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Monday, February 22, 2010

In Katie's office, Katie worried that Bill hadn't consulted her about selling Forrester Creations, however, she concluded that he'd done a good thing for her sisters and their husbands. She was sure that she'd get over it once she saw the couples happily running it together.

In the basement office, discussing the new owners of Forrester Creations, Stephanie and Taylor revealed that they were the "S.T." in R.E.S.T. Brooke and Donna didn't believe that Eric or Ridge had designated such a thing. Steffy piped up that she'd done it, and responding to Donna and Brooke's disbelief that Bill had agreed to it, Steffy added, "I can be very persuasive."

Katie and Bill strode in, and Brooke asked Bill how he could allow Stephanie and Taylor to be designated assignees. Confused, Bill said he thought that he'd sold the company to Eric, Ridge, and their wives. Katie demanded to know who'd drawn up the contract. Steffy owned up to it and said she'd caught Bill at a vulnerable time. A glaring Katie wondered why he'd been so "vulnerable."

Steffy claimed that Bill had granted Katie's Christmas wish by selling the company back to the Forresters. Brooke quipped that Steffy was trying to rid the place of Logans. Steffy's attorney arrived with a contract, and Bill said that they could rip it up, because Bill hadn't intended to sell to the company to Taylor or Stephanie. Katie asserted that she wouldn't see her sisters shut out. Stephanie replied that it was nonnegotiable.

Katie stormed out, and Bill followed her. Ridge asked for time alone with Brooke, and everyone exited the office. Ridge explained to Brooke that he'd had to get Forrester back, regardless of the terms. He believed that Stephanie deserved a place at Forrester, because it had been her life's work. He assumed that Taylor's portion would go to Thomas and Steffy, just as Ridge and Brooke's portion would go to Hope and RJ. Brooke guessed that in the meantime, she'd have to put up with Taylor and Stephanie treating Brooke like "the undeserving slut" who'd seduced her way into his life. He asked if Brooke would rather that he passed up the deal.

Just then, Taylor barged in, and Brooke asked Ridge to make Taylor leave. Taylor insisted that she had every right to be there, but after the way Brooke had treated Ridge, Brooke didn't belong there at all. Brooke looked to Ridge to defend her, but Ridge felt the need to agree with Taylor. He said that Brooke could have been more proactive in getting the company back. Brooke scoffed that she'd betrayed her sister with the "Dare" line. Ridge conceded to that, but felt that Brooke shouldn't have stood for Katie relegating Eric to the basement office. Taylor asserted that Brooke, who'd been too wrapped up in trying to be "goddess for the day," didn't notice Ridge's pain, and Brooke didn't deserve to have him.

Brooke insisted that Ridge could attest that she'd suffered right alongside him. Brooke had also offered up everything that she'd owned to help get the company back. After putting many years into Forrester, Brooke felt that she deserved to be an owner. Brooke remarked that Taylor, on the other hand, already had her own career. Brooke asked Taylor to at least think about letting Brooke buy Taylor's 25% ownership. "Please?" Brooke desperately asked.

In the cutting room, Katie seethed that Bill had just sold the company to her sisters' biggest rivals. She said that he didn't normally make mistakes like that. "I know!" he yelled. Katie pointed out that he'd forgotten to mention Steffy's part in it all. Bill said he'd have his lawyers go over the contract, but he couldn't promise anything. Katie seethed that after all her sisters had been through, they wouldn't answer to Stephanie and Taylor.

Later, Bill met with Steffy and warned her that he'd have his lawyers invalidate the contract. Steffy threatened to tell Katie that Bill had been "this close" to cheating on his wife. Steffy asserted that they wouldn't have had sex, but Bill assured that they would have. She said that he must have hated that she'd won that round, but she still found him intriguing. Bill said that no one bested him, especially not a pretty, little thing like her. "You got what you wanted. Enjoy it while it lasts," he said. As he exited, Steffy remarked that Katie was a lucky woman.

Bill returned to Katie's office to find his wife anxiously awaiting word about the contract. He muttered that it was a done deal, and Katie accused Bill of sleeping with Steffy. Katie said that would explain his haste in getting the deal done. Bill swore that he hadn't slept with Steffy. He said Forrester was the most dysfunctional, inbred company he'd ever seen, and he'd decided to back away from it. He felt that it was a setback, not a defeat. "There will be payback," he assured her.

