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Monday, February 1, 2010

At Forrester, Steffy handed Katie mock-ups for Forrester Creations' new promotional kit. Steffy said that Katie wouldn't edge Steffy out, no matter how much Katie wanted to. Katie responded that if she wanted Steffy gone, she could easily fire Steffy. Steffy reasoned that Eric and Ridge would quit if that happened, and Steffy guessed that Katie still felt threatened. Katie rolled her eyes and said that it wasn't true.

Rick entered with Graham's proofs for the campaign. Rick said that when he'd worked at Forrester International, he'd heard that Graham was a creep. Rick stated that Graham was at the top of his field, and Steffy added that it was why she'd tracked him down. Rick remarked that gossip out of Milan, Paris, and New York was that Graham didn't treat his models very well.

Steffy urged Rick to be straight with her and Katie. Rick revealed that he'd overheard models warning each other about shooting with Graham, who didn't have the best of intentions. Katie decided to investigate Graham, and Steffy offered to do it, since she'd hired him. Steffy said she'd also warn Hope to keep her guard up.

At the crime lab, Zev told Sandy and Nick that, thanks to Nick, Graham Darros' DNA was all over the gum sample. Zev offered to call once he completed the DNA test, but Sandy decided to wait while Zev worked. She couldn't remember if Graham had attacked her; however, if he had, she'd make him pay herself if she had to.

Nick left Bridget a vague message about why he'd be late getting home. While waiting, Sandy told Nick that being pregnant had helped her see things with new eyes. She knew she'd be okay, even if they never got answers. Nick decided that he had to tell Bridget the truth about how he'd been helping Sandy. Sandy balked at the idea, but Nick assured her that Bridget would understand. He decided that he'd tell Bridget later that night.

Nick hoped that the DNA test would close the door on that chapter of Sandy's life. Sandy couldn't believe that she'd finally have answers, and she thanked him for his support. Nick said that she'd just needed someone to believe in her. Sandy vowed that, if Graham had been her attacker, she'd make sure that he never touched another woman ever again.

On the phone, Brooke pleaded with Hope to talk about the misunderstanding. Hope shrieked as she swerved her car on the road. The call disconnected, but once Hope regained control of the wheel, she called back to say that she was okay. Brooke wanted to pick Hope up; however, Hope said that she didn't want to talk, and she hung up on Brooke.

Ridge suggested that Brooke give her daughter some space. Brooke said she'd never forgive herself if something happened to Hope. He assured Brooke that once Hope calmed down, she'd understand that Brooke and Ridge hadn't been expressing their feelings about Hope. Hope would realize that they'd been guessing about how the media would react to the history behind her conception. Brooke still seemed uncertain, and Ridge hugged her.

Brooke continuously dialed Hope's number even though Hope's phone had been turned off. Ridge guessed that Hope was at a girlfriend's house, and he said she'd soon remember that Brooke loved her. Ridge hugged Brooke again and said that nothing would change that.

Graham called his friends for an impromptu party at his place. He touted that he had a gorgeous girl for them to meet. "Wait till you see this one," he raved. As the party started, he called Hope to make sure that she was still on the way. She said she'd be there shortly, and he smiled to himself. Later, more of his friends arrived, and they wondered when they'd meet his newest starlet. Graham stated that Hope was pretty special.

When Hope finally arrived, she seemed turned off by the crowd in Graham's loft. She told him that she wasn't in the partying mood, but he insisted that she stay. He promised that she was safe there, and he introduced her to his friends. As Hope mingled, Graham slipped into her purse and turned off her cell phone. He poured her a glass of wine and laced it with powder.

Graham offered Hope the wine, but she declined, because she was underage. He insisted, saying it was a special wine that he'd gotten in France. Hope acquiesced and took a sip. The men at the party crowded around a woozy Hope, and though she hadn't moved from her seat, Graham said that she was partying hard. Graham asked when she'd become such a flirt.

Hope squinted in her inebriation. She uttered that she didn't feel well. Though she'd hardly talked to anyone there, Graham lied that she'd said she'd wanted to party, and she'd been having a great time flirting with everyone. Someone handed her a shot, and as the partygoers cheered her on, the glass tumbled out of her hand.

