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Monday, June 1, 2009

Jackie offered to baby-sit Jack in case Nick and Bridget wanted some private time together to make up for lost time. Nick said if Owen was involved, it was a no go. He did not want Owen around his son. Jackie asked Nick to back off. She assured Nick that Owen was a good man, who was right for her and for their company.

Nick turned his back and refused to speak to Jackie. She asked point-blank if her son was giving her the silent treatment. He admitted he was. Nick said he and Jackie could not see eye to eye on Owen.

Nick admitted his mother was a beautiful woman, and noted that she was a little older and had a lot of money, and Nick was concerned that Owen was taking advantage of her. Jackie asked Nick if it was so hard to believe the Owen liked her for herself. Just as Nick was about to respond, Owen walked in and asked if it was time for their meeting.

Owen proposed a plan to discount part of Jackie M's line to draw customers in who were bargain hunting. Nick argued that it would cut into their profit margin. Owen countered that a little profit margin was better than none at all.

Jackie got a phone call and left the room, and Nick and Owen argued over Jackie. Nick warned Owen that he would never be anything but Jackie's boy toy, and eventually she would tire of him and end their fling-and then Owen would be out of the company. Owen assured Nick he really cared about Jackie and wasn't using her for money or position, but Nick didn't believe a word Owen said. Jackie entered and found them fighting and asked Nick to stop bullying Owen.

Jackie assured Nick that Owen made her happy. Nick warned Owen to do his job at Jackie M, and Owen replied that Jackie was the one calling the shots. Nick left, and Owen locked the door behind him.

Owen reminded Jackie she was the boss and said he would leave if she wanted him to, undressing as he spoke. Jackie smiled coyly and said she definitely did not want Owen to leave. Owen swiped his arm across Nick's desk and knocked his things to the floor. Jackie asked if Owen meant to make love to her right on her son's desk, and he said yes.

Stephanie stopped by Bill Spencer's office. His assistant asked what was going to be in "The Logan Chronicles" for the day and Stephanie replied she didn't have one. Bill supposed Stephanie was trying to "save her precious Eric," but warned her that she was too late. Bill informed Stephanie that he no longer needed her help-he could take Eric Forrester down without her.

Stephanie said Bill was dead wrong about Eric. Bill said if that was the case, Stephanie should be happy. Bill asked Stephanie if she was really so sure that Eric had never hired undocumented workers at Forrester. Stephanie seemed sure that had never happened.

Bill was disappointed in Stephanie and mentioned that he had high hopes for her as a co-conspirator. Bill said since Stephanie refused to give him what he wanted, he would have to dig it up on his own. Stephanie assured him there was nothing out there for him to find.

Stephanie warned Bill not to throw around accusations he could not prove, because that would be slander. She assured Bill that if he took that road, he would be prosecuted. Bill was tickled by her threats and told Stephanie that he liked her and that she amused him.

Bill was curious as to why Stephanie would threaten him with prosecution when it was Eric who was going to ace a prison sentence. Stephanie reiterated that Eric had not broken any laws and suggested Bill had just pulled his theory out of thin air.

Bill mentioned that the more Stephanie talked, the more it convinced him that he was right. He promised to dig a little deeper. Stephanie said if he wanted to waste his time, he could. Bill agreed and said Stephanie was right; he did have too much time on his hands. Bill said he needed something to entertain himself, which was why he was so set on gaining control of Forrester, even if he had to put Eric in jail to do it.

Stephanie said "Over my dead body." Bill suggested she shouldn't make promises she couldn't keep. She said it wasn't a promise, but a threat, and marched out of the office. Bill chuckled as she left the room.

After Stephanie left, Bill watched a video on his computer of Donna dancing suggestively for Eric. He called in Jarett and asked a series of questions about the business practices of Forrester. Jarett replied that Eric Forrester was well thought of and beyond reproach. Jarett said the employees loved Eric and he was generous to them.

Bill noted that a lot of the sewers, cutters, and custodial staff were foreigners. Jarett agreed, but added that was true of most all fashion houses. Bill wondered aloud if Eric had played fast and loose with the law and hired undocumented workers. Jarett was shocked by the accusation and asked Bill if he had proof. Bill said he did not, but noted that was where Jarett entered in. Bill asked Jarett to find him proof.

