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Monday, February 8, 2010

In an empty hospital room, Bridget insisted upon knowing what Nick felt for Sandy. Nick stated that Bridget really wanted to know how he felt about his wife, not Sandy. He claimed that he'd tried so hard with Sandy because he'd wanted to create a perfect experience for Bridget. He reminded Bridget that she'd wanted him, Sandy, and Bridget to be a team, and he insisted that everything he'd done that night, he'd done to achieve that end.

Nick affirmed that he loved Bridget implicitly, and they shouldn't question their feelings for each other. He anguished at the thought of hurting Bridget or the baby. Bridget replied that the baby was okay. Nick said that their marriage was, too, and the couple hugged.

Later, Nick spoke to Dr. Caspary, who'd decided to release Sandy. Dr. Caspary said they'd been lucky. Nick replied that he hadn't known what to do if something had gone wrong.

In Sandy's hospital room with Brooke, Sandy said that she wasn't after Nick, and Brooke and Bridget were overreacting. Brooke insisted that she knew what she'd overheard when Sandy had expressed to Whip that she was in love with Nick. Brooke advised Sandy not to fool herself, because Nick had only acted out of love for his wife.

Sandy stated that Brooke had no idea what Nick had done for Sandy, but Bridget needn't worry about anything. Sandy felt that Brooke ought to know what that night meant to Sandy. Sandy stated that it wasn't about Bridget, because, above all, Sandy and Nick had saved Hope from a rapist. "Do you have a 'Thank-you' in you for me?" Sandy wondered.

Brooke said that Sandy had been the hero - until Brooke had overheard Sandy profess her love for Nick. Brooke stated that Sandy would deliver a baby to Nick and Bridget, and then Sandy would be out of their lives. "Right, because I'm just the incubator. I got it," Sandy grumbled. As Brooke turned to leave, Sandy asked if Brooke would share what she'd overheard with Bridget. Brooke responded that she wouldn't keep any more secrets from her daughter.

In the lobby, Brooke found Bridget still angry with her mother. Brooke said that keeping Sandy's secret had been a mistake, and Bridget insisted that Brooke's loyalty should have been to her daughter. Brooke agreed, but she stated that rape victims could be very fragile at times. Bridget stated that after Sandy's recklessness, Bridget would have been better off choosing a complete and unscreened stranger to carry the baby.

Brooke stated that Nick's help had endeared him to Sandy. Bridget seemed confused, and Brooke stated that, though she doubted that Nick felt the same way or even knew about it, Sandy had become attracted him. Bridget asked how Brooke knew that, and Brooke replied that Sandy had said that she loved Nick. Bridget wondered why Sandy had said that to Brooke, and Brooke clarified that Sandy had said it Whip. Bridget chuckled that Sandy was insane to talk to Whip, but Brooke informed Bridget that Sandy was Whip's cousin.

Bridget grew upset to learn that there were even more secrets. Brooke said that she'd confronted Sandy, and Brooke doubted that it was real love. Brooke assumed that Sandy's feelings had been amplified by the rapist's capture, and Brooke felt that Bridget needed to be aware in case it became a problem. Bridget vowed that Sandy wouldn't get her hooks into Nick.

Bridget marched off, and Nick approached Brooke, who explained what she'd overheard Sandy tell Whip. Brooke added that she'd told Bridget, because Brooke was done keeping secrets from Bridget. Nick groaned that it was bad, but he insisted that he'd never crossed the line with Sandy. Brooke advised Nick to cease any unnecessary contact with Sandy. Nick insisted that he hadn't betrayed his wife, and he sent Brooke to be with Hope.

Dr. Caspary left Sandy's room, and Bridget strode in. Sandy assured Bridget that things were fine with the baby. Sandy stated that the baby was important to Sandy, too, and with a fake smile, Bridget replied that it was because the baby belonged to Nick.

Sandy stated that Brooke had taken whatever she'd overheard out of context, and Sandy viewed the baby as her gift to both Nick and Bridget. Bridget ordered Sandy to cut the act. Bridget asserted that they both knew that Sandy was a liar, a fraud, and a thief. A tearful Sandy didn't want them to be enemies, but Bridget insisted upon knowing why Sandy had roped Nick into lying to his wife. Sandy apologized, but Bridget raged that it wasn't good enough. Sandy motioned to leave, but, blocking Sandy's path, Bridget said they weren't done yet.

