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Monday, May 4, 2009

Stephanie gleefully showed Taylor the invalid marriage license that proved Brooke and Ridge weren't legally married.

Taylor assumed Stephanie had botched the paperwork intentionally. Stephanie denied it, and explained that Pam had messed up the Social Security numbers when she filled out the paperwork. Taylor said it was just an accident, and Stephanie said there was no such thing as accidents.

Taylor said the paperwork was just a glitch that could be easily fixed; it didn't change anything. Stephanie pointed out that Rick had changed the relationship between Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie said Ridge would not be able to continue to live with Brooke as long as she took the side of the son that killed Ridge's daughter.

Stephanie encouraged Taylor to hang onto the invalid marriage license until the next time Brooke and Ridge fought about Rick. Stephanie said if Taylor waited to spring it on him until the timing was right, it would make it easy for Ridge to walk away from Brooke. Stephanie assured Taylor that Rick would not be able to keep his distance from Steffy.

Taylor said she would do just that. If Rick continued to pursue her daughter, she would tell Ridge he wasn't really married to Brooke. Taylor said she would fight for Ridge, and announced that she would win.

Steffy stopped by to visit her dad. Brooke made a point of letting Steffy know she was sorry for the things Rick had said about Steffy. Brooke said Steffy did the right thing by ending her relationship with Rick. Brooke prayed the turn of events would be a wake-up call for her son.

After Brooke left, Steffy told her dad how stupid she felt for being taken in by Rick. Ridge said she had no reason to feel bad. Ridge said Rick was a train wreck, and anyone who got into his path got hurt. Ridge assured Steffy that someone who was better for her would come along one day.

Just then, Marcus came in and offered his sympathy to Steffy for her breakup with Rick. Marcus reminded her to stay away from Rick. He continued that if Steffy gave Rick half a chance, he would smooth talk his way out of things again. Ridge looked at Marcus and smiled.

Marcus and Ridge tag teamed and made it clear to Steffy that she could have nothing else to do with Rick. She asked them if they really thought Rick was that big of a head case, and they said yes. After the two of them left, Steffy thought about their words, but the words were drowned out by the happy memories of the time she spent with Rick, which played like a romance movie over and over in her head.

Brooke stopped by Rick's office to check on him. Rick wanted desperately to talk to Steffy and try to explain the things he'd said. Brooke convinced him to let it go, but Rick reminded Brooke that Ridge set him up to say those things in the first place.

Brooke chided Rick for trying to blame Ridge for the vile things he had said. Brooke demanded that Rick take responsibility for his actions and words. Rick refused. He dug his heels in and said he never would have said those things without Ridge goading him into it.

Brooke said that for months she did what Rick wanted, and it nearly cost Brooke her marriage to Ridge. Brooke said it was Rick's turn to do what she wanted, and what she wanted was for Rick to stay away from Steffy. Brooke explained that her marriage was on the line and she didn't want to lose Ridge to Rick's games.

Rick said Steffy didn't want anything to do with him, and of course he would never force himself on her. Rick said instead he would try to better himself so he could become the man Steffy wanted.

Brooke looked as though her head might explode. She asked Rick if he heard her say that he had to stay away from Steffy. She reminded Rick that her marriage to Ridge wasn't bulletproof. Brooke was still in love with Ridge and didn't want her marriage to end because Rick wouldn't leave Steffy alone. Brooke demanded Rick keep his distance from Steffy.

Owen and Jackie were locked in a passionate embrace in Jackie's office until a knock at the door brought them back to reality. A meeting at Jackie M brought news of success, and a good set of sales numbers for the "Madame X" line of clothing. Jackie attributed that to Owen's "special contributions" and announced that she was giving Owen a promotion. Everyone looked surprised, including Owen.

Nick pointed out to Jackie that normally they made decisions on staffing together. Jackie said Nick had been busy, so she made the decision to promote Owen alone. She said his new title was Chief of Staff.

Bridget tracked Owen down after the meeting ended and asked Owen to cook her dinner. She said she would bring the salad and would show up at Owen's house at 7:00 p.m. Owen said he had to check with the boss to make sure he didn't have to work late. He asked Bridget if she was sure she wanted to get together and, as an answer, she kissed him. Jackie saw the kiss, and instead of being jealous, smiled at the sight of the two of them.