Jarett used his sources to gain access to the Forrester employee database and Bill asked him to sit down so they could go through the names one by one. Jarett said it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Bill said if Jarett found that needle, it would be worth it.

The research proved that all the Forrester employees had valid documentation and social security numbers. Bill asked Jarett to read him a name at random. Bill "Googled" the name and discovered the person with that name had supposedly died in a car accident years before.

Bill said that must be how Eric did it; he gave his illegal workers the names of dead U.S. citizens. Bill was pleased that he finally had the proof he needed to bring Eric Forrester down. Unless Eric sold Bill the company on Bill's terms, he vowed to see Eric in prison.

Eric breathed a sign of relief and told Donna he was glad that things had calmed down. Donna warned Eric not to let his guard down. Eric said without Stephanie as an ally, Bill Spencer would have a harder time with a hostile takeover. Donna said Bill Spencer was the kind of man who liked getting what he wanted and she didn't suppose he would give up. Eric looked puzzled by Donna's authoritative opinions of Bill Spencer.

Donna said Bill Spencer was a force to be reckoned with. Donna also noted that she didn't trust Stephanie to keep up her end of the bargain. Eric said without Stephanie's negative input, he believed their clients would return. He asked Donna to just wait and see.

Stephanie stopped by to visit Eric. She assured him she would not do any more Logan Chronicles, but warned him that Bill Spencer would continue to cause trouble for him. Stephanie informed Eric that Bill Spencer had decided Eric had hired undocumented workers and was going to "go after it like a bulldog."

Eric said there had been one incident several years before, but assured Stephanie that there was nothing else for Bill to find. Stephanie asked if he was sure; Eric said he was. Eric asked Stephanie how on earth she let herself get involved with a worm like Bill Spencer. Stephanie admitted that she had tried to regain control of Forrester to give to their children, and Bill was part of that plan. Eric was appalled that Stephanie planned to take his company away. Stephanie reframed it, and said she tried to regain control of the company she and Eric built together for their children.

Eric angrily told Stephanie that her anger had almost cost them the company more than once. Stephanie replied that the same could be said for Eric and his philandering. Stephanie admitted her anger had gotten the better of her. She reminded Eric that when he woke up from his coma, he had returned to her, and she believed the two of them were going to be together and grow old together running the company they had built. Stephanie said when it didn't turn out that way, she was disappointed, hurt, and angry.

Eric bitterly replied that was no excuse for what she had done. He added that any pain Stephanie felt didn't justify her lashing out at Eric's wife and her family on a website. Stephanie admitted she didn't realize how it would all play out. Stephanie's phone rang and it was Bill. He called to let her know he had all the evidence he needed against Eric and warned Stephanie that Eric had better hand over Forrester to Bill on his terms. He also warned Stephanie not to try to intervene, because she was no match for Bill Spencer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

by Pam

Bill met with Jarrett and discovered that Forrester had illegal immigrants working there. Bill told Jarrett that he wanted to get his hands on Forrester, and he had the information to do it.

Eric and Stephanie discussed that Bill Spencer knew that Forrester Creations had done something illegal. Eric thought it was possible that Bill was creating a colossal bluff. Stephanie said she was afraid that Bill knew about the immigrant employees.

Stephanie said that Eric's generous nature gave Claudia Cortez and others opportunities to work in the United States. Eric said he was responsible, but Stephanie chimed in that she should have argued with him. Eric smiled and pointed out that she could never say no to him, but she should have a long time before.

Stephanie smiled and got close to Eric, but Donna came in and asked what was going on. Eric explained that he had hired employees who were not legal citizens, and he was afraid Bill Spencer found out about it. Eric said he was trying to help employees, and Donna said that sounded like a generous thing that Eric would do.

Donna wondered how Bill could have found out, and Stephanie explained that he noticed something Stephanie said. Donna exploded that it was all Stephanie's fault, that Eric could go to jail because of Stephanie. Stephanie warned Donna to keep quiet when Bill arrived, and in walked Bill.

Bill announced himself as "Friendly Dollar Bill," and said he wanted to buy the company. Eric told Bill he had no intention of selling because Forrester was a family-owned company. Stephanie added that it would remain a family-owned company with Eric at the helm.

Bill sat down in Eric's chair and said he had everything he needed to send Eric to jail. He knew how Eric gave illegal immigrants dead people's social security numbers. He named names of a few employees, and said he had dozens more he could report to Immigration.