Later, Graham saw the last of his party guests out the door, and he told Hope that she'd been getting kind of wild. A dazed Hope said that she needed to lie down, and Graham helped her to the bed. He stroked her hair and repeated that she'd been making serious moves on his friends. Hope shook her head and muttered that she hadn't done that.

Graham asked what she'd been upset about, and Hope recalled the argument with her parents. He said he'd never hurt her like that; he was her friend and she could trust him. He promised to help her put it out of her mind. Hope said that she just wanted to forget. Graham massaged her shoulders and said it'd be like nothing had ever happened. He laid her down on the bed, and stroking her hair, he repeated, "In the morning, it'll be like nothing ever happened."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

by Pam

At Graham's loft, Graham had drugged Hope, and she was asleep on his bed. He was delusional and called her a party girl. He lied and told her that she was wild, dancing, and flirting with all of his friends. Hope was half-asleep, but insisted that she didn't remember any of that.

Hope fell back onto the bed and her eyes fluttered. She tried to get up to go home, but mumbled that she had a headache and didn't feel well. Graham said that she drank too much, and he promised to take care of her. She lay back down on his bed.

Graham caressed Hope and kissed her. He praised her beauty and how perfect she was. He told her that it was so nice when women were quiet. He hated when they talked all the time. He rubbed the lipstick off her lips, and promised that he would be gentle with her. He removed her sweater and top. He told her that she would never remember anything and would probably think she had too much to drink.

At Jackie M, Bridget smiled at a picture on Nick's desk. Whip entered and said that Bridget and Nick still seemed to be in a honeymoon phase. Bridget agreed that they were crazy about each other. She marveled that in a few months, they would replace the photo of the two of them with one that included their baby. She said that she was very thankful for Sandy.

Bridget said that she wished she had known Sandy better. She sensed that there was a sadness in Sandy's eyes. Whip avoided the conversation and wondered where Nick was. Bridget said that he had left and said that he was dealing with something, but hadn't shared what it was.

Sandy's brother, Oliver, entered. Whip, Oliver, and Bridget chatted, and Oliver shared that he had been waiting more than a half hour for his sister. Bridget left, but returned later. She said that Nick was also late in meeting her and was not answering her calls. She added that it was unlike him.

At the police lab, the lab tech was analyzing the DNA from the gum that Nick had taken from Graham while Sandy and Nick waited impatiently. The lab tech was trying to match the DNA on the gum to the DNA in Sandy's rape kit from five years earlier. Sandy said that if Graham were the rapist, she wouldn't let him get away again. The lab tech confirmed that Graham was the same person who had raped her. He called Lieutenant Baker, but Sandy had already taken off to confront Graham. Nick raced after her, and the pair drove over to Graham's loft.

Graham had partially undressed Hope and was about to remove Hope's slacks when Nick knocked on the door. Nick lured Graham to the door with the promise of a Jackie M contract. Graham argued at first, and said that he couldn't be interrupted, but Nick insisted on seeing Graham immediately to review the contract. When Graham opened the door, Nick forced his way into the apartment. Nick saw that Hope was lying on the bed, and he checked on her, but she was unresponsive.

Sandy glared at Graham, but he ran past her and escaped to the roof. Sandy pursued him, and she found him hiding. Sandy closed in to tell him that he would never rape another woman. Graham denied that he had ever raped Sandy. Graham told Sandy that she had been drunk the night she thought she had been raped. He told her that she deserved it.

Sandy angrily told Graham that he had taken her life away from her, but she would make sure that she took his life away from him. Graham laughed at her and said that she had no proof. Sandy countered that she had his DNA, and the police were on their way. Graham pushed Sandy down on the ground and said that she was all alone again, just like the last time they had been together. He stood over her and leered at her. Sandy appeared to be in pain.

In Graham's apartment, the police and paramedics arrived. Nick asked the police to contact Brooke Logan because Hope was her daughter. Then, he raced up the stairs to find Graham and Sandy. The police were also in pursuit.

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke frantically called relatives and all of Hope's friends to look for her. No one had seen or heard from Hope, and her phone kept going to voicemail. Brooke was frustrated and cried that she was worried something had happened to Hope. Brooke's phone rang, and Charlie Baker told her that they had found Hope at Graham's loft. Baker told Brooke that Hope had been drugged and was being treated by paramedics.

