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Monday, October 26, 2009

Owen was outraged by Jackie's suggestion. He could not believe she suggested that he should have a life and a family without her. Steffy was also flabbergasted by Jackie's suggestion that she should be the mother of Owen's children, considering she and Owen had never even been on a date.

Owen and Steffy assured Jackie they were just friends. Jackie said she had seen the two of them together and knew they cared for one another. Jackie added that she called Steffy there to make a point, Owen was a young man who wanted to raise a family and Jackie was an older woman who was beyond that point in life. Jackie said Owen needed to find a young woman, like Steffy, to make his dreams of having a family come true.

Owen said if it meant losing Jackie, he would give up the notion of having children entirely. Jackie cautioned Owen that while he felt that way at the moment, as the years passed, he would regret not having children and would always feel something was missing from his life.

Jackie reminded Owen that she loved him, and it was her responsibility to care for him and make sure his life was headed in the right direction. Jackie assured Owen that she was merely looking out for his happiness. Owen said they had worked too hard to make their marriage work to give up on it. Jackie agreed that they had worked hard on their marriage and added that her marriage to Owen had been the greatest love story of her life.

Owen asked if Jackie was giving up because what others said about them was true-- that the age difference between them was stronger than their love for one another. Jackie said it wasn't, she just wanted what was best for Owen and didn't want him to miss out on any of life's wonders because of her.

Jackie realized it was an awkward moment and apologized to Steffy for dragging her into it. Jackie added it was important to have Steffy there to make her point. Owen said he didn't want anyone but Jackie, and Steffy backed him up and said Owen always talked of his love for Jackie. Jackie said it didn't matter, because if she stayed with Owen, one day he would resent her because he didn't have kids.

Owen denied the notion and said it would never happen. Jackie said one day he would see a dad playing with his child and feel a deep sense of loss for the child he never had. Jackie said the selfish part of her wanted to cling to Owen for dear life, but the unselfish part of her knew she had to let him go. Jackie said she had made her decision and would not be talked out of it. Owen asked Steffy to leave so he could have some time alone with his wife.

Owen expressed to Jackie that he did not want to live his life without her. Jackie said he wouldn't have to; they would always be part of one another. Owen said that wasn't enough. Owen said he could be a good father someday, but without Jackie, he wouldn't have any love to give a child because all the love in his heart was because of Jackie.

Owen added he didn't want to be with Steffy or any other woman, he only wanted Jackie.

Owen said if he had a paternal urge, he'd get a dog, or a whole litter of puppies if need be. The only thing he knew for sure was that he wanted Jackie and no one else. Owen said he would not let Jackie give him up, and begged her to never suggest they split up again. Jackie agreed and said she would never mention it again. Owen said she was his life forever.

Bill scolded Brooke and Ridge for balking at Katie's words at the press conference. Bill said he outlined the plan in detail; Bill would purchase Forrester Creations, appoint Katie CEO, and pay the Forrester family a handsome salary to keep their positions. He asked if that had been their understanding. Brooke spoke up and said, "No." Bill asked if she assumed Katie would merely be a figurehead that would allow Ridge and Brooke to run things from behind the scenes.

Bill pointed out that the Forrester leadership had run the company into bankruptcy. Ridge asked Bill if he believed that Katie, who had zero experience running a company, would be able to do any better. Bill responded that with his guidance, yes, he believed Katie could do a better job.

Brooke made a personal appeal to Katie and reminded her that Ridge had been in line to take over the company, which he had earned after years of dedicated service. Brooke told Katie it was Ridge's time, and suggested that Katie was instrumental in that dream being ripped away from Ridge. Brooke said Eric had been about to step down and hand the company over to Ridge.

Bill responded that if Eric had done that sooner, perhaps Forrester wouldn't have been in the predicament that led to its takeover. Brooke assured Bill that Ridge would have been a better choice for CEO than Katie, because Ridge had more experience. Bill said that he was the owner of Forrester, Katie was his CEO of choice, and that was it, case closed.

Brooke addressed Katie directly and accused Katie of betraying her family, and added that Katie had stolen Ridge's job. Brooke added that she wasn't sure she would be able to forgive Katie for that betrayal. Bill jumped in to defend Katie and assured Brooke that Katie didn't steal Ridge's job.

