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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bill and Steffy sprang off the bed when they heard Katie calling through the beach house for her husband. As Bill hustled Steffy out of the terrace door, he told her that he wanted her to stay away from him, because it was over between them. He exited the bedroom, but Steffy crept back inside. She glanced at the dresser and spotted Katie's engagement ring sitting in a tray.

In the living room, Bill noted that Katie was back, "finally." He wondered if she were there to get her things, but she reminded him that she lived there. She said she'd only gone to the office for a meeting. Steffy listened from the bedroom as Katie stated that, after she'd had time to think, she'd realized that her insecurities had gotten the best of her. Katie still believed that Steffy was trouble, but Katie felt that her insecurity gave Steffy power. Katie asked that Bill and she forgive each other and move forward.

Bill said that something inside him snapped each time Katie walked out on him, and he tended to do things that he wasn't proud of. Katie expressed that they were new to the marriage thing, but his dealings with Steffy were not okay. Katie said she loved Bill above all, and she'd never give up on their marriage. She hoped that he felt the same way. Bill told Katie that she was the only woman that he'd ever truly loved, and he wanted to spend his days with her by his side.

Bill and Katie kissed, and she asked him to make love to her in their bed. When he carried her to the bedroom, he looked relieved to find it unoccupied. After making love to Bill, Katie grabbed her robe and asked where Bill had put her ring. She was certain that she'd left it in the tray on her dresser, but it was no longer there. Bill assured Katie that they'd find it, but she looked panic-stricken.

At home, Steffy paced on her terrace. She called the family lawyer to ask him to draw up a purchase agreement between the Forresters and Bill Spencer. She intended to present it to Bill the following day. After the call, Thomas approached and asked where she'd been. "On a mission," Steffy claimed. Thomas worried that she was playing dangerous games with Bill. Steffy announced that game time was over; she was ready to move in for the kill. Thomas saw Katie's ring on the table, and Steffy said that it was "insurance." She cooed that Bill Spencer had met his match.

After Thomas went inside, Bill called Steffy from his front porch to say that he'd overreacted about Katie, and he was committed to his marriage. Steffy claimed that she was happy for him, and she joked that it was a good thing that Katie hadn't caught Bill and Steffy in the bedroom. Bill asked about Katie's engagement ring, and Steffy confirmed that she had it. Bill asked what Steffy wanted, and she replied that she wanted justice. She said she'd meet him at his office in the morning. "Pleasant dreams," she added and ended the call.

Bill returned inside the beach house to find Katie frantically looking for her engagement ring. He hugged her and promised that they'd find it. "We'll get it back," he assured her. Meanwhile, at Steffy's house, Steffy twisted the ring between her fingers.

At Jackie M, Sandy handed Nick some paperwork. They briefly exchanged words, and a frustrated Sandy noted that things had been awkward between Nick and her ever since she'd admitted her feelings for him. Nick joked that there was no need to feel awkward, because women professed their love to him all the time. Sandy reiterated that she was no threat to his marriage, and stepping closer to him, she added, "I'm just your surrogate, right?"

Bridget entered the office and became belligerent at the sight of "Agnes." Bridget lectured Sandy about eating healthily and taking her medications. Sandy remarked that the medication made her nauseous and lightheaded. Sandy said that Bridget didn't have to worry, because Sandy was watching her diet. Bridget bickered with Sandy about what was best for Bridget's surrogate, and, irritated, Sandy decided that she was going home to rest.

Bridget claimed that they weren't done, and Nick intervened to gently tell Sandy that it wasn't her prerogative to stop the medications. Sandy divulged that the medicine had side effects, but Bridget retorted that Sandy should talk to her doctor, not cease the medication. Sandy claimed that she knew her own body, but Bridget said, if that were true, then Sandy wouldn't have been chasing down criminals. "You need to take your medication, and you will," Bridget ordered Sandy. Nick grimaced as he watched the women.

