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Monday, April 27, 2009

Brooke admitted that Rick's words on the recording were hateful, but she also blasted Ridge for entrapping Rick. She told her husband that it had been wrong to goad Rick. Brooke wanted to know Ridge if he had been out to get Rick from the start. Ridge said that he couldn't let Steffy be ruined by Rick. He agreed that he and Logan had not been on the same page when it came to Rick. Ridge felt it was his duty as a father to expose Rick and open Steffy's eyes.

Brooke was furious that Ridge and Taylor had conspired to trap Rick. Taylor and Ridge couldn't understand why Brooke couldn't see things from their point of view. When Taylor said she and Ridge were justified in their actions, Brooke countered that Taylor was using the situation to get Ridge back. Brooke didn't think what was happening was really about Steffy at all. Brooke thought Taylor's attempts to steal Ridge back from her were pathetic.

Fed up with Taylor, Brooke walked out. Ridge went after her.

At the beach house, Stephanie comforted Steffy and offered to pack up for her. Steffy said that wanted to do it herself because it was a way for her to exorcise Rick once and for all. Suddenly, Rick burst in through the front door and called to Steffy. Stephanie came up behind him and said he should leave Steffy alone so she could pack up her things and move out.

Stephanie reminded Rick that she warned him that this would happen. Rick responded that he may have lost Steffy, but Ridge and Brooke's marriage was on shaky ground and that made him very happy. Steffy came back to the room with her suitcase. Rick tried to apologize to her, but Steffy wouldn't listen to him. Stephanie told Rick to leave with what little dignity he had left. After he was gone, Steffy cried into her grandmother's arms.

Back at Taylor's, Thomas made a surprise visit home. He reported that Dr. Warwick was pleased with his progress. Thomas was thrilled to hear from Taylor that Steffy had broken up with Rick. Stephanie and Steffy showed up and Thomas asked if it was true. Steffy nodded her head and then she and Thomas went to unpack her bags, since she was moving home. Stephanie asked Taylor about Thomas' progress and was relieved that he was getting back to normal.

Alone with Taylor, Stephanie wondered if what Rick said about Ridge and Brooke's marriage being on the rocks was true. Taylor said it was and she was concerned about Ridge's welfare. Taylor told Stephanie that she urged Ridge to dump Brooke and return to her. Stephanie smiled approvingly.

Brooke and Ridge had a heart-to-heart talk at home. Ridge asked Brooke if they could refrain from discussing Rick for the night. Just then, Rick appeared from the kitchen eating a sandwich. He said he was there to give Steffy space.

Ridge wanted Rick to leave, but Rick said he wasn't going anywhere. He was staying in his mother's home. Ridge told Brooke to throw Rick out, but she wouldn't do that. Ridge accused Rick of playing her, but Brooke denied that was what was going on. Ridge walked out saying he would not spend the night under the same roof as "Little Ricky."

After Ridge had gone, Brooke asked Rick why he didn't go to his father, and why had he come to her house where he put Brooke back in the middle between Ridge and Rick. He claimed that he came to her because he knew she supported him and he needed her to stick by him. Brooke wondered if Rick ever really accepted her marriage to Ridge or if he was trying to ruin things for her. She questioned Rick's true feelings and worried about losing Ridge. She told Rick that she didn't want to be alone.

Rick assured his mother that she would never be alone because he would always be in her life. Brooke was unhappy that Ridge had walked out on her because of Rick and she feared that the problems with Rick might destroy her marriage. Rick hugged his mother and said he'd stick by her side like she'd stuck by him.

Ridge ended up back at Taylor's. Taylor revealed to Thomas and Steffy that Ridge had needed to negotiate with Rick to keep Thomas out of jail. Steffy was stunned to hear how Rick had manipulated the situation in his favor. She was impressed at how her father had been willing to do anything for her and Thomas.

Steffy asked Ridge to spend the night at home with her, Thomas, and Taylor. Taylor brought up memories of Phoebe, and then Thomas and Steffy suggested that they spend the night together watching a movie as a family. While Taylor drove the kids to the video store to rent a DVD, Stephanie and Ridge stayed behind.

Stephanie reminded Ridge that all the peace and joy of his adult life had always been when he was with Taylor and their children. She didn't blame Brooke, but she did say that Rick was a destructive troublemaker. Stephanie asked Ridge if he wasn't tired of all the drama with Brooke. Ridge didn't answer. Stephanie acknowledged that Ridge loved Brooke, but she also contended that he would never have peace and contentment until he left her for good.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thomas and Steffy teased one another over breakfast as Thomas stole food off Steffy's plate and Steffy twisted his arm. Ridge and Taylor smiled as they walked in and enjoyed the family scene.

