to intervene in Rick's extreme behavior. Ridge answered that Rick was Brooke's flesh and blood, so she excused every bad thing he did. Thomas interjected and pleaded with his dad not to let Rick win. Thomas said there had to be a way to convince Steffy that what Rick offered her was not real love.

After James and Thomas left, Ridge and Taylor discussed options to convince Steffy to dump Rick. Taylor said it was too, and Steffy couldn't hear the way Rick spoke to Ridge when she wasn't around. The two of them decided that was a perfect idea, and worked on a plan to record Rick's threats to Ridge to play for Steffy later.

When Ridge started to leave, Taylor stopped him. Taylor wanted to make sure Ridge knew that if he and Brooke could not come to an agreement regarding Rick, he could always come to Taylor. Taylor said the happiest part of her life was the time she had with Ridge and her kids, and assured him that he was always in her heart.

Clarke and Owen listened at the door, eavesdropping on Stephanie and Jackie, and waited for a catfight to erupt. Bridget caught them in the act and scolded them for being childish. She then proceeded to take her stethoscope out of her briefcase, and said if they wanted to eavesdrop, they had to do it right.

Stephanie and Nick made offer after counteroffer and eventually reached an agreement that was beneficial to both parties. When Stephanie said the magic words, "We have a deal," the eavesdroppers in the hallway all shouted aloud with glee. Nick opened the door and found Owen, Bridget, and Clarke celebrating the news.

Clarke, Nick, Bridget, and Stephanie toasted their new deal with cheap whiskey served in Dixie® cups. Stephanie chuckled and asked why Jackie hadn't stayed to celebrate their "shotgun wedding." Bridget noticed that Owen had vanished, too.

Clarke and Stephanie reminisced about Sally Spectra. After the two swapped stories, she mentioned to Clarke that Sally's company was more of a family than the family company she had been kicked out of.

Clarke asked Stephanie if he would still have a job under her leadership. Clarke realized he was not one of the hot young designers she hoped to lure in. Clarke said he was just a guy who created clothes for women who couldn't afford designer fashions. Stephanie said that before she signed the contract, she made sure Nick knew that Clarke was untouchable; she did not want him fired. She said Clarke could be keeper of the flame and keep an eye on all the new talent.

Owen arrived at Jackie's apartment and accused her of avoiding him because he kissed her. Jackie denied it and said she had merely been busy. She said the kiss happened, and the two of them should move on. Owen probed a little deeper and asked Jackie if she really wanted to forget it happened and gave her his best "bedroom eyes" gaze.

Jackie asked Owen exactly where he saw things going between them. Owen said he didn't know, but he sure would like to see Jackie with her clothes off. Jackie supposed he meant he wanted a sexual fling. Owen said he wasn't sure exactly, and wondered why they had to decide where things were going before they even started. Jackie explained because it wouldn't be Owen who had people laughing at him when the two of them were seen in public together.

Owen suggested that if Jackie were afraid of the public's reaction, they could keep their relationship a secret. Jackie agreed that she had been humiliated in the press enough times in her life, and keeping it a secret worked fine for her. She told Owen she might agree to sleep with him, but she had no expectations for their relationship. She refused to get caught up in desire and passion for him. She told Owen if he wanted to see her with her clothes off, his clothes had to come off first. Owen obliged.

Katie and Donna stopped by Brooke's to chastise her for blowing off their workout class. Brooke said it had slipped her mind and she apologized. Her sisters asked what had her so distracted. Brooke explained that Rick wanted to marry Steffy at Point Dume, and Ridge was furious about it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

At lunch, Taylor got a surprise visit from Rick. He enlightened her that she should be supporting his relationship with Steffy because it was putting a wedge between Ridge and Brooke. Rick told Taylor that she would have him to thank if Ridge and Brooke broke up and it sent Ridge back to her. He wanted Ridge to get away from his mother because he hated Ridge.

Taylor pointed out that Rick had just admitted his hatred for Ridge and his desire to get back at Ridge. She was incredulous that Rick thought that was a good reason for her to support his pursuit of Steffy. Rick said he loved Steffy, but getting back at Ridge was a fringe benefit. Taylor said she didn't even know who Rick was anymore. Taylor said she couldn't believe what had happened to him.

Rick fired back that Taylor dumped him - that's what happened. He told her that he loved her more than she would ever know. She dumped him for "Ridgiculous" Ridge. Rick kept repeating Ridge's name and how much he hated "that man."

Taylor told Rick he needed to get some help, and he would never have her support in his efforts to marry Steffy. As he left, Rick told her she would be getting Ridge back one way or another.