Bridget implored "Agnes" to be honest about her feelings for Nick. Sandy said that she felt alive and secure in knowing that her rapist was behind bars. Sandy was astonished that she could feel anything other than fear and contempt for a man. Bridget asked if Sandy was attracted to Nick, and though Sandy didn't explicitly answer, she swore that she'd never act upon it. Bridget said that Sandy was lying to herself and to Bridget. Bridget asserted that the lying was Sandy's way of forming a bond with Nick to destroy Bridget's family.

Sandy insisted that she was trying to help Bridget create a family. Bridget reiterated her earlier statement that once the baby was born, Sandy would be out of their lives. Sandy started to cry, but Bridget persisted, "You're a liar and a traitor, and Nick would never be with a woman like that. Never!" Sandy caught her breath when she saw Nick peering into the room.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

by Pam

At home, early morning was dawning and Nick awakened Bridget. They discussed that Bridget hadn't slept well. Nick teased that Bridget was snoring and talking in her sleep about how she really needed to forgive her husband. He said that she also snorted that she wanted to kill him.

Bridget was amused, but Nick said that he slept with one eye open in fear. They kissed and Bridget said that she was worried about Agnes and the baby. Nick said that the baby was going to be fine. After Nick and Bridget got dressed, they discussed that Dr. Caspary had put Agnes on some medication, and Bridget worried that Agnes might not be responsible enough to take it.

At Jackie M, Pam, Whip, Jackie, and Owen had hung a banner welcoming Sandy back to work after her hospital stay. They didn't yet know that her real name was Agnes. The Jackie M crew had hung balloons and decorated for a party when Sandy entered. Jackie told Sandy that they had all been worried about her when they heard that she had been in the hospital.

Jackie offered Sandy some sparkling cider and Pam offered her one of her homemade lemon bars. Sandy thanked them for their love and support. She told them that they felt like family to her. Sandy also thanked Owen for allowing her brother to stay in his friend's beach house. Owen said that Sandy and Oliver were like family to him.

Sandy shared that she had been hurt while chasing a man who had attacked her years earlier. She told everyone that she had been raped five years earlier. She added that Nick had helped her talk to the police to find her evidence and get everything tested. She explained that, because of budget cuts, hundreds of women never had answers about their rapes because the DNA from their attackers was sitting in storage for years and waiting to be tested.

Sandy's attacker's DNA didn't belong to anyone with a criminal record. She added that Nick was suspicious of the photographer who took Sandy's photos the night she was raped. She said that Graham Darros was the photographer, and Nick persisted in getting his DNA for the lab to make a match. Sandy praised Nick for helping her to get justice and reclaim her life. She explained that Nick proved Graham Darros was the attacker, and Graham was behind bars.

Jackie said that she was proud of Nick. Sandy said that she was grateful to confront her attacker, but that was when she was hurt. Jackie, Pam, Whip, and Owen toasted Sandy for getting justice and facing her attacker.

Bridget and Nick entered, and Bridget wondered why they were throwing a party. As the crew started to explain the purpose for the party, Bridget exclaimed that Sandy's real name was Agnes. She ripped down the banner that welcomed Sandy back to work and reminded everyone to call Sandy by her real name. Everyone was uncomfortable, and Agnes, Bridget, Nick, and Pam left.

Jackie and Owen remained, and they quizzed Whip about Agnes because they said it seemed that Whip knew Agnes better than anyone. Jackie told Whip that she was concerned because Agnes was carrying her grandchild. Whip said that he understood that everyone was confused. He added that he knew Agnes preferred to be called Aggie. Whip admitted that he was Aggie's cousin, and he knew Aggie was a wonderful woman who had been through some difficult years.

Taylor entered and voiced her surprise at his connection to Agnes. Whip promised to explain everything to her. Whip and Taylor chatted about looking forward to their date. Whip said that he had it all worked out. He had made special plans.

Whip wanted to make Taylor feel special because she was always making everyone else feel special. He stroked her hair and caressed her cheek. Taylor was clearly happy and smiled at the attention. She said she was looking forward to spending more time with him.