Hope was still not awake when Brooke and Ridge arrived at Graham's, but Baker told them that he thought she would be all right. Brooke and Ridge demanded to know if Graham had hurt her, and Baker answered that he thought Nick had arrived in time to save her. Brooke and Ridge were surprised that Nick had been there. Baker said that Nick and Lieutenant Baker were looking for Graham. Ridge angrily asked for five minutes alone with Graham when they found him.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

by Pam

On top of Graham's building, Graham leered at Sandy as she lay on the ground after he had pushed her down. Graham told her that he owned her. Sandy fearlessly asked Graham if he even knew how many victims he had. She wondered if he had remembered any of his victims' names. Graham laughed at her, and Sandy kicked him in the groin. He fell onto the ground in pain, and Sandy grabbed a heavy lever from a rooftop mechanical system as a weapon.

Sandy stood over a cowering Graham and was ready to strike, but Lieutenant Baker and Nick found her and stopped her. Baker arrested Graham for the rape of Agnes Jones. Baker handcuffed Graham and read him his rights. Graham asked for a lawyer and remained arrogant. He sneered at Sandy as Baker dragged him past her.

Sandy hugged Nick, and tearfully thanked him for believing in her. Suddenly, she gasped in pain and cried that she had cramping, and was worried about the baby. Nick rushed her to the hospital.

At Jackie M, Bridget, Whip, and Oliver chatted, and Bridget prattled on about how thankful she was to have met Sandy. Bridget praised Sandy for her honesty and her surprising agreement to have her and Nick's baby. Bridget marveled at how much she and Sandy had in common based on Sandy's profile that she had received from the surrogacy agency.

Bridget explained that she and Nick had lost a baby girl years earlier. She said that she was surprised that Sandy was so willing to become a surrogate. Bridget said that she had felt she already knew Sandy before she had even met her because they were so much alike. Oliver and Whip exchanged uncomfortable glances.

At the hospital, Sandy and Nick met with Dr. Caspary who ordered tests to make sure the baby was all right. Nick prepared to call Bridget, but Sandy stopped him and suggested that they should wait to find out if everything was all right before worrying Bridget. Nick refused, and said that he had already kept too much from his wife. He planned to tell her everything.

Nick called Bridget, and she panicked on the phone as she worried about Sandy and the baby. Bridget calmed down when she arrived at the hospital, and Dr. Caspary announced that the baby's heartbeat was fine. Dr. Caspary added that the next few hours were critical because Sandy had experienced cramping and she had fallen. Bridget was surprised and asked what had happened and where Sandy had fallen.

Sandy silently stared at Nick, and Nick was speechless as Bridget asked what was going on. Bridget looked at Sandy and then at her husband and demanded to know what had happened. No one was answering her.

In another section of the hospital, Hope remained asleep as a result of the drug that Graham had given her. The doctor examined her, and Brooke and Ridge worried. The doctor warned that whatever drug Graham used could remain in Hope's system for seven hours. The doctor added that they would monitor Hope's heart and vital signs because the drug could affect her heartbeat and respiration.

Hope remained motionless while Ridge and Brooke talked to her. Brooke explained to Ridge that they were very fortunate that Nick and Sandy had discovered that Graham was the person who had raped Sandy five years before. Nick and Sandy had gone to Graham's apartment to confront him. Brooke realized that if they hadn't been there at that time, Graham would have raped Hope.

Brooke shared with Ridge that Bridget didn't know about Sandy's past, but Nick did. Brooke admitted that she knew about Sandy's rape because Nick felt that Sandy needed to confide in someone. Sandy and Brooke had bonded over their experiences. Ridge noted that the complicated relationships were going to become more complicated because Bridget was going to hear everything.

Charlie Baker entered and told Brooke and Ridge that Graham was behind bars. Brooke talked to a sleeping Hope while Ridge exited to purchase coffee. Brooke remembered that she had sat at Hope's bedside in the hospital and begged her to awaken when she was a little girl and had almost drowned. Brooke remembered that Nick had saved Hope from disaster that time also.

Hope awakened slightly when Ridge returned, and Brooke and Ridge told her how much they loved her. Hope didn't remember anything, but she did remember that Graham had given her wine to drink. Brooke and Ridge told her that Graham had drugged her, but that he was behind bars and she was safe.

