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Monday, September 28, 2009

Stephanie admitted to Pam that she had experienced a small stroke, but added she was a force in the L.A. fashion industry and nothing was going to change that.

Pam said she understood that what Stephanie had been through was scary, and urged Stephanie to take it easy. Nick buzzed Stephanie and summoned her to a meeting. Stephanie hopped up to go. Pam tried again to persuade her sister to put business on hold and focus on her health. Stephanie declined to heed that warning and insisted on attending the meeting to prove her small stroke had not affected her ability to perform at work.

Stephanie waltzed into the meeting and tooted her own horn very loudly. She reminded the Jackie M staff that they had her to thank for their increased sales. They looked a little shocked by her self-congratulation.

Nick explained to the staff that orders were outselling production, and suggested that Jackie M would have to add a third shift to keep up with their orders. Bridget reminded Nick that the economy hadn't recovered completely. She felt they should proceed cautiously.

They asked Stephanie for her input on the topic, and she was unable to read or focus on the sales figures. Pam covered for her and said Stephanie's report was missing pages. She gave Stephanie another copy, but Stephanie still could not focus on the numbers. Stephanie told them she didn't need to look at numbers, she just went by her instincts, and if anyone didn't like it, she could show them the door.

The staff was puzzled by her attitude. Stephanie continued to say insulting and demeaning things to the staff until she had cleared the room. When she realized how cruel she had been and how she had hurt everyone's feelings, Stephanie looked at Pam and wondered why she had said the things she said as though they had come out of someone else's mouth.

Bill asked Katie if Marcus was Justin's son. She tried to lie, but admitted she was a terrible liar. Bill realized that Justin's suspicions were true; Justin was Marcus' dad.

While Bill took a phone call, Katie stumbled onto a board Bill had compiled with photos of all the Forrester employees. Katie sadly realized that Bill was still determined to take over Forrester Creations. Bill admitted he still had his sights set on Forrester and had never told Katie otherwise, he merely backed off temporarily for Katie's best interest. Bill explained to Katie that his motives had changed. Bill said he no longer wanted to acquire Forrester just for the sport of it; he wanted to save the company.

Bill explained he would not be able to run Forrester alone, and told Katie that was where she factored in. He posted her photo at the top of the pyramid. Katie audibly gasped when she realized what Bill was planning.

Bill intended to put Katie in the CEO spot, but promised her he didn't plan to let anyone go. He would still keep Eric and Ridge on as designers. Bill added that Ridge and Eric's were world-class designers, but not world-class businessmen, and it would help the company to have the Spencer Publication empire and finances behind them, so they could focus on designing without bill collectors breathing down their necks.

Katie said if Bill made her the CEO of Forrester, people would laugh at her, and she hated to be laughed at. Bill reminded Katie that she was with him "now" and if anyone dared to laugh at her, he would "open up a can of Dollar Bill whoop ass" on them. She laughed and then kissed him.

Marcus asked Donna point-blank if Justin was his father, and Donna tearfully admitted that Justin was indeed Marcus' dad. Donna explained to Marcus that she hadn't told him earlier because Marcus specifically told Donna that he didn't want to know his biological father. Donna also admitted to Marcus that she had never told Justin that Marcus existed. Justin jumped in and absolved Donna of all the lies she had told in the past, and said he realized she had tried to protect him and their son. Justin said all that mattered was that they were all there together, and he called Marcus "son."

Marcus remained silent and Donna begged him to please tell them what he was thinking. Marcus asked Justin if he truly had no idea he had a son. Justin said he had no idea until he returned to L.A., met Marcus, and found out Marcus was Donna's son. Justin said that had made him suspicious because Donna had broken up with him so abruptly in high school, which hadn't made sense.

Justin asked Marcus about his adoptive parents and Marcus said they were decent hard-working people, who had given him a good life. Marcus said that even though his adoptive family was good to him, finding his real mom was the greatest thing that had ever happened to him.

Marcus asked Justin if he had any other kids. Justin said he didn't, and explained that he and his wife had tried and failed to conceive, and when the two of them divorced, he had given up hope of ever becoming a father. Justin broke down in tears and told Marcus that finding out he had a son was the greatest gift imaginable.

Marcus walked away and Justin apologized. Justin assured Marcus he was not trying to put any pressure on the young man, and noted that he understood the two of them were virtually strangers. Justin said he recognized that Marcus had a family in L.A., as well as a man who wanted to adopt him.

