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Monday, June 8, 2009

Ridge implored Brooke to tell Rick she forbade him to date Steffy. Ridge said he needed to hear Brooke say those words. Brooke looked over her shoulder at her son and Steffy, and then back to Ridge. She refused and said she simply could not stand in the way of Rick and Steffy's relationship any longer.

Ridge was stunned that Brooke would agree to Steffy dating Rick. Brooke said, in spite of Ridge's opposition, Rick and Steffy were determined to be together. Brooke reminded Ridge that in spite of all his efforts to break them up, Rick and Steffy couldn't stay apart because their feelings for one another were too strong.

Brooke reminded Ridge that their children were adults and could date who they wanted, with or without parental approval. Brooke said she was sorry that her feelings hurt Ridge, but she couldn't stand between Rick and Steffy anymore.

Ridge was furious that Brooke would take that position. Steffy asked her dad to try to see things from her point of view. Steffy said that Brooke was willing to accept their relationship, and wondered why Ridge couldn't do the same.

Ridge ignored Steffy and went on the attack with Brooke again. Ridge bellowed at Brooke and said he warned her that the relationship with Rick and Steffy could not happen. Ridge kicked Rick and Steffy out of his house. He said they had to go because he simply could not look at them.

After they left, Ridge said he knew that Rick would not stay away from Steffy, but he could not have predicted that Brooke would betray him. Brooke tried to explain that she was not betraying him by supporting her son. Ridge argued that Rick cost him one daughter already and was a threat to his remaining daughter Steffy. Brooke disagreed and said Rick was not a threat to Steffy.

Ridge said Brooke was unrealistic and could not see the person that Rick really was. Ridge pointed out that Brooke knew the only thing that could break the two of them up was Rick, and "now" Rick had. Brooke begged Ridge to think about it, but Ridge said he could not take any more and that he was done with Brooke.

Brooke pleaded with Ridge not to say those things, but he continued anyway. Ridge said that Brooke was on one side with Rick, and Ridge was on his side alone. Ridge felt he had gotten no support from Brooke. Ridge stated that, if nothing else, Rick was a threat to Ridge's sanity, and Brooke didn't seem to give a damn about Ridge's well-being. He said he had had enough and stormed out. Brooke went screaming after Ridge begging him to stop, but he did not.

Taylor and Thomas stopped by Phoebe's grave to take flowers. They found a bouquet of Phoebe's favorite rose already placed at the grave and assumed Ridge had been there earlier. Thomas expressed his disappointment to Taylor that Ridge would not return to their family. Taylor reminded Thomas that Ridge was committed to Brooke. Thomas didn't understand how Ridge could stay with Brooke when her son was responsible for Phoebe's death.

After Ridge left Brooke's house, he went to Phoebe's grave, where he ran into Taylor. She sensed something was wrong with Ridge and asked why he was so upset. He regaled her with the saga of Steffy and Rick reuniting. Ridge admitted that he had left Brooke because he was furious with her for supporting Rick instead of him.

Taylor said she didn't want Rick anywhere near her daughter. Ridge thanked God that someone saw things from his point of view. Ridge spoke to Phoebe's headstone and stroked it, wishing he could get his daughter back.

Ridge worried aloud that if Steffy dated Rick, they would be in a car driving together at some point and Ridge would lose Steffy the way he lost Phoebe. Taylor assured Ridge that would never happen and they would find a way to protect their daughter. Taylor dug in her purse and gave Ridge an antidepressant and said it would help with his anxiety,

Ridge took the pill. Taylor asked if she could drive him home. Ridge replied that he didn't want to see Brooke, Steffy, or Rick; he couldn't face them. Taylor said she would take Ridge away anyplace he wanted to go.

They got in Taylor's car and began to drive. Ridge asked where they were headed, and Taylor said "Big Bear." Ridge objected, but Taylor insisted it would be the best place for Taylor to help Ridge work through his issues. He reluctantly agreed.

At Big Bear, Ridge and Taylor sat by a roaring fire. Taylor expressed outrage that Brooke hadn't been more supportive of Ridge. Taylor convinced Ridge that she was up to the task of helping him work through his grief over Phoebe. Taylor reminded him that no one understood what he was going through more than she did.

Brooke called Ridge's cell phone. Taylor saw the call come in from Brooke, and turned Ridge's phone off without letting him know Brooke had called. When Ridge came back over to the sofa, Taylor told Ridge she would always be there for him, and began to rub his neck and shoulders.

