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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 7, 2009 on B&B
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Due to CBS Sport coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup of soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

This scheduling change will not result in any "lost" episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 8, and pick up where Friday, September 4's shows concluded.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ridge was relieved, and once again reminded of what a remarkable woman Taylor was, when she graciously let him off the hook about reuniting with Brooke. Brooke and Stephanie shared a rare moment over a bottle of tequila. Jackie heeded Owen's demand and fired Whip. Whip begged to kept his job. Nick reminded Owen that every choice had a consequence and the consequence of him firing Whip just might be a major change in Owen and Jackie's lifestyle. Owen finally relented and allowed Whip to stay.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ridge and Brooke happily kissed and rejoiced in their reunion. Thorne, Felicia, Thomas, Rick, and Steffy all gathered in Ridge's office. Thomas and Steffy said they couldn't stay long because they wanted to be there for Taylor if she needed them. Rick noticed the champagne and said he realized that Brooke and Ridge wanted to celebrate, but they should understand that not everyone shared their feelings.

Ridge said champagne was sometimes used for celebrations, but sometimes it was also used to launch new endeavors. Ridge said the champagne was meant to christen a new life for all of them and for Forrester Creations.

Ridge proposed they all set their differences aside and try to work together again. Ridge and Brooke asked Thorne and Felicia to return to the staff, and promised to treat them as equals and address their concerns about Donna. Ridge said everyone in the room was a Forrester and deserved equal say. Rick looked stunned and wondered if he was included in Ridge's blanket statement.

Ridge saw the look on Rick's face and addressed him personally. Ridge explained that after Phoebe died, Ridge became a very dark person and needed to blame someone for Phoebe's death. Ridge continued that the person he chose to blame was Rick, but added that since time had passed, he realized Phoebe's death was simply a tragic accident.

Ridge hoped that their common love for Brooke could unite them. Ridge asked Rick if he believed they could put the animosity behind them and start over. Rick said he could, and the two of them shook hands, which melted into an embrace. The rest of the family stood by with gaping jaws, marveling at the miracle they had witnessed.

Rick apologized to the family and admitted he, too, had done things he regretted, and had provoked other people to do things they regretted; he nodded in Thomas' direction. Rick said he wished he could take it all back, but knew he couldn't erase the past. Rick said instead he would do a better job in the future and make better choices.

Rick said he wanted to begin by honoring the man who made his mother so happy and made her smile. Rick said he wanted to thank Ridge for making Brooke so happy. Brooke cried when she heard Rick's sweet tribute. Rick proposed a toast to Ridge and Brooke, and the family clinked glasses and sipped their champagne.

Ridge asked Thomas if it was okay with him, and Thomas and Rick fist bumped and laughed together, willing to let bygones be bygones.

Ridge said he almost lost everything before he realized how much he valued his family. He said if they wanted to function, they had to work together, and when differences arose in the future, they would handle them together.

Owen ran into Steffy at the coffee shop as she was buying a cake. She explained that it was Ridge and R.J.'s favorite cake, and she planned to drop it by to congratulate Ridge and Brooke's reunion. Steffy admitted that she was sad for Taylor's broken heart, but had decided to honor her dad's choice to go back to Brooke. She said it was clear that Brooke made him happy.

Whip thanked Owen for allowing him to stay on staff at Jackie M. Owen asked that Whip remember the ground rules and stay away from Jackie. Jackie was proud of Owen for rising about his misgivings and seeing the decision from a business perspective. Owen realized it would be a bad move for Jackie M to put someone as talented as Whip on the open market to compete with them.

Owen admitted that Whip was very good at his job. Whip promised that Owen's faith in him was not misplaced, and Whip assured Owen and Jackie that he would continue to do a great job for Jackie M. Owen thanked him again. As Whip was about to leave, he jokingly asked Owen if that was really him speaking or if it was his twin brother, Casper. Owen assured Whip it was really him.

Whip assured them they would never regret keeping him on. Whip approached Owen and admitted that not many men would be able to forgive Whip for what happened with Jackie. He expressed his admiration for Owen. Owen took part of the blame for what happened and said if he had told Jackie he had a twin brother from the get go, none of that would have ever happened. Owen vowed to never keep a secret from Jackie again.

Jackie was thrilled that Owen let Whip stay on because she believed that meant he had truly forgiven her for the kiss. Own said everyone made mistakes sometimes, even someone as refined and elegant as Jackie.

Whip returned to his office and did an Internet search on Jackie M and found the old fashion show where Jackie's "promiscuous past" was revealed. Whip was spellbound by the video footage.