Bill reminded Ridge that the company was in foreclosure, and that even if Ridge had been able to scrape up enough money to make a loan payment, he wouldn't have had enough funds to produce a new line. Bill predicted that the company would have gone bankrupt, because even if the Forrester family sold all of their personal possessions, it wouldn't have been enough to keep the company afloat.

Bill said he paid far more for the company than another corporate raider would have paid, and that he let them keep their jobs, to boot. Brooke again said that Katie betrayed the family and the company would never be the same. Brooke added that Ridge would not be inspired to design when he had to walk past the office every day and see Katie sitting in his chair and be reminded of her betrayal.

Bill said Brooke should thank Katie instead of blaming her, and added the Brooke should take some personal responsibility regarding the demise of the company. Brooke's jaw dropped; she was stunned that Bill had the audacity to suggest she had a hand in bankrupting Forrester. Bill reminded Ridge and Brooke that he could have appointed any "suit" at Spencer Publications as the CEO of Forrester, and instead picked Katie, who was one of their family members, whom they loved, and ought to trust.

Bill added that he didn't want to put his future wife at odds with her family, and asked them to humbly give the idea a chance. Bill tried to persuade them to see the changes as a blessing instead of a curse. Brooke asked if she could speak to Katie alone, and Ridge and Bill left the office. Katie told Brooke she was walking a very fine line, but asked Brooke to trust that she had the company's best interest at heart.

Brooke said that she and Donna would never be able to look at Katie the same way, because she was not the same sweet sister she had always been. Katie expressed that Brooke's words hurt her and added that although she was in a different position, she was the same person she had always been. Brooke reminded Katie that she had admitted in an earlier conversation that Katie used to feel like she walked in Donna and Brooke's shadow. Brooke wondered if Katie agreed to the CEO position to make Brooke and Donna walk in her shadow.

Katie was exasperated with Brooke and assured her that taking the CEO position had nothing to do with trying to "one up" her sisters. Katie stated that she was proud of her sisters and what they had accomplished in life and felt no need to compete with them. Katie added that she was sorry Brooke was so hurt, but stated she had not betrayed anyone, nor had she stolen anything.

Katie said she was the perfect liaison between Bill and the Forrester family. Katie said she spoke Bill's language, and added that he listened to her. Brooke said she was s orry that Katie was being used, and Katie said she would handle her fiancÚ . Brooke countered and said she believed that Katie was the one being handled. Brooke added the Bill was known for being ruthless and she believed Bill would turn on Katie. Katie assured Brooke that what she and Bill had was real.

Katie asked Brooke to trust her and to allow her to be the advocate for Forrester with Bill. Katie promised Brooke that no man would ever get between them because they were sisters and that was a bond that could not be broken.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

by Pam

At Forrester, Bill greeted members of the international media and discussed that Forrester had a lot of potential as a division of Spencer Publications. A reporter asked if she could get a statement from the new CEO. Katie entered almost on cue to applause. Bill greeted her with a kiss. One of the reporters asked if Katie and Bill had set a wedding date, and Bill responded, "The sooner, the better." Katie smiled. Bill announced that there would be a new Royalty photo shoot, and he invited the media to stay for it.

A reporter asked how Katie's sisters felt about her promotion, and Katie suggested that they ask her sisters, who had just entered. Brooke said that she was confident that Katie would retain the company's creative integrity and be a great leader. She added that Katie had their full support. A reporter asked why Eric and Ridge were not in attendance, and Bill interrupted. He said that Ridge's designs would speak for him. He added that the Logan sisters would have a greater role in Forrester. He praised the creativity of the Forresters and all the talented employees, and added that he was thrilled to have Eric and Ridge on-board.

In Ridge's office, Taylor entered and remarked that an entire sea of media had descended on the building. Ridge lamented to Taylor that Bill had flown in international media for the day. Ridge said that it was difficult to accept that Katie had the job that he had expected would belong to him. Taylor told him that she knew he had been prepared to take the lead at Forrester. Ridge said that he was glad his mother had joined Jackie M, because he was convinced it would have broken her heart to see Bill's takeover at Forreste r.

Thomas and Steffy entered and told their dad that he had their support. Thomas noted that he knew Ridge was staying to protect the family's legacy. Thomas didn't understand how Katie had become the CEO. Ridge agreed, but he added that he hoped Katie would be good for the company. Taylor wondered if Katie would appoint Ridge as company president, but Ridge admitted that he was not sure of anything anymore.