Marcus looked surprised that Justin knew about the adoption, and Justin explained that Donna had told him. Justin added that he understood why Eric would want to adopt Marcus, because he was a fine young man, and any man would be proud to call him his son.

Marcus said it was true, they were total strangers, and Justin said there was only one way to remedy that--for the two of them to get to know each other. Marcus asked Justin if he would stay in L.A. if Marcus asked. Justin replied, "So are you asking?" and Marcus said yes, he was asking. The two shared a warm embrace and Justin wept with joy in Marcus' arms.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke entered Ridge's office and asked if it was time for lunch, because she had missed breakfast. She playfully wrapped her arms around Ridge's neck as Ridge told her that they missed breakfast because they were busy doing something other than eating. As they kissed, Ridge received a phone call from a banker, Michael, inquiring about the check that was supposed to arrive by courier from Forrester.

Ridge said that he was sure it was on its way, but Michael reminded Ridge that the terms of the agreement stated that the check must be in the bank by noon. Ridge dismissed Michael and said that he was sure it was on its way. Michael told Ridge that it was a very serious matter if Forrester were to default. Ridge didn't seem to take the call seriously. He hung up and Katie entered his office. She overheard Ridge talking.

Katie explained that Bill Spencer was still interested in purchasing Forrester. Katie added that it might not be a bad idea, considering that his financial backing would help get the company out of debt. Brooke suggested that Katie's romance with Bill wasn't such a good idea. She told Katie that Brooke, Ridge, and Eric ran the company, and that it would be just fine. They had always pulled through and they always would.

Katie argued that the company was still in financial trouble and Bill could bail them out with an influx of cash. Ridge and Brooke dismissed her concerns. Brooke smirked and said that if Bill took over the company, he would want to put someone else in charge. Brooke snickered and asked who Bill would choose. She joked that Bill might put Katie, his girlfriend, in charge. Ridge also laughed at the idea as Katie looked hurt and left the office.

In Eric's office, Marcus and Donna told Eric that Marcus had met his biological father, Justin. Donna noted that Justin worked for Spencer Publications and that he was a wonderful man. Eric suggested that Marcus' adoption could be put on hold until Marcus had more time to think about what he wanted to do. Marcus said that he was interested in a relationship with his dad, but he wanted to become a Forrester. Marcus said that Eric had truly been a father to him, and he still wanted to legally become a part of the Forrester family. Eric signed the legal papers and Marcus also signed. Eric announced that Marcus was officially Marcus Forrester.

In Bill's office, Bill met with Justin and discussed that he had plans to take over Forrester Creations. Justin noted that Bill was going to have some complications with Katie, but Bill added that Justin would also have some complications, since his son, Marcus, was part of the staff and family at Forrester.

Bill said that the wheels were already in motion to take over Forrester. Bill's secretary called to tell him that Michael, the banker, was waiting to see him. As Michael walked in, Bill noted that it was past noon, and that the Forrester loan payment was due. Bill wondered if the payment had been made. Michael looked uncomfortable and admitted that he had not received the payment.

Bill quickly told Michael that Michael had to foreclose on Forrester, but Michael said that Forrester had been a long-term customer and the bank did not mistreat its customers. Bill said that the loan was a bad one and that Michael knew it was a bad loan. Bill said it was time to cut the bank's losses. Bill added that he was prepared to purchase Forrester Creations and take care of the finances. He asked Michael to sign a legal document selling Forrester to Bill, and Michael obliged. Michael and Justin left as Katie entered the office.

Katie and Bill greeted each other with a smooch, and then Katie pouted and explained about how Ridge and Brooke mistreated her when she gave them the news that Bill could help Forrester by buying it. She said that Brooke and Ridge made fun of her when they guessed that Bill would make her the CEO. Bill told her that she would never get the respect she deserved from Brooke and Ridge. He felt that he and Katie should join forces. He told her about the agreement he had with the bank, and said that he was about to sign the papers to become the owner of Forrester Creations. She asked him to wait -- for her sake.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Katie chided Bill for trying to take over Forrester Creations when he knew their late payment was an oversight. Katie admitted that it was legal, but added that legal didn't make it fair. Bill said that he would not be the only person that would attempt to take over the company while it was weak. Bill reminded Katie that he was prepared to allow the family to stay on at the company in their existing roles and salaries. Bill said they wouldn't get the same consideration from other buyers.