Jackie confessed to Owen that she had seen him kissing Bridget. She assured him it wasn't a problem for her. Jackie said she believed Bridget was still in love with her son, Nick, and was only using Owen to make Nick jealous. Owen said maybe things had changed.

Jackie encouraged Owen to go ahead and date Bridget; Jackie said Bridget was a lovely young woman. Jackie suggested Owen give her a reason to believe they could continue with their arrangement even if he chose to date Bridget. She locked her office door and unbuttoned her shirt as Owen moved towards her.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

by Pam

Owen and Jackie were flirting again at his house, but Owen said he had a date with Bridget. After Owen changed, Jackie kissed him passionately, and told him to enjoy himself. He was shocked that Jackie could be so romantic with him when she knew he was about to spend the evening with another woman.

Jackie said she knew that Owen's relationship with Bridget would never go anywhere because Nick and Bridget still had feelings for each other. She said it was only a matter of time before they got back together. Owen disagreed and said that Bridget had asked him to cook her dinner, proving that Bridget was interested in him.

At Jackie M, Bridget tried on bikinis for her date with Owen. Nick walked in and wondered what she was doing. She told him she was trying on bikinis for her date. Nick asked whom she was going out with, and Bridget told him it was Owen. Nick appeared miffed, and Bridget ignored him, but Nick teased that maybe Bridget should wear one of the more modest swimsuits rather than a bikini.

Bridget reminded Nick that he was marrying Aunt Katie, and she wondered if they had set a date. Nick admitted that he had been too busy getting Jackie M back on solid financial ground to worry about a wedding. Bridget said the company was doing well, so he should find time. He noted that she should design her own line of bikinis. Bridget told Nick that she wasn't the only one impressed by Owen. Bridget said that Jackie seemed quite impressed.

Bridget arrived at Owen's place with a salad, and they cozied up in front of the fire. As they drank wine, Bridget shared that it was her first real date since her divorce. Owen said he'd try to make it special, and asked if she wanted to go for a swim.

Bridget recalled the last time they were together with surfboards. Owen pretended he didn't remember. Bridget reminded him by massaging his shoulder and pointing out where had cut his arm and needed first aid. She remembered pouring tequila on the wound. Bridget got close to kissing him, and asked if he remembered the kiss they shared. Then, she passionately kissed him.

At Forrester, Katie, Brooke, and Donna met about what to do regarding Stephanie and Bridget working for Jackie M. The Logan sisters joked that they were all glad to see Stephanie go. But, conversation turned serious when Katie and Donna wondered why Bridget would go to work for the competition. Brooke said she was as surprised as everyone else was.

Donna and Katie couldn't believe that no one, especially Brooke, knew that Bridget wanted to leave her medical career for fashion. Brooke admitted that she had no idea. Donna and Katie wondered why she wouldn't go to work with her family. Brooke conjectured that Bridget didn't want to be in her family's shadow.

Katie got smarmy and said that it was odd that Bridget dismissed her family and went to work for her ex-husband. Brooke and Donna wondered if Katie felt threatened, and Katie said she didn't, but she added that perhaps Bridget wasn't over Nick.

Brooke left for a meeting, and Katie noted that Brooke always left for a meeting whenever Nick's name came up. Donna told Katie to stop worrying, since she was wearing a giant engagement ring from Nick. Donna reminded Katie that she had been engaged since the holidays. Katie responded that they still had not set a wedding date.

Jackie visited Nick and wondered why an entire rack of bikinis was in the office. Nick said that Bridget was looking through them before her date. He thought he would surprise his mother when he told her that Owen was Bridget's date, but Jackie said she already knew. Jackie added that Nick seemed jealous. Nick reminded his mother that he was engaged to Katie, and Jackie noted that he wasn't married yet. Nick said he had been busy working on Jackie M's finances.

Jackie left, and Nick started to smile as he remembered numerous romantic moments with Bridget. Brooke interrupted as she walked in and asked him why he hadn't married Katie yet. She wondered if he still had feelings for Bridget, and why Bridget went to work for her ex-husband.

