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Monday, December 28, 2009

In Stephanie's office, Stephanie found Sandy eagerly at work. Sandy beamed that she was still on a high from Christmas. Whip entered to announce that he'd heard a rumor that Forrester was creating a top-secret line. Whip doubted that Forrester could develop anything good, because it had become a soulless corporation.

Whip glanced at Sandy and asked how she was doing at the new job. Sandy said she was grateful for the fresh start. Whip remarked that whenever someone said that, he always wondered what that person was trying to leave behind. Stephanie said that everyone had a past, but Jackie M employees didn't have to air out their dirty laundry at the office. Sandy said she liked the "no questions" asked policy, and she left to take some papers to Nick.

Stephanie deemed Whip about as subtle as an 800-pound gorilla. She reasoned that Jackie M had given each of its employees second chances--including Whip. Stephanie hoped it could do that for Sandy, too. Whip hoped that the unknown demons plaguing Sandy remained in her past.

Nick called Brooke to his office to discuss Sandy. Brooke felt that Nick had been right to keep quiet to Bridget about Sandy's troubled past. Nick stated that since Sandy would give him and Bridget a child, he wanted to give Sandy a place to feel safe. Nick said that he'd visited a rape counseling center, and he'd found the staff extremely supportive. He intended to convince Sandy to go there for help. Brooke responded that Sandy needed it after coping alone for so long, but it wouldn't be easy to get Sandy to go.

Sandy entered, and she noted that Brooke and Nick had "poor Sandy" looks on their faces. Brooke said that she didn't see Sandy as a victim, but as the beautiful lady carrying Brooke's grandchild. Brooke exited, and Sandy said it was amazing how Brooke had been able to put the bad things behind her. Nick stated that Sandy could, too.

Nick suggested that Sandy talk to a doctor about her problems. Sandy quipped that Nick really did think something was wrong with her. "Not 'wrong,' just unfinished," Nick reasoned. He offered to go with her to the rape counseling center. Sandy said she didn't want the help. She just wanted peace, distance, and amnesia. Nick replied that running would just make it worse.

Nick explained that he'd seen laughter and life beneath Sandy's sorrow. He believed that a counselor could help her learn to live again. Sandy vehemently refused, but Nick pressed her. He said she was doing everything she could to have a healthy baby, because the baby's life was important. He wondered why Sandy didn't view her own life as just as important.

Sandy said that when she'd tried to get help at the police station after the incident had occurred, no one had looked her in the eyes. They'd asked question after question, but they had no answers for her. She said she'd waited five years for the police to call her. "Why don't they call, do you think?" Sandy asked. Nick decided that they should find out.

Nick called Lieutenant Baker and requested a meeting. After the call, Nick asked her to accompany him to the police station to get her some answers. Sandy doubted that justice was even possible. Nick said that he didn't know what would happen, but she wouldn't be alone. "If you want help, you're gonna have to say yes," Nick told her.

In the Forrester basement office, Eric asked his family for opinions of one of his designs. Donna said it was "so out there" that it was almost "in." Thomas stated, "It's horrendous." Steffy felt that if they planned it right, Katie and Bill wouldn't know that they'd been sabotaged.

The Forresters discussed their strategy to keep Katie and Bill too preoccupied to realize that the designs were disastrous. They decided to delay press releases and design previews until it was too late to stop production. Eric ordered Thorne to halt production on everything but the "Dare" line, because Eric didn't want to give their customers any other buying options.

Later, Eric explained to the younger Forresters, Steffy and Thomas, that the family still believed in honesty. Eric asked them not to see the plan as lying, but as fighting for what was theirs. Ridge seemed worried because Katie had called Donna and Brooke into a meeting. Eric stated that Katie knew when her sisters were lying. Ridge stated that Katie's integrity might make her a bigger threat than Bill.