Brooke and Ridge explained that they loved Hope. Brooke tried to make Hope understand that she overheard only part of a conversation that Brooke and Ridge were having. Brooke reminded her daughter that she was a blessing and that Ridge and Brooke never felt that she was a mistake. They felt responsible for her leaving them in anger, and they wanted to assure her she was very much their daughter, and very loved. Hope listened intently, but said nothing.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

In the hospital lobby, Whip and Oliver suspected that Sandy had been admitted because something had occurred with the baby. They saw Steffy, who said that she was there because her family had experienced a little scare. Whip claimed to have just dropped off a friend there for tests. Steffy strode off, and Whip asked Oliver to find out Sandy's room number.

In Hope's hospital room, the doctor explained that Hope should stay a few more hours. The doctor said the narcotic that Hope had ingested wouldn't have lasting effects, and Ridge remarked that Graham also faced a drug charge. The doctor left, and Ridge teased Hope as he offered her some juice. "May I please have some juice, Ridge?" Hope asked. Ridge remarked that she hadn't called him Ridge in a long time. Hope stated that it didn't mean anything.

Brooke said that they could talk about things later, but Hope shrugged, saying, "If we need to." Brooke explained that Ridge and she didn't feel the things that Hope had overheard them say; instead, they'd been pondering how to shelter Hope from the people who'd say them. Hope said her parents had protected her well, because no one had ever said those things to her. Brooke prodded Hope to talk about what she'd heard, and Hope stated that she'd been shocked to learn that Bridget and Deacon had been married at the time of Hope's conception.

Just then, Steffy rushed in and apologized to Hope for hiring Graham. Hope said that it'd been her own mistake for trusting Graham. Brooke told the girls not to blame themselves, because only Graham was responsible for the evil that he'd planned to do.

Brooke and Ridge exited, and to Hope, Steffy expressed further guilt about hiring Graham. Steffy felt even worse because her bitter professional attitude had forced Hope to rely on Graham for guidance. Steffy cursed herself for being such a "bitch," but she claimed that her attitude had never been about Hope. Hope said that she understood.

In the corridor, Brooke worried about Hope, but Ridge assured his wife that they'd all get through it. When Brooke and Ridge reentered Hope's room, Steffy said that Hope and she had decided that Steffy should be fired for hiring Graham; however, since the hiring had led Graham to meet justice, the stepsisters had decided to pardon Steffy. Brooke and Ridge chuckled that the executives had made a wise choice.

In Sandy's hospital room, Nick and Sandy explained to Bridget what had transpired between Hope and Graham Darros. Nick revealed that Sandy had fallen after chasing down Graham. Bridget thought that, while Sandy had been brave, she'd taken too huge a risk in pursuing Graham. Bridget asked what Sandy had thought she'd do once she'd caught him. Sandy remarked that she'd wanted to strangle him, because he'd done to her what he'd tried to do to Hope. Sandy stated that no one had been there to help Sandy when it had happened to her.

Bridget hugged Sandy and wished that Sandy had told Bridget sooner. Nick said that he'd pushed Sandy until he'd learned the truth. Sandy interjected that she'd made Nick promise to keep the secret. An angry Bridget seethed that it was a promise that he'd had no right to make. Nick claimed that at the time, he'd worried that Sandy would disappear if he spoke about it, so he'd sought advice from Brooke, who'd been through a rape herself. Bridget scoffed, unable to believe that she had to remind Nick that his loyalty was to his wife, not Sandy.

A nurse entered to tell Ms. Jones that her brother was there. Bridget asked who Ms. Jones was, and Sandy admitted that her real name was Agnes Jones. Sandy said she'd lied about her name because she hadn't wanted to be Agnes Jones, the rape victim. Bridget was outraged that Nick had put his trust into a woman who'd lied about her name and gotten into a brawl while carrying their unborn child. Bridget felt like a fool for trusting Nick again.

Bridget stormed out, and Nick pursued her. He implored her to understand that he'd been worried about losing Sandy's trust. Bridget said that he hadn't cared about his wife's trust, and he'd confided in Brooke, of all people, instead of his wife. Bridget asserted that he hadn't thought about her or the baby while he was running to Sandy's rescue. Bridget sarcastically commended him on saving another damsel in distress. "It's Katie all over again," Bridget concluded.

