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Steffy felt displaced in Ridge's heart when a grown-up Hope became a Forrester intern. Ridge was displeased when Katie chose Hope's campaign over Steffy's. As Nick continued to keep Sandy's secret from Bridget, Sandy opened up to Whip about the rape and recalled being in the company of Graham Darros after Whip had left the party.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 11, 2010 on B&B
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Monday, January 11, 2010

In Katie's office, Steffy grimaced, recalling her passionate kiss with Bill the other night. Thomas arrived, wondering where Steffy had disappeared to after the whole "'Dare' debacle." She stated that she'd gone to give Bill a piece of her mind. When she remarked that Katie hadn't been home at the time, Thomas asked if Bill had done anything to Steffy.

Steffy explained that Bill had been upset that Katie had walked out on him. While Bill had been brooding, the power had gone out. Thomas immediately asked if Bill had hit on her. Steffy admitted that Bill and she had kissed. Thomas scoffed, wondering why Steffy kept doing that. She shrugged, responding that there was just something about Bill. Thomas theorized that they could use Bill's desire for Steffy to their advantage.

Steffy wondered if Thomas thought that she could take Bill away from Katie, but Thomas clarified that he was merely suggesting that they use Bill's interest in Steffy to retake the company. Steffy considered that she could do it, but Ridge wouldn't like it. Even though Steffy didn't respect Katie, Steffy respected the institution of marriage. Steffy didn't love Bill, and she refused to manipulate love the way the Logans did. She concluded that Thomas had to devise another way to get the company back.

When Brooke roused Katie from her slumber on the couch, Katie could only think of returning home to Bill. Brooke wanted to talk more about things, but Katie rushed out the door. Ridge entered, still fuming over Bill's pompous ranting the other evening. Brooke said that there was no telling what Bill was capable of next.

A teenaged Hope walked in and asked if Katie and Bill were getting divorced. Brooke said that everyone had experienced a bad day at work, but Hope wondered what that had to do with Katie sleeping on their sofa. Ridge remarked that it was a hazard of being the boss's wife. Hope asked why they worked for a boss that they hated, and Brooke said that they loved the company.

Ridge wished that Bill had fired Ridge, thereby releasing Ridge from the non-compete clause. Hope figured that Ridge could retire or start a new company if he quit, but Ridge claimed that he was too young to retire. He boasted that he'd get Forrester Creations back, or he'd die trying. Hope pondered the prospect of Bill dying and joked that mean people like him had heart attacks all the time. Ridge said that Hope's positive attitude was infectious, and Brooke commented that it would be nice if Ridge's other daughter caught it.

Hope asked if Steffy had gotten on Brooke's case, and Ridge remarked that Steffy had been insensitive. That didn't surprise Hope, who reminded her parents that Steffy idolized Stephanie. Brooke loved Steffy, but Brooke worried that being young and feeling entitled was a bad combination. Brooke warned that Steffy was also too impulsive.

At home, Bill angrily reflected on how Katie had walked out on him. With determination, he latched the sword choker around his neck. Katie walked in and said she was sorry for bolting the other night. Bill quietly replied that he was, too. She said it was the biggest mistake that she'd made, and he stated that it had hurt him more than she could know.

Katie noticed that he was wearing his necklace again, and he said that it was time for him to put it back on. When he didn't further elaborate, she asked him not to shut her out because she'd spent a long time tearing down the walls between them. Bill remarked that he'd let the wall down because he'd trusted her. Katie wished that she'd stayed and fought it out the night before, but Bill said that they couldn't change things, no matter how much they wanted to.

Katie conveyed that she'd hated being apart from him, but it hadn't been a good idea for her to get back on the road. She hoped that they could forgive each other, because their vows, love, and commitment were more important than the issues from the other night. Bill said that the Katie he knew wouldn't run out when things got tough. Katie replied that she'd left because she hadn't wanted to fight with him. She'd seen too much of that in her parents' marriage.

Bill remarked that Katie walking out on him had returned him to a time when his father had quit on him before he'd even been born. He said that when a person had been abandoned that way, a slamming door cut like a knife. Katie's actions had reopened a wound that he hadn't even realized still existed. She'd deeply hurt him, and when he got hurt, his instinct was to strike back. "Throw things at me, call me names, just don't walk out on me," he told her.