Sandy relented to take the pills once she got home, but Bridget decided that she would administer the pills to Sandy. Sandy rasped that she wasn't Bridget's child, but Bridget seethed that Sandy acted it. Nick intervened to suggest that they get a new prescription in the morning. Bridget persisted that Sandy take the already prescribed medication until that time, but Sandy replied that Bridget wasn't her doctor. "No, I'm the mother of the child you're carrying, and I will not let you put him in harm's way," Bridget asserted.

Bridget ordered Sandy to hand over the pills, but when Sandy didn't obey, Bridget snatched at Sandy's bag. Sandy jerked her bag back and finally handed the pill bottle over. Bridget counted out the pills and forced Sandy to take them with water. After Sandy complied, she asked if Bridget were satisfied. Bridget retorted that she wouldn't be satisfied until the baby was in Bridget's arms, and Sandy was out of their lives. As Sandy stomped out of the office, Bridget rolled her eyes, and Nick grimaced again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

by Pam

At home, Bill and Katie were in bed, and Bill remembered his romantic encounter with Steffy. Katie awakened, and she said that she was late for a meeting. Bill looked pensive and they snuggled for a short time before heading out.

At Forrester, Ridge and Eric fitted a dress on a model, and discussed that it probably needed changes to fit the new line. They alluded to Hope's hesitation to take center stage after being attacked. Thorne, Thomas, and Marcus agreed that it was on hold but had to be ready to go. Steffy joined the meeting and apologized for thinking that Graham Darros was a great photographer. Ridge told her that Graham was going to jail for a long time.

Eric and Ridge worried that none of the designs had gone into production, and they had to get moving in order to sell a new line. Eric and Ridge said that Katie had not approved any of the new designs for production yet. Thorne was upset and remarked that she shouldn't be telling the Forresters how to do their jobs.

Katie entered and apologized for her tardiness. She told Eric and Ridge that she liked the color of the gown, but wanted them to shorten it. Katie asked for a sketch. Eric and Ridge were shocked, and Thorne suggested that Katie should leave the designs alone.

She sneered that they had a collection to prepare and it needed to be flawless. Ridge shouted that Katie and Bill had made it clear that they were in charge and everyone else was hired help. He added that she shouldn't have input into the designs. Katie grew defensive and wondered why the Forresters argued with her on every decision.

Ridge told Katie that they no longer had design freedom. He reminded her that she had not approved any designs. Later, she argued with Ridge, Eric, and Thorne that the Forrester family had to realize that she was the CEO and she was in charge. She was tired of them questioning everything that she did. She wanted them to adapt.

Eric, Steffy and Thomas left. Eric was talking to the family attorney, and he was disappointed when the attorney told him there was nothing he could do to get Eric out of his contract with Bill Spencer. Steffy overheard and stopped to see her grandfather. She told him that they should never give up on re-acquiring Forrester for the family.

Eric promised that he would never give up. He took Steffy into his former office, and reminded her that the Forresters had made history in that room and throughout the building. He added that it was just a room to Bill, but it was much more the Forrester family.

Eric smiled and relived the history of fashion shows. He flashed back to happy scenes that included a much younger Eric and Stephanie. Other scenes included a young Ridge and Thorne. One memory featured Taylor modeling the showstopper wedding gown on the runway. Ridge placed an engagement ring on her finger much to Stephanie's delight. Throughout the flashbacks, there were no Logans in his memories. Eric stopped remembering and he turned to Steffy. She told her grandfather that the company would return to the family. They hugged.

Steffy left and chased down the attorney before he left the building. Steffy asked if the attorney had drawn up the papers she discussed with him previously. The attorney agreed that he had prepared two contracts with the wording she had wanted with the family as a sustainable trust. Steffy said that she would see him later.

At Spencer Publications, Bill entered his office followed by Justin, who quickly sensed that something was wrong. Bill had forgotten a meeting. Bill denied that anything was wrong, but he said that he had a very important job for Justin to perform. Steffy showed up at Bill's office and Justin left.

