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Monday, January 25, 2010

Oliver visited Jackie M to find Sandy working late. Sandy hadn't realized the time, because she'd been immersed in learning about the business. Oliver quipped that developing a fashion career beat making other people's babies for a living, and Sandy scoffed. Oliver recalled that Sandy had wanted a life of her own, and that was why he'd returned home.

Sandy and Oliver discussed his new DJ job. He seemed humdrum about it; however, they joked that he could possibly become some cougar's "boy toy." Tickled by Sandy's humor, Oliver expressed delight in having his sister back.

Oliver had once feared that Sandy would never leave the trailer after what had happened. He felt that he'd let her down, and he wished that he could have taken a knife to the offender. She assured him that he'd been a reliable brother, and the only person that she'd told about the rape until Nick. Oliver guessed that Nick was the new man in her life. Sandy corrected that Nick was the baby's father, but Oliver was the only man she'd ever need.

Sandy revealed that Whip worked at the company, and Oliver readily called his cousin a dork and a weasel. Sandy said that she loved Whip, and he'd been supportive. Returning to the subject of the rape, Oliver asked if the police had made headway. Sandy explained that they hadn't, but Nick had renewed her hope that they would.

Oliver gave Sandy a photo book that he'd made of his travels. Each photo was blurred, because he'd taken them from the car. When Sandy ribbed him about it, he bashfully yanked the book away and chuckled that he'd been in a hurry.

At Insomnia, Steffy caught Hope lingering around the empty DJ booth. Steffy teased Hope about flirting with Oliver earlier. Hope asked if Steffy were upset with her. Steffy shrugged it off, saying that some people wanted her to be. Steffy wanted to see it as just work, but Forrester Creations meant more to her than that. Noting her own inexperience, Hope stated that if her half-baked idea succeeded, it would only be because Steffy had made it her own.

After the stepsisters left, Graham returned to Insomnia to look for Hope. He found her headshots on a table, and he thoughtfully stared at them.

At Taylor's house, Stephanie pulled Taylor out of a daydream about Ridge to tell her that Ridge had just called to decline the invitation to stop by. Taylor apprised Stephanie of Ridge's dilemma, and Stephanie couldn't believe that sitting in the car outside his house was Ridge's "destiny" with Brooke. Taylor asserted that he'd chosen Brooke, and he was stuck with her.

Steffy arrived home in a confident mood. She explained to Taylor and Stephanie that Hope was a sweetheart, and things at work would be fine. Stephanie guessed that being a Logan meant being promoted to the head of the class, but Steffy countered that being a Forrester had gotten Steffy her job, too. Taylor remarked that Steffy had proven herself with her campaign. Steffy clarified that she'd only had one campaign, and life still went on whether or not Hope's campaign succeeded. Stephanie wondered if Ridge could go on.

Steffy realized that Ridge was miserable at work, and he shouldn't have to worry about defending his daughter on top of it. Stephanie said that if not Steffy, Brooke and Ridge would surely find something else to disrupt their relationship. Taylor tried to deter Stephanie from the subject, but Stephanie insisted that Brooke lived to tease and torment Ridge.

Alone with Taylor later, Steffy remarked that Stephanie didn't know when to stop. Steffy stated that even though Ridge's marriage was his business, she sometimes mused about leaving the front door unlocked in hopes that he'd return home. After Steffy went upstairs, Taylor pondered Steffy's words, but locked the door anyway.

At Brooke and Ridge's house, Brooke wondered where Ridge could be. When he finally strode in, he said he'd been sitting in his car until Donna and Katie had departed. He stated that he could be pleasant to her sisters at work, but she couldn't ask him to do it at home.

Hope arrived home and said that she'd just had an omelet with Steffy. A surprised Ridge wondered if there was a punch line. Hope announced that she and Steffy had worked things out. "We're a team now," Hope proclaimed. Brooke and Ridge exchanged intrigued glances.

Later, Hope asked Ridge for help with a definition on her homework, and he rendered a stammering and incorrect answer. She announced to her mother and him that she was engaged. Ridge and Brooke played along by asking questions about their future son-in-law. Hope stated that she didn't know him yet, but he was a musical man named Oliver. Ridge gave her 45 minutes to finish her homework, and he and Brooke went upstairs.

Hope received a phone call from Graham, who asked how impulsive she was. He said that her photos had inspired him to do "Hope for the Future" in the dark, so that he could make use of shadowing in the shots. He suggested that they take some photos in back alleys and on side streets. Hope declined because it was late, and she had school and work the next day. Graham said that he shouldn't have bothered her with it, and he'd see her at work.

