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Monday, January 18, 2010

At Jackie M, Whip regretted setting Sandy up with the disastrous photo shoot. He was relieved that Nick had helped her finally get police assistance. Sandy bashfully replied that Nick had done more than that. She explained that she feared men less, and she'd become hopeful about living life and falling in love. "Not with Nick, if that's what you're feeling," Whip warned.

A shocked Sandy said that Nick was in love with his wife. Sandy felt grateful to carry a baby for the Morones, but she assured Whip that she wasn't having some crazed fantasy about Nick. Just then, Nick entered, and Sandy said that she'd revealed the rape to Whip. Whip hoped that the police caught the rapist, but Nick stated that the police had reached an impasse.

Though Whip had attended the party, he didn't recall anything strange happening. Sandy said that after the rape, Graham had been shocked to learn what had happened at his party. Whip suggested that they contact Graham. Nick asked who Graham was, and Whip answered that Graham Darros had been a "no-name" photographer at the time of the rape, but over time, he'd become a very big deal in the photography industry.

Nick figured that Graham would meet with Nick because Nick owned a big fashion house. Nick pulled Graham Darros up on the Internet, and when Sandy saw his photo, she froze in terror. Sandy recalled Graham's camera flashes bursting around her. She remembered telling Graham that she'd just wanted a headshot, because she wasn't a model. In her mind, Graham's echoing reply had been, "Yeah, but you could be,"

Whip shook Sandy from her daze, and Nick asked if Graham was the one. Sandy said that seeing his face had taken her back to that night. She didn't believe that it could be Graham, but she reminded Nick and Whip that she'd been drugged. She hopelessly said that she just didn't know.

In Katie's office, Hope stated that she hadn't made the best presentation, and she refused to take the P.R. opportunity if it were due to some vendetta against Steffy. Katie said that she'd chosen Hope's concept because Katie liked what it said to their clients. Katie insisted that "Hope for the Future" conveyed an important message in uncertain times.

Hope agreed to a test shoot and left. Steffy arrived, and Katie informed Steffy of the test shoot. Steffy wished Katie luck and turned to leave. Katie stated that even though it wasn't Steffy's concept, it was still Steffy's job to promote the campaign. "Unless you don't want it," Katie added. Steffy realized that her resignation was exactly what Katie hoped for.

In Ridge's office, Ridge raged that it was over, and Brooke had pushed him too far. Brooke reasoned that Katie had simply liked Hope's campaign more, but Ridge didn't buy it. He knew that Steffy had created a superior campaign, and he declared that he didn't want to be there anymore if his children wouldn't play a significant role in Forrester Creations.

Taylor stood by as Ridge accused Katie of using poor judgment in putting so much on Hope's shoulders on Hope's first day. Brooke relayed Hope's excitement about the opportunity, and Brooke asked Ridge to reserve judgment until he'd seen the test photos. Ridge sighed, staring at Taylor. Brooke received a page and left for the photo shoot.

As Taylor commended Ridge for taking a strong stand with Brooke, Steffy entered, complaining that she shouldn't even have taken the P.R. job, because she was getting pushed aside. Steffy asserted that Katie hated Steffy, and Steffy refused to train Hope to do Steffy's job. Ridge asked why Katie hated Steffy. Steffy stammered that Katie hated all the Forresters. Ridge hugged Steffy and assured her that he wouldn't stand for his kids being shut out of the company.

Steffy exited, and Taylor asserted that Brooke couldn't see Katie's bias because Brooke was biased, too. Ridge replied that any parent, including Taylor, would be biased. Taylor said that it left Ridge in the middle, trying to prove his commitments to Brooke and his other family. Ridge reasoned that Hope was his family, too. Taylor was sure that Brooke would always put her family first, regardless of what it would do to Ridge. Taylor said that she was sorry to see him in another no-win situation, and the two hugged.

Later, Graham set up the test shoot in Katie's office. Brooke entered and took Katie aside to express concerns about the campaign. Watching Graham coach Hope through the shoot, Katie remarked that Hope was a natural. Brooke murmured that Hope definitely wanted it. Katie assured Brooke that her daughter was their "Hope for the Future." Brooke still looked worried.

After the test shoot, Graham and Hope stood in the corridor. Graham remarked that he'd looked forward to shooting the Logan sisters in Steffy's new campaign, but focusing solely on Hope "was gonna be special" for him. Hope smiled as he strode off.

