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Monday, November 30, 2009

At Forrester, Brooke welcomed Rick back from Paris. He grabbed paperwork from Eric's desk, murmuring that he was too busy to wait around for Stephanie, who'd asked to meet him there. He left the office, asking Brooke not to tell Stephanie that he'd been there.

Driving home from Big Bear, Stephanie winced. She held up Bill's necklace, and recalled how it had poked her. When she arrived at Forrester, she and Brooke discussed Ann's passing, and Stephanie thanked Brooke for the flowers and sympathy. Stephanie said she'd wanted to ask Rick to at least call before going to Big Bear. Stephanie showed Brooke the sharp sword necklace, saying that she'd sat on it while she'd been at the cabin.

Brooke studied the necklace, and stated that it didn't look like something that Rick would wear. "Then one of his girlfriends. He's been known to take a few of them up there, you know. Have a little hootchy-kootchy!" Stephanie said in a rising tone. Stephanie left, requesting that Brooke have Rick call before he used the cabin.

Later, Rick returned looking for a file. Brooke showed him the necklace, but he said it wasn't his. He conveyed that he hadn't been to the cabin in months, and the necklace wasn't his style. Rick left, and Brooke pondered the necklace. She recalled seeing Bill wear it, and wondered to herself why his necklace would be at Big Bear.

In Bill's office, Katie and Bill made out in his chair. Katie thought their life was perfect, from the wedding in the park to the honeymoon on a private island. She was surprised at how well he'd adjusted to married life. As she plied him with kisses, she said he was the perfect, loving and supportive husband, and he was all hers.

As the couple worked, Bill noted that sales had risen since Katie had taken over Forrester. Katie seemed reluctant to take all the credit. She lauded Steffy for dreaming up the campaign and Bill for recognizing Steffy's potential. Katie thought that Steffy's "Hollywood Glamour" campaign would unite the Forresters, the Logans, and the Spencers. Katie wondered what other surprises Steffy had in store for them.

Later, Bill sat alone in his office, recalling the kiss at Big Bear. Brooke entered, and Bill said that he didn't need another talk about keeping Katie happy, because it was his life's mission. Brooke casually commented upon taking quick getaways to relieve stress. She wondered if he knew about the Forresters' cabin. Bill pretended to have never been there before.

Brooke turned to leave, but then said she'd forgotten something. She held up the necklace. Bill readily recognized it as his one-of-a-kind jewelry, and asked where she'd gotten it. Brooke replied that it had been at Big Bear. She asked why he'd lied to her, and wondered what he'd been doing up at the cabin.

Thomas entered the living room as Steffy recalled kissing Bill. Thomas wondered why their mother would Internet date when she had a fulfilling life with her kids and Stephanie. Steffy hardly considered kids and an ex-mother-in-law fulfilling. Thomas and Steffy agreed that Ridge wasn't an option for Taylor, because he was too hung up on Brooke. Thomas worried about Taylor being out with a stranger, but Steffy hoped it'd be a perfect match.

Thomas expressed surprise that Steffy had time to set up an Internet match for Taylor after Steffy's appearance on The Catwalk. Steffy showed Thomas digital pictures from her "Hollywood Glamour" campaign, explaining that Whip had started an I nternet voting war to determine whose marketing campaign was better, his or hers.

At Insomnia, Taylor saw Carl Ferrett grinning at her, and she sighed, guessing that he was her date. He said it was a small world. "Real small," Taylor disappointedly replied. Carl hoped that she could get past the lab incident, because he hadn't been the one who'd implanted her with Brooke Logan's eggs. Carl suggested that, since they were a 90% match, they should at least have coffee. Taylor retorted that the matching had been a computer glitch. When Carl turned to order from the bar, Taylor slipped out of the restaurant.

Once Taylor arrived home, Steffy asked if she'd had fun. "It was more fun-ny than fun," Taylor remarked. Taylor explained that her date had been Carl Ferret, the one involved in the egg disaster. Thomas and Steffy laughed, and Steffy hoped that Taylor hadn't been frightened away from online dating. Taylor said she'd ask for a picture next time--if there was a next time.