Katie promised that she'd never leave him again. Bill stated that he'd overreacted, and he was sorry for everything that had happened. Katie sobbed, hugging him. She said that it had been awful to be away from him. Katie vowed that they'd never let anything get between them again. They hugged, kissed, and professed their love for each other.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Bill and Katie were kissing in her office, and Katie noted that they weren't as close as they had been. Bill said that he really wished that she had never left him. She said that they had hurt each other, apologized, and needed to move on. Katie promised Bill that he would never spend another night alone. She added that they'd had their first major argument, and they had made it through.

In the basement office at Forrester, Thomas grilled Steffy about what had happened with Bill. Steffy insisted it had been nothing other than a kiss, but Thomas said that she kept doing the same things with Bill. Thomas said that she and Bill had to have twisted feelings for each other. Ridge and Brooke entered the office and interrupted as they worried about what their next move would be, since Bill had thwarted their takeover plans.

Eric and Donna entered, and Thorne and Rick followed. They all discussed that they needed to find another way to regain control of the company. Steffy said that it wasn't going to be easy for them to deceive Bill again, since he and Katie had already caught them once. Brooke told everyone that Katie had spent the night at her house, so Bill and Katie might not be as united as everyone in the room suggested. Rick asked if there were another plan, but everyone seemed stumped.

Bill and Katie entered the office, and Ridge said that he'd thought the meeting was taking place in Katie's office. Bill sarcastically said that he hoped he wasn't interrupting a planning session for another coup. He suggested that they were all going to learn to get along because Katie had persuaded him that it was best that they all forgive and forget the incident.

Bill and Steffy exchanged glances as Bill told the Forresters that he wanted to see new designs by the end of the week, and he left. Rick whined about being frustrated, and Brooke admitted their hands were tied. Ridge pointed out that they had contracts and clients who expected Forrester designs. He added that Bill had them exactly where he wanted them.

Katie met with Donna and Brooke and said that she had tried to defend her sisters to Bill. She begged them to stop fighting Bill and her. She added that it wasn't that bad working for Bill. She had looked forward to all of them working together. She refused to give up hope, and she expected her sisters to never betray or deceive her again.

Donna and Katie left, and Ridge entered. He told Brooke that he had to find a way to regain control of the company, and he promised that when he did, Bill would never touch his family again.

When Bill and Katie returned to her office, Bill said that he was very proud of himself for being respectful of the Forresters. He told her that if she expected everyone to play fair, she was going to need a referee.

On the Forrester rooftop, Steffy and Thomas met, and he told her that it was noticeable to him that she and Bill had been looking at each other during the meeting. He wasn't sure that nothing had happened, but she reiterated that it had just been a kiss. Thomas suggested that the Forresters could use her attraction to Bill to get what they wanted. Steffy disagreed and said that she found Bill fascinating but was not attracted to him. Thomas said Bill was attracted to her.

Steffy argued that she wasn't a Logan, and using romance to get her own way wasn't her style. She added that Bill didn't trust her anymore because she had betrayed him along with everyone else. Thomas said that they needed to devise a plan because he wasn't sure how long their father could take working for Bill Spencer. Thomas said that they had to do something. He asked Steffy not to close the door on using a relationship with Bill to regain control of the company. Steffy looked skeptical.

In Katie's office, Bill was answering Katie's phone, but Steffy walked in and interrupted him. They discussed that he had handled things with the Forresters and Katie. Steffy said that she wished Bill and Katie the best. She smiled, and so did Bill. Steffy noticed that Bill was wearing his sword necklace again, and he said that he felt it was necessary because he was working in a war zone. She recalled a previous conversation that they'd had about the sword's symbolism. She remembered that he had told her that he fought when he had to fight, and that he would never surrender.

She touched the sword on his chest and suggested that she might get a sword necklace, and then they could have sword fights. Bill smiled at the thought. Steffy said that she often said things that she shouldn't. She remarked that Bill and Katie had made it through the storm, and she hoped that they had a wonderful life together. She gently stroked Bill's face as Katie stood unnoticed behind a partially opened door.