Rocco entered and announced that a new Royalty photo shoot was taking place. He wondered if Ridge would join the shoot, but Ridge declined. Taylor was surprised that Brooke and Donna supported the takeover, and Ridge said that they had to support it. Everyone had to support it because Bill had bankrolled Forrester. Ridge lamented that he should have fought harder to keep the company financially independent, but he didn't know what to do. Thomas and Steffy agreed that it was unfair that Ridge was not appointed CEO. Taylor whined that Katie had taken his place. Ridge said that no one would take away the kids' birthright to the company.

Bill greeted Stephen and Beth and thanked them for attending the media day he had scheduled. Stephen was impressed and Beth smiled. Bill told them that Katie had taken his breath away, and he couldn't wait to marry her. The Logan girls prepared for their fashion shoot for the Royalty campaign. They returned to the room in stunning gowns to applause from the media. Katie and Donna flanked Brooke as the photographer started shooting, but Bill interrupted and moved Katie to the front and center pushing Donna and Brooke to the sides behind Katie. As Katie moved into position, Bill gently placed a tiara upon her head to the applause of the media.

While the photo shoot continued, Justin entered and found Marcus in the crowd. Marcus reminded Justin that Forrester was a family-owned company and the family had done a good job in the past. Marcus hoped that Forrester could retain its status as a family-run company. Justin said that he knew where Marcus was coming from. He and Marcus agreed that Donna looked like a beautiful queen. As the photographers flashed pictures, Justin remembered his senior prom when Donna was named prom queen. He had kissed her, and he smiled as he recalled Donna hugging him and telling him how happy she was.

Justin asked his son if they still had a lunch date, and Marcus agreed. The shoot went well, with everyone admiring the Logan girls' dresses. The photographer said that it was a wrap. Bill gazed lovingly at Katie and she returned the same gaze. Bill thanked the crowd, and Brooke thanked Ridge and Eric for creating the gowns that had made all of them look so beautiful.

Katie was surprised that her parents were in the room, and quickly greeted them with hugs and kisses. Stephen said that Bill had invited them to visit so that they could share in Katie's proud moment. Beth said that seeing her daughters looking so beautiful in a photo shoot was something that she hoped she would never forget. Katie changed back into her business suit and Bill and Katie made out.

Bill told her that he had something to show her. He took her outside for some fresh air. As they looked up, Bill pointed to a new sign on the Forrester building. It sported the Forrester Creations logo with the addition of a line that said it was a division of Spencer Publications. Bill smiled and kissed Katie.

Backstage, Justin greeted Donna and told her that she looked beautiful. He said that watching her during the photo shoot brought back memories of their prom when she was crowned prom queen. They smiled and recalled good times together. Justin said that he wanted to get to know the girl that he had missed for decades. Donna suggested that they needed to leave those years in the past. She said that their lives had taken different turns.

In Ridge's office, Brooke comforted Ridge while he was sulking. Ridge commented that Brooke was the beautiful distraction that he needed. Brooke apologized for participating in the photo shoot, but acknowledged that they didn't have much choice. Ridge said that he wasn't sure that he could work for Bill Spencer or Katie, and Brooke hugged him. She begged him not to let Katie's appointment as CEO drive a wedge between them.

Ridge said that it was wrong that Katie had moved into Eric's office. He held up a notepad and moaned that Bill Spencer had branded everything with an FC logo and an additional line that it was a division of Spencer Publications. Brooke encouraged Ridge to design. He said that he wasn't sure that he could stay, because he felt like he was dead inside.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In Katie's office at Forrester, Thorne arrived late for a Forrester Creations meeting. Ridge, Donna, Ridge, Brooke, and Bill were all there, with Katie in charge as CEO of Forrester. Katie addressed the group about her plans. Katie wanted to assemble a strong executive team. Katie appointed Thorne as Vice President of Forrester Creations, but he turned down the position. Thorne said he wanted to stay in his role as liaison with the workers.

Katie accepted Thorne's decision, and then asked Donna if she would be vice p resident instead. Donna initially declined, because she assumed it would bother Eric. However, for Katie's sake, Donna agreed to finesse it somehow with Eric and accept the role.

Katie revealed that Rick had agreed to oversee the international division, working out of the office in Los Angeles. Katie asked Ridge if he would take over as president because he was the most qualified person to fill that role. Ridge said he couldn't do it. Ridge said he would not be an executive for Katie. Ridge apologized, but he was not comfortable with Forrester as a subsidiary of Spencer Publications.

