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Monday, May 25, 2009

Donna remembered the kiss from Bill Spencer and played it out in her mind. Her phone rang, and Bill was on the other end. He asked Donna to be honest and admit she had just been thinking about him. Bill said he would be happy to admit he was thinking about Donna. Donna pretended she didn't know who was calling. Bill said it was her sister Katie's knight in tarnished armor.

Bill suspected Katie would have a terrible hangover after her night of drinking. He asked Donna if Katie was okay otherwise. Donna assured Bill that Katie was fine, and noted it was because he had taken care of her. Bill said he appreciated Donna's kiss of gratitude. Donna assured him that was all it was, and he would be wise not to read more into it.

Stephanie and her entourage barged into Bill's office, so he had to cut his phone call short. Stephanie asked Bill if he planned to use her. Bill asked if that was what Eric told her, but didn't give her an answer.

Bill said Stephanie came to him and asked to use his publishing ties to promote her new position at Jackie M. He reminded her that she also wanted to vent about the awful things the Logan women had done to her, and he reminded her that he helped her achieve both goals. Bill said it was a win-win situation, his magazine sales were up and Stephanie got the revenge she wanted.

Stephanie said she though Bill had another motive he hadn't disclosed. She asked Bill if he was purposely trying to drive down the price of Forrester Creations for a takeover. Bill asked Stephanie not to go soft on him, and reminded her that she had called Forrester Creations a whorehouse.

Bill said he planned to buy Forrester cheap and sell it. He predicted Stephanie might have enough money to buy it from him herself if her work at Jackie M was successful. Bill noted that his personal motto was "I'm not happy until you're not happy." He noted that Eric wasn't unhappy enough yet. Bill noted Eric would be unhappy, sooner than he imagined.

Eric was on the phone with his lawyers asking them to hold Bill Spencer off, he was not about to watch someone steal the company he had built out from under him. Donna overheard the call from the hallway and had a worried look on her face.

Eric's lawyer said unfortunately, Bill Spencer had not broken the law. It wasn't exactly a hostile takeover; instead, Bill was using roundabout ways to dive Eric into bankruptcy so Bill could buy Forrester out from under Eric at a devalued price. Eric noted that Bill was using Stephanie to do it.

Eric continued to rant about Bill Spencer after his attorney left. Donna said Bill might not be as bad as Eric thought. She told him about how Bill rescued Katie when she was drunk and took care of her until Donna arrived. Aunt Pam eavesdropped from the hallway.

Stephanie arrived and informed Eric that his suspicions about Bill were correct, he planned to drive the price of Forrester down and buy it. Stephanie claimed she could stop Bill if Eric was willing to meet four simple conditions.

Stephanie read her list, while Donna stood by jaw slacked and speechless. 1) Ridge would remain CEO of Forrester. 2) Thorne would become president of Forrester. 3) Rick would be ousted from Forrester and never be allowed to work for the company again in any capacity. Finally, 4) Eric had to change his will to leave 100% control of the company in the hands of Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia. Stephanie said those were her conditions, "take it or leave it."

Eric was appalled by her list and said no. Eric informed Stephanie there was no way he would let Stephanie control the future of Forrester even from beyond the grave after they were both dead, and then Eric stormed out.

Donna and Stephanie sparred, and Donna grabbed Stephanie's list and ripped it up and threw it to the ground. Stephanie warned Donna it would be a mistake to underestimate her. Donna sarcastically said she was shaking in her boots. Stephanie predicted a day of reckoning was coming for Donna.

Katie stopped by to see Nick and proposed that they could remain friends. She said she'd like to shoot hoops some time, because Nick could really use the practice. The two of them chuckled uncomfortably. Nick noted that Katie's eyes were bloodshot, and she confessed she had been out late drinking the night before. She said she could call it a celebration or drowning her sorrows, and both would be true.

Katie implored Nick to fight for Bridget and the life he wanted with her. Bridget stood in the doorway and overheard the whole thing. Katie turned around and saw Bridget there. Bridget smiled warmly at Katie.

