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Monday, July 20, 2009

Owen found a photo of Whip on Jackie's desk and asked who he was. Jackie teased Owen and said Whip was the competition. Owen said to tell Whip to "bring it on." Jackie chuckled and explained Whip was the new Public Relations guy for Jackie M.

Jackie shared her suspicions with Owen that Stephanie tricked them into hiring Whip, but she wasn't sure why. Owen asked if Whip was another one of Stephanie's relatives, and Jackie said "no," but she was certain Stephanie and Whip had some sort of history.

Jackie said Stephanie had really gone to bat for Whip, and was curious what it was all about. Jackie looked at Whip's photo and noted how handsome he was, and added a guy would have to be handsome to be married to Brooke. A light went on above Owen's head and he noted that if Whip had been married to Brooke, Stephanie had to be up to something by hiring him. Jackie pointed out that Stephanie was always up to something.

Jackie wondered if she'd made a mistake by hiring Whip, but Owen assured Jackie she didn't make many mistakes. Owen reminded Jackie that Stephanie had worked with Whip before, and knew that he was qualified for the job. Jackie mentioned that she heard that Ridge had gone back to Taylor and that the timing of Brooke's ex showing up in town seemed interesting.

Whip thanked Stephanie for helping land the job at Jackie M. He commented on the irony of Stephanie working in Sally Spectra's old offices. The two had a chuckle about it, and Stephanie mentioned that Sally was on an island somewhere surrounded by cabana boys.

Whip thanked her again for the leg up, and Stephanie said with his talent she was lucky to have him. Whip commented that would only be true provided he was able to do the job he was hired for. Stephanie said she hoped he was able to do both of the jobs he was hired for.

Stephanie reminded Whip that Brooke was a complicated woman. She dropped the bombshell that Ridge and Brooke's marriage had fallen apart. Whip demanded to know the whole story. He said if he agreed to get involved in the situation, he had a right to know. Stephanie said all he needed to know was that Ridge had reconciled with Taylor. Whip realized that was where he entered in, but asked Stephanie if she truly believed that anyone could come between Brooke and her love for Ridge.

Stephanie assured Whip that this breakup was different than other breakups Ridge and Brooke had endured over the years. The issues separating them were deeper than in the past, and the differences were truly irreconcilable. Whip hopefully added that perhaps there was really an opening for him with Brooke. He asked Stephanie if Ridge and Taylor were solid, and she said they were. Stephanie said that Ridge finally realized he had a deep and abiding appreciation for Taylor.

Whip asked if Ridge loved Taylor. Stephanie said she believed Ridge did love Taylor, just as she believed Whip was still in love with Brooke. Whip noted that every man who had ever gotten close to Brooke had fallen under her spell.

Jackie was at the door eavesdropping on their conversation. She heard Whip thank Stephanie for helping him get the job at Jackie M. Stephanie knew Whip would not let her down. When Whip exited Stephanie's office, Jackie ducked behind a rack of clothes to keep from being detected.

After Whip left, Jackie strolled into Stephanie's office and confronted her with the information she overheard. Jackie asked Stephanie point-blank if she was sending Whip after Brooke. Jackie said she hoped Whip was there to work for Jackie M, not to help Stephanie work Brooke. Stephanie assured Jackie that Whip was a master at his job, and denied that she was up to her old shenanigans.

Ridge and Brooke kissed deeply and passionately, but suddenly Ridge pulled back. Ridge said he couldn't lead Brooke on any longer. He had moved on. Ridge stated firmly that he was with Taylor. Ridge informed Brooke that he had made a commitment to Taylor and their children. Brooke asked Ridge to forget Taylor and remember the love the two of them shared before Phoebe died.

Brooke said they had endured more trials and heartache than any couple should have to endure, but firmly believed they could still get past all the obstacles. Ridge again reiterated that he had moved on, and added that Brooke was no longer a part of his future.

Brooke assured Ridge that he was lying to himself. Brooke stated that Ridge could not move on with Taylor-or with anyone for that matter-because Ridge had unresolved feelings for Brooke. Ridge pointed out that Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy had suffered since Phoebe's death, and he needed to be there to help his family heal.

Ridge said he made a promise to Taylor and their kids that he could not go back on. Brooke begged Ridge to tell her that he did not intend to remarry Taylor. Ridge looked away and avoided her gaze.