Agnes knocked on Nick's office door and noted that Bridget had been "a little crazy" earlier. Agnes said that she knew she was going to have to work hard to regain Bridget's trust. Nick was skeptical, and he said that they could not be alone together. Agnes wanted Nick to listen to her. She insisted on apologizing to Nick and Bridget.

Agnes said that she never meant to get anyone in trouble. Agnes thanked Nick for keeping her secret when she asked him to maintain her privacy. Agnes said that she wanted to apologize to Bridget, but when Bridget entered, she was angry to see Agnes in Nick's office. Bridget reminded Agnes to stay away from her husband.

Bridget told Agnes that there would be no more private meetings with Nick. Bridget reiterated that they had a business deal and a signed contract. Bridget asked Nick to revise the contract so that they had a contract with Agnes rather than Sandy -- someone who did not exist.

Bridget ordered Agnes to take care of herself and deliver a healthy and beautiful baby. She sharply told Agnes that her vigilante days were over, but Agnes defiantly said that she had regained her life by confronting her attacker. She said that Bridget had no idea what it was like to be raped.

Bridget shifted the conversation to interrogating Agnes about taking the medication that Dr. Caspary had prescribed. Agnes didn't want to be treated like a child, but Bridget said she didn't know Agnes and didn't trust her. Bridget ordered Agnes to get out of Nick's office by the time she returned.

Bridget left and Nick asked Agnes if Brooke had correctly overheard her in the hospital. Nick asked if Agnes had said that she loved Nick. Agnes rambled on for a few minutes, but finally admitted that because of what they had gone through together, it was only natural that she would have feelings for him.

She thanked him for restoring her self-confidence, and she admitted that she loved him. Nick looked confused.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge once again sat listlessly in his office chair and moped that the company letterhead said Forrester Creations, a division of Spencer Publications. He crumpled up a memo on the company letterhead and tossed it in the trash when Steffy entered. Steffy bleated out that it just wasn't right that Bill owned the company. Ridge said that he would make it work for Steffy and Hope. Steffy kissed her dad, and told him that she would take care of things.

Later, Ridge kept hearing "Forrester Creations, a division of Spencer Publications" in his head. He picked up a glass award with the logo on it, smashed it on his desk, and cut his hand. Then he rubbed his bloody hand all over his face and stared off into space while still hearing the echo of Spencer Publications. Brooke entered and was alarmed when she saw the blood. She hugged him and told him that she loved him.

Steffy showed up at Bill's office with lunch, but Bill told her that he had missed lunch four hours earlier, and planned to eat dinner soon. Steffy said that she knew he had missed lunch, and she wanted to talk to him. Bill was impressed that she knew he had missed lunch and had taken him his favorite sandwich.

Steffy made a snotty comment about not wanting Katie to slave over a hot stove. Bill refused to argue with her about his wife. Instead, he praised Steffy for being professional when he knew that she didn't like Hope's campaign, but she had promised to make it work. Steffy thanked him.

Bill asked her what she wanted. She said that she wanted him to give the company to her. He laughed, but she added that the Forresters were willing to pay a fair price for it. She knew that when Bill married Katie, he had given her control of the company. Steffy said that if she had a few hours alone with him in the company jet, he would forget all about Katie. Steffy teased that she knew Bill had enjoyed kissing her.

Bill tried to change the subject, but Steffy added that she knew she could have him any time she wanted. Bill insisted that he was committed to Katie. He added that Steffy would drive some man insane someday, but that Bill would never be that man. He told her there would be no more games.

Steffy demanded that Bill put Ridge back in charge at Forrester. She told Bill that Ridge was totally miserable and really needed to be back in charge. Bill was impressed with Steffy's loyalty to her family, but he didn't discuss the control of Forrester. Bill had clients that he had to meet, and asked Steffy to leave. Steffy called Bill's secretary and asked her to stall the visitors for 10 minutes and give them a tour.