At home in her bedroom, Brooke decided to seduce Ridge, but he wasn't in the mood. He told Brooke her son had pushed him to the limit and he could no longer keep his promise of trying to get along with Rick. He hated Rick. Brooke begged him not to say that he hated Rick, but Ridge said he had to tell the truth. Brooke said they couldn't let Rick come between them. Ridge said it was impossible, since she hadn't heard how Rick constantly taunted him about his relationship with Steffy.

Brooke restarted her seduction as she unbuttoned Ridge's shirt and whispered that nothing would ever come between them. Ridge sat up and said he couldn't stop thinking about how Rick was tormenting him. Ridge said he needed Brooke to stop wearing blinders and see her son for what he was. He was manipulating everyone and she had to stop him. Ridge repeated that she had to stop him for the sake of their relationship. Teary-eyed, Brooke stared at Ridge, but said nothing.

Still at lunch, Taylor daydreamed of Ridge kissing her and removing her clothes, but she came back to reality and left the restaurant.

At Jackie M, Stephanie wanted to meet with Nick and Jackie, but Jackie was nowhere to be found. Stephanie insisted that Nick call Jackie so they could get some business finished over the phone.

Meanwhile, Jackie was at home with Owen. She enjoyed some flirtations and told him he had to take his clothes off first if he ever wanted to see her naked. Owen stripped down to his black boxers, but Jackie didn't reciprocate. Instead, she toyed with him and pulled his trousers back up claiming they had work to do. Then she answered the phone call from Nick and Stephanie.

While Jackie sat in a chair and participated in the conference call, Owen massaged her back and her feet adding a few kisses along the way. Jackie's sighs were audible to Nick and Stephanie, but she claimed she wasn't feeling well.

The conference call continued with Jackie agreeing to all of Stephanie's demands for a new PR department and marketing. Jackie's concentration was only on Owen, who was massaging more than her legs and back. After they all hung up, Nick and Stephanie wondered what Jackie was coming down with that was making her so ill.

Stephanie met Thorne and Felicia for lunch so she could tell them that she had gotten a job. Thorne made fun of her getting a new career, and Felicia seemed skeptical. Stephanie admitted that she was working at Jackie M. Thorne and Felicia wondered why she would want to work there, since she hated Nick and Jackie. Felicia also wondered why they would hire her.

Stephanie explained that she would like to think they appreciated her connections and all her experience. Felicia noted that "Daddy" did not appreciate her. Stephanie replied that Eric had fired her.

They asked what Eric said about her new job, and Stephanie said he probably didn't know, but he would find out the following day when it was announced in the press.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rick dropped by and gave Brooke a wedding invitation to his and Steffy's wedding. He included a photo for her to post in the newspaper. Rick asked if Brooke and Ridge had been fighting again. Brooke assured Rick that Ridge would come around eventually. Brooke explained the only way their marriage could be at peace was if Ridge accepted Steffy and Rick's relationship, so she knew Ridge would give in.

Rick assured Brooke she was on the right side of that fight. Brooke said she wasn't on any side; she was caught in the middle between her husband and her son. She pointed out that Ridge was also in the middle between his love for Brooke and his hatred of Rick.

Rick asked her why Steffy's feelings didn't play into anyone's opinion. Brooke explained that Ridge was afraid Steffy would get hurt because of how the relationship between Rick and Steffy began. Rick said that was all in the past, and the only thing that mattered "in the present" was the way he and Steffy felt about one another.

Ridge told Taylor in no uncertain terms that he would not allow Rick to marry his daughter. Ridge said Steffy was their child, and he and Taylor had to protect Steffy from Rick. Taylor agreed and added that she only wished Brooke saw it that way, too.

Taylor said she didn't know what they could do to change Steffy's mind. Ridge said he needed to get Rick to shoot off his mouth and get him on tape. That way the rest of the family could hear what Ridge heard.

Taylor asked Ridge if that would be enough to change Steffy's mind about Rick. Ridge said yes, because the things Rick said to him made it clear he was only using Steffy. Ridge felt sure Steffy would not tolerate that sort of talk. Ridge explained that he had his laptop set up to record with the touch of one button, and he would get Rick on tape exposing himself for the kind of man he truly was.

Rick waltzed into Ridge's office and tossed a wedding invitation on Ridge's desk. Rick said Ridge would want to save the date, because whether Ridge liked it or not, Rick planned to marry Steffy. Ridge started recording Rick, and got the sort of thing he hoped he'd get.