Ridge said he didn't know if he and Taylor would remarry. Ridge pointed out that it was Brooke's idea that he should go back to Taylor. Ridge reminded Brooke that he begged her to give him a second chance after he slept with Taylor. He reminded Brooke that he had been strung out on pills and barely remembered sleeping with Taylor. Ridge said if he had the slightest hope that Brooke didn't really mean it when she told him to go back to Taylor, he would never have reconciled with her.

Brooke said she did mean it when she said it, but she realized she had made a terrible mistake and wanted to take it back. Brooke said she caved in too easily because the obstacles they faced seemed insurmountable, but she realized that those issues no longer threatened them. Things cooled off with Rick and Steffy so there was no reason that Brooke and Ridge had to be apart. Brooke realized it was too late, and accepted that it was all her fault. Ridge held her as she broke down in tears.

Just as Brooke melted into Ridge's arms, Steffy opened his door and looked horrified to see her dad holding Brooke. Steffy demanded to know what was going on between Ridge and Brooke. Steffy begged her dad to assure her that he was not going back to Brooke.

Ridge said he was not reconciling with Brooke and explained that Brooke was just having a hard time and he was trying to comfort her. Ridge asked Brooke to leave so he could have time alone with his daughter. Brooke tearfully left the office.

Steffy assured her dad she didn't want to interfere in his life, but admitted it was hard for her to stay out of it. Ridge promised Steffy that she had nothing to fear; he told her it meant the world to him to be home with her and Thomas. Steffy interjected that it wasn't just Steffy and Thomas in the house, but her mom, too.

Ridge assured Steffy that he knew that. Steffy continued that when the four of them were together, the bond their family shared was precious. She told Ridge she understood that Brooke was going through a hard time. Steffy realized Ridge would always care for Brooke, too. Steffy reminded Ridge that Taylor also went through a hard time after Phoebe died, and she survived her heartache just as Brooke would. Ridge hugged his daughter tightly to his chest.

Brooke arrived home looking beaten and dejected. She staggered across the living room and it appeared that every step she took was a burden, as if her legs weighed a hundred pounds each. She sorted the mail but got distracted by a photo of her and Ridge, and began to cry again. She put the photo facedown on the desk, unable to look at it a minute longer.

She walked away from the desk and stopped at the corner. She went back and set the photo upright again with a heavy sigh. Brooke sat on the sofa holding a photo of Ridge in front of the fire, and cried.

When the doorbell rang, she slowly made her way to the door and was startled to find Whip on the other side. Whip explained he had just moved back to L.A., and thought he should stop by and see Brooke. He mentioned that he'd heard that Brooke and Ridge had broken up, and expressed his sympathy. Brooke explained that she hadn't really accepted the breakup yet, and wasn't really very good company.

Whip boldly led by stating he wanted to see Brooke again. Brooke pointed out that she wouldn't be ready for a relationship for a long time. Whip reminded Brooke what great company he could be. He said the first time he met her, she'd needed help

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

by Pam

As Steffy entered the house after work, she noted that Taylor was all dolled up and looked beautiful. Taylor asked if Ridge was on his way home. Steffy seemed down in the dumps, and blabbed that she caught Brooke in Ridge's arms at the office. Steffy whined that she wanted Brooke to leave her father alone. Steffy tattled that Brooke was crying, and her dad was comforting her. Ridge entered and surmised that Steffy had spilled the Brooke story, so he immediately told Taylor that Steffy saw him comforting Brooke.

Taylor said that she understood Brooke was having a tough time. She added that Brooke was a strong woman. Steffy left, and Ridge told Taylor that he wished he could take away Brooke's pain, but he had no plans to make any changes in his life. He said that Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas were stuck with him. He had no plans to go anywhere. He teased that he knew he was hard to live with and didn't clean up after himself, but they were all still stuck with him.

At Jackie M, Pam yakked about how Clarke and Whip were eating up Pam's lemon bars. Stephanie stared at her new picture of Ridge, Taylor, and the kids. She said she was worried about Brooke interfering in Ridge and Taylor's relationship. Pam and Stephanie discussed Stephanie's clever plan to divert Brooke's attention to Whip -- one of the reasons Stephanie pushed so hard to hire Whip. Pam added that Whip was a good-looking guy and there was something naughty about him. She said that if Brooke didn't want him, she did. Pam thought maybe it was his name that made him naughty. She and Stephanie cracked open a bottle of wine and poured a few glasses.