Katie said Bridget would be happy to learn that Nick and Katie split up. Katie said she had been trying to hold on to something for months that was never hers. Katie confessed that she had tried for months to turn herself into the woman Nick was in love with, which was impossible because she was not Bridget. Katie said it was exhausting.

Bridget assured Katie that she and Nick had put everything on the table and worked things out. Katie was surprised to learn that they were already back together and noted how fast it had happened. Bridget took Katie's shoulders and looked her in the eye and said she wanted things to be okay between them. Katie asked if Bridget could ever forgive her, and Bridget said she already had.

Bridget thanked Nick for being so kind to Katie when she left and making sure she knew that he still wanted her to be part of Jack's life. Bridget asked where Katie was going to go. Nick said he didn't know, but Katie mentioned something about a "Good Samaritan," although Nick didn't understand what she meant.

Nick locked his office door and said he wanted to make up for lost time with Bridget. Bridget said there was something to be said for taking things slow. Nick pointed out that after the night they shared, it was a bit late for that. Bridget informed Nick that Owen thought she deserved to be courted. Nick was annoyed that she mentioned Owen's name. Bridget pressed the issue and asked Nick if he didn't think she was worth it. Nick assured her she was worth it, and added that Bridget could have whatever she wanted from him, whenever she wanted it.

Katie dropped by Bill's office and he offered her a hangover concoction made with a raw egg. She said she thought she would pass. Katie merely wanted to stop by and apologize to Bill for her bad behavior the night before. He said it was okay-he had been thrown up on before. Katie looked horrified and Bill began to laugh. Katie said it wasn't nice to tease a girl about such things. With a wicked gleam in his eye, Bill informed Katie that if she hadn't already heard, he wasn't a nice guy.

Bill noted that Katie hadn't partaken of the raw egg yet, and she assured him she felt much better and had to head to work. Bill asked if she meant her P.R. job at Forrester. She confirmed that, and added she had a lot of fires to put out thanks to "The Logan Chronicles."

Bill said that was only if she didn't go out and get hammered again over her broken heart. Katie assured him that was a one-time lapse and wouldn't happen again. Bill mentioned that he knew of a much more pleasurable way to deal with a broken heart if Katie was interested. She picked up the glass with the raw egg and dumped it into his trash can, then glided out of the room.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

by Pam

At Forrester, Stephanie and Donna argued. Donna called Stephanie a bitter woman, but Donna said she was not afraid of Stephanie. Stephanie said that Donna was too dumb to be afraid.

Stephanie visited Bill and said that she had an interesting conversation with Eric. Bill reminded Stephanie that Eric was not her friend. Bill guessed that Stephanie wanted Bill to stop his attack on Forrester. Stephanie said that she did not want him to stop. She said her blog was nearly finished, and she wanted to help him in his campaign to acquire Forrester. Bill wanted to know what their alliance was going to cost him.

Bill said he would bring Eric to his knees, buy the company cheap, and then resell it for a profit. He told Stephanie that "that's how it works." Stephanie wanted Bill to sell Forrester to her. Bill questioned that she would have enough money, and she said money had never been a problem-not even in a bad economy.

Stephanie shared that when Eric gave her the boot at Forrester, she felt that she had lost her family, her company, and her sense of self-worth. Then, she said, along came Nick Marone, and Stephanie realized she had the expertise and brains to help a company get on its feet.

She told Bill she would always be grateful to Nick and Jackie. They helped her focus on what she wanted to accomplish, and that was to get control of Forrester again and put the company's control in the hands of her children.

Stephanie and Bill discussed that it was Stephanie's father who gave Stephanie and Eric the money to start Forrester, and she wanted to protect that investment as her children's legacy. She realized that with help from the "Logan Chronicles," Bill, and Spencer Publications, she might have a chance. Bill said that his father had said that Eric always underestimated Stephanie.

