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Monday, November 16, 2009

The catering staff worked on the finishing touches for the Spencer/Logan wedding reception. Eric, seemingly deep in thought, stood alone on the balcony and looked out over the city. Donna arrived home and told Eric the wedding had been lovely and that she wished he had been able to make it. Donna did her best to persuade Eric to help her host the reception and to put on a happy front for the wedding guests.

Eric refused and said he was unable to stand at the door with a fake smile on his face and welcome Bill Spencer into his home. Donna was crushed. Ridge and Brooke arrived, and Donna advised them that Eric was having a hard time. Ridge was not surprised that Eric was unhappy about hosting the wedding reception of the man who stole his company.

Katie and Bill arrived, and Katie nearly skipped in, ready to party and oblivious of the tension in the room. Rick arrived from Paris and apologized that he had missed the ceremony; he blamed it on a flight delay. Katie forgave him and said she was happy he'd made it in time for "the fun part."

Jarrett arrived and commented on Bill's vows, adding that he was moved that Bill spoke from the heart. Rick asked how the ceremony had gone. Bill said he never would have believed a neighborhood park in Van Nuys would be a magical location, but it had been. Bill kissed Katie and said he would never doubt her again, as she giggled and grinned.

Bill asked Katie to excuse him, and Bill made a point of tracking down Eric outside. Bill thanked Eric for opening his home and hosting their reception. Eric coldly responded by telling Bill the reception had been Donna's idea, and Bill should thank her. Donna appeared and told the gentlemen it was time for the toasts; she asked Eric if he would join her. Bill anxiously awaited Eric's response. Eric walked into the room, but hung back from the other guests.

Donna got everyone's attention and then called up Justin, Bill's best man, to begin the toasts. Justin said that before Bill met Katie, it was widely assumed that Bill didn't have a heart. Justin added that after Bill and Katie's wedding, that rumor had been laid to rest. Justin added that Katie looked at Bill's heart and found gold.

Brooke was the next to toast Katie and Bill. Brooke said that she and Donna had always looked up to Katie in the same way she had looked up to them, and that they admired her boundless energy and beautiful soul. Brooke added that she wished Bill and Katie a lifetime of joy, and that they would always feel the love they felt on their wedding day.

A photographer snapped multiple poses of the happy couple, taking off the garter, cutting the cake, and in various romantic and playful poses.

Justin approached Donna and commented on the fact that Eric was being unsupportive. Donna made excuses for Eric and reminded Justin that Eric had just lost his company. Justin said even so, Eric should put that aside for one night and help Donna celebrate her sister's wedding. Justin said Donna had put her personal feelings aside to support Eric many times, and that Eric owed her the same in return.

Justin went to the corner where Eric was hiding. He told Eric that Spencer Publications valued Eric's work and they wished he'd get on board with things. Eric said he just hadn't felt very inspired to design lately and hoped it wasn't a permanent case of "designer block." Justin suggested that if Eric needed inspiration, he only needed to look at his wife, Donna, and watch her television show, because it was going to be a huge hit. Eric gave Justin a nasty look as Justin walked away.

Katie talked to her parents and they told her what a radiant bride Katie had been. Beth thanked Katie for getting their old car out of storage. Katie said that car held the history of their family. Katie reminded Beth of all the catered meals that had ridden in the back of the car, and expressed that she wanted to give her mother back a piece of the past. The two embraced.

Bill approached and reminded Katie it was time to get to the airport; he had the jet ready to take them on their honeymoon. Katie got everyone's attention and told them it was time for her and Bill to leave. She thanked her family and friends for their support and for sharing their special day. Katie also reminded everyone that she was only alive to have a wedding because of her brother, Storm. Bill added that for the first time in his life, he was part of a family, and added that it felt very good.

As Katie and Bill drove to the airport, she instructed Bill to pull over. Bill asked why, and Katie said it was a surprise. She took him to Pleasure Point, an overlook where they could see all of Los Angeles below. Katie suggested it was a good place to begin their honeymoon, and noted that Donna and Brooke had spent a lot of their youth in the make out spot. Bill chuckled and said he didn't doubt it. As the two kissed, Katie said it was right that two loners like them had become one, and added they were better together than they were apart.