At Brooke's, Brooke and Whip shared a long liplock, but Brooke broke away and stood up. She acted as if she was shocked, and wondered if he knew what he had done. Whip started to apologize and said he kissed her because she was sitting there looking so sad. Brooke got close to Whip and whispered to him that he knew exactly what she wanted. She asked him to take her upstairs, and Whip showed surprise as Brooke smiled and laughed. Whip smiled that she could still joke through her tears. He realized that she was still hung up on Ridge. She said she would always be in love with Ridge.

She asked him what he was doing in L.A., and Whip told her that he had just landed a new job. Brooke quizzed him about where, and Whip admitted it was at Jackie M. He also said that he wanted to visit her because he had heard that she wasn't doing too well. He invited her out to dinner to celebrate his new job with him, but she declined because she'd had a bad day. On his way out the door, Whip told her she was as beautiful as ever. Brooke's mood brightened until she saw a photo of Ridge on her table, and then she was glum again.

Brooke heard a knock at the door, and Steffy entered. She laid into Brooke and started demanding that Brooke leave her parents alone. Brooke tried to calm Steffy, but Steffy didn't stop. Steffy reminded Brooke that Brooke was the one who ended things with Ridge, and she needed to stop torturing Ridge.

Brooke said she was confused and made a mistake, and she could understand that Steffy wanted her parents back together. Brooke said she was wrong to let Ridge go. She added that she should never have made such an emotional decision when she was so distraught. Steffy said that Brooke made a decision, not a mistake. She warned Brooke to leave Ridge alone. She told Brooke that Ridge was happy with Steffy's family.

Brooke said that Ridge might be happier with her. Steffy said that Brooke had been selfless and sent Ridge to stay with Taylor and his family. Steffy stood firm in her demands for Brooke to leave Ridge alone. She warned that she would not allow Brooke to hurt her dad or her family ever again. Brooke cried and tried to reason with Steffy, but Steffy wouldn't listen.

Whip returned to Stephanie's office to update her on the Brooke encounter. Pam and Stephanie were sipping on their wine, and Pam told Whip that she knew all about what was going on, so he could go ahead and spill the details. Stephanie asked Pam to leave, but Pam kept blabbing. Stephanie practically had to force Pam to leave, but as she left, she flirted with Whip and uttered a whipping sound as she walked behind him.

Whip told Stephanie that he kissed Brooke, and then she asked him to go upstairs. Stephanie's eyes lit up, but Whip said Brooke was only kidding around. It was clear to him that she was hung up on Ridge. Whip promised Stephanie to keep trying to attract Brooke's attention, but he didn't think anything would happen overnight. After he left, Stephanie started to scheme about how she was going to keep Brooke at bay until Ridge and Taylor were married.

Taylor served Ridge a glass of wine and chatted about Steffy and Thomas planning a karaoke night. She laughed that they all loved to hear Ridge sing. Taylor said the kids had missed a lot of things as a family and they planned to catch up. Taylor admitted that she regretted that she had let Ridge go. She added that she could see he was at peace with his family. She vowed that she would never let him return to the drama of life with Brooke.

She said she was so confident that she was going to break tradition. She asked Ridge to marry her and he appeared completely surprised and taken off-guard.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whip pitched his first publicity campaign idea to the staff of Jackie M. He felt they needed a new fresh face to represent their brand, and nominated Bridget. Bridget scoffed at Whip's idea and assured him she was not model material.

Nick asked him what his next idea was, but before he had the chance to pitch it, Owen arrived. Jackie introduced Owen to Whip. Whip congratulated Owen on the brilliant publicity move he made when he married Jackie. Owen strongly proclaimed to Whip that his marriage to Jackie was not a publicity stunt.

Whip pointed out that Owen was ripped and handsome, so whether or not they intended their marriage to get publicity, it had. He suggested that they capitalize on all the attention Jackie and Owen had gotten and use Jackie herself to promote the brand.

Whip rolled in Jackie's bathtub and suggested billboards with Owen and Jackie in a bubble bath to remind people of the press conference she did in the tub that first put her on the map. Nick was dead set against it and said he didn't want to see his mother half naked on a billboard on Sunset Blvd. However, Nick was overruled because the rest of the office thought Whip's plan was brilliant.

After everyone else left, Owen filled the bathtub with bubbles, lit dozens of candles, and surprised Jackie with a dress rehearsal for their new ad campaign. Jackie chuckled and said she would like it better if it were an "undress rehearsal" and began taking off Owen's clothes.

