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Monday, July 27, 2009

Owen surprised Jackie by remodeling her office, complete with a chaise to accommodate their sexual romps. Clarke burst in and announced that he had gotten a text message from Sally Spectra, who wanted to congratulate them on their success. Sally's text expressed her delight that "Queen Stephanie" had joined their ranks. Jackie chuckled about Sally's message.

Donna and Katie urged Brooke to put on her running clothes and exercise with them to release some of the tension she felt about her relationship with Ridge ending. Brooke was still in her bathrobe and didn't want to get dressed She told her sisters how shocked she was by how cold Ridge's text message to her had been. Donna and Katie assumed Stephanie had turned Ridge against her.

Ridge looked for his missing cell phone and Steffy hid it in her purse. Steffy and Thomas felt a little bit guilty about sending Brooke the cold text messages from Ridge's phone, but felt they had to do it to ensure that Ridge and Taylor would get married without any interference. Steffy saw Brooke's latest text message and wrote back "Logan, leave me alone."

Pam asked Clarke about the text message he had received from Sally. She asked if he had really been married to Sally and had a child with her. Clarke said it was true, and added that it had been a strange and wonderful time. Pam said people had told her that Sally was a good time, too, but had also been called strange. Clarke didn't look surprised.

Pam said that when Clarke met Sally, he tried to use her, but Sally caught on to him, and he was the one who got taken. He said there was no one like Sally, and admitted that he loved that crazy redhead. Pam got an odd gleam in her eye.

Owen and Jackie looked at the proofs of Whip's photo shoot. Jackie was very pleased with the results, but Owen expressed his displeasure of the way Whip was using Jackie for his marketing campaign. Whip entered and informed them the campaign was a huge success and he wanted to take it on the road. Whip began chatting Jackie up and flirting with her about how the azure waters would bring out her dazzling eyes. Jackie ate it up and giggled like a schoolgirl, while Owen crossed his arms and scowled at Whip.

Whip suggested a whirlwind campaign in Europe, covering Italy, France, and England. When Owen mentioned that he didn't want to travel because a big swell was approaching that he wanted to surf, Whip laughed. He asked Owen if he had ever traveled in Europe and Owen admitted he had not.

Whip suggested Owen might actually want to see England to understand the culture of the country where his wife, Jackie, was raised. Owen realized he was fighting a losing battle and said of course he would love to see England with Jackie. Owen said he was leaving and would see Jackie at home. After he left, Whip asked Jackie if Owen stimulated her mentally.

Taylor and Stephanie had lunch and discussed wedding plans. Taylor said she wanted to marry Ridge at the beach house, like she had before, but Rick was living there. Stephanie said that wasn't a problem, because she owned the beach house and would throw Rick out. Taylor smiled in appreciation. Taylor also asked Stephanie to be her matron of honor, and Stephanie happily agreed.

Donna suggested that Brooke stop text messaging Ridge. Brooke said she had to find a way to get through to him before it was too late. Another text came in, and Brooke read it aloud to her sisters. It was supposedly from Ridge, and asked Brooke to leave him alone, to stay away from his office and his home, and to let him be happy with Taylor and their kids.

Thomas and Steffy hunched over a laptop screen as they concocted messages to send to Brooke from Ridge's number. Ridge asked them to stop working on the computer and help him find his phone. Steffy took it out of her purse and dropped it behind a sofa cushion for Ridge to find. Steffy looked guilty and Ridge asked her what was wrong.

Steffy started to confess to Ridge about the fake text messages, but Thomas caught her eye and shook his head no and pleaded with his eyes for Steffy to remain silent. Instead, she covered and said she was worried about Brooke putting pressure on Ridge to return to her. Ridge asked Steffy how she knew about that, and Thomas said they assumed, because they knew Brooke was not one to give up. Ridge assured them that Brooke knew where his priorities stood.

Stephanie ran into Brooke at the restaurant and saw her text messaging Ridge. Stephanie told Brooke to stop stalking Ridge. She continued to taunt Brooke with details about Ridge and Taylor's wedding, and the ring he had just purchased for Taylor. Brooke refused to believe that Ridge bought Taylor an engagement ring, but Stephanie assured Brooke that she had seen it with her own eyes.