Nick told Brooke to stay out of his personal life. He suggested Brooke talk to Bridget about Bridget's career path. Brooke continued that she didn't want Nick hurting her sister or her daughter. She added that Bridget would still be married to Nick if he and Katie hadn't been intimate.

Brooke told Nick that she doubted he ever intended to marry Katie at all. She guessed that if Bridget asked Nick to get together again, he would take her back in an instant. Nick looked puzzled.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brooke pushed Nick for an answer about why he hadn't set a date to marry Katie. Brooke asked Nick point-blank if he would go back to Bridget if she would forgive him. Nick said it didn't matter, because he knew Bridget would never be able to forgive him. Brooke reminded Nick that Bridget had a habit of forgiveness and following her heart.

Nick informed Brooke that Bridget was dating someone else. Brooke seemed surprised and asked whom Bridget was seeing. Nick said Owen, and Brooke was surprised to hear it and asked Nick if it was a new relationship. Nick said Owen was indeed new, and Owen's cologne even smelled like a new Maserati. Brooke said Nick sounded annoyed and asked if he was jealous.

Nick admitted he still had feelings for Bridget and noted a guy didn't marry a woman twice just because he ran out of ideas. Nick suggested that Brooke just say what she came to say and then leave. Brooke said she came to ask Nick to leave Bridget alone. Brooke reminded Nick he had hurt Bridget more than once and Brooke didn't want her daughter to be hurt again.

Nick asked Brooke to leave and said he wanted to go home. Brooke asked Nick not to call Bridget on his way home. Nick again mentioned to Brooke that Bridget wasn't interested in him and was dating someone else. Nick burned his bridges with Bridget not once but twice, he reminded Brooke. Brooke explained that sometimes when two people were connected, the hurts of the past didn't matter; they would always feel connected to one another and get back together time and time again.

Owen and Bridget were locked in a passionate embrace, kissing on the sofa. Owen asked Bridget if she was offended that he hadn't stopped when he asked her to, and she feigned disgust. The two laughed. He began to undress her and she stopped him. Owen was confused because he thought they were heading toward making love. Bridget said she was fine kissing him, but wasn't ready to take the next step.

Owen was hurt and asked what he did wrong. Bridget assured Owen that he hadn't done anything wrong and he hadn't misread her signals. Bridget said everyone had a point of no return sexually and she realized Owen had almost reached his. She wanted to stop before they went too far.

Bridget said she was never one to leap before she looked. Bridget explained she wanted to have a foundation of trust and feel safe in the relationship before she took the next step, and they were just getting to know one another. Owen accepted her feelings and said he was not in any hurry; he merely wanted to convince Bridget that he was worth a second look. She smiled a radiant smile and said she already knew Owen was worth a second look or she wouldn't be at his home. She thanked him for a wonderful evening. He kissed her again and the two looked longingly at one another as she slowly back out the door.

Brooke stopped by to visit Katie and found her to be confused and insecure about her relationship with Nick. Katie mentioned that Nick worked a lot of late nights with Bridget, and it bothered her. Katie said she had to face the facts; if Nick were a trustworthy man, he wouldn't be with Katie at all because the two connected while Nick was still married to Bridget. Katie continued that Bridget was no ordinary ex-wife; Nick had married her not once, but twice. Katie said it was karma paying her back for wrecking Nick and Bridget's marriage.

Broke asked Katie if she had expressed her feelings to Nick. Katie said of course she hadn't, Nick had no idea how he felt. Brooke tried to comfort Katie and explained that Bridget was on a date with another man.

Brooke asked Katie if that made Katie feel better. Katie admitted it did not make her feel better. She said the only reason Bridget was dating another man was because Katie had stolen Bridget's life.

Bridget went back to Jackie M and sat down to work. When she turned on the light, she discovered Nick was standing by the window in the dark. He asked how her date had been, and she said fine. Nick asked her why it had been cut so short if it had been a good date. Bridget said dinner didn't necessarily mean she would spend the night with someone.