Eric begged Stephanie to return to Forrester Creations. He bribed her with her own office. Stephanie declined. Eric told her she was missed at Forrester. Stephanie replied that Eric didn't miss Stephanie; he only missed the sales figures she boosted and her good rapport with clients. Stephanie pointed out that she had no desire to work alongside Rick, Donna, and Brooke.

Stephanie said that when given the choice, Eric chose his young trophy wife over her, and that choice had consequences. Eric admitted Donna brought a lot of joy to his life, but he missed his family. Stephanie noted that Eric always wanted to have his cake and eat it, too. She asked him why he was so nostalgic, and suggested the sex with Donna must be getting old.

Stephanie talked to Eric about his professional behavior. She said when their kids and other employees heard banging, moaning, and groaning coming out of his office, it made people uncomfortable. Stephanie added she had no desire to return to work for Forrester to witness Donna's outrageous behavior. Stephanie said if she had to witness that on a daily basis, it would be intolerable to her.

Stephanie continued, and said she and Eric had something extraordinary once, but Eric chose to walk away from it for fun and games with Donna. Stephanie wanted to make sure Eric realized his behavior reflected on the company and on his reputation. Stephanie said she didn't want to be associated with that, because she deserved better. She added that she found something better, a new life and a new company. Stephanie declared the reason she no longer had a place at Forrester was because she didn't want one.

Donna burst into the office ready to play. Eric asked her to give him and Stephanie another minute. Stephanie motioned Donna to enter, and told Eric very gently that they were finished. Eric got a far-off look in his eye, as though he was processing the truths Stephanie had just laid at his feet.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

by Pam

At Big Bear, Ridge was in an emotional meltdown as he told Taylor that he felt he had lost both of his daughters. Taylor disagreed. She believed Steffy would come around, and Taylor promised to help Ridge. Ridge lamented that he needed Brooke to stand up with him against Rick and Steffy, but she didn't do it-again.

He counted on her to be on his side, and she kept siding with Rick's relationship with Steffy rather than understanding that Ridge couldn't handle it. Ridge was glad that Taylor was there for him. He needed to get away from all the stress, and he needed to be with someone who understood why Rick and Steffy's relationship was so hurtful to him.

At Brooke's, Brooke told Rick and Steffy that she couldn't reach Ridge on his cell phone. Rick said Ridge needed time to cool off, but Brooke worried that if Stephanie got involved, the situation would get worse. Brooke left to find Ridge before Stephanie did.

Steffy said she had never seen her father so distraught. Rick agreed, and said that his mother was frightened that she was losing Ridge, and it was all because of Rick and Steffy. Rick realized that they had made things worse. Rick admitted that Ridge was the only thing that made his mom happy, and he didn't like that relationship, but he knew he had to accept it.

Steffy commented that Rick really had changed. Rick agreed. He said he wanted to make things right because his mom and Steffy loved Ridge. Rick worried that Stephanie could create a lot of problems if she got involved, because she hated Rick and Brooke.

Steffy called Taylor, and her mother gave her an earful. Taylor told her daughter that getting back together with Rick was killing Ridge. It was unacceptable and Taylor warned her to end it for her father's sake. Steffy tried to argue that Rick was in therapy, and he was getting better. Taylor reminded her that nothing could change that Phoebe was dead, and Rick was responsible. Taylor told Steffy she had never seen Ridge in such bad shape. She ordered Steffy to end her relationship with Rick for the family's sake.

Steffy cried as Rick returned to the room. She said that Taylor told her she had never seen Ridge so on edge. Rick said they couldn't give up on loving each other, and he added they would find a way to get their parents' support. They kissed and hugged.

At Forrester, Stephanie told Pam that Eric had asked her to return to Forrester, and Pam cheered the idea. Stephanie told her sister that she turned Eric down. Pam wished she could be working with her sister again, but she understood that Stephanie had made a name for herself at Jackie M, and Pam congratulated her.

Pam was proud of Stephanie for not backing down. Pam said the Logans might be getting what they deserved. Stephanie said that she hoped Ridge stayed away from Brooke. Stephanie said Taylor made Ridge happy. Brooke always complicated Ridge's life, and he needed some calm after all that had happened.

Stephanie took a call from Taylor, who filled her in on Ridge's blowup with Brooke, Rick, and Steffy. Taylor told Stephanie that she brought Ridge to Big Bear to get him away from everyone. Taylor was worried about Ridge because he was emotionally fragile. Stephanie wondered if Ridge had talked to Brooke, but Taylor said she'd turned Ridge's phone off. He needed some time to relax and calm down before he confronted Brooke again. Stephanie told Taylor that Taylor was what Ridge needed, and she was glad he was with Taylor. Taylor hung up when Ridge came in from another room.