Katie asked Ridge to reconsider, but Ridge said he would only be a designer for the company. Katie's next choice was Eric, but Donna said he wouldn't do it. Katie wanted someone with a proven track record, so she asked Brooke. Brooke turned and asked Ridge if he would be all right with her taking the job. Ridge wanted Forrester to succeed, so he gave her the go-ahead to take the position.

Katie was satisfied with her choices and explained the hierarchy; they would report to her, and she would report to Bill. Katie told them all she was very excited about the future of the new Forrester Creations. Bill listened and watched it all.

Justin argued with Emerson, the host of the Catwalk television show, telling him that Emerson could not walk out on the show. Emerson was upset that Catwalk would become a Forrester infomercial. Emerson said he would not compromise his journalistic integrity. Justin warned him to reconsider. Emerson said his mind was made up and he walked out, leaving Justin with nobody to host the upcoming broadcast. Justin called Bill at Forrester.

Katie thanked Donna for being supportive during the meeting. Bill told Katie that she had handled the meeting very well. Bill received a call from Justin. Justin told him about the problem with Catwalk, but Justin had a solution. Bill listened then hung up the phone. Bill told Donna to go directly to Spencer and someone would meet her at the main entrance. Donna was curious, but Bill told her to grab a beautiful Forrester dress and leave immediately.

Katie asked Bill why he had sent Donna to Spencer. As CEO, Katie demanded that Bill tell her what was going on. Bill said it was a surprise and that Donna would be overjoyed. Bill was sure that Donna would embrace Spencer Publications very soon. Katie was intrigued. Bill left the office.

Ridge explained to Brooke why he couldn't take the presidency. Ridge had no issue with Brooke doing the job. Ridge thought Brooke was the best person for the job under the circumstances.

Brooke met with Katie, and Katie realized that the situation was difficult for her sister. Brooke said she supported Ridge. Katie wished that Ridge would come around, but Brooke said that it was unrealistic to think that Ridge would ever accept the new regime.

Bill was in Ridge's office a while later and accused Ridge of acting like a child by refusing the presidency. Ridge said he was being true to himself. Ridge could not accept working for Katie. Bill thought it was a foolish idea, but it had been Katie's wish to get Ridge involved. Ridge said that he would honor the contract and design dresses, nothing more. Bill gave Ridge his first Spencer assignment. Bill asked Ridge to design Katie's wedding gown.

Ridge was incredulous. Ridge hoped that Katie never actually married Bill. Ridge said that Katie marrying Bill would be the biggest mistake of Katie's life. Brooke and Katie entered the office and Katie wondered what was happening.

Ridge explained that Bill had ordered Ridge to design Katie's wedding gown. Brooke thought it was Bill's attempt to throw his power in Ridge's face. Bill said he had hoped Ridge would be flattered. Ridge said Bill's request was just another way for Spencer to stick it to Ridge.

Katie and Bill walked out to let Ridge and Brooke talk. Brooke sympathized with Ridge. Ridge felt that Spencer owned him and he resented it. Ridge felt like a caged animal. Ridge felt trapped. Ridge thought he should have fought harder and not given in to Spencer.

Ridge was sure he couldn't design under the circumstances. Ridge was filled with resentment and anger. Ridge told Brooke he couldn't walk past Eric's office and see Katie sitting there without being angry. Ridge was determined to get Forrester Creations back. Ridge walked out in a huff.

Brooke was very worried about Ridge. She went to the desk and placed a call. Brooke identified herself and waited for the operator to connect her to the man she'd called. Brooke told herself that she was only making the call for Ridge. The man answered the phone and Brooke told him not to ask any questions and to do exactly what she asked.

At Spencer Publications, Justin greeted Donna at the set of Catwalk, the best fashion talk show on television . Donna was very impressed to hear that Justin was the new producer, which was why he was staying in Los Angeles. Donna said that she loved the television business. Justin said he had seen her on TV and knew that she was excellent on camera.

Justin explained to Donna that they had a live show in the afternoon and that the host, Emerson, had walked out on the program. Justin told Donna that she was going to be the new host of Catwalk. Donna was shocked.

Donna said that she could not be a talk show host. Justin said Donna had been his first choice to replace Emerson, and Bill had agreed readily. Donna found it hard to believe that Bill had said that. Justin urged Donna to consider it. Donna admitted that it had always been her dream to be on television.