Bill and Steffy bantered about the previous night. Bill warned Steffy that he was married and committed to his marriage. She said that he had already told her that the previous night. Bill wanted to put the evening behind them. Otherwise, he promised that it would get ugly for her and her family. She added that it was a good thing that Katie didn't catch them.

Bill asked what Steffy wanted, and she said that he kept asking the same question, but he already knew the answer. Steffy demanded that Bill return the company to her family. Bill argued that he couldn't do that because it was not for sale. She noted that he had purchased the company when he had his banker buddies call in the loan, but Bill pointed out that the payment was late. Steffy reminded him that the payment was only 30 minutes late, and that he had used blackmail to get what he wanted. Bill said that he preferred to call it good business.

Steffy demanded that Bill sell the company to her family for 10 percent over what he paid for it. Bill asked her where she was going to get the money to pay for it, and she promised. "Where there's a will, there's a way." She opened the door and invited the Forrester family attorney into the office. He presented a contract to Bill and left. Steffy explained the sales agreement language and announced that the company would be placed into a family trust and preserved for future generations.

Steffy said that she wanted her father and grandfather back in charge. Bill warned her that she was in way over her head and he had no plans to sell the company. Steffy wondered why Bill hadn't brought up Katie's ring. Bill asked where it was, and Steffy said that it was in a safe place. Bill sternly told her that he wanted it back. Steffy said that she was going to return it to Katie and tell her that she had taken it the night that Bill had pressured her into sex in the Spencers' bedroom-but Katie had interrupted them.

Bill told her that she was blackmailing him, but Steffy said that she preferred to call it good business. When she saw that Bill was backing down, she sneered that he had always been accustomed to acquiring what he wanted no matter what. She said that quality was probably what attracted her to him in the beginning.

She told him that he was a good businessman, but that women were by no means the weaker sex. She added that she had taken down the powerful Bill Spencer because she had something that he wanted. "Gotcha," she said, and she pointed her finger and thumb, positioned like a gun, at Bill. He stared intently at Steffy, and Steffy smiled.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

by Pam

In Bill's office, Steffy continued to taunt Bill as she moved close to him and told him that she knew they would have had sex if Katie hadn't interrupted them. She got in his face and promised that if Bill sold her the company, her lips would be sealed. Bill toyed with her and stroked her face, and then pushed her out of the way and walked past her. He warned her that she had irritated him, and that was a mistake. Bill said that he loved Katie, and he would not allow Steffy to hurt her.

Steffy sat in Bill's chair, and marveled that she had taken down the great Bill Spencer. He laughed at her and made fun of her as a little girl playing with the grownups. He wanted her to return Katie's ring. Steffy reminded him that he had wanted her body the previous evening. Bill told her not to flatter herself. He said that he was angry with Katie and didn't really want Steffy.

Bill added that Ridge would be furious to learn that Steffy had been cozying up to Bill. Steffy replied that Ridge and her entire family would understand and forgive her. She called Bill "a means to an end." Bill noted that she was punishing him for helping her make her mark at Forrester. Steffy pressured Bill to sign the papers.

Bill guessed that Steffy didn't have the money to buy Forrester, but she told him not to worry. Bill told her that what she was doing was beneath her, but she laughed at his sudden morality and virtue. Bill told her to get out because her little fantasy was over. Steffy said that she had a meeting with Katie and planned to tell her everything.

After she left, Bill poured a drink, and worried. When Justin entered, Bill shared what had happened with Steffy and her blackmail plot. Bill told Justin that he loved Katie, and didn't want to hurt her. He said that he had to find a way to make a deal and stop Steffy.

In Katie's office, Brooke, Donna. and Katie discussed that Hope wasn't ready for a starring role at Forrester. Katie said she had an idea for a "Goddess" campaign that would tide them over until Hope was ready. She added that it would build on the "Royalty" and "Hollywood Glamour" campaigns.

