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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sandy brandished a baseball bat, freaking out at the sight of someone striding into her darkened trailer. She saw that it was Whip, and she shrieked at him to get out. Whip tried to calm her down, explaining that her door had been unlocked and her power had gone out. Sandy insisted that she'd never leave the door unlocked, and she ordered him to leave. He agreed to leave, but not before turning her power back on.

After Whip went to the circuit box, Nick entered, concerned that Sandy hadn't turned on her lights. Just then, Whip restarted the power and returned to the room. Sandy murmured that Whip was just leaving. Whip skirted out, and Nick asked why Whip had been there.

Sandy admitted that Whip and she were cousins. She'd had no idea that Whip worked for Nick until after the insemination. Nick questioned why she'd hidden the relationship, but Sandy didn't have an excuse. Nick figured that it was just one more lie, and he decided that he wasn't leaving until Sandy told him everything about her. Nick urged her to talk about her problem, reasoning that her stress would damage the baby before it was even born.

With great difficulty, Sandy explained that she'd met a photographer while she'd worked at a Los Angeles bar, and he'd offered to take headshots of her for her portfolio. Sandy had gone to his apartment to take the photos. Afterward, a party ensued. The photographer invited her to stay, and soon after, she met an attractive guy. The partygoers coaxed Sandy into taking a tequila shot. "I woke up the next day in some strange apartment, totally violated...That's the day everything changed for me," Sandy sobbed.

Sandy elaborated that she'd gone to the police, who'd taken DNA evidence. Nothing had ever resulted from the case, and Sandy had been trying to forget about it ever since. She said that no one knew about it, not even Whip, and she'd die if Bridget found out. Sandy swore that doctors had tested her and cleared her for STD s. She begged Nick not to tell Bridget the secret. Sandy figured that she'd tell Bridget in her own time, and Nick quietly agreed to keep silent.

Before Nick left, he wondered if Sandy would be okay. She smiled through her tears, relieved that she'd actually unburdened herself to him. Nick said he was glad, too, and he left.

In Katie's office, Bill said that Katie could no longer avoid discussing Steffy's firing. He reasoned that Steffy was the talk of the industry, and firing her was bad for publicity. Bill also considered the negative fallout that would follow once Ridge got wind of it. Katie stood by her decision, and Bill said she was acting like a jealous wife, not a CEO.

Just then, Steffy arrived, and Katie rolled her eyes. Steffy avoided Katie and Bill's gazes, murmuring that she'd be out of the building by the end of the day. Katie wondered what Steffy's next move would have been, had Katie not fired her. Steffy assured Katie that she wouldn't have pursued Bill after he'd rejected her, and Steffy asserted that her firing was senseless, unless Katie actually felt threatened. Katie responded that she wasn't threatened; however, Steffy's actions had made it difficult for Katie and Steffy to work closely together.

Steffy said that Ridge would never view his daughter's firing objectively. Katie realized that, and because she didn't want to rock the boat, she decided that Steffy could stay on. Steffy was astounded that Katie had changed her mind. Katie told Steffy to unpack her office and prepare a full report of the Hollywood campaign. After Steffy left, Bill said he was proud of Katie. "I think that was a big mistake, and I'm not just being a jealous wife," Katie replied.

Katie said she'd keep an eye on Steffy from then on, and Bill apologized for making Katie feel the need to protect her marital turf while she was practically still a bride. Bill was sure he'd make more mistakes, but abusing her trust wouldn't be one of them. He said that he'd never been in love before, and he'd never stop loving Katie.

In Eric's study at the Forrester mansion, Ridge met with Donna, Eric, and Brooke to say that designing gowns to fatten Bill Spencer's pockets made Ridge nuts. Ridge felt uninspired by the new designs, which lacked Eric's signature touch. Brooke noted that the line would appear on Donna's show the following day. Donna worried, because she'd never have agreed to the contest had she doubted that Forrester Creations would win.

Eric said that the line was decent, but he hadn't been concentrating on it, because he'd been preoccupied with devising a buyback of the company. Eric cited that their family had many friends, while Bill had many enemies. Eric was close to raising enough money to offer Bill 10% above Bill's original purchase price. Brooke doubted Bill would sell after he'd fought so hard to gain control. Eric stated that fashion was out of Bill's depth, and Eric wondered how Brooke and Donna would feel about Katie being removed as CEO.