Justin reminded Donna that her appearance on The Price Is Right had been a success. Donna sat on one of the chairs on the set and decided that she would love to be the host. Justin sent Donna to her dressing room to prepare for the show.

Justin called Jackie M, and Pam answered the telephone. Justin asked if Stephanie would be available for an interview on Catwalk. Pam said yes for Stephanie, and listened to the instructions to go to the studio immediately.

In Jackie's office, Jackie and Stephanie were talking about how Forrester would do with Spencer promoting them. Pam burst in with the news that Stephanie had been invited to appear on Catwalk.

Pam told Stephanie that she had to leave at once. Stephanie suggested that Jackie should make the appearance, but Jackie thought that Stephanie would be better at representing Jackie M. Stephanie suspected that the invitation was a setup. Jackie told Stephanie that if it was, Stephanie would beat them at their own game.

With Pam's urging, Stephanie agreed to make the appearance. Pam pulled Stephanie out of the office as they departed.

After changing into her Forrester dress and being made up, Donna returned to the set. Justin assured Donna that she would be great on the show. Donna was overjoyed. She hugged Justin in gratitude.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke was in Ridge's office and accepted a package from a delivery person. Ridge entered and apologized for walking out on Brooke earlier. He explained that the walls had been closing in on him and he needed to get away. Brooke asked if he felt better about his job, but he seemed conflicted.

At the set for Catwalk, Justin was briefing Donna on her guests, and Donna said that she preferred to be surprised when she met her guests, but Justin disagreed. Backstage, Pam and Stephanie were talking about the show, and Pam told her sister that the set at The Price is Right was much nicer.

Justin greeted Stephanie and Pam. Stephanie said that she didn't want Bill Spencer to think that she was going to talk about Forrester. Justin explained that Emerson, the usual host, had walked off the set earlier. Donna entered and asked Justin about the interviews. When she saw Stephanie and Pam, Donna figured out that Stephanie was her guest. Donna was flabbergasted that she would be interviewing Stephanie, but she said that she would maintain her commitment to do the show.

Justin apologized, but he said that the biggest news of the week was that Forrester had been sold. Stephanie asked Donna if Eric knew that she was hosting the show. Donna admitted that he did not know. Stephanie said that Eric would be hurt to see Donna making a joke of the sale, since it was the worst thing that had every happened to Eric.

Justin intervened, and Donna suggested that they make the best of it. Pam tried to persuade Stephanie to go on the show, and the announcer told them Donna had only a minute to get on the set. He introduced Donna, and she chatted with the live audience and then announced that Stephanie Forrester was her first guest. As Donna invited Stephanie to "come on down" the catwalk , Stephanie refused to go on the set. Justin tried to persuade Stephanie to join Donna, but Stephanie turned and left. Donna tried to cover for the lack of a guest, so Donna walked over and guided Pam along the catwalk. Pam was clearly star-struck as Donna asked Pam what it was like to grow up with Stephanie, but Pam stared and said nothing.

In Katie's office at Forrester, Katie and Bill checked their schedules and tried to find a date to get married, but they weren't having any luck. Bill wondered how Katie got too busy to marry him. They kissed and Brooke entered. Brooke wanted to talk to Bill. She told him that she had made a mistake and needed to correct it. She told Bill that Ridge was terribly unhappy. She shared that before Bill bought the company, Eric had promised to step down and allow Ridge to run the company. She added that Ridge felt that he had finally accomplished his dream.

Brooke was teary-eyed as she explained that Ridge couldn't work for Bill and Katie. She said that he wasn't eating or sleeping, and she knew that Bill would not allow Ridge to work at any other company. Bill said that Ridge could retire. Brooke was indignant and said that the stress was killing Ridge. She said that she had persuaded Eric and Ridge to sell Forrester to Bill, but she wanted to negate the sale. She handed Bill her portfolio with the values of her home and all her stocks, bonds, vintage cars, and rental properties.

Brooke said that she wanted Bill to take her assets and persuade the bank to return to the deal that gave Forrester a nine-year loan. She wished that she had persuaded Eric and Ridge to exhaust all their resources in order to keep Forrester in the family. Bill interrupted her to say that he couldn't help her. Brooke begged Bill to reconsider. She told him that he had more cash than he could ever possibly want, and he had a wonderful future with her sister. She begged him to let go of Forrester.