Brooke and Donna loved the idea, and Brooke prepared to phone Steffy. Katie stopped her and said that she was firing Steffy. Brooke whined that Steffy was Ridge's daughter, and Brooke had already told Ridge that she would protect Steffy. Katie said that it was too late because "any sane woman would have already fired Steffy."

Donna and Brooke wondered if Bill wasn't flattered by Steffy's attention. They added that nothing had really happened. Katie argued that she had no intention of looking over her shoulder. Katie said that she had watched Stephanie interfere in Brooke and Donna's marriages. Katie refused to worry about Steffy interfering in her marriage. It was time for Steffy to find another job.

Steffy entered and Katie asked Donna and Brooke to leave. Katie admonished Steffy for throwing herself at Bill, and she fired her. Steffy had a sneering grin on her face as she dug in her bag to find Katie's engagement ring, but Katie looked away and took an important call.

At the same time, Bill called Steffy's cell, and she stepped outside the office to talk to him. Steffy told Bill that Katie had fired her, and she was going to show her the engagement ring. Steffy told Bill one last time that he had a chance to keep her quiet if he sold her the company. "I want it now," Steffy said.

Taylor visited Ridge in his basement office. She delivered flowers to brighten his day because she understood how miserable he was. Ridge whined about how difficult it was to stay focused and because he was so unhappy with Katie drawing all over his sketches.

He paused in his whining and noticed that Taylor looked happy and glowing. He asked if Whip was the reason, and Taylor said that he was. Ridge admitted that Taylor deserved happiness. Taylor joked that she hadn't cleared closet space for Whip yet, but that it was a possibility.

Taylor and Ridge discussed that Steffy had a positive attitude and Ridge said that she was a bright spot in his drab career. Taylor said that she knew Steffy loved working with her dad. Ridge said that he would continue to work for Bill and Katie because it was his children's legacy. Ridge admitted to Taylor that he was losing control.

He told her that he had smashed a glass award and cut himself. He said that he had to stay strong, but it was killing him. Taylor told him that he had to develop a positive attitude. He promised to find a way to keep working there until they could regain control of the company. Taylor wished that she could do something to help him. Ridge said that she had already helped by visiting him.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the phone outside Katie's office, Steffy gave Bill one more chance to hand over the Forrester Creations before she showed Katie the engagement ring. Bill said that he was headed that way, and he didn't want Steffy to do anything yet. "It's time. Don't keep me waiting," she warned, twisting Katie's ring between her fingers.

When Steffy entered Katie's office, Katie ordered Steffy to clean out her desk, but Steffy said that she wasn't leaving. Steffy warned Katie not to compete with Steffy-in business. Katie retorted that, as CEO, if Katie said that Steffy was leaving, then she was leaving. Katie called Madison in to get security, and Steffy spotted Bill hurrying down the corridor. Steffy remarked that it was perfect timing, because she had something to give Katie.

Bill entered, and Katie announced that she'd fired Steffy. Steffy quipped that one of them certainly had to go. Bill told Steffy to "give it a 'rest.'" A relieved Katie thanked Bill for being on her side and left for her photo shoot. Steffy closed the door and smiled, saying that Bill had decided to sell Forrester to her holding company, the Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust.

Bill wished that he could be furious with Steffy for blackmailing him; however, he couldn't, because she reminded him of himself. Steffy suggested that they get to business. Bill stated that they didn't really want to be enemies, and that was why he had an alternative. She said she was done negotiating, but he promised that it would be a win for Ridge and Eric.

Bill offered to create an addition to Forrester Creations, called the Forrester Design School. He said that Eric and Ridge would run the entire thing. Steffy asked if they'd have to answer to Katie, and Bill replied that everyone had to answer to someone. She asserted that Ridge and Eric had never answered to anyone, and they were the best in their field. She intended to win them back their freedom.