At Dr. Caspary's office, Sandy was waiting for the doctor when Nick entered. Sandy asked where Bridget was, and Nick said that she had stopped to talk to a friend. Sandy begged Nick not to tell Bridget about the rape or share any of their conversations with Lieutenant Baker. Sandy didn't want Bridget to know about the attack. Nick disagreed, but Sandy pointed out that her job was going well, and she was happy and healthy. She was going to give them a healthy baby. She didn't want to taint the happiness of her pregnancy with any of the ugliness surrounding her rape.

Dr. Caspary entered and asked about Sandy's health, and Bridget interrupted and started to take over the medical questions and concerns for Dr. Caspary. She realized that she had shifted into doctor mode and apologized. Dr. Caspary began the sonogram, and Nick, Bridget, and Sandy discovered that the flashing light on the screen was the baby's heartbeat. They all held hands, and Sandy said that it was an honor to give them a life because they had given her life.

Later, Bridget and Nick pored over the print of the sonogram, but Bridget worried as Nick tried to calm her fears. He reminded her that he was a superstitious sailor, and nothing bad had happened to them since they had been married. After all the pain and disappointment they had suffered, they had learned from their mistakes and were due for something good to happen. Nick told Bridget that she deserved to have something good happen because she was stuck with him for rest of her life.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thomas entered his house, and Taylor noted that he looked stressed. He expressed his disappointment in the family's failed takeover plan. He had never foreseen their lives turning out that way, and he wished that his parents had reunited. He remarked that Ridge seemed unhappy with Brooke's relationship with her sisters.

Thomas also worried about his own headstrong sister, who'd made bad choices regarding men. He mentioned that Steffy had gone off on Brooke, and he didn't think that had been a good choice, either. Taylor decided that she needed to have lunch with Steffy. Thomas asked that Taylor keep Steffy from getting in over her head.

In Ridge's office, Hope helped Ridge throw out the Dare design boards. Brooke announced that Katie and Donna had approved Hope for an internship at Forrester. Ridge wondered why Brooke had told her sisters before him, and Brooke said that there was no sense in mentioning it until her sisters had approved it. Ridge hugged Hope and said he'd always wanted Hope and R.J. at the company.

Steffy entered in time to hear that Hope was the newest family member on the team. Steffy wondered if Hope would rather concentrate on the best parts of high school, like cheerleading, instead of the school's work-study program. Hope said she didn't know that Steffy had been a cheerleader. "I wasn't," Steffy murmured, and Hope assured Steffy that she'd hardly know that Hope was even around.

Brooke took Hope to tour the building, and Steffy scoffed to her father that it wasn't right for Hope to join the company. Steffy claimed that Hope was cool, but Steffy was tired of sharing Ridge. She said that the office was the only place that she had quality time with her father. Steffy complained that once Ridge got off work, she had to contend with Hope, R.J., and Brooke for his attention. Ridge said he'd never meant for Steffy to feel left out. She claimed that she just wanted a part of him that was exclusively hers.

Taylor entered to ask Steffy to lunch, and Steffy whined that Brooke had gotten Hope hired without talking to Ridge about it. "Some things never change," Taylor quipped. Steffy felt as if the Logans outnumbered the Forresters, and Thomas and she were being squeezed out of the company. Steffy declared that she wouldn't accept it without a fight. "They didn't name me Stephanie Forrester for nothing," Steffy quipped.

Steffy recalled a time when she and Ridge had built a fort together. She said the place had felt sacred, and the office was the same way. Ridge said that Hope had her heart set on working there, too, and Taylor stated that Hope wasn't a threat to Steffy. Steffy suggested that Ridge get Hope an internship somewhere else. Ridge said that Hope needed his guidance, just as Steffy had at Hope's age.

Steffy pouted, saying that Ridge wasn't Hope's real father. Ridge stated that he couldn't take the internship away from Hope. Steffy thought that Brooke might remove Hope if Ridge told Brooke that Forrester Creations was Steffy and Ridge's special place.

In Katie's office, Brooke noted that Hope was wearing one of Brooke's blazers. Brooke reminisced about Hope's childhood and expressed pride in Hope's interest in the company. Hope realized that Steffy disliked Hope being there. Hope sympathized with Steffy and Thomas because they didn't get to spend a lot of time with Ridge. Brooke stated that Ridge and she considered everyone to be one big, happy family; however, some days, the members stepped on each other's toes. Hope felt that Steffy had a right to be moody because "we have Dad."