Brooke said it didn't matter, because Ridge would never love Taylor the way he loved her. Brooke predicted that Ridge would never be happy with Taylor. Stephanie told Brooke that Ridge and Taylor were already happy together.

Stephanie stopped by to visit Ridge and asked him about the text message she saw Brooke sending to him. Ridge checked his phone and said he didn't have any messages from Brooke. Steffy got all "weird and wiggly," in Stephanie's words, when Stephanie brought up the text messages. Stephanie asked Steffy to tell her what was going on. After Ridge left, Steffy confessed to her grandma that she and Thomas had intercepted all of Brooke's text messages and answered them.

Stephanie applauded Steffy and Thomas on their ingenuity and said she thought they were brilliant. Steffy was shocked that her grandma wasn't going to tell on them, but Stephanie was pleased they were keeping Brooke away from Ridge.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

by Pam

At Brooke's, Katie and Donna pressured Brooke not to give up on Ridge. Brooke continued to send text messages to Ridge, not realizing that they were all forwarded to Steffy's phone. Steffy continued to reply with cold messages like "Leave me alone." Katie and Donna reminded Brooke that Ridge would not be trying so hard to ignore and forget her if he didn't still love her. They urged her to continue to try to get through to Ridge. They suggested she visit Ridge at Taylor's house, but Brooke declined. Brooke promised that she would never stop trying to get Ridge back. Steffy intercepted a message in which Brooke included a link to the song, "Unforgettable," Ridge and Brooke's song.

At Taylor's, Taylor and Ridge had just beaten Steffy and Thomas at tennis, and Steffy and Thomas noted how wonderful it was that they were all a family again. While Taylor and Ridge were in the kitchen, Steffy shared with Thomas that she felt a bit guilty answering Brooke's text messages, but she wanted to ensure that Brooke would not interfere with Taylor and Ridge's marriage plans. Steffy scoffed at Brooke sending the link to "Unforgettable." Steffy and Thomas agreed that Brooke was desperate and pathetic in her pursuit of Ridge.

Thomas pointed out that Ridge and Brooke had spent their entire lives at odds. He said that every time Brooke was married to Ridge, she couldn't keep him. But, he noted, every time Ridge was with someone else, Brooke couldn't leave him alone. She chased him. Thomas was convinced that Brooke loved the chase.

As Taylor and Ridge entered with lemonade, Steffy remembered that the wedding planner had called. She told her mom that she needed to call the planner immediately. The family toasted their glasses of lemonade and celebrated their reunion as a family. Taylor called upon Phoebe's dead memory to say that the family would all be together at the wedding and Phoebe would be there, as well. She told everyone that she believed it was what Phoebe wanted.

Ridge announced that he was very pleased to return to his family and all the fun they had together. He teased that he would be willing to pay for tennis lessons for Steffy and Thomas so that perhaps in 10 or 20 years, they might finally beat Ridge and Taylor. After Taylor left to take a shower, Steffy and Thomas worried to Ridge that Brooke would be chasing Ridge even after he married Taylor. Ridge calmed the kids by telling them that Brooke had accepted the situation. He noted that she had not tried to contact him at all. Steffy and Thomas looked guilty.

Thomas told his dad that he was worried about Ridge changing his mind about his commitment to Taylor. Thomas told Ridge that he had not seen Taylor as happy as she had recently been in a very long time. He recalled that Taylor had not been happy since the last time Ridge and Taylor had been married. Thomas wanted assurance that Ridge would not let Taylor down. Thomas worried that if anything happened, Taylor would be devastated. Ridge promised that he would not let his family down.

At Jackie M, Pam, who appeared to be smitten with Clarke, tried to attract his attention with a red wig similar to the hair color of Sally Spectra. Clarke smiled that no one could pull off disguises like Sally could. Jackie sat in a desk chair with Stephanie pushing her down the hall. Stephanie inquired why it was so important that Stephanie be involved in pushing the chair to the storeroom, but Jackie suggested she continue pushing. Stephanie reminded Jackie that she needed her own office instead of sharing space with Jackie in Jackie's office. Jackie agreed, and said that the storeroom might offer just enough space if they pushed some of boxes out of the way.