Bill refused to give up the company and said that Steffy wouldn't talk to Katie, because Ridge would never approve of Steffy flirting with Bill. She felt that Ridge would understand why she'd done it, but Katie wouldn't be so understanding of Bill. Bill replied that it would be his word against Steffy's. She retorted that she had the ring, and she could repeat Bill and Katie's entire conversation, because she'd been in their bedroom.

Steffy didn't want to mess things up for Bill, but her family needed Forrester back. Bill stated that Katie had asked him to give the company back before, but she'd since become attached to her CEO position. Steffy suggested that he buy Katie a yacht or another beach house, because he'd be happier with Katie than without her.

Bill asked for the contract. Looking at it, he said Ridge and Eric couldn't raise the capitol without Brooke, and she and Donna would definitely want a piece of the action. "Whatever it takes," Steffy uttered. Bill demanded the ring back and ordered Steffy to be silent about what had happened between them. If Steffy reneged on the deal, he'd unleash hell upon her.

Bill said that Steffy had managed to get the better of him. Part of him wanted to strangle her. "But the other part-" he cut himself off and signed the contract. Steffy handed him the ring, and looking at the contract, she said that they were no longer "A Division of Spencer Publications." Steffy left, and, outside the door, she uttered, "Now the Logans will finally be gone."

In Ridge's office, Stephanie viewed the gash on his hand and said that he was out of control. Taylor agreed. He responded that he was out of control because Bill was in control. Ridge felt that he'd taken Forrester Creations for granted all of his life, and suddenly it was gone. Taylor and Stephanie told Ridge that the Logans, not Bill, were making all the decisions around there. The three discussed how sad it was that Thomas and Steffy had to watch the demise of the business. Taylor said that Steffy would do anything to regain the company.

In a photo studio, Donna and Brooke discussed the interim campaign they'd use until Hope was ready to return to work. Brooke and Donna cooed that the Goddess Line campaign would feature the three fabulous women from their other campaigns: the Logan girls. Katie entered and explained to her sisters that she'd fired Steffy. Katie said that Bill had backed her, because he agreed that Steffy's behavior toward him was inappropriate. Katie suggested that when Brooke talked to Ridge about it, she blame the firing on Katie.

The Goddess Line photo shoot began, but Katie sensed tension and called for a break. She reiterated her reasons for firing Steffy, and Brooke reluctantly said that Katie had been right to do it. The photo shoot resumed, and, near the end, Stephanie and Taylor entered.

Stephanie said that the Logans were making the company the laughing stock of the industry. Donna claimed that Stephanie had already had her chance; it was someone else's turn to make the business a success. Brooke agreed, and Katie shooed Taylor and Stephanie to the side, so that the Logans could finish their photo shoot.

Friday, February 19, 2010

In the photo studio at Forrester Creations, Stephanie and Taylor watched as the Logan sisters were being photographed for the company's "Goddess" campaign. During a break, Brooke asked Stephanie what she thought of the shoot. Stephanie felt that it seemed silly for them to be calling themselves goddesses. Katie reminded Stephanie that it was the name of the campaign. Stephanie said that, with what the sisters had done with the company, it seemed like a mockery.

Brooke said that Stephanie was jealous, because Brooke, Donna, and Katie were the face of Forrester Creations. Brooke told Stephanie that she was just a memory in the dust. As Stephanie and Taylor left, Donna and Brooke began giggling, but Katie looked irritated.

Ridge entered the photo studio and wondered what the photo shoot was all about. Brooke explained that it was Katie's idea -- that the "Goddess" campaign would hold the company over until Hope was able to return and continue with the "Hope for the Future" campaign. An irritated Ridge wondered why there hadn't been a design meeting before shooting a layout for a new line. Katie said that she thought that she would put something together just to get started, and then they could meet and talk.