Bill advised Eric to sell on Bill's terms or Eric would have an extended stay in the slammer with a new best friend named Bubba. Bill offered a contract for $60 million, and suggested that Eric take the deal. He said he would have dropped lower, but he didn't want Eric's beautiful wife to suffer.

Eric and Stephanie insisted they would not sell, and Eric ripped up the contract. Stephanie said that the family business was honorable and so was Eric. Bill laughed and said that Stephanie had let Bill down. Bill called her Mama Bear and said she originally supported Bill buying Forrester and selling to her. Stephanie reminded him that she was angry and wanted to save the company for Eric and for her children.

Bill said he had coveted FC for years, and he was a good businessman making a solid offer. Eric called him small and cruel, but Bill said he didn't get emotional about deals. Bill couldn't say the same about Stephanie. He wondered how Stephanie could so quickly change her loyalties. He recalled that she eviscerated Eric in her blogs then called him an honorable man.

Stephanie said Eric was a good and decent man -- something Bill knew nothing about. Bill suggested that Stephanie and Eric discuss Bill's offer privately. Bill left with Donna. "We're in one fine mess and it's my responsibility," Eric said. "Now, he's holding a gun to my head."

While Eric and Stephanie met in Eric's office, Bill told Donna she could make the whole unpleasant mess go away if she spent one night with him. Donna told him he was disgusting, and he told her that he wasn't such a bad guy. He said he could have any woman in the world, but most didn't interest him. Somehow, Donna intrigued him.

Bill said he just couldn't see Donna with an old man like Eric. Bill said he wished she wasn't married because he would be wining and dining her and romancing the pants off her. Donna begged Bill to leave Eric alone.

Bill told Donna that she could save Eric from jail and save his business. He called her his little barracuda. He told her he would give her one incredible evening, and she would forget all about Eric.

At Jackie M, Nick was distracted as he and Bridget were making out. Nick told Bridget that he thought Owen was a con man. Bridget said that Nick was being harsh, but Nick insisted that Owen was using Jackie. Nick said he hoped his mother would come to her senses.

At Jackie's place, Owen said he knew that Nick was trying to drive him out of Jackie's life. Jackie admitted that Nick's reaction wasn't uncommon. Most people would think she was in a relationship with a younger man for the mind-blowing sex. They would assume Owen was in it for the financial benefits.

Jackie warned Owen that she was never going to have children, and he wanted children. Owen said he believed they could adopt. Owen said they made each other happy, and they should be able to continue their relationship. Adopting children was a topic for the future. He was content to have a relationship with Jackie. He said she was amazing, smart, and sexy, and he wanted more of her.

"We can make this work," he said.

Jackie started to cry and hugged Owen. She called him a sweet and magnificent man. She explained that she had been a very lonely woman, and she hid it from everyone and herself by throwing herself into her work and her family. But she had become an unhappy bore before he came along and changed her life.

"How could I not want more," she said.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Donna asked Bill to confirm the offer he had made. She asked if she spent one night with him, if Bill would promise to drop all calls to Immigration and allow Eric to keep Forrester Creations. Bill confirmed that was indeed the deal on the table. Donna asked Bill what was in it for him. Bill replied that he would get a night he'd never forget with a woman he'd never forget. Donna didn't buy it, and suggested instead it was a power trip to see if he could get Donna to betray Eric. Bill reminded Donna she would, in fact, be saving Eric by sleeping with Bill.

Donna said she could tell Bill liked being the puppet-master, pulling all the strings and making everyone dance. Bill said he was only interested in seeing one person dance, and caressed Donna's face and hair. Donna demanded he stop touching her and assured him there would be no romantic evening between them. Bill said that was too bad, and suggested Donna make the most of her evening with her "Honey Bear," because there wouldn't be many more evenings for her and Eric.

Bill barged into Eric's office and asked him what it would be. Would Eric sell him Forrester, or was Eric willing to go to jail. Eric said he would not give his children's legacy to Bill to protect himself, and that he was willing to risk jail. Bill pointed out that the public would be very upset to learn Eric had hired illegal immigrants and taken jobs away from hardworking Americans. Stephanie tried to spin it and made it sound like Eric was making dreams come true for less fortunate people. Bill insisted he was about to call the authorities.

