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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 15, 2010 on B&B
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Monday, March 15, 2010

At Brooke's house, Ridge lured Brooke to bed to keep her from being at the door when Hope's date would eventually drop Hope off. Massaging Brooke's shoulders, Ridge asked if she'd been anxious like that when Bridget had been in high school. Brooke, who realized that she'd forgotten to find out how old Oliver was, said that it was the first time that Hope had taken an interest in a guy. Brooke hoped that Oliver didn't disappoint the girl.

Ridge and Brooke pondered about what kind of person Oliver was, and Ridge figured that it would be "so not cool" to text-message a curfew reminder to Hope. The parents discussed proud moments in their kids' lives, and Brooke figured that Steffy regaining Forrester Creations had been a stellar moment for Ridge and Steffy.

Ridge was proud of his daughter, but he worried that she seemed too driven. Brooke said she was trying not to take Steffy's vendetta personally, and Brooke still believed that there would be a day when they'd all work alongside each other. Brooke remarked that things were improving, because Hope hadn't fussed about taking the proofs into "enemy camp." Brooke figured that Hope's new boyfriend had Hope too happy to worry about it, and Ridge reasoned that Steffy might need a boyfriend to help her relax a little, too.

Ridge wondered if Oliver had a brother for Steffy, and Brooke remarked that Oliver had Aggie, his sister and Bridget's former surrogate. Ridge grimaced, because of the trouble Aggie had caused Bridget, but Brooke wanted to give Oliver the benefit of the doubt until they met him. Ridge sighed that Steffy was fixated on the company and had no personal life. Brooke said that would end once Steffy succeeded in ousting Brooke. Ridge assured his wife that it wouldn't happen, but Brooke figured that Steffy wouldn't rest until Brooke was gone.

On Taylor's deck, Hope was stunned to see Oliver and Steffy kissing. Steffy huffed that kissing wasn't a crime. Hope handed Steffy the proofs, and Oliver claimed that things weren't as they seemed. "It looks like you're ‘entertaining' someone else," Hope quipped.

Steffy intervened to say that Oliver hadn't intended to hurt Hope, who'd just happened to waltz in. Hope couldn't believe that Steffy was faulting Hope for arriving. Hope accused Steffy of kissing Oliver as payback, but Steffy retorted that she hadn't even known that Hope would show up. A frustrated Hope declared that Steffy could have Oliver, and Hope left. Steffy advised Oliver to let Hope go, but he took off after Hope anyway.

Inside her car, Hope was too upset to drive. Oliver banged on the window, and after he begged and begged, she let him into the car. He apologized for getting sidetracked from their date, but he'd only been with Steffy because he'd needed something from her. "It doesn't take a genius to figure out what that was," Hope quipped.

Oliver insisted that it wasn't what Hope thought. He hinted that it was something complicated, and that it could affect many lives. Hope stated that he could tell Steffy about it, but not Hope. Hope figured that he wouldn't tell her how he'd starting kissing Steffy, either. When Hope started her car, Oliver refused to let her leave upset with him.

Oliver stated that the kiss with Steffy never should have happened. Hope warned that Steffy probably had an agenda, as always, and she'd use her "selective" childhood memory to defend herself. He claimed that he wasn't interested in Steffy, but Hope was glad to have seen the kiss before taking him to her dance. Oliver insisted that he wanted Hope, not Steffy. He kissed Hope and said that they could have something special, if she'd give him another chance. Hope looked into Oliver's sad eyes and agreed to give him another chance.

On her laptop, Steffy pulled up Oliver's "lifebook space" page and smiled. Taylor strode onto the deck, and when Steffy gave Taylor the proofs, Taylor remarked that Hope had been thoughtful to drop them off. Steffy looked annoyed, and Taylor wondered if something had happened while Hope had been there. "Oliver was kissing me," Steffy revealed.

Taylor hadn't realized that Steffy was dating anyone, let alone Whip's cousin. Steffy replied that she wasn't dating Oliver. Taylor asked if Hope liked Oliver, and Steffy guessed that Hope didn't like him after that night.

Amazed that Hope and Steffy liked the same guy, Taylor stated that Brooke would blow up about it and use it to her advantage. "Not if I get to her first," Steffy murmured. Steffy claimed that she wasn't interested in Oliver; however, she'd get rid of the Logans, just as she had the Spencers. Taylor reasoned that Steffy no longer needed to battle, but Steffy said that if she had the ammunition to get rid of Brooke, there was no reason not to use it.