In Katie's office, a perplexed Katie stared at Eric's designs. Justin entered, and Katie asked him to give her a fresh perspective on Eric's new collection. Justin remarked that Bill seemed to approve. Katie, however, dubiously stated that she was starting to wonder.

Justin viewed the sketches and wondered why Katie hadn't shared her concerns with her sisters. Katie replied that she wasn't sure that her sisters and she were on the same team. Justin said that if the line tanked, the Spencer Publications board would urge Bill to cut Forrester Creations loose. Katie decided that it was time for her to do "a little independent research."

Later, Katie called Brooke and Donna into the office. Katie asked for their real opinions about Eric's designs. Katie suggested that perhaps Brooke and Donna had been exaggerating their enthusiasm for the designs because they'd been happy to have Eric back at Forrester. Brooke replied that the designs were perfect for what they wanted to accomplish. "And what is that exactly?" Katie pointedly asked.

Katie remarked that something wasn't right about Eric behaving like the "perfect team player." Donna wondered why Katie was second-guessing him. Katie said that her sisters had her loyalty, but she questioned if she still had theirs. When Brooke and Donna seemed offended, Kate bluntly asked if Ridge and Eric were staging a mutiny.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

by Pam

Nick tried to convince Sandy to go to the police station to get some answers about her rape case, and Sandy agreed. She said that she had never met anyone like Nick before. She attributed his kindness to him wanting to help the surrogate mother of his unborn baby. Nick countered that he wasn't just doing it for the baby. He wanted to help Sandy. Nick believed that they would get answers at the police station.

At Sandy's trailer, Sandy opened a lockbox and showed mementos to Nick then pulled out the police report and handed it to him. She said that she had been a tough kid, and remembered that she knew how to handle herself at work. She had heard all the pickup lines and catcalls, but she liked the attention. She was prepared with self-defense courses and she knew that she could handle anything, but her rapist drugged her. She called him a disgusting little coward, and she wanted him put away for the rest of his life. She wanted revenge.

Sandy said that she was hesitant to return to the police because she said that after the rape, days, weeks, and months had gone by without any help from them on her case. She said that she kept calling and visiting the police station. Then weeks turned into years, and she never understood why they didn't have any information. She retreated into her own home because she was scared. She wondered if her rapist was watching her. Nick assured her they would get the rapist. He promised that she would have justice.

At the police station, Nick and Sandy waited to see Lieutenant Baker, but Sandy was clearly upset. Nick held her hand. She kept returning to the water cooler for more glasses of water, but she admitted the environment was getting to her. While she was sitting near the water cooler, she flashed back to sitting in the squad room when she was giving her statement after the rape. Memories included ringing phones in the squad room and flashing lights on police cruisers. She remembered the examining room where medical personnel with latex gloves prepared to examine her. She kept hearing voices of detectives and the words, "Did you know your assailant?"

She slid down onto the floor next to the water cooler and huddled against the wall. Nick picked her up and helped her to a chair. He angrily walked into Baker's office and insisted that he and his friend had been waiting too long. Baker told Nick that he was busy and Nick had to wait. Sandy stormed in and said that she had been waiting a long time, and she wanted some answers. "Now," she said forcefully.

At Forrester, Thomas, Steffy, Thorne, Ridge, and Eric were discussing the "Dare" line. Thomas questioned why women would want to wear the designs that his father and grandfather were sketching. Eric and Ridge said that no one would wear them because they were awful. Eric explained that the plan was to create a line that would bomb and force the Spencer Publications board to tell Bill Spencer that it wanted him to get rid of Forrester Creations. Eric added that the family would rebuild its image and the company.

Thomas and Steffy weren't convinced. They worried that Brooke and Donna would cave in to Katie. Eric said that they would never leave Katie out in the cold once they had repurchased the company. Donna and Brooke knew that there would always be a spot for Katie. Eric was confident that Brooke and Donna could persuade Katie to approve the "Dare" line. Eric insisted that he wanted it under lock and key.