Whip stopped by the office and found a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. Nick walked up at the same time and Whip noted what an odd couple Jackie and Owen were. Whip said Jackie was very bright and vibrant, but noted that Owen seemed "simple." Nick went further and said Owen was a meathead. Nick shared his suspicions of Owen with Whip and added that he did not trust Owen.

Owen and Jackie made love in the tub and giggled like children. As things got hot and heavy, water splashed out and extinguished all the candles.

Steffy was angry and warned Brooke to stay away from Ridge. Steffy said it wasn't fair for Brooke to give up on Ridge and then start sniffing around a few days later. Steffy begged Brooke to leave Ridge alone so he could be happy with his family and Taylor. Steffy reminded Brooke that one of the main reasons she and Ridge fell apart was due to Brooke's loyalty to Rick. Steffy asserted that there were no circumstances under which Brooke would turn her back on Rick, and thus there would always be tension between Ridge and Brooke. Brooke denied Steffy's theory and assured her that the two of them could find a way to overcome their obstacles.

Steffy reminded Brooke about the heartache Taylor had endured in the previous year, as well as their entire family. Steffy said since Ridge had returned home, their family had finally begun to heal over Phoebe's death and had found happiness together. Steffy said she would not let Brooke split up her family again when they just had gotten back together. Steffy implored Brooke to just find a new man, move on with her life, and leave Ridge alone.

After Steffy left, Katie arrived and found Brooke staring at the fireplace and moping. Brooke lamented to Katie that she should have never given up on Ridge. Brooke confided in her sister that she reacted emotionally when she found out that Ridge had slept with Taylor. Brooke said she had just handed Ridge over to Taylor, and wondered what she had been thinking.

Brooke shared the details of her visit from Steffy with Katie, too. Katie said Ridge and Brooke's love life wasn't up to Steffy; it was up to Ridge and Brooke. After Katie left, Brooke looked at a photo of the sand carving from her beach wedding to Ridge. She vowed to see Ridge the nest day and get him back once and for all.

Taylor repeated her proposal of marriage to Ridge. She assured him that if he agreed to marry her, the two of them and Thomas and Steffy could be a happy family again. She pleaded with Ridge to just say yes. Ridge said that Taylor and their kids were a big part of his life and he cherished the happy times they had spent in their home. Ridge agreed to remarry Taylor and the two embraced.

Taylor said she was not na´ve; she realized Ridge still had feelings for Brooke. Ridge admitted that Brooke would always be a part of his life. Ridge continued that the he would never be able to forgive Rick for Phoebe's death, and since Rick was Brooke's son, he knew there was no way that he and Brooke could move past their problems.

Ridge said Taylor had been strong for the kids, and had shouldered that burden alone. He assured Taylor that she would not be alone any longer, because he was committed to a life with Taylor and his children. Thomas and Steffy arrived home and Taylor shared the happy news with them that their parents were finally going to be remarried. Thomas and Steffy were ecstatic and thanked their parents for the amazing gift of a reunited family.

Taylor said it was great to be with Ridge and the kids, but she realized their family could never be the same without Phoebe. Steffy said she felt Phoebe's presence and believed Phoebe was looking on. Taylor said she believed that, too, and knew that Phoebe was the one that reunited their family. Ridge looked at Taylor and his kids, and smiled a smile of deep satisfaction.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

by Pam

At Brooke's, Brooke told Katie about Steffy's visit. She said that Steffy made it clear that Steffy and Thomas had dreams of reuniting Ridge and Taylor. Brooke said it was nothing but a pipedream, but Katie wasn't so sure. Katie told Brooke not to underestimate Steffy's influence on Ridge. Katie reminded Brooke that Brooke had sent Ridge to live with Taylor and his kids. Brooke acknowledged that she had made a mistake in sending Ridge away, but she added that Ridge was caught up in the emotion of living with Taylor and his kids. Brooke was confident that Ridge would never make a commitment to Taylor.

At Taylor's, Thomas and Steffy planned a wedding for Ridge and Taylor. One said they should keep the ceremony small and intimate while the other suggested they invite everyone they knew. Stephanie entered the house and Taylor asked for the name of Stephanie's florist as Taylor announced that Ridge and Taylor were getting married.