Worried that the vendetta was consuming her daughter, Taylor assured Steffy that Taylor and Stephanie could handle Brooke. Taylor figured that Brooke would self-destruct on her own, as always. Taylor advised Steffy to focus on single, emotionally available men, but Steffy responded that if she wanted Oliver, she could get him.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

by Pam

On the Forrester Creations rooftop, Steffy worked out on the treadmill, but stopped when she spied Oliver. They chatted, and Oliver said that he was looking for Hope. He told Steffy that he was taking Hope to her school dance. Steffy made fun of Hope for being the queen of her high school dance, and she insulted Oliver for attending a high school dance.

Oliver said that the dance was important to Hope, and he was her date. Steffy smirked, and Oliver suggested that it was time for Steffy to stop taking shots at Hope. Steffy sat down and started lifting weights. Then she told Oliver that she thought they had connected when he visited her at the pool. She said that she had really opened up to him. Oliver agreed that they had connected when they talked and kissed.

Steffy said that they were interrupted when Hope threw a typical Logan fit. She droned on and ranted about the Logans, but Oliver stopped her. He said that Steffy needed to stop being bitter about the past. He wondered if Steffy really thought that her dad would want her to use the video to embarrass her stepsister and her family. He couldn't understand why she felt the need to eliminate all the Logans.

Steffy said she was starting to think that Oliver was only concerned that she was going to use the video and get him in trouble. Steffy added that he had done a great job of trying to convince her not to use the video to get rid of more Logans, but she hadn't decided yet. She slyly stated that she wanted to see what else he would do to convince her. She stopped lifting weights and flirted with him, but Oliver got up and left.

In the office at Forrester Creations, Hope told Brooke that she had seen Steffy kissing Oliver when Hope dropped off proofs. Hope acknowledged that Steffy had issues about losing her sister and sharing Ridge with Hope and R.J. Hope refused to allow Steffy to continue using people to get what she wanted.

Oliver entered and introductions were made. Then Brooke embarrassed Hope and Oliver when she laid into him about kissing Steffy. Brooke prattled on that her daughters were honest and never kept secrets from her. Brooke warned Oliver that Steffy was a troubled girl, and he should stay away from her. She added that Oliver seemed like a sensitive and kind young man.

Brooke hightailed it to the rooftop to confront Steffy. On the rooftop, Steffy watched the video again on her laptop, and Brooke interrupted, but Brooke didn't see the video. Brooke begged Steffy to end her feud with the Logans. Steffy said that she was seeking justice. Brooke acknowledged that Steffy felt cheated because Ridge had become a father to Hope and R.J., but Brooke reminded Steffy that Ridge adored her.

Steffy whined that something had been taken away from her and she was reacting. Brooke advised her to knock it off. Brooke wondered why Steffy was chasing after Hope's boyfriend. Brooke warned her to stay away from Hope. Brooke added that she would do anything to protect her daughter. Brooke wondered if Steffy really thought that she could get rid of Brooke at Forrester. Steffy smirked and baited Brooke to continue irritating her.

In the office, Hope told Oliver that she didn't tell her mom everything. Oliver shrugged it off, and said that he wanted the queen to have a smile on her face for the big night. Hope worried that Oliver must have thought it was foolish to attend a high school dance, but he disagreed. He knew that it was her big night. She thanked him and kissed him, and Steffy spied them kissing. Steffy told herself that Hope wouldn't enjoy time with Oliver much longer.

At Jackie M, Nick and Bridget returned to the office and Jackie and Owen welcomed them back with balloons. Nick wanted to keep their return low-key, and Jackie said that she understood. Owen and Bridget appeared uncomfortable. Bridget said that she needed a little more time, but she had a lot for which she was grateful.

Later, when Bridget was alone, she remembered her evening with Owen. Suddenly, Owen returned and warned her to quit being tense around him because he didn't want Nick and Jackie to become suspicious. Bridget and Owen made excuses for what they had done. Owen said that they had connected when they sympathized with one another about their inability to have children.

In the hallway, Nick worried to Jackie that Bridget had returned to work too soon. Jackie said that Bridget seemed subdued, but it was expected. She encouraged Nick and told him that his marriage was strong.

Back in the office, Bridget told Owen that she loved her husband, but what she had done with Owen was ugly. She had been furious with Nick and Aggie for lying to her, and yet she was doing the exact same thing by lying to Nick and keeping secrets from him. She said that she wanted to tell Nick the truth, but she knew it would ruin her marriage and Owen's marriage.

