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Monday, July 13, 2009

Eric escorted a honey-and-glitter-soaked Donna off the stage while Katie tried to save face with the press. Katie waxed poetic about Forrester Creations' long history of unforgettable showstoppers. Bill chuckled at Katie as he watched her try to put a positive spin on the fashion show disaster.

When Donna realized she was covered in honey, she immediately knew it was Aunt Pam's doing. Pam scurried down the ladder from the catwalk and took a call from Stephanie. Stephanie also recognized Pam's handiwork when she saw the fashion show. Stephanie suggested that Pam find a closet to hide in, and advised Pam to stay put until Stephanie arrived to protect her.

Rick, Marcus, Taylor, and Steffy discussed the fiasco. Rick said Forrester needed to have a flawless show, and obviously they failed. Taylor said Eric's designs were flawless, but Steffy pointed out that no one would remember the designs, only the horrible ending of the show. Marcus expressed concern that his mother would be ridiculed in the press. Steffy overheard one of the reporters calling in a headline "The Golden Goof."

Donna found Stephanie and Pam in the wings laughing about her misfortune. Pam had just bragged to Stephanie about buying ten gallons of honey and pouring it on Donna's head. Donna arrived a second too late to hear Pam's confession, but she let Pam know she was onto her. Donna accused Stephanie of being part of the sick prank, but Stephanie assured Donna she had nothing to do with it.

Donna screamed at Pam and reminded her that she ruined Eric's fashion show and hurt his company just to play a prank on Donna. Pam played dumb and pretended she didn't know anything about it. Eric heard the women arguing and ordered Stephanie and Pam to meet him in his office right away. Donna, who was still covered in honey and glitter, tearfully said she would be right up after she took a shower.

Eric, Ridge, Stephanie, and Pam went into Eric's office. Eric's banker was waiting in the office for Eric, and told Eric his disastrous fashion show would have dire effects on his finances. Eric told the banker it wasn't a good time for them to talk, and asked him to leave.

Eric demanded to know why Pam had sabotaged the fashion show. Pam asked whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty." Ridge asked Pam if she denied dumping the honey on Donna. Pam said she might have done it, but she might not have done it, no one knew for sure. Eric said Donna believed Pam did it, and that was good enough for him.

Eric was about to fire Pam, but she said she didn't have to be fired, she quit. Pam handed Eric a hastily handwritten letter of resignation. She yelled, "WooHoo!" in the doorway as she left, and exclaimed she was free from ever having to hear the words "honey bear" again.

Stephanie told Eric that, for what it was worth, she thought his new line was inspired, and some of his and Ridge's best work yet. Eric reasoned that it didn't matter how good the work was, because all anyone would remember was the disastrous ending.

Ridge reminded Eric that he had warned Eric not to let Donna model the showstopper. Stephanie pointed out to Eric how much Donna had cost him-his family, his reputation, and soon, his company. Donna walked in and overheard the conversation and agreed with Stephanie. Donna said Stephanie was right. Donna admitted that everyone hated her, and she wondered aloud if the cost of Eric being married to her was too high.

Donna asked Eric if he wanted her to leave. Eric gasped and said of course he didn't. Eric thanked Ridge for his hard work on their new line, but insisted that Ridge must stop speaking badly of Donna. Eric reminded Ridge they would not even have Forrester Creations, except that Donna got it back from Nick Marone.

Eric said everyone said the new line was his best work ever, and that Donna was the inspiration for all the gowns he created. Eric proclaimed that he was a happy and fulfilled man, and would not change his marriage to Donna for anyone is his family, or for the sake of the company. He loved Donna and that was all that mattered to him.

Ridge left, and Donna asked Eric if he meant all the wonderful things he had said. He told her that he did, and Donna's eyes filled up with tears. She was deeply moved, and told Eric that no one had ever called her an inspiration before. Eric said that when Donna walked onto the stage in the showstopper gown, he had never seen anything so beautiful. Donna promised Eric that no matter what the future held for them, they were in it together. The two embraced.

Bill Spencer looked on as Katie tried to talk Jarrett into focusing on Eric and Ridge's designs instead of the "wardrobe malfunction." Jarrett suggested that if Stephanie, Brooke, Thorne, and Felicia had not left the company, that sort of debacle would not have happened. Katie did her best to convince Jarrett to only write about the clothes, but it was clear his article would be slanted toward the mayhem, not the fashion.