Nick apologized, but Bridget quipped that he'd been more married to Brooke and Sandy than to Bridget. Nick reasoned that he'd been trying to protect her, but she seethed that she didn't need protection. "The hell you don't!" Nick retorted. Nick stated that while he could have told Bridget, Sandy had asked him to allow Bridget to enjoy a pure and sacred pregnancy. Bridget stated that knowing about the rape wouldn't have made a difference to her.

Nick apologized for not realizing that. He professed his love for Bridget, but he said that he had to love her his way, not hers. While he couldn't blame her for being upset by his mistakes, he wouldn't let her accuse him of not sharing his life with her. He claimed that she was the reason for every move he made. Bridget uttered that she hoped that they didn't lose the baby. They hugged, and Sandy stared at them through her hospital window.

When Whip and Oliver arrived in Sandy's room, Sandy explained that she felt better. She stated that Bridget was upset about Nick allowing Sandy to lean on him. "I guess I'm just an incubator to her," Sandy remarked, and she went on to explain how she and Nick had discovered that Graham was the rapist. Sandy said Nick and she had stopped Graham from striking again. "Nick's the hero," she said, smiling. Whip stared worriedly at Sandy. Oliver hugged her, and they expressed relief that it was finally over. Sandy boasted that she was happy and alive again.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hope woke up in her hospital room to find Brooke and Ridge hovering over her. Ridge said that they wouldn't leave until Hope left, because Hope was his daughter. When Hope said, "Not biologically," Ridge said that the way he felt about her had nothing to do with DNA -- and that he loved her as much as he did his biological children. Hope gave Ridge a big hug.

Ridge said that he wanted Hope to return to work as soon as possible -- he said that he and Hope were going to make fashion history with the "Hope for the Future" campaign at Forrester Creations. Lieutenant Baker entered the room and told them that Graham was in custody, and was being held without bail. Brooke, Ridge, and Hope were relieved.

Baker said that he hadn't heard anything about how Sandy was doing. He explained that apparently Sandy had been involved in an altercation with Graham, and was with him when he had been arrested. Brooke was surprised to hear this. Baker said that Sandy had been experiencing some pain, and that Nick had taken her to the hospital. Brooke left to see Sandy.

In the corridor, Whip told Oliver that he wondered how Hope, the girl who Graham had attacked, was doing. Oliver realized that it was the same Hope who he had met at Insomnia, when she was looking through photo proofs with Graham. Oliver was shocked to learn that Graham had tried to rape Hope.

Ridge told Hope that he was going to speak with her doctor. After Ridge left, Oliver showed up in Hope's room, and was carrying a small gift bag. When Hope said his name, Oliver joked, "You remembered. At least you don't have amnesia."

Oliver presented Hope with her gift -- a little teddy bear. Hope remembered that Oliver's business card said that he was an entertainer, and she asked him to entertain her. Oliver started to act goofy and walked around the room, until his foot became caught in Hope's bedpan. Hope joked that it was okay, as she had just used it. Oliver quickly removed his foot from the bedpan.

Oliver said that he had just wanted to check on her, and that she should get some rest. Hope thought that was sweet. He made her promise to see him at Insomnia as soon as she got out of the hospital. Before he left, Oliver and Hope briefly held hands. When Oliver was gone, Hope cuddled the teddy bear before drifting off to sleep.

Through the window of her hospital room, Sandy stared at Nick and Bridget hugging in the corridor. Breaking out of the embrace, Bridget asked Nick when he had been planning to tell her about Sandy's background. Bridget said that she had trusted Sandy, who had been keeping secrets, and that Nick had been helping her. Before she walked away, Bridget asked Nick if he had any idea how much that hurt her. Bridget walked away. Nick made eye contact with Sandy through her hospital room window.

Nick approached Bridget and begged her not to blame Sandy. Bridget couldn't believe that Nick was defending Sandy. Bridget was concerned that their baby could be in danger. Dr. Caspary arrived and asked the Marones to step into Sandy's room. The doctor informed the threesome that the baby was fine, and that they would keep Sandy in the hospital under observation for a short while.