Hope viewed the company's last campaign, and Brooke praised Steffy's part in it. Brooke said that Steffy had great ideas; she just occasionally overstepped her boundaries. Hope asked if Steffy had given Brooke any problems, and Brooke said Steffy was just testing her wings. Brooke revealed that Steffy had issues with the Logans, and Hope figured that Steffy ought to work with Stephanie, since Steffy was Stephanie's namesake.

Hope worried that Stephanie might return to the fold. Brooke doubted that could happen, but she remarked that Steffy was an asset to the company. Brooke volunteered to talk to Ridge about Steffy before things got out of hand.

When Brooke strode up to Ridge's office door later, she overheard Taylor and Steffy inside, ranting about the Logans' influence over the company. Steffy quipped that Hope might be CEO next, and Taylor insisted that Steffy felt threatened by Hope. Brooke burst into the room to defend her daughter, just as Taylor claimed that she was doing the same thing.

Brooke couldn't believe that Taylor was fueling the Logan-Forrester family feud, but Taylor claimed to be standing up for her daughter's position, something that Ridge, as Steffy's father, should be sensitive to. Ridge said that he'd heard enough, but Steffy persisted that he see her point. Caught in the middle, Ridge agonized, and the women expectantly prompted him to speak.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

by Pam

In Ridge's office, Brooke, Ridge, Steffy, and Taylor argued over Hope joining the company as an intern. Brooke tried to reason with the group that Steffy had a high-level executive position with the company, and Hope was an intern. Brooke couldn't understand why Steffy felt threatened. Taylor suggested that Brook had fueled Hope's interest in the company, but Brooke defended herself and her daughter.

Hope entered and said that it was clear that Steffy had issues with her working there, and Ridge was caught in the middle. Hope tried to defuse the war of words. She apologized to everyone and said that she had hoped that they could all work together.

Taylor told Hope that the arguing was not directed at her, but Hope said that clearly Taylor and Brooke were arguing about their daughters. Hope addressed Steffy and said that she had hoped that they could work together. She told her stepsister that they were the next generation of Forresters, and she thought it would be "sweet" to have Thomas, Steffy, R.J., and herself all working together. Hope said that she knew that she sounded like she was sucking up, but she really wanted to become a part of the future of Forrester Creations. She asked Steffy to treat her as a person rather than as a Logan or Brooke's daughter -- and certainly not as a threat.

Hope prepared to leave, and Steffy stopped her and joked that the two of them could shut out the guys. Steffy said that she was willing to share her dad with Hope because it had meant a lot to her to work with him. He had taught her everything, and it was a chance to work with one of the most respected designers in the industry. Taylor asked Steffy if she was sure that Steffy could accept Hope working there. Steffy said that as long as she and Ridge didn't lose what they shared, she was okay with it. Ridge promised he would never compromise his relationship with her, and, hugging her, he told her that he loved her. Hope left.

Steffy said that she really wished she could return the company to Ridge, but she didn't see Katie budging from the CEO chair unless something changed between her and her husband. Ridge seemed interested but doubtful, and Steffy looked thoughtful.

Brooke thanked Steffy again, and Steffy said she wasn't doing it for the company, because Katie and Bill ran it. Brooke said that she was concerned that Steffy had such disdain for all the Logans. Taylor piped in that her daughter was expressing her emotions about the Logans taking over the company. Taylor spoke at length about both Donna and Katie having jobs there. She added that Katie was occupying the office that should belong to Ridge.

Steffy ranted that Katie was in the office because she was sleeping with the boss. Ridge asked Steffy to stop, but she continued her rant and added that she knew that she was being disrespectful to Brooke and her family, but it was the truth. Steffy and Brooke argued about Katie helping the Forresters regain control, and Taylor once again piped in that the "Dare" plan might have worked, but Brooke had blown it. Brooke said that deceiving Katie was wrong. Steffy and Taylor continued to berate Brooke for not standing up for Ridge, who belonged in Katie's office. Brooke agreed that Ridge should be CEO, but she said it wasn't going to happen overnight.