Katie turned away, and he apologized for screwing up while trying to do his best for her. She uttered that it wasn't like him to screw up, and he said the man that he'd once been would never have let the company slip through his fingers. However, he'd changed, because he had a wife that he wanted to make happy. He promised not to let her down again.

Bill suggested that they go home, but Katie asked for some time alone in the office. She said that her job had been difficult, but it had meant a lot to her. Bill left, and Steffy slipped into the room. Katie warned that Steffy hadn't won. Steffy vowed not to stop until every Logan was out of the company and out of the Forresters' lives. Steffy was sure that day would arrive. "We'll see," Katie uttered. Glowering at Steffy once more, Katie strode out.

Outside, Ridge watched Bill walk through the parking lot. Ridge called someone and said, "Do it now." Bill stared at the sign on the Forrester building. Something on the sign popped, and the plate beneath the Forrester logo, which read "A Division of Spencer Publications," snapped loose, rocked, and fell off the building. Clapping for Ridge, Bill said he respected a punch in the mouth; however, he always got up swinging hard.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

by Pam

At home, Brooke and Ridge were ready for bed, and they discussed rewarding R.J. with extra television time because he had eaten all his carrots. Their rewards discussion turned to Steffy, and Ridge wondered why Brooke persisted in persecuting Steffy. Brooke reminded her husband that Steffy was not always honest.

Brooke remembered that in the previous year, Steffy had intercepted text messages from Brooke to Ridge, and Steffy conspired to keep Ridge and Brooke apart. Ridge excused Steffy's dishonesty because she had wanted her parents together. Brooke said that Steffy clearly wanted her parents together because she had given 25 percent of the company to Taylor in the new Forrester contract.

Ridge argued that it was not an evil plot, but Brooke countered that she had kept something from him about Steffy to protect him. Ridge said that he didn't want any secrets, and was not happy about anyone "protecting" him because that was what his mother had always said when she was meddling. Brooke changed her tone, and noted that it was a happy time because Ridge and Eric had the company returned to them.

Brooke said that she was worried that both Stephanie and Taylor were going to have authority over her. Ridge disagreed. He said that his mother had promised that her meddling was over. Brooke countered that she also worried about Taylor showing up at Forrester every day to work closely with Ridge. Again, Ridge disagreed because he said that he knew Taylor had eyes for someone else. He warned his wife, however, that Taylor would probably never sell her stock to Brooke.

Brooke felt that Taylor would gladly sell. Brooke doubted that Taylor had the money needed to become an owner, and Brooke didn't think Taylor would be happy at Forrester. Brooke believed that Taylor would never want to look foolish, and she would certainly look foolish trying to run a fashion business -- something in which she had never had any experience.

Ridge looked doubtful, and Brooke said that she wanted to restart the evening because she had been selfish. She told Ridge that she was very happy for him. He playfully said that he didn't believe her. He smiled at Brooke, and she told him that she wanted him to have what he wanted, and they kissed.

At Whip's loft, Taylor showed up when Whip was about to go to bed. Taylor apologized, but Whip invited her in. She told him that she was about to become an owner at Forrester. She explained that if she raised the money, she would own 25 percent of the stock. Whip wondered what that meant to her practice. She said that she could cut back on her practice, but in order to raise the money, she would have to sell properties that Ridge had deeded to her after their divorce.

Taylor added that she would also have to borrow against her home's value. Then, she added that if she decided against ownership of Forrester, she could sell her shares to Brooke. Whip wondered if she wanted a career change, but Taylor said that all she wanted to do was protect Thomas and Steffy's futures at Forrester. Whip didn't think she had to do that with a huge investment because Ridge was there, but Taylor said that she worried about their futures because of what had recently happened when the Logans were in charge.

Whip asked if Taylor wanted to work closely with Ridge. Taylor said that she was more concerned about how Whip felt about her working at the competition. Whip said that it wasn't going to hurt his feelings. Taylor smiled and told Whip that she was very happy and excited to be with him. She felt free like a dog with its head hanging out a car window and riding down the highway. They laughed and kissed.

At Forrester, Eric stood proudly in the office that had been his for most of his career. He tossed the desk photo of Bill and Katie into the wastebasket. Donna entered and Eric was on the phone making financial transactions in order to raise the money he needed for his portion of the purchase of Forrester. When he had hung up the phone, he noted that Donna looked unhappy. Donna said that she was concerned about fairness with the new ownership.