Brooke and Ridge dressed for bed. Brooke remarked that she didn't know how to have a home where her sisters were prohibited, and Ridge didn't know how to make it home with them around. Brooke assured him that they'd make it through the hard times, just as they always did. She stated that whenever they reached a point in which words weren't enough, they used their bodies to communicate. She said that, as long as they were together, they were home. The couple kissed and made love.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, the Logan girls were getting on Ridge's nerves no matter where he went. In one office, Katie told Eric that she wanted him to add some more youthful features to the design he was working on while Eric argued with her. In the lobby, Donna showed Thorne the fabric that Katie wanted, but Thorne objected and said that his suppliers didn't have the fabric. Donna wanted Thorne to find someone who did have the fabric, but Thorne looked distraught.

In Katie's office, Donna, Brooke, Hope, Thomas, and Steffy were waiting for Katie. When Katie entered, she started ordering everyone around and explained that everything had to be perfect for the new campaign, which she dubbed, "Hope for the Future" by Hope Logan. Katie added that they didn't have much time because they had wasted so much time on the "Dare" campaign. She vowed that the new campaign would be the best campaign yet if they all pulled together.

Katie announced that since Hope was the spokesmodel for Forrester, Katie wanted to use Hope's voice rather than Steffy's in the company video. Steffy seemed offended at first, but agreed that she could rewrite the script if necessary. She handed her rough draft of the script to Katie. After only a mere glance, Katie returned it to Steffy and suggested that Steffy take another shot at it. Thomas looked disgusted, and Steffy said she had additional versions of the script.

Taylor and Ridge were outside Katie's office, and they overheard some of the exchange. Ridge walked away and said that he felt that he couldn't preserve the Forrester legacy because the Logans were in charge. Taylor followed him to his office where he droned on about his inability to control anything at Forrester. Taylor said that he had to do something because he was clearly miserable.

Taylor received a text from Whip, and said that she had to leave. Ridge said that he had heard that she was seeing Whip. Taylor said that Whip was good for her. Before she left, Ridge referred to her as "Doc." Taylor told Ridge that she wanted him to stop calling her "Doc." She told him that he had his Logan, and she was no longer Doc to him. Ridge said that he understood.

In Katie's office, tempers were flaring and Brooke suggested that they take a break. Brooke asked Steffy to get one of her other script drafts and a cold drink for Hope. Steffy left the office in disgust. Brooke worried to Katie that putting all the focus on Hope was a lot of pressure. Katie dismissed Brooke's fears and said that Hope was a lot like Brooke with plenty of confidence.

Later, Steffy returned to Katie's office with the revised script, but Hope was the only one in the room. Hope said that everyone had left for another meeting. Hope told Steffy that she knew what Katie wanted. She added that Katie had asked Hope to review the new script. As Hope sat down to look over the new script, she opened the can of soda that Steffy had delivered. It sprayed all over Hope, to Steffy's delight.

Hope angrily accused Steffy of being jealous. Steffy shouted that she would never be jealous of Hope, but Hope laid into Steffy suggesting that Steffy was angry because her dad had chosen Hope's family over Steffy's family. Steffy reminded her stepsister that Hope's last name was Logan, and Steffy's was Forrester. Ridge was her dad and not Hope's father.

At Jackie M, Whip and Stephanie discussed that Ridge was angry about the way things were going at Forrester. She added that Taylor was also worried about Ridge. Stephanie advised Whip that Taylor would always have feelings for Ridge. Whip said that he wasn't giving up. He showed Stephanie a dress that he asked Bridget to design for Taylor. He wanted the dress to have the color of Taylor's eyes and her dark hair. He unzipped a garment bag to give Stephanie a peek at it, and he remarked that Bridget had done a wonderful job.

At Forrester, Ridge was seated at his desk and was remembering when Eric had told him the company would be his. Stephanie entered, and Ridge ranted that he had to find a way to get Katie out of the CEO's chair. Stephanie suggested that Ridge quit and take his chances in a Spencer lawsuit. She said that he was miserable at work, and he should either join her at Jackie M, or go out on his own. Remaining at Forrester was clearly killing him.