Owen professed that he loved Jackie, and he and Bridget were going to have to keep the secret and make it work. He grabbed Bridget and emphatically reminded her that they had to keep the secret. Nick walked in and wondered what was going on.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

by Pam

Nick confronted Owen when he saw that Owen and Bridget appeared to be in an embrace, but Bridget passed it off as a moment of upset about the baby. Nick thanked Owen for being there for Bridget, and Owen, guilt-ridden, turned away. Aggie showed up later, and Bridget asked Nick to leave them alone.

Bridget fired Aggie. She told Aggie that Stephanie had returned to Forrester so there was no need for Aggie's services at Jackie M. Aggie said that she understood. Aggie acknowledged that she should have been honest with Bridget and that she was sorry for everything that had happened. Aggie added that she would never have interfered in Bridget's marriage.

Later, Bridget told Nick that she had fired Aggie, and he was upset, but Bridget explained that seeing Aggie every day was a constant reminder of the baby that they had lost. Bridget reminded Nick that they wanted to move forward and not go back. She added that Aggie had feelings for Nick, and Bridget didn't want to have to deal with her. Bridget kissed Nick passionately and suggested that he lock the door. They started getting intimate on the couch.

At the beach house, a shirtless Oliver called Hope and told her that he would take music to the dance. While Oliver was getting ready, Steffy showed up in a hot bikini and wanted to go for a swim. She scoffed at Oliver for attending a high school dance with Hope. Oliver insisted that he liked Hope, and he was leaving. Steffy told him that she had a job for him. She wanted him to work on the music for Hope's campaign.

Steffy sat down with her laptop and showed Oliver the videos of Hope. Oliver agreed they had the wrong soundtracks. Steffy insisted that the music had to be changed that night and couldn't wait. Oliver refused and said that he was going to meet Hope, and he would take care of the videos the next morning. Steffy balked, but Oliver told her that he was concerned that she was reeling him into her plan to get back at the Logans.

Steffy pretended to be hurt, and then whined about how she had been through a bad relationship. She told Oliver the whole tawdry tale of how Rick used her to get at her father. She prattled on that Oliver was the first man she had really opened up to since that relationship. Steffy moved closer to Oliver and appeared to be ready to kiss him when her phone rang. She walked away from Oliver to take a call from Ridge.

When Steffy got up, Oliver sat down with Steffy's laptop and deleted the video of Bridget and Owen that Steffy had stolen from Oliver. Steffy didn't notice, and she said that she had to leave. Oliver put on his shirt and got ready to go to the dance, but he checked his phone to make sure he still had the video and he played it on his television screen. Aggie entered and she freaked out when she saw the video with Bridget and Owen having sex.

Aggie shouted that Bridget was having an affair with Owen. Aggie was livid and explained that Bridget had just fired her. Aggie quizzed Oliver about when he shot the video, and he told her that it was the same night that she had lost the baby. Aggie took Oliver's phone and left, promising to make sure that "Miss Perfect" heard about the video.

At the office, Nick and Bridget were nearly undressed when Aggie used her key to open the door. Nick wondered what she was doing there. She apologized for interrupting, but she demanded to speak to Nick and Bridget immediately. Bridget panicked while Nick looked surprised.

At the dance, Brooke and Hope's friends wondered why Oliver was taking so long to meet Hope. Hope told everyone that Oliver was arriving with music to liven up the dance. When he finally showed up, he kissed Hope in front of all her friends.

At Taylor's pool, Whip showed up and found that Taylor was lighting candles. He said that he didn't have his suit. He removed his clothes, and started to kiss her. Later, dressed in robes, they made out and he presented her with a stunning pair of diamond earrings.

Whip said that he wanted the gift to remind Taylor of how much he loved her, whenever she wore the earrings. He said that he wasn't sure that she felt the same way, but he wanted her to know how happy he was to be with her. Taylor grabbed Whip and told him that she loved him. They kissed.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" college basketball tournament, today's entire lineup of your favorite CBS Daytime soap operas -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and As the World Turns -- was preempted. This scheduling change has been planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the sports coverage.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 22, and pick up where Wednesday, March 17's episodes concluded.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" college basketball tournament, today's entire lineup of your favorite CBS Daytime soap operas -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and As the World Turns -- was preempted. This scheduling change has been planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the sports coverage.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 22, and pick up where Wednesday, March 17's episodes concluded.

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