Katie protested Bill's intentions and tried to get him to back down. Bill announced that the glory days of Forrester Creations were over and that Eric had lost his "mojo." Katie was still not on board with the takeover, but Bill pointed out to her that if another conglomerate took over Forrester, they would not honor the company and would put the Forrester label on substandard items like lampshades and pajamas.

Katie cautioned Bill that when she took his offer to Ridge and Brooke, they were not interested. Bill said they weren't smart enough to be interested. Bill did not believe they were capable of seeing the big picture. Bill said Katie feared being perceived as a traitor by her family, but in fact, she would be their salvation.

Katie was still not sold on the idea and asked Bill what would happen if she said she would end things with him if he proceeded with his attempt to take over Forrester. Bill said if taking over Forrester was a deal breaker, Katie should let him know right away and be prepared to live with the consequences.

Katie refused to believe that Bill would choose a deal over their relationship and said she couldn't believe he was a power hungry ogre with no feelings. Bill said she was wrong, he was a power hungry ogre, but added that he didn't want to destroy Forrester; he wanted to build it back up with the two of them working side by side to make it happen.

Bill pleaded with Katie to see the wisdom of his takeover attempt. He urged Katie to see him for the man he was, not the man she believed he could become. Bill said corporate takeovers were what got him out of bed in the morning and he wanted to know if Katie accepted him.

Bill said Katie was smarter than Brooke, sexier than Donna, and the strongest girl in any room. Bill said she had even been able to pierce his outer shell and no one had done that before. Bill was touched that Katie had seen potential in his heart and believed in him. Bill let the words "I love you" slip out of his mouth.

Katie was shocked to hear him express his love. She asked him to repeat it, but he wouldn't, he dialed it back to "I care for you." But Katie knew what she had heard. She threw her arms around him, kissed him, and assured Bill that she accepted him "as is." Bill turned around, signed the final takeover papers that had been waiting on his desk, and announced, "Forrester Creations is ours."

Justin sat in the Spencer Publication reception area waiting for Bill to finish his meeting. Jarrett arrived and expressed to the receptionist that he needed to see Bill right away. She explained Bill was already in a meeting, and Jarrett asked if it was with Eric Forrester's banker. When Justin overheard, he leapt up to intervene and asked Jarrett how he knew that Bill had contacted Eric's banker.

Jarrett was on a fishing expedition and was unhappy that his suspicions had been confirmed. Jarrett expressed his doubts to Justin and said that no one had ever succeeded in running Forrester Creations before except for the Forrester family. Justin asked Jarrett if he didn't believe it could be done. Before Jarrett answered, Justin added that if Jarrett wanted to keep his job, he should change his attitude.

Jarrett said he was concerned because the takeover attempt could jeopardize Bill's relationship with Katie, and he hated to see Bill lose her. Bill's assistant concurred and added that Bill had become a much nicer boss since he started seeing Katie. Justin agreed that Katie had a good influence on Bill, but added that Bill was still a shrewd businessman and would do what needed to be done to close a deal.

Ridge locked the door to his office so he and Brooke could have a little privacy for some juicy kissing. Brooke reminded Ridge that they were supposed to be working, but Ridge said he couldn't be creative if he wasn't inspired. Brooke produced a silk scarf and Ridge thought she intended to blindfold him with it. She laughed and said it was just a fabric sample, and Thorne needed Ridge to sign off on it for an upcoming project. Ridge appeared disappointed that Brooke was "all business," and reminded her of a time when fabrics used to turn her on.

Ridge told Brooke he believed they could recapture the romance and energy they had at work when they had created the "Belief" formula many years before. Brooke agreed, provided they could keep Bill Spencer at bay. Ridge took the fabric sample and blindfolded Brooke with it and she began to giggle. She admitted that she liked it, and the two began to kiss again.

The Forrester family convened in Eric's office to congratulate Marcus and officially welcome him to the family. The adoption papers were signed and Marcus added all he had to do was legally change his name. Thorne said he was already a Forrester, and the name was just a technicality. Rick moved to shake Marcus' hand and said the Forresters needed all the help they could get, so one more member of the family could only help their cause.

Eric proclaimed that when the Forrester family worked as one, they could not be beaten. He continued to say that the family and the business were going to return stronger than ever. Rick made a presentation with charts and graphs that showed Forrester International was doing very well, and Rick suggested that Eric and Ridge should take a trip to Paris to personally thank them. They concurred.