Stephanie reminded Ridge that it was no longer the Forrester that they remembered. She added that wherever he went, he should take his kids with him and leave the Logans behind. Ridge said that his wife was a Logan, and he didn't want to leave her. Stephanie mentioned that Whip had Bridget design a dress for Taylor. Stephanie said that she believed Whip was falling in love with Taylor. She felt Taylor cared about Whip, as well.

At Jackie M, Taylor arrived to meet Whip and discovered a table with candles and flowers. Whip joked that there would be no games like the last time they met. Whip revealed the dress that he had asked Bridget to design for her. He added that it was one-of-a-kind just like Taylor. Taylor changed into the stunning blue dress and told Whip that it was beautiful. Taylor smiled and they kissed. Whip told her that he knew she still had feelings for Ridge, but he didn't care. He kissed her again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope and Steffy argued about Hope's reference to Ridge as her father. Hope told Steffy that she had every right to call him her dad because a father was more than DNA. Steffy apologized, and admitted that Hope was correct.

The girls covered their argument when Brooke entered. Graham Darros also entered and asked if Hope was available for a photo shoot because he felt inspired and wanted to use his studio for some shots. Brooke wanted to be sure that Hope had finished her homework. Steffy told Graham that the company only used locations in the building for its photo shoots. Graham said that he preferred to use his own studio to capture what he needed with Hope.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie told Ridge that she was worried about him because he was so unhappy. She encouraged him to get far away from the Logans, but Ridge reminded his mother that he was married to Brooke, and he wasn't going anywhere. Stephanie continued with her rant and reminded Ridge that he had been so upset with the Logans that he had refused to enter his own house. She added that he had called his ex-wife to talk about it.

Ridge told his mother to quit wasting her energy in trying to reunite him with Taylor. Stephanie insisted that Ridge was happy when he was with Taylor, and Brooke had been insensitive when she had invited her sisters to dinner. Stephanie continued that the Logans had taken over Forrester. She said that Hope and Marcus had become powerful because of their Logan heritage. Stephanie worried that a child of Bill and Katie's could potentially be controlling Forrester -- pushing Ridge and his family out of the company.

Ridge angrily disagreed. He informed his mother that he loved Hope and Steffy and planned to return control to the Forrester family. Stephanie warned Ridge not to turn his back on his own flesh and blood in favor of Hope. Stephanie was pessimistic that Ridge could gain control soon enough to affect a change. She reminded Ridge that Hope was the centerpiece of the ad campaign, and the announcement could be disastrous.

Stephanie worried that a member of the press might realize that Bridget and Deacon were married when Brooke got pregnant with Hope. She called the Logans "sex dolls" who had driven the Forrester men out of the company. Brooke overheard the conversation from outside the office, but she sneaked away. Ridge shouted at his mother to stop her rant because he loved Brooke, and he expected her to respect Brooke. Ridge walked out on his mother. Brooke entered and slammed the door.

Brooke wondered if Stephanie would ever stop blaming the Logans for supposedly destroying the Forrester family legacy. Stephanie and Brooke exchanged insults until Stephanie reminded Brooke that Hope was Deacon's daughter. Stephanie worried that the news of Hope's parentage would hurt the Forrester image. She warned Brooke to make better decisions because Ridge was close to a nervous breakdown.

Stephanie shouted at Brooke to get Ridge away from Forrester and convince Katie to let Ridge out of his contract with Spencer. Brooke argued at first, but Stephanie said that Brooke was married to Ridge, and had everything that anyone could possibly want. Stephanie begged Brooke to acknowledge that Ridge was suffocating. She asked Brooke to convince Katie to allow Ridge to run the company. She added that if Brooke couldn't get the company back into Ridge's hands, Brooke risked losing Ridge forever. Stephanie personally guaranteed that Brooke would lose Ridge if the Logans continued to run Forrester.

At Jackie M, Sandy talked to Oliver on the phone, and Nick overhead her tell Oliver that she loved him. Sandy explained that Oliver, her brother, had moved to town. She added that Oliver had wanted to beat up every guy who was at the party after he had heard that she had been raped.

Nick and Sandy discussed that Graham Darros, the photographer, might have remembered something about the night that Sandy was raped. Nick searched for Graham's Web site and discovered that he was working in Los Angeles on the "Hope for the Future" campaign for Forrester. Graham's Web site mentioned that Hope was Brooke Logan's daughter. Nick decided to set up an appointment with Graham.

Graham and Hope entered his loft apartment where Graham's friends were having a party. Graham explained that several of his friends had keys because when he was in Europe, he allowed his friends to use the apartment. Graham introduced Hope to his friends and kicked everyone out so that he could work.