Though Donna and Brooke agreed that Katie had been doing a great job, they felt that the Forresters should own and run their own company. The sisters decided that they would handle Katie if Eric's plan actually manifested. Brooke hoped it would, because she knew how much it would mean to Ridge.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge called his dad and told him that he had emailed the offer they discussed to Bill. He said that they would soon take control of Forrester for their family.

In Katie's office, Bill told his wife that The Catwalk fashion challenge was going to be exciting, and he could feel the positive energy within the halls of Forrester. He praised her for not firing Steffy. Katie agreed that it would have been a media nightmare to fire Steffy at that point. Steffy was the brains behind the fashion show and the entire campaign. Bill told Katie that he only had eyes for her, and that she had no worries. He added that the company was a family business, and he was looking forward to it becoming their business. He said it would belong to the family that they would have. Katie was thrilled that Bill was thinking of a family.

Bill checked his email from Katie's computer and discovered a message from Ridge. Bill was surprised because he said that he and Ridge had not spoken more than a few words to one another since Bill had purchased Forrester. As Bill read the email, he told Katie that Ridge and Eric were offering to buy back the company at ten percent more than Bill had paid for it. Bill wondered where the Forresters were getting the money. Katie suggested that they had many wealthy, powerful friends.

Bill asked Katie if she had known about the Forresters' plans. Katie said that she knew nothing, but she wondered aloud if her sisters were aware of Ridge and Eric's plans going on behind her back. Bill surmised that while Eric was supposedly depressed and working at home, he was busy getting investors. Bill added that they had been too lenient with Eric by letting him remain at home instead of working in the building.

In Ridge's office at Forrester, Steffy met privately with Brooke and told her that Katie had reinstated her. Steffy thanked Brooke for being so understanding and taking time to listen to her problems. Brooke told Steffy that she loved her, and that she understood Steffy had lost her way for a while. Brooke reminded Steffy that everyone made mistakes, but she needed to keep her guard up. They hugged, and Steffy was relieved that her father didn't find out about her kissing Bill Spencer.

Ridge, Thomas, and Donna entered Ridge's office, and everyone watched a video presentation they had worked on for The Catwalk. Everyone was pleased with the music and the video. Taylor entered to meet with Steffy, and asked her daughter what was wrong. Steffy admitted that she had previously had some issues, but she had worked through them. Brooke glanced at Steffy and Taylor, and remained quiet. Steffy told her mother that she didn't have to worry.

Later, Thomas and Steffy discussed that Steffy had been reinstated. Steffy haughtily smiled and told her brother that she was very valuable to the company, and Bill was the one who insisted that she stay on at Forrester. Thomas wondered if Steffy was still attracted to Bill, but Steffy said that she only wanted to make Katie squirm. Thomas warned his sister to stay away from Bill and Katie, because if she caused trouble, it might backfire.

When they were alone, Ridge told Brooke that he couldn't stand working for Katie. He whined about working for Bill Spencer, and said that he hoped Eric's plan worked to get Forrester back. Ridge lamented that he and his family had worked hard to build Forrester up, and Katie had taken over without earning her spot in the company. Ridge wanted to get the company back into Forrester hands, and he wanted his rightful position as CEO.

Suddenly, Bill roughly pushed the door to Ridge's office open and sarcastically apologized for forgetting to knock. He told Ridge that he had reviewed his email, and reminded Ridge that he had an ironclad contract to fulfill. Bill warned Ridge that he was nothing more than a commodity at Forrester and that he worked for Bill. He added that the contract required Ridge to produce his best work, not mediocre designs. He also reminded Ridge that the company was not for sale.

Bill left, and Ridge blew up about working for Bill and Katie. Ridge said that he couldn't just produce designs in quantity rather than quality. He added that Bill knew nothing about fashion or designing. Ridge kept mumbling that there had to be a way to trick Bill and get the company back. He said Bill didn't understand the pages or designs, and then Ridge seemed enlightened. He told Brooke that he knew how they could fool Bill.

At Jackie M, Bridget, Nick, Whip, Stephanie, Jackie, and Owen buzzed about the upcoming fashion challenge. They were all convinced that it was their time, and they would be celebrating a victory over Forrester. Jackie said that Forrester would never be as creative as Jackie M. Stephanie agreed, and Nick read the clever press release that Whip had written. Whip had made a play on words with the entire green theme and natural fabrics. Everyone congratulated Whip for his contributions to Jackie M. Privately, Whip spoke to Nick and told him that they needed to discuss Sandy, but Nick said that it could wait.