Ridge wanted Steffy to make sure that no one in the media had access to the designs. He wanted to ensure that she stayed on Bill's good side and kept the campaign quiet until they were ready to unveil it. Ridge questioned if Bill was on-board. He asked because Steffy worked closely with him, but Steffy nervously said she wasn't close to Bill.

In Katie's office, Katie demanded a preview of the "Dare" line. Brooke and Katie said that a preview was impossible because Bill had been pushing Eric and Ridge to finish the line, and they didn't have time to hold a preview. Brooke whined that because of Bill, Katie didn't trust her own family. Brooke said that Bill's ownership had created a stressful atmosphere in what had once been a family business.

Katie reminded them that because of Bill, Forrester was still in business. They could all be looking for jobs. Brooke softened and told her sister that they loved her no matter what. Katie demanded to see the "Dare" line preview as soon as possible. Brooke and Donna looked uncomfortable and again tried to dissuade her from having a preview because they wanted the line to remain a secret with no media attention. Katie argued that it would be a private in-house preview. Brooke and Donna started to argue, but Katie wondered why they were so against the preview if they had nothing to hide.

Donna and Brooke said that Eric and Ridge wanted to keep the line a secret, and they worried that if they showed it to Katie, then Bill would want to see it. Katie coldly agreed that Bill would see it. He was returning to town and the Forresters would be expected to preview the line for Bill and Katie. Donna and Brooke looked at each other, and Katie grew more suspicious. She told them that the case was closed. Brooke and Donna left.

Bill entered Katie's office and they chatted about their mutual mistrust of the Forrester family's "Dare" line. Katie shared that she demanded a preview, but Brooke and Donna argued with her. Bill said that when the CEO and parent company owner wanted a preview, they would get one.

Brooke and Donna met with the family in the basement office and shared the bad news that Katie insisted on a preview. Eric was upset, and he and Ridge decided to speak to Katie. Brooke and Donna warned that Katie was very suspicious. The family decided not to argue any further. Eric ordered Brooke, Donna, and Steffy to model the gowns so that they could all convince Bill and Katie that the line was genius. He told everyone they had to sell the concept.

Ridge and Eric barged into Katie's office and argued that a preview was a waste of time. They wanted to keep it secret from everyone, but Bill and Katie disagreed. Eric argued that the collection was a retro concept and avant-garde. He pointedly asked Katie why she didn't trust him. Bill stepped in and said that he and Katie wanted Ridge and Eric to set up a preview before Bill and Katie approved the concept. "Now," Bill said.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

At the police station, Lieutenant Baker reviewed Sandy's case, and he agreed that she'd been through something horrible. Sandy seemed empowered as she said that she'd done everything that she was supposed to do, but the police hadn't contacted her regarding the case in five years. She refused to wait any longer to get answers.

Nick said that Sandy had spent five years looking over her shoulder, and she needed some closure. Sandy added that she hadn't even heard whether the DNA sample from the rape kit had been viable. Baker indicated that the police department had been performing layoffs and cutbacks during the time that Sandy had filed her report. He decided to look into the case and give her a call.

Nick said that Sandy had waited five years for the first call, and he implored Baker not to make her wait any longer for another one. Baker called for an officer, and Zev entered. Zev pulled Sandy's case up on the computer, looked apologetic, and said that he couldn't help. "You can help me and you will," Sandy told him.

Zev elaborated that Sandy's case wasn't even in the database, because the department had fired the person who'd handled the rape test kits at that time. Zev suggested that they search room S80 in the municipal building for answers. Zev warned that civilians weren't allowed in there; however, Baker said that he didn't care, and he led them all to the municipal building.

Later, the four found the S80 storage room. Baker unlocked it, and they traversed the palpable dust hanging in the air. They strode down an aisle that was stacked high on both sides with unopened evidence bags. Nick asked Baker what all that stuff was.