At Brooke's, things weren't quite so rosy as Rick suggested to Brooke that Ridge spent the night at Taylor's since he wasn't at home. Brooke said she didn't know that for sure. Rick rudely told his mom that Ridge and Taylor were probably celebrating that they had finally broken Rick and Steffy's engagement. He added that Ridge would probably leave Brooke over the incident.

Brooke sharply accused Rick of wanting to see Brooke and Ridge apart. Rick disagreed, and said he just wanted Steffy back. He said that he was going to go and see her. Brooke warned him to stay away from Steffy, and she told him that his lost love was his own fault. Brooke recalled that she advised him earlier that his relationship with Steffy would never work.

Ridge called and told Brooke he was at Taylor's house. He asked how Hope and RJ were. Brooke told him that she told the kids Ridge went to work early. Brooke had tears in her eyes as she listened to Ridge tell her that their marriage was damaged.

Ridge wanted Brooke to listen to the recordings of Rick's rants, but she refused. Brooke told Ridge that Rick had already explained what Ridge made Rick say on tape. Ridge was incredulous that Brooke still didn't get it. He tried to explain that no one made Rick say anything. He begged her to see the truth.

Ridge told her that he wanted to return home and sleep in their bed, but he didn't plan on it if Rick was still there. He told her he also planned to ask Eric to fire Rick. Brooke begged him not to do it, but Ridge said he would see her at work.

Looking distraught, Brooke hung up and told Rick that Ridge wanted him out of the company, and Rick encouraged Brooke to stand up to Ridge for once in her life.

Taylor called Stephanie and told her how nice it was to have her family together, and Stephanie agreed. She pointedly asked if Ridge had spent the night, and Taylor said he slept in the guest room. When Stephanie suggested Taylor could change that, Taylor confided that she would respect that Ridge was a married man,

The family started talking, and Steffy wondered how they would cancel everything for the wedding. Ridge and Taylor told her they would take care of it, but Steffy worried that they wouldn't get deposits back on many of the things they had reserved. Thomas said it was a small price to pay, and he told his family that he was glad that Rick was out of their family forever. Ridge told the family that he would always be available to them even though he didn't live with Taylor. He had two families and he assured Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas that they needed to turn to him when they had a problem.

At Jackie M, Jackie, Bridget, and Nick waltzed into Stephanie's office, and Jackie said the company got another mention in Eye on Fashion magazine, but as Jackie pulled the magazine out of her bag, she was distraught because the cover story was about Bill Spencer's death. Stephanie chastised herself for not staying in touch with Bill. She mentioned that Bill had sent a nice email congratulating her on her new job at Jackie M. Jackie, Nick, and Bridget expressed condolences as Jackie noted that Bill had at one time run Spectra and worked in Stephanie's office.

Stephanie realized the funeral was that day. She wished she had called Bill instead of just saying she was going to get around to it. Stephanie called Bill's daughter, Karen, the twin sister of the late Caroline Spencer who was once married to Ridge.

She offered to help Karen in any way she could. Karen told Stephanie that her father's health had deteriorated rapidly in the previous few months. She added that he had spent a lot of time making arrangements. At one point, Karen said Bill told her to get a hold of Stephanie after his death.

Karen shared that Bill had a lot of respect for Stephanie. Stephanie assumed that Karen would be running the company from her New York office, but Karen said she figured it would be a man. She said her father was old-fashioned and wanted only boys in the boardroom.

Stephanie said she often thought about Caroline and the fact that if Caroline had lived, she and Ridge would still be together and there would be no Brooke issues to deal with.

When Stephanie was alone, Eric came to visit her and shared that he had heard about Bill Spencer's death. Eric said that he and Donna agreed that Eric should attend the funeral with Stephanie. Stephanie smugly told Eric that the only reason he was there was because he wanted to appear in public with Stephanie.

She told him she was not his wife, nor his friend. She was a competitor, and she did not want him to accompany her anywhere. She wanted him to get out. Eric said he didn't know what to say, and she told him, "Goodbye will suffice."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Katie mentioned details of Bill Spencer's funeral to Brooke, but Brooke was lost in a fog and didn't seem to hear her. Katie wondered what was wrong, and Brooke confessed that Ridge had not come home the night before. Katie said things were obviously bad between them if Ridge had moved into a hotel. Brooke corrected her sister and said Ridge was staying with Taylor, not in a hotel.

