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January 4 to 8, 2010
Katie grilled Brooke about the "Dare" line, and Brooke finally confessed that it was designed as a failure. Katie and Bill met with Eric, Ridge, Brooke, Steffy, and Donna, and Bill laid into them for trying to embarrass Katie and sabotage the company. The defiant Forresters had hoped that a failed line would prompt the Spencer Publications' board to force Bill to sell the company. Bill reminded the Forresters that he controlled a lot of media and the Spencer Publications board. He told them that he saved their butts by not allowing them to embarrass themselves and Katie with the "Dare" line. He called the Logans "jealous tramps." Bill and Katie later fought over Katie's loyalty to her family. Katie went to Brooke's place. Steffy visited Bill, who was drinking liquor straight from the bottle. Bill told her to leave, but she prattled on about how wrong Katie was to leave him after a fight. She seductively told him that she wouldn't have left him. The storm knocked out the power at Bill's, and Bill and Steffy shared a passionate kiss before Steffy ran out the door. Lieutenant Baker promised to investigate Sandy's case, even though DNA testing revealed that her attacker had no record and was not in any database. Sandy and Nick grew closer as she thanked him for helping her.
January 11 to 15, 2010
Katie and Bill made up after she had walked out on him, but he didn't tell her about Steffy's visit, and things were still tense between them. Steffy told Thomas about her latest kissing bout with Bill, and he suggested that she use Bill to return Forrester Creations to the Forrester family's control. A grown-up Hope joined the staff at Forrester as a high-school intern, and Steffy whined to Ridge that it was unfair that Steffy had to share Ridge with Hope at work. Taylor agreed, which resulted in an all-out argument, with Brooke and Hope battling Steffy and Taylor. Ridge was in the middle. After the "Dare" campaign was shelved, Steffy crafted an "Afterparty" ad campaign and introduced Graham Darros, the internationally famous photographer, for the photography job. However, she had some competition. Katie helped Hope introduce a "Hope of the Future" campaign, with Hope as its spokesperson/model -- a job that Steffy had previously turned down. Ridge fumed when he heard that the Logans had chosen Hope's campaign over Steffy's. Ridge told Brooke, "It's over," while Taylor watched. Sandy told Whip that her rape had occurred after a party they attended together. Whip asked who had been at the party after he left, and Sandy remembered Graham Darros, a photographer. Nick continued to keep Sandy's rape a secret from Bridget.
January 18 to 22, 2010
Katie and Steffy presented their ad campaigns to Bill, and Bill decided on "Hope for the Future." Steffy was angry. She privately met with Bill and promised profits if he gave her control of the company and ousted the Logans. Bill admitted to Justin that he couldn't get his kiss with Steffy off his mind. Katie told Donna that she wanted Steffy out of the company because she was interfering in Katie's marriage. Ridge was furious that the Logans chose Hope for the ad campaign, and discarded Steffy's ideas. Stephanie warned Brooke that choosing her family and Hope's campaign over Ridge would be detrimental to her marriage. Stephanie reminded Brooke that when she had chosen Rick over Ridge, it was disastrous. Brooke and Ridge argued and made up, but Brooke invited her sisters to dinner, and Ridge refused to attend. Instead, he went to Taylor's where he told Taylor that he had made a mistake in returning to Brooke, and they shared a kiss. Photographer Graham Darros shot photos of Hope and reviewed them with Steffy and Hope at Insomnia. Steffy and Hope met Oliver Jones, a DJ and Sandy's brother at Insomnia. He told them how beautiful they were, and asked them to invite all their friends to Insomnia.
January 25 to 29, 2010
Taylor fantasized about Ridge, but later forgot about him while she was in Whip's arms. Hope and Steffy argued about Hope calling Ridge her father, but Steffy relented that Ridge was Hope's dad in every way but DNA. Nick was suspicious that Graham might have raped Sandy. Nick visited Graham and managed to get Graham's DNA on a piece of gum. He and Sandy took it to the police. Ridge continued to whine about Bill and Katie running Forrester. Stephanie, Taylor, Ridge, and Brooke worried that if Hope became famous, the media would crucify her because Hope was Deacon's daughter. Deacon was married to Bridget at the time Hope was conceived. Graham took photos of Hope at his loft and offered her wine so she could relax. Hope proudly took the photos to Ridge and Brooke, but Hope overheard Brooke talking about how ashamed she was when she was pregnant with Hope, who crumbled in tears. Hope confronted Ridge and Brooke and then called Graham and asked to crash at his apartment. Graham set up a party after he received Hope's call. Hope was driving to Graham's but swerved and screamed while she was arguing with Ridge and Brooke on the phone.
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February 1 to 5, 2010
Graham drugged Hope during his party, and she tried to leave, but he insisted that she was a party girl and needed to stay at his place. He laid her on his bed and started to remove her clothes, but Nick and Sandy interrupted him after they discovered that Graham was the man who had raped Sandy five years earlier. Graham was arrested, but he had knocked Sandy down, and she experienced cramping. At the hospital, Bridget learned about Sandy's true identity as Agnes. Bridget freaked out on Agnes and Nick. Later, Brooke overheard Agnes tell Whip that Agnes was in love with Nick. Brooke warned Agnes to back away from Nick. Hope finally awakened at the hospital, and Ridge and Brooke tried to convince her that they never meant to hurt her when she overheard that Deacon was her father and that she was conceived when Brooke slept with Deacon, who was still married to Bridget. Hope was cold to her parents, but warmed up to Oliver when he visited. Steffy apologized to Hope for allowing Graham to take her photos at his apartment, but Hope said that she didn't blame Steffy.
February 8 to 12, 2010
Ridge freaked out after seeing "Forrester Creations, a division of Spencer Publications" a few too many times. Steffy vowed to get the company back into Forrester hands. Steffy visited Bill, and she teased that she would make him forget out all about Katie if he spent a few hours with her. Donna tattled that she saw Bill and Steffy together, and Katie ordered Bill to meet her at home where she flipped out on him for letting Steffy come on to him. Bill and Katie argued, and Katie walked out again. Steffy was eavesdropping outside the house, and quickly moved indoors to seduce Bill. Steffy and Bill were in the bedroom when Katie returned home. Sandy told Nick that she loved him, but she said that she would never interfere in his marriage to Bridget. When Bridget found out Sandy was in love with her husband, she reminded the surrogate that she was nothing more than an incubator for Nick and Bridget's baby. Whip cooked a romantic dinner for Taylor, and kisses led to hot romance and lovemaking. Brooke hinted to Ridge that Bill and Katie's marriage was hitting a rough patch.
February 15 to 19, 2010
Steffy escaped unseen from Bill's bedroom, but she snatched Katie's engagement ring before she left. Bill and Katie made up, and Katie noticed her ring was missing. Steffy succeeded in blackmailing Bill to return the company to the Forresters in exchange for Katie's ring. Steffy duped Bill into signing a contract that she called the Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust, but she secretly had him sign a contract that included Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, and Taylor as the owners and management team. Steffy refused to allow Bill time to review the contract with a lawyer. Stephanie and Taylor gloated that they were among the new owners, and Brooke and Donna were shocked. Katie wondered why Bill had made a decision to sell without consulting her. Bridget continued to berate Agnes and worried that Agnes wasn't taking care of herself. Taylor told Ridge about her romance with Whip.