Whip pulled Jackie aside and showed her the footage he had found online, and she was obviously shaken. Whip suggested that Owen might not feel so kindly toward Jackie if he got his hands on that footage. Whip asked Jackie if the accusations against her were true.

Jackie explained it wasn't as bad as it sounded. She explained that she was a single mom and had dated a few men who helped her out financially along the way, but it wasn't the way Stephanie had made it sound.

Jackie asked Whip where he found the footage and asked him to show her. Whip showed Jackie the websites, videos, and blogs about her past. Jackie feared that if Owen weren't even able to handle the news that she had kissed Whip one time, he certainly wouldn't be able to handle the truth about her shady past.

Whip offered to saturate the market with other stories about Jackie to try to bury that one, but Jackie said she had to tell Owen the truth before he found out about it from someone else.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

by Pam

At Jackie M, Jackie insisted to Whip that she had to tell Owen about her days as a prostitute. Whip wanted her to change her mind, but Jackie said she had to be honest because she and Owen had agreed to honesty in their marriage. Nick showed up, and Jackie told him that news of her past had surfaced on the Internet. Nick said that he thought he had buried all the information about Jackie's past, but Jackie showed him the video of the fashion show in which Stephanie told the world about Jackie's past.

Jackie worried that Owen would stumble upon the video if it was so easily accessible. She said she had to tell Owen the truth. Nick reminded her that it took a long time for him to get over hearing the truth. Jackie said she remembered how difficult it was for Nick to accept what Jackie had done, but she couldn't live a lie. She had to tell Owen the truth.

Nick worried that Owen might never look at Jackie the same way again. Jackie said she had to tell him and accept his decision. She would feel better than spending the rest of her life worrying that he might one day find out and hate for her lying about her past. Nick asked her if he could help by being there when she told Owen, but Jackie said she wanted to do that alone. Whip and Nick left.

Nick privately told Whip that he was worried about Jackie telling Owen about her past. He knew that his mother was very much in love with Owen, but he worried that Owen might not be accepting of her history . Nick admitted that it was devastating for him to hear about his mother's past. He believed that Owen's reaction could be worse. Nick worried that no matter how Owen reacted, it was going to hurt his mother. Whip agreed.

Steffy and Owen ran into each other while getting coffee at Insomnia. Owen shared that he was back together with Jackie, and that it was because of Steffy's encouragement. Steffy told Owen that she envied him and his romance with Jackie. She added that it was obvious how much he and Jackie loved each other. They talked and laughed about how Jackie fought off an attack of birds in order to parasail over Owen's beach house with a sign that said that she loved him.

Steffy wondered how they got back together, and Owen explained that he knew nothing really happened between Jackie and Whip. He was glad that Jackie had been honest with him because relationships couldn't succeed without honesty. He realized that he didn't tell her about his twin, and that the confusion caused the entire fiasco. They had promised to be honest about everything.

Owen asked Steffy about Rick, but Steffy said that there was too much baggage for their relationship to succeed. Steffy called Owen an inspiration and said that he had what she wanted -- true love. She said that if she ever found someone as devoted to her as Owen was to Jackie, she was going to drag him off to the altar. They both laughed, and Owen said that he knew Steffy would find someone who truly loved her.

Owen left, and Thomas sat down with Steffy. They discussed Jackie and Owen's relationship, and Thomas guessed that Owen was in it for the money, but Steffy told him that he was wrong. She said they had a loving relationship. Then, they talked about how lonely they were without significant others. They agreed they needed to stay out of their parent's love life and start working on their own lives.

When Owen returned to the office with coffee for Jackie, Jackie was caressing their wedding picture and enjoying fond memories of their time in Hawaii. She and Owen talked about the trip to Hawaii and how he enjoyed spoiling her. Owen said that she deserved to be spoiled all the time.

Jackie told Owen how much she loved him and their life together. She said that she had to tell him something, and Owen told her that she could tell him anything. Jackie showed Owen the video clip where Stephanie revealed her secret past. Owen suggested that it was a joke, but he was stunned just the same. Jackie said that it was partially true. Owen looked concerned. Jackie said that it wasn't really as bad as it sounded. She had dated some men, and they helped her with expenses so that she could raise Nick.

Owen asked why she hadn't told him about it sooner. She told him that it was a long time ago, and she had forgotten about it. Owen was agitated and quiet. Jackie begged him to say something, but he looked hurt, angry, and distant. As Jackie continued to ask him to say something, he looked away, but finally looked at her and shouted, "No."

Friday, September 4, 2009

Due to CBS Sport coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup of soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

This scheduling change will not result in any "lost" episodes. Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 14, and pick up where Thursday, September 10's shows concluded.

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