As Katie unbuttoned Bill's shirt, she noticed his shark necklace was missing. He explained that the clasp must have broken and he had lost it someplace. He added that he wasn't worried about it, or about anything, and kissed her again.

Katie said Bill would take her to places that she had never imagined, and in return, she would give him something he had never had: a home, and unconditional love.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

by Pam

At Jackie M, Bridget and Nick worried about Sandy's procedure for the implantation. Bridget wanted to go to the hospital because she couldn't wait to hear about it. At her apartment, Sandy was giving herself a pep talk. She told herself that she needed to do something good with her life, and she recalled how much Nick and Bridget wanted a baby. Sandy convinced herself that she was doing something good.

At Jackie M, Jackie shared with Owen and Whip that she was thrilled to hear that she would be a grandmother again. Jackie and Owen explained to Whip that Bridget and Nick had found a surrogate to carry their child. Jackie and Owen talked about how similar Bridget and Sandy were, with shared passions about yoga and the ocean. Owen remarked that Sandy looked a lot like Bridget.

Whip wondered what had happened that Bridget and Nick couldn't have children. Jackie filled him in that that they had lost a baby girl at birth. Then, Bridget had suffered several miscarriages and had just discovered that she would never carry a baby to term. Jackie praised Owen for bringing up the idea of a surrogate for Jackie and Owen to have a baby. Owen smiled and said that it wasn't meant to be for them, but his research paid off for Bridget and Nick. Jackie excitedly talked about having a grandchild that would have Nick's grin and Bridget's beautiful eyes. She said that she was too excited to work and wanted to go to the hospital to celebrate with Nick and Bridget.

At the hospital, Nick, Bridget and Dr. Caspary nervously waited for Sandy. After a few minutes, Sandy arrived and Dr. Caspary explained that the procedure to implant the embryo would only take about 15 minutes, and they would find out if the embryo had successfully implanted within a few days. The doctor said that she did not use anesthesia, and she added that Sandy would feel some discomfort and pressure. Sandy looked frightened and asked if they were only depositing one fertilized egg. The doctor explained that only two of Bridget's eggs were successfully fertilized, and one egg had been frozen in case they needed it. Sandy grabbed Bridget's hand, but refused Nick's hand when he offered it. Instead, she asked Nick to stand outside the curtain. As Bridget encouraged Sandy and thanked her for helping them have a baby, Sandy smiled.

Bridget promised Sandy that their baby would know about Sandy's generosity in carrying the baby to term. Sandy looked nervous, but smiled when the procedure was over. Dr. Caspary encouraged Sandy to rest, and Nick entered and thanked everyone. Sandy said that she was confident that the procedure would work. She was looking forward to carrying the baby. Nick and Bridget left to let Sandy rest, but they returned later with a yoga magazine. Nick thanked Sandy again, and Bridget told Sandy to get some rest.

Outside the room, Whip, Jackie, and Owen arrived with flowers. They wanted to celebrate, and Nick told them that everything had gone well. They were leaving Sandy alone in order to let her rest, and he whisked everyone down the hall. Whip straggled behind, and peeked into the room. He saw Sandy, but called her by the name of Agnes and asked, "Aggie, what are you doing here?" Sandy stared at Whip, but said nothing.

At the television studio, Pam and Sergei wore cat ears to the set of The Catwalk and Donna didn't think it was funny. Justin entered and told Donna to lighten up a bit. He encouraged her, and suggested that because she was a professional, she could rise above the silliness. He added that the audience liked the arguing between Donna and Pam. He caressed Donna's arm as he spoke to her, and Stephanie watched disapprovingly from backstage.

Stephanie looked for Pam and shared the news that their mother was on her way to Los Angeles. Stephanie was worried about Ann making the trip from Chicago by herself, and curious about what their mother wanted. Stephanie told Pam to call their mother because Ann would be staying with Pam. After Pam left to make the call, Stephanie spoke to Donna. Stephanie asked why Donna continued to work on the show when Donna knew that it bothered Eric.