Thomas burst into Thorne's office to speak with Steffy. He reviewed a few memos that Katie had sent out -- one said that henceforth, all interoffice memos from the design department had to be cleared through Katie's office. Thomas wondered how Ridge and Eric were supposed to take that. Steffy said that maybe they wouldn't have to take it much longer. Thomas reminded her that Eric and Ridge couldn't quit, since they were under contract.

Steffy said that she wasn't talking about quitting -- she told Thomas that it would be great if things were back to the way they used to be -- with Eric and Ridge in control, Taylor involved, and Stephanie back in her office. Thomas said that they both knew that wasn't going to happen -- and that Steffy should get over her daydream. Steffy smiled, and Thomas asked her what the dumb grin was all about.

Thomas said that the "old days" were over, thanks to Bill Spencer and the Logans. Steffy said that they weren't over -- she wondered what Thomas would say if she told him that Bill Spencer had agreed to sell Forrester Creations back to the family. Steffy told Thomas that she had put together a sales agreement, and had gotten Bill to sign it. Thomas wondered what Steffy had done in exchange for Bill's signature. She told Thomas that she had swiped Katie's engagement ring from the Spencers' bedroom, but assured him that nothing had happened between her and Bill. Steffy said that the ring was all the leverage that she needed to get Bill to sign the agreement.

Thomas said that Katie was going to find out the truth and tell Ridge that Steffy had been messing around with Bill. Katie said that was a risk she had been willing to take, and that the reward would be worth it -- that she was going to be able to give Ridge his life back. Steffy called Ridge, who was still in the photo studio. She asked him if he knew where Taylor and Stephanie were. He said that he had just seen them in the building. Steffy said that she needed to meet with all of them, as well as Eric, in Thorne's office immediately. Steffy told Ridge not to say anything to Brooke, Katie, or Donna. Ridge asked what was going on. Steffy said that she would tell Ridge when he got to Thorne's office.

The Logan sisters went to Katie's office, where Bill was waiting for them. Bill said that he had something that he needed to tell them. The three women were stunned when Bill informed them that he had sold the company. He said that he had hoped that they would all be able to pull together, but it had become apparent to him that wasn't going to happen. He told the group that Katie was under a lot of pressure, and that Brooke and Donna's marriages had suffered because of the situation. He said that he normally wasn't sentimental -- but even if he looked at it from a purely business perspective, his ownership of the company wasn't working

He reminded Katie that the previous Christmas, she had asked him to sell the company back to the Forresters. He said that he was sorry that he hadn't done it back then, but he hoped that he was making it up to her. Katie looked devastated as Bill told her that she would no longer have to deal with the conflict and tension around the office. Brooke asked if Bill was selling the company to the Logan sisters. He said that technically, he was selling the company to the Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust, or R.E.S.T. He congratulated Brooke and Donna.

Brooke asked Bill what Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust meant. Bill said that it meant that as long as Brooke and Donna were willing to liquidate a significant portion of their assets to buy back the company, they would be working alongside their husbands again at Forrester Creations. Brooke and Donna began giggling like little girls, but Katie was horrified. She asked Bill what was going on -- she was angry that Bill didn't think that he should talk to her about selling the company. Bill reminded Katie that she had told him that was what she had wanted. Katie reminded him that was months before.

Katie wondered if Bill thought that she was doing a good job as CEO. Bill said that she had been doing a spectacular job -- and that he would not have a problem appointing her CEO of any of his other companies. Katie said that she had grown attached to Forrester -- that Forrester had become such a huge part of her life, and she felt like she was coming into her own. Bill reminded Katie that the previous Christmas she had said that it was lonely at the top. Katie replied that Bill had said then that she should suck it up and get over it.

Brooke told Donna that she couldn't believe that she, Ridge, Eric, and Donna would own and run the company once again. Brooke and Donna said that they couldn't wait until their husbands heard the news. Brooke and Donna thanked Bill and left Katie's office.