February 22 to 26, 2010
When Bill discovered that Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, and Taylor had become the owners of Forrester, he was angry that he had been duped into the contract and vowed revenge. Taylor spent the night with Whip and she shared that she wasn't sure that she should liquidate all her assets and invest in a new career. After some soul-searching and an offer from Brooke to buy her out, Taylor decided that she wanted to go into debt and become a partner in ownership of Forrester Creations. That didn't sit well with Brooke, who wouldn't take no for an answer on her buyout offer. Taylor and Brooke argued and wound up in a physical battle in the fountain outside the Forrester building. In some tender scenes, Eric convinced Stephanie to return to Forrester as a partner, and he told her that he still loved her. Stephanie and Pam departed Jackie M after telling the Jackie M gang that they had been like family, but Stephanie felt she had to return to the company she had built with Eric. Aggie had been experiencing some dizzy spells, but never said anything to anyone. Nick set up a dinner to mend fences between Bridget and Aggie, but they argued and Aggie fell down the stairs.
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MARCH 2010
March 1 to 5, 2010
Taylor decided to become a 25 percent owner of Forrester Creations. Steffy pressured Ridge to dump the "Hope for the Future" campaign, but Brooke and Hope argued to keep it. After Aggie lost the baby, Nick told Bridget that he didn't think they were meant to have a baby together. Bridget angrily left Nick, and she went to Jackie M, where she found Owen. Bridget told Owen that she couldn't stay married to Nick anymore. Owen sympathetically listened to Bridget, who appeared to be in the middle of an emotional breakdown. Owen took Bridget to his friend's beach house, and they comforted each other in their common failed wishes to have a baby. Bridget lit dozens of candles and asked Owen to pray with her. Comfort got of control, and Owen and Bridget had sex and quickly regretted that they got carried away. Bridget planned to tell Nick what she had done, but she decided to keep quiet. Owen felt guilty when he returned home to Jackie. Oliver, who was staying at the beach house, left when he saw all the candles lit. He was testing out his new pocket projector gadget when he shot video of the house. Later, he tried to view the video while he was having coffee with Hope. After Hope left, Oliver got his new gadget to work, and he realized that he had recorded Bridget and Owen making love in the beach house.
March 8 to 12, 2010
Taylor, Stephanie, Eric, and Ridge met about the company's new direction with Brooke chiming in her own opinion. The crew agreed that the "Hope for the Future" campaign would work for the youth line, but not as the entire image campaign for Forrester. Stephanie suggested that the company dump the "Brooke's Bedroom" line, but Brooke reminded everyone that it made money. Bridget returned to Nick, and they went on a romantic getaway to Mexico. Bridget called Owen and shared that she would not tell Nick about their tryst. Oliver realized that he had videotaped Owen and Bridget making love. Steffy got a peek at the video and managed to get a copy. At Taylor's pool, Oliver begged Steffy not to use the video against Bridget and Owen. Steffy whined that she wanted to destroy the all the Logans because they had destroyed her family. Oliver tried to persuade Steffy that she wasn't that vindictive. Steffy and Oliver kissed, and Hope saw them. Stephanie barged in on Ridge and Brooke in his office after a lovemaking session. Stephanie wanted them to lock the door or keep their sexual encounters at home.
March 15 to 19, 2010
Bridget and Owen shared some awkward moments together trying to justify their sexual encounter. Nick walked in while they were talking, and Bridget covered by saying she was just getting emotional about losing the baby. Bridget fired Aggie at Jackie M, but Aggie later found out about the video Oliver had made of Owen and Bridget making love by accidentally seeing it at Oliver's house. Aggie returned to Jackie M to confront Nick and Bridget about Bridget's tryst with Owen. Steffy plotted to use the video of Bridget and Owen to get Brooke out of Forrester. Steffy toyed with Oliver and offered him a job at Forrester if he missed a date with Hope. Oliver refused and deleted the video from Steffy's computer when she wasn't looking. Oliver took Hope to her high school dance. Taylor and Whip had a romantic moment by the pool and declared their love for each other. Whip presented diamond earrings to Taylor.
March 22 to 26, 2010
Bridget managed to silence Aggie before Aggie dished that she knew all about Bridget and Owen's sexual encounter. Aggie told Oliver that she had feelings for Nick. Bridget and Owen continued to share a struggle with guilt over hiding their one-night tryst from their spouses. Oliver told Steffy that he had feelings for Hope, and he kissed Hope in front of her. After an awkward dinner with Brooke and Ridge, Whip and Taylor spent some time alone. Taylor expressed her love for Whip, and he proposed. Taylor accepted and wanted to get married the following week. Bill and Katie enjoyed Katie's unemployment by being deeply involved in romance. Bill looked forward to Katie becoming more involved in Spencer's numerous publications. Donna wanted Eric to fire Pam after all she had done to Donna. Stephanie stuck up for Pam. Eric told Donna that he was making decisions at Forrester, and Pam would remain an employee. Eric shocked Donna when he expressed his displeasure with her past behavior at Forrester after he had been ousted as CEO. He admonished Donna for her lack of loyalty and brushed off her concern about Pam's treatment of her. A hurt Donna went to visit Katie, but found Bill instead. Donna worried that her marriage was in jeopardy. Bill disagreed, but Donna had good reason to be concerned. After Eric's argument with Donna, he kissed Stephanie, and told her that he never should have let her go.
March 29 to April 2, 2010
Stephanie helped plan Taylor's wedding. At the same time, she frequently quizzed Taylor about her feelings for Ridge. On her wedding day, Taylor was remembering past romantic moments with Ridge. When it came down to vow time, Ridge dramatically interrupted the ceremony and hogged the spotlight when he made a syrupy speech about how happy he was for Taylor and Whip. The wedding proceeded with vows and a singer performing a lovely song Whip had written for Taylor. Steffy flirted shamelessly with Oliver at the reception. Later, Steffy childishly dumped her mother's wedding cake all over Hope. Oliver kissed Hope and they shared a laugh. Bridget and Owen continued to yak about their guilt over hiding their one-night tryst from their spouses. Eric invited Stephanie to move into the guesthouse since she had to move out of Taylor's place. Donna was upset, but she was even more upset after the wedding. Donna was excluded from Taylor's wedding, which Eric and Stephanie attended together. Eric returned home to Donna with Stephanie. Eric announced that Stephanie was moving into the guesthouse in spite of Donna's opposition to the idea.
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APRIL 2010
April 5 to 9, 2010
Bridget discovered that she had missed taking a few of her birth control pills, and when she visited her doctor, she also learned that her consumption of St. John's Wort could render her birth control pills ineffective. Bridget panicked when her period was late. She used a home pregnancy test, and Owen waited with her for the results. They both worried that he could be the father. When Bridget got the results, she looked absolutely mortified, but didn't say anything, which led Owen to beg for the news. Whip started a new campaign with Owen as a cabana boy to Jackie's cougar. During the photo shoot, Owen looked unhappy to be a boy-toy yet again. Stephanie moved into Eric's guesthouse and became pretty chummy with Eric. Brooke warned Stephanie not to interfere in Donna's marriage, and Stephanie found the warnings laughable. Donna worried about her marriage, and with good reason. Stephanie, Ridge, Rick, Thorne, Pam, and Steffy crafted a moving video tribute to Eric as a surprise. Brooke and Donna were in the audience, but knew nothing about the tribute that included many photos and videos of Eric and Stephanie. The narration was Stephanie's voice. At the end, Stephanie and Eric were on stage and the family celebrated, but Brooke and Donna somewhat distanced from the family. After the tribute, Stephanie and Eric were alone in the showroom and declared their love for each other. They kissed and Pam sneaked photos.