At Forrester, Bill and Justin waited in the corridor for the Dare line preview. The men seemed curious at why Eric had suddenly returned to Forrester. They agreed that Eric probably hated losing the campaign battle on Donna's show. Bill said that he had a lot riding on the Dare line, because he needed to prove to the Spencer board that he'd been right to acquire Forrester Creations.

Katie arrived to see that the preview hadn't begun yet. Bill stated that he'd asked the designers to be bold and different. Katie remarked that the line was definitely different, and the Forrester had been hesitant to preview it. Bill was glad that Katie had insisted upon it.

In Katie's office, the Forresters prepared to have Steffy, Brooke, and Donna model the least tacky designs. Eric had decided against using in-house models because he didn't want them gossiping about the line. As Donna dressed behind a screen, she said that they'd be toast if they didn't convince Katie and Bill. Eric stated that it'd be the biggest performance of their lives.

Justin, Bill, and Katie entered the office. Ridge flipped on some music and introduced the line. Donna pranced out wearing the first hideous creation. It was a short dress with a black ruffled skirt. A red sash around her hips separated the skirt from the glittering gold brocade top. A disgusted Katie glanced at Justin and Bill to see their reactions.

Bill asked what had inspired Eric and Ridge. Ridge touted booming sales figures, but Bill said he didn't require an economics lesson. Eric said that playing it safe was no longer an option. He believed that the gowns would grab attention. Bill wondered how Donna felt while wearing the gown. Donna pretended that she felt glamorous, but Katie asked where on earth Donna would wear the thing. Donna named some events, and added, "Blending in is so last year." Katie grimaced and called for the next design.

Steffy twirled down the imaginary catwalk next in a glowing, evergreen sequined getup. "Does that come with sunglasses, Ridge?" Bill asked. Ridge said they could accessorize the gown. "I meant for me," Bill clarified. Steffy claimed that she felt hot and sexy. She said that Forrester had been conservative, but the retro-80's look with the futuristic bling was "way hot."

Brooke modeled the showstopper. It was a clinging, yellow sequined gown with shoulder pads and a bright pink flower attached to a chain around her waist. Brooke said that the gown was timeless because it combined styles from three decades to create a new, classic look. Justin remarked that she'd give Tom Brady a run for his money with the shoulder pads. Eric claimed that shoulder pads were the rage for the season.

Eric concluded the show, but Katie thought that they'd be seeing the entire collection. Thorne offered to whip up more prototypes, but Bill replied, "My eyes are full. I've seen enough." Bill offered the Forresters credit for breaking away from their conservative traditions. Katie stated that the designs lacked Forrester class. Bill said that he published many magazines, but that didn't make him a master of their subjects. Bill chose to defer to Ridge and Eric, who understood the market. Ridge claimed that with the Forrester label on the gowns, they'd sell.

After Bill, Katie, and Justin left, the Forresters excitedly whispered about how they'd tricked Bill. Ridge called Bill a one-trick pony. Eric was confident that the customers wouldn't buy the gowns, and the stock would plummet, enabling them to reclaim the company.

In the corridor, Katie disbelieved that Bill actually liked the designs. Bill said he was giving the fashion professionals some latitude. Katie still doubted Eric's vision, but she reluctantly agreed to trust the Forrester family's judgment. "They all believe that the Dare line is going to take Forrester in a whole new direction," Katie stated.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, CBS opted to broadcast an encore presentation of a recent memorable episodes in place of an original episode. This scheduling change was planned for, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 4 and pick up where Wednesday, December 30's episode concluded.

I'd personally like to thank everyone who is a part of this site -- the columnists, recappers, message board moderators, and, most importantly, you, the Soap Central reader. Thank you for making 2009 another amazing and successful year. I hope that you have a very healthy and happy 2010 -- and that you'll continue your support of this site.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful was pre-empted. This scheduling change was planned for in advance and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 4 and pick up where Wednesday, December 30's show concluded.

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