After the doctor left, Bridget asked Nick to leave so that she could have a few minutes alone with Sandy, who Bridget pointedly referred to as "Agnes." After Nick stepped out, Sandy told Bridget that everything was going to be fine. Bridget said that she didn't think so.

In the hallway, Nick ran into Brooke. Brooke was relieved when she learned that Sandy and the baby were fine, and she thanked Nick for saving Hope. Brooke wanted to see Sandy, but Nick told her that Bridget was in with her. When Nick said that Bridget knew the truth about Sandy's background, Brooke said that Bridget was bound to find out. Nick said that Bridget wasn't taking it well -- that his wife felt betrayed.

In Sandy's room, Bridget wondered whether the connection and the closeness that she had shared with Sandy was part of an act. Sandy said that they should both just be grateful that the baby was fine. Bridget said that she was deeply grateful to God -- but not to Sandy. She added that Sandy had acted incredibly irresponsible with her child, and then had dragged Nick into it.

Bridget accused Sandy of pressuring Nick to keep secrets from her, and said that no woman did that with a married man unless she had some kind of an agenda. Sandy said that she admired Bridget, and wanted to be like her. Bridget said that Sandy was nothing like her, and that Sandy had taken advantage of Bridget's friendship and trust. When Sandy said that she had been raped, Bridget said that she was sorry about that, but that it wasn't an excuse for Sandy having lied to her.

Sandy tried to remind Bridget that the night had been a victory for everybody -- that Hope was safe, Graham was behind bars, the baby was fine, and that Nick was a hero. Bridget said that she didn't know what kind of "fantasy ride" Sandy was trying to go on with Nick, but that the Marones were deeply in love. Sandy denied having designs on Nick.

Bridget laid down the law to Sandy. She said that she was going to allow Sandy to stay on as a Jackie M employee so that Bridget could be close to her baby. She warned Sandy to stay away from Nick. Bridget said, "This is a business arrangement, Agnes, and nothing more. I need to know that you understand that."

Bridget said that she didn't want to have anything more to do with Sandy. Sandy reminded her that she was still carrying Bridget's baby. Bridget told Sandy that she had better start acting responsibly -- because Bridget would be watching her. Growing angrier, Bridget said that Sandy was just an incubator -- a vehicle to giving Bridget a healthy child. Sandy said that she had made a mistake, and that she was sorry. Before she stormed out of the room, Bridget said that Sandy would get a check when the baby was born, and then Sandy would be out of the Marones' life forever.

Nick and Bridget spoke in an empty room. Bridget said that she had made it very clear to Sandy where things stood. Nick apologized for having kept Sandy's background a secret -- he had just become caught up in what had happened to Sandy. Bridget was upset that Nick hadn't taken her reaction into account. Nick told Bridget that he loved her more than anything in the world and would never do anything to hurt her. Nick wondered what he could do to help put the situation behind them. Bridget said that she didn't know.

Whip went into Sandy's room and drew the curtain around her bed. He told her how happy he was that the baby hadn't been harmed. Sandy told Whip that Bridget hated her -- but that was okay, and she wasn't going to let it ruin what had happened that night. Unseen by Whip and Sandy, Brooke entered the room and listened in on their conversation.

Sandy said that Nick had given her a reason to get up every day. Whip said that he didn't like what he was hearing. Sandy announced that she was in love with Nick. On the other side of the curtain, Brooke looked shocked. Sandy said that she was free for the first time in her life -- because of Nick.

Brooke revealed her presence, and Sandy asked her how Hope was. Brooke said that Hope was recovering. Sandy assumed that Brooke had heard about everything that had happened that night -- that Graham had been caught and put behind bars. Brooke said that was great, and then asked Whip to leave so that she could speak privately with Sandy. Whip left.

Sandy thanked Brooke for her friendship, support, and for having kept her secret from Bridget. Brooke said that perhaps she shouldn't have done that. She told Sandy that she heard what Sandy said about being in love with Nick. Brooke said, "It's not going to happen, Sandy." She said that she never wanted to hear Sandy say those words again. Sandy thought that Brooke was overreacting. Brooke said that if Sandy even batted an eyelash at Nick, she was going to have to deal with Brooke -- and that Sandy didn't want that.

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