Back in Katie's office, Brooke questioned Katie's motives for going with Hope's campaign. Brooke insinuated that Katie was trying to protect her marriage by striking out at Steffy. Katie replied that Hope was the key to unlocking the youth market. Katie stated that as CEO, she'd made a judgment call that the Forresters would have to live with.

Katie hoped that it wouldn't cause problems in Brooke's marriage. Brooke responded that she hadn't informed Ridge about the incident with Bill and Steffy, but Ridge was concerned that Hope was in over her head. Brooke remarked that she didn't want it to cause problems in her marriage, but Taylor had worsened the problem by pitting "daughter vs. daughter."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

by Pam

In Katie's office, Hope, Brooke, Donna, and Katie awaited Hope's proofs from Graham Darros, the photographer. When the proofs arrived, the group agreed the shots were gorgeous, and Hope was clearly the future of Forrester and would appeal to a younger market. Hope said that she wished everyone could agree, since Steffy and her father didn't seem sold on the idea.

In Ridge's office, Taylor whined that she believed Katie had chosen Hope's campaign over Steffy's because she was out to get Steffy. Ridge wondered why Katie would do that, and Taylor insisted that it was the Logans against the Forresters. Taylor reasoned that it was another way to freeze out the Forresters. Ridge wondered aloud why Brooke would fall for her sister's scheme, but Taylor suggested that Brooke was simply proud of her daughter the same way that Taylor and Ridge were proud of their children. Taylor said that it put him in an impossible situation.

Taylor said that she didn't think that Brooke was out to hurt Ridge, but she didn't think that Brooke understood what she was doing to Ridge and Steffy. Taylor left, and Eric and Thorne entered. Ridge shared that Katie had chosen Hope's ad campaign over Steffy's. Eric wondered what Brooke thought about it, and Thorne piped in that Brooke was probably proud of her daughter. Eric agreed. Ridge agreed as well, but said that it put him in an awkward position of choosing between Steffy and Brooke's daughter. Steffy entered and said that it was the Logans versus the Forresters all over again. Eric warned Ridge not to allow the spat over advertising to interfere in his marriage.

Ridge later met with Brooke, who told Ridge that Hope's photo shoot had gone very well. Ridge warned her that it was putting him in a tough spot, but Brooke reminded Ridge that she had supported Steffy whenever she needed it. Brooke asked Ridge to support Hope. Ridge insisted that Katie was taking over all the decision-making, and he was unhappy. He reminded his wife that it was Forresters who started the company, not Logans, and certainly not Katie. He was disappointed that Katie was calling the shots and seemingly pushing his daughter out of her job. Brooke argued that Steffy was certainly not losing her job. Katie had made a decision on one ad campaign.

In Katie's office, Steffy reviewed Hope's shots when Hope entered. Steffy wasn't very friendly, and Hope tried to say that she admired Steffy, but Steffy launched into how Steffy was a Forrester and Hope was a Logan. Hope wondered if they were going to carry on the rivalry into another generation. Steffy said they were.

At Jackie M, Jackie and Owen were kissing when Stephanie entered to share that she had heard that Steffy and the Forresters were launching another phase of the "Hollywood Glamour" campaign. Stephanie praised Steffy, and said that the Logans had made one good move in recognizing how talented Steffy was. Her promotion to handling PR had given Ridge an interest in being more involved to keep the family legacy alive for his children. Owen and Jackie noted that Steffy must be having a tough time since the "Dare" campaign had caused a lot of animosity at Forrester. Stephanie admitted that it was tense at Forrester.

Taylor interrupted to speak to Stephanie privately. Taylor tattled that the Logans had chosen Hope's campaign over Steffy's, and Stephanie was amazed that Brooke would allow Katie to cause so much trouble. Taylor said that she and Ridge were worried that Katie's decision would affect Steffy's position at Forrester. Stephanie remarked that Brooke was choosing her family over Ridge yet again. Stephanie suggested that Brooke's choice of Hope and her family over Ridge and his family was all too familiar, since Brooke had done the same thing with Rick.

Taylor returned to Forrester and admitted to Ridge that she had gone to see Stephanie about the situation at Forrester. Ridge was surprised, but Taylor reminded Ridge how lucky he was that his mother was as caring about his future as she and Ridge were about Thomas and Steffy's future. Taylor told Ridge that she hated to see him so unhappy.