Steffy continued to flirt with Bill, who was seated at his desk. She walked around the desk to get closer to him. Donna was at the door and Steffy saw her, but Bill didn't. Steffy decided to take advantage of the situation. She told Bill that she had something in her eye and got as close to Bill as she could. She asked him to look in her eye. Bill put his hand on her face, but said he couldn't see anything. Donna saw Bill touching Steffy's face, and she backed away from the door.

Back at Forrester, Donna immediately reported what she saw to Katie, who flew into a rage. Katie called Steffy a bitch, and promised to put an end to her interference. Katie called Bill to meet her at home immediately. In his office, Bill told Katie that he had an important meeting, but Katie said that it couldn't wait. Bill told Steffy that he had to leave. Steffy made fun of Bill for jumping the minute Katie called.

Bill entered his home, and wondered what the emergency was and why Katie was sitting in the dark. Katie haughtily asked Bill about his lunch. Bill answered that Steffy had delivered a sandwich to him and that was all. Katie argued that Steffy tried to hit on him.

Bill said that he was not vulnerable to Steffy's come-ons. Bill angrily admonished Katie for preventing him from attending an important meeting. Katie was furious and wanted to fire Steffy. Bill argued that Katie was acting on her personal feelings. He reminded her that she had to separate business from personal.

Outside the house, Steffy showed up and hid by a window so that she could see and overhear the conversation. She happily realized that Bill and Katie were fighting about her, and she could use the argument to gain an advantage to regain control of Forrester.

Whip and Taylor entered Whip's apartment, and Whip said that he was planning a home-cooked meal for Taylor. She was very impressed and thankful, but Whip commented that she had probably had many more romantic dinners than the humble home-cooked meal he was going to serve. Taylor agreed that she had eaten five-star dinners from many restaurants, meals that were delivered by waiters, but it was much more romantic that a man cared enough to cook dinner for her. She was very appreciative for his romantic gesture.

In Nick's office, Agnes admitted that she loved Nick, but she added that she would never act on her feelings. Agnes called Nick her hero and asked him to apologize to Bridget for her. She wasn't sure why Bridget was so insecure. Nick told Agnes that she had no way of knowing how much Nick and Bridget had been through.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Steffy listened outside the beach house as Katie and Bill argued. Bill thought that Katie was overreacting, but Katie insisted that Steffy was threatening their marriage. Bill ranted that the kisses had meant nothing, and the last one wouldn't have happened if Katie hadn't walked out on him. Katie grew enraged that there had been another kiss, and she demanded to know what had happened between Steffy and him the night that Katie had stayed at Brooke's house.

Bill stated nothing important happened, and it had been a goodbye kiss. "What the hell does that mean?" Katie seethed. Bill claimed that it never would have happened had it not been for Katie leaving. Katie couldn't believe that Bill was blaming her for his indiscretion. Bill apologized and assured his wife that it had meant nothing.

Katie raged at the thought of Bill kissing Steffy. Katie ordered him to stay away from Steffy. "I shouldn't have to ask this of you! You should know how inappropriate this is!" Katie argued. She grabbed her things to leave, and Bill told her that she'd better not walk out on him again. Katie said that she couldn't handle the situation, and Bill said that he couldn't handle her leaving each time they had a problem. Katie hastily left anyway.

Steffy entered the house, and Bill asked what she was doing there. Steffy claimed that she was looking for a beer. She guessed that Katie had sounded off about Bill having an innocent lunch with Steffy. Bill stated that nothing Steffy did was innocent. Steffy said that she at least had the guts to go after him. Katie, on the other hand, had walked out on him twice. "How can you let her do this to you?" Steffy asked.

Bill said that he wanted to be alone, and Steffy questioned whether he really did. She said that she wanted Forrester back for Ridge, and she planned to get it. "And you're going to help me," she said. Steffy insinuated that she'd be very grateful if he handed the company over to her family. "Leave your wife, sell back Forrester Creations, and I will make it worth it to you," Steffy proposed. She claimed that there was a whole new world out there for both of them, and she wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

In Katie's office, Ridge cleaned up the shattered glass and thanked God that he had Brooke to help him stay sane. He remarked that his blood on Katie's desk was symbolic. As Brooke tended to his hand, he said he loved her. Hope entered, and Ridge and Brooke asked if Hope really wanted to go through with the modeling campaign. Hope asked if Brooke were worried about Hope, or about Brooke's own past catching up to her.