April 12 to 16, 2010
Bridget took a pregnancy test while she and Owen waited for the results. She found out she was pregnant, and they were worried because it could be Nick's baby or Owen's. Since Bridget had never carried a baby to term, she worried about the pregnancy. Bridget wanted to tell Nick about her night with Owen, but she blurted out that she was pregnant and nixed the idea of telling him about Owen. Bridget and Owen discussed keeping their secret. Donna's parents, Stephen and Beth, returned to Los Angeles with bad news that Beth's condition had deteriorated. They moved into the mansion with Eric and Donna, and Beth needed constant attention. Across the courtyard, Stephen and Beth's move didn't sit well with Stephanie, who demanded that Donna and her parents move out. Beth started obsessing about her hatred for Stephanie, and the two had a few verbal jousts. Eric realized he couldn't have the Logans and Stephanie living so close to one another. Eric dashed Stephanie's reconciliation plans when he told her that she had to move out. Stephanie was very bitter. Bill and Katie discussed moving Beth and Stephen into their home. Beth sneaked away from her family and argued with Stephanie in the guesthouse and then by the pool. Stephanie threw Beth's lace handkerchief with pictures of her children into the water. Beth, who was terrified of water and had forgotten how to swim, jumped in after it and began to drown. Donna went to the pool and screamed.
April 19 to 23, 2010
In spite of Donna's first-aid efforts and those of the ambulance squad, Beth died after Donna found her in the pool. Stephanie admitted that she had been at the pool and argued with Beth. She added that she had thrown Beth's lace into the pool. The Logans wondered if Stephanie had attacked their mother, and Donna wanted to press charges. Stephanie and Eric tried to persuade everyone that it had been a tragic accident. Eric's support of Stephanie angered Donna, and she spent the night at Bill and Katie's home. While Donna was gone from Eric's house, Stephanie and Eric reminisced, and Eric appeared to be smitten with his ex-wife again. Donna returned and found that Eric would not force Stephanie to move from the guesthouse. Eric told Donna that he loved her, but she was furious that he still wanted his ex-wife living on the grounds. Bill told Donna that she was crazy to put up with Eric and his antics with Stephanie, but Bill was devising a plan to use Donna's situation with Eric to take over at Forrester Creations. The Logans bonded after Beth's death and remembered that Beth had worked hard her entire life to take care of her family. At Forrester, Steffy ripped off Oliver's shirt and unbuttoned her own in an effort to seduce him, but he told her that he was committed to Hope. Whip and Taylor enjoyed being newlyweds.
April 26 to 30, 2010
After the funeral service for Beth, Stephanie tried to be thoughtful by delivering food to the family, but she wound up arguing with Donna. Eric and Donna tried to patch up their marriage, but Donna said she couldn't tolerate Stephanie's constant interference, and needed more time to return to Eric. In an emotional plea, Eric told Donna that he would wait for her. Bill encouraged Donna to divorce Eric and ask for half of everything Eric owned - especially his shares in Forrester. Bill prepared a document to that effect that Donna left at Eric's house. Eric called Bill, and told him his mission to regain control of Forrester through Donna wouldn't work, and Eric knew that Donna would never give in to Bill. Stephen and Bill bonded over their hatred of the Forrester family and vowed to make the Forresters pay for all that they had done to the Logan family over the years. Whip and Taylor decided to enjoy lovemaking in the steam room at Jackie M. They vowed to become the steam room champs and beat out the Forresters and Logans. Bridget and Nick announced that Bridget was pregnant, and Owen secretly took a paternity test. Jackie caught Owen and Bridget at the hospital awaiting results. Jackie grilled Bridget about what was going on, and Bridget admitted that she and Owen had slept together.
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MAY 2010
May 3 to 7, 2010
A DNA test proved that Bridget was carrying Owen's baby. Jackie persuaded Bridget to tell everyone that Nick had fathered the baby. Bridget said that she wasn't sure she could live a lie for the rest of her life. Jackie insisted that it was best for everyone involved, and she reminded Bridget that she might never carry the baby to full term. With Bill's help, Donna made demands on Eric to save their marriage. Donna wanted to move out of the Forrester house because she felt that it was always home to Stephanie, and Donna's mother had died there. Donna also wanted Stephanie to be held accountable for Beth's death and she wanted Eric to stop working with Stephanie. Eric refused to agree to Donna's demands. Donna removed her wedding and engagement rings, but she told Eric that she would always love him. When Donna left the building, Pam played a trick on her, and Donna wound up getting carted away in an exterminator's truck. After the truck pulled away, Eric immediately reunited with Stephanie in a romantic moment on the loading docks. Ridge, Steffy, and Brooke watched.
May 10 to 14, 2010
Hope held a press conference to introduce the new "Hope for the Future" line, but Steffy and Pam did everything that they could to humiliate Hope. Pam disconnected the teleprompter that held Hope's speech and rigged the neon sign behind Hope to read "Ho Logan." Hope froze when everything went wrong but recovered thanks to Oliver's eye contact. Hope's introduction was a smashing success. When accusations came around to Steffy and Pam, Steffy whined that it was all because Hope had stolen her dad and taken the spotlight that her dead twin sister, Phoebe, would have had. Ridge fired Steffy from Hope's campaign, and noted that she needed help. Taylor seemed to be blind to the fact that Steffy had a variety of issues. Steffy didn't stop trying to hurt Hope and get her out of Forrester. Steffy showed up at Oliver's house wearing black lace. Steffy straddled Oliver and begged him to make love to her. Oliver refused. Jackie continued to pressure Bridget to keep the secret that Owen had fathered her baby. Donna, Katie, and Stephen discussed their anger with the Forresters. Stephen vowed revenge on the Forresters for Beth's death.
May 17 to 21, 2010
Hope worried that Steffy was constantly trying to seduce Oliver, and Hope said that she would do anything to keep Oliver. Brooke warned Hope and Oliver that Hope was not ready for a sexual relationship. Pam and Stephanie urged Steffy to break up Hope and Oliver in order to get Hope to go away to college. Brooke begged Steffy and Taylor to stop the war on the Logans for Ridge's sake. Taylor and Steffy appeared to be moved by Brooke's plea. Even Ridge pleaded with Steffy to stay away from Oliver, but Steffy refused. Steffy plotted with Pam and Stephanie to get rid of the Logans. Stephen had trouble dealing with Beth's death, and fell into a deep depression. Brooke urged him to meet her for lunch, but he stepped in front of a car when he went to visit her. At Jackie M, Bridget didn't feel up to traveling to New York with Nick for a meeting, so Aggie happily took her place. Jackie and Bridget continually yakked about keeping the paternity of Bridget's baby a secret, but Bridget cracked and told Owen that he was her baby's father. Owen was thrilled and surprised when Bridget informed him that Jackie knew all about their tryst and the baby's paternity. Jackie didn't know that Bridget told Owen that he was the father.