Stephanie cheerfully asked how much space she would get when they arrived at the storeroom. As they approached the door, a sign on the glass door indicated that the room was under construction. Jackie opened the door to a welcoming committee of Nick, Bridget, Whip, Owen, Pam, and Clarke. They surprised Stephanie with a completely new office.

Jackie ripped off the construction sign to reveal Stephanie's name etched on the glass door. Stephanie was overwhelmed. Nick made a speech that it was only fitting for them to celebrate their successes with a new office for Stephanie. Nick reminded Stephanie that at Forrester, the family did not value and respect her talents. He reiterated that at Jackie M, their success was attributed to Stephanie's influence and impact on the company.

Stephanie paid tribute to everyone in the room and noted that they all worked together as a team. She said that Bridget's designs and Nick's business acumen were part of the package for success. She complimented Jackie, Owen, Clarke, and Whip for all that they had done for her personally and in business. She recalled how exciting business was in the first few years at Forrester. She said that she felt that same level of excitement at Jackie M, and she thanked everyone for working with her.

Pam served her homemade cake as celebration, and she made sure that Owen did not take the piece she had selected for Clarke. She said that Clarke wanted the large piece with extra frosting. Later, the crowd disbursed and Jackie returned to Stephanie's office with a framed photograph of Jackie and Stephanie. She suggested that they put their differences aside. She told Stephanie how valuable Stephanie was to the company. Stephanie thanked Jackie for all that she had done. Stephanie agreed that the two women had not had a friendly relationship over the years, but she hoped that they could set all the bad things aside and move forward as friends. Jackie agreed, and the two women embraced.

At Brooke's, Brooke collapsed on the steps of her home as she read the last text message from Steffy, thinking it was from Ridge. Repeatedly, Steffy answered Brooke's text messages with "Forget about me." Brooke insisted that Ridge could not and would not ever forget about her. Brooke remembered happier times with Ridge and had flashbacks to romantic moments. She told herself that Ridge would never forget her.

At Taylor's, Taylor, Ridge, and Thomas discussed what to do for dinner as Steffy received another text from Brooke -- meant for Ridge. Steffy quickly sent another terse reply to get Brooke to leave Ridge alone. Taylor, Ridge, and Thomas were talking about a barbecue and Steffy turned quickly to talk to her family. Her phone flew out of her hand and landed in front of Ridge. He picked it up and teasingly reminded Steffy that the phone was both fragile and expensive. As he looked at the phone, he asked Steffy what was going on.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eric questioned Ridge about his feelings for Brooke and his intentions with Taylor. This line of questioning sent Ridge's mind swirling with wonder of where his heart truly lay. A visit from a relentless Brooke made Thomas and Steffy fear that she might ruin everything between Ridge and Taylor. To ensure that wouldn't happen, Steffy took matters into her own hands to keep Brooke away until Ridge and Taylor were married. Tired of Whip belittling him, Owen combatted by overtly flaunting his marriage to Jackie. Stephanie tried to get Whip's focus back on Brooke.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

by Pam

Taylor was enjoying her coffee and reveling in the hours leading up to her wedding. Stephanie stopped by and the two women embraced. They shared how happy they were that Taylor would finally have her family back together. Stephanie presented Taylor with a lovely necklace and earrings.

Stephanie explained that she had purchased the jewelry in Paris, and the shop owner had told her that the gems originally belonged to a 19th century Russian contessa whose husband had been stolen from her twice by a blonde woman. But, true love brought them back together and they lived happily into old age.

Stephanie said that she loved Taylor like her own daughter. She encouraged Taylor to treasure each year together with her family and Ridge just as they treasured each other. After Stephanie left, Steffy popped in and gave her mother a blue ribbon that Phoebe had worn in her hair. Together, they planned to wrap it around the flowers that Taylor was going to carry during the wedding. Steffy prattled on that Phoebe was looking down on them and her light was shining on all of them. Steffy said that she was sure Phoebe was happy that they were all going to be together again. Taylor and Steffy embraced and cried.

At Brooke's, Katie and Donna quizzed Brooke about the odd text message that Ridge had sent asking her to meet him at their special beach spot where they had been married. Katie and Donna doubted that it was sincere because they believed that everyone would have heard something if Ridge had broken things off with Taylor. Donna reiterated that she and Eric were supposed to be at the beach house for the wedding in less than an hour.