Ridge and Brooke wanted everyone to stop arguing. Brooke thanked Steffy for allowing Hope to join the company, but she expressed concern about the growing rift Steffy seemed to want to create within the company. Brooke looked as if she was starting to figure out that Steffy was up to something. "It's almost as if," Brooke started to say. Taylor interrupted Brooke and wanted to know what accusations Brooke was preparing. Steffy looked guilty as she looked away from Brooke and her mother. Brooke dismissed it and said that she wanted everyone to remember that they were all on the same side about getting Ridge back in control.

In Donna's office, Donna and Katie discussed that Katie had caught Steffy stroking Bill's cheek in her office. Katie dished that Steffy had kissed Bill in his office and then begged him to meet her at Big Bear under the pretense that she was so upset about what she had done. At Big Bear, the night before Bill's wedding to Katie, Steffy had kissed him again. Katie said that she knew exactly what Steffy had been doing. Donna marveled that Katie had fired Steffy, but Bill had insisted on rehiring her. Katie said that Steffy had promised she would never go after Bill again. Katie didn't trust Steffy.

Donna asked if it was possible that Bill had done anything to encourage Steffy. Donna said that she knew Bill would not be cruel to Katie, but Bill was not putting a stop to Steffy's advances. Bill didn't want to fire Steffy and rock the boat with Ridge before they launched the "Dare" line, but Katie said that things had changed. Katie said that Steffy had made it clear that she hated the Logans for taking over the company. She added that Steffy's behavior was inappropriate, and it was time for it to stop.

Katie said that she wanted to believe that they could all work together, but Steffy was impulsive and dangerous. Hope walked in and hugged both of her aunts. She admitted that Steffy had had some issues with her working there, but she thought they might have ironed them out.

Katie invited Hope to think up an idea to replace the "Dare" campaign, and Hope volunteered to sit in on some brainstorming sessions. Katie said that Bill was interested in a younger market, so Hope's opinions were important. Katie suggested that she was the "hope for the future" of Forrester. They all agreed it was a catchy phrase, and Katie suggested that Hope get some pictures of herself so that they could bounce some ideas around and pull together a presentation. Hope was hesitant, but Katie said that she would help her. Hope left.

Donna noted that the "hope for the future" idea was really Katie's idea. She added that Steffy would have her own ideas. Katie wanted to review a few campaigns. Donna reminded her sister that Hope had been there less than 24 hours. Katie dismissed her sister's reticence, and said that she was only asking for a few pictures. Donna warned that Steffy was not going to be thrilled.

Katie said that she had every right to think up other ideas, and Steffy had been offered the opportunity to be the Forrester spokesperson, but she had declined. Katie reminded Donna that Forrester had lost a fashion challenge to Jackie M's eco-line. The company needed a fresh look, and Hope was young and beautiful -- and everything they wanted. Katie added that Steffy didn't respect her as CEO, and Katie wanted Steffy out of the company and out of her life.

At Jackie M, Jackie told Owen that she had heard that Forrester had suspended the "Dare" line indefinitely. She added that she had heard that Katie and Bill had discovered it was a colossal hoax. Owen said that Brooke and Donna had probably been in on it and that introducing a really bad line in hopes of devaluing the company to buy it back was a pretty bad plan. Jackie agreed and said that the designs had to have been really dreadful.

Jackie and Owen discovered the "Dare" video had been leaked on the Internet, and they watched it, commenting on its use of words like raw, explosive, and fierce to describe the line. They noted that it was a departure from classy and elegant. Jackie suggested that Owen might want to check in on Steffy because she probably needed a friend. Steffy had supported her family and had to be reeling from the failed plan.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sandy stopped by Jackie M to visit her cousin Whip. Whip assumed that she was there to see Bridget and Nick but was happy to learn that Sandy was there to see him. She asked for Whip's forgiveness, saying that she had treated him badly and that she was ashamed of herself. Sandy told Whip that she wanted to tell him why she had acted so distant with him. Whip said that he had been worried about Sandy. He correctly assumed that a guy had caused Sandy's problems.