Stephanie entered, and Taylor asked about her trip. Stephanie said the drive back had been uncomfortable, because a necklace had stabbed her in the buttocks. Stephanie explained that Eric had pursued her to the cabin to remind her that she needed her family. Thomas, Steffy, and Taylor encouraged Stephanie to lean on them, and Taylor remarked that no one needed Internet dating when they had everything they needed at home.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

by Pam

In Bill's office, Brooke had trapped Bill in a lie about never having gone to Big Bear. Brooke insisted that Bill had to tell her the truth. Brooke interrogated Bill about why he was at Big Bear and with whom. Bill came clean and told Brooke about the innocent kiss that Steffy planted on him after he told her about her promotion. Bill explained that it was nothing, but Steffy was distraught about it. Brooke was incredulous that Bill would be so foolish as to drive all the way to Big Bear to meet with Steffy. Brooke also quizzed Bill on how the necklace fell off, and he explained that it was a loose clasp.

Brooke wondered why Bill didn't tell Katie about the innocent kiss if it meant nothing, but Bill said it was better left alone. He added that he did nothing to encourage Steffy. He said that Steffy was worried about what would happen if people found out and Bill didn't want anything to upset Katie. Brooke disagreed. She felt that Bill should have been honest with Katie. She threatened to talk to Steffy and Katie. Bill warned her that it was all insignificant and that she should leave it alone. Brooke told Bill that he had better be telling the truth, because she had her doubts about him.

In Katie's office, Steffy presented Katie with a wedding gift. Katie was impressed and grateful as she opened a framed picture of Katie and Bill on their wedding day. Steffy gushed that she knew Bill and Katie would be very happy. Katie told Steffy that she understood that Steffy was having a difficult time with relationships. Katie suggested that one day Steffy would meet a man who would love her as much as Bill loved Katie. After Steffy left, Katie reminded herself that she was Mrs. Bill Spencer.

Steffy sat in Ridge's office and was recalling her kiss with Bill; Marcus entered and said that he had documents for Ridge. He and Steffy chatted, and Marcus congratulated her on her promotion and her great idea for the fashion challenge on The Catwalk. Steffy downplayed her contributions and said that her spontaneity often got her into trouble. Marcus wondered if she was all right, but Steffy covered and said that she was fine. Marcus asked if Bill had been treating her all right, and she replied that he had a lot of faith in her.

Marcus talked about the wedding, and Steffy seemed interested that Bill was married in a park. She quizzed Marcus about how Bill had acted. Marcus seemed surprised and wondered what Steffy was getting at, but she tried to explain that it was out of character for Bill to get married in a park in a residential neighborhood. Marcus thought it was odd that Steffy was so interested.

At Jackie M, during the Adam and Eve photo shoot, Sandy visited, and Whip caught her alone and greeted her as Aggie. She reminded him that she had changed her name, and he needed to respect that she was no longer Aggie. He recalled that they had been so close as cousins, and he wondered what she was doing with Bridget and Nick. She told him that she didn't want to blow her chances with Nick and Bridget. She wanted to help them have a baby, and she didn't want them to question her past.

During the photo shoot, Owen wore a fig leaf, and he and Jackie shared an apple in some sexy scenes. Nick and Bridget questioned if Jackie M would ever present an ad campaign in which Owen would have some clothing on. Bridget introduced everyone to Sandy. Bridget, Nick, and Sandy discussed that the fabrics were environmentally friendly fabrics. Bridget offered to design some maternity apparel for Sandy, and they offered her some clothing to take with her, but she said it was unnecessary.

As the photographer started shooting again, Sandy freaked out with the sounds of the camera shutter and the flashing lights. She quickly told Nick and Bridget that she had to leave. When she entered the elevator, she relived the flashing lights and shutter sounds and started to shake and cry as she sat down on the floor of the elevator.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brooke lay in bed with a sleeping Ridge, recalling the conversation she'd had with Bill. Ridge stirred, and noted that she'd seemed preoccupied all night. Ridge wondered if Bill Spencer had done something, and remarked that he still didn't trust that guy. While Brooke didn't believe that Bill would intentionally misstep, she agreed that he was hard to trust.