As Jarrett sprinted down the hallway, Bill Spencer gave Katie a standing ovation. She advised him against speaking, but he assured her his applause was sincere. He pointed out that although Katie had exceptional P.R. skills, she would be unable to put a positive spin on such an unmitigated disaster. Bill pointed out that worked fine for him, as it would make Forrester Creations even more vulnerable to a takeover.

Katie pleaded with Bill to be objective when his magazine covered the show. Bill chuckled and said he didn't have to say anything-the photos spoke for themselves.

Bill said the photos were "as good as gold," and cracked up laughing at his own joke. Katie was not amused. She chased Bill to the elevator and yelled after him that she thought his magazine was better than a tabloid, but perhaps she was wrong. She yelled that Eric's designs were inspired, but, in spite of her best efforts, Bill just kept walking.

Katie followed him all the way back to his office. She took a call and explained to Bill that Stephanie's sister, Pam, was the one responsible for "mishap" at the fashion show. Bill laughed and questioned her choice of words. He said he thought a "mishap" at a fashion show would be if a model wore the wrong pair of shoes.

Katie asked Bill why Forrester Creations should have to pay for Pam's prank. Bill admitted he had seen some extraordinary gowns during the show, but pointed out that his readers wanted to read about dirt and scandal. Bill said his readers wanted to see Donna covered in honey and glitter looking like a demented Academy Award.

Katie asked if there was anything she could do to persuade Bill not to run that story. Bill said he was easier to convince when he had a big, juicy steak in front of him, so if Katie would agree to have dinner with him, he would consider her request. Katie said as long as Bill was buying, she would be happy to have dinner with him.

Marcus congratulated Taylor on her reunion with Ridge. Marcus knew having her family back together meant a lot to Steffy, and he expressed how happy he was for their family. Taylor thanked Marcus and mentioned that second chances were always possible, and there might be a second chance for him, too. Rick watched angrily from the corner as Marcus and Taylor bonded.

Thomas, unable to resist the urge to taunt Rick, approached Rick and pointed out how much everyone in their family liked Marcus. Thomas said that Taylor looked comfortable with Marcus because Marcus was a good guy and Taylor knew he would never hurt Steffy. Thomas suggested that if Steffy spent enough time hanging around with Marcus, she might forget Rick completely.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

by Pam

At Taylor's, Ridge, Thomas, Steffy, and Taylor talked about how Pam's prank of dumping honey on Donna ruined the otherwise successful show. Ridge worried that the prank was all that news reports would dwell on, and Forrester really needed a successful show. The kids told Ridge that they would find a way to put a positive spin on the whole mess. Steffy said she would help even if it meant promoting Forrester gowns as the fabric that washed up easily after a messy spill. Ridge's family promised to find a way to turn the tables.

Steffy checked her phone for text messages, and Thomas told her to quit looking for messages from Rick. Thomas told Steffy to give Marcus a second chance. Ridge and Taylor agreed, but Steffy balked that she and Rick were going to make things work. She wondered why they all supported Marcus, and Ridge told her that Marcus clearly was more respectful of his daughter. Steffy defended Rick and said that he also treated her with respect.

She said that things were different between them, and she knew what she was getting into. Thomas and Steffy left Ridge and Taylor alone. Ridge and Taylor figured that the kids had planned the alone time so that they could share some romance. Taylor noted that they had just had a calm conversation with Steffy about Rick without any major drama. Taylor believed they were finally getting through to her and that their family was starting to communicate. They had found peace, thanks to Ridge.

Ridge and Taylor went to bed for a passionate session of lovemaking. Later, Taylor told Ridge she was glad that she could make him feel better after a bad day. She was glad that he could find peace with her after a storm. She said Ridge seemed more at peace after spending time with his family. Ridge said that he always knew Taylor was good to him and for him.

Taylor said that it was Ridge who had made the biggest difference in the family. They were healing together, and the kids felt more relaxed and they were all bonding together in support of one another. She thanked Ridge for returning to his family and for making her feel alive again. She never wanted to return to living without him.

In Eric's office, Donna told Marcus that Pam had quit just before Eric fired her. Marcus promised that everything would turn out all right. Marcus had an envelope of photos that Jake had taken, but he refused to show them to his mom. Donna worried that reporters would focus on Pam's showstopper rather than Eric's beautiful designs. Donna said Eric was making calls to everyone that he could. He was asking them to focus on the designs rather than the show's ending.