Taylor entered and offered her wishes for a successful fashion show. Everyone thanked her, and Whip later asked Taylor if she had visited so that she could talk to him. Taylor told him that she wanted to see Stephanie, but Whip teased that she must have wanted to see him, also. She smiled and said that maybe a little of her visit was intended to see Whip. He was grateful that she agreed to go to dinner with him. She insisted that they were going to go somewhere really expensive and extravagant. Whip seemed surprised, but Taylor told him that he had disrupted her office when he visited her claiming to be a patient in order to spend more time with her. Whip told Taylor that she had disrupted his sleep.

Taylor told everyone that she planned to remain neutral during the fashion show, but she cared about all of them.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The set of The Catwalk bubbled with activity as everyone prepared for the battle of the fashion campaigns. Thomas pried Steffy away before she drove Donna crazy with tips on how to present the Forrester campaign. Donna asked Pam not to do her dance at the end of the show. Pam said that if Donna had any complaints, she needed to talk to Pam's agent. Stephanie overheard Donna telling Justin that it would be nice if Eric were there to support her. Nearby, Brooke and Bridget ribbed each other about the contest, and Bridget said she was leaving to watch the show on television with Nick.

In the dressing room, Whip told Jackie and Owen that the Forresters' Hollywood throwback only conjured images of rich people, standing around smoking. He figured that the Internet voters would much rather click on images of Owen naked in the Garden of Eden. Owen corrected that he'd been wearing a fig leaf, unless Whip had doctored the photos. Whip promised that he hadn't touched Owen's fig leaf.

Later, Steffy worried to Justin that Taylor wouldn't get studio clearance, but Justin pointed to Taylor, who was laughing with Whip. Steffy scurried over to Whip and Taylor and offered to show Taylor to her seat. As Steffy trotted ahead, Taylor whispered to Whip not to let her daughter trample him.

The show started with Donna and Pam announcing the dueling campaigns of Forrester and Jackie M. After welcoming Steffy and Whip to the show, Donna and Pam let them answer questions from the audience. Serge asked if Whip's campaign featured more of Owen's incredible abs. Whip hinted that viewers would see a lot more of Owen, who'd shed his pants for the new campaign. The audience cooed, and Owen stood offstage embarrassed.

Donna introduced the Hollywood Glamour campaign commercial, which promised, "Lights, camera, action!" Cameras flashed as models paraded on a catwalk. Steffy's voiceover encouraged customers to unleash their inner diva. At the end of the segment, Steffy grinned upon hearing the resounding applause.

In Nick's office, Bridget was wowed by the Forrester campaign. Nick said that it was excessive, quipping, "Buy a dress, be a star?" Bridget loved that Jackie M's line was helping the environment. She felt that she couldn't be more proud of their company. "Unless, of course, we win," Bridget tensely added.

As the studio panel discussed the Forrester campaign, Pam said that being a star seemed "vapid" to her, and she figured that the campaign wouldn't enjoy a wide reception. Whip agreed, citing that Jackie M's campaign had a broader appeal. He disparaged haute couture as "disposable fashion," reasoning that not many wanted to spend thousands on an outfit that they'd wear only once. Whip claimed that Jackie M offered much more.

On the screen,Jackie M's Adam and Eve campaign played, touting "Recycle, renew, reuse." Children played in a garden as models meandered around in the designs. Jackie and Owen posed as Adam and Eve. At the end of the video, the Forrester camp reluctantly added to the applause from the audience.

Donna and Pam encouraged the viewers to vote and see who'd won at the end of the show. As the time ticked away, they announced that they'd had just over 24,000 votes. Pam rooted for Jackie M, and Donna rooted for Forrester. Justin signaled that only two minutes remained, and Pam said they'd announce the winner after the break.

At Forrester, Eric grimaced at the sight of Katie's name on his old office door. He entered Ridge's office, where Ridge said that Bill had turned the buyback offer down flat. Eric didn't even know how Ridge could go to work each day to be ordered around by Katie. Ridge said that he was doing it for his kids, and he still hoped that they could regain control of the business. Ridge had been up all night trying to figure out how to "out-manipulate the master manipulation ," but he hadn't quite figured it out yet.

Eric asked if Ridge wanted to watch The Catwalk, but Ridge said he'd watch it with Steffy later. Ridge noted that Steffy was working on a worthwhile campaign, but the designs didn't live up to the concept. Ridge felt that he couldn't design, because he was uninspired. The designs showed it, but Katie and Bill were too inexperienced to see that.