Stephanie congratulated them, and she asked Ridge when he had proposed. He said he hadn't, and Taylor admitted that she proposed to Ridge. They were discussing a date for the wedding, and Thomas said the next day would be good. Taylor laughed and said that it took time to plan a wedding, but Stephanie interrupted and said that she could have a minister, caterer, and everyone onboard overnight, so they agreed the wedding would be scheduled for the next day.

Taylor and the kids left while Ridge looked thoughtful and worried as he spoke to his mother. He said that he had to break the news to Brooke on his own. Stephanie discouraged him from leaving. Stephanie explained that Brooke realized that she had made a terrible mistake, and she would want him to change his mind. Ridge said that Brooke needed to hear the news from him. As he left, Stephanie worried that Brooke would get him to change his mind. Taylor and the kids were upset when Stephanie told them that Ridge had gone to tell Brooke the news about his wedding with Taylor.

Ridge showed up at Brooke's house and she said she knew that he would return to her. Brooke said that Ridge had hurt her. She understood that he told Steffy that he was reuniting with his family, but it was hurtful to Brooke. Ridge said that he knew he had hurt her, but he had something to tell her. He said he needed her to listen to him because he was not returning to her. He planned to marry Taylor.

Brooke insisted that he was making a mistake. She wondered if he was trying to hurt her because she had hurt him when she sent him to Taylor in the first place. Ridge denied that he was being vengeful. He told her it was too late for them, but Brooke told him that it was never too late for them.

Ridge reminded Brooke that they just kept hurting each other. It started with Phoebe, then Rick and Steffy and Taylor. Ridge described their life together as a minefield. Ridge said they couldn't help each other, and he couldn't even help himself. He told Brooke that in all the time they had been together, she consistently refused to see his point of view. Brooke argued that she would never do that again. She promised to always put him first. She begged him not to marry Taylor. She warned him that he could not resolve all his problems by rushing into a marriage with Taylor.

Ridge said he finally had peace in his life. Brooke argued that Taylor could not make him happier than Brooke could. Brooke said that she knew she was the love of his life, not Taylor. She grabbed him and she kissed him passionately, and Ridge responded.

At Jackie M, Whip held up a chart that clearly indicated that Jackie M's sales were increasing while Forrester's sales were plummeting. Clarke agreed it was time to celebrate as he presented the new issue of Eye on Fashion. It featured Jackie and Owen on the cover with an inset of Nick and Bridget. The headline read, "The new faces of fashion."

Whip pointed out that Jackie was a powerful woman, and they needed to promote her spirit. She had a young husband, and she embodied the spirit of the company. Whip wanted her to get out the claws and turn up the heat on Forrester. He wanted to focus on Jackie in an ad campaign that sizzled. Jackie agreed that the cougar idea was a lot of fun, and she said she was ready to turn up the heat.

In one photo shoot, Whip set a fantasy tone with Jackie in a sleigh as Mrs. Claws with four young studs dressed in fur vests pulling the sleigh. He said the campaign was all about opulent locations. He said that he knew Jackie would enjoy a juicy bite out of life and all the decadence. He liked that she was unapologetic about enjoying life. She was a role model for clients who only daydreamed about living life the way Jackie did it. Jackie loved the campaign, and reveled in the photo session with the four men.

Owen disagreed. He disliked the entire premise of the campaign and said that it was undignified for his wife. Jackie told Owen that dignified was for Forrester. She wanted to have fun. Owen argued that the concept was not good, but when the scenery changed to a beach scene with the guys in swimwear, Whip encouraged Owen to get into the shot, and Owen obliged.

The next photo session had Owen and Jackie relaxing in a bubble bath. Owen disliked the image of his wife as a sex-starved diva. Jackie and Whip saw the campaign promoting Jackie as a diva and a free spirit who knew what she wanted.

After all the models and Owen left, Whip talked to Jackie alone, and they exchanged compliments and a bit of flirting. Owen returned, and Whip left. He watched from the hallway as Owen and Jackie made out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

At Bridget and Nick's, Nick found Bridget in bed, sketching a fashion design. He jokingly asked her why she couldn't just lie in bed and do her nails like a "normal woman." Bridget noticed that Nick had a ribbon-wrapped gift in his hand. Nick sarcastically lamented that their marriage had become humdrum after just one short month. He then showed Bridget the gift -- it was their wedding album, and he reminded his wife that it was their one-month wedding anniversary.

Bridget talked about how much she missed being a doctor -- in particular, she missed her patients. She thought that her patients really cared about her, and vice versa, and was upset that she wasn't going to have that personal connection with the public anymore. Nick teased that Bridget could play doctor with him any time she liked.