Stephanie warned Donna that it was inappropriate that Donna worked with Justin, who was Marcus' father. Stephanie worried that Donna was hurting Eric and he had been through enough. She told Donna that Eric was crying out for help. He hated the idea of Donna working so closely with Bill Spencer. Donna defended herself, but Stephanie warned that it appeared Donna enjoyed working for Bill and Justin more than any of the Logans or Forresters. She told Donna that Forrester was much more than a label, and she warned that Donna was not respecting Eric and his wishes. He had made many sacrifices to build Forrester.

Pam returned and told Stephanie that their mother was indeed on her way to Los Angeles and would arrive later that day. Neither of them could figure out why Ann would visit unannounced, but Pam worried that their mother wanted to drag Pam back to Chicago to take care of her. Stephanie tried to reassure Pam that their mother would not take a flight all alone to Los Angeles to drag Pam back home. But, the sisters wondered what their mother did want.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nick carried Bridget over their threshold to celebrate the conception. Bridget said he was confusing customs, but Nick suggested that she enjoy the ride. He carried her into the bedroom to show her a gift that he'd gotten her. Later, Bridget modeled her new pink, plaid pajama set. Nick said it was what mothers wore. He tossed her onto the bed, smothering her with kisses.

Bridget and Nick discussed Sandy's demeanor at the insemination. Nick wondered if Bridget had noticed that Sandy had pulled away when he'd tried to hold her hand. Bridget asked Nick not to take it badly, because Sandy was a woman going through a womanly thing.

After the couple made love, Nick gave Bridget another gift. It was a baby calendar. "To mark off the days," Nick cheerfully said. He gave her a pen with a bow on it, saying that they could start with that day, even though things weren't official. Bridget tossed the pen aside, stating that she didn't want to jinx it. They kissed, believing it would happen.

At the hospital, Whip was shocked to see his cousin Agnes in the surrogate's room. Sandy seemed displeased by his arrival, and Whip wondered why. He said that she'd dropped out of sight, and hadn't returned his phone calls. He recalled that they used to be close when he'd worked at Forrester, and she'd bartended at the Breeze. "Agnes..." Whip said. Sandy demanded that he call her by her new name. Whip wondered why she'd changed her name to Sandy, and asked what it had to do with her carrying a baby for his boss.

Just then, Jackie and Owen entered. Whip pretended that he'd just met Sandy, and remarked that she had an interesting past. Whip noted that Sandy and he had a lot in common, and prompted Sandy to agree. Jackie expressed her gratefulness for Sandy's sacrifice, and said that Sandy had become a member of the family.

After Jackie and Owen left, Whip pressed Sandy to tell him why she'd disappeared and what she was doing back in L.A. as a surrogate for his boss. Sandy said that the Marones had chosen her out of a pool of surrogates. She insisted that she was there to help them, not take advantage of them. A tearful Sandy hoped that she was pregnant, and asked what could be more beautiful for them or for her.

On the set of The Catwalk, Stephanie hurried Pam through an autograph signing. Ann called Stephanie to announce that her plane had landed. Not wishing to impose on her daughters, Ann opted to take a taxi from the airport. Stephanie insisted upon picking Ann up, but Ann mysteriously said that she needed to do something, and she'd call her daughters later.

Ann took a cab to Paradise Cove. She told the driver that she'd been there once with her daughters, and it had been one of the most special days of her life. Ann strained to exit the car, and the driver thought that she was a little frail for her outing. She paid the driver, and headed to the pier.

After enjoying the view, Ann called Stephanie, and said that she'd made it to paradise. Stephanie wondered if Ann had been drinking. Ann reminded Stephanie that Pam and she had taken Ann to the pier the last time Ann had been in L.A. for Christmas. Ann said that she was anxious to see her girls, and they agreed to meet her. After the call ended, Ann pulled a bottle of prescription pills from her purse, and emptied it into the water.

When Pam and Stephanie arrived, they spotted Ann at a table, wearing red. "She hates red," Pam stated. Ann appeared to be sleeping when they greeted her. Ann popped her eyes open, dazed, but happy to see them. Stephanie took Ann's hands, and asked what was going on.