Donna chimed in and asked if Bill would give her just one night to come up with a solution, alluding to his offer to drop all charges if she spent one night with him. Bill agreed to Donna's offer and said he would give her one night to try to fix things.

After Bill left, Donna reminded Eric that his family lost him once before while he was in a coma and she didn't want to lose him again. Donna said Bill Spencer could not get control of Forrester, and that Eric could not go to jail. Donna was certain a third option was available.

Donna went to Bill's hotel suite. When she arrived, there were candles and champagne awaiting her arrival. It was clear Donna was uncomfortable and she let Bill know she hated that she had to be there. Bill expressed his certainty that Eric would eventually grow tired of Donna and go crawling back to Stephanie as he had done so many times in the past.

Donna seemed certain Eric would not leave her to go back to Stephanie, but Bill worked hard to plant seeds of doubt in Donna's mind. Bill pointed out that when Stephanie attacked Eric, she did it with extreme passion, but when she defended him, it was with equal amounts of passion. Bill reminded Donna of Eric and Stephanie's shared history and family bonds that Donna could never compete with.

Bill mentioned names -- Brooke Logan, Lauren Fenmore, and Sheila Carter -- all women Eric left Stephanie for before returning to her. Bill suggested that Donna would just be another name on that list. Bill said he saw the bond between Eric and Stephanie and knew Donna had seen it, too. Bill said they were already on their way back together and there was nothing Donna could do to stop it. Bill encouraged Donna to leave on her own and to refuse to be one of Eric's discards.

Bill said he realized that Donna didn't go there to sleep with him; she had gone to talk him out of ruining Eric. Bill said he didn't like many people, but he did like Donna. He said he wanted to give Donna a chance to leave Eric on her own, and to go to Bill. Bill said he could show Donna how good life could really be. Bill asked Donna to spend the night with him. He said in one night, she could forget Eric, Forrester Creations, and herself.

Stephanie and Eric discussed how they could get out from under Bill's threats. Stephanie didn't see any way around it; she said Bill had proof that Eric had supplied illegal immigrants with phony documents to give them jobs. Eric said he didn't care; he refused to sell his company. Stephanie gave him a reality check and told him that he might not have a choice.

Nick and Bridget kissed repeatedly in his office, lost in their passion for each other. Bridget mentioned that Nick had called her in for a meeting. Nick said he couldn't remember what it was about anymore. Bridget noticed some unflattering cartoons Nick drew of Owen on the notepad on his desk. Nick was concerned for Jackie and said he didn't trust Owen.

Bridget suggested that Nick remove his jacket and relax-and stop worrying about Owen and Jackie. Nick replied that he hoped Jackie would come to her senses soon and dump Owen so the whole mess would be over with. Bridget gave Nick a reality check and said that instead, Owen and Jackie could be right down the hall doing the same thing the two of them were doing. Nick yelled "Please God, no!" at the thought.

Nick said that wasn't possible because Jackie was working at home alone. Bridget chuckled at Nick's naiveté. Nick said that just to make sure, he was going to head over to his mom's place to make sure Owen wasn't hanging around.

Owen and Jackie were at her place kissing and talking about their future, and ended up in bed. Owen said that Jackie wore him out. Jackie giggled and said she hoped that didn't mean Owen was tired of her. He assured her that wasn't the case. Owen said he wouldn't give Jackie up for anyone.

She imagined Owen was referencing Nick, and he admitted he was. Owen said Nick would be riding him every day, trying to get him to break up with Jackie. Owen said they needed to convince Nick they had serious feelings for one another. Owen proposed that Jackie move in with him. Jackie laughed and asked if Owen seriously wanted her to move into his beach house. He said he did. Jackie said it would make more sense for Owen to move into her condo.

Jackie said Owen's beach house was very expensive and he was hardly ever there. Jackie said she knew Owen liked her condo, since it was him who helped her pick it out. She asked if he would move in with her. Owen said there was no place he would rather be, and the two fell back into bed together.

Nick used his key and barged into Jackie's apartment to find Owen and Jackie making love. Nick demanded that Owen get dressed and leave. Owen said Jackie hadn't asked him to go. Jackie told Owen to please get dressed and let her and Nick have a minute together.

Jackie informed Nick that he should not enter her apartment without knocking, especially since Owen was moving in with her. Nick was furious at her declaration. Jackie said the two of them had just decided to live together. She insisted it had been her idea. Jackie said she realized things might not work out with Owen long term, but she wanted to enjoy it every moment while it lasted. Nick asked Jackie who would pick up all the pieces when her house of cards folded.