Donna felt that Brooke should have owned 25 percent of the company. Eric countered that Brooke had not owned a percentage of the company when Katie and Bill were in charge. Eric said that Brooke would retain her salary and was set for life because Ridge had ownership. Eric worried that Donna had become too attached to magazine photo shoots and TV shows when Katie was in charge. He told Donna that those were never part of his life or his career when she married him.

Donna said that she was never fond of the photo shoots or TV show. She worried that Stephanie and Taylor might drive Brooke out. Eric bitterly replied that he remembered when Donna and Brooke had advised him that he could thrive under Bill's ownership if he was a team player. He reminded her that she and Brooke could use some of that advice under Forrester control. He told his wife that he needed to celebrate his ownership.

Donna said that she understood, and she would see him at home. Eric kissed Donna and she left. Eric sat proudly in his chair and looked around the room with a smile. Stephanie entered, and he told her that he thought about giving the office to Ridge, but Stephanie told him that she knew he loved the office. Thorne entered with the portable bar that had previously graced Eric's office.

Thorne and Eric embraced and decided to celebrate the good news that the Forresters had regained control of Forrester. Stephanie made some of her famous martinis, and she and Eric sat on the couch. They shared some pleasant banter, and Eric teased that she must have already reveled in how all her revenge fantasies had come true. Stephanie laughed, and said that she wasn't sure that she wanted to leave Jackie M.

Stephanie was grateful to everyone at Jackie M for supporting her. She felt that she had proven she could be quite successful on her own, not just as the wife of Eric Forrester. She told Eric that she wanted him to be happy, and she didn't care if she was part of the Forrester business. Eric said that he had made a huge mistake by forcing her out of the company. He admitted that he loved her, and he wanted her at Forrester. He needed her in his life and he wanted her to remind him all of the history that they had shared at Forrester Creations.

Stephanie laughed and suggested that his change of heart was all due to the alcohol. She reminded him that she knew someday that he would beg her to return to Forrester. She added that she had "been there; done that," many times before. Eric admitted that he didn't have any right to ask her to give up her career at Jackie M to rejoin Forrester, and he sadly looked away. Stephanie smiled and suddenly agreed to rejoin her family in business. Eric embraced her and kissed her with a passionate kiss. Stephanie said that she loved Eric.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

by Pam

At home, Brooke overslept and Ridge delivered coffee to her. Ridge told Brooke that he hadn't set the alarm because she would not be punching a time clock when she worked for him. Brooke smiled, but said that they could be co-owners before the day was out. After Brooke was dressed, Ridge teased that she was power hungry and needed to be romance hungry. Brooke turned on the charm. She kissed and hugged Ridge.

Brooke told Ridge that she had to see Taylor before Taylor took over the reins at Forrester. Brooke teased that if Taylor were in charge, there would be no public displays of affection. Brooke joked that they might as well turn the steam room into a library. Ridge looked at her in mock horror. Brooke added that the couch in his office would become a cappuccino bar. Ridge smiled and teasingly told Brooke to hurry over to prevent Taylor from doing such things.

At Whip's loft, Whip caressed Taylor as they awakened. He offered to cook her breakfast, but she declined. She smiled and apologized for barging in on him the previous night and burdening him with her decision-making dilemma. Whip asked if she had decided, but she admitted that she was still wavering over a mountain of debt as a Forrester owner or financial security and her same staid life if she handed her shares over to Brooke.

At Jackie M, Stephanie and Pam discussed that Eric had told Stephanie that he loved her on the previous day. Stephanie told her sister that she knew he didn't mean it. Owen, Jackie, Bridget, Nick, and Whip all arrived to hear Stephanie's important announcement. Stephanie explained that Forrester Creations was changing hands, thanks to a brilliant plan that Steffy had crafted to return the company to the Forresters.

Bridget happily discovered that her father would become one of the owners. The Jackie M gang asked who the other owners were, and Stephanie admitted that it would become a trust that included Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, and Taylor. Nick was surprised that Steffy could concoct a plan that would take down someone like Bill Spencer. Stephanie acknowledged that there were legal issues that had to be handled.