Bill looked thoughtful, and Brooke confided that she needed to return Ridge's work, life, and dream to him. Bill said that he couldn't do it. Katie stepped in and said that Brooke couldn't seriously consider selling her house and all her assets. Brooke pleaded with Katie to persuade Bill to take her offer. Brooke said that nothing could make her happy if Ridge wasn't happy. Bill interrupted. He told Brooke to return home and spend some time with her husband and family. Brooke said that she couldn't allow Ridge to lose his dream.

Ridge was listening at the door as Bill explained that neither he nor Katie could undo the sale. Bill explained that Spencer and Forrester would experience irreparable damage if they tried to negate the deal. Brooke insisted that a lawyer would be able to find something in the contract that would enable them to cancel the contract and the sale. Bill apologized, but he refused. He suggested that Ridge would have to find another dream other than heading Forrester. Brooke left in defeat.

Bill asked Katie how Brooke thought the company would survive if it had stayed the way it had been. Katie shook her head. Bill said that it was too late for Eric to get some business sense. He wondered when the Forresters would understand that Bill was the last chance for them to succeed in business. He hugged Katie and said that Ridge's pride would heal.

Brooke walked into Ridge's office, and he asked to see the presentation she had for Bill. She said that it didn't matter because Bill wasn't interested. Ridge said that it did matter because he had heard her presentation. He told Brooke that he had been standing at the door ready to give his sales projections to Katie when he overheard Brooke giving Bill her offer.

Brooke apologized, but Ridge smiled and told his wife that she had given him his dream. He realized that her faith in him was all he needed. He added that he had never been more proud than he was listening to her. He said that Brooke had reminded him of what was most important. He told her that he loved her and he thanked her for being so thoughtful. They kissed and tears rolled down Brooke's cheeks.

Friday, October 30, 2009

At The Catwalk, Pam stared catatonically at the camera as new host Donna tried to get Pam to speak. Donna asked Pam what it had been like to grow up with Stephanie Forrester, but Pam was completely unresponsive. Justin, Jarrett, and the rest of the production team were aghast at the lack of response from Pam. After a few moments of silence, Donna said that she wanted to show Pam something that Donna had received in the mail that day.

Donna walked offstage. Jarrett told Justin that Bill was going to go through the roof when he saw the show. Donna returned with a 2010 calendar that she had received from the National Doberman Rescue Fund. Donna turned to one of the months and showed Pam that the month featured a picture of Tiny, Pam's late Doberman. Pam finally began speaking, saying "My Tiny.... my Tiny.... that's my Tiny."

Pam said that she couldn't believe that Donna had a picture of Tiny published in the calendar. Donna explained that Tiny had been Pam's dog, but he had passed away. Pam said that she could almost call Donna a wonderful person -- except that she knew that Donna wasn't. The studio audience began laughing.

Justin and Jarrett seemed pleased that Pam was finally opening up. Pam asked the studio audience if they could believe that Donna had the nerve to ask Pam for dirt on Stephanie. Pam said that Donna had stolen Eric from Stephanie. Donna and Pam began bickering, and the studio audience continued to laugh.

Donna claimed that things between Eric and Stephanie were bad before Donna had entered the picture. Pam stuck her fingers in her ears and began singing, blocking out Donna's voice, and causing the studio audience to react with even more laughter.

Pam then discussed her baking. She said that baking was her life, because she no longer had Tiny. Donna said that she thought that fashion was Pam's life. Pam said that fashion was really about pastry.

Donna disagreed with Pam's pastry theory. Pam insisted that it was true -- that the models were constantly starving and had to eat anything in sight. Pam explained that she put extra-dense, fiber-laced cookies outside the models' dressing rooms, so the cookies would go right through the girls. Donna was repulsed. The studio audience began laughing again.

Pam said that she was the receptionist at Jackie M Designs. Donna hoped that Pam did more work at Jackie M than she had at Forrester. Pam said that Donna's biggest challenge at Forrester had been not to fall off of Donna's high heels. The studio audience was in hysterics. Donna and Pam began bickering, revealing silly secrets about each other. Donna said that it was time for a commercial.

After the commercial break, Donna asked Pam if Pam thought that Stephanie was at least partially responsible for Stephanie's downfall at Forrester. Pam said that Donna was responsible, and that Stephanie was all about class and style, while Donna was all about "underpants with a leopard print." As Pam tried to coax the cameraman into getting a close-up of Donna's underwear, the studio audience howled with delight. Donna ended the show, saying, "Join us tomorrow on The Catwalk."