Brooke asked if Ridge had spoken to Steffy, and he commented that his daughter was too busy with work to be bothered with her old man. Ridge expressed pride in his daughter, who he felt had made the most of Bill and Katie's faith in her. Ridge seemed curious when Brooke commented that Steffy needed her father more than ever.

Ridge took a call from Stephanie, who gave him a message for Brooke. Brooke already knew what Stephanie wanted. "I know; she wants me to make Rick understand that he's not to use the Big Bear cabin as a love nest," Brooke said. Ridge replied that Stephanie hadn't appreciated being poked by Rick's necklace, which had been between the sofa cushions. As Ridge went to take a shower, Brooke wondered what Bill had really been up to.

At Bill's office, Bill studied his necklace, and Katie entered, playfully perturbed that he'd let her oversleep that morning. As they kissed, she said she could forgive him anything. She saw his bare neck, and assured him that his necklace would turn up. The couple kissed, and Bill locked the door. Katie wondered what her excuse would be for being even later to work.

After Bill and Katie had quickie sex, Brooke knocked on the door. Katie unlocked it, let Brooke in, and gaily exited. Brooke demanded that Bill tell her the truth about what had happened at the cabin. Bill warned that Brooke was trying his patience, but she insisted that he tell her how his necklace had wound up in the sofa cushions. "I sat on the couch, and that's where it fell off?" he guessed with a shrug.

A disbelieving Brooke imagined that a romantic seduction had occurred on the couch. She threatened to press Steffy for the truth, if Bill didn't spill it. At Bill's silence, Brooke marched toward the door. "Wait. All right, I'll tell you what happened," Bill finally said.

Steffy and Rick encountered each other in Eric's office. Rick said that he'd never stopped caring for her, and hoped that she'd find a relationship as fulfilling as Katie and Bill's. Steffy expressed her eagerness to make Bill and Katie proud. Rick said that Steffy was Katie's golden girl. Steffy wondered if Rick had ever wanted to go back in time and redo something. He replied that he felt that way all the time, but he'd learned that one couldn't change the past.

Later, Rick ended a phone call with a woman when Ridge entered, asking if it were the same woman that Rick had taken to Big Bear. Rick claimed that he hadn't been to the cabin in months, adding that the woman caller worked with a charity that Rick was involved in. Ridge snickered at Rick's volunteerism, and Rick said that he was working hard to make himself a better person. As Rick left, Ridge stated that he should have given Rick credit about the cabin, because it was certainly possible that Stephanie had been wrong. Rick chuckled, and walked out.

Steffy entered later, and Ridge asked if she had time to talk. She claimed to be swamped, so he said he'd cut to the good stuff. "Are you seeing anyone?" he asked. Steffy said that she wasn't, and as the two hugged, Ridge stated that he was there if she needed to talk.

Sandy washed her face in a cruddy sink, and shuddered as she recalled the flashing cameras from the photo shoot. Whip arrived, and she pulled the door open against its security chain, asking how he'd found her. A worried Whip implored her to let him in. She released the chain, and let him in, reminding him that their family relation was a secret.

Whip wondered why she'd run out on the photo shoot, citing that she'd once loved that kind of stuff. Sandy wouldn't get into it, and Whip noticed a candy bar on the table. He said she should eat healthier, because the baby was important to Nick and Bridget. Sandy swore that the candy was old, and Whip asked why she really wanted to be a surrogate.