Rick continued and said the dress Ridge designed for Steffy would look great on her, but it would look even better on the floor. Taylor overheard and barged in. She told Rick to shut his mouth and not disrespect Steffy that way. Rick said Taylor had her chance at him and blew it. Rick added that Taylor's loss was Steffy's gain. Sadly, after Rick left, Taylor and Ridge discovered the recording didn't work. They vowed to try again.

Rick came back to Ridge's office and launched back into his tirade. He asked Ridge how it felt for Rick to have his daughter, Steffy, wrapped around Rick's finger. Rick pointed out that there was nothing Ridge could do about it. He added that it was just like when Rick couldn't stop Ridge from hurting Brooke when Rick was a kid.

Rick said it was about time that Ridge knew how it felt to watch someone he loved being hurt over and over again, just like Ridge did to Brooke. Rick said Steffy wasn't Ridge's little girl anymore. Rick said he owned Steffy.

Ridge encouraged Rick to keep talking. Rick promised he would and said he had a lot more to stay to Ridge. Rick confessed that he absolutely hated Ridge and had never hated anyone before in his entire life. Ridge slyly recorded their entire conversation.

Nick rallied the staff and gave a pep talk to his team. Nick said Jackie M would usher in a new era of Los Angeles fashion. He added that he was very excited about the additions of Stephanie and Bridget to their team.

Eric, Donna, and Steffy crowded around a television in Eric's office to hear the big announcement coming out of Jackie M Designs. Eric assumed it would be the unveiling of Bridget as Madame X. Donna reminded him that the last Jackie M press conference blindsided Eric when they had stolen his designs. Eric felt certain they did not have any other tricks up their sleeves, and he already knew what they planned to announce.

Steffy asked where Thorne and Felicia were. Eric said he had invited them to view Jackie M's show, but they declined. Steffy supposed that it was because they were still angry that Eric fired their mom.

Donna said Stephanie had it coming. Donna added Forrester Creations was successful because of Eric, and Stephanie had nothing to do with it. Steffy rolled her eyes and bit her tongue at Donna's rude remarks about her grandma.

As the fashion show began, Madame X's designs were displayed on the runway to resounding applause. Eric was wowed by what he saw. Steffy didn't understand why Eric was so happy about the success of his competition.

Jackie walked out on stage after the last model exited the runway. She asked the press and audience to save some applause for the woman who designed that fabulous collection. When Jackie introduced Bridget Forrester was Madame X, the crowd went wild with gasps and applause. On the other side of town, Eric beamed with pride at his daughter's success.

Jackie explained they had another surprise, and a reporter asked what could possibly top having a Forrester on board at Jackie M. Jackie said "Having two Forresters!" Eric looked deeply puzzled and wondered who the second Forrester could possibly be.

Jackie proceeded to titillate the reporters with a long introduction of the mystery person behind the curtain. Jackie said the person behind the curtain knew more about fashion than anyone else in the room, and was the Grand Dame of L.A. fashion. When Stephanie emerged onto the stage, the audience was delighted, cheering and whistling at the sight of Stephanie Forrester.

Stephanie explained she was let go at Forrester Creations by people who felt she could no longer make a valuable contribution to fashion. Stephanie said she disagreed with their assessment of her. Stephanie thanked Nick and Jackie Marone for seeing her worth and bringing her into their company.

Stephanie said she wanted to make it clear that Jackie M was open for business. She invited all hot, young, fresh, and undiscovered designers to "come and show" Jackie M Designs their work. Stephanie added that they wanted to become L.A.'s premiere fashion house for up-and-coming designers. Her final words, spoken directly into the camera, were aimed at Eric-"Eat your heart out, Honey Bear."

Eric's jaw nearly hit the floor. Donna asked if Eric was all right, and he most certainly was not. Donna tried to console Eric. She said that it was just a gimmick. Donna added that while Stephanie knew her stuff about fashion, she was not a miracle worker. Donna predicted that the "band of misfits" at Jackie M would never be serious competition for Forrester Creations.

Owen congratulated Bridget on her great success. Bridget said it hadn't really sunken in yet. The two hugged, and Owen held on to her a little too long. After Bridget walked away, Owen made a beeline to Jackie and worked his charm and magic on her. When Jackie asked if Owen thought Bridget's designs were gorgeous, he agreed, but noted they weren't as gorgeous as Jackie. He leaned in and kissed her hard.

Jackie and Owen brought champagne to the Jackie M staff, and Nick, Jackie, Owen, Bridget, and Stephanie toasted the success of their new joint venture and the future of Jackie M. Nick warmly thanked Stephanie for her great timing and help. The two of them joined hands and smiled bright smiles filled with hope.

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