Graham convinced Hope to relax with a glass of Chardonnay. He added that she should not tell her parents about the wine. They toasted to the start of something special. Graham told Hope that she had all the right qualities to be a star. She was shy, but had a rebellious streak and mischievous eyes.

Graham said that Hope was a natural, and he studied the way she moved. He poured himself another glass of wine while Hope looked through photos. Graham took a call from Nick, and Nick wanted to meet to discuss some work for Jackie M. Graham said that he was working and couldn't talk, but would contact Nick later. Graham played with Hope's hair, and she looked uncomfortable.

After Nick had hung up, he told Sandy that he was suspicious. Sandy wondered if Graham could be the kind of guy who lured unsuspecting women to his apartment.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Nick's office, Sandy told Nick that she couldn't be sure that Graham was the culprit, but Nick reasoned that Graham could be covering for someone else. Graham was their only solid lead, and Nick intended to pay the photographer a visit. To keep Graham from recognizing Sandy, Nick chose go to Graham's alone to get a DNA sample. After Nick left, Sandy fixated on Graham's picture and wondered if he could have been the one.

At Graham's loft, Graham snapped pictures of Hope and encouraged her to be completely open with him and the camera. During a break, Graham coaxed her to have more wine to relax, but she declined, because she'd already had one sip. She felt that she didn't need any more. Graham relented and resumed photographing her.

At the end of the shoot, Hope radiated with pride, and Graham stated that there was something special about her. He showed her the pictures and remarked that they made a good team. He gave his card to her and said she could call him if she ever wanted to talk. Hope was proud to represent Forrester Creations, and she couldn't wait to show her parents the pictures. She exclaimed that it was the best day of her life.

Later, after Hope left, Graham welcomed Nick into the loft. Nick entered under the ruse of hiring Graham, but Graham asked if they could discuss it another time. Nick turned to leave, but he decided to make a confession. An animated Nick stated that he was a "shutter bug," and he really wanted Graham to look at Nick's personal photography.

Nick shoved several sticks of gum in his mouth and said that he chewed it when he was nervous. Graham glared quizzically at Nick and tried to escort him out. Nick noticed that Graham's breath reeked, but Graham claimed that he'd only had a little wine. Nick insisted that Graham take some gum until Graham finally put a piece in his mouth.

Brooke entered Katie's office to find Katie excited about Hope's campaign. Katie believed that it would make the family proud, while putting Steffy's campaign to shame. Brooke asked which family: the Forresters or the Logans. Brooke asserted that she wouldn't let her marriage be ruined over Katie's feud with Steffy. Katie claimed that she'd moved on from the kiss, and Brooke proposed that the newlyweds turn the company over to the Forresters and travel. Katie said that it wouldn't happen, because the Forresters had betrayed Bill.

Brooke stated that the Spencers couldn't run the company with no consideration for the Forresters. Katie retorted that the Forresters had no consideration for the Spencers, and it wasn't her fault that the company had been bought out. Brooke suggested that Katie do the right thing by stepping down to allow Ridge to assume the CEO position.

Katie resented Brooke asking Katie to resign to save Brooke's marriage. Brooke noted that the Forresters had built their place in the fashion industry, but Katie and Bill had just bought theirs. Katie remarked that Brooke was being harsh, and Katie wondered how Ridge would feel about Steffy luring Bill to Big Bear. Brooke stated that they needed to make peace, or Brooke would lose her husband. "And I'm never going to let that happen again," Brooke vowed.

In Ridge's office, Taylor and Ridge discussed Katie's rejection of Steffy's campaign copy, and Ridge wondered what Steffy had ever done to Katie. Taylor reasoned that Bill, who wasn't a fan of Eric or Ridge's, might have influenced Katie. Taylor worried that pushing Hope into the limelight would cause the media to dig up the story behind Hope's conception. Ridge remarked that it would be like putting a target on Hope's back.

Ridge said that he loved Steffy and Hope the same, and Hope had been raised as "one of us." He'd tiptoed around the paternity issue, and he wasn't sure if Hope even knew the whole sordid story about Deacon. Taylor stated that somebody had better wake Brooke up to it before the press destroyed Hope. Ridge said that it was better said than done.