May 24 to 28, 2010
Hope and Oliver bonded at Brooke's pool. Katie, Justin, and Bill encouraged Donna to sign divorce papers that demanded 50 percent of Eric's shares in Forrester. Steffy begged Eric to give Donna real estate or cash -- anything but shares in Forrester. Eric invited Ridge, Thorne, Thomas, and Steffy to a formal dinner party where he asked Stephanie to move back into the house. Stephen, depressed over Beth's death, came up with a plan to exact revenge on the Forresters by romancing Pam. In the process of getting to know Pam, Stephen discovered that she had spent her entire life taking care of her mother while Stephanie had lived a life of luxury. Stephen planned to make Pam resentful of her sister. Pam shared that she was a virgin who had very little experience with dating. Stephen also found out that Pam required medication. Stephen kissed Pam after they shared a dinner at her home, and he worked to gain her trust. Owen admitted to Jackie that he knew he was the father of Bridget's baby. Owen begged Jackie to forgive him. Jackie forgave Owen for his tryst with Bridget, but she insisted that she didn't want anyone to share the truth about the baby with Nick.
May 31 to June 4, 2010
Oliver persuaded Daddy Yankee to stage his new video at the Forrester mansion during Hope's graduation party. Steffy was not invited, but clearly planned to make a mark. Steffy discovered that Hope had left her necklace in one of the Forrester offices, and she dangled it in front of Marcus. Steffy told Marcus she had a plan, but Marcus begged her to return the necklace. At the party, guests all wore masks. Hope and Brooke wore the same dress and Oliver and Ridge were supposedly wearing the same jacket, unbeknownst to anyone. The evening got out of hand with mistaken identities. Somehow, Brooke was wearing the necklace that Oliver had given to Hope. Oliver thought he was having an intimate lovemaking encounter with Hope, but when he saw Brooke take off her mask, he noticed that she was wearing the necklace he had given to Hope. Stephen romanced Pam and moved in with her. Stephen purchased a gun from Mike Guthrie, and the two bonded over their hatred of the Forresters. Jackie, Owen, and Bridget agreed to keep the paternity of Bridget's baby's from Nick until they were sure the baby was all right. Nick was elated to hear that Bridget's pregnancy was progressing normally.
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JUNE 2010
June 7 to 11, 2010
Brooke bragged to Katie about her masked sexual encounter with the man she thought was Ridge. When Brooke teased Ridge about the daring sex they had, he seemed clueless. While watching the video of the event, Brooke suddenly realized that Oliver and Ridge were wearing the same jackets, and she was wearing Hope's necklace. It finally dawned on Brooke that she had sex with her daughter's boyfriend. Steffy seemed to have an about-face in her relationship with Hope. They called a truce and became friendly. Oliver was guilt-ridden about the sex he had with Brooke at the party, but he told no one. Stephen's plan to get Pam to shoot Stephanie unfolded when Stephen persuaded Pam to go off her meds in order to break free of Stephanie's control. Mike Guthrie, who already sold Stephen a gun, warned Stephen that he might need a bigger gun to kill Stephanie. Nick told Jackie, Owen and Bridget that he was the happiest man alive after the ultrasound revealed that Bridget's pregnancy was going well.
June 14 to 18, 2010
Brooke and Oliver discussed their accidental sexual encounter and decided to keep it a secret from everyone. Stephanie dragged Pam to the cabin at Big Bear to enlighten her that Stephen was using her. Stephanie insisted that Pam had to break off her relationship with Stephen, but Pam called Stephen and told him she was trapped at Big Bear with Stephanie. Stephen showed up at Big Bear with a gun, and he told Pam to shoot Stephanie. Pam couldn't do it, and Stephanie took the gun. Stephanie shot Stephen in the shoulder and she said it felt good. Then, Stephanie moved in to shoot him again. "Say hello to Beth for me," Stephanie said. In Los Angeles, Katie, Bill and Brooke met with Mike Guthrie and discovered that Stephen had purchased a gun from Mike. Katie, Bill, and Brooke surmised that Stephen was headed to Big Bear to shoot Stephanie. At an impromptu baby shower for Bridget, Aggie tattled to Nick that Owen was the father of Bridget's baby, and Bridget's pregnancy was the result of an affair with Owen. Nick didn't believe it. He later quizzed Bridget about Aggie's accusations and begged her to tell him that it wasn't true. Bridget tearfully stared at Nick.
June 21 to 25, 2010
Hope told Oliver about Brooke's affair with Deacon when Deacon was married to Bridget. Hope said that she was the result of that union, and she didn't know how Bridger ever forgave their mother. Oliver later accused Brooke of seeking him out for sex as a crazed way to sleep with all her daughters' men. Brooke was embarrassed and begged Oliver to understand that it was all an accidental encounter. Oliver and Brooke agreed to keep the encounter a secret, but video from the graduation party clearly showed Brooke dancing with Oliver. Brooke and Oliver said that it was Ridge, not Oliver, with whom Brooke was dancing. Marcus dished to Steffy that Oliver and Hope had sex at the graduation party, but Hope denied it. Steffy sleuthed around and found out that Brooke, not Hope, was wearing Hope's necklace. Steffy put it all together and realized Brooke and Oliver had sex. Steffy accused Oliver of having sex with Brooke, and he appeared shaken. After Stephanie shot Stephen at the cabin at Big Bear, he was under watched guard at the hospital, and Stephanie told Brooke that Brooke and her entire family were "screw-ups." After hearing the news about Bridget's baby, Nick punched Owen and told Bridget he was through with her. Jackie tried to smooth things over, but Nick was furious with all of them. Bridget told Brooke about what had happened, and Brooke told her not to give up on her marriage.
June 28 to July 2, 2010
Steffy dished to Brooke and Oliver that she planned to tell Ridge and Stephanie all about their mistaken-identity sexual encounter. Brooke and Oliver begged Steffy to keep silent, but Steffy relished the idea of outing Brooke. Oliver wondered how Steffy could hurt her father and Hope with the news, but Steffy said that it was time everyone knew exactly what Brooke was like. Steffy blamed Brooke for taking her father away from her family. Pam visited Stephen in prison, and Stephen tried to persuade her that he had deep feelings for her. Stephen said he had been crazy with grief when he tried to persuade her to shoot Stephanie. Pam wanted to believe that Stephen was sincere, but she was afraid to follow her heart. Stephen held her hand and asked for forgiveness, and Pam admitted she knew what is was like to be crazy. At Jackie M, Whip hired Amber Moore as a designer to fill in for Bridget when she had the baby. Amber surmised that something was wrong at Jackie M, but she didn't get the details. Owen cheered Bridget up with a lively discussion of how the baby would be a surfer, and Amber caught them in a private moment with Owen caressing Bridget's belly.