Ann explained that she'd left Chicago for the most beautiful place she'd ever seen in her life. She realized that she'd been a constant nag during her first visit to L.A., but she'd been transformed the moment that she'd stepped onto the pier. She said that it was as close to heaven as she could think of. Stephanie asked where her bags were, and Ann replied that she had everything she needed in her purse.

Pam seemed confused by Ann, and flabbergasted to see her wearing red. Ann explained that she'd sworn off red because their grandmother had always made her wear it; however, Ann had decided that her mother would want to see her in it. Pam remarked that their grandmother had been dead for thirty years. "I'm dying," Ann replied.

Pam stated that Ann had been saying that all of their lives. Ann revealed that it was true that time. Ann felt that her end was near, and she wanted to spend the last of her time with her daughters in that place. Ann took their hands, and hummed. Pam and Stephanie looked upset and grim.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

by Pam

In Bill's private plane, Katie called Brooke to see how things were going at Forrester. Brooke assured her sister that everything was fine. Katie told Brooke that she had no idea where her husband was taking her on their honeymoon. As she talked to Brooke, Bill entered and kissed Katie until she put down the phone. Brooke continued to tell Katie what was going on at Forrester until she realized that she had lost Katie.

Ridge entered after Brooke hung up the phone. He kissed her and told her that he was glad they were alone in Katie's office. He became amorous, but Steffy and Donna knocked on the door and led in models. The models were wearing some of Ridge's new designs, and Brooke, Donna, and Steffy complimented the dresses. Donna commented that one of the designs reminded her of Hepburn. Ridge checked out the fittings and told the models to report to the sewing room, because he wanted to see a few of the designs taken in and changed slightly. Steffy and Donna told Ridge that the designs were some of his best work.

The group wondered what Jackie M was going to do to respond to Forrester's new line, but Ridge downplayed their campaign. He said the Adam and Eve campaign was very similar to the cougar idea they had already used. He thought that Jackie M had spent too much time trying to sell sex rather than the appeal of the clothing.

Brooke remarked that at Forrester, they all worked for Bill Spencer, but the campaign was a tribute to a father and daughter success. Steffy had come up with the campaign on old Hollywood glamour and Ridge had designed glamorous dresses that fit the creative idea. Steffy hugged her dad. Steffy defended Bill and said that he had been very supportive of her ideas. She said that she believed the campaign would put Forrester back on top.

On the plane, Bill and Katie had finished lovemaking and teased one another about lovemaking in the air. Katie offered her husband a martini and he thanked her, but said that it wasn't for the martini. He called her Mrs. Spencer and thanked her for choosing to marry him. Katie asked if Bill had any regrets, and he said that his only regret was that he didn't marry her sooner. He added that he realized he had put her in an awkward position with her family when he made her CEO of Forrester and asked her to marry him.

He admitted that he feared her sisters would turn her against him, and he could have lost her forever. He said that Katie had proven that she could do it all and keep everyone happy. Katie said that she felt she could do anything as long as she had him by her side. She told her husband that they had a love that no one would understand. She said that she believed they knew each other better than anyone had ever known either one of them. Bill agreed and they kissed.

At a table on the beach, Ann, Stephanie, and Pam held hands while Ann told her daughters that she was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and had little time left to live. She told her daughters that she loved the beach. The smell and the sounds of the ocean were some of the things that made her happiest. The girls teared up, and insisted that they could take her to doctors who would help her fight the disease. Ann refused to become a pincushion and lab experiment. She said that she was willing to accept her fate, and she insisted that her daughters promise that they would nor force her to spend her last days in a hospital. Pam argued at first, but then agreed after Ann insisted it was her dying wish to stay away from hospitals.

Stephanie and Pam agreed, and Ann told them that they needed to return her to the airport because her flight left in a few hours. Stephanie refused, and insisted that they wanted to take care of Ann. Stephanie told Pam that they would take Ann to Taylor's. Ann argued, but finally agreed to spend her last days in Los Angeles with her daughters. The trio left the beach, and Ann seemed very frail. Ann winced in pain as they walked toward the car and away from the beach. She stumbled in pain as Pam called out to her mother in panic.