Brooke admitted that it had been a terrible time in her life, but it had given her Hope. Ridge said that they just wanted to protect Hope, especially after what had happened with Graham. Ridge asked if Hope could handle the campaign, or if they were pushing her too far too fast. Hope said that she really wanted to do it, but she asked that they slow things down a bit.

Ridge and Brooke concurred that it'd be fine to resume once Hope had a few extra weeks to heal. Hope asked Ridge for a ride home and left to meet him in the parking lot. Ridge said that working with his children was the only modicum of joy that Forrester gave him.

Katie strode in and Ridge left. Brooke explained that they'd have a hiatus in the "Hope for the Future" campaign. Brooke commented that Steffy would play an important role once they resumed. Katie announced that Steffy wanted to ruin Katie's marriage. Katie told Brooke about the lunch and "goodbye" kiss between Bill and Steffy. Katie said she'd already known that Steffy was throwing herself at Bill, but until that day, Katie had trusted that Bill could resist.

At Whip's house, Taylor and Whip sat down to dinner, and Whip promised that it would be a special night. When Taylor noted that he'd made her favorites, he said that Taylor and he were made for each other, because they were his favorites, too. Whip brought up Ridge, and Taylor remarked that she thought about Ridge, even when she didn't want to. Whip jokingly asked if Taylor had a shrine to her ex. She admitted that she sometimes fantasized that Ridge would see the error of his ways and return to her.

Taylor got upset with herself for going on about Ridge at the table. She stood up and said Whip didn't deserve that. Whip calmed Taylor down by saying that he wasn't afraid of Ridge. Whip was confident that Ridge would soon be the last thing she thought about. Taylor kissed Whip, and said, "Jonesy, you have got some lousy survival skills." Whip liked the nickname and implored her to stick around.

After dinner, Taylor couldn't believe how fabulously Whip was treating her. She asked if it were real, or if he were waging an ad campaign for himself. Whip said that any man would treasure her, and that was what he intended to do. Whip bragged that he could give her things that Ridge couldn't, like total focus and loyalty. Taylor kissed "Jonesy" and said she'd hold him to that.

Friday, February 12, 2010

At Whip's, Whip and Taylor sat on Whip's couch. Taylor complimented Whip on how well he kissed. Whip said that he wasn't sure if he should continue kissing Taylor, because he might seem too forward. Taylor wondered if Whip was having trouble controlling himself. Whip said that he was a master of self-control with one exception -- when he was with a woman who was as beautiful, as intelligent, and as captivating as Taylor was. Whip guessed that Taylor had heard that before -- probably from Ridge. Taylor pinched Whip's lips shut and said that she didn't want to hear that name again.

Taylor said that she had never met a person as real as Whip was. She told Whip that she knew what she wanted in a relationship, and she wanted them to be cautious and take things slowly. She said that Whip was very special to her, and she didn't want to see him get hurt. Whip said that he appreciated that, because he had been hurt by the wrong women in the past. Whip said that, with Taylor, he knew that he had found the right woman.

Whip pulled out a pitch pipe and began to blow in it, producing a musical note. Taylor jokingly feared that Whip was about to serenade her. Whip said, in that case, he had to go with Plan B. He threw the pitch pipe to the ground and began kissing Taylor.

Whip and Taylor made love in front of a roaring fire. Afterwards, they both admitted that they hadn't expected things to move so quickly -- but they were both glad that they had. Taylor said that Whip had made her feel special. He replied that he always wanted to make her feel that way. She thanked him for a beautiful evening. They began kissing again.

Katie and Brooke talked in Katie's office. Brooke said that she understood why Katie was upset. Katie wondered if she was supposed to turn a blind eye to what was going on between Bill and Steffy. She said that she felt like there were three people in her marriage, and that Bill pretended that he didn't see it.

Brooke said that Katie had every right to feel the way she did, but that she might be overreacting. She told Katie that she thought the situation had more to do with Steffy than with Bill. Katie agreed, and said that she was going to talk with Ridge and tell him what Steffy had been up to, in hopes that maybe Ridge could put a stop to it. Brooke said that, more likely, Ridge would go after Bill. Brooke reminded Katie that Ridge didn't think that Steffy could play romantic games. Brooke said that Ridge would probably have a few choice words for Katie and then he would be upset with Brooke for not telling him about the "Bill and Steffy" situation.