Owen and Nick asked how Stephanie could become a part owner. Stephanie emotionally admitted that she had to leave Jackie M. "I love you, Jackie," she said. "You and Nick picked me up and brought me back to life." She added that the Jackie M crew had become her family. She reminded everyone that they had built an incredible business together. She added that she had built and nurtured Forrester from the beginning, and her family wanted her back. They all looked very disappointed.

Jackie worried that the Forresters would not appreciate Stephanie. She remarked that Eric snapped his fingers, and Stephanie went running. It had happened many times. Nick and Jackie reminded Stephanie that she had a contract and was a part owner of Jackie M. Stephanie promised to take care of the legalities.

Nick angrily told Stephanie that she had become a problem in the previous few months because she had been expensive and stubborn. The rest of the crew seemed surprised. Jackie told Nick that he was wrong, but Nick continued to scold Stephanie that he was unhappy with her performance. He smiled and told her to pack her bags because she was fired. Stephanie smiled and thanked him.

Stephanie and Jackie agreed to meet for martinis even though they were competitors. Stephanie left, and as she passed the Sally Spectra recycle poster on her way to the elevator, she paused for a few memories. After Stephanie entered the elevator, she recalled her career at Jackie M. She remembered when Jackie surprised her with a new office and presented her with a photo. She fondly remembered the Jackie M cheerleaders and the staff toasting her on several occasions. She left with a smile.

Pam also said her goodbyes. She told the gang that they had taught her about life, and she offered them some lemon bars, but they all passed on the dessert. Bridget hugged Pam and asked her to take care of Stephanie. Everyone was glum after Pam left, but Whip reminded the crew that Stephanie had left them much better off than when she arrived. Jackie told Owen that she would miss Stephanie because she had never had a best friend and a husband at the same time. Owen said that he would become her best friend.

At Forrester, Ridge met with Steffy, and she told him that she had changed the locks on doors and desks. Ridge advised her that her mother might sell her shares to Brooke because it would be difficult for Taylor to raise the needed cash. Steffy argued that Brooke was not putting her name on the partnership papers. Steffy started to rant that Brooke was a Logan, and couldn't be trusted.

Ridge reminded Steffy that Brooke was his wife and deserved her respect. Steffy countered that Ridge needed to show his loyalty to his father. Steffy reminded Ridge that Katie had sent them all to the basement for offices, and Brooke never stopped Katie. Ridge told Steffy that it was much more complicated, but Steffy angrily said that she didn't want Brooke to have any authority. Steffy left the office and called Stephanie to warn her that Brooke was trying to negotiate with Taylor to buy Taylor's shares.

At Whip's loft, Taylor was drinking coffee when Brooke showed up and wanted to discuss an offer. She told Taylor that she was happy to see Whip and Taylor together. Brooke droned on about how Taylor shouldn't invest $50 million in the company because she would be financially strapped. Taylor countered that she wanted to protect Thomas and Steffy's interest in Forrester.

Stephanie showed up and forbade Taylor to listen to Brooke. Stephanie said that the trust did not include Brooke, but Brooke argued that she had contributed to Forrester. Stephanie agreed, but she added that tabloids were full of reminders about the Logans' other accomplishments. Brooke whined to Taylor that Stephanie would abuse her power if Brooke had to work for her. Stephanie told Taylor that Steffy had given her an opportunity, and Stephanie wanted Taylor to take it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

At Whip's house, Stephanie accused Brooke of cornering Taylor to fill her with hogwash. Stephanie said that if Taylor were concerned about her children's legacy, she wouldn't listen to Brooke. Taylor took a seat to watch as Stephanie and Brooke rehashed their past grievances. Stephanie insisted that she and Taylor couldn't allow the decisions made in the Forrester boardroom to be overturned in Brooke and Donna's bedrooms. Taylor decided that it was only fair for her to get Ridge and Eric's take on it before she made her decision.

In Katie's old office, Steffy told Ridge that Brooke shouldn't be in the company after she'd allowed Katie and Bill to mistreat Eric and Ridge. Eric, Hope, and Thorne entered as Steffy complained that if Brooke were part owner, the company would still be a war zone. Ridge was happy that they'd reclaimed the company, and he felt that, in time, they could sort out the details of who'd run it.

Steffy insisted that if the situation were to improve, then things had to change. Hope assumed that meant dumping the Logans. Donna entered the office to say that she wasn't' going anywhere. Brooke rushed in with Taylor and Stephanie close behind. The three women were surprised to see that the family had already gathered.