Ridge stopped by to visit Eric and was noticeably cross with Eric about the way he had treated Stephanie. Eric asked if Ridge had an axe of his own to grid, or was only there to repeat Thorne and Felicia's talking points.

Donna interrupted before Ridge got the chance to respond and said she had been invited to the reading of the will for Bill Spencer and wondered what it meant. Ridge noted it would be uncomfortable for Donna to have to explain exactly what her relationship was with Bill Spencer.

After Donna left, Ridge continued and said Eric should have fired Rick instead of Stephanie. Eric said Ridge should be nicer to Rick, since Rick was about to become his son-in-law. Ridge brought Eric up to speed and played the recording of Rick ranting about using Steffy for revenge. Eric was shocked by the things he heard Rick say about Steffy.

Ridge insisted that Eric fire Rick once and for all, but Eric refused. Eric said he stood by his original decision and he was determined that his two sons would find a way to work together. Ridge promised Eric that would never happen.

Later, while talking to Brooke, Ridge said Rick was out to get him and wanted Ridge and Brooke's marriage to fail. Brooke suggested that Taylor wanted their marriage to fail, too. Brooke pointed out that Ridge didn't go to a hotel when he left, but to Taylor's house. Brooke thought the only reason Taylor took such a hard line on Rick was to drive a wedge between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke said Taylor knew there was tension between her and Ridge over Rick and played it to her advantage.

Ridge went home, and Brooke assured him that Rick had moved back to the beach house. Brooke said that Rick and Steffy had broken up, and that Steffy had moved out of the beach house. She asked Ridge if that was enough. Ridge said no, he wanted Rick fired, too. Brooke said she did not understand. Since Rick and Steffy called off the wedding, Brooke didn't understand why Ridge wanted Rick to be fired.

Pam called and said she had some important papers for Ridge to sign. He said it wasn't a good time and promised he would sign them the next day. Pam tried to tell him they had to be signed immediately, but Ridge had already hung up.

Karen walked into Stephanie's office at Jackie M and thanked Stephanie for allowing them to use her office to read Bill Spencer's will. Stephanie said it was not a problem. Karen noted it would have tickled Bill to see Stephanie behind the desk in the old Spectra offices. Karen mentioned Ridge and Brooke's last marriage and was surprised they had remarried. Stephanie said it was going as well as could be expected.

The lawyer, Clarke, and Donna arrived for the reading of the will. Bill left each of them a gift. Donna was given a bejeweled box and a note that said the contents expressed what she had brought to Bill's life. The box was empty. Clarke and Stephanie chuckled under their breath.

Bill's gift to Clarke was a gold medal for fashion design. But on further examination, it was a chocolate medal covered in gold with a note that said "This medal is as fake as your designs." To Karen and her brother, Bill Jr., he left each 50% of his company to run.

Stephanie wondered why Bill wanted her at the reading. After everyone else left, Karen handed Stephanie a letter and said her dad asked her to give it to Stephanie in private.

The letter commended Stephanie both personally and as a businesswoman and expressed Bill's respect for her. Bill's letter asked Stephanie to look over his daughter, Karen, as she had once done with his daughter, Caroline. He wanted to make sure his daughter had someone to lean on. The letter moved Stephanie.

Karen said her dad never got over losing Caroline. Stephanie made sure that Karen knew that when she had spoken to Bill, it was Karen he talked about, and bragged about. Karen beamed when she heard those words of encouragement. Karen said Stephanie had been a good friend to their family and if she or Spencer Publishing could ever do anything for Stephanie, Stephanie only had to say the word. Stephanie said she just might take Karen up on that and got a sly grin across her face.

Thomas lamented to Taylor about how right it felt to have Ridge back home with them. Taylor said she believed Ridge felt comforted to be with them. Thomas wondered whether he liked it enough to stay.

Taylor said Brooke and Ridge were having problems like all marriages did, but they would get past it, and Ridge would go back to Brooke. Taylor wished she had fought harder to save her marriage to Ridge when he first wanted to leave, but felt that ship had sailed.

Stephanie stopped by and overheard Taylor's thoughts about failing to fight for Ridge in the past. Stephanie said she should fight for Ridge "now" and encouraged Taylor to do whatever she needed to do to get Ridge back.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

by Pam

At Taylor's house, Stephanie encouraged Taylor to make a play for Ridge, but Taylor said Ridge was married, and Taylor wasn't going to interfere. Taylor said she believed in marriage and refused to pursue a married man because she had too much self-respect.

Stephanie continued to encourage Taylor, but Taylor refused to spend her life waiting and hoping that a dream would come true. Taylor admitted, however, that she wanted Ridge back.