Brooke implored Katie not to tell Ridge. She suggested that Katie go home and have a long talk with her husband to set things straight. Brooke said that there wasn't anything that Steffy could do to disrupt the Spencers' marriage. Katie noticed that she had forgotten her wedding ring, then remembered that she had left it at home. Brooke told her sister that all marriages had challenges, but that Katie was a fighter -- and that Steffy was no match for her.

After Brooke left, Katie stared at the wedding picture of her and Bill. She remembered being in bed on their wedding night. With a smile on her face, she left the office.

In his and Brooke's bedroom, Ridge placed a flower on Brooke's pillow. To himself, he said, "Now all I need is my beautiful Logan." When Brooke entered the bedroom, Ridge walked up behind her and gave her a glass of wine. Brooke said that was exactly what she needed that night. Ridge said that he needed a relaxing evening as well, considering what had been going on with Hope, and his fit in the office, when he had smashed a glass trophy and cut his hand.

Brooke told Ridge that she knew how desperately he wanted Forrester Creations back -- and how his desire had created some rough spots in their marriage. Ridge said he hoped that they were beyond that. Brooke said that it was like she had told Katie -- that all marriages had challenges. Ridge wondered if Katie and Bill were having some problems.

Ridge said that being married to Bill Spencer couldn't be a picnic. He told Brooke that, as determined as Katie had been to change Bill, he thought that Bill had changed Katie more -- and not for the better. Ridge thought that Katie was going to find out that her marriage was more than she could handle. Brooke wondered if Ridge thought that Bill was going to hurt Katie. Ridge said that Bill had been a ladies' man all of his life -- and he didn't think Bill was going to change.

Brooke and Ridge discussed their family. Ridge said that he worried about Steffy, because she was so headstrong -- and that when she decided to go after something, there was no stopping her.

At the Spencers', Steffy continued to come on to Bill. When Steffy said that Bill was tempted by her, Bill warned her not to overestimate herself -- or underestimate him. She told Bill that he had something that she wanted -- Forrester Creations. Bill wondered what would be in it for him if he sold the company back to the Forresters. Steffy implied that Bill could have his way with her if he sold the company -- that she was making him an offer that he didn't want to refuse.

Bill said that he had many offers in his life, and that she was dealing with a man -- not a boy. He told her that by going to his house, she might have bitten off more than she could chew. Steffy reminded Bill that she was there -- and Katie wasn't. She said that whatever happened, Katie had only herself to blame.

Bill guessed that Steffy didn't have a high opinion of Katie. Steffy said that she wished that Katie hadn't walked out on him. Bill laughed and said that Steffy couldn't care less -- because if Katie hadn't walked out, he would be with Katie and Steffy would be "out in the cold." Steffy said that she did care -- and that if anyone could guess how being abandoned affected someone else, it should be Katie, whose father had walked out on her when she was a child. Steffy said that Katie wasn't giving Bill the respect that he deserved. Bill suddenly grabbed Steffy and began kissing her passionately.

Steffy broke out of the kiss and told Bill that he had married the wrong woman. She led Bill into his bedroom, where Katie's wedding ring sat on a dresser. Steffy again asked about Forrester. He said they could talk about the company later. Katie said that all "terms and conditions" were to be determined in advance. Bill said that no one dictated business terms to him -- and he wondered what Steffy's next move was going to be. Steffy said that Bill knew what she wanted, and she asked him if he was going to give it to her -- or if she was going to have to take it. Bill said, "If you think you can -- take it."

Steffy asked Bill if they had a deal. Bill said that he didn't give unless he got. She said that maybe she should leave. Bill said that with all of her teasing and flirting, Steffy had lit a match, and the match was going to burn. He ripped Steffy's dress open and threw her down on the bed.

Katie went home, and, in the living room, called for Bill. Steffy and Bill didn't hear her, and began kissing passionately. Katie began walking toward the bedroom and called, "Bill?" Steffy and Bill heard her, and quickly broke their embrace as Katie approached.

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