Brooke stated that she and Taylor had been working things out until Stephanie injected her venom into the conversation. Stephanie contended that Brooke had no more right to the company than Taylor did. Brooke accused Steffy of involving Taylor, because Steffy wanted Taylor and Ridge to reunite. Taylor thought it was unfair that she had to give up her stake to prove that she was over Ridge. Brooke reasoned that Taylor could sell to Eric or Ridge. Stephanie offered to buy Taylor's share, but Donna balked that it would give Stephanie 50%.

Stephanie asked for Ridge and Eric's opinions. Ridge said that it wasn't about who had a right to be there, because they were all important; however, Taylor would be taking a considerable financial risk, and the company didn't mean as much to Taylor as it did to Brooke. He felt that Brooke deserved the right to buy into it.

Steffy scoffed that Brooke had ratted them out on the "Dare" campaign. Steffy wanted the company to be run by Forresters, and with Taylor at the helm, the Logan era would be over. Steffy begged Taylor to help return Forrester to its roots. Brooke said that Taylor had heard Ridge's opinion. Taylor nodded and stated that she knew what she had to do.

Taylor realized that it was a huge decision, because it was her life savings, her home, and her assets at risk. Hope worried that she was the problem, but Taylor dismissed the notion. Taylor recognized that Brooke had worked hard and contributed to the company, but Brooke had also used other means to get ahead. Brooke quipped that Taylor didn't even know how to run the company. Taylor stated that she'd heard everyone else, and it was her turn to speak.

Taylor felt that the company had lost its soul when Forrester had fallen into Bill's hands. She wondered what they'd say was the difference between being run by Forresters versus the Spencers. She recalled Forrester Creations being proud of its family values, and they needed to get back to that. Taylor decided that she wanted to help do it, and she'd be honored to be a part of the company. Brooke scowled, and Steffy cooed.

At Jackie M, Nick encouraged Bridget to make peace with the woman who'd once been Bridget's friend, but Bridget insisted that Aggie was merely providing them a service. Bridget couldn't get past the lies, and Nick assumed that the mistrust was really about his and Bridget's past. He urged Bridget to talk to Aggie, but Bridget wasn't interested.

Aggie entered and tried to leave when she saw Bridget, but Nick insisted that the women stay put. Bridget insisted that Aggie keep taking her pills, because the baby, not Aggie's feelings, was the priority. Aggie seethed that she didn't need Bridget to set Aggie's priorities. Bridget felt that Aggie did, because of the bad choices that she'd made during Graham's arrest.

Nick stated that all the animosity wasn't good for the baby, and Bridget strode to the other side of the room. Nick followed, and as Aggie watched the couple talk, her vision blurred. She seemed dizzy and tried to recompose herself.

Whispering with Bridget, Nick reiterated that the tension wasn't good for the baby. Bridget felt that she had every right to be upset. Recognizing that it was a stressful situation, Bridget claimed that she just wanted the pregnancy to be over, and Aggie to be gone.

Bridget strode out, and Nick told Aggie that it wasn't really about Aggie. It was about some problems that Nick and Bridget had experienced in the past. He figured that the tension had to stop, because it wasn't good for anyone. He felt that Bridget didn't really want to treat Aggie badly, and that was why Bridget kept running out of the room after doing it. Nick invited Aggie to dinner and said that maybe it could help break the tension.

Aggie left, and Nick thought about when Bridget had berated him for trusting Aggie. Bridget returned and said that she hated the way she felt. Bridget said that each time Bridget looked at Aggie, Bridget noticed Aggie looking at Nick. Nick wanted to fix things for Bridget and the baby. It wouldn't be easy, but the misgivings and negativity had to go. Nick asked Bridget to hang onto him and trust that there was nothing he wouldn't do for her or their new unborn child. Aggie returned and watched as Bridget and Nick hugged and kissed.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ridge, Taylor, Brooke, Hope, and Steffy were in the CEO office at Forrester Creations. Brooke was shocked that Taylor wasn't changing her mind and wasn't going to sell her share of Forrester to Brooke. Ridge asked the women not to belabor Taylor's decision. Taylor pointedly said that she knew that it wasn't the decision that Ridge had wanted her to make.