An evasive Sandy showed Whip to the door, and asked him to leave. On her threshold, he recalled that they'd used to lunch together all the time, and he'd been trying to get her hired at Forrester before she'd disappeared. He insisted that something had happened to her, and he wished she'd open up to him. Sandy told him not to worry about her, and Whip silently left.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

by Pam

In Bill's office, Brooke wouldn't let up on Bill about his trip to Big Bear to see Steffy. Brooke insisted that Bill had to tell her the truth. Bill finally came clean about the trip to Big Bear and admitted that he tried to leave, but Steffy begged him to stay so that she could show him new photos from the ad campaign. To appease Steffy, Bill said that he sat down on the couch with her to view the photos on her phone, and Steffy planted another kiss on him. At that point, he got up and left as Steffy apologized. Bill was convinced that his necklace must have fallen off and gotten trapped in the couch cushions at that point.

Bill insisted that he didn't want the problem to go any further than his discussion with Brooke, but Brooke was indignant that Steffy was throwing herself at Bill. Brooke believed Steffy would continue to do so. Brooke quizzed Bill about his reaction, but Bill remained steadfast that he did nothing to encourage Steffy, and that Steffy regretted her actions and would respect his marriage to Katie. Bill professed his love for Katie, and Brooke wondered why he didn't tell Katie about Steffy's brazen behavior if it was all so innocent. Bill told Brooke that the incident happened the night before he married Katie. He had no intention of ruining their wedding or their honeymoon by discussing that Steffy had apparently lost control and decided to made advances on Bill.

Brooke seemed to understand, but she insisted that her sister deserved to know what kind of person Steffy was. Bill said that Steffy was extremely talented, and he felt that sharing Steffy's mistakes with anyone else would only cause hard feelings. Bill said that if Katie knew about Steffy's actions, Katie would have a hard time trusting Steffy. Bill reminded Brooke that if word of Steffy's transgressions got out, Ridge would eventually hear about it, and everyone would end up getting hurt. Bill insisted that nothing needed to be done because of Steffy's foolishness.

Brooke was still adamant that she wanted to talk to Steffy and Katie. Bill advised her that it would only cause trouble. Brooke didn't trust Bill and wondered if she would get the same Big Bear story from Steffy. Bill guaranteed that Brooke would hear the exact same story from Steffy, but he wondered if Brooke really felt that pursuing the idea was worth the resulting pain it would cause for all the family members involved. Brooke claimed that she didn't like to keep secrets, but Bill conjectured that she had probably kept a few in her lifetime. Bill told her that it was all in her hands, and he wondered what she would do.

In Katie's office, Katie warned Steffy not to be so impulsive as she was regarding the fashion challenge with Jackie M. Katie suggested that Steffy needed to run decisions past the legal department before committing to something. Steffy apologized and said that it would never happen again. Katie told Steffy not to get too stressed about it because it was natural to make mistakes, but Steffy needed to ask permission before going ahead with some of her ideas.

Steffy apologized again, but Katie told her to stop fretting so much over her job, and to remember to have a balance in her life. Katie asked if Steffy had been dating anyone. Steffy seemed suspicious, and wondered why Katie was asking about her dates. Katie said that Steffy seemed like she needed to talk about something, but Steffy said it was unimportant. Katie disagreed, and said that she would be happy to lend an ear anytime Steffy needed one. Steffy said that she had made some major mistakes and was surprised that everyone thought she was a perfect angel. Katie told Steffy that she had been working too hard and needed to take a break and date more often.

Rick entered and offered Katie tickets to a Los Angeles Lakers game because he couldn't use them, and he left. Katie gave the tickets to Steffy and told her to take a date. After Katie left, Rick returned and saw Steffy holding the tickets. She admitted that it was an awkward situation, and returned the tickets to Rick. He told her that he was tired of their runins feeling so awkward. He told Steffy that they had experienced an awkward break-up and he had been living like a monk ever since.

Rick told Steffy that he missed her, and asked her to accompany him to the Laker game. Steffy thought about it, but refused. She apologized for their breakup, and said that she realized how difficult she had been. She said that she had always been judgmental in regard to Rick, and he had been very understanding. She asked how Rick could stand the way that she had behaved.

Rick complimented her, and praised her beauty. He said that he had been lucky to know her, and they both laughed and teased one another. Steffy said that she didn't feel that she could go to the game. She had made a big mistake, and she had to find a way to fix it. Rick made light of it, and teased that Steffy must have stolen someone's parking space, but Steffy said that it was much worse.