In Katie's office, Stephanie showed up to inform Brooke that the Logans' selection of Hope's campaign over Steffy's was a bad business idea. Brooke suggested that Taylor had no business sharing the company's marketing plans with the competition. Stephanie said that she wasn't there to steal advertising secrets. She understood that her son loved Brooke. She calmly asked Brooke to reconsider her decision because it might affect her marriage. Brooke said that she and Ridge refused to let the kids have any influence on their marriage.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In Katie's office, Bill recalled his last kiss with Steffy. Justin entered and noted that Bill seemed distracted. Justin assumed that the Forresters were getting to Bill. "Just one," Bill uttered, and Justin guessed that it was Steffy. Bill explained that Steffy had shown up at the beach house, and he'd kissed her again. Justin said that Steffy had gotten beneath Bill's skin. Bill assured Justin that things between Bill and Steffy would remain professional. Justin stated that the touch of a beautiful lady's lips could take down empires.

In Ridge's office, Katie hoped that Stephanie hadn't learned about the new campaign during her visit to Forrester. Brooke revealed that Taylor had already told Stephanie all about it, and Stephanie had arrived to give Brooke something. "The number for a divorce attorney?" Katie guessed. Brooke said that it had been worse; Stephanie had doled out marital advice.

Brooke reasoned that all couples had disagreements, and Katie remarked that even newlyweds did. Brooke stated that Stephanie had accepted that Brooke made Ridge happy, and Katie quipped that even wolves wanted the best for their young. Brooke decided that Stephanie could keep her advice to herself, because there wasn't room for three in a marriage.

Brooke left, and Steffy entered to announce that Katie's pick wouldn't make Steffy buckle under and quit. Katie suggested that Steffy move on from the campaign decision, but Steffy asked why Katie didn't move on herself. "Am I that much of a threat to you?" Steffy wondered. Katie cited that Steffy had betrayed Katie's trust. Steffy accused Katie of throwing a teenager into the deep end to get revenge. Katie suggested that Steffy be a team player, because Hope's campaign was good for the company. Steffy said that Katie had chosen it, but Katie couldn't pretend that it was only about business.

Steffy sashayed over to Katie's office to rant to Bill about Katie's decision. Katie strode in and said that Steffy was wasting Bill's time. Katie stated that she'd canceled the "Hollywood Glamour" campaign after the fiasco with the "Dare" line, and she pitched the "Hope for the Future" campaign with Hope as the model. Bill said he'd be happy to meet with Hope, but he wasn't sure that he was ready to let the "Hollywood Glamour" campaign go yet. Steffy smirked.

Bill asked to hear Steffy's viewpoint, and Steffy pitched her idea as an obsession with glamour, beauty, and passion that ignited an inexplicable desire within someone. Steffy said that customers wouldn't be able to resist the temptation. Katie asserted that with the Hope line, they had a chance to better themselves. Glaring at Bill, Katie said that as his CEO, she strongly suggested that he go with her idea. Steffy countered that he could go with Steffy's idea, and Katie asked Bill which he would choose.

To escape the turmoil at Forrester, Ridge visited Stephanie at work, and he immediately noticed how tranquil it was at Jackie M, compared to the madness at Forrester Creations. Stephanie said that it was because they weren't waging any internal wars with the Logans. Stephanie suggested that Ridge switch over to Jackie M, and she offered to make him a partner.

Ridge declined, because he wanted to fight for Forrester for Steffy's sake. Ridge also doubted that Bill would release Ridge from his contract. Stephanie mentioned her visit with Brooke. Stephanie said that no blood had been shed, but she'd urged Brooke not to make the same mistake that she'd made when she'd put Rick ahead of Ridge.

Stephanie hoped that Steffy wouldn't be wedged out during the upset. Though Ridge hated Bill, Ridge realized that Bill was in Steffy's corner. Ridge doubted that Bill would be happy to hear that Ridge's wife had tossed out Bill's shining star's campaign.

Ridge, still fuming over the situation at the company, went to his office. Brooke entered, and Ridge ranted about Steffy, who was the future of Forrester Creations, being sidelined at the company. He glanced at his coffee cup, which displayed the Forrester logo. Beneath the logo, it read, "A Division of Spencer Publications." Ridge smashed the cup to the ground.