Stephanie said she was interested in pushing the Logans out, and Bill said Eric was a fool to think he could get something over on Stephanie. Bill called Eric and reduced his offer for Forrester from $100 million to $80 million. Eric told Bill to save his breath. Bill warned that the next installment of the "Logan Chronicles" was ready. Stephanie said that Eric was a stubborn man and wouldn't give up easily, but he didn't stand a chance.

At Forrester, Eric and Ridge entered the office, and Eric was ranting about Bill Spencer. Donna told Eric he had to calm down. Ridge said it was only a matter of time before Forrester got into trouble. He mentioned the stolen designs and the financial setbacks. He added that getting rid of Stephanie was the biggest mistake of all.

Donna said that Stephanie was blackmailing Eric with a new will that pushed all the Logans out of Forrester. The three of them worried what Stephanie would do next.

Eric got a call, and told Pam to tell the caller that his check was in the mail. Eric was furious that the economy and bad publicity were destroying the company. Ridge wanted Eric to face the fact that the company was in deep trouble

Ridge said that Bill sensed that the company was failing. Donna said the Logans would help the company through the crisis. Ridge got a text message from Stephanie to meet him at Il Giardano.

Eric was distraught, and Donna tried to calm him, but he acknowledged that the company was in trouble. Donna said it was all Stephanie's fault. Donna said that if Stephanie cared about company and her own children, she would stop the blogs.

At Jackie M, Jackie was walking around with headphones and listening to music. Nick wondered where Jackie learned to download music. Jackie said that Owen had shown her how. Jackie said how happy she was that Nick and Bridget were back together again.

Nick told Jackie that he thought it was embarrassing that Jackie was paying for sex. Jackie said she wasn't paying for sex. She said she was just having fun. She told Nick that Owen looked wonderful with his shirt off. Nick reminded Jackie that she was his mother.

Jackie wanted to know why Nick was so serious all the time. Nick said he believed that Owen wanted something. Nick said that Jackie couldn't give Owen a family, and one day he might want that. Jackie said she didn't care. She was living in the moment, and she was happy for the first time in a long time. It was all due to Owen

In another office, Bridget told Owen she couldn't believe that Jackie and Owen were together as a couple. Owen said that they really hit it off. He talked about how Jackie threatened him that he would lose his job if he didn't come running, and he liked it. Bridget looked surprised, and wondered how it made him feel to get promoted for such unique talents. Owen said he earned his title at the company based on his hard work, not his other talents.

Owen left, and Jackie came in. She told Bridget how happy she was that Nick was back with Bridget. She said that she had waited a long time for their reunion. Bridget told Jackie that Nick was very protective of Bridget and Jackie. Jackie said she realized that Nick was protective of her and worried about her relationship with Owen.

Bridget and Jackie looked over Bridget's latest designs. Jackie looked dreamy as she said she and Owen would defend their relationship. She said she thought that was charming.

Nick asked to see Owen, and he told Owen that he didn't like what was going on between Owen and Jackie. Nick said he knew Owen had a price tag, and wanted to know what it was.

Owen told Nick he didn't get it. Owen said he was making Nick's mother extremely happy, and he planned to continue. Nick wanted to know Owen's price, but Owen said he wasn't going anywhere.

At Il Giardano, Ridge met with Stephanie for lunch, and Stephanie asked Ridge for help. She said she wanted to regain control of the company for Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia. Ridge wondered if it was the same company that she was successfully destroying on the Internet.

Stephanie said that Eric had lost his way. He had no new line or new product. She said they were going to miss a whole new season. Ridge wanted Stephanie to lay out what she wanted.

Stephanie said the Logans were driving Forrester into the ground. She knew that Eric had a fantasy that both sets of Eric's children would work side by side, but that wasn't going to happen. Stephanie said the Logans were leading Eric around by the nose. Ridge reminded Stephanie that he was married to a Logan and committed to a Logan. Stephanie wondered how happy Brooke had made him lately. Brooke was always siding with Rick.