Donna worried that Bill Spencer would somehow find a way to use the disaster to his advantage. Donna told Marcus to go off and do something more fun than babysit her. Marcus admitted that he wanted to go see Steffy. Marcus reminded his mom that the shots in honey weren't a good look for her. Donna agreed, and said that she hoped Bill Spencer wouldn't splash those photos all over the cover of Eye on Fashion. Donna hoped that Katie would persuade Bill not to publish the shots.

In his office, Bill and Katie shared dinner and wine. Katie said she was trying to figure out who Bill really was. She remembered a really nice guy who took care of her when she got drunk, fell asleep, and got sick in his hotel room. Then, she couldn't connect how the same man made no secret of ruthlessly wanting to take over Forrester. She looked for the logic in a guy who would not take advantage of her, but wanted to get Forrester when it was down.

He told her it was all about business. He asked Katie if she would be by his side when he took over Forrester. He added that he needed an insider to help him out as Forrester was falling apart. Katie couldn't believe that Bill wanted her to betray her family at Forrester. Bill told her it was a business decision. It was only a matter of time before Forrester failed and Eric had to sell.

Bill wanted someone on the inside so that he could make a smooth transition. He believed Katie was destined for much better things than mediocrity, and he knew he could give them to her. Katie refused, but Bill warned her to avoid emotional decisions when business was at stake. Katie wondered if Bill was ever emotional about anything. She wondered how he could think she would be happy with success at the expense of her sisters' failures. Bill pointed out that Eric made an emotional decision not to sell the company when Bill made his first offer. His poor decision-making was the reason that her sisters and the company were failing.

Katie said Bill's business life was successful, but she asked about his personal life or if he even had a life outside of his work. He flirted with Katie and said that they were enjoying dinner together, but she felt it was a business dinner. She again thanked him for not using her when she was drunk. He told her that wasn't his style. He wanted women to enjoy the experience when he was making love to them.

On a big-screen TV, Bill sorted through the photos of Donna from the fashion show. Katie begged him not to publish the embarrassing shots of Donna soaked in honey and glitter. He slyly told her the photo of Donna covered in honey was powerful and a bit naughty. He sat closer to Katie and put his arm around her. He told her the photo was seductive and it was the kind of thing people wanted to see on the newsstand.

He flipped to the beautiful shot of Donna in the showstopper gown, and called it ordinary and boring. He put both arms around Katie and handed her the remote control and whispered that he needed help in choosing the next cover. He pressured her to choose the shot of Donna soaked in honey and told her how provocative Donna looked. Katie jumped up and said she couldn't help him.

Bill clicked on the shot of honey-soaked Donna, and the screen said that the file had been selected and sent. Bill added that it was his cover. Katie was shocked that he could be so cruel. She asked what had happened to him and who had messed him up so much that he could be so cold and hard. He wondered if she was trying to psychoanalyze him. She acknowledged that he had all the power and money in the world, but no friends.

She believed there was much more to him. She caressed his face, and Bill softened for a moment, but he pulled her hand away. He warned that there was no reason to look for anything else in him. He said that he liked her, but he didn't want to hurt her, so she shouldn't try to fix him or get inside him because she wouldn't like what she found. Katie was saddened as she turned away. She grabbed her purse and walked out of his office as Bill looked uncomfortable.

At Taylor's, Marcus visited Steffy. She told him that she was happy her parents were getting a second chance, and she wished that Phoebe could have been a part of it. Marcus said that he was sure she was a part of it. Marcus said her parents were proof that you should never give up when you were convinced that someone was the best choice for you. Steffy wondered if that was true even if the person had hurt you, and Marcus said even then. He kissed her on the cheek.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taylor received the latest Eye on Fashion magazine and saw the cover photo of Donna drenched in honey. Taylor muttered something to herself about the photo adding to all the Forresters' trials.

There was a knock at the door, and it was Brooke, who came to bring R.J. to visit his dad. Taylor was surprised to see Brooke. Taylor wondered why Ridge hadn't mentioned that Brooke would be stopping by. Taylor assumed it must have been that Ridge was so preoccupied with the mayhem of the fashion show that it probably just slipped his mind.