Taylor told Ridge that they might need to stay at the cabin a few days until Ridge felt better. Taylor told him that Steffy had called and was worried. Ridge said the whole situation could have been avoided if Brooke had told Rick and Steffy to stay away from each other a long time before. He commented that he loved Brooke, but he was glad he wasn't legally married to her. Taylor didn't believe him, and she went to the kitchen.

Ridge went outside to move Taylor's car into the garage. When he reentered the house, he returned Taylor's keys to her purse, and he found the anti-anxiety pills. He swallowed a few more with some of the tea that Taylor had made for him. Taylor didn't see him. When she returned, Ridge told her that he had moved the car into the garage and returned her keys to her purse. He didn't mention the pills. Ridge thanked Taylor for getting him away from everyone and taking him to the cabin. He started to feel like he could breathe again, and a weight had been lifted from his chest.

At Forrester, Brooke walked into Eric's office looking for Ridge, but she found Stephanie. Brooke wanted to find Ridge, but Stephanie warned her that Ridge had endured enough of Brooke's antics with Rick. Stephanie asserted that Brooke's marriage wasn't as solid as Brooke claimed it had been. Stephanie said that Ridge was probably glad he wasn't legally married to Brooke.

Brooke said Ridge was the one who said the license was just a piece of paper, and they would take care of it. Stephanie doubted that Ridge felt that way after Brooke sided with Rick and Steffy against him yet again. Stephanie got a phone call, and it was Ridge, but she didn't let on to Brooke that she was talking to Ridge.

Ridge told Stephanie that he was at Big Bear and needed some time alone for a few days. He asked her to tell Eric. Ridge also asked her to tell Brooke that she could call him, but he needed some time. He didn't want to talk to her yet. After Stephanie hung up, she told Brooke that Ridge needed time away from her. Brooke was furious that Stephanie didn't allow her to talk to Ridge. Brooke wanted to know where he was and if he was all right. Stephanie warned her to leave him alone.

At the cabin, after Ridge hung up with his mom, he told Taylor that he was always relaxed when he was with Taylor. With Brooke, he always had problems and he was worn out. He kissed Taylor's hand and then kissed her on the cheek and finally on the lips as they embraced.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ridge and Taylor kissed in front of a roaring fire at Big Bear. Taylor looked at Ridge with desire in her eyes. As Ridge persisted in kissing her, Taylor pulled back.

Ridge was confused and asked Taylor if he misread what she wanted. Taylor admitted she did want to be with Ridge, but was afraid he was not making clear choices. Taylor reminded Ridge she had given him anti-anxiety medication and was concerned the pill had clouded his judgment.

Ridge assured Taylor that was not the case. He said he wanted her and it had become clear after Brooke refused to support him while Taylor was willing to support him. Taylor was unaware that Ridge took more pills than she had given him.

Ridge thanked Taylor for bringing him to Big Bear and said it was just what he needed. He said he valued her support. Taylor mentioned that she and Ridge had always been able to support one another. Ridge denied it; he reminded her there had been times in the past when they had not supported one another, but noted those were the darkest times in both of their lives.

Ridge said it worked better when they were together. Taylor left the room to get tea, and Ridge saw a photo of Phoebe and had a flashback of holding her in his eyes while she was dying. He was overcome with grief again, as though the accident had just happened. He noticed the bottle of pills on the counter, opened it, and popped another one into his mouth.

Steffy supposed she and Rick should not have admitted they were back together. Rick reminded Steffy they had decided "no more secrets, no more lies" this time around. The two of them kissed. Thomas entered the office and spotted them kissing; he jumped Rick and demanded that Rick take his hands off of Steffy. Steffy pulled the two of them apart.

Thomas screamed at Steffy and reminded her that she promised to stay away from Rick. Steffy said she tried, but Rick still loved her and she still cared for him. Steffy said they wanted to try again. Thomas reminded Steffy how angry Ridge would be when he found out. Steffy said Ridge already knew and was not happy about it. Steffy said in spite of that, she and Rick planned to try again, and were going to take it slow this time around.

Steffy mentioned that if her family could not accept her relationship with Rick, perhaps she and Rick could leave town and move away. Rick said he would never ask Steffy to choose between him and her family. Rick also noted Forrester was under attack and Eric needed the whole family to rally around to support him.