At the hospital, Sandy, Bridget, and Nick waited for news to see if the embryo implant had actually worked. They all agreed that in many cases, it took more than one time for the embryo to implant. They all looked nervous, and when Dr. Caspary entered, she congratulated them. She told them that Sandy was indeed pregnant, and that they would be seeing a lot more of each other in the future. Sandy and Bridget hugged, but Sandy was very distant to Nick.

Nick mentioned that he felt out of sorts when he was around Sandy, and he later went to see Sandy at her home where she had stuffed animals all over the place. Nick entered, and Sandy asked if something was wrong. Nick explained that he was concerned that Sandy seemed so distant to him. He wanted to make sure that everything was all right between them, because she was carrying his baby. Sandy seemed distracted, but she told Nick that he had nothing to worry about.

Friday, December 4, 2009

At Spencer Publications, Brooke pressured Bill to tell Katie the truth about what happened between him and Steffy at the Big Bear cabin. Bill felt that Katie didn't need to know because it had only been a kiss and nothing more. Bill assured Brooke that he had married Katie because he loved her. Bill said he was not vulnerable to Steffy. Brooke worried that Steffy would tell Katie and that would create a lot of turmoil in the family.

Bill was sure that nothing good could would result from Katie hearing about the kiss. Brooke insisted that Katie had to know, and if Bill wasn't going to do it, Brooke would. Brooke was intent on telling her sister. Bill was unable to change Brooke's mind. Brooke left his office with purpose.

Alone at his desk, Bill stared at his necklace charm and remembered his wedding to Katie. Bill remembered that he had told Katie that he would never break a promise. Bill called his secretary and canceled his afternoon meetings. He left his necklace on his desk and walked out.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy walked in as Ridge was fitting the models with the new Hollywood Glamour designs. Steffy thought the dresses were some of her father's best work. Ridge and Steffy were both sad that Eric hadn't been working in the office. Ridge said that Eric's pride kept him from working in the building with Spencer in charge. Ridge told Steffy that he was proud of the opportunity she had as head of public relations.

Katie walked in suddenly, saying that Steffy had been doing a great job. Steffy said she had to get back to work and walked out. Katie admired Ridge's work, too. Ridge said that his work would be even better if Katie's husband wasn't running Forrester. Ridge then walked out of the office.

Katie was at work in her office when Brooke showed up. Katie was excited looking at Ridge's new design sketches. Katie was thrilled that the Glamour campaign was uniting Spencer and Forrester. Katie loved Ridge's new designs.

Brooke told Katie that they needed to talk. Before Brooke could begin to tell Katie about Steffy and Bill's time at the Big Bear cabin, Ridge walked into Katie's office and interrupted. Katie said that she already knew what Brooke was going to say.

Katie said that she and Ridge had already reached an understanding. Katie said that she realized that Ridge still wanted to regain control of Forrester Creations. Katie understood that, but she also believed that things were turning around for the company thanks to Ridge's designs and the Hollywood Glamour campaign. Katie pointed out to Ridge that his daughter had flourished in the new regime, which meant that Ridge was stuck. Ridge agreed with Katie's assessment.

Katie said that there was peace and productivity at Forrester Creations and she hoped that Ridge agreed with her that the situation was improving. Ridge agreed that things seemed to be better. Katie took that as a yes. Katie turned to Brooke and asked if she had covered what Brooke had wanted to talk about. Brooke decided to keep the truth about Bill and Steffy at the cabin from Katie. Brooke said yes and Katie left the office.

Ridge and Brooke discussed their talk with Katie. Ridge admitted that Katie was right about the Spencer/Forrester arrangement working out. Ridge credited Steffy with unifying company. Ridge was very happy with Steffy's success and he appreciated that Katie had given his daughter the chance. Ridge said he would still want the company back in Forrester hands in the future. Ridge said he was grateful that there was peace in the office.