Stephanie warned Taylor to be vigilant because Stephanie was sure that Rick would be sniffing around Steffy again. Stephanie told Taylor that if Rick came after Steffy again, it would be the undoing of Ridge and Brooke's marriage.

At Brooke's, Brooke and Ridge argued about Rick's interference in their lives. Brooke pointed out that, as a couple, they had their differences, but Brooke said she couldn't understand why Ridge had to spend the night at Taylor's house. Brooke worried that Ridge ran off to Taylor's every time that they had an argument.

Ridge defended himself and said that he went to Taylor's to spend time with his kids. Brooke said she was sure that Taylor would do anything to get Ridge back, but Ridge said he was committed to Brooke and that Taylor was concerned about her family. Brooke wondered why Ridge always defended Taylor.

Brooke said that Ridge and Taylor had teamed up against Rick, and she thought it was unfair that they set Rick up. Ridge said it had to be done to get Rick out of Steffy's life. Brooke worried that Ridge was getting pleasure out of Rick's unhappiness.

Ridge confirmed that he wanted Rick our of Steffy's life and out of Forrester. Ridge said he felt Rick should be back in Paris. Brooke refused to banish Rick from the country and abandon him. She reminded him that Eric would not support firing Rick.

She said that Ridge and Taylor had broken Rick and Steffy up, and that should be enough. Ridge told her that he knew Rick wouldn't stop there. He reminded Brooke that Rick had taken advantage of both of his daughters and their mother. Brooke scoffed that he mentioned Taylor again. Ridge said that Taylor was a victim of Rick's vengeance. Brooke said that Taylor was a grown woman and a psychiatrist. Brooke felt Taylor had taken advantage of Rick.

Ridge said that Rick continued to affect Ridge's marriage to Brooke, and he worried that Brooke refused to open her eyes to what her son continued to do to people. He added that until Brooke realized what Rick had done, Ridge didn't think they could get back together. He wondered if Brooke blamed herself for Rick's actions.

Brooke said she didn't give Rick a stable home as a child, and she did blame herself for the way he was acting. Ridge said that Bridget wasn't raised with her father and mother in the same house, but she turned out fine.

Brooked finally admitted that she couldn't see Rick's faults. Ridge said she was just a little misguided because she tried to see the good in everyone. Ridge said Brooke needed to recognize that it was time to cut the apron strings with Rick. Rick had to take responsibility for his actions.

Ridge wanted to get away from everyone and go back to the beach where they were married. Brooke noted that her son would always be in their lives. Brooke said they would have to weather the storm.

Brooke noted that one positive was that Rick and Steffy weren't together anymore. She hoped that would alleviate some of their problems. Ridge said he hoped Rick stayed away from Steffy. Brooke said she would ensure that Rick stayed away from Steffy. Brooke promised that she would not support Rick and Steffy in any way. Ridge kissed her, and as he hugged her, Brooke looked thoughtful.

At Forrester, Pam chastised herself for making a huge mistake and told herself that she never should have been responsible for something so important. Stephanie showed up at the office, and Pam told her she had made a really big mistake.

Pam admitted that her eyesight was bad and her typing had gotten worse as she aged. Pam said she was screwing everything up, and she told Stephanie that she typed in the wrong dates and social security numbers on Ridge and Brooke's marriage license.

Stephanie had no idea what Pam was talking about. Pam recalled that Ridge and Brooke's wedding on the beach was not official, so they went to the courthouse to have a legal wedding.

Pam had filled out the paperwork for them, and just received a notice that the license was invalid and their application had been rejected. Stephanie laughed and said it was a miracle. She hugged her sister and looked elated when she realized that Brooke and Ridge were not legally married.

At Taylor's, Taylor looked at a photo of her family in happier times. She recalled many romantic moments with Ridge, and told herself how much she wanted him back. She fantasized about being in bed with Ridge. In her fantasy, Ridge was telling her that his life with Brooke was one disaster after another. He promised that he and Taylor would never again be apart.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Stephanie was downright gleeful when she discovered Pam's clerical error meant Ridge and Brooke weren't legally married. Stephanie begged Pam not to tell Ridge that his marriage license hadn't been filed. When Ridge arrived and asked about the papers Pam wanted him to sign, Pam lied and said she realized the papers she needed signed were for Eric.

After Ridge left, Pam asked Stephanie why she asked Pam to keep quiet about Ridge and Brooke's license. Stephanie said Pam's error could have saved Ridge's life. He was not legally married to Brooke and Stephanie was delighted. She asked Pam to shred all the copies of the document and not to let anyone know about it. Stephanie said if Ridge was not legally married to Brooke, Stephanie might be able to get rid of the Logan girls forever.