Nick moved closer to her and she asked him to stop. Bridget told Nick he had an effect over her for which she had no defense mechanism and asked him why he pushed it when he was with Katie. Bridget continued and said Nick was the biggest thing that ever happened to her, but she would rather pay someone to shoot her than let him hurt her again. She asked Nick why he couldn't just leave her alone. Nick replied that Bridget was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Nick said he was sorry for the way he had hurt and betrayed Bridget. Bridget said Nick had apologized to her 100 times, but never really meant it. Nick swore that he did mean it. He said that as he watched her grow and heal after their breakup, it had made him want to be a better man.

Bridget said Nick was just like a little boy who wanted all the toys and thought he could have it all. Nick didn't argue with her; he said it was hard to admit, but she was right. Bridget said it didn't matter "now." Nick grabbed her and pulled her close and said it did matter. He said what was in her heart mattered and how he had hurt her mattered.

Nick wanted Bridget to believe he was truly sorry. He pulled her close and the two kissed. When Nick left, Bridget was visibly shaken, and she cried.

Jackie stooped by Owen's after she saw Bridget's car had left his house. Jackie told Owen she wasn't surprised that Bridget left without sleeping with him, because it was clear Bridget hadn't gotten over Nick.

Owen disagreed. Owen informed Jackie that Bridget didn't even mention Nick. He didn't believe she was haunted by her former marriage at all. Owen believed that Bridget turned down his sexual advances because she felt he was special and she didn't want to rush things.

Jackie chuckled and thought Owen was na´ve. Jackie said when she was a young woman, they were taught they had a treasure to protect, and should only give it to the most worthy and deserving man.

Jackie said there was no worse fate in her day than being plundered by an unworthy suitor. As the years passed, Jackie noted that no one seemed worthy enough. Jackie sadly expressed that the ones who did seem worthy had gone off and plundered someone else's treasure. Jackie said that had made the light dim inside of her a little bit every day. She said that light kept dimming, and one day she woke up alone and thought perhaps she was the undeserving one. Owen kissed Jackie deeply and began to undress her.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

by Pam

At Forrester, Taylor was in Thorne's office when she ran into Pam, and Pam wondered if Taylor knew about Pam's clerical error with the marriage license. Taylor said she knew about it and wanted to make sure it was true. Taylor looked hopeful.

Taylor found Ridge in the basement and said it was symbolic that Thorne's office was still in the basement while the Logans were taking over the upstairs. Thomas came in, and Taylor and Ridge assured Thomas that they didn't want him to feel he was being pressured. Taylor said she felt that since James had said Thomas was making such progress, it would be good for him to get back into fashion.

Thomas agreed and said it was time he put his education and career at Spectra to work for the Forrester family. Ridge said he was on his way to meet with Eric.

Thorne came in and wondered what Taylor and Thomas were doing in his office. Taylor said that she and Ridge wanted to bring Thomas on board at Forrester, and they were meeting there. Thorne was elated and hugged Thomas. Thorne told Thomas the Forresters had to stick together. Thorne and Taylor agreed it was time they reminded the fashion world that the company was named Forrester Creations, not Logan Creations.

Taylor wondered why Thorne wasn't in the big meeting, but Thorne said it was no surprise to him that he wasn't invited. Taylor and Thomas left, and Pam returned, thinking she would find Taylor in Thorne's office. Thorne told his aunt that Thomas would be joining the company. Pam was happy and she noted that Rick would not be happy. Pam said the company would have been better off if Rick had been in his car when it blew up.

Katie, Brooke, Donna, Rick, and Eric were already meeting in Eric's office about what they were going to do, because Stephanie's move to Jackie M was stealing headlines. Katie added that Bridget's new line was also getting plenty of attention. Katie said Forrester had to do something because Stephanie was contacting all of Forrester's buyers, distributors, and customers.

Katie added that the fashion community was getting a lot of buzz about Jackie M, but nothing about Forrester. Katie said they had to go on the offensive and she wanted Eric to step out in front. Rick suggested that he and Steffy put their heads together and come up with something for the media, but Brooke piped up and ordered him to stay away from Steffy.

Ridge joined the meeting and asked if he had missed anything. Rick condescendingly told Ridge that he was late. Katie told Ridge they were discussing what to do about all the press that Stephanie's move to Jackie M was generating. Katie noted that Forrester had to do something to push Jackie M off the front pages.