Taylor asked if something was wrong with R.J., and Brooke explained that he just missed his father. Taylor volunteered to do anything at all to help Brooke's kids. Brooke said it would help them to have their father living at home. Taylor expressed her sympathy and told Brooke she was sorry. Brooke said that was easy for Taylor to say, since she had won, and then slyly added "for now." Taylor looked vaguely concerned.

Taylor expressed understanding of how hard the split with Ridge must be for Brooke. Taylor went on to assure Brooke that she had made the best choice for Ridge. Brooke said she believed she and Ridge could have worked out their problems if Taylor hadn't gotten in the middle of them.

Taylor asked if Brooke was accusing her of breaking up her marriage. Brooke mentioned the fact that Taylor slept with Ridge while he was under the influence of drugs. Brooke noted that Taylor was a psychiatrist who prescribed drugs and knew to look for signs of drug problems in patients.

Brooke reminded Taylor that Ridge took an entire bottle of pills with a glass of wine. Brooke said she had a hard time believing that Taylor didn't realize that Ridge was out of it when she made love to him. Taylor admitted to Brooke that she ignored the signs of Ridge's drug use because she wanted to be with him so badly. Taylor assured Brooke that she truly loved Ridge and always would.

Ridge arrived and asked Brooke how she was holding up. Brooke said she had braced herself for how hard it would be when they split, but in truth it was a hundred times harder than she imagined. Brooke didn't understand how they went from the romantic wedding on the beach to living apart in so short a span of time.

Brooke said the hardest part was the knowledge that she had made the decision. Brooke admitted that she only had herself to blame for the pain she felt. She deeply regretted the choices she made. Brooke understood that Ridge had made a commitment to Taylor and their children and didn't want to get in the way of that.

Brooke got very emotional and said she had to leave. Ridge begged her to stay and added that they needed to talk. Brooke kept walking and said she just needed to get out of there. Taylor looked on as Ridge chased after Brooke, and witnessed the despair on Ridge's face when Brooke drove away.

Over at Forrester, Eric, Donna, Ridge, and Katie looked at various fashion publications and found the humiliating photos of Donna on every cover. Ridge doubted they would ever be able to recover from this latest embarrassment. Katie attempted to give the incident a positive spin. She reminded them that "there's no such thing as bad publicity." Katie told Eric he couldn't pay for that sort of publicity, and Eric responded, "Who would want to?"

Eric passed out folders to the staff and informed them of new job assignments. Eric noted that since several key players had stepped down, and he needed to fill those voids. He lavished Donna with praise, and stated he needed Donna to fill Stephanie's old role. Eric moved to Marcus, and announced that he had promoted Marcus to Thorne's former position because he felt Marcus showed good instincts.

Eric approached Thomas and Steffy and asked that the two of them divide up Felicia's old job and take on her former duties. They happily agreed. The group discussed strategies for marketing, but the economic downturn had them all perplexed.

They didn't know how to market expensive and glamorous gowns in the midst of a global recession. Marcus shot down one of Rick's ideas. Rick asked if Marcus had a better idea, and Marcus said he thought he might have one.

Marcus pitched a plan to revive the youth line. He said it fizzled after Phoebe died, and they had lost that share of their market. He pointed out if they could find another young woman with grace and elegance that young girls would want to emulate, the line could really take off.

Steffy said she liked the basic concept, but wondered whom they could get to fill the bill as the spokesperson. Everyone looked at Steffy and grinned. She realized they wanted her for the job and said, "Oh, you've got to be kidding me."

Steffy said that her twin sister, Phoebe, loved the spotlight, but Steffy preferred to stay on the sidelines. Eric said Phoebe didn't want to model at first, either, but after she tried it, it grew on her. Eric supposed the same thing could happen for Steffy. She rolled her eyes.

Marcus said he believed Forrester could mix old school elegance with street cool, and it would allow Forrester to compete in a younger, hipper market. Eric said he loved the idea. He added that since it hadn't been done before, it would be fresh and new for a company considered old and stodgy. Eric assigned Thomas, Steffy, Marcus, and Rick to work on the new project together, all four of them. None of them looked too pleased about the grouping.

When the foursome discussed plans, Steffy again mentioned that she would never be comfortable in front of the camera. Rick said if Steffy wasn't comfortable, they had to respect her wishes. Marcus laughed and said he was the one who had always respected Steffy. Marcus assured Rick that if Steffy would give him half a chance, he would remind her of how good they were together.