Ridge admitted that he wanted to strangle Rick. Stephanie said she could see that Ridge was suffocating. She reminded Ridge that Rick still wanted Ridge out of Brooke's life

Stephanie asked Ridge to walk away from Brooke and Rick before they took everything away from him. Stephanie said she could see how unhappy Ridge was. She told Ridge that Rick would never leave Ridge or Steffy alone until Ridge was out of Brooke's life.

Stephanie wanted Ridge to get Thorne and Felicia and pull their resources and push the Logans out of the company and buy it back for the family. Stephanie wanted Brooke to go, as well. Ridge looked pensive.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stephanie campaigned for Ridge to break ties with Brooke so they could drive all of the Logans out of Forrester Creations. She painted a picture of a company where Ridge no longer had to work with Donna or Rick. While that part of the equation appealed to Ridge, dumping Brooke was not on Ridge's agenda, much to Stephanie's dismay.

Ridge asked Stephanie if she actually had a plan to get control of Forrester, or if she lured him to meet her just so she could bludgeon him about leaving Brooke. Stephanie asked Ridge if he mentioned their marital status--or lack thereof--to Brooke. Ridge admitted that he hadn't, but assured Stephanie it didn't matter.

Stephanie explained that she did have a plan in motion regarding the company, and mentioned that Bill was involved. Ridge was unhappily surprised to discover Bill Spencer was Stephanie's partner. Ridge told Stephanie that Bill was trying to buy Forrester out from under Eric and had offered him one hundred million dollars. Stephanie said the offer had gone down to 80 million.

When Ridge got a call on his cell phone, Stephanie snuck around the corner and called Taylor and suggested she show up at the restaurant, but not to let Ridge know Stephanie invited her.

It dawned on Ridge that Stephanie was helping Bill drive down the price of the company. Stephanie admitted it was a risky plan, but she felt it was worth it. Stephanie said she needed Ridge's help, too, so they could decide when it was time to make their move. Stephanie said Ridge could be her inside guy and call her when Eric had reached his tipping point.

Ridge was appalled and asked his mother what had happened to her. Stephanie said that Eric tossed her aside for a little "chippy" and threw her out of the company she helped found and build. She said that was what happened to her.

Taylor arrived and acted surprised to see Ridge and Stephanie. She asked if she could join them. Taylor noted the tension in the air and asked them what was wrong. Ridge told Taylor that his mother was trying to involve him in one of her harebrained schemes.

Stephanie explained to Taylor about trying to regain control of Forrester. Taylor sided with Stephanie. Stephanie said she had to leave, and left Ridge and Taylor together at the table.

Taylor said if Stephanie got control of Forrester, the first thing she would do was fire Rick. Ridge said he would love to see that happen. Taylor asked Rick how Brooke would feel if she found out he helped Stephanie take over the company behind Brooke's back. Ridge said Brooke would "just have to live with it."

Taylor said Ridge was unhappy and she could see it. She said Ridge pretended he was still happy with Brooke, but the truth was Ridge was happier when he was with Taylor. Taylor said if Brooke and Ridge had married when they were young, they might have been happy all their lives and stayed together, but that wasn't how it played out. Taylor noted that Ridge and Brooke were very different people than they were when they first met and the two of them kept trying to force a relationship they should have let go of. Taylor said if Ridge came back to her, he could be happy again.

Jarrett Maxwell, one of the journalists at Spencer Publications balked at being involved in "The Logan Chronicles." Bill suggested that if Jarrett was uncomfortable, Bill could find another reporter to do the job. The reporter suddenly saw the light and agreed that a juicy tabloid story was right up his alley.

Brooke and Rick listened to Stephanie's latest broadcast. Stephanie took on Brooke and called her "the downfall of Forrester Creations." Before Stephanie continued, Brooke implored Rick to turn it off; she had no desire to hear any more of Stephanie's venom. Rick suggested that they do a broadcast of their own to retaliate. Brooke informed Rick that Ridge wanted to just leave it alone.