Ridge told everyone that Stephanie was much more important to Forrester than anyone in the room realized. Eric said he didn't want the meeting to deteriorate into finger-pointing. Ridge agreed that they needed an idea to refocus the fashion world's attention on Forrester.

Ridge said he had an idea. He brought in Thomas and Taylor, and said that Taylor had the idea to promote Forrester's stance as a family-owned company with the next generation of Forresters working alongside Eric and Ridge. That included Thomas.

Eric agreed it was a positive thing to do, and Thomas had proven his capabilities when he was at Spectra. Thomas said he knew he had a lot to learn, but he was ready and Forrester was his birthright. He had a right to be there just as much as everyone else.

Rick was unhappy and said there was no way Thomas had the right to be there. Brooke agreed it was not in the best interest of the company. Eric disagreed and said the Forrester family needed to take a stand. Brooke and Rick continued to argue that Thomas did not belong at Forrester, but Eric told everyone they would work it out.

Eric had to leave for another meeting, and he took Donna and Katie with him. He told Taylor, Ridge, Thomas, Brooke, and Rick that he would be back to finish the meeting. He told them they would all wait for his return to finish the meeting.

After Eric left, Ridge and Taylor said that Thomas had made a lot of progress in dealing with his anger. Rick said he didn't want to be anywhere near Thomas. Brooke agreed and worried that if Thomas slipped up, Rick could be in danger. Rick added the Thomas almost killed Rick. Brooke insisted that Thomas had no right to work at Forrester.

Ridge and Taylor wondered why Brooke felt that Rick had a right to work at Forrester after all he had done to hurt the company and the family, specifically Ridge. Phoebe was dead. Rick gave away an entire collection to lash out at Ridge, and Rick had tried to marry Steffy - all as revenge on Ridge.

Brooke looked at Taylor and said that the entire idea of bringing Thomas to Forrester came from Taylor. Brooke told Ridge that Taylor was trying to use Thomas to cause trouble at Forrester. Brooke accused Taylor of using Thomas in a desperate attempt to win Ridge back. Brooke begged Ridge to see what Taylor was doing, but Taylor denied having any kind of agenda.

On the rooftop lounge, Steffy and Marcus played some hoops and teased each other about the bad shots they were taking. Steffy asked for a second try at a shot, and Marcus said she blew her chance. Steffy wondered if they were talking about basketball or their relationship.

Marcus said he would always be there for Steffy, but he knew Rick would be trying to get together with her again. Steffy assured Marcus that she was through with Rick, but Marcus said he could tell that Steffy still had feelings for Rick. Steffy acknowledged that love didn't just go away. Steffy apologized for the way she treated Marcus and asked if they could still be friends.

Marcus told her that she could count on him no matter what. He thanked her for standing by him when people didn't believe that he was Donna's son. Marcus was grateful that Steffy encouraged him to stay at Forrester to get to know his mom. They hugged.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Brooke laid down the law and said she would not allow Thomas to work at Forrester. Rick echoed her sentiments and said his life was at stake and he wouldn't allow Thomas to work at Forrester, either. Ridge said it wasn't Rick's call. Rick reminded Ridge it was Thomas who tried to kill him twice, so it was indeed his call.

Ridge and Taylor teamed up against Rick and Brooke regarding Thomas. Ridge and Taylor said Forrester had taken a hit in credibility and needed some new Forrester blood to get back on track. Brooke asked Ridge in utter disbelief if he really felt Thomas was the answer to that problem. Taylor responded and said Thomas was a Forrester and shouldn't be pushed out of the company.

Ridge pointed out that since Rick took over, the company had been mired in scandal. Taylor said that having Thomas on board would be good for Forrester Creations. Brooke reminded Taylor she was not part of the company, and she was not a Forrester. Taylor gave Brooke "the stink eye" and said she was as much a part of the family as Brooke.

Brooke was shocked that Taylor had spoken so disrespectfully to her. Brooke and asked Ridge if he was going to allow Taylor to talk to her like that. Ridge said what he would not allow was for Brooke and Rick to railroad Thomas. Brooke reminded the room that Thomas tried to kill Rick twice. Thomas chimed in and said if he had wanted Rick dead, Rick would be dead. Thomas said he was only sending Rick a message. Rick asked what would happen the next time Thomas wanted to send him a message.