Sandy told Whip about the night, around five years earlier, when she'd had her head shot photos done. Whip had been present at the shoot, and there had been a party after he left. Sandy said that she had been given a spiked drink, and, when she woke up, she realized that she had been raped. Whip demanded to know who had raped Sandy, but she said that she didn't know and that the rapist had never been apprehended.

Whip asked Sandy why she hadn't told him about the rape. She said that she hadn't been able to look at Whip -- or any man -- for a long time. Whip hugged Sandy and told her how sorry he was. Sandy told Whip that the police were finally investigating the crime. Sandy began sobbing as she told Whip about all the women like her who would never get any answers. Whip asked Sandy to talk to him about the party and who had been there.

Sandy told Whip not to get involved, and emphasized that she didn't want Bridget to learn anything about the rape. Whip remembered that the name of the photographer who had taken Sandy's head shots was Graham Darros.

In Katie's office, Steffy excitedly presented her newest concept -- Hollywood Glamour -- the Afterparty to Katie, Donna, and Brooke. Katie was clearly not impressed that Steffy wanted to stick with the Hollywood Glamour concept. Steffy said that the campaign was a new version of Hollywood Glamour, which had been very successful for Forrester. Steffy said that it would give them a quick production turnaround. Katie snidely said they needed the quick turnaround, since they had wasted so much time and money on the "Dare" line. Steffy said that the Hollywood Glamour campaign had covered the premieres, but that it was time to cover the afterparty -- where the glamour really began.

Hope entered the office, carrying a portfolio, and apologized for being late. Katie acted thrilled to see Hope. Steffy asked Hope what was in the portfolio. Hope said that it was just something that she had thrown together. Katie said that they would deal with the contents of Hope's portfolio later.

Outside Katie's office, Graham Darros, a young, handsome man, told the receptionist, Madison, that he was there to meet with Steffy Forrester. Madison said that Steffy was in a meeting, but Madison would let him know when Steffy was ready for Graham. Taylor approached Madison and asked if Steffy was giving her presentation. Graham asked Taylor if she were a friend of Steffy's, and acted shocked when Taylor said that she was Steffy's mother; Graham jokingly asked her if she'd had Steffy when Taylor was twelve. Graham introduced himself to a flattered Taylor.

As Steffy continued her presentation, she said that the new line could be introduced at the height of Hollywood party season. Steffy told the Logans that hundreds of millions of people watched the Oscars and the afterparties, and they were looking at fashion. Steffy said that she would make sure that the Forrester designs were front and center. Donna said that Steffy's idea was very impressive. Brooke, with a bit of cynicism in her voice, said that Steffy had done a nice job.

Steffy looked hurt and confused when Katie said that the new line looked like a retread. Katie reminded Steffy of the negative buzz that the "Dare" campaign had generated, and that Forresters couldn't pass off more Hollywood Glamour as their brilliant new campaign. Steffy said that the new collection would be appealing to a different demographic -- and that the print ads and the media campaign would be different.

Katie asked Steffy how she was going to accomplish that. Steffy asked Madison to show Graham in. Graham and Taylor entered Katie's office. Brooke was unpleasantly surprised to see Taylor. Steffy introduced Graham to the Logan sisters, who were aware of his stellar reputation as a photographer.

Graham said that he wanted to turn the Afterparty campaign into the success he knew it could be. Katie asked Graham how he had heard about the campaign. He replied that Steffy had tracked him down and told him about the campaign, which he thought was brilliant, as it would take advantage of the youth market. Graham said that he would wait outside for the ladies' decision, and he left the office.

Steffy said that they couldn't miss with Graham shooting their layout -- that everything he touched turned into a success. Katie told Hope that she was up. Steffy said, "Up for what?" Steffy and Taylor were stunned when Katie said that Hope had an idea for a new collection that she wanted to pitch.

Hope began her presentation. She said that her generation was going out into the world to make its mark; they needed to be well-dressed but lacked money. She turned over a presentation card that showed a picture of herself, along with the slogan Hope for the Future. Steffy and Taylor's jaws dropped as Hope continued explaining her concept of a clothing line that was raw and edgy.

Steffy was stunned that Hope was naming the line after herself. Hope disagreed, saying that she was naming the line after a concept -- a concept that defined Hope's generation. Steffy looked at Katie and asked her if she was seriously considering the concept. Donna and Brooke thought that Hope's idea was unique and compelling. Katie said that she loved it, and that Hope for the Future was going to be the next Forrester line.