Rick would have none of it, he reminded Brooke that Ridge let Stephanie trash Brooke for years and never intervened. Rick said it wasn't her normal Thanksgiving dinner rant about how Brooke ruined Ridge's life; Stephanie had published it and broadcast it for the whole world to see. Rick said if "Mr. Destiny" Ridge wouldn't do anything about it, Rick would handle it himself.

Rick said if Stephanie said one more degrading word about Brooke, Rick would call Bill Spencer himself and demand Bill reign Stephanie in. Brooke begged Rick not to get involved in it. Brooke appreciated Rick's desire to protect her, but assured Rick it would only make matters worse.

Rick said the problem was bigger than Brooke having hurt feelings. Stephanie was dragging the name of Forrester Creations through the mud, and as president of the company it was his duty to defend it. Brooke volunteered to go pay Bill Spencer a visit herself. She was adamant that Rick not get involved so he could stay on Ridge's "good side."

Brooke walked into Bill's office and he said he had met both of her sisters, but had to admit that, of all the Logan sisters, she was the one he was most anxious to meet. He said Brooke's reputation preceded her. Brooke asked if he meant her actual reputation, or the one Stephanie Forrester asked him to believe.

Bill asked if Brooke was suggesting that Stephanie had stretched the truth. Brooke said Stephanie only told the truth when it suited her. Bill assured Brooke that Stephanie had assured him of the authenticity of her work. Brooke said she would call it slander. Bill said he hated to see a pretty lady sweat while she was wearing clothes. Brooke's jaw dropped at his inappropriate comment.

Bill suggested a way for him to determine whether or not Stephanie was telling the truth. Bill said Stephanie told him that Brooke always wore skimpy lingerie. He said if she undressed and had granny bloomers on, he would know Stephanie was a liar and would pull the plug on her webcast. He said on the other hand, if Brooke was wearing a nasty, lacy, teddy, he would know Stephanie was on the up and up.

Brooke assured Bill she had no intention of stripping for him. Bill said Stephanie must be right and Brooke was wearing a teddy. Brooke said the sort of trash Stephanie was selling was beneath him. Bill told Brooke he wasn't a high-minded guy; he would much rather be rich than respected, and Stephanie was making him money.

Brooke said Bill wouldn't stay rich for long if he actually planned to drop 100 million bucks on a fashion house he didn't know how to run. Bill informed her that the offer had dropped to 80 million and would be even lower after the latest edition of "The Logan Chronicles" aired.

Bill said he hated to see a lady leave unhappy and mentioned to Brooke that Jarrett was in the building and had planned to interview Bill. Bill said he would be happy to give his 15 minutes of airtime so she could respond to "The Logan Chronicles" by giving her side of things.

Stephanie dropped by Forrester Creations and ran into Rick. Rick asked why she was in the building and Stephanie said it was none of his business. She told Rick he shouldn't get too comfortable at Forrester Creations because he would never succeed there. Rick found it interesting that Stephanie was handing out threats about a company she had been fired from.

Brooke called Rick and asked him to log on to the Eye on Fashion website and informed him she was doing her own webcast. Rick logged on and called Stephanie over and said he had something he wanted her to watch.

Brooke began her webcast and contradicted all of Stephanie's claims about her family. Brooke pointed out that she invented the Belief formula for the company, that Donna got controlling interest of Forrester back form Nick Marone, that Katie headed up Public Relations, and her late brother Storm had worked hard as the company lawyer. Brooke said the Logan family had shaped Forrester and made it the successful company it was. Brooke predicted that under Logan leadership, Forrester would achieve greater success than ever before.