Thomas said Ridge could handle the company just fine without Rick. Rick declared that he and Steffy were in a relationship and believed they could get their families to come around and accept it. Steffy asked Thomas if he would try to accept her relationship with Rick and not create problems where there didn't have to be conflict between them.

Brooke went to visit Katie and Donna, and filled them in on the latest mayhem with Ridge. Brooke admitted that Ridge left her because she refused to forbid Rick and Steffy to date. Brooke noted Rick and Steffy were adults and couldn't be controlled by their parents. Katie thought Brooke should have sided with Ridge, anyway. Donna agreed with the way Brooke handled things.

Brooke explained to her sisters that she and Ridge weren't legally married, and they were shocked by the news. Brooke believed Ridge had purposely avoided telling her about it. Donna asked Brooke why she would think that, and Brooke said Stephanie told her son. Donna said Brooke needed to consider the source.

Brooke relayed that she and Ridge had been discussing going to the courthouse to fix the paperwork when Rick and Steffy arrived. Instead of choosing to make their marriage legal, Brooke said, Ridge instead walked out on her. Brooke said apparently Ridge had her on probation of some sort, waiting to see if she passed or failed a test. Donna cautioned Brooke from trusting information she got from Stephanie.

Donna reminded Brooke that Stephanie had her own agenda and wanted Taylor with Ridge. Brooke said she realized that, but she was too weary to keep fighting the same fight over and over, she just wanted the chaos to stop.

Brooke said Stephanie would push Ridge towards Taylor. Donna and Katie said Ridge would not fall for Stephanie's manipulations after everything Brooke and Ridge had been through with Stephanie in the past. Brooke was not as certain as her sisters.

Brooke called Ridge and finally reached him. Before the phone call, Ridge was talking to Taylor and his words were slurred. He had begun to see Taylor in double vision, because the pills were taking their toll on him. Brooke wanted to talk to Ridge about their "misunderstanding." Ridge said he didn't want to discuss it and they could try to talk about it the next day.

Ridge suggested to Brooke it was far more than a misunderstanding between them. He asked her if she was ready to forbid Rick to see Steffy. Brooke pointed out that Rick and Steffy were adults and it was out of her control. Ridge got frustrated with the call and hung the phone up. Brooke was left talking to air.

Brooke explained to Donna and Katie that Ridge hung up on her. She noted that Ridge sounded very calm and detached. They asked where Ridge was, and Brooke replied she could only imagine. Her sisters implored her to stay positive and not to jump to the worst possible conclusions.

They reminded Brooke that she and Ridge had been in bad spots before and always found their way back to one another. Katie and Donna assured Brooke to just be patient and Ridge would walk through the door with flowers and apologies at any moment. They three of them giggled and hugged. Brooke said when Ridge showed up, they would realize what happened between Rick and Steffy shouldn't affect them. Brooke believed it would all work out and she and Ridge would go to the courthouse, make their marriage legal, and move on with their lives.

Back in Big Bear, Ridge confessed to Taylor he didn't want to go back home to Brooke. He wanted to avoid the drama, and chaos of the city. Ridge said he couldn't stand the thought of seeing Rick again.

Ridge tried to focus on Taylor's face, but continued to see her in and out of focus as the pills took control of his mind. Ridge told Taylor in slurred speech that he wanted to feel every day like he felt "right now." Ridge determined he had to move out and leave Brooke.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

by Pam

Ridge returned from the cabin at Big Bear and had a heart-to-heart talk with Brooke. He calmly told her that relaxing at Big Bear was what he needed, and he added that he was with Taylor. Brooke looked ticked, but Ridge explained that when he blew up at Brooke, Rick, and Steffy, Ridge went to Phoebe's gave and he ran into Taylor. She took him to Big Bear. They never slept together, but he felt relaxed for the first time in a very long time.

Brooke said she should have gone after him. Ridge disagreed. He explained that Brooke could never understand what it was like to lose a child because she hadn't lost one. He added that her son took away his child. Ridge realized it wasn't Brooke's fault, but he said he couldn't handle being around Rick.

It finally hit Ridge when he relaxed at Big Bear that he didn't have any stress on him at the cabin. He didn't have to look at pictures of Rick or worry that Rick would walk in the door whenever he felt like it. Ridge said that at Brooke's house, Ridge was always on edge because Rick would show up anytime he wanted to. And, repeatedly, Rick showed up with Steffy, and Brooke supported their relationship.