Taylor said that it was okay with her that Ridge had supported Brooke, but that she was going to do everything she could to make the best future for her children. She raised her voice and said that never again would Forresters be persona non grata in their own building.

Hope wondered if Brooke was getting pushed aside. Ridge assured Hope that no one was getting pushed aside except for Bill and Katie. Taylor told Steffy that she was going to be a supportive partner to Ridge, Eric, and Stephanie, because she loved and respected them. Taylor made a point of repeating that she loved and respected Ridge, and while looking directly at Brooke, said that she wasn't going to apologize for that to Ridge or to anyone else.

Taylor said that she was never going to allow her children's legacy to be threatened again, and that she wasn't going to allow them to be marginalized or fired on a whim. Brooke said that Katie had never fired anyone on a whim. Taylor told Brooke that she wondered why Brooke was wasting her breath and Taylor's time when she knew that Taylor wasn't going to change her mind. Taylor walked out of the office, and Brooke called after her to say that they hadn't finished talking.

Hope and Steffy found themselves alone in the CEO office. Hope told Steffy that what Taylor had done to Brooke was unfair. Hope thought that perhaps Steffy's motivation in getting the company back was to make it so Taylor was Brooke's boss. Steffy said that it wasn't about that. Hope said that Brooke wasn't a quitter, and that Brooke would chase Taylor all over Los Angeles if that were what was necessary for Brooke to get her place back at Forrester. Steffy said, "I don't think so."

Steffy told Hope to give it up -- Brooke was out, and Taylor was in. Hope thought that there was more to Steffy's business deal with Bill Spencer than Steffy had told everyone, and she wondered what Steffy had done. Steffy said that she could be very persuasive. When Hope asked how, Steffy said that she hadn't "taken a page out of the Logan handbook," and quipped that it would take a scoreboard to count how many men Brooke had slept with. Ridge entered the office, overheard, and told the girls to stop. He said it was like listening to Taylor and Brooke all over again. Ridge told the girls to let their mothers "duke it out" if they had to.

Ridge told Hope and Steffy that he realized that there was a little tension between their mothers, but he hoped that when the dust settled, they would find a way to peacefully co-exist. Steffy said, "If not, adios Brooke." Hope wondered why her mother was the one who would have to go, since Brooke had devoted her life to the company.

Ridge repeated that no one was going anywhere. He told Steffy and Hope that everyone was going to pull together to make Forrester the success it once was. He admitted that they had a long way to go, but predicted that their mothers would work things out. He said, "Who knows? Maybe one of these days they'll even become best friends." Steffy and Hope both laughed at that idea. Ridge said that, at the moment, it didn't seem likely, but that was his hope.

Brooke followed Taylor down to the cutting room, and told Taylor that Taylor was going to listen to her, whether she wanted to or not. Brooke said that Forrester Creations meant more to her than it could ever mean to Taylor. She reminded Taylor that Taylor wasn't even interested in fashion -- which was made all the more clear by the way Taylor dressed. Taylor told Brooke to be careful -- Brooke was talking to her new boss. Taylor said that "sometimes you win and sometimes you lose" -- and that Brooke had lost. She told Brooke to suck it up and get over it. Taylor began walking out of the building, and Brooke followed her.

Brooke followed Taylor out to the parking lot, and they stood next to a small pond and argued. Taylor said that the real reason that Brooke was upset was because Brooke felt threatened, because Taylor had been married to Ridge and they had children together. Brooke said that she had shared those same things with Ridge, and she had also made a huge contribution to the company that Ridge loved. The women continued to bicker. Taylor wondered if breaking up Eric and Stephanie's marriage was one of Brooke's contributions -- or if it was one of the many embarrassments that Brooke had caused the company. Taylor accused Brooke of sleeping her way up the corporate ladder.

Brooke said that sexuality was not a crime -- she said that Taylor was an uptight therapist who couldn't satisfy Ridge. Brooke accused Taylor of pining after Ridge, as was evident recently when Taylor had "lured" Ridge to the altar and the minister pronounced them "man and horse." Brooke began laughing hysterically. Taylor didn't think Brooke was being particularly funny -- and threw her into the pond. Taylor started laughing, but Brooke had the last laugh when she dragged Taylor into the pond with her. The two women began having a water fight.