Brooke said she would confirm with Ridge by sending him a text message. As she did, Steffy intercepted the text, thanks to Thomas' ability to sneakily forward all Ridge's texts from Brooke to Steffy's phone without Ridge knowing it. Steffy replied, and Brooke was excited. She told her sisters that Ridge was meeting her because he loved her and always would love her. He could never marry Taylor.

Brooke saddled up her horse and headed off to meet Ridge. She rode along the beach and remembered her wedding to Ridge. Donna called Brooke from the beach house and warned her that everyone was there and there were no signs that the wedding was about to be cancelled. Donna noted that the minister was also at the beach house. Brooke asked about Ridge. Donna said that Ridge had been there, but left for some fresh air, and she had not seen him.

Brooke heard a motorcycle, and assumed that it was Ridge so she hung up on Donna. As she rode her horse to the motorcycle rider, the man removed his helmet, and Brooke realized that it was not Ridge.

Whip dropped by Jackie's house to find out that she was working at home while Owen was out surfing. Whip quizzed Jackie about Owen's family. Jackie seemed to know little about his family, but said she knew that Owen had a brother somewhere. She added that Owen was not very close to his brother.

Whip asked if he could go in. He had brought tea from her favorite restaurant. They sat down to tea together. Whip said he had heard a lot about Jackie, and they shared stories of visits to London. Whip said that he had done a lot of research on Jackie. He admitted that he was a take-charge kind of guy.

They discussed that the "Indulgent" campaign was already showing some signs of success in the United States, and Whip predicted it would continue in Europe. Whip said that he had to find a place to live, and Jackie promised to put him in touch with her real estate agent. Jackie said that she thought an apartment was available in her building.

At the beach house, wedding preparations continued. Ridge met with Thorne and Felicia and said that his wedding was going to bring peace and harmony to his family after all the craziness of the previous year. Thorne noticed that Ridge seemed uneasy, but then suggested that it was just Ridge being a nervous groom.

Eric entered and remarked that it was a big day. He wondered if Ridge had heard anything from Brooke, and Ridge said that he had not heard anything. He was a bit surprised that she had not tried to contact him with a phone call or a text message. Ridge admitted to Eric that he loved Taylor and Brooke. Suddenly, he received a text message and said, "Oh my God." He walked out of the beach house.

Donna arrived at the beach house and wondered where Ridge had gone. Eric kissed Donna and told her that Ridge had received a text and ran out a few minutes earlier. Donna hoped it meant that Ridge was meeting Brooke.

Ridge had not left the property. He had stepped outside and walked around the beach house. He reentered on the bedroom side of the house and stopped for a moment to remember his wedding to Brooke. Thorne knocked on the door and said the bride was ready. Thorne added that he didn't want to put a damper on the day, but he had heard that things were pretty dire at Forrester. Ridge said that the news was true. He admitted that he had just received a text message regarding sales figures. Thorne wondered if Eric knew, but Ridge doubted that Eric knew everything.

Thorne asked Ridge if he was truly ready to marry Taylor. Ridge responded that he loved Taylor and wanted to do the right thing for Thomas, Steffy, Phoebe, and Taylor. But Thorne asked if marrying Taylor was the right thing for Ridge. Ridge said it was the right thing to do. Thorne asked him about Brooke, and Ridge said their marriage just fell apart. He admitted, though, that he couldn't understand why Brooke never even tried to call him before he married Taylor.

Ridge and Thorne went into the living room where the minister was waiting. Music began to play, and Donna was shocked to see Ridge. She pulled out her phone to send a text message to Ridge, but Eric stopped her.

Stephanie walked in as the matron of honor, and Taylor followed her in. Steffy handed her the flowers with the blue ribbon and Steffy and Thomas walked with her to meet Ridge. The four of them joined hands and the minister announced that Ridge and Taylor were about to be united for all eternity.

Meanwhile, Brooke was still riding her horse around on the beach wondering what happened to Ridge.

Friday, July 31, 2009

At Forrester Creations, Katie told herself that if Ridge had called off the wedding, she would have heard something. Bill showed up to see Katie, assuming that the Logan girls hadn't been invited to Ridge and Taylor's wedding. Katie said that she needed to call Brooke. Bill assumed that it must be a difficult day for Brooke -- the end of an era for the "king and queen of Forrester." Katie responded, "Maybe -- maybe not."