Rick noticed that Katie had slipped out of the meeting and asked Eric where she went. Rick said that Katie needed to be in place to do damage control on the blow they had taken from Bill Spencer.

At the offices of Spencer Publications, Jarrett suggested that Bill might have gone too far with the "honey and humiliation" shots. Jarrett reminded Bill that Eric's designs were inspired. Jarrett wished Bill had focused on the designs instead of the honey incident. Bill chuckled and noted that Eric Forrester probably hated him more than ever, and Bill didn't show the slightest sense of remorse.

Katie marched into Bill Spencer's office and proclaimed she was there to do damage control. Katie expressed disappointment in Bill and added that Eric and Donna had hoped Katie would have been able to persuade Bill not to run the damaging photos. Bill said they had unrealistic expectations because no one could have stopped him. He added that if anyone could have stopped him, it would have been Katie.

Katie asked Bill why he felt compelled to run those photos. Bill said it was a business choice. Katie mentioned that her boss, Eric, was furious that she had been unable to talk Bill out of printing them. Bill said Eric would cool down in a day or two and would be thankful for the extra publicity. Katie highly doubted that Eric would ever be thankful that Bill humiliated his wife.

Bill said Katie probably thought he had never done a good deed in his life. Katie said just the contrary; she had firsthand knowledge of Bill's ability to do good deeds. She reminded him of the night she had too many drinks and Bill let her sleep it off in his hotel room without laying a hand on her.

Bill said perhaps that had been a mistake. Katie chuckled as Bill handed her some papers. She asked what he had just handed her, and Bill responded, "Good deed number two." Katie read the article and noted it was a scathing piece on Eric and Donna. Katie asked how Bill could construe that as a good deed. Bill pointed out that was the article that he did not print.

Katie asked if he did that for her, but Bill stayed silent. Katie firmly believed there was another Bill Spencer under his tough shell, a guy who was complicated and vulnerable. Bill still declined to comment. Katie noted that Bill would be a tough nut to crack.

Katie guessed that many women had tried and failed, but supposed he just hadn't met the right woman yet. Katie said she felt Bill was worth the effort, and thought perhaps she would be the next woman in line to try to break down his walls.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

by Pam

At Jackie M, Taylor visited Stephanie and wondered if she was busy. Stephanie was looking through resumes to find someone to handle publicity for Jackie M. Taylor shared that she was worried about Brooke's interference, because Brooke showed up at Taylor's with R.J. in tow to see Ridge. Stephanie was surprised that Brooke showed up unannounced, and Taylor said it was unpleasant for all of them.

Taylor gave Stephanie a new photo of Taylor, Ridge, Thomas, and Steffy. Stephanie cautioned Taylor that Brooke never lasted long without a man. She warned that Brooke would be after Ridge again, and Taylor needed to keep an eye out because Brooke was dangerous. Pam stopped by to see her sister. Taylor chastised Pam for the honey stunt and told her that she hurt Forrester and Forrester's sales. Pam defended herself by saying that any publicity was good publicity, but Taylor disagreed.

At Bill's office, Katie was waiting for Bill when she looked at the new issue of Eye on Fashion that featured a honey-soaked Donna on the cover. Bill wondered what kind of reception he would get from Katie, and she said she was all out of rotten tomatoes. Katie said she didn't see what Bill saw on the cover. She said it was far from dull, but not provocative. She told him that Eric was waiting for her to get to a meeting, and he expected her to turn the tables on the bad publicity. Eric called as she was talking to Bill, and Katie said she was on her way.

At Forrester, Steffy was totally uncomfortable with the idea of being a model and spokesperson for the company. She liked the concept, but said she was no model. Marcus entered, along with Eric, Donna, Ridge, Taylor, and Katie. Ridge told her she could be the new youthful face of Forrester, but Steffy was clearly not happy. Taylor told her daughter that if she was that uncomfortable, she shouldn't do the shoot. Marcus piped up that they had to do something and fast, because sales were still not good. Donna noted that everyone loved Eric's designs, but people weren't buying. Steffy gave in and said she would model. Famous photographer Giovanni arrived to take the shot.

Steffy changed into one of the lovely Forrester gowns and asked Giovanni what she should do. He told her to relax and enjoy the dress. Giovanni shot as Steffy looked and moved awkwardly in front of the camera. Giovanni told her to take a break. Steffy told everyone that another model would be a good idea. Marcus and Ridge told Steffy that it was all about family, and that's what was going to make the new campaign work. Steffy disagreed and ran off the set.