Ridge showed Eric a fashion magazine with subpar designs on the cover. He said that many fashion houses were run by profiteers like Bill. They didn't "give a damn" about the fashion, only the bottom line. Ridge couldn't imagine producing that kind of trash at Forrester. Eric said they never would. "Maybe it's time we did," Ridge said.

Ridge imagined making a line so disastrous and hideous that the company would go from being an asset to a liability overnight. Eric warned that they'd have to be super careful. "The worst line in the history Forrester Creations," Ridge proposed. Ridge asked how Eric felt about reclaiming Forrester for the family, and proclaimed, "The era of 'Forrester Creations, a division of Spencer Publications,' is over."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

by Pam

During the fashion show on The Catwalk, Pam and Donna persuaded viewers to hurry to get their votes in. When it was time to announce the winner, Donna prepared to tell the audience which fashion house had won, but Pam grabbed the paper out of her hands. Pam excitedly announced that Jackie M had won. Pam meowed to emphasize the victory.

Backstage, everyone from Jackie M was celebrating and praising Whip for a brilliant campaign. Owen and Jackie admitted that they weren't sure that it would work, but Whip did a terrific job of selling the entire "going green" concept. As reporters dogged him for interviews, Whip didn't want to take credit for the success. He said that the designs were inspired and tapped into something important that people were interested in, like saving the planet. While he talked to the reporters, he looked past them at a smiling Taylor off in the wings. She appeared to be leaving, so Whip cut the interviews short and raced after Taylor.

He thanked her for attending the show, and admitted that he knew that she was there to support her daughter who was very talented. Taylor said that her daughter was a big girl. Taylor added that Steffy had informed Taylor that she didn't want Taylor to fuss over her. Whip suggested that Taylor could fuss over him instead. He reiterated that he appreciated that she was there to share the moment with him. He touched her hair and they kissed briefly, smiling afterwards.

After the show, Thomas conversed with Steffy about the loss, and he remarked that she did not seem very upset. Steffy said that she wasn't upset. She said that losing was no big deal because they had lost the company and everything else over the previous few months.

Bill was glaring at Steffy when Katie returned to him. She was upset with the loss because she had been convinced that they would be winners. Katie apologized to her husband and then joined her sisters. Brooke tried to console Katie, and Brooke and Donna told Katie that they had done everything possible to win. Katie questioned if they really had given it their all. Katie noted that Eric hadn't ever shown up for work, and she added that Ridge clearly hadn't been a team player. Brooke reminded Katie that Ridge would never sabotage his own daughter's ad campaign. Katie said that Steffy would have to answer questions from the press. Katie reminded her sisters that Bill hated to lose.

Kate rejoined Bill, and he told her that Spencer Communications didn't fund The Catwalk in order to give Jackie M a forum to promote its line. He reminded her that he hated to lose. He added that if Eric and Ridge had spent more time designing and less time trying to re-purchase the company, the outcome might have been different. Backstage, Donna, Pam, and Serge traded barbs about the campaign, and Donna admitted that Forrester had lost, but she was confident that it would not affect sales. Pam and Serge left, and Justin told Donna that Forrester might have lost. However, Donna was still the star of the show.

At Forrester, far away from the excitement at The Catwalk, Ridge and Eric talked about their plan to develop the worst line of designs they had ever come up with in order to trick Bill into losing money. They figured it would force him to sell the company. Ridge told Eric that they could sell the whole idea to Bill if Eric returned to the company as an apologetic and subservient employee. Together, they would convince Bill that the campaign was top quality. Ridge was confident that it would work because Bill knew nothing about design. Bill had no choice but to trust Ridge and Eric to create p with a great collection.

Ridge told his father that they needed to inform Donna and Brooke of their plan. Eric wasn't sure that it was a good idea to tell their wives because it would hurt Katie. Ridge agreed that Donna and Brooke might not be happy about keeping a secret from Katie, but they knew that Ridge and Eric should be running Forrester, not Katie. Eric and Ridge quickly sketched designs that they called fashion disasters. Ridge assured his dad that they were going to pull off a complete coup.

Eric prepared a letter to Bill, and apologized for not working in the office. In it, he promised to design the best possible collection that Forrester had ever seen. Eric lamented to Ridge that he had spent a lifetime building his reputation and was prepared to throw it all away with one collection. Ridge said it was the only solution to get the company back and save it for the next generation of Forresters.

Ridge and Eric returned to Eric's old office to meet with Katie and Bill. Eric and Ridge apologized for missing the show. Bill noted that they were too late, and he added that it was unfortunate that Ridge chose not to support his daughter. Bill told them that their absences didn't look good for the company. Eric was apologetic, and Ridge said that he knew his daughter had done a great job. Eric said that he wanted to apologize, and he said that he understood that the Forresters could not repurchase the company.