Bill asked Katie if she meant that Ridge and Brooke might not be over, and that Ridge and Taylor might not get married. Katie told Bill that Ridge had asked Brooke to meet him at Point Dume. Bill said that Brooke would be waiting for a long time, as Ridge and Taylor were at the Forrester beach house saying their vows. Bill told Katie that he had hired a boat to stay on the Malibu coast, in order to get some photos of the wedding. He said that the wedding was a go -- the caterers were there, the minister had shown up, and that Ridge wasn't about to leave Taylor at the altar.

Katie said that Ridge and Taylor had been through hell, but what Ridge had with Taylor wasn't the same as what Ridge had with Brooke. Bill asked Katie if she believed in true love. Katie responded that she believed in Ridge and Brooke's love. She added that Brooke had spent her adult life loving and longing for Ridge. Katie said that if Ridge told Brooke to wait for him on the beach, she would wait for him -- for as long as it took.

At the beach house, the Forrester clan watched as the minister prepared to join Taylor and Ridge in holy matrimony. Referring to Phoebe's death, the minister spoke about how sometimes life could be cruel and heartbreaking. He said that often the death of a child could tear a couple part, but, in the case of Ridge and Taylor, the death had brought them back together. As the minister continued to sermonize about Ridge and Taylor's love, Steffy clutched her cell phone, in case there were any last-minute text messages from Brooke.

At Point Dume on the California coast, Brooke, on horseback, waited for Ridge to show up. She talked herself into thinking that he would whisk her away at any moment. A few moments later, Brooke began worrying, as Ridge hadn't called her. She texted Ridge, "Ridge, I've been waiting. Our spot. I love you."

At the wedding, Stephanie said that she had two pearls of wisdom to share with Taylor and Ridge -- one from the Book of Psalms, the other from Dante. As Stephanie began reading from the Book of Psalms, Steffy, seated next to Felicia, intercepted Brooke's text message to Ridge. Thomas stared at his sister. Steffy texted Brooke back, but Felicia grabbed the cell phone from Steffy and told her that she needed to turn it off.

Brooke received Steffy's text, "Coming. Be there as soon as I can." Brooke's confidence that Ridge was on his way returned. When Brooke tried to text Ridge back, she received notification that the delivery of her text message had failed. Brooke decided to call Ridge directly, and was shocked when she heard Steffy's voicemail greeting.

Brooke realized that Steffy had been having Brooke's messages to Ridge forwarded to Steffy's phone. Brooke became frantic when she concluded that Ridge and Taylor were at the beach house, about to be married. Brooke said that she had to stop Ridge, and she began galloping along the beach on her horse.

At the wedding, Taylor said that although she and Ridge had been married previously, this time would be different, because this time they had an angel in their corner. She said that their family was meant to be together, and that she would treasure Ridge every single day.

As Brooke continued riding to the beach house, Ridge spoke and said that the wedding was about reuniting his family. Ridge said that the dreams of him, Taylor, and their children becoming a family again were coming true. Ridge promised to be a good husband to Taylor, and a good father to Thomas and Steffy.

Brooke, riding very quickly, hit a tree branch and fell off of her horse. Undeterred, she stood up and called for the horse, which had galloped ahead. Her horse returned, she remounted it, and continued her quest to reach the beach house before Taylor and Ridge were married.

At the wedding, the minister hoped that the words that they had said to each other would guide them through the difficult times, and that their love would deepen with each passing day. The minister had Taylor place the wedding ring on Ridge's left hand, and she began reciting the traditional wedding vows.

Brooke continued to gallop towards the beach house. The minister had Ridge place Taylor's wedding ring on her hand, and Ridge began reciting the wedding vows. The minister asked that if anyone there knew of any reason why Ridge and Taylor shouldn't be married, they should speak or forever hold their peace. No one responded. An impatient Thomas whispered to himself, "Come on... come on... say 'I do' already."

The minister asked Taylor if she would take Ridge as her husband, and she said that she would. The minister asked Ridge if he would take Taylor as his wife, and he said that he would. As the minister was in the process of pronouncing them man and wife, a disheveled Brooke galloped in and announced, "Hold it right there, padre. There isn't going to be a wedding today."

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