Bill apologized to Katie -- he said that the last thing that he wanted to do was to upset her. Katie said that it was sudden -- that Bill had said that he would never sell Forrester, and that it would take a little time for her to get used to the sale. She told Bill that she wished he had talked to her about his decision first, so that they could have handled it together. Katie said that she knew that Bill was impulsive -- and that his heart was in the right place. Before hugging Katie, Bill said that Katie would always have his heart.

Stephanie, Taylor, Eric, and Ridge entered Thorne's office. They wondered what Steffy wanted. She shocked them when she said that she needed each of them to raise fifty million dollars. The group laughed. Steffy said that Bill was selling Forrester Creations. Eric said that Bill wasn't -- that Forrester was Bill's prize possession. Steffy explained that she had put together a shell corporation -- R.E.S.T. -- which stood for Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, and Taylor. Steffy said that it was a done deal, and asked Ridge to check the last page of the contract. The group was stunned when they saw that Bill had signed the sales agreement.

Stephanie wondered if Steffy had done anything to trick Bill into signing the contract. Steffy said that there were no tricks involved. Taylor wondered if Katie had just gone along with it. Steffy said that Katie hadn't been there, and knew nothing about it. Ridge wondered how Steffy had been able to work the contract out with Bill on her own. Steffy said that perhaps it was good fortune -- maybe she had been there at the right time. She said that she had merely presented the agreement, and he signed. Taylor suspiciously asked if that was all that had happened.

Eric wondered why Bill had signed the contract. Steffy said that she thought it was because Katie was in way over her head. Steffy wondered why they were all questioning the contract -- she said that they needed to act immediately, and that things could go back to the way they used to be. She asked the group to sign the contract and start raising the money.

Steffy wondered about Stephanie -- she knew that her grandmother had a contract with Jackie M, but Steffy said that she wanted Stephanie at Forrester Creations. Stephanie said that she wasn't sure if Eric wanted her back at the company. Eric said that he wanted Stephanie back, and added that the company wouldn't be the company without her.

Taylor wasn't sure that her involvement was critical to Forrester's success. Steffy insisted that Taylor needed to be a part of the agreement. Ridge told Taylor to listen to Steffy. Taylor said that if the family needed her, she would be there. Ridge asked about Brooke -- and what part she would play.

Steffy said that she realized that Ridge and Eric wanted to do what was right for Brooke and Donna, but she wanted Forrester Creations in the hands of the Forrester family. She added that Brooke and Donna would always be involved, but not as owners -- that title was reserved for Forresters only. Steffy told the group it had to be that way so that they would never lose control of Forrester Creations again. Ridge wondered when Steffy had become such a tycoon. He told his daughter how proud he was of her.

Ridge asked Eric if he was once again ready to walk the halls of Forrester Creations as an owner. Eric said that he was, and he told Steffy, "Well done." Stephanie told Steffy that she had accomplished the absolute impossible. Steffy reminded them that they needed to sign the sales agreement -- first Stephanie signed, followed by Eric, Ridge, and Taylor. Taylor and Stephanie hugged, as did Ridge and Eric.

Brooke and Donna entered Thorne's office in an upbeat mood and announced that Bill had agreed to sell the company. Eric said that they had just signed the papers. Brooke said that it was going to be just like before -- her, Ridge, Donna, and Eric running the company. Brooke asked Taylor, Steffy, and Stephanie to leave, as the "new owners" wanted to have their official board meeting.

Stephanie said that a board meeting would naturally require the new owners to be present -- and that the new owners were her, Eric, Ridge, and Taylor. Brooke said that the new owner was R.E.S.T. -- Ridge Eric Sustainable Trust. Taylor corrected Brooke, and told her that R.E.S.T. stood for Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, and Taylor. Taylor showed Brooke and Donna the signed contract. Brooke insisted that the contract was wrong. Stephanie said that it wasn't wrong -- that there was a new ownership team in place. Brooke insisted that she was part of that team. Stephanie said that wasn't how it was going to be -- that Forrester Creations belonged to the Forresters again. Brooke and Donna looked horrified.

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