Ridge said he could never support them. Ridge said he hated Rick for killing Phoebe, and Ridge claimed he would not accept Brooke siding with Rick again. Ridge felt better when he was away from the house, and Taylor understood his pain. Ridge said he would not forgive Rick. He refused to accept that Brooke believed Rick and Steffy belonged together. Ridge said he understood that Brooke didn't want to turn against her son. Ridge admitted he was close to a nervous breakdown, and he refused to let Rick send him into a breakdown.

Brooke said they would fix things. Ridge told her that she could not help him and be on Rick's side all at the same time. Ridge said he loved Brooke more than anything and he wanted to preserve their love, but he felt like he was dying inside. He said he couldn't do that anymore. He announced that at Big Bear, he felt happy and relieved that he didn't have to face Rick.

He understood that Rick was Brooke's son. He said he had to get away from Brooke and Rick. He just couldn't deal with them any longer. He said he had tried for months, and he was ready to admit it was a weakness and a character flaw. He could no longer do it. He planned to move out of Brooke's house to avoid Rick.

Brooke disagreed. She told Ridge that they had a family together, and his family needed him. She said Ridge needed to get past his hatred for Rick or it would eat him alive, even if he went far away from Brooke and Rick. She promised to make him laugh again, and she took his hand and said she would not let him leave her.

At Il Giardino, Taylor and Stephanie met for lunch, and Taylor told Stephanie how nice it was to see Ridge happy and laughing again. She said that she was worried about him when she first found him at Phoebe's grave. Taylor thought Ridge was on the verge of a breakdown. He was at peace at Big Bear, and seemed content just like all the times he spent with her and their family.

Taylor said she thought Ridge finally realized that he didn't need Brooke in his life to be happy. He realized that it wouldn't be the end of the world. Taylor said that Ridge kissed her, and she had worried that the spark had disappeared after all the years they had been apart. But, she told Stephanie the spark was still there, and she knew Ridge felt it, too. Taylor was confident that Ridge would move out of Brooke's house to get away from Rick.

At Nick's, Nick jumped out of bed and awakened Bridget, but she wanted him to get back in bed. He told her to go back to sleep and he would return. Bridget's phone rang and Nick went to the shower. Bridget answered a call from Owen.

Owen begged Bridget to talk to Nick, because Owen was convinced that Nick was going to fire him. Bridget laughed it off at first, but she sensed that Owen was really concerned and threatened. Bridget asked if Nick had any meetings within the next hour or so, and Owen checked Nick's schedule. He lied to Bridget that Nick had nothing. At the same time, Owen noted that Nick and Jackie were scheduled to meet with accountants. Bridget said she needed an hour.

Nick got out of the shower and was happy to find Bridget waiting for him in a black teddy with strawberries and cream. She told him she checked his schedule, and he had some free time. So, they playfully fooled around and made love.

Later, Bridget and Nick wrapped their bodies around one another, and Bridget wanted to go for a hat trick. Nick said he had to get to the office to check on Owen. Nick said he was convinced that Owen was trying to take advantage of his mother and her money. Bridget argued that Nick needed to give Owen a break. Owen was doing a good job, and Bridget had never seen Jackie so happy.

At Jackie M, Jackie entered Owen's office and wanted to lock the door so she could make out with him, but Owen feared that Nick would find the door locked and freak out. Jackie said she had a meeting and wondered where Nick was. Owen offered to call Nick, but he only pretended to call Nick. He told Jackie that he was getting Nick's voicemail.

Jackie and Owen met with the accountants, and she apologized that Nick was away. One of the accountants noted that she owned the company, so it was no big deal. That news caught Owen's attention. When the accountants were leaving, they told Jackie she needed to update her estate planning in the event that she ever married again. She laughed and said that wasn't going to happen. She added that nothing should change. Everything would go to her son.

After the accountants left, Owen was busily cleaning up the desk and avoided Jackie's gaze.

Friday, June 12, 2009

At Brooke and Ridge's, Brooke continued to try to convince Ridge that they would get through the troubles they were having. She asked Ridge not to leave, saying that their marriage was forever. Ridge said that some problems were insurmountable, like Brooke's loyalty to Rick. Brooke chided Ridge for not allowing for the possibility that some day he might get over his animosity towards Rick. She said that Ridge needed her ­ that she wouldn't let him carry his hatred for Rick forever. She reminded Ridge that life was full of tragedies and heartbreaks, but everything would be okay if they had faith and trust in each other.