Taylor strode into Katie's office to find out what Katie had against Steffy. Katie rolled her eyes and said that Taylor really didn't want to go there. Taylor insisted, and Katie stated that, in her personal opinion, Hope's campaign had been better. Taylor suggested that Katie expend less effort opposing Steffy and more on protecting Hope. Taylor asserted that, in her professional opinion, the media would have a heyday with Hope's past, and it would take down the entire Logan family.

Brooke entered Ridge's office to announce that she'd gone to bat for Ridge with Katie. Ridge was surprised, and Brooke said she'd do anything to prove her love to him. She didn't want to fight against him; she wanted to fight for him and the family. Ridge said that they'd just turned a corner. Brooke felt that everyone should be treated fairly, especially Steffy.

Ridge stated that he'd felt caught between Hope and Steffy. He continued that Taylor had helped him see a lot of things, including what a disaster the campaign could be for Hope. He explained that they'd avoided mentioning the situation with Hope's father, but the press would dredge it all up again. Ridge insisted that they had to shield their daughter from the media, who'd probably call Brooke a slut and Hope a stain on the family name.

Hope strode up to Ridge's door to show her pictures to Brooke and him. Hope arrived in time to hear Ridge call her a stain on the family name. She grew upset as the phrase, "Hope is a stain on the family name..." echoed through her mind.

Friday, January 29, 2010

In Nick's office, Sandy was deep in thought when Whip entered, startling her. Sandy told him that she was on edge, and that she was waiting for a call from Nick. Whip asked her what was going on. She said that Nick was on a mission to get some DNA. Whip wondered if they found the guy who had raped her. Sandy said that the guy might be Graham Darros.

Whip said that the last time he and Sandy had spoken, she hadn't thought that Graham was her rapist, and that if Graham didn't turn out to be the rapist, then they were back to the drawing board. Sandy said that she had to accept that she might never find out who raped her. Whip thought that with Nick's help, Sandy's rapist would eventually be caught. Sandy said that Nick had been a godsend for her, and had helped her get her life back. After Whip left, Sandy stared at a photo of Graham and, to herself, said, "Was it you? If it was, Nick will find out."

At Graham's apartment, Nick continued to furiously chew gum. Graham was still chewing the gum that Nick had given him. Graham asked Nick to tell him about the job at Jackie M that Nick allegedly had for him. Nick kept talking around Graham's questions. Nick said that he wasn't at liberty to discuss the new Jackie M line until he had Graham under contract -- then pointedly added, "Not until I have you all locked up."

Graham said that he needed to know more about what he would be doing for Jackie M. Nick said that he would be doing photo shoots and layouts. Graham asked Nick to be more specific. Nick said that Jackie M didn't have a men's line, so that he would be working primarily with female models. Graham said that was his forté. Nick rambled on about gum, and said that he found that it lost its flavor quickly. Graham, growing more irritated, said that he hated gum. He took the gum out of his mouth and threw it into a wastebasket.

Graham asked when Nick would want him to start. Nick, keeping an eye on the gum in the wastebasket, said that the start date was negotiable. Nick kept trying to avoid answering Graham's questions about the bogus Jackie M photo shoot. Nick said that he chewed gum to relax, and wondered what Graham did. Graham said that he worked -- and that he was wondering whether his next job was going to be with Nick and Jackie M.

Graham's cell phone rang, and he took the phone to the other room. While Graham was out of the room, Nick, using a piece of paper, took Graham's gum out of the wastebasket. He called Sandy and told her to meet him at the police lab. Sandy looked at Graham's picture on the computer and said, "If you did this to me, you're dead." She slammed down the laptop's lid and left to meet Nick.

At the police DNA lab, Sandy met up with Nick and Zev, the crime lab technician. Zev said that Lieutenant Baker had okayed the DNA test. Nick gave Zev a plastic bag containing Graham's gum. Nick and Sandy explained that Graham had thrown the party where Sandy had been raped. Zev said that the saliva on the gum was fresh enough to get a good DNA profile. Sandy thanked Nick.

Nick told Sandy that she might finally have her answers after all these years. Zev returned and told them that the DNA from the gum was being analyzed. Sandy said that if it had been Graham who raped her, she was willing to bet that she wasn't his first, or certainly his last, victim. Sandy wondered how many women Graham had hurt.

Steffy and Taylor ran into each other in Stephanie's office. Taylor told Steffy that she had confronted Katie about the problems that Steffy and Katie were having. Steffy wondered what Katie had said. Taylor said that Katie had told her a little bit about what was going on, and asked Steffy for more details. Steffy said that Katie had it in for her. Taylor said that was obvious -- her question was why, because she knew that Katie was initially very supportive of Steffy. Steffy said that was before Hope was in the picture.