Brooke stated that Bill and Katie wanted things to work, but Ridge felt that the couple just conjured up ways to humiliate the Forrester family. Ridge couldn't understand why Katie had edged Steffy out, and Brooke shrugged and said that they just had their differences. Ridge said that he'd envisioned running the company with his children and grandchildren, and he wouldn't allow Bill or Katie to take that from him.

Ridge asserted that Bill and the Logans should not be running the company. Brooke said that they were on the same team, and she vowed not to let anything get between them. She wanted a future in which their children worked together, side by side. Ridge felt that it was a beautiful dream, but a dream nonetheless. He hugged her and said that no matter how she sliced it, it was still family versus family, and he didn't see a way to change it.

After Ridge had left Stephanie's office, a young man entered in search of Sandy. When Stephanie bombarded him with questions, he decided to leave. He opened the door to see Sandy on the other side. Sandy wrapped her arms around him and introduced him to Stephanie as Sandy's younger brother, Oliver.

Oliver readily noticed a great change in Sandy since he'd left months before. He saw that Sandy was pregnant, and Sandy and Stephanie explained about the surrogacy. Sandy said that by doing something good for others, she was giving something good to herself. Oliver and Sandy joked about being daredevils while growing up, and Oliver commented that there hadn't been a bully that she couldn't take. He said that he was proud of Sandy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

by Pam

In Katie's office, Bill listened as Katie and Steffy argued for their campaign ideas. Steffy refused to back down on her "Glamour" campaign, as she insisted that the "Hope for the Future" campaign was ill-conceived. Katie countered that the "Glamour" campaign was old news. Steffy asked Bill if he wanted to place the future of Forrester Creations in the hands of a teenage girl.

Bill agreed that logically they should go with a proven winner in the "Glamour" campaign, and Steffy appeared satisfied as she smirked. Bill praised Steffy and said that she had always delivered great campaigns. Steffy haughtily said that she would deliver again. Bill agreed that she would deliver by promoting the "Hope for the Future" campaign. Steffy looked defeated as Katie smiled. Steffy had an outburst that Katie was biased against her, but Katie told her to stop behaving like a child, thanked Bill, and kissed him.

Later, Steffy returned to the office for her portfolio, and tears filled her eyes as she spied the poster with Hope on it. Bill entered and Steffy snottily said she had an emotional soft side that he would never see again. She warned that the campaign with Hope would be a flop. Bill countered that her dad and granddad were supposed to make the line a success.

Steffy whined that Katie was out to get her. She seductively asked Bill to allow her to run the company as Bill smiled. Steffy promised huge profits and success if he made Ridge CEO and got rid of all the Logans. Steffy told Bill that she knew he felt something for her, and that she knew he didn't care about owning Forrester. She begged him to understand that it was the soul of her family.

In Ridge's office, Ridge continued to rant about stopping Katie and Bill. Ridge said that he needed Brooke to be on his side. Brooke begged Ridge not to let the disagreement become family versus family. She reminded him that she had supported his family and deceived her own sister on the "Dare" campaign.

Ridge prattled on about Steffy, the future of Forrester Creations, and that fact that he wanted to return Forrester to his family. He wanted assurance that Brooke understood. Brooke reminded Ridge that Steffy had only lost one opportunity to run an ad campaign. Brooke wanted him to support Hope in her chance to make a name for herself.

Brooke reminded Ridge that no so long before, Steffy was the inexperienced one who had been given a tremendous opportunity. Steffy came through, and she would have many more opportunities. Katie had given Hope her first chance with the new campaign. Ridge argued that Steffy felt Katie was out to get her, and Brooke asked why he thought Steffy was so convinced that Kate was out to get her. Ridge said that Katie must have somehow hurt Katie because Katie had been one of her biggest supporters.

Brooke told Ridge that the Logans were not setting up a conspiracy to hurt Steffy. She and Ridge kissed, and, Ridge whined that it made him sick to his stomach to work at Forrester. He vowed that he would devise a plan to return the company to his own family. Brooke agreed that he would find a way to make it happen. She playfully reminded him of many memories they had at Forrester and said there were more to create as she unbuttoned his shirt. Later, after lovemaking, Ridge told his wife that he would win the company back by "any means necessary," and he called it a war.