At Forrester, Brooke wondered what the staff at Jackie M was planning, and Donna said that Stephanie would have plenty to say about the Adam an Eve campaign, but she was busy because her mother was in town, so her input would be limited. Donna left, and Brooke and Ridge discussed Stephanie's complicated relationship with her mother. Brooke said that Stephanie and Ann had to spend some time mending their relationship. Brooke admitted that she knew Stephanie always protected her own children with tenacity because no one had protected her as a young girl when her father abused her. Ridge said that Stephanie's childhood explained a lot about who Stephanie had become.

At home, Eric was working on some paperwork when Donna entered. She asked what he was working on, and he answered that when it was finished, she would be the first to know. She sat on his lap and they snuggled. Donna shared that she had heard Stephanie's mother was in town. Eric became thoughtful and told Donna about Stephanie's past as an abused child. He explained that her father physically punished Stephanie when she was young. Donna softened and said that she felt sorry for Stephanie because she had spent her youth in fear of her father.

Eric explained that Stephanie and Ann had repaired their relationship years before when Ann stayed with the family. He recalled that Stephanie had taken Ann and Pam to the beach to spend some time together, and Ann had returned to the house as a much happier person. Eric said that Stephanie had forgiven Ann for not protecting her daughter when she was young. He said that it had been a very telling emotional moment for the mother and daughter. He reminisced about his time with Stephanie and Ann, and wondered what Ann was planning since she had returned.

Friday, November 20, 2009

At Paradise Cove, Stephanie insisted that Ann stay at Taylor's. As Stephanie, Ann, and Pam began walking to the car, Ann doubled over in pain. Ann insisted that she was fine, and the three women sat down on a bench. Pam asked Ann if she had any pain medication. Ann said that she had taken it all. Stephanie asked her mother how she thought she was going to manage her pain while in Los Angeles. Ann asked if Stephanie could get her some medical marijuana.

At Taylor's, Taylor told Steffy that she didn't know what Ann's plans were, or how long she would be staying. Steffy said that she could make lamb for dinner -- but wondered if Ann was a vegetarian. Taylor said that she didn't know Ann that well. Steffy told Taylor that she was going to return to work, where she would ask Ridge to join them for dinner.

Stephanie called Taylor to inform her that Ann had arrived and had suffered some sort of attack. Stephanie said that she wanted to drive Ann to Taylor's house, put her in the guest room, and have Taylor take a look at Ann. Taylor said that was fine.

In the guest room at Taylor's, Ann told Taylor that she didn't want to be any trouble -- then sternly told Pam to adjust the blinds. Stephanie insisted that Ann, who was sitting on the side of the bed, lie down and close her eyes. When Ann refused, Stephanie lifted her mother's legs and forced her to lie down. Taylor asked Ann what medications she had been taking in Chicago. Ann said that the medications made her sick to her stomach. Stephanie asked Ann how she knew that her medications, as opposed to her cancer, made Ann sick to her stomach. Ann snapped, "Because I know!"

Taylor told Ann that she was going to the pharmacy to prescribe the top-of-the-line pain medication. Stephanie, clearly wanting a break from her mother, immediately said that she would drive Taylor to the pharmacy. When Stephanie asked Pam if Pam and Ann would be okay, Pam said that it would be just like old times.

In the hallway outside Ann's room, Taylor told Stephanie that Ann should be in a hospital. Stephanie said that her mother didn't want to go to a hospital, and had made Pam and Stephanie promise not to take her to one. Taylor said that considering Ann's age and disease, she probably didn't have a lot of time left. When Taylor told Stephanie that she was sorry, Stephanie said that it wasn't as if she and Ann were close.

At Forrester, Steffy ran into Brooke. Steffy said that she was looking for Ridge to invite him for dinner, because Ann was in town. Brooke said that a surprise visit from Ann was very unusual, and asked Steffy if she had any further information on why Ann had flown to Los Angeles. Steffy said that she didn't, but told Brooke that she hoped that Ridge could join Stephanie, Pam, Taylor, Ann, and herself for dinner. Steffy was surprised when Brooke said the dinner was a good idea, and that it was important to maintain family connections.