Bill somehow got into the building and onto the set. He laughed at Steffy's glaring lack of modeling experience. Bill wondered how Eric thought an inexperienced model was going to save him from bankruptcy. Eric laid into Bill for publishing the unflattering photos of Donna.

Eric insisted that Forrester Creations was not on the verge of bankruptcy. Eric said he would never sell to Bill. Eric told Bill that Forrester was all about family. Bill noted that there were few family members left. Eric said that he built his company from nothing to leave it to his children, and he still intended to do that. He would not sell to anyone. Everyone but Ridge left the room, and Ridge and Bill faced off. Ridge told Bill to get out, but Bill said Forrester would be facing bankers soon. Ridge told Bill that Forrester would never fail and would never fall to Bill.

At Jackie M, Nick, Jackie, and Clarke met with Stephanie and Pam. They all discovered that Pam was applying for a job as executive assistant. Pam tried to defend all her past craziness, blaming some of it on her brain problems before surgery. Pam talked about how she was really a good receptionist, and she had a lot of ideas.

Nick conjectured that Pam was responsible for dumping honey all over Donna. Pam steered the conversation away from Donna at first, but she wound up talking about her dislike of Donna for killing Tiny. Pam pulled out a photo of Tiny for everyone to see. Pam added that it was her idea to get publicity for Forrester by appearing on The Price Is Right. Pam said that she knew how to make people feel welcome, and she had a lot of experience outside her office duties. She said she cooked and baked a lot at Forrester. After Pam left, Stephanie tried to persuade the group to hire her. Before anyone could say anything, Pam returned.

She said that she knew she was an odd duck who liked to bake and crochet clothing, but she knew that everyone in the room had some odd quirks. She begged for the job, and said she'd even work for free. Nick and Jackie agreed to hire her, and Pam hugged them. Pam offered to make a huge batch of lemon bars for everyone, but the entire crew said, "No."

After everyone left, Stephanie was sifting through resumes and came across one from Whip Jones. She immediately thought that Whip could keep Brooke busy until Ridge and Taylor were married.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Brooke approached Taylor at the Forrester photo studio. Taylor assumed that Brooke was there looking for R.J., and she told Brooke that R.J. was running around the building with Madison. Taylor asked Brooke if it was hard for her to be at Forrester. Brooke reminded Taylor that her leave of absence from Forrester was only temporary. Taylor was going to page Madison to bring R.J. to the photo studio, but Brooke told her not to, as she had to stop by Ridge's office. Taylor was unhappy when Brooke walked out of the studio.

Taylor called Stephanie at Jackie M. She told Stephanie that Brooke was at Forrester. Stephanie reminded Taylor that Taylor had said that Brooke would be "sniffing around." Stephanie asked if Brooke was with Ridge, but Taylor avoided the question, and thanked Stephanie for being there for her.

Later, Steffy and Thomas entered the empty photo studio, discussing Steffy's photo shoot. Thomas said that Steffy did great, but Steffy didn't think that she took to the camera. Thomas urged her not to give up, as Thorne, Felicia, and Brooke had. Taylor entered and told her children that Brooke's absence from Forrester was only temporary.

Steffy said that Brooke had probably already left with R.J. Taylor told Thomas and Steffy that Brooke wasn't going to be a problem for their family. The kids said they were going to visit Ridge in his office -- but Taylor warned them not to, because Brooke was there.

Thomas asked what Brooke wanted with Ridge. Taylor said they had a child together and that there were any number of reasons for them to have a conversation. Steffy reminded Taylor that this was Brooke's modus operandi -- she returned over and over again. Taylor said that she wasn't going to let that happen. After Steffy and Thomas left, Taylor stared into a mirror and tried to assure herself that everything was going to be fine.

Pam entered the door to Stephanie's office, followed by Jackie and Nick. Pam announced them as "Mr. and Mrs. Marone." Nick reminded Pam that he and Jackie weren't husband and wife -- they were son and mother. Nick told Pam that they were interviewing for a public relations position, and advised Pam to keep the conversation with the applicants light.

Clarke stopped by Pam's desk and asked her why they didn't post the public relations job in-house. Clarke thought that perhaps he should apply for the position. Pam jokingly said that she wielded ultimate power at Jackie M -- nobody got into Jackie's office without having to go through Pam. When Pam said that there were quite a few changes at Forrester while she was there, Clarke pointedly reminded her that during her tenure, most of the Forrester staff had left, and the company had nearly gone into bankruptcy.