Brooke walked in on Stephanie and mentioned that Stephanie promised she would never return to Forrester. Stephanie said she had a chance to stop by to congratulate Ridge, so she took it. Brooke asked what she was congratulating Ridge about. Stephanie said because Brooke's son was no longer engaged to Steffy. Brooke rolled her eyes. Stephanie discreetly folded Brooke's rejected marriage license into its manila envelope.

Stephanie said it was a good thing Ridge married Brooke when he did, before all the problems with Rick came up. Stephanie supposed if they weren't already married, Ridge wouldn't propose in the "current climate." Brooke said that didn't matter; they were already married and committed to one another.

Stephanie pointed out that Brooke seemed very comfortable and safe in her relationship with Ridge. Brooke said the two of them were together for life, and Stephanie needed to accept it. Brooke said even though Ridge didn't care for her son, Rick, and Brooke didn't care for Ridge's mom, they would stay together. Brooke said Stephanie was no longer the Forrester matriarch ruling the company and the family.

Stephanie argued that she was still the Forrester matriarch, even though Eric had picked up a trophy wife along the way. Stephanie said no one would accept Donna in that role. Brooke said she actually felt that she had stepped into Stephanie's role. Brooke continued that she and Ridge were Forrester's signature couple. Stephanie chuckled that Brooke actually believed that.

Brooke said she realized Stephanie wanted her precious Taylor to be Ridge's wife, but things hadn't panned out. Brooke said she was Mrs. Ridge Forrester, "today, tomorrow, and forever." Stephanie smiled smugly as she clutched the discarded marriage license behind her back.

Brooke said it was time for Stephanie to leave. Stephanie told Brooke "when you think you have everything, sometimes you get sloppy." Stephanie said people forgot to cross their "t's" and dot their "i's and woke one day to discover they weren't who they thought they were. Brooke looked puzzled as she tried to translate Stephanie's cryptic message.

Ridge arrived in Brooke's office and caught her looking at a photo of their wedding on the beach. Brooke admitted that she had been fighting with his mother. Ridge said Brooke should not let Stephanie bait her. Brooke said Stephanie was angry that they got married, but they were married and nothing would ever come between them. Ridge agreed that their marriage would last forever and no one could tear them apart.

Thorne went to the reception desk to talk to Aunt Pam. He mentioned that she had transposed some numbers on forms. Pam admitted her clerical skills were lacking, but added sometimes that worked out for the best. Thorne shook his head; he didn't understand what Pam was talking about and didn't care enough to ask. Pam took a piece of lingerie from the "Brooke's Bedroom" line and pushed it through the paper shredder.

Pam said no one cared about her crocheted bikinis anymore and only cared about lingerie. Thorne said that two of the Logan women had married into the family and, like it or not, they had input. When Thorne walked away, Pam said not as many Logans had married into the family as Thorne thought.

Thorne went to Ridge's office and talked about Rick. Thorne was happy that Steffy was not going to marry Rick. Thorne asked Ridge how the Rick issue affected his marriage to Brooke. Ridge responded that in their younger days, it would have broken them up, but they had mellowed with age. Brooke and Ridge understood one another and were able to deal with their differences, even with an issue as charged as Rick.

Thorne said Ridge was lucky, because he had that understanding with two women. Ridge looked puzzled. Thorne explained that Ridge also had a deep connection to Taylor. It was almost like Ridge was married to two women, Thorne said, but mentioned one was legal and one was not.

Taylor leafed through an old photo album filled with photos of her wedding to Ridge. She whispered to the photo of Ridge and wondered how she had allowed him to get away. Taylor whispered more sweet nothings to her photo album and wished she had done things differently.

Stephanie went home and saw Taylor looking through the old photos. Stephanie said perhaps those happy times would return. Taylor asked Stephanie why she was pushing her to break up Ridge and Brooke's marriage when she knew it was against her moral values. Taylor said Ridge and Brooke were married and she and Stephane had to accept that. Stephanie said maybe they didn't and Taylor looked puzzled.

Stephanie commended Taylor on her moral fiber. Stephanie knew Taylor would never actively pursue a married man. Stephanie explained it didn't matter because Brooke and Ridge were not legally married. That way, Stephanie explained, Taylor could pursue Ridge with a clear conscience.

Taylor's jaw dropped in disbelief. Stephanie pulled the crumpled marriage license stamped invalid from behind her back and Taylor smiled.

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