At Brooke's, Katie joined Donna and told her sister about how Steffy seductively pitched her extension of the "Glamour" campaign. Katie admitted that she wanted to strangle Steffy as Katie fought for her own ad campaign and her marriage.

At Taylor's, Taylor delivered coffee to Whip, and he wondered where her family was. She said that they were all working late. They discussed that Stephanie was Taylor's best friend, and Whip insinuated that he could be a friend too. Whip thanked her for giving him another shot at being more than a friend. He suggested that he wanted to play a game where he was the shrink and she was the patient. As Taylor looked skeptical, she playfully inquired if it involved a physical exam.

Whip teasingly adopted a German accent and asked about her feelings. Taylor shared that she was worried about Ridge because Steffy was being pushed out of Forrester. Taylor said that it bothered her and Ridge because they had lost Phoebe, and had so many disappointments. Whip became serious and wondered if Ridge would leave Forrester, but Taylor said that he had a contract. She worried that he had worked at Forrester his whole life to one day run the company, but Bill Spencer and the Logan sisters had pulled it out from under him.

Whip acknowledged that the business arrangement was probably not healthy for Ridge's marriage to Brooke. Whip asked if that gave Taylor hope, since it was obvious that she was still in love with Ridge. Taylor didn't answer, and Whip apologized for forcing her to talk about Ridge. Taylor said that she had started it. Whip pointed out that Taylor deserved a man who cared only for her. She hugged Whip, and they kissed.

Friday, January 22, 2010

At Insomnia, Graham, the photographer, met with Hope to review Hope's test shots. Graham said that he was going to make Hope into Forrester's next star. Steffy showed up and angrily asked Hope if Hope had called a meeting. Hope said that it wasn't her meeting -- it was Graham's, who was giving Hope a few pointers.

Graham asked Steffy what she thought of the test shots. Steffy looked at them and stoically said that, as head of public relations, she was going to do everything in her power to make sure that Hope for the Future was going to be a big success. Graham was surprised, particularly because Steffy's idea had been shot down. Steffy said that kind of thing happened, especially when someone's aunt was running things. From the corner of her eye, Hope noticed that Oliver was staring at her from across the room.

Graham, Steffy, and Hope continued to review the test shots. Graham received a phone call and had to leave. Hope asked Steffy which one of the pictures she liked. Steffy said that she liked all of them -- that Hope was a beautiful girl and that the camera obviously loved her. Overhearing, Oliver approached the table and said that he agreed with Steffy. He said that he couldn't imagine the camera not loving either Hope or Steffy.

Steffy told Oliver that was a rather corny come-on line. Oliver said that both Hope and Steffy were knockouts. He told the girls that he was working as a temporary DJ at Insomnia, but that if he didn't bring in the crowds, he would be axed. He said that he had dropped by their table to see if they would tell their friends to stop by the café. Hope said that she would. Steffy left the table to get a refill, and left Hope and Oliver alone.

Hope asked Oliver what his name was. He told her, and then handed her one of his business cards, which read, "Oliver Jones, Entertainment Specialist." Oliver said that sounded more professional than "DJ and Karaoke." Hope tried to hand Oliver his card back, but he told her to keep it. He went over to the DJ equipment, put on his headphones, and smiled at Hope.

In Ridge's office, Ridge told Brooke that he just wanted to get home and soak in the hot tub. He said that he didn't want to think about Katie and Bill -- he just wanted to concentrate on Brooke. Ridge was upset when Brooke told him that she had invited her sisters to the Forresters' for dinner, and that they were probably already at the house. Ridge said that he simply couldn't do it -- he couldn't break bread with Katie and pretend that everything was fine. He told Brooke that she was asking too much of him.

After Brooke left, Ridge picked up a memo. He snidely read the heading aloud, "Forrester Creations -- A Division of Spencer Publications." Ridge crumpled up the memo and threw it across the room.

At the Forresters', Donna wondered what was taking Brooke so long. Brooke showed up with some take-out Thai food, and told her sisters that Ridge had stayed at the office. Katie correctly surmised that Ridge didn't want to have dinner with Katie. Brooke said that she wished that things were different, but that the three of them should put the past aside and try to have a good time. Brooke thought that perhaps Ridge might change his mind and show up.