The staff wondered why Katie wasn't in the meeting, and Ridge replied that he hoped she was at Spencer Publications trying to talk sense into her boyfriend. A delivery person arrived and handed Ridge an envelope. Ridge assumed it was the receipt for the bank payment that needed to be deposited by noon that day and believed the deposit had been made. Thorne went to see Ridge after the meeting and pointed out the check was stamped "12:39 p.m." instead of "12:00 p.m." and asked Ridge if that would be a problem for them. Ridge said he would call their banker to make sure, but when he called, the banker refused their call.

Eric and Ridge shared a bonding moment and discussed the events of the day. They agreed that the company was back on track, and they were delighted to be working together as partners again.

Justin went to see Bill after Katie left and marveled that the paperwork had been signed. Bill explained that Katie understood how the business worked, Forrester needed money to compete, they didn't have it, and Bill did have it--and he owned them. Justin asked if they knew, and Bill said they were just about to find out.

Katie went back to the Forrester offices, and her sisters confronted her about missing the staff meeting. Katie explained that the meeting she was in was far more important. Katie went on to explain that Forrester was late with its loan payment to the bank, and that Bill had signed papers to become the new owner of Forrester Creations. Donna and Brooke were stunned by Katie's announcement.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

by Pam

At Forrester, Katie met with Brooke and Donna to tell them that Bill was moving ahead with his plan to purchase Forrester. Brooke and Donna treated her like a child who knew nothing about finance. Brooke explained that Eric owned the company and all the stock. Brooke suggested that Katie didn't understand what a sole proprietorship was.

Katie replied that Eric was in deep debt. He borrowed money, couldn't pay it back and borrowed more. Then, the bank called in the loan. Katie said that maybe Donna and Brooke hadn't heard about the check arriving late at the bank violating terms of the loan agreement. Brooke looked confused and said that Ridge had a call into the banker. Donna wondered if her sisters thought it was odd that the payment didn't make it on time, and Michael, the banker, was coincidentally unavailable.

Katie added that since the payment had not arrived on time, Forrester was in default. Brooke doubted that anything would come of it. Katie said that if Bill bought the company, they would all keep their jobs and Forrester would stay in business. Brooke and Donna maintained that Katie had been brainwashed by Bill. Katie said that Bill wanted Forrester, and he wasn't going to give it up on it because he was in love with Katie. Brooke and Donna looked suspicious and were condescending. Brooke said that Bill was using Katie. Donna agreed. They advised Katie not to trust Bill because she was getting in over her head. Brooke and Donna said that they had to tell their husbands that the Forrester legacy could be lost.

At Spencer Publications, Michael the banker visited with Bill and told him that he didn't think Bill's purchase of Forrester was a good business deal. Michael said that Bill should wait until Forrester had to officially default on the loan. Then, Bill could purchase Forrester at a lower price. Bill said he didn't want a failed company. He felt he could save Forrester before it was too late. Michael argued that if Bill waited, he would become the company savior. Michael didn't want to be the bad guy. Bill said that being the bad guy didn't bother him at all. That was why God made him.

In Ridge's office, Eric told Ridge that he knew the day would arrive when Eric was ready to turn the company over to Ridge and it had arrived. He said that Ridge had always been loyal and kept a cool head in spite of everything that had happened. Eric congratulated his son. Eric added that he didn't plan on leaving, but he wanted to transition power over to Ridge. They smiled and Ridge promised to make Eric proud.

Back in his own office, Eric was shuffling through papers and looking for something on his desk when Donna entered. She asked what he was looking for. He pulled out a brochure and said that he had always wanted to retire in a vacation spot he had visited overseas. He unfolded the brochure and said the wanted to live there six months out of the year. Donna looked perplexed and realized that Eric didn't know anything about the check arriving late at the bank. Donna said she had something to tell him.

In Ridge's office, Brooke entered and Ridge was basking in the glory of finally taking over the reins of Forrester from Eric. Brooke asked what he meant, and he explained that Eric had told him that he wanted to turn Forrester over to Ridge to run. Ridge said that he had been waiting years for the opportunity. Brooke was upset and told him that Bill Spencer was not going to give up on his bid to take over Forrester. She believed that Bill might have already taken the first step. Ridge said that he would fight Bill for Forrester.

In Bill's office, Katie visited. She shared that Brooke and Donna told her that Bill was taking advantage of her. Bill hugged her and said that they had no respect for her. She asked him if he was taking advantage of her and he told her that he was a lot of things, and underhanded was one of them. But if he were going to use her, he would have told her in advance.