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JULY 2010
July 5 to 9, 2010
Steffy successfully blackmailed Brooke and Oliver. To meet Steffy's demands, Brooke left Forrester, and it delighted Steffy and Stephanie. As another part of Steffy's deal, Oliver persuaded Hope to go to the East coast for college, and he did. Hope announced that she would start packing, but wanted Oliver to go with her and visit as often as he could. To comply with the last part of Steffy's demands, Oliver promised to date Steffy. Oliver told Brooke that Steffy had promised to let him off the hook after a couple months. Oliver insisted that he loved only Hope and planned to visit her in Boston. Brooke told Ridge that she was leaving Forrester because she couldn't take the fighting anymore with Steffy and Stephanie, but Ridge worried that something else was going on. He believed it would only be a temporary leave. Bridget tried to convince Nick to save their marriage, but he adamantly refused. Nick forced Bridget to sign divorce papers. Afterwards, Jackie visited Nick and begged him to reconsider divorcing Bridget, but Nick angrily rejected the idea. Nick warned his mother that Owen would leave her for Bridget soon after the baby was born, if not before. Jackie was furious with Nick for even suggesting such a thing, but Nick smugly said that it would happen. Jackie and Owen invited Bridget to live in Whip's old apartment to be close to them. Bridget was clearly depressed when she and Owen discussed how they were going to handle sharing the news that she was pregnant with his child. They worried about how the news would get out to the public.
July 12 to 16, 2010
In a court battle, an arbitrator determined that Donna was entitled to 12.5 percent of Forrester. The Forresters were furious, and they conspired to get Donna to return her shares to Eric. Steffy extended her blackmail plot to include the return of Donna's shares for her silence. Steffy demanded that Brooke get the shares back. Brooke angrily walked out on Steffy, and Steffy assumed she had been successful. Stephanie, Taylor, and Steffy celebrated that Steffy had forced all the Logans out of Forrester. Brooke told Oliver that Steffy would never stop with the blackmail. Brooke informed Oliver that she was going to tell Ridge what had happened, and she did. After Ridge called it irresponsible, he also forgave Brooke, and they hugged. Hope and Oliver packed up Hope's belongings to leave for Boston, and Oliver worried what would happen when Ridge got the news of the Brooke and Oliver mistaken-identity sex. Nick informed everyone at Jackie M that Bridget was carrying Owen's child. Aggie invited Nick to dinner. Stephen was set free from jail on bond, and Pam was waiting for him. Stephen promised to show Pam that he had true feelings for her.
July 19 to 23, 2010
Hope decided that she would stay in Los Angeles rather than move to Boston. After Brooke and Ridge discussed Steffy's blackmail plot, Ridge forgave Steffy and told her that he loved her. Ridge coerced Steffy into holding a press conference that welcomed Brooke back to Forrester. Steffy's computer died, and she demanded that her outside service team take care of the problem. Liam, the computer service tech, was also an intern at Spencer. While working on Steffy's computer, Liam discovered that he had inadvertently recorded Steffy's conversation with Ridge about Brooke's tryst with Oliver. Justin found out, and incorporated Steffy's comments into Steffy's presentation that hit the media in a public tribute to Brooke. Hope was devastated to learn what her mother and boyfriend had done. Ridge, Brooke, and Oliver were embarrassed, and Steffy was worried that she would be blamed. Stephanie and Taylor watched the entire show in surprise along with all the media. Nick and Aggie spent an intimate evening on the Shady Marlin.
July 26 to 30, 2010
Hope was heartbroken to hear about Oliver and Brooke's mistaken identity sex. Hope visited with Bridget and Stephanie to discuss her mother's error. Oliver worked his way back into Hope's heart with an apology and a song. When Oliver and Hope kissed, however, Hope pulled back because she couldn't get the image of Oliver and Brooke's against-the-wall sexual encounter out of her head. Ridge fired Steffy because he believed she deliberately created the embarrassing press conference video of Oliver and Brooke, but Steffy insisted that her computer had been sabotaged. Taylor and Stephanie were irate with Ridge because they believed that Steffy was innocent. Taylor countered Ridge's firing by giving her shares and ownership in Forrester - all 25 percent - to Steffy. Justin and Liam explained to Bill that they were behind the sabotage of Steffy's video tribute that embarrassed Brooke, Oliver, and Hope. Bill angrily chastised Justin for a terrible decision, and he warned Liam and Justin that they should tell no one what happened. Stephanie invited Hope to stay at the Forrester mansion. Brooke visited Stephanie to warn her to stay away from Hope. When Stephanie and Brooke argued, it became physical, and Brooke shoved Stephanie. When Stephanie fell over, she hit the ground and was unconscious.
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August 2 to 6, 2010
After Brooke pushed Stephanie, it resulted in an overnight stay at the hospital for Stephanie. Hope moved into Eric and Stephanie's guesthouse, and Brooke tried to convince her daughter to return home. In a crazy moment, Hope recreated the atmosphere of her graduation party. She donned the blue dress and mask, and played "Pose" in the dark living room with an electric disco lamp. Hope danced with Oliver, who was also in mask, and Hope dragged him out to the patio. Hope decided that it was impossible for Oliver to have mistaken Brooke for Hope. Hurt and disgusted, Hope told her mother and Oliver that she needed to get away from both of them. Taylor, Stephanie, and Steffy were disgusted that Ridge had forgiven Brooke, but he had fired Steffy. The trio freaked out on Brooke for what she had done to Hope. Computer technicians Liam and Ed told Steffy that they couldn't find proof that anyone had hacked into her computer. A distraught Steffy begged them to keep investigating, and Liam promised that he would. Bridget tried to convince Nick to save their marriage, but he refused. Aggie told Bridget that she and Nick had an intimate relationship. Bridget, Owen, and Jackie decided they would raise Bridget's baby together.
August 9 to 13, 2010
Brooke and Oliver continued to beg for Hope's forgiveness, but Hope wanted nothing to do with them after their mistaken identity sex. Brooke wouldn't let up, and she showed up on Hope's doorstep. Stephanie answered the door, slapped Brooke, and told Brooke never to return. Oliver made a video for Hope and they shared a kiss. Ridge was furious with Stephanie for slapping Brooke. Ridge visited Hope, but he could not persuade her to forgive Brooke nor to return home. Hope said that she needed time. Stephanie discovered that Liam and Justin were behind the tampering with Steffy's computer, and Stephanie slapped Liam silly, too. Then, Stephanie dragged Liam down to Forrester where he confessed to Ridge, who was ready to punch him. Liam stopped Ridge with three words. "I'm your son," Liam said. Brooke and the Forresters were upset to find that Donna had sold her 12.5 percent interest in Forrester to Bill Spencer. In a private meeting at his home, Bill offered to buy Steffy's 25 percent in Forrester and said that he could clear her name in the video sabotage. Bridget, Owen, and Jackie were happy to find that Bridget's baby was very active and healthy.