Jackie said she had spent most of her life living alone in small, dingy apartments while everyone else-including Nick-had a life. Jackie said her life had withered away to almost nothing before Owen came along. Jackie said she felt young and free and funny, and that Owen had brought all that into her life. She asked how Nick could possibly think that was wrong.

Nick was certain Owen was using Jackie. She wanted to know why Nick couldn't believe a man was actually interested in her. Jackie wondered if Nick thought she was so undesirable that no man could want her. Jackie assured Nick if it came down to a choice, she would always choose Nick because he was her son. But she begged Nick not to ask her to choose.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

by Pam

Bill caressed Donna's hair and face, but she stopped him and said she didn't believe he really expected her to spend the night. She said that he had originally told her that a roll in the hay was the price to save Eric's company. Next, he seemed to be pitching for her to leave her husband.

She called Bill arrogant, and told him that she loved her husband. Bill didn't question that Donna loved Eric. He didn't believe that Eric would stay with her. Bill said her sexy lingerie and honey wouldn't hold Eric forever. Bill added that he, however, would never tire of her drizzling honey all over him.

"You are not going to replace my honey bear," Donna said.

Donna said she couldn't believe that Bill would make her go through with spending the night with him. Donna said Bill put together what could have been a beautiful evening, so he must be a decent guy. Bill said he wasn't making her do anything. He was giving her an opportunity to save Eric, his company, and herself.

Donna said that Bill was asking her to betray her husband. Bill pointed out that Eric always went back to Stephanie no matter what. Bill encouraged her to save Eric and herself. Bill said Donna's life with Eric would bring her heartache.

Bill said that he knew about how Donna fought off the family when Eric was in the hospital. He wanted to know that kind of devotion. Donna didn't believe him. Bill said he was hurt that she didn't trust him. He told Donna that she intrigued him. He told her he would give her one incredible evening, and she would forget all about Eric.

Donna said that Forrester Creations was a family business, and it belonged to her family and Eric's family. Bill told her when she went to bed with Eric, she needed to persuade him to sell the company if he loved her. Otherwise, she would be alone and he would be in jail. Bill called her his "little barracuda," and she left.

Owen moved into Jackie's place, and she asked him to make her dinner. She kissed Owen before he headed to her kitchen. After they enjoyed wine and dinner, she called Owen her trophy and they agreed to take care of each other. Owen said he knew that Nick thought Owen was after Jackie's money, but he assured her he wasn't.

Owen did tell Jackie that he liked her money, though, and being a kept man. Owen guessed that he made Jackie happy, and she agreed that she was very happy. Jackie seemed unsure that Owen wasn't in it for the money, but he teased her, and started kissing her.

At Forrester, Felicia, Thorne, and Stephanie tried to persuade Eric to sell the company. He refused and said that nothing was over yet. They still had to go to court. Eric added that there was no reason to lie about anything any longer.

Felicia said forgery, immigration fraud, and a host of charges awaited Eric if Bill turned Eric in. Thorne assumed Ridge knew, but Stephanie told them no one knew. Felicia and Thorne wished that Stephanie had never trusted Bill and aired the family's dirty laundry in the front of the whole world. They told her she broke her own rules on loyalty to family first.

Stephanie agreed. Stephanie told Eric that her anger issues were part of the problem. She felt unloved by her father, and she carried that burden. Eric told her that he loved her. Felicia said that was the important part - that the family stuck together. Eric said he never should have fired Stephanie. He should have sent her to an office in the basement with Thorne.

Felicia said keeping the family together was most important. She worried that Eric would lose in court, and his heart couldn't take all the stress. Stephanie agreed.

Donna entered and told Eric to sell. She had tried to talk Bill out of buying Forrester, but she couldn't do it. Eric argued with all of them. Donna pointed out that it was the first time she had ever agreed with his family. Eric insisted that he couldn't sell as long as he still had a breath in him.

Donna gave Eric Bill's latest offer -- a $50 million contract, and Eric was disgusted. Donna said the company had no value without Eric, but Eric refused to allow Bill to ruin him.