Inside Jackie's office, Jackie, Nick, and Stephanie interviewed Larissa, a candidate for the public relations position. Larissa was extremely confident and interviewed well. After Larissa left, Nick and Jackie thought that Larissa would be perfect for the job. When Jackie said that Larissa "reeked competence," Stephanie said that she didn't want competence -- she wanted excitement.

Pam stuck her head in the door to tell them that Whip Jones was there to interview. Nick wondered why the name sounded familiar to him. Stephanie reminded him that Whip had worked at Forrester in Los Angeles before going to Paris and working for Forrester International. Nick suddenly remembered that Whip had been married to Brooke. Jackie remembered that Nick was right -- she also remembered that there was some sort of scandal involving Brooke and Whip's marriage. Stephanie said that wasn't important.

Whip entered the office and told Stephanie that she was looking well. Nick asked if Stephanie had set the interview up. Whip said no -- that he was just there for a job. Whip talked about how bored he had become in Paris, but said that as soon as he saw a magazine featuring Jackie on the cover, he knew that Jackie M was different. Jackie asked what cover Whip was referring to -- Whip said it was the one with Jackie M and the "guy with the abs" who had to be Jackie's son. Jackie corrected Whip, informing him that Owen was her husband. Nick asked Whip how long he was planning to stay in Los Angeles. Whip replied that it depended on whether or not he had a reason to stay.

After Whip stepped outside the office, Jackie said that she wasn't sure that they needed to hire someone that day, but Stephanie was adamant that they did. She said that if they let Whip leave, he would go straight over to Forrester, and Eric would snatch him right up. Nick agreed with Stephanie. Jackie said, "Then he's the one."

Outside Jackie's office, Whip waited for Jackie, Nick, and Stephanie's decision, while Clarke enjoyed Pam's lemon bars. Clarke wondered whether Whip was going to make more money than Clarke did. Whip said that he wouldn't possibly get the salary that Clarke was getting -- after all, Clarke had been designing there for many years.

Jackie asked Whip to go back into her office. When Jackie asked Whip if he had any questions for them, he said that he wanted his salary to be 150% of Clarke's. Nick said that he would consider that. Whip then said that the only question was where his desk was located.

Later, Whip stopped by Stephanie's office to have a conversation about Brooke. She asked Whip if he had any interest in knowing how Brooke was doing. Whip already knew that Brooke had reconciled with Ridge, and then they broke up again. Stephanie said that Ridge had what he wanted -- his family with Taylor. She told Whip that Brooke needed a new object of her affection. When Whip realized that Stephanie was referring to him, he asked her if he owed his job to her. Stephanie said that she wanted Whip there, as he would be very good for business -- and perhaps a few more things. Whip said that he had always felt that he could be good for Brooke.

Ridge was on the phone with Giovanni, discussing the proofs from Steffy's photo shoot. Ridge said that Steffy was beautiful, but her apprehension was evident in the photos. Ridge ended his conversation when Brooke entered his office. Ridge asked Brooke if she was looking for R.J. Brooke said that R.J. probably felt like she did -- that the Forrester building was more like home than their home was -- because Ridge was there.

Brooke said that she didn't know what had happened to their relationship. Ridge reminded Brooke that she had ended their marriage when she put Taylor's hand in his. Brooke said that when she did that, she was hurt, shocked -- and that it was the wrong thing to do.

Brooke said that her and Ridge's situation was an emergency, and if they didn't do something about it, they would never be able to resolve it. She asked Ridge to imagine that the car accident had never happened, and that Phoebe was still alive. Brooke went on to ask Ridge if he would love Phoebe any less if Phoebe caused an accident that resulted in a child being injured. Ridge said that he would love her even more, because she would need him even more. Brooke explained that Rick had needed her, but she realized that she no longer needed to protect him. She said that her life was with Ridge, and it wasn't too late to fix their marriage.

Brooke said that Ridge having slept with Taylor was a mistake -- but it wasn't all Ridge's fault. Brooke blamed the pills and his grief over Phoebe. She said that she realized that nothing was insurmountable. She told Ridge that she loved him, missed him, and wanted to be with him. After begging Ridge to return to her, she passionately kissed him.

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