Steffy told Taylor that Hope was a good kid with a lot of talent, but no experience -- and that her line was going to be a disaster for the whole company. Taylor said that the experience could be a nightmare for Hope -- that the Logans were pushing Hope into a role that she wasn't emotionally ready to handle. Steffy wondered if Taylor was referring to the scandal surrounding Hope's parentage. Taylor said that the Logans wouldn't be able to protect Hope if Hope was the centerpiece of the Hope for the Future campaign, and Taylor didn't understand why Brooke and Katie hadn't considered the possible repercussions for Hope. Steffy said that all Katie wanted was another Logan in front of the camera. Taylor said that would be a decision that they would regret.

Steffy said that she could try to keep the press away from Hope. Taylor didn't think that was realistic, since Hope was promoting the campaign. Steffy said that she almost felt sorry for Hope. Taylor said that if Hope were her patient, she would be very worried that Hope could be permanently scarred.

In the hallway outside of Ridge's office, Ridge's phrase "Hope is a stain on the family name," continued echoing inside Hope's mind. Inside Ridge's office, Ridge told Brooke that the tabloids would exploit Hope's background and reveal that Deacon Sharpe was Hope's real father. Hope walked over to the office door and listened as Brooke and Ridge continued their conversation.

Brooke said that Deacon had nothing to do with Forrester. Ridge said that Deacon was a skeleton in their closet -- the most shameful indiscretion in the Forrester family history. Hope had a visceral reaction as Ridge spoke. Ridge reminded Brooke that Hope had no idea that she was conceived while Deacon was married to Bridget. As Hope continued to listen, Brooke said that Ridge was right -- all this would be too much for Hope.

Ridge reiterated that the way Hope was conceived didn't matter to them, but that it would matter to the media. Hope continued to listen as Ridge wondered how his and Brooke's relationship with Hope would change if the truth were revealed. Brooke said that carrying the child who she had conceived with Bridget's husband had been the darkest time of her life. Ridge said that it was history, and that he didn't want her reliving the past. Brooke told Ridge that she was ashamed even thinking about it -- and that was how she felt through her entire pregnancy. Hope entered the office, which startled Brooke and Ridge. Hope said that she felt the same way -- ashamed that she had made Brooke feel that way.

Hope told Brooke and Ridge that she had heard their entire conversation. Ridge tried to explain to Hope that wasn't the way he and Brooke felt -- that they were just discussing the spin that the media might put on the situation and that they were concerned about her. Hope asked Brooke if the love that she had shown Hope was the result of Brooke's guilt. Hope had the proofs of the pictures that Graham had taken with her, and she said that she had stopped by Forrester to show them to Brooke and Ridge. She said that she had been really proud and excited about everything Forrester.

Hope began tearing up the photos and said, "I guess we can't have that now... not the stain... not the mistake... not the bastard child that you had with your daughter's husband." Hope ran out of the office. Brooke tried to stop her but Ridge told Brooke to let her have her space.

An upset Hope drove around and, in her mind, heard Ridge saying, "A skeleton in our closet. She has no idea that she was conceived while Deacon was married to your other daughter." Hope called Graham and told him that things weren't going great. She asked him if she could stay at his place that night. Graham told her to drive over. When they hung up, Graham made a phone call and said, "Clyde. It's Graham. So listen... the party's back on. Tell the crew." He smiled as he hung up.

Brooke was concerned that Hope was driving while upset. Brooke called Hope and, when she learned that Hope was in the car, asked her to turn around and go back to Forrester. Hope started crying and asked Brooke to leave her alone. Ridge got on the phone and said that they could work the situation out. Hope said that she had already heard about the situation -- that she was Deacon Sharpe's "dirty, illegitimate child."

After nearly colliding with another car, Hope said that she had to get off the phone. Brooke said that everything that she had said wasn't about Hope -- that Hope had just been an innocent baby. Brooke blamed herself, saying that she was the guilty party. Hope asked if knowing that Brooke had been miserable while being pregnant with her was supposed to make Hope feel better. Brooke said that she had loved Hope from the moment she knew that she had been pregnant with her -- and that Brooke was ashamed of herself, but never of Hope. Brooke begged Hope to give her another chance. Hope heard the loud honk of a truck horn and screamed.

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