August 16 to 20, 2010
Liam discovered that he was not Ridge's son, but he knew his father was in Los Angeles. Liam met with Hope and they shared their personal stories of not knowing their biological fathers. They also shared a few kisses. Liam apologized to Steffy, and she found out that he was enamored with Hope. Oliver finally won Hope's forgiveness with a romantic picnic in the backyard at Stephanie's place, and she no longer had visions of Oliver with Brooke whenever she kissed him. Bill's offer to buy Steffy's 25 percent in Forrester fell on deaf ears, but Bill had no intention of giving up. Bill and Katie were intent upon putting Katie back in the CEO's chair at Forrester. Bridget, Owen, and Jackie reveled in the fact that Bridget's baby was healthy. Owen confessed to Bridget and Jackie that he was sick of being a boy toy in all the ad campaigns. Bridget sympathized with Owen, and Amber enjoyed the scenes of a shirtless Owen in three photo shoots. Aggie tried to take Nick's mind off of Bridget, Jackie, and Owen practically living together, but Nick found the arrangement creepy and worried that the ad campaigns and lifestyle of Bridget, Owen, and Jackie were going to hurt the company and turn it into a joke.
August 23 to 27, 2010
Both Thorne Forrester and Bill Spencer discovered that they could be Liam's father. Liam and Hope grew closer, but Hope had reunited with Oliver. Although Hope forgave Oliver, she refused to wear the necklace that Oliver had given her. Liam offered to help Ridge build a lawsuit against Spencer. Liam also asked Ridge if he could date Hope, but Ridge discouraged it. Bill told Katie that he could be Liam's father, and Katie shared the news with a shocked Liam. Steffy, Taylor, and Stephanie ranted again that Brooke had to be fired because Forrester sales were down as a result of the recent scandal. Steffy threatened to sell her shares to Bill Spencer if Ridge didn't get rid of Brooke. Thomas stepped up and told his father that Steffy was still using blackmail to get what she wanted. Thomas dished that Steffy had seduced Bill to get the company back for the family. Thomas was bitter about Taylor giving all her shares to Steffy, and Thomas sided with Brooke against his sister and mother. Ridge and Brooke agreed that it might be best for Brooke to leave the company to get his family - and the company - back on track.
August 30 to September 2, 2010
After the DNA test, Bill Spencer, Liam, and Thorne discovered that Bill was Liam's father. In a tender yet awkward conversation, Liam and Bill shared information about Liam's mom. Bill vacillated between being thoughtful and sarcastic. At one point, Liam punched his father in the jaw. Bill was impressed. Steffy confessed to Oliver that she felt everyone hated her, especially Thomas. Oliver said he was leaving Forrester because Brooke had been banished, and Oliver felt he deserved the same treatment. Hope returned home to an elated Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie discovered that Owen was the father of Bridget's baby. Stephanie visited Jackie to say that Jackie was only going to get hurt once the baby was born. Jackie insisted that her relationship with Owen would survive because of their love. Jackie referred to Bridget's unborn child as "our baby." Stephanie told her the entire situation was just weird. Bridget had gone to Big Bear, and Owen visited to deliver design sketches. Bridget went into labor, and Owen delivered a healthy baby boy. Owen and Bridget bonded over their miracle baby, and they kissed.
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September 6 to 10, 2010
Katie and Hope tried to unite Liam and Bill, but it was awkward, and Bill resisted. Katie tried to talk some sense into Bill, and Liam left. Liam took Hope to the beach, where the two shared some alone time. Liam told Hope that he was crazy about her, but Hope admitted her heart belonged to Oliver. Jackie barged in on Owen and Bridget's bonding time with their newborn son, Logan. Jackie alarmed both Owen and Bridget as she continued to say, "my baby," when she held Logan. Jackie also wanted to rename the child. All the Logans and Forresters greeted Logan. Bridget admitted to Rick and Brooke that she was falling in love with Owen. Rick visited Jackie alone, and told her that she was making a mistake in thinking that Owen would stay with her rather than with Bridget and his newborn son. Rick flirted with Jackie, kissed her, and said that he hoped he was available when she left Owen. Stephanie recommended that Bridget move away from Owen and Jackie because Logan was Bridget's son, not Jackie's baby.
September 13 to 17, 2010
Bill and Liam finally put their bitterness aside about not knowing each other sooner. Bill shared that he and Liam's mother were very much in love when Liam had been conceived. Bill and Liam shook hands and promised to meet again. Bridget and Owen reveled in being new parents and took their son to the doctor. Bridget warned Rick to stay away from Jackie, but Rick didn't heed her advice. Instead, Rick told Jackie that Bridget and Owen belonged together, and Rick said that he would be waiting for Jackie when that happened. Rick prepared a champagne and caviar get-together for Jackie on the rooftop at her apartment complex, and he asked Jackie to spend a week in Paris with him. Jackie told Rick that he was wasting his energy on her. Amber tried to warm up to Brooke and get closer to Rick, but Brooke didn't offer any help. Hope confessed to Oliver that she had feelings for Liam, and she broke up with Oliver. Steffy told Hope that she had feelings for Liam, and Hope wasn't happy. After Liam met with Bill, Liam told Hope that he loved her, and Hope said that she also loved Liam. Hope and Liam kissed, and Brooke and Ridge saw them, content that Hope was happy again.
September 20 to 24, 2010
At the Jackie M fashion show, Bill and Jarrett grilled Jackie and Owen about Bridget's baby. Jackie and Owen admitted to a crowded room of reporters that Owen and Bridget were the parents of baby Logan. Liam was embarrassed because Bill had hurt Bridget - Katie's niece and Hope's sister. Bill told Liam that Spencer Publications had an obligation to report the news. Bill added that the paternity would never have been a secret for long, and no one could protect Katie's family from gossip and scandals. Bill said that he'd tried to protect Brooke, and his shareholders demanded that he report the news. Rick and Owen sparred over Jackie's attention, and Jackie, Owen, and Bridget warned Rick to leave Jackie alone. Thomas stuck up for Brooke and Hope in a Forrester meeting, effectively silencing Steffy and Stephanie, and earning Ridge's praise. Brooke told Steffy and Taylor that Steffy needed to stay away from Liam. Brooke and Stephanie argued again over Brooke's eventual return to Forrester. Brooke walked past Stephanie to get away from her, and Stephanie fell down. Brooke ignored her, and Stephanie called the paramedics on her cell phone. At the hospital, Brooke assumed that Stephanie was faking again, but the doctor insisted on a variety of tests. The doctor expressed concern that Stephanie had a persistent cough and lightheadedness. Brooke looked worried, and stayed for the diagnosis. The doctor later announced that Stephanie had cancer.
September 27 to October 1, 2010
Brooke hounded Stephanie to tell her family about her stage four lung cancer diagnosis, but Stephanie said that that she needed time to consider her options. Stephanie threw herself a birthday party and had a sliding board installed at the Forrester mansion, stretching from the balcony to the living room. Everyone enjoyed the fun. Brooke worried that Stephanie was taking too long to act on her cancer, and Stephanie finally admitted that she had a bucket list and planned to refuse treatment. Brooke insisted that Stephanie would receive treatment. Brooke confided in Ridge that Stephanie had shared a secret with Brooke, and Ridge told Brooke to keep the secret. Nick and Aggie encouraged Oliver to pursue Hope, but Oliver was hesitant because Hope had clearly stated that she was dating Liam. Nick and Aggie discussed their relationship and ended up making love again. The news that Owen and Bridget were parents of Bridget's baby resulted in public comments that suggested that Owen and Bridget should get together, but Owen told Bridget that he was committed to Jackie. Rick continued to pursue Jackie, but Bridget forbade Rick to keep up the ruse, and Bridget told Rick that he always seemed to pursue damsels in distress. Unfazed, Rick begged Jackie to fly to Paris with him. He presented a diamond engagement ring and asked her to marry him.