After Nick and Bridget made love, Nick presented her with another one-month anniversary present -- a beautiful set of diamond earrings. Bridget told Nick how much she loved him.

At Brooke's, Ridge and Brooke broke apart from their passionate kiss. Brooke asked Ridge to tell her that they belonged together, and asked him to remember their life together. Ridge told Brooke that he would always love her, but that he was tired of them hurting each other. He said that he wanted to be happy -- but not for just a few moments at a time. He told Brooke that he loved her, but that he was going to marry Taylor.

Brooke said that it wasn't right that Ridge and Taylor were getting married. She realized that Taylor's life had been difficult recently, but Taylor was responding by trying to recreate her family. Ridge said that both he and Taylor realized that nothing could bring Phoebe back. Brooke replied that Taylor was using Phoebe's death to get Ridge back. Brooke questioned whether Ridge was being fair to Taylor. She reminded Ridge that the last time Ridge had married Taylor, he had been in love with Brooke, and that Ridge and Taylor's marriage hadn't work out.

Ridge said that he, Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas had finally managed to put the pieces of their lives back together, and that he wouldn't walk away from them again. Brooke said that he would regret his decision, because he would be miserable, and would make his family miserable. Ridge asked Brooke not to try to see him, and to let him be happy. She said that he would never be happy with Taylor. Ridge kissed Brooke and walked out.

Steffy, knowing that Ridge was at Brooke's, decided to call her father. Taylor told Steffy not to call, but Steffy thought it was taking Ridge too long to tell Brooke that he was marrying Taylor. When Steffy dialed Ridge's number, his cell phone rang on a table right next to Steffy. Thomas realized that Ridge had forgotten his phone. Taylor told Steffy to trust Ridge.

Thomas asked Taylor why she had rejected Ridge so often before they eventually got together. Taylor explained that she had gotten close to Caroline, Ridge's first wife, before Caroline died. She said that when Brooke got into the picture, things became very complicated, and that she ran away to St. Thomas. She remembered Ridge finding her on a St. Thomas beach.

Steffy mentioned the fact that Ridge and Taylor never argued. Thomas said that whenever Taylor and Ridge were apart, it was because of external influences, not because they were fighting. Steffy brought up the time when they thought that Taylor was dead. Taylor remembered revealing that she was alive to Ridge. Thomas told Taylor that she had returned home, and that Ridge would, as well.

Ridge did return home, much to the relief of an anxious Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas. Taylor said that she knew that Brooke wanted Ridge back. Ridge said that Brooke understood that wasn't going to happen -- that she was going to respect his decision, and keep her distance. Ridge went out onto the terrace to get a breath of fresh air.

Katie showed up at Brooke's, and noticed that Brooke was despondent. Katie was stunned to learn that Ridge was marrying Taylor, and that he wanted Brooke to stay away from him. She insisted that Brooke call Ridge before it was too late.

To herself, Brooke said that although Ridge had asked her to stay away, she thought it would be okay to send him a text message. Back at Taylor's, Steffy and Thomas noticed Ridge's cell phone vibrating. Steffy looked at the phone and saw that Brooke had sent Ridge a text message, "I won't come to Forrester or the house, but I'm gonna keep texting you until you come to your senses. Don't go through with the wedding. Please remember us." Steffy decided to reply to Brooke's text, pretending that she was Ridge.

Brooke told Katie that Taylor should be ashamed of pushing Ridge into marriage so quickly. Brooke's cell phone beeped, and she read the message that Steffy had sent, " I asked you to respect me and respect my decision. Our marriage is over. Please don't contact me again."

Taylor joined Ridge on the terrace. Ridge said that the idea of their marriage had come up so abruptly. Taylor seemed concerned that Ridge was about to change his mind. Ridge said that they needed to discuss the marriage. When Taylor asked what they needed to discuss, Ridge presented Taylor with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. Taylor told Ridge that she loved him.

Taylor and Ridge walked back inside the house to show off the ring to Steffy and Thomas. Steffy took a picture of the happy couple. Steffy noticed that Brooke had texted Ridge again, "I will love u 4 ever -- B." Steffy, again pretending that she was Ridge, texted Brooke back. A teary-eyed Brooke read the message, "Leave me alone." Attached to the message, Steffy had sent the picture of the smiling Taylor and Ridge that she had just taken.

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