Later, Steffy stopped by Brooke's office to find out whether Brooke had heard from Ridge. Brooke hadn't, and said that Stephanie's relationship with Ann was complicated. Brooke hoped that Ann and Stephanie could get past some of the hurts of their past.

Back at Taylor's, Pam looked at Ann's nails and was surprised that Ann hadn't been polishing them. Pam had nail polish in her purse, and she began doing her mother's nails. Ann said that Pam looked the same as the last time Ann had seen her. Ann remembered that Pam had gone to Los Angeles because she was looking for something -- possibly a man, and asked Pam if she had found one. A teary-eyed Pam said that she preferred to be on her own and live a low-key life.

Ann said that Pam had wasted her youth taking care of her mother, and that Pam had a right to resent her. Pam said that if she had been in Chicago, perhaps Ann's cancer might have been caught before it became terminal. Ann said that Pam's presence wouldn't have made any difference. Ann suddenly began screaming in pain.

As Ann continued to scream, Pam called Stephanie, who was with Taylor at the pharmacy. Stephanie's phone was on vibrate and she missed Pam's call. The pharmacist was concerned that Taylor, a psychiatrist, was prescribing a potent narcotic -- fentanyl. Taylor admitted that fentanyl wasn't a drug that she usually prescribed. When the pharmacist questioned why the patient's home address was the same as Taylor's, Stephanie said that the patient was her mother, who was dying of cancer, and asked if it would help if the pharmacist spoke to Ann's doctor in Chicago. The pharmacist seemed happy with that solution, as she would also be able to get Ann's Medicare information.

Back at Taylor's, Ann continued to cry out in pain. Pam, not knowing what to do, became hysterical. Pam ended up calling 9-1-1 for an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived, they gave Ann morphine for the pain. One of the paramedics said that it appeared as if Ann was suffering from a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism, unrelated to her cancer. The paramedic told Pam that Ann would need to be transported to the hospital immediately.

Pam begged the paramedic not to take Ann to the hospital. The paramedic insisted that they transport Ann so that the doctors could treat the embolism. After the paramedics took Ann, Pam remembered Ann's revelation that she was terminally ill, as well as Ann's wish not to go to a hospital.

Taylor and Stephanie returned from the pharmacy. Stephanie went upstairs to see how Ann was doing. Stephanie found a despondent Pam, who said, "You didn't answer your phone." Stephanie asked what had happened -- then opened the door to the guest room, where she saw the empty bed. Pam told Stephanie that their mother had a clot in her lungs, and the paramedics had promised that it could be fixed. When Stephanie learned that Pam had called an ambulance, she became irate and asked Pam why she hadn't honored Ann's wish.

Taylor, Pam, and Stephanie rushed to the hospital. An emergency room doctor approached them to discuss Ann's condition. Stephanie said that Ann's being at the hospital was a terrible mistake. When Stephanie told the doctor that Ann had stage I.V. pancreatic cancer, the doctor said that she already knew that, and that Ann's medical records had been electronically sent to the hospital. Stephanie asked if there was anything in Ann's records that indicated that Ann didn't want to be hospitalized.

The doctor said that the records contained an advanced directive and a do not resuscitate order. Stephanie assumed that meant that they could take Ann home. The doctor said that Ann was being hospitalized for a possible pulmonary embolism -- not for cancer treatment. Stephanie said that Ann didn't want to be hospitalized under any circumstances. The doctor said that releasing Ann was out of the question, adding that they could treat the embolism and release Ann in a few days.

Steffy went home and was surprised that no one was there. She opened the door to the guest room and saw evidence that paramedics had been there.

An unconscious Ann was hooked up to IVs and monitors. Crying, Pam hoped that Ann might get better. Stephanie told her sister that Ann was not going to get better. When Pam said that they had to do what the doctors told them, Stephanie disagreed, saying that they had to do what their consciences told them. Ann slowly regained consciousness and was furious that she was in a hospital. Stephanie said that Ann's being in the hospital was a mistake. Ann begged her daughters not to let her die there. Stephanie told Ann that the doctor refused to release Ann. Ann looked at Stephanie and said, "Get me out."

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