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October 4 to 8, 2010
Stephanie admitted to Brooke that she was going to refuse treatment for her stage four lung cancer. Stephanie set off on a bucket list with Brooke in tow, and they rode a rollercoaster, where Stephanie lost a scarf that had belonged to her mother. Stephanie went in search of the scarf, and encountered a homeless man she had met when she had amnesia years before. Stephanie also found the woman who had taken her scarf, and the woman threatened Stephanie with a broken bottle. Brooke prepared to intervene. Wearing sexy lingerie, Steffy flirted with Liam during her interview for Eye on Fashion, to no avail. Hope and Steffy argued over Steffy's behavior, but Steffy made it clear that she wanted Liam. Nick fired Owen and Bridget, and Jackie objected. In private, Nick and Bridget tearfully parted. Bridget said that she understood how much it hurt Nick to see Bridget with Owen's baby. Nick named Amber the head designer at Jackie M, and Amber was so excited that she kissed Nick. Rick didn't let up in his pursuit of Jackie. Rick insisted that an engagement to him would take the heat off Jackie M's scandal between Owen and Bridget. Aggie told Whip that she was in love with Nick.
October 11 to 15, 2010
Brooke told Taylor that Stephanie had stage four lung cancer and was refusing treatment. Taylor tried to convince Stephanie to fight, but Stephanie refused. Taylor met with Stephanie's doctor and told Pam. Taylor told Pam that Stephanie was dying and refused treatment. Pam begged Taylor to change Stephanie's mind. Brooke and Stephanie ventured into Los Angeles' homeless community, where Stephanie found the homeless girl, Dayzee, who had stolen her scarf. Brooke met a man named Anthony, who promised to help Brooke find Stephanie. Dayzee was taking care of a baby named Tanya for a friend and living outdoors in a tent. Stephanie realized that she could help. After Brooke found Stephanie and Dayzee, Stephanie promised to get treatment and told Brooke that she loved her. Bill disliked Liam's article on Steffy, and sent Liam back to get a more sexy take on Steffy. After the interview and photo shoot, Steffy told Hope and Liam that she was taking the international PR job and would be gone for a while. Oliver refused to give up on Hope. Whip was concerned that Amber was getting too close to Nick.
October 18 to 22, 2010
Stephanie underwent surgery for her stage four lung cancer, and she recovered in the hospital. The Forrester family met Dayzee, the homeless girl who was responsible for Stephanie's decision to seek treatment for her cancer. Amber flirted with Nick in his office and the steam room, but Nick rebuffed her advances. After Nick and Whip reviewed Amber's new designs, they worried about her abilities as head designer at Jackie M. Aggie found out about Amber's wicked ways, and warned Amber to stay away from Nick. Oliver dished to Amber that he had lost his girlfriend, Hope, to another man, and Amber decided to make Hope jealous. Amber made out with Oliver at Insomnia in full view of Hope. Amber also successfully sneaked a few Forrester designs out of Oliver's bag and into her own. Ridge agreed to permit Thomas to revive the Men's Line as a division of Forrester with a signature "by Thomas Forrester." Ridge agreed that Thomas would handle design, marketing, and PR with Brooke helping Thomas. When Taylor heard the news that Brooke was working with Thomas, Taylor was furious with Ridge and Brooke. Taylor said that she didn't trust Brooke to be near Thomas. When Brooke gave Thomas a hug to congratulate him on the new line, Taylor shrieked at Brooke, "Get your filthy hands off my son."
October 25 to 29, 2010
After the surgery that had removed a lobe of her cancerous lung, Stephanie returned home from the hospital, but refused to rest. She sneaked off to help at the homeless shelter with Dayzee. Stephanie and Dayzee went to the streets, and Stephanie interviewed the homeless of Skid Row in documentary fashion. Brooke, who was worried about Stephanie, went to Skid Row to pick Stephanie up. Instead, Brooke teamed up with Stephanie and they worked in a mission kitchen. At Jackie M, Taylor broke the news of Stephanie's cancer to the team, and Amber recalled that she'd had a very close relationship with Stephanie at one time. Nick warned Amber that her new designs needed a lot of work to compete with Forrester. Amber pulled an old Sally Spectra trick and preyed upon Oliver's emotions to steal Forrester designs. Amber flirted with Oliver, plied him booze, and went home with him. When Oliver passed out, Amber photographed all the Forrester "Hope for the Future" designs that Oliver had stored in his bag. Later, Amber made her own sketches, and presented the designs to Nick. Ecstatic with the new line that Amber had designed, Nick encouraged Amber to submit more designs. At Forrester, Taylor spied on Brooke when she worked on fitting a suit on Thomas. After the fitting, Taylor accused Brooke of seducing and fondling Thomas. Brooke slapped Taylor. Ridge later played peacemaker and forced Brooke to apologize to Taylor.
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November 1 to 5, 2010
Amber managed to get Oliver drunk again so that she could hack into his computer and steal more of the "Hope for the Future" designs. Hope and Liam spied on Amber, and knew she had the designs. Hope moved her fashion show up a few days so that Amber had no time to get the designs into production. Brooke invited Nick to the fashion show to see that Amber had stolen Eric and Ridge's designs. Nick was furious, and he fired Amber. Thomas felt upstaged by Hope's fashion show, and the press started to leave before he could introduce his new line. Whip suggested that Thomas pull a publicity stunt in order to keep the press in the room and make the event memorable. Thomas told Brooke he had a plan for a newsworthy stunt, but did not disclose what it was. Rick was miffed that Thomas had his own line. Hope told Oliver that Amber had been using him, and Oliver kissed Hope. Hope remained committed to Liam, but Oliver felt the door was still open for him to win Hope back.
November 8 to 12, 2010
Thomas swept Brooke up in a dip and a kiss at the end of his fashion line's debut, and the press went from bored to baffled. Brooke had no idea the kiss was coming, but she went along with it. Cameras caught every move, and Ridge, Taylor, and Whip were speechless. Eric forced his way onstage and told Brooke and Thomas to exit. The press wanted to know what the kiss had meant, and Eric refused to take questions. Backstage, Thomas was proud of himself, but Brooke knew trouble was brewing. Eric, Taylor, and Ridge accused Brooke of being in on the stunt, but Thomas defended Brooke and his stunt. Thomas reminded Taylor that she had forced him to do something to make a name for himself at Forrester because Taylor had given all her Forrester shares to Steffy. Whip intervened and said that he had told Thomas that Thomas needed a stunt to get the press's attention because Hope's successful show would overshadow his new line. Stephanie was angry with Brooke for going along with Thomas' stunt and causing yet another scandal at Forrester. After an impassioned plea by Thomas to forgive Brooke for participating in his stunt, Ridge forgave Brooke and they made up. Hope reminded Oliver that she had feelings for Liam and not for Oliver, but she wanted to remain friends. Amber showed up on Oliver's doorstep, and she apologized to Oliver. Amber wanted to spend the night with Oliver to show how she truly felt. Oliver seemed interested.