Stephanie chuckled to Rick and noted Brooke had neglected to even mention Eric Forrester, as if he had nothing to do with the company's success. Rick said his mom only noted where the real base of power was in the company. Stephanie told him not to let his guard down, because their reign wasn't going to last.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

by Pam

At Il Giardino, Ridge was listening to Taylor as she continued to tell him how much happier he was when he was with her. Taylor said she knew that Brooke loved Ridge, but it was clear that Brooke had always chosen Rick's needs over Ridge's needs. Taylor asked Ridge when the last time was that he was truly happy with everything in his life. Taylor said she knew that Ridge hadn't said anything to Brooke about their invalid marriage license because it would turn his world upside down.

Stephanie called Ridge to tell him that he had to see Brooke's webcast that was just up on the Eye on Fashion web site. Ridge told Taylor that he needed to get over to Forrester. At Spencer's office, Brooke thanked Bill for the opportunity to respond to Stephanie's rants in the "Logan Chronicles." Brooke said she couldn't figure out why he allowed her the webcast time, because she was confident that she had set the record straight.

Brooke told Bill that her webcast would halt Bill's attempt at devaluing Forrester, but Bill still had an air of confidence. Bill said that every good businessman was prepared to lose, and he said he was interested in the final outcome after everything had played out. After Brooke left, Bill checked his computer to find thousands of hits on the webcast, and innumerable comments on Brooke defending her family and claiming that the Logans ran Forrester Creations. Bill laughed as he read the comments.

At Forrester, Stephanie laughed as Rick realized that Brooke's webcast was going to cause problems. Rick said his mother was only defending herself and her family against what Stephanie had done in the "Logan Chronicles." Stephanie noted that Brooke had put her foot in her mouth, and everyone was going to see it. Thomas came in and freaked out on Rick about Brooke's webcast. Thomas was furious that Brooke made it sound like the Forresters had no part in the business of a company run by Logans. He said his family had built the company.

Thomas told Stephanie it looked like the Logans were taking over. Rick told Thomas that the Logans had already taken over. When it came to Forresters, Rick said he was the only true Forrester, since he was Eric's son. Thomas disagreed, and the two continued to argue about bloodlines.

Thomas told Rick that no one would ever forget what Rick had done to his sisters. Rick called Thomas a felon, and Stephanie told them both to stop fighting. Stephanie pointedly told Rick that no one was dead because of Thomas. Thomas told Rick that the Logan family was a joke, and Rick grabbed Thomas as Ridge and Taylor walked in.

Ridge pulled them apart and told Rick he shouldn't even think about hitting Ridge's son. Brooke entered and everyone in the room started talking about her webcast response to Stephanie, but Stephanie wanted Ridge to watch the video.

Ridge watched the webcast where Brooke said that FC was a Logan run company. Thomas asked Ridge who was in charge. Brooke said it was a spur-of-the-moment response. She had no intention of hurting anyone's feelings. She explained that it was an opportunity that Bill Spencer gave her when she went to see him.

Stephanie asked Ridge what he thought of the webcast, and everyone started arguing. Ridge told everyone that he needed to talk to Brooke alone. Taylor refused to leave. She laid into Brooke for acting as if Taylor and Ridge's children didn't matter to the company. Taylor accused Brooke of always putting Brooke's family and herself ahead of everything else. Taylor said that Brooke made it sound like Taylor and Ridge's children had made no contribution to the company.

Taylor reminded Brooke and Ridge that Taylor never treated Ridge with such disrespect. Taylor wondered if Brooke remembered that Ridge had other options. Taylor said Ridge deserved much better than the treatment he was getting from Brooke. Taylor left and met with Stephanie. Taylor told Stephanie to keep up the attack in the "Logan Chronicles."

Stephanie believed that Brooke's webcast response would truly anger Ridge. Taylor agreed, and said she was getting closer to getting Ridge back. Stephanie said Ridge and Taylor belonged together.

Ridge told Brooke that he thought they had agreed to ignore Stephanie's webcasts to prevent the webcasts and Jackie M from getting more attention. Brooke said that Rick thought Brooke should defend the Logans. Ridge said Brooke again was listening to Rick to make a decision. He told Brooke that it should have been a company decision.