Outside Jackie's office at Jackie M, Steffy overheard Owen questioning Jackie about an appointment she had. He started to apologize for not trusting her, but Jackie said he was justified in asking. She smiled and told him the appointment was for a manicure.

After Jackie left, Steffy entered to visit with Owen. She wondered if his marriage was everything he wanted it to be. Owen reminded Steffy that she encouraged him to stay with Jackie. Owen said that Jackie's past as a prostitute was a long time ago, long before he knew her. But Steffy said that she couldn't understand why Jackie wouldn't have said something. Steffy marveled that Owen could be so trusting.

Steffy added that he had been trusting of Jackie through a lot of misadventures. She brought up the embarrassing cougar ad campaign and Jackie's kissing adventure with Whip. Steffy wondered if Owen was getting the respect he deserved from Jackie. It was Jackie's turn to overhear the conversation as she entered. She sent Owen to check on a sales meeting. After he left, Jackie warned Steffy about interfering in her marriage.

Steffy said that she was only there to protect Owen, her friend. Jackie said that Steffy had everything given to her in life, and Steffy had no idea how Jackie had to live in order as a single mother. Steffy agreed, but she said that many women struggled as single mothers, and they didn't all turn to prostitution. Jackie accused Steffy of having a crush on Owen, but Steffy denied it. Steffy said that she only wanted to be sure that Owen was happy with Jackie.

Friday, October 2, 2009

At Jackie M, Steffy was surprised that Jackie thought that Steffy had a crush on Owen. Jackie said that Steffy had been captivated by Owen's good looks and charm, but, at the end of the day, Owen always returned to Jackie. Steffy reminded Jackie that Owen had moved to the beach house when he learned about Jackie's past. Jackie said that Owen's return to her just a few days later spoke volumes about the strength of Jackie and Owen's relationship.

Jackie advised Steffy to spend her time looking for an unattached young man, rather than wasting her time chasing Owen. Steffy said that Owen might have forgiven Jackie, but Steffy questioned whether Jackie and Owen's relationship was back to normal. When Jackie chided Steffy for interfering, Steffy said that Owen was her friend. Owen entered the office, and Jackie told Steffy to ask him if the Knights' marriage was on solid footing.

Jackie told Owen that Steffy was concerned about his happiness. Owen said that he was fine. Jackie told Steffy that there was no reason for Steffy to be concerned, and then told Owen that she was going home to wait for him.

Jackie left the office, but stood outside the door, eavesdropping on Owen and Steffy's conversation. Steffy said that Jackie was lucky to have an understanding husband like Owen. Owen said that the way he had imagined his marriage and the way it had turned out were different. Steffy asked Owen if his marriage was really what he wanted. She said that if it was, then she was really happy for him, but if it wasn't, she wondered if the marriage was going to give Owen everything that he wanted.

Steffy told Owen that Jackie was like an incredible force of nature who had sucked him in -- but before Owen had realized it, Jackie's life became his life, and Jackie was in control. She told Owen that he was a terrific guy, and that he deserved to be in a relationship in which both partners were equal. She said she didn't think that Jackie could participate in that type of relationship. Owen and Steffy's eyes locked and their lips grew closer, but they quickly pulled away from each other. Steffy left the office.

Steffy and Jackie ran into each other in the hallway. Jackie told Steffy that she believed that Steffy wasn't a home wrecker, but that she was getting too involved in Jackie and Owen's marriage. She told Steffy not to enter the Jackie M building again, and not to pay any visits to Owen.

In Ridge's office, Ridge was livid that the bank was foreclosing on the loan it had made to Forrester. Brooke told Ridge that because of Forrester Creations' late payment, Bill Spencer had swooped in and bought the loan. Ridge protested that Forrester had only been 39 minutes late with the payment. He said that they would fight Bill with everything they had. Brooke wondered if they might lose Forrester forever.

In Bill's office, Bill held Katie in his arms. He told Katie that he was sorry that she had to go through telling her sisters that Spencer Publications was buying Forrester from the bank. Katie said that Brooke and Donna felt as if Katie had betrayed them -- and the more that Katie thought about it, the more she wondered if her sisters were right.

Bill told Katie not to let Brooke and Donna make Katie feel insecure. Katie said that she wanted to trust and believe in Bill. She told Bill that she knew in her heart that he wasn't using her, despite what Donna and Brooke thought. Bill and Katie kissed passionately.

In Eric's office, Donna told Eric that for Katie not to have warned them about what Bill was up to was unconscionable. Eric agreed. Ridge and Brooke entered. Ridge told Eric that they had to stop the takeover -- that no stupid technicality was going to cause them to lose their company.