November 15 to 19, 2010
Stephanie underwent Gamma Knife surgery, a new kind of radiation treatment, for her brain tumors. After Thomas and Brooke's kiss had splashed all over global media, Ridge realized that Forrester had received more press than it had in years. Ridge, Brooke, and Thomas decided to call the new line "Taboo." Taylor went ballistic, and Ridge, Whip, and Thomas tried to calm her down, but she refused to "allow" Thomas to work with Brooke. Thomas reminded Taylor that she had no say in what he did. Amber seduced Oliver and moved in with him. Amber plotted to get Oliver and Hope back together. Amber encouraged Oliver to rekindle his romance with Hope at a Bikini Beach party for Hope's new line. Oliver argued that Liam would be attending as Hope's date, but Amber planned to keep Liam away from the party. Amber posed as a limo driver hired by Bill Spencer. Amber drove Liam everywhere but to Bikini Beach. At Hope's party, Oliver encouraged Hope to have a good time without Liam.
November 22 to 26, 2010
Stephanie tried to reach an understanding with Taylor, Brooke, and Thomas about the "Taboo" line. Stephanie insisted that the kiss between Thomas and Brooke was in poor taste, but she listened to Thomas and Brooke's appeal to keep the line alive. Taylor continued to oppose Brooke working with Thomas on anything, especially the "Taboo" line. Thomas grew tired of Taylor's interference. Brooke guaranteed Stephanie that nothing would ever happen between Thomas and Brooke. Amber promised Oliver that he would still get together with Hope, even though Amber's previous plan to unite them had failed. At Hope's photo shoot, Oliver tried to flirt with Hope, but Liam showed up, and whisked Hope away for some passionate kisses.
November 29 to December 3, 2010
Taylor screamed when she saw Thomas passionately kissing "Brooke," a model that Taylor seriously believed was Brooke. Taylor embarrassed herself and Thomas, prompting a frank conversation with Thomas and Ridge about Taylor's obsession that Thomas might succumb to a Brooke seduction. Ridge and Thomas managed to convince Taylor that nothing would ever happen between Thomas and Brooke. Ridge told Taylor that if anything ever did happen, he would return to Taylor, and Taylor's eyes lit up. Taylor told Stephanie that she was confident Ridge would end his marriage to Brooke. Stephanie was surprised by Taylor's interest in Ridge. Stephanie reminded Taylor that Taylor was married to a wonderful man, and that Brooke and Ridge were in love. Aggie discovered that Amber was living with Oliver, and Aggie pressured Oliver to kick Amber out of his house. Oliver agreed, but Amber successfully begged Oliver to stay. Aggie advised Hope not to give up on Oliver. Liam and Oliver argued over who belonged with Hope. Brooke and Ridge encouraged Hope to follow her heart to choose between Oliver and Liam. Bill and Justin discovered a credit card receipt that connected the inept mystery limo driver, who kept Liam from attending Hope's party, to Oliver's home address. Bill visited Oliver and warned that no one messed with his family and got away with it.
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December 6 to 10, 2010
Ridge and Thomas succeeded in getting Taylor to back off in her obsession that Thomas might succumb to a Brooke seduction, but it was short-lived. Ridge had to put the kibosh on a photo shoot for "Taboo" because the sexy images of Brooke and a shirtless Thomas were too provocative. Oliver had taken the photos and given them to Ridge and Taylor. Taylor freaked out. Taylor fantasized about sex with Ridge and called Whip by Ridge's name during a lovemaking session. Taylor told Ridge about her mistake, and Ridge laughed. Whip overheard the conversation and angrily confronted Taylor, who tried to shift blame to her obsession over the "Taboo" line. Whip confronted Ridge about leading Taylor on, but Ridge arrogantly told Whip that he was only comforting Taylor. Whip discovered the photos from the "Taboo" shoot, and plotted revenge. Bill decided to announce that Liam was his son in grand style. Bill encouraged Liam to break ties with Hope because Liam would be traveling and had no time to get tied down. Bill also struck a deal with Oliver to help Oliver get Hope back in his life because Liam was going to be too busy for Hope.
December 13 to 17, 2010
Scandal arose again during the "Taboo" fashion show when Brooke and Thomas were caught half-naked together in the same changing room due to a mix-up -- engineered by Whip. Unseen and unheard, Whip got a photo of Brooke and Thomas and posted it on the Internet. Taylor blamed Brooke, and Ridge dismissed Taylor's concerns again. Ridge warned Thomas and Brooke that the scandals had to stop. Bill hosted a mega-party to introduce Liam to the world as his son, the man who would take Spencer Publications to the next level. Bill didn't want Hope to be a part of the festivities because he had called Liam "the world's most eligible bachelor." Liam had a dress designed for Hope, and she attended. Amber set her sights on Liam, and Amber persuaded Marcus to finagle an invitation for her. Oliver panicked when he discovered that Marcus had known that Amber had been living with Oliver. Marcus promised to keep the news to himself. Justin, Donna, and Marcus attended the Spencer event together as a family.
December 20 to 24, 2010
Hope had walked out on Liam's party because Bill continued to ignore Hope as Liam's girlfriend. Instead, Bill introduced Liam as "the world's most eligible bachelor." Hope regretted her decision. Amber and Liam awakened together at Liam's place the morning after his party. Amber had convinced Liam that they'd had sex, but it was all a ruse. Liam had hit his head and remembered nothing of being with Amber or any of the time after his party. Liam felt guilty and ashamed, and he told Amber that he would tell Hope what had happened. Stephanie purchased Insomnia and put Dayzee in charge of the coffeehouse that she renamed Dayzee's. The entire Forrester family decorated Dayzee's for Christmas and hosted a holiday dinner there for all Dayzee's friends from the mission. Brooke and Katie searched for and found a battered Anthony, Brooke's homeless friend from Skid Row. Brooke took Anthony home to her place, cleaned him up, and gave him Ridge's guitar because Anthony's had been broken. Anthony accompanied Brooke to Dayzee's for the holiday dinner, and he played his music for the crowd. Taylor and Whip attended the holiday gathering, and Stephanie reminded Taylor that they were still best friends. Taylor appreciated Stephanie's sentiments.
December 27 to 31, 2010
Hope and Liam had a private evening picnic, and Liam admitted that he had awakened next to Amber the morning after his party. Liam said that he did not remember anything because he'd had a concussion. Liam tearfully begged Hope to forgive him, but Hope was furious. Amber's mother, Tawny, showed up at Oliver's place, and she was broke and desperate for a place to stay. Amber tried to get her mother to leave, but Tawny refused. When Amber discovered that she was pregnant with Oliver's child, Tawny suggested that they pass the baby off as Liam's kid. Tawny said that they could "fudge" the DNA test. The photo that Whip had taken of half-naked Brooke and Thomas continued to circulate on the Internet. Ridge suspected that Whip had taken the photo to embarrass Ridge and his family. Ridge confronted Whip, but Whip denied it. Ridge tattled to Taylor that Whip had taken the photo, but Whip interrupted the conversation and lied that he hadn't taken it. Taylor told Ridge to get out of her house.
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