Ridge said there were three people in their relationship, with Rick often getting the edge. Brooke said that the third person was Taylor, not Rick. Ridge told Brooke that her webcast made things worse, but Brooke said she wouldn't do anything to hurt his children.

Brooke said she had to do something because of what Stephanie had said about her family. Brooke said she understood Ridge's bond with Taylor. Brooke said she certainly never meant to hurt anyone.

Ridge said he might have overreacted, and Brooke said they shouldn't let the entire webcast issue interfere in their marriage and their commitment to each other. Ridge agreed, but Brooke worried that something was bothering Ridge. She wanted Ridge to be open with her. They both kept saying nothing should interfere in their marriage. Ridge said the word "marriage" again and again. Brooke asked what was going on. Ridge grabbed her and hugged her and then stared at her as if he wanted to tell her something.

At Nick's, Bridget played with Jack, and Nick commented that Bridget hadn't missed much time with Jack and was still close to him. Bridget admitted that Jackie secretly brought Jack to see Bridget because she missed him so much.

Bridget put Jack to bed, and then got amorous with Nick. Nick wanted to fool around because Jack never took long naps, but Bridget wanted to talk. Bridget was carrying a Nerf basketball and said that it must have been Jack's ball. Nick admitted that it was Nick's basketball, but he would make it Jack's basketball. Nick wondered if they had talked enough and they started kissing on the stairs.

Later, Bridget commented that basketball was something Nick shared with Katie. Nick said he would give up basketball because no sacrifice was too great for his relationship with Bridget, but Bridget said he would eat his words.

Bridget asked Nick to give up cigars. Nick said he loved his cigars. Nick said he was hoping for something a little naughtier. Nick dumped his cigars in a wastebasket that Bridget held. Then, he said he had a request of his own. He asked Bridget to put on a lab coat and the Madame X wig, but Bridget said they took the night off. Nick started to tickle her and said he remembered the spots that would get to her.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Nick gave up smoking cigars and asked Bridget if that was enough penance. She said no and asked him to give up beer, too. Nick asked if she really wanted him to stop drinking. She said no, only beer. He could drink red wine if he wanted to. Nick didn't look too overjoyed at the prospect of wine replacing his beer.

Bridget and Nick kissed, and Nick said he couldn't believe reconciliation had actually happened for them. Bridget kissed him again and asked if he felt it. Nick said, "Of course." She used that as proof that it had actually happened; they were really back together. The two kissed passionately and seemed blissful to be reunited.

Thorne and Felicia approached Stephanie and asked if she could take them on at Jackie M. They admitted they were both miserable at Forrester in the atmosphere there. Stephanie believed she had found another way to help them. Stephanie filled them in on her plan to regain controlling interest of Forrester Creations. Ridge pointed out that Bill Spencer was involved in their mother's scheme. Thorne and Felicia looked skeptical.

Stephanie said the only way to save Forrester was to help Bill Spencer drive down the cost of the company, let him buy it at a reduced rate and then buy it back from Bill. Then Stephanie could put the leadership back in her kids' hands where it belonged. Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia appreciated the idea, but expressed fear for Eric.

They said they would love to regain control of Forrester but not at Eric's expense. Stephanie said he brought it on himself. The kids agreed, but said Eric realized that he had made a bad choice when he let Stephanie go. They said as each installment of "The Logan Chronicle's" aired, Eric got more and more depressed. His kids were afraid it would kill Eric to lose the company.

Stephanie said she had done all the things she did to save the company for her children. Ridge reminded Stephanie that he, Thorne, and Felicia weren't kids anymore. Ridge said it wasn't Stephanie's battle to fight. Stephanie assured them that she hadn't meant to start a war with their father, only to protect their inheritance.

Stephanie stopped to talk to Eric, but Donna barged in and interrupted before she was able to say why she had come. Eric watched Stephanie interacting with one of the Forrester employees. As she asked the employee about his family and seemed to know his personal situation, Eric looked at Stephanie very warmly.