Bill and Katie looked surprised. Eric admitted that he had been selfish and turned his back on his family. Eric said that he was holding out hope for something that wasn't going to happen. Katie questioned if Eric had gone through a change of heart. Eric said that he wanted to rejoin the team. Bill was suspicious, and noted that Eric had spent all of his time at home pouting. Bill wondered what had happened to make Eric change his mind. Katie said that she was convinced that Eric was sincere. Eric said that he understood that he had a contract to fulfill, and he needed to work.

Katie congratulated Eric for being honorable. Eric asked Bill if he was permitted back on the team, and he extended his hand to Bill. As Bill shook Eric's hand, he said that he was all about retribution, and looked very suspicious of Eric and Ridge. Eric promised a terrific new line that Bill would never forget. Bill looked suspicious.

Friday, December 18, 2009

At the Jackie M office, Brooke caught Nick going over the great sales figures for the Adam and Eve collection. Brooke said that she had stopped by to find out if Nick had spoken with Sandy recently. Nick told Brooke that he had gone to Sandy's trailer a few days previously, and had found Whip there. Brooke was confused until Nick explained that Whip was Sandy's cousin. Brooke asked if Nick had told Bridget. Nick said that Sandy had begged him not to tell Bridget.

Brooke asked what had happened to Sandy. Nick said that Sandy had been slipped a drug and was then sexually assaulted, accounting for Sandy's fear of men. Sandy overheard Nick talking to Brooke, and accused him of betraying her trust. Nick reminded Sandy that he had promised not to tell Bridget, and that Sandy needed some help. Brooke said that she agreed with Sandy -- that Bridget shouldn't know about the date rape, then asked Nick to leave her alone with Sandy for a few minutes. On his way out of the office, Nick apologized to Sandy for telling Brooke. He said that Brooke could help Sandy, because she knew exactly what Sandy was going through.

After Nick left, Brooke admitted that she had been sexually assaulted. Sandy said that she didn't need a therapist or any kind of treatment -- she just wanted to be left alone. Brooke asked Sandy if she blamed herself for what had happened. Sandy said that she didn't -- that she knew that she had been abused, because she had been too trusting. Brooke sarcastically said that best way for Sandy to avoid a similar situation was to cut herself off from the world -- that there were too many men out there. Sandy agreed with Brooke.

Brooke asked Sandy if she thought that Nick was okay. Sandy said that Nick was a man, and was therefore guilty by association. Brooke said that she understood Sandy's pain and the feeling of loss of self-respect. Sandy realized that Nick was trying to help, not hurt, her by telling Brooke what had happened. Brooke said that she wanted to help Sandy also.

Sandy said that it was hard for her to believe that Brooke had been a victim of date rape. Brooke said that a lot of women had. Sandy wondered how Brooke was able to recover from it and marry a wonderful man like Ridge. Brooke said that she had told herself that Ridge was different -- and that not all men were monsters.

Sandy said that it had been five years since she had been raped. Brooke said that Sandy had spent the five years shut away from the world, and that Sandy needed to open up to let some of her hurt out, otherwise the hurt would fester inside. Sandy clammed up and told Brooke that she didn't want to talk about the rape anymore. Brooke insisted on continuing the conversation, and told Sandy that the man who had raped her was trash, and that Sandy shouldn't allow him to control her life.

Brooke said that Sandy was a very important person, and that she was on the road to recovery. As Sandy began to cry, Brooke said that they were all very lucky to have Sandy in their lives.

Stephanie told Bridget that she was swamped processing orders for the Adam and Eve collection. Bridget said that was too much work for Stephanie. Stephanie said that was part of her job. Bridget said that Stephanie needed an assistant. Stephanie objected, saying that she didn't have the time to hire and train anyone. Nick entered Stephanie's office, and Bridget told him that Stephanie desperately needed an assistant. Stephanie insisted that she didn't. A light bulb went on over Nick's head -- he suggested that Sandy work as Stephanie's assistant. Bridget wondered if Sandy could do it. Nick said that Sandy needed something to do. When Stephanie again said that she didn't have time to train an assistant, Nick asked her to trust him.