Rick said Thomas could miss next time and Rick would end up dead. He put his foot down and said he absolutely would not hire Thomas to work at Forrester. After Rick left, Taylor reminded Ridge that he was the CEO and could override Rick. Brooke realized Taylor was trying to drive a wedge between Brooke and Ridge.

Taylor said if Brooke truly believed that Thomas was a threat to Rick, she would have him surrounded with bodyguards. Taylor accused Brooke of not wanting Thomas to work at Forrester simply because he was Ridge and Taylor's son, and not Brooke's son. Brooke's jaw dropped in disbelief.

Ridge said he was vetoing everyone else and Thomas was hired, period. Brooke said she wouldn't accept that and Ridge told her that she had no choice. Ridge's phone rang and he was called to a meeting. He asked Brooke and Taylor if they could behave if he left them alone. Brooke said she had some things to say to Taylor, and Ridge asked her to keep it civil.

Brooke assured Taylor that Brooke's marriage to Ridge was solid and Taylor should back off. Brooke said that she understood Taylor wanted Ridge back, but it was pathetic for Taylor to use her children to try to get close to Ridge. Brooke predicted that when Taylor lost out again, it would drive her back to the bottle to drown her sorrows.

Brooke said Taylor should just give it up. Ridge and Brooke were married and there was no room for Taylor in Ridge's life. Taylor smiled smugly, holding the knowledge that Ridge and Brooke weren't legally married.

Brooke said that Taylor was transparent and the only reason she was pushing so hard to get Thomas hired was to get her foot in the door and to drive a wedge between Ridge and Brooke. Taylor said she was trying to do what was best for her son. Brooke didn't believe that Taylor really thought about what was best for Thomas.

Brooke said Taylor should go back home and daydream about Ridge, because that was all she had. Brooke said Taylor must have realized how pathetic she was without Ridge and that was why she was trying to win him back. Brooke explained to Taylor that was a pointless daydream because when Brooke and Ridge said their vows on the beach, they meant them. Brooke said nothing would come between them and end their marriage. In anger, Taylor blurted out the truth that there was no marriage between Brooke and Ridge.

Marcus and Steffy embraced. She apologized for how she treated him in the past. Marcus said he forgave her and reminded Steffy he was one of Rick's victims, too. Marcus remembered the day Rick sent him to Paris and Marcus believed he had been promoted. He told Steffy he later discovered that Rick only sent Marcus out of town to clear a path to Steffy.

Marcus warned Steffy to keep up her guard around Rick. Marcus was certain that Rick would try to con Steffy into taking him back. Rick arrived on the scene and asked Marcus to give him some "alone time" with Steffy. Marcus agreed, but assured Rick that Steffy wasn't going to fall for his lines. Steffy told Rick he could say what he wanted, but warned him that he wouldn't get anywhere with her.

Rick explained that he had done some soul-searching. Steffy said she didn't care. Rick said he realized the mistakes he had made and admitted that some of the stunts had pushed her over the top. He explained it was only because he was crazy in love with Steffy. Steffy said no-Rick was just plain crazy. Rick reminded Steffy that he had stolen designs from Forrester to give to Jackie M so the two of them might work there. If his plan had worked, Rick supposed he and Steffy would be happily working together at Jackie M and none of the ugliness would have happened.

Rick reminded Steffy that he had always been able to make her laugh. She agreed. He said if she would forgive him, he could make her laugh again. Steffy said those days were in the past. Rick said if Steffy gave him the chance he could make her forget the horrible things he said on the tape. She very firmly said, "No."

She opened her bag and tried to return her engagement ring to Rick. He refused it. He said she should sell it and take the money and do something wonderful for herself. She said she already did do something wonderful for herself. She let Rick go, and she was free.

Rick said he learned a valuable lesson from his time with Steffy, that he was never worthy of her. Rick said he had made too many mistakes, and if he ever had the chance to be with someone as wonderful as Steffy in the future, he would make sure that woman realized how precious she was to him. Rick said he would tell her every day and mean every word of what he said. Rick regretted the mistakes he made with Steffy and wished he had done things differently.

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