Later Donna called Bill, and begged him to reconsider. She asked him to consider buying Jackie M instead, but Bill refused. Bill was meeting with Jarrett and he told Jarrett to run the cover he had proposed. Jarrett said Eric wasn't a criminal. Jarrett added that the legal department was concerned about libel. Jarrett pulled out the photo of Eric behind bars in an orange jumpsuit. Bill sternly told him to run it as the next cover.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rick confessed to Brooke that therapy was really helping him to better understand himself. Brooke explained to Rick that it was a long process and would take time to work out all his issues. Rick said he hadn't planned to bore her with the details of his therapy, but did want to talk to Brooke about another issue. Rick admitted he was still in love with Steffy and wanted her back.

Brooke rolled her eyes and started to turn away from Rick. He took Brooke by the shoulder and implored her to hear him out. Rick said he was working through his anger for Ridge in therapy and that he didn't want to be that person anymore. Brooke suggested to Rick that Steffy might not take him back.

Rick seemed certain that Steffy would forgive him and give him another chance. Brooke asked about Ridge. Rick said he believed if Ridge saw him in therapy genuinely working hard to change, Ridge would learn to accept him eventually. Brooke didn't seem so certain.

Rick mentioned that he had one more request for Brooke. Rick asked Brooke expressly for her support. Rick said he needed the support of his parents; Brooke and Eric were the only people in his corner. Rick asked Brooke if he could count on her support as he worked through his issues. Brooke agreed and said Rick was her son and she would always be in his corner.

Eric called the family in for a meeting to go over title changes before Bill arrived. Before they got down to business, Bill barged in and demanded a signed contract. Eric announced that he would not sell Forrester to Bill Spencer even if Bill offered him a billion dollars. Bill marveled at the fact that Eric would rather go to jail than sell his company.

Eric assured Bill that his lawyers would fight the charges. Bill proclaimed that Eric's lawyers would lose. Bill said that Eric would be spending his retirement behind bars instead of on the golf course just for being stubborn. Bill unveiled the new cover of "Eye on Fashion," which showed a photo of Eric Forrester's head behind bars. Eric said he absolutely would not sell Forrester Creations to Bill.

Bill explained his terms to the Forrester family. Eric had to sell him Forrester Creations for fifty million dollars, or Bill would call the INS and give them proof that Eric had been hiring illegal immigrants and giving them fake identities for years.

Stephanie said what Bill was doing was blackmail and extortion. Bill said he was merely a law-abiding American citizen trying to protect the borders. Bill noted that after Eric was arrested to breaking multiple federal laws, Bill would still be able to buy Forrester Creations when the government sold it, and for a much lower price. Bill said the only difference was that Eric would only get a prison sentence and not 50 million dollars.

Felicia and Thorne both begged their father to sell Bill the company. They said they would rather start from scratch than watch Eric sent to prison. Eric refused and said he would not give in to extortion. Bill handed Eric the contract, and Eric ripped it up. Bill said, "Fine," and picked up the phone to tell his printers to go to press with the magazine article incriminating Eric.

Stephanie motioned for someone to enter. The Forrester attorneys were waiting in the hallway; Stephanie had recorded Bill's entire diatribe with a digital recorder in her pocket. Knowing that she had him cornered, Stephanie asked Bill if he really thought he was smarter than she was. Bill looked peeved that his plan had been thwarted.

Bill said that the recording wouldn't keep Eric out of prison. Stephanie said maybe not, but it would put Bill in a cell right next to Eric. The attorneys agreed and said if the Feds got wind of Bill's extortion attempt, he would certainly be indicted

Stephanie chuckled and said Bill had blown in from the East Coast and assumed he could bamboozle one of the most beloved families in L.A. She said L.A. was really just a small town whose citizens were loyal to their own. She suggested Bill pack up and slink back to where he had come from.

Bill reminded Stephanie that Eric humiliated her, dumped her, and fired her from her own company. Bill didn't understand why Stephanie would defend him. Stephanie said it was all just a family squabble, and it happened all the time. But family always pulled together, she said. Stephanie warned him that her family always pulled together to fight "arrogant sons of bitches" like Bill and cautioned they would bury him alive.

Bill said he viewed business and life in general as a "no holds barred" cage fight where a winner wasn't declared until one contestant quit or died. Bill wanted to make sure the Forresters got the picture; he was just getting started.

After Bill left, Stephanie, Thorne, Eric, and Felicia all hugged as a family and left Donna on the outside of the circle. She looked dejected and followed Bill to the elevator where she proclaimed that the good guys had won the fight.