Bill Spencer read the script for Stephanie's next blog and tried to read between the lines. Bill believed Stephanie had hidden something that he very much wanted to unravel.

Eric noticed in absolute disbelief that Brooke's webcast response to Stephanie actually hurt their business rather than helped it. After Brooke's response aired, Stephanie's website got tens of thousands of hits. Pam said that wasn't surprising, because Stephanie was the jilted ex-wife and everyone had sympathy for her. Donna disagreed and said Stephanie was a troublemaker.

Katie and Eric brainstormed about how to handle the drop in clients. Donna arrived and demanded to know why Stephanie was allowed in the building. Eric said he believed Stephanie was merely a pawn in a game Bill Spencer was playing. Donna refused to believe it and said Stephanie never let anyone use her. Katie said Bill seemed like the sort of man who would use anyone to get what he wanted and was used to getting his way.

Donna looked off into the distance and Eric and Katie asked Donna if she had an idea of how to stop Bill Spencer. She denied having any such idea. Donna said she didn't want to talk about Bill, he was a horrible man and she wanted nothing to do with him. Eric agreed, but said he actually felt sorry for Stephanie.

Eric said Stephanie felt abandoned by her family and that she was angry and lashed out. Eric believed Bill Spencer took advantage of her at a time of emotional weakness. Eric said Stephanie was desperate and had no idea what she was in for working with Bill.

Felicia, Thorne, and Ridge stopped by Eric's office to inform him that Stephanie was going to stop her webcast. Eric asked what had changed her mind, and Felicia said her kids did by reminding Stephanie she was hurting Eric and her own children instead of the people she really wanted to hurt. Felicia shot an angry glance at Donna.

Stephanie went to see Bill and informed him she didn't want to do any more episodes of "The Logan Chronicles" and said she was done. Bill guessed that Stephanie saw Eric and had fallen prey to Eric's charms. Stephanie said no, it wasn't Eric, but it was her children. Stephanie told Bill her kids had endured a lot of pain over the in-fighting in the family and she wanted to stop it. Bill suggested to Stephanie that her kids would forgive her when she turned the company over to them.

Bill asked Stephanie to give him the dirt on Eric if she didn't have the guts to follow through on their plan. Stephanie said there was no dirt. Bill read a passage from Stephanie's latest blog about Eric and his soft heart and how it could cost him politically, professionally, and legally.

Stephanie denied that she had anything on Eric. She said she rambled when she wrote and it didn't mean anything at all. Bill read the passage again and said all those words sounded to him like a code for "secret" and he bet it was a biggie. Stephanie denied it.

Bill asked Stephanie what she knew that would bring Eric to his knees. Stephanie said she didn't want to bring Eric to his knees. Bill said that was too bad, because Bill did want to bring Eric to his knees. Stephanie realized she was in over her head with Bill. Bill noted that a man with Eric's big heart had employed a lot of people over the years who had hardships and really needed a job. Bill mentioned he bet a lot of those people were in the country illegally.

As Stephanie reacted to what Bill said, he realized he was on the right track. Bill said if he poked around a little, he bet Eric would get some jail time and asked Stephanie to admit that was the kind of revenge she always wanted, to see Eric locked up. Stephanie denied it. She said she had merely been upset and wanted to blow off some steam. She wanted an outlet to air a little dirty laundry.

Bill said he had given Stephanie the chance to do that, but she wanted to back out of their deal, so he would go another direction. Stephanie realized Bill had his own agenda. She guessed that Bill wanted to get control of Forrester and keep it. Bill chuckled and admitted it. He said he bet no one had gotten the best of Stephanie in a long time. He was wickedly pleased with himself for pulling one over on her.

Bill said when he was done, Eric wouldn't own the company, Stephanie wouldn't own the company, and the Logans wouldn't own the company. Bill said he would be the one who owned Forrester Creations.

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B&B's most Taylor-made moments


B&B's most Taylor-made moments
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