As the show's theme music began to play, Pam acted as if she were a cat. She meowed and danced up and down the runway. The studio audience clapped and laughed as the show ended.

Justin and Jarrett walked up to Donna and Pam. Justin said that the show wasn't that bad. Jarrett added that once Donna hit her stride, the show went well. Pam wanted to know who she should talk to about getting paid for her appearance. Justin told Pam that she wouldn't be paid, as she hadn't been an invited guest. Donna admitted that Pam had been "semi-invited" when Donna became desperate after Stephanie left the studio.

Justin said that their guest budget only covered transportation, and that she would receive 60 dollars. Pam was thrilled with that amount -- she said she could bake a lot of brownies for 60 dollars. Jarrett said that Pam and Donna made a very good team. Donna looked horrified at the idea of co-hosting the show with Pam. Pam looked ecstatic.

At Jackie M Designs, Jackie told Owen that she hoped the day never arrived when he grew angry at Jackie because he had missed the chance to be a father. Owen explained that he had a head full of dreams, but only one life -- so he had to choose, and he chose Jackie.

As the couple began to kiss, Nick entered and asked the Knights if they had decided to go ahead with the plan to raise a child. Owen said that they had scrapped the idea. Nick was impressed with the way that the Knights were working on their problems. Jackie suggested that they go out that night and celebrate. Nick said that Bridget had an appointment with Dr. Caspary, her obstetrician-gynecologist. Jackie asked Nick if everything was all right.

Nick assured Jackie that Bridget was having a routine checkup, and getting some advice from the doctor. Jackie sent Owen out of the room to make reservations for that evening's celebration, and then asked Nick if Bridget was pregnant. Nick replied that, as far as he knew, Bridget wasn't pregnant.

Nick said that he had been the guy who wanted to have many children. He told Jackie that he and Bridget losing their baby was the hardest thing that the couple had to deal with. Nick said that Bridget wanted to erase that bad memory with a beautiful, healthy baby. Jackie wondered if Nick wanted that, too. Nick said that he was scared to death of Bridget becoming pregnant, since Bridget had almost died during a previous pregnancy.

Nick told Jackie that he didn't know what he would do if Bridget were eight or nine months into a pregnancy and the doctors told him that he had to make a choice between his baby and his wife. Nick revealed that Bridget was going to ask Dr. Caspary if the doctor thought that Bridget could carry a baby to term. As Nick left the office to pick up Bridget, he wondered aloud why someone would take the happiness that they had and risk it on happiness that was only hypothetical. Nick said that he wouldn't do that.

Bridget waited in an exam room, and Dr. Caspary entered. Dr. Caspary told Bridget that the lab results showed that Bridget was in perfect health. The doctor said that she would see Bridget the following year, unless there was something that Bridget wanted to talk about.

Bridget said that she felt more confident in herself and her marriage than she ever had before -- but that she couldn't help thinking that there was one thing that would make her and Nick's happiness even more perfect. Dr. Caspary asked how Jack was, and Bridget said that he was wonderful. Bridget told the doctor that she was perfectly happy raising Jack, but that Bridget couldn't help thinking about the child that she had lost. She asked the doctor if it would be all right if she stopped using her birth control pills and tried to conceive.

Nick arrived at the doctor's office to pick up Bridget. Bridget told Nick that the doctor had told her that she would probably never be able to carry a child to term. Nick asked Bridget to tell him exactly what Dr. Caspary had said. Bridget said that the doctor had told her that the odds of her having a successful pregnancy were "vanishingly low." Nick said that sounded like the most unambiguous message he had ever heard. Bridget rambled on about getting a second opinion. Nick reminded his wife that she had already had gotten fourth and fifth opinions.

Bridget asked Nick if she was just supposed to give up. When Nick said yes, Bridget became upset. Nick said that God didn't owe her a child. Bridget said that it sounded ugly when Nick put it like that. Nick said that it had broken their hearts when their baby, Nicole, had died, and that he didn't want to put another child through the pain that Nicole had been through. Nick reminded Bridget that she had almost died giving birth to Nicole, and that he wasn't going to have Bridget risk her life again.

Nick said that if Bridget had told him that she was going off the pill, he was going to have a vasectomy, and he wasn't going to tell her about it. Nick told Bridget that he loved what he had. He told Bridget that he loved her, and that he wanted to raise Jack with her. He said that he hoped that Bridget was happy with the life that she had. The couple embraced.

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