A while later, Ridge was working on one of his new dresses on the terrace. Steffy showed up and admired Ridge's new designs. Steffy wished that the company was still in the Forrester family. Ridge promised Steffy that in the future, the family would get the company back. Ridge urged Steffy to continue doing a good job and not to worry.

In Katie's office, Bill showed up without warning. Katie was happy to see him and kissed him deeply. Bill asked Katie to have all her calls held so he could speak with her alone. Brooke saw Bill in the office and while Katie was preoccupied on the phone, Brooke told Bill not to tell Katie about his kiss with Steffy, after all.

Brooke told Katie that Ridge needed to see her immediately. Katie walked out of the office, telling Bill she would be right back. Brooke remained behind with Bill. Bill told Brooke that he was determined to tell Katie the truth.

Up on the terrace, Steffy told her father that she would do anything for Forrester Creations. Ridge was confused by those words and Steffy couldn't explain. Katie showed up and said that Brooke had told her that Ridge needed to speak with her about something important. Ridge said that perhaps Brooke was concerned about how hard Steffy had been working. Katie told Steffy that she shouldn't push herself too hard on the job.

Brooke closed the door so she could speak with Bill privately. Brooke asked Bill not to tell Katie about Big Bear. Bill said that Katie had to learn the truth from him and he had nothing to hide. It was just a kiss. Brooke worried about Ridge's reaction, as well as Katie's.

Brooke said that Ridge, Katie, and Steffy were all working together so well that if the truth emerged, they would never have that cooperation again. Brooke pleaded with Bill to remain quiet. Brooke knew that Katie would never feel the same way about Steffy, and Ridge would never feel the same way about Bill.

Bill insisted that nothing had happened at the cabin and he had no reason to keep the truth from Katie. Bill declared that the conversation was over and walked out of the office.

In the hallway, Bill ran into Steffy. Brooke saw Steffy and Bill meeting in the hallway. Steffy asked if everything was okay. Bill said he was returning to his office. He walked away without seeing Katie again.

Steffy approached Brooke in Katie's office. Steffy was acting happy and carefree. Steffy told Brooke how great the numbers were for the new campaign. Steffy said congratulations were in order for everyone, especially Katie. Brooke told Steffy not to speak Katie's name after what Steffy had done. Brooke told Steffy that she knew everything.

In Sandy's trailer, Sandy was uncomfortable with Nick in her home. Sandy told Nick that he was reading too much into her reserved feelings for him. Nick wondered if Sandy had a problem with him. Sandy said she was more comfortable with Bridget because she was a woman. Sandy asked Nick to give her some space. Nick noticed that the pile of mail on the coffee table was addressed to Agnes Jones.

Nick asked if there was something he could do be more supportive of Sandy. Sandy asked Nick to leave. Nick wondered why Sandy was so uptight around him. Nick said he would leave, but he had one more question. Nick wondered if Sandy lived alone. Sandy said yes. Nick asked why Sandy had Agnes Jones's mail. Sandy grabbed the mail and told Nick to leave. Nick declared that she owed it to him to tell him the truth and answer his questions.

Nick opened up the kitchen cabinets and saw that Sandy was not a health food nut. The shelves were filled with cookies, candy, and snacks. Nick realized that Sandy had lied to him and Bridget. Nick asked Sandy why she had deceived them. Sandy was very upset and wanted Nick to go.

Nick said he wouldn't leave until she told him the truth. Sandy said that she wanted to be a surrogate and that was why she embellished her profile. Sandy said she needed to give them their baby, it was very important to her.

Sandy said she wanted to give birth, but she wasn't interested in having a relationship with a man. Nick said that he and Bridget had a right to know the real reason Sandy wanted to carry their baby. Sandy was crying. Nick touched her arm gently and told her to trust him.

Sandy threw his hand aside. Sandy warned Nick not to touch her. She walked across the room to get away from him.

Nick had the sudden realization that Sandy wasn't uncomfortable just with him. Sandy was uncomfortable with men in general. Nick asked Sandy what had happened to her.

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