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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 23, 2009 on B&B
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Dr. Freeman gave Stephanie and Pam upsetting news about their mother. The situation got heated when Stephanie and Pam did not see eye-to-eye regarding Ann. Dr. Freeman threatened to get lawyers involved. Taylor and Steffy made preparations for Ann's return, assuming Stephanie would get her way. Pam learned that she had the upper hand in the situation and officially held Ann's medical power of attorney. Pam tried to use her newfound power to her advantage. Separately, both sisters had discussions with Ann about the past, revisited childhood memories, and attempted to heal long-standing emotional wounds. Later, Ann got worse. Stephanie and Pam took her to Paradise Cove to pass away.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

by Pam

At Bill's office, Donna and Brooke surprised Bill and Katie with banners that welcomed them home from their honeymoon. Katie gushed that the honeymoon was wonderful from the private plane to the private retreat where she and Bill enjoyed time alone together with tropical delights like mangoes for breakfast.

Donna and Brooke told Bill that they had their doubts about him, but that he had certainly proven them wrong, and he proved that he really loved Katie. After they chatted, Bill suggested it was time to get to work. Katie joked that the honeymoon was over, but Bill promised her that it would never end. He reminded Donna that she had to tape a segment for The Catwalk.

Donna said that she thought the taping had been cancelled because Pam's mother had died. Pam was unavailable for the taping. Bill told her that Justin had to get the show done so she needed to go to the studio. Donna argued that she had plans with her husband. Bill told her she would have to change her plans because the show was scheduled for taping and it couldn't be changed.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric, Felicia, Ridge and Thorne welcomed Stephanie after her mother passed away. Stephanie shared that they had scattered her mother's ashes at Paradise Cove as she had wanted. She added that she and Pam had made peace with their mother. The kids regretted that they had not known Ann well, but Stephanie said that was the way she wanted it. Stephanie announced that she was going to Big Bear to get away by herself for a few days.

Felicia pointed out that most abused children become abusers as adults, but Stephanie had broken the cycle and had never laid a hand on any of her kids. The kids praised Stephanie as a mother, and she smiled. Stephanie thanked Eric for bringing Ann to Los Angeles a few years ago for the holidays when Stephanie had been against having Ann come for a visit. That was a time that had started the healing, Stephanie said. She added that her mother appeared very peaceful when she passed away. Stephanie announced that she was going to Big Bear to get away by herself for a few days.

The family enjoyed lunch together and talked about old times. Eric prepared to leave because he had a date with Donna, but his phone rang and Donna called to tell him that she could not join him. She explained that she thought that her taping for The Catwalk had been cancelled, but Bill insisted that she had to get the show done. Eric told Donna that he wanted to talk to Bill, but Donna said that she couldn't do that. She promised Eric that she would make it up to him later. Eric's family noted that he was clearly agitated.

Ridge, Thorne and Felicia added that Donna was not making Eric happy. Eric warned them that he did not want to discuss his marriage with them, but that didn't stop the insults. All three kids chimed in to remind Eric that Donna was working too closely with Bill Spencer and Justin and that it was disrespectful to Eric. Thorne reminded his parents that they belonged together.

At Spencer Publications, Bill ran into Jarrett and asked him if he had found his sword necklace. Jarrett said that he had not found it, and he had looked everywhere at Bill's home, in his office, all the places Bill had suggested and even in his car. He asked Bill if he had gone somewhere else that he may have left it. Bill appeared to remember something, and Jarrett noted that he must have remembered where he left it, but Bill denied it. Bill stared at Katie, Donna and Brooke laughing and talking in his office. Bill looked pensive.

At Taylor's house, Steffy and Taylor agreed that Ann's peaceful death at the beach was still very hard on Stephanie. Steffy wanted to cheer her grandmother up and suggested that Taylor and Steffy redecorate Stephanie's room at Taylor's house. Taylor told her daughter that it was a thoughtful gesture, but Stephanie would only truly feel at home in one place Eric's house. Taylor said that Stephanie was what Steffy would call "old school."

She had married Eric for life, and she would go back to him if he asked her. Steffy couldn't believe that after all her grandfather had done that Stephanie would forgive him. Taylor said that Stephanie truly married for love that would last forever and she would never give up on her husband. Steffy said that she knew someone just like that, but Taylor said that she knew Ridge was perfectly happy with Brooke and she had accepted it. Steffy told her mother that she needed to prove it and move on. She insisted that her mother was beautiful and smart and had a lot to offer. She needed some romance in her life.

Taylor left the room, and Steffy reminisced about kissing Bill and then shook her head that she couldn't get it out of her mind. Taylor returned with tea for both of them only to find her daughter deep in thought. She asked what she was thinking about and if she needed to talk about something. Steffy covered by saying she was thinking about how Taylor needed to take the first step toward meeting a new man. Steffy suggested Internet dating. Taylor refused, but Steffy perisisted and said that she would build and an online profile for Taylor.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stephanie arrived at Big Bear, and thanked God that she'd finally found peace and quiet. After she made a fire, the front door opened, and Eric entered. Before she could speak, he said he knew that she'd wanted to be alone, but she shouldn't be. Eric suggested that she pout about it while he made martinis. Stephanie dismally asked him to make hers a double.