Gloria Schiller, the Forresters' attorney, joined the group and told them that she had spoken to the bank, and had confirmed that the Forrester loan had been called in. Gloria said that Bill had already wired the funds to buy the company out of foreclosure, and that her associates were in the process of filing an injunction to stop the foreclosure process. Ridge said that if Bill Spencer thought he was going to pull off acquiring Forrester, then Bill was delusional.

Michael Galey, the Forresters' banker, showed up at Eric's office. Michael said that the foreclosure was the last thing that he wanted to have happen, but that he didn't own the bank and he had to answer to his superiors. Michael reminded Eric that Forrester had taken a huge risk by leveraging the company in order to expand its boutique chain. Michael said that because of the failure of the boutiques to show a profit, the bank owned more of Forrester Creations than the Forresters did.

When Brooke told Michael that they were less than an hour late with the payment, he said that he took no satisfaction in seeing how the foreclosure was affecting the Forresters, but the family was going to have to accept what was happening. Eric said that Forrester took out the loan in good faith, and had done everything they possibly could to live up to the terms of the agreement. Eric reminded Michael that he had been the Forresters' banker for a long time, and that he should give them a chance to pay back the loan in full.

Michael said that, if it were up to him, he would give Forrester that chance, but that his hands were tied. Ridge told Michael to go to his superiors and convince them that allowing the Forresters to keep control of the company would be good for the bank -- otherwise the Forresters were going to tie the whole thing up in court, which would make it very unpleasant for everyone.

Later, Eric, Brooke, Ridge, and Donna, hoping that the bank officers would change their minds, anxiously waited in Eric's office to hear from Michael. Bill and Katie entered. Eric told Bill that if he was there to gloat, that he was a bit premature. Brooke told Bill that their attorneys were working on an injunction, and that they were going to fight the takeover every step of the way. Bill said that he had never assumed otherwise, although he was sorry that they couldn't see what he was offering as an opportunity. When Katie asked them to listen to what Bill had to say, Brooke said that she couldn't believe that Katie was taking Bill's side. Donna said that Bill had brainwashed Katie.

Bill said that what all of them couldn't grasp was that Katie actually thought for herself, and that she loved Forrester Creations as much as all of them did. Bill was surprised that Eric wasn't interested in getting the huge "financial albatross" off their back. Bill said that if he bought Forrester from the bank, it would become a whole new company -- part of the Spencer empire. Bill assured them that Eric, Brooke, Ridge, and everyone critical to the company's success would remain. He reminded them that they wouldn't have any more huge loan payments, and that they would be free to do what they loved most and did best -- design.

Bill said that Forrester Creations would have the ability to become an international powerhouse instead of a little "father-son operation." Ridge told Bill that Forrester Creations was one of the biggest fashion houses in the world. Bill countered that Forrester was sinking, and he thought that they could work everything out, with only minimal executive changes. The group was shocked when Bill announced that Katie was going to be the new CEO of Forrester Creations.

Brooke said that Katie would never agree to that. Katie said that she never wanted the takeover to happen, but that Bill had a good point -- Forrester Creations needed capital. Ridge and Eric asked Katie if she thought that Bill had the right to take away the lifetime of work that Eric and Ridge had put into building Forrester. Katie said that Bill's plan was sound, and that Eric and Ridge could focus on fashion, rather than finance.

Brooke admitted that they had financial problems, but that Bill taking over the company wasn't the answer. Ridge asked Katie if she thought she was qualified to be CEO. Bill said that Katie had "a lot more chops" than everyone gave her credit for. He added that Katie knew and loved the company, and that she was talented and creative. Brooke begged Katie not to do that to her family. Katie said that the last thing that she wanted to do was hurt any of them. She admitted that she lacked experience, but that sometimes one had to step up and do things that one wasn't entirely prepared for.

Katie said that Bill was going to buy the company, and there was nothing that any of them could do about that. Bill said that he felt that Katie was the best person to lead the company through the transition. He told the group that he had complete faith in her, and that she had their best interests at heart. Donna told Katie that Bill was manipulating her. Brooke told Katie to say no.

Katie said that she loved Forrester Creations, that she wanted to save it, and that they should let the company flourish under the Spencer Publications empire. Katie told them that, as CEO, she would make sure that nothing changed around Forrester. Brooke begged Katie not to take the position. Donna, referring to Bill, said, "What is that man doing to you?"

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