Bill again reiterated that they hadn't heard the last of him, and the fight was just beginning. He said he hadn't given up on Donna, either, and knew they would be talking soon. Donna said he shouldn't hold his breath. Bill reminded Donna that she knew how to reach him if she changed her mind.

Eric said that Stephanie was still the most complicated and frustrating woman he had ever met. Stephanie said Eric was still an old philanderer. Eric confessed that he still loved Stephanie, and he asked her to return to him. She looked puzzled by the question.

Steffy sat in the café and asked herself aloud why she agreed to meet Rick there. She decided she should leave, but just as she got up to go, Rick arrived. She sat back down and listened to Rick pour his heart out.

Rick said he had missed Steffy. She confessed she had missed Rick, too. Rick said he had done his best to stay away from Steffy, but didn't want to do that anymore. Rick asked Steffy for a second chance. He assured her it had nothing to do with Ridge, but instead, he asked because he respected Steffy as a woman and cherished her. Rick said he realized those were just words. He said he only wanted an opportunity to prove it to Steffy, if that was what she wanted.

She said of course that was what she wanted. Steffy said she hoped in time that Ridge would come around, because she was tired of the two of them being apart. Rick said they would not be apart anymore. He mentioned that he had spoken to Brooke about their situation and that she understood. Steffy said that was because Brooke always followed her heart.

Rick admitted he didn't used to understand that about his mother, but "now" he did. Rick said he realized that if you didn't follow your heart in life, you had regrets, and he didn't want to have regrets about losing Steffy.

Rick suggested that they should go to visit Ridge and be totally up-front with him about their relationship, so he could see that they had changed and matured. Steffy said she hoped Ridge would be ready for it. Rick didn't think Ridge would ever be ready, but felt they had to be completely honest about their relationship this time around.

Ridge arrived home and kissed Brooke passionately. She proposed that the two of them should drive to the desert for a second honeymoon. Ridge pulled back and dropped the bombshell that they were not actually married. He explained that Aunt Pam had messed up their marriage license and that they could easily fill out a new one. Brooke was startled to discover their marriage wasn't legal.

Brooke said she supposed Stephanie would have a heyday with that news. Ridge admitted that Stephanie knew about it. Brooke asked if Ridge had just found out. Ridge admitted he had known for a while. He explained that he kept quiet just because he didn't want to upset Brooke, and thought he could get it handled before she found out.

Ridge assured Brooke it was not a big deal. He said it was a perfect excuse to get married again and have another honeymoon. Ridge told Brooke they would have a never-ending honeymoon and were in it together for the long haul. Brooke said she liked the sound of that.

Ridge expressed how nice it was for him to go home and end up in Brooke's arms without any tension between them over Rick and Steffy. Ridge said he was very glad that was all behind them. Ridge admitted he was thrilled that Rick and Steffy's relationship was "completely and totally over." Brooke did not let on that she knew anything different.

Ridge apologized for blathering on about Steffy and Rick. He said it was pointless since it was all over between them, and Ridge admitted he needed to learn to let it go. Brooke said she believed Rick was sorry for the things he said about Steffy on that tape, and knew what he had done wrong. Ridge said Brooke was the only one who believed anything Rick said. Ridge admitted that he thought if it weren't for Rick coming between the two of them, he and Brooke would have reached stratospheric heights.

Just then, Rick and Steffy came in, walking hand in hand beaming from ear to ear. Rick said he was sorry to interrupt, but he and Steffy needed to talk to Ridge. Ridge asked Rick what he was up to. Rick said he wasn't up to anything; he merely wanted the chance to make the case for him and Steffy to get back together.

Ridge was furious at the suggestion and screamed no. Steffy begged her dad just to hear Rick out, and insisted Rick had really changed over the previous few weeks. Ridge said he was sure Rick wanted Steffy to believe that, but Ridge felt certain Rick had not changed at all.

Ridge said he absolutely would not allow Steffy and Rick to reunite. Rick asked Brooke to weigh in. Brooke stood silent. Ridge also wanted Brooke's input and said he really needed Brooke to take his side and tell her son "no."

Ridge said he needed to hear Brooke say the words to Rick and forbid him from dating Steffy. Ridge screamed, "Tell them!" at Brooke, but she said nothing.

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