At Jackie M, Owen and Jackie decided to call it a day. Owen noticed that something was bothering Jackie. Jackie said that Nick had stopped by earlier and told her that he had invited Agnes over to the Marones' for dinner, in hopes of relieving some of the tension between Bridget and Agnes.

Jackie said that she didn't think that Bridget would have agreed to have Agnes over if Nick had informed Bridget in advance. Owen didn't think it was a good idea for Nick to be springing Agnes' dinner invitation on Bridget at the last minute. Jackie said that things couldn't continue the way they had been going, with Bridget being so harsh to the woman who was carrying her child.

Owen understood why Bridget didn't care for Agnes. Jackie said that she didn't understand why her normally forgiving daughter-in-law couldn't get past what had happened. She admitted that Agnes hadn't been forthcoming about her history, but that no great harm had been done. Owen said that if Agnes had just been honest from the beginning, then Bridget wouldn't have felt betrayed. He told Jackie that he would feel exactly the same way if he wanted a child as badly as Bridget did and had been deceived by a surrogate.

Jackie realized that Owen's desire to have a child hadn't abated, and that was why Owen was so supportive of Bridget. She said that Owen wanted to be a parent and raise a family. Owen hugged Jackie and said that he had a family -- Jackie. They kissed. Owen admitted that Jackie was right -- that he did still think about having a child. Jackie looked concerned.

Owen suggested that they stop by the Marones' on their way home. Jackie said that wouldn't be necessary -- that Nick would be there to "referee." When Owen expressed concern, Jackie said that she was kidding, and that she was sure that everything would be fine.

Bridget returned home in a good mood, and told Nick that Jack had all the little girls in the neighborhood wrapped around his finger. Nick was preparing dinner, and Bridget noticed that he had set the table for three -- she wondered if Nick had forgotten that Jack was going to eat at one of his friend's homes. Nick told Bridget that he had invited a guest for dinner. The doorbell rang, and Bridget was shocked to see that Agnes was their dinner guest. Bridget freaked out and asked Nick what he was thinking.

Agnes said that perhaps she should leave. Nick said no -- that she and Bridget had to learn how to get along again. Agnes said that she wanted that, too, but she didn't know how that was supposed to happen when Bridget wouldn't even look at her. Bridget told Agnes not to blame her -- that Bridget hadn't created the situation, but Agnes had with her lies and her outpouring of love for Nick. Nick unsuccessfully tried to calm Bridget down.

Nick said that he thought that Bridget's attitude was about more than the situation with Agnes -- he felt that it had to do with betrayal and mistrust that had occurred in the past in the Marones' relationship. Bridget said that she had dealt with those feelings. Nick said in that case, Bridget could deal with this, because she was the most kindhearted woman that he knew.

Nick told Bridget that he didn't want their baby born among all the stress and tension. He said that they needed to deal with that right away -- and that was why that night was so important. Bridget said that she cared about the baby. Nick said that was why they all needed to find a way to get along.

Bridget admitted that she knew that Agnes was going to be in the Marones' lives until the pregnancy was over -- but not a second longer. Agnes said, "Wow. You really do hate me." Bridget told Agnes that she hated her lies. Nick received an important business phone call. He put the phone down for a moment and asked the women if they would be okay. Agnes said that she thought that Bridget would be more comfortable if Agnes left. Nick said that both of the women needed to stay put -- that there was a lot they needed to talk about. He went into another room to continue his call.

Agnes said that she meant what she had said -- that more than anything else she wanted to work things out. Bridget told Agnes to leave. Bridget began heading upstairs. Agnes followed her up the stairs. Bridget said that Nick shouldn't have invited Agnes, and she again insisted that Agnes leave and not return. Agnes apologized for her mistakes, and said that she wanted to fix things, but she didn't know how to do that when Bridget wouldn't even listen to her.

Bridget told Agnes not to say another word. Agnes begged Bridget to hear her out. Bridget said that she had trusted Agnes with the most precious thing in the world to her -- her child, and, that from the moment they had met, Agnes had "played" Bridget. She told Agnes that she was sick of hearing Agnes' fake apologies and remorse.

Bridget stormed off into the upstairs part of the house, leaving Agnes standing at the top of the landing. Agnes grew dizzy and tumbled down the stairs. Bridget heard and ran down the stairs while screaming Agnes' name. Nick heard the commotion and joined Bridget as she stood over Agnes' motionless body. They both called out Agnes' name, but Agnes didn't respond.

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