As the evening progressed, Katie and Donna reminisced about their teenage years, but Brooke stared at a photo of herself and Ridge. Donna talked Brooke into calling Ridge and trying to convince him to join them. Brooke called Ridge at the office, where he was staring at a picture of Steffy. Brooke begged Ridge to try to join them. Ridge didn't respond when Brooke asked him if he was going home.

Brooke said that she had really hoped that Ridge would change his mind. Katie said that perhaps it was better that he didn't, since she was sure that she was the last person who Ridge wanted to dine with that night. Katie listed all of the reasons that Ridge hated her, but she said that she hated what the situation was doing to Ridge and Brooke's marriage.

Brooke said that Ridge was trying, but that Taylor kept telling him how unfairly Steffy was being treated. Brooke wished that Taylor would stay out of the situation. Donna wondered whether Taylor was fanning the flames, and setting up a Hope vs. Steffy situation. Brooke said that she didn't think that Taylor was doing that purposely, but that Taylor was trying to protect Steffy. As a mother, Brooke understood Taylor's actions.

Katie asked Brooke if she thought that Taylor and Ridge were becoming romantically involved. Brooke said that she had faith in her husband, and that all couples had challenges. Katie said that few couples had as many challenges as Brooke and Ridge had over the decades. Brooke said that was her point -- that she and Ridge had been through so much, making their relationship even stronger. Katie asked Brooke if it bothered her that Taylor was "waiting in the wings." Brooke said that she knew that Ridge had run to Taylor in the past, but she didn't think that would happen, because Ridge knew how much Brooke loved him. Brooke insisted that Ridge wouldn't turn to Taylor for help.

Stephanie returned home and commented that she had just seen Whip driving away. Taylor wondered if it was okay with Stephanie that Taylor was seeing Whip. Stephanie said that she was delighted to see that Taylor was with a nice guy who put Taylor first, unlike Ridge. Stephanie informed Taylor that Brooke and Ridge were going through a rough patch in their marriage. Taylor said that she knew about it -- and that it was because of Katie, and Brooke's loyalty to her little sister. Taylor said that Brooke never learned, and she didn't know how much more Ridge could take.

Ridge drove home and parked in front of his house, but then asked himself what he was doing. He said that it was his home, but that he didn't even want to go in. Ridge called Taylor and told her that he was sitting in his car in front of his house, but that it didn't feel like his house because the Logan sisters were inside. Ridge told Taylor that he couldn't take it -- that it had to stop. He said that he needed Taylor to help him make it stop.

Taylor told Ridge that she wasn't sure what Ridge was asking her to do. Ridge said that he felt like he was at the end of his rope -- that he couldn't find a way to get past his anger towards Katie, and what Katie was doing to Steffy. Taylor was shocked when Ridge said that he wanted to go in the house and wring Katie's neck. Ridge told Taylor that he was trying not to let the situation get in the way of his marriage, but that Brooke was making him feel pushed aside.

Taylor wondered if Ridge felt that Katie was just using Hope to "stick it" to him and Steffy. Ridge said that he did, and that Katie was using the dinner that night to drive a wedge between him and Brooke. Taylor put on her psychiatrist's hat and told Ridge that he was frozen up, unable to make a decision. Ridge wondered what he should do. Taylor suggested that Ridge go to her house -- that Stephanie and the kids would be there to help him get through the situation.

Ridge showed up at Taylor's and thanked her for being on the other end of the phone when he had called. He said that he was sorry that it had taken him so long to make the decision that he had made. Taylor said that she was confused, because, on the phone, Ridge had made it sound like everything was a disaster, and that he hadn't made any decisions. Ridge said that just hearing Taylor's voice had calmed him down.

Ridge told Taylor that he had made a mistake -- the same mistake he had been making for years. He said that he finally realized that running back to Brooke always ended in disaster. Taylor reminded Ridge that he loved Brooke. Ridge said that he didn't love Brooke enough. He added that, after that night, Brooke could have her sisters. He told Taylor that he was leaving Brooke.

Taylor said that she was trying to be there for Ridge, but that he couldn't just stop by and tell her that his marriage to Brooke was over. She said that he was putting her in a really bad position, and that it pulled at her heartstrings whenever he called her "Doc." When Taylor said that he couldn't understand what he did to her, Ridge said, "I very much understand, Doc." Ridge began caressing Taylor's hair, then her face. They gazed into each other's eyes and began kissing passionately.

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