Steffy was stunned when Katie announced that she was canceling Hollywood Glamour -- a successful line. Taylor jumped in, asking what the look for the new line was going to be -- she wondered if the clothes would be made of three-ring binders and notebook paper. Brooke said that Ridge would make the designs, and she was sure that they would be fabulous. Katie said that Steffy would work closely with Hope to market Hope's concept. Steffy asked Katie if Hope for the Future was really a good concept -- or if there were something else going on. Katie smiled but didn't answer.

After the meeting ended, Steffy met with Graham and told him that the Hollywood Glamour -- the Afterparty concept was dead. Graham said that the idea would have been a winner and that he felt bad for Steffy. He walked out of the office. After Graham left, Steffy said to herself, "It's so obvious that Katie has it out for me. I'd like to put her in her place. Maybe I should."

Stephanie visited Ridge at his office at Forrester. She said that she knew what Ridge had been up to with the "Dare" campaign, and she was sorry that it hadn't worked. Ridge said that no matter what, the Forresters were going to get the company back -- that his kids were the only reasons that he was staying with the company. Ridge said that Thomas was working hard, and Steffy was starting a new public relations campaign to replace the "Dare" line. Ridge told his mother that Steffy had been going through a difficult time.

Stephanie told Ridge that she thought that Steffy and Thomas weren't going to get what was due to them. Ridge said that Thomas and Steffy had always believed that there was a legacy at Forrester for them. Stephanie said that there should be -- and that there would be, if it weren't for the Logan sisters. She told Ridge that he had to face the reality that Katie, Brooke, and Donna were running the company. When Ridge said that was going to change, Stephanie wondered if the change would occur before or after they took the rest of "the clan" in.

Ridge said that he refused to believe that the Logans wanted to turn Forrester Creations into "Logan Creations." Stephanie thought that with Rick and Marcus aboard, it was possible that Ridge and Taylor's children would be passed over. Ridge said that Steffy and Thomas would always have a place at the company, and would hopefully someday be running it.

Stephanie told Ridge that Taylor was dating Whip. Ridge said that he had way too much going on to worry about Taylor's love life. Stephanie said that she bet Ridge did, with the Logan girls undoing all the hard work that Ridge and Eric had done. She wondered if Ridge was happy. Ridge said that he was happy to be working with his children, and he told his mother about Steffy's great sequel to the Hollywood Glamour line. As Ridge walked Stephanie to her car, she reminded him not to trust anyone.

While Ridge was outside with Stephanie, Taylor and Brooke talked in his office. Taylor told Brooke to talk to Katie and tell her that Hope had no experience. Brooke said that perhaps Forrester needed a fresh approach. Taylor and Brooke began arguing. Brooke said that it was Hope's moment and that the decision to go with Hope's line had been made.

Taylor wondered if Brooke had thought about how the decision was going to affect Brooke's marriage. She reminded Brooke that the only reason that Ridge was still working at Forrester was because of Steffy. Taylor said that when Ridge found out that his daughter had been passed over for Brooke's daughter, he was not going to be happy. Brooke said what Hope had done was "huge" and that Ridge would see that. Taylor said that Ridge would walk out of the company.

Brooke said that Taylor was transparent -- that all she was trying to do was to stir up trouble, using their children as weapons. Ridge entered his office, and Brooke told him that they weren't going with the Hollywood Glamour line -- the company was going in a new direction. Ridge asked what direction that was. Brooke said it was called Hope for the Future. Ridge assumed it was Steffy's idea and was stunned to learn that it was Hope's. Ridge chided Brooke for supporting the decision to choose an intern's idea over Steffy's.

Brooke realized that Ridge was unhappy and tried to tell him about Hope's concept. Ridge became livid, told Brooke that he had helped Steffy with her presentation -- and that he believed in it. He was shocked that Brooke and her sisters had gone with Brooke's teenaged daughter's idea instead of Steffy's. Ridge said that Brooke had gone too far and that he was done. When Brooke asked Ridge what he was saying, Ridge said, "It's over," and began walking out of the office.

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