Brooke and Ridge embraced. The phone rang and they allowed the machine to answer. It was Rick calling, and he left a message that he and Steffy would be stopping by for dinner that evening. Ridge let go of Brooke, and said that Rick would always be a part of Brooke's life.

Brooke told Ridge to have faith. She said that breaking up wasn't the solution to Ridge's problems with Rick. Ridge grew angry and said that Rick was the bane of his existence. He blamed Rick for Phoebe's death. He added that he wanted Brooke to despise Rick, but said that he knew that Brooke would be unable to reject her son. Ridge told Brooke that until he could get over the loss of Phoebe, he couldn't be with Brooke.

Brooke begged Ridge to tell her that it wasn't the end. Ridge said, "The end. Do you and I even know what that is?" He embraced and kissed Brooke, then said goodbye and left. Ridge stood outside the door, sobbing, while inside the house, Brooke looked stunned.

Later, Rick stopped by to visit Brooke. He blamed himself for Ridge and Brooke's estrangement. Brooke insisted that it wasn't Rick's fault. Rick said that he had promised Steffy that he would end his vendetta with Ridge. Rick predicted that everything would work out. Brooke said that the situation was beyond her ability to fix, but that there was someone who might be able to.

At the Forrester guesthouse, Stephanie found a despondent Ridge staring out the window. Ridge told his mother that he needed a place to stay, as he had left Brooke. He added that he couldn't have Brooke in his life if Brooke wouldn't respect his wishes. He told Stephanie that he didn't know what he was going to do next, and then walked into the bedroom. Stephanie called Taylor and suggested that she come over to see Ridge.

Taylor showed up at the guesthouse. Stephanie told her that Ridge had left Brooke, and that he was in the bedroom. Taylor went into the bedroom and asked Ridge how he was holding up. Ridge said that he did what he had to do by leaving Brooke. Taylor went back to the living room to speak with Stephanie, leaving her purse on the bed. Ridge saw the bottle of anti-anxiety medication in Taylor's purse. He took the bottle, opened it, and popped a few more of the pills.

A few moments later, Ridge began pacing the room. Stephanie stood outside the bedroom door and, unbeknownst to Ridge, observed as he took even more of the anti-anxiety pills. Stephanie came into the bedroom and told Ridge that she was leaving so that he could have some time with Taylor. Ridge said that Taylor had been great. Stephanie told Ridge that Taylor loved him. Ridge said the feeling was mutual.

Taylor told Ridge that she had made him some tea. As Ridge headed toward the living room, Stephanie took the pill bottle from Taylor's purse and placed it in her pocket. After Stephanie left, Taylor asked Ridge if he was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Ridge said that he thought he would be all right, thanks to her. The large amount of anti-anxiety medication began to kick in, and Ridge began spacing out ­ he slurred his speech, and Taylor appeared out of focus to him. He told Taylor how beautiful she was. At home, Stephanie read the label on the pill bottle.

In Jackie's office, Jackie and Owen were kissing passionately. Nick entered, became furious at the scene, and asked if that was how business was conducted when he was out of the office. Jackie told Nick that he had missed an important meeting with the accountants. Nick claimed not to know anything about such a meeting.

Owen said he had tried to call Nick, but the call went to voicemail. Jackie told Nick not to worry ­ that Owen had attended the meeting and had taken notes. Nick said that Owen shouldn't be privy to the company's finances. When Jackie said that Owen was looking out for the company, Nick replied that the best thing for the company would be for Owen to leave and get out of Jackie's life.

Jackie accused Nick of overreacting. When Owen said that he worked his tail off, Nick quipped that the only tail he was into was Jackie's. Nick and Owen began arguing, but Jackie told them to stop. Owen told Jackie that it was obvious that Nick wanted him out of the company. Nick shouted, "You're out! Gone! Pack up and get your stuff out."

Owen asked Jackie if that was what she wanted. Nick told his mother that he had always had her best interests at heart, and that he trusted that she would do the right thing. Jackie told Owen that she was sorry, but that she had to side with Nick. Nick smiled, and Owen looked devastated.

After Nick left, Jackie told Owen that they could still be a couple, even if they no longer worked together. Owen said that he understood that Nick had started the company with Jackie, and that Jackie needed to abide by her son's wishes. He said that losing his job was less of a priority than the possibility of losing Jackie. He told Jackie that he wanted more from their relationship ­ then he asked Jackie to marry him. An ecstatic Jackie accepted Owen's proposal, and the couple embraced.

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