Over drinks, Stephanie said she could have held a grudge against Ann until the end, but she was glad that she hadn't. Stephanie sensed that all of her anger and pain had dissipated with both of her parents' deaths. She felt like the old Stephanie Douglas again. "Forrester," Eric corrected. "Douglas," Stephanie insisted, adding that she was her own person.

Stephanie wondered where Eric would be had Donna not been working, and Eric guessed the opera. "In our opera seats!" Stephanie quipped, and the two laughed. Eric stated that if Stephanie had really wanted to be alone, she wouldn't have said where she was headed. He figured that she'd wanted him to follow her. Stephanie guessed that was his justification for stalking her, and they chuckled. They both admitted that they were glad that he'd arrived.

Stephanie remarked that the family hardly used Big Bear anymore. She recalled fearing whom she'd find frolicking naked on the bear rug. Eric said that it had once been Stephanie and him. Eric went to the kitchen, and Stephanie sat on the couch. "Ouch!" she hollered, jumping up with a start. Eric ran back in as she pulled Bill's sword necklace from the sofa cushions.

At home, Steffy talked Taylor into trying online dating. They logged onto the Internet, and Taylor seemed uncomfortable as Steffy cooed that Taylor had found a 90% match. Taylor griped that he didn't have a picture. Steffy said that Taylor's profile didn't have one, either. The person sent Taylor an instant message, and Taylor seemed clueless at how to proceed. Steffy left the house, encouraging Taylor to just talk to the guy

The man wrote that Taylor and he were both in the medical profession, and seemed to have a lot in common. He asked her to meet for coffee at Insomnia. Taylor immediately typed, "No," but upon recalling Steffy wondering how Taylor would meet someone new, Taylor backspaced, and typed, "Yes." The man asked if she could meet right then, and Taylor agreed.

Later, at Insomnia, Taylor glanced around for a man wearing a beige leisure suit. She called herself crazy for driving across town to meet a stranger. As she skirted to the door, she bumped into a man in a beige suit. She recognized him, and seemed floored that he was her date.

In Bill's office, Bill seemed deep in thought when Jarrett arrived with the latest installment. Jarrett asked if Bill had found his necklace, but Bill replied that it hadn't turned up yet. Jarrett left as Katie waltzed in. She climbed on her husband's lap, and they kissed. Bill invited her to accompany him to The Catwalk taping.

On the set of The Catwalk, Justin thanked Marcus for being there to support Donna, since Eric wasn't. Donna entered, and Justin told her that Pam was ready to return to work. Justin and Marcus went to the control room, and a frazzled Pam entered. Donna offered her condolences for Ann 's death. Donna said that Pam didn't have to host that day, but Pam figured that "the show must go on." She joked that her fans didn't tune in for Donna.

When Justin returned with Whip, the day's guest, Pam said she'd shown up so that Whip wouldn't be in the lion's den alone. Whip seemed puzzled, and Justin explained that the day's show would pit Forrester against Jackie M. Whip grimaced.

Donna started the show, introducing her guests, Whip Jones and Steffy Forrester, the heads of the promotional departments for the competing fashion houses, Jackie M and Forrester Creations. Donna commended Steffy on her job, and asked if Whip worried about the competition. Whip said that so far, Steffy hadn't generated anything but talk.

Donna imagined that Jackie M's "Adam and Eve" campaign would drip with sexuality, and Steffy commented that Forrester had one image to uphold while Jackie M had "another." Donna asked if Whip had designed his campaign to stir up controversy. Whip remarked that it wasn't a stunt, because a stunt would be challenging Steffy to a showdown on that very show.

Pam called it a fabulous idea, and Donna told the audience that Whip had just thrown down the gauntlet. Steffy whispered to Whip, asking if he were serious. "Welcome to the big leagues," he murmured back. Steffy replied that she'd put her campaign up against anybody's at any time. Bill and Katie entered, asking Justin what was happening. Justin replied that Steffy was either the most confident woman in the world, or the most reckless.

After the show, Steffy worried to Donna that she'd been too impulsive. Donna advised Steffy to keep doing what she was doing, because she'd made an impression on Bill. Donna walked off, and Bill approached, saying that Steffy was full of surprises.

Katie congratulated Donna on turning Whip's curve ball into a "stay tuned" moment. Katie said Steffy had handled herself well, and Donna responded that Steffy could use some encouragement. Katie noted that Bill was already talking to Steffy. Donna wondered why Steffy looked tense, and Katie joked that Bill could be intimidating at times.

Steffy worried to Bill that she'd acted too impulsively. Bill suspected that her impulse would send the ratings through the roof. Relieved that Bill approved, Steffy congratulated him on his wedding, and said that he was a lucky man. Bill corrected that he was a very lucky man. "You're both," Steffy uttered, walking away.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS did not air any original episodes in today's daytime line-up. This programming change was planned for and there will be no lost episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 30 and pick up where the November 25 episode left off.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 30 and pick up where Wednesday, November 25's episode concluded.

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