Nick, Bridget, and Stephanie entered the office where Brooke and Sandy were talking. Nick told Sandy that they wanted to offer her a job as Stephanie's assistant. Stephanie introduced herself to Sandy. When Sandy mentioned that she was pregnant, Stephanie joked that she didn't realize that pregnancy was a contagious disease. Bridget said that the job offer had been Nick's idea -- but that she was glad that she would be able to spend more time with Sandy. Nick said that the Jackie M staff were all oddballs and misfits, but they managed to have a lot of laughs, and he thought that Sandy might want to be part of it. Sandy agreed to take the job.

Later, when they were alone, Sandy apologized to Nick for having been angry with him earlier. She said that Brooke was a good woman who had helped her to see things differently, and that Nick was a wonderful man, who she trusted.

At Forrester, Steffy stopped by Ridge's office. A moment later, Katie entered the office and asked Ridge if he had any preliminary sketches of Forrester's new collection. Ridge said that he didn't. Katie said that she needed to see the sketches as soon as possible, and that Ridge should let her know when he was done. After Katie left, Steffy said that she couldn't believe that Katie had talked to Ridge like that, or that Ridge was taking orders from Katie. Ridge said that he wouldn't be taking orders from Katie for long -- he had a plan.

Ridge told Steffy that Eric was humbly returning to work to help Bill Spencer. Steffy wondered what Ridge and Eric were up to. Ridge said that they were fulfilling Bill Spencer's mandate to create the best line of clothing possible -- a line with real impact. Ridge said that he and Eric were going to teach Bill a costly lesson. Ridge showed Steffy the sketch of the garish dress that he had designed. Steffy was shocked, and asked Ridge if that design was going to be a part of the new collection. Ridge said that it was the last collection he was ever going to design for Bill Spencer.

Steffy said that Ridge was designing a collection destined to fail. Ridge said that he was doing what had to be done to take back the company from Bill, by putting a dagger through the heart of Forrester's purposely bad collection. Ridge told his daughter that Bill would have to answer to his board of directors when Forrester began losing a pile of money -- and that Bill would be forced to dump Forrester after they showed the most hideous line the company had ever produced. Steffy smiled, looked at the sketch, and said that the design was growing on her.

Brooke showed up in Ridge's office. Ridge showed Brooke the sketch. Brooke said, "Good Lord, what is that?" Steffy left. Brooke wondered what the sketch was all about. Brooke thought Ridge was joking when he said that it was the first piece in their new product line.

Ridge told Brooke about his plan for regaining control of Forrester. Brooke said that she supported him, but wondered if they would have to fight her little sister for control. Ridge said that they were fighting Bill, but that Katie was going to go down with Bill. Brooke said that if the sketch was indicative of the rest of Ridge and Eric's new collection, then Ridge and Eric would become the jokes of the design industry. Ridge countered by saying that Bill and Katie would become the laughingstocks, and would have to deal with the loss of sales and the tarnished company image.

Brooke was torn -- she didn't know how she could support a plan that would damage Katie's career. Ridge said that Katie didn't have a career -- rather she had a few months playing CEO -- a position that she had never earned and wasn't equipped for. Ridge added that the only careers that were damaged were his and Eric's. Ridge said that he needed Brooke to convince Katie and Bill that they should go with the hideous line. Brooke thought that Katie would see right through the scheme.

Katie stopped by the office again and told Ridge that she had to see the first sketch of the new collection, Ridge gave it to her, and said that he hoped that Katie liked it -- that it was very avant-garde, and some of his best work. Katie left. Ridge asked Brooke to get Katie to sign off on the hideous collection. Brooke said that she didn't think she could lie to Katie and tell her that the sketch was good. Ridge said that he was asking Brooke to right a wrong -- that Forrester had been taken from them, and that Katie had been given something that she didn't deserve. Brooke said that Katie did get everything too quickly, and, although she hated betraying her sister's trust, it had to be done.

In her office, Katie looked inquisitively at the sketch and then called Brooke, asking her to go to Katie's office right away. Brooke said that she would be there right away. As she left Ridge's office, Ridge told Brooke that she knew what she had to do.

Brooke watched nervously at the doorway while Katie stared at Ridge's sketch. Brooke walked in the office and said, "Shocking, isn't it?" Katie said that it was like nothing she had ever seen before. Brooke said that Ridge was a genius. Katie said that she trusted Brooke and asked her if she really thought that the design was good. Brooke said that it was on the pulse of what was going to be happening next in the fashion world, adding that the new trend in the fashion world was going to be whimsical and outrageous. Brooke said that this was the line that was going to turn Forrester Creations upside down. She told a nervous Katie to trust her, saying, "This is the bomb."

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