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Monday, March 22, 2010

At home, Jackie asked Owen what weighed so heavily on his mind. Owen said he'd talked to Bridget, who'd been emotional earlier. Jackie understood Owen's compassion for Bridget, because he'd also wanted a child-before he and Jackie had reached an understanding. Owen said that Nick had walked in on Owen hugging Bridget. Jackie was sure that Nick appreciated Owen's empathy. Owen wished that Bridget could let go of the baby-and everything else that had happened that night.

Aggie stormed into Nick's office to tell Nick about his wife. Nick seemed confused, but Bridget looked guilty. Aggie stated that Bridget must have thought she was clear after smoothing things over with Nick on their getaway. Nick asked what Aggie meant, and Bridget gulped.

Aggie recalled once believing that Nick and Bridget were a perfect couple. Aggie stated that Bridget had been almost too good to be true. "Turns out, you are too good to be true," Aggie quipped. As Aggie teetered on the verge of revealing Bridget's infidelity, Nick grew frustrated, and he declared that he didn't want to hear anything else that either woman had to say. Instead, it was his turn to set things straight.

Nick conveyed that each of them had suffered unimaginable loss when the baby had died. He recalled a time that Bridget and Aggie had deeply bonded. He even thought they'd actually loved each other. He asked the ladies how they thought the baby would feel about what had become of their relationship.

Nick requested that the women resolve their differences, but Aggie contended that it was too late for that. Bridget proposed that they all keep their distances. Nick once again asked Bridget to remember the bond that the women had forged in the beginning. Nick figured that he'd ruined it by keeping Aggie's secret. He asked the women to start over, but Aggie said it was impossible, because neither woman had ever really known the other. Aggie stated that she'd arrived there that night to tell Nick who Bridget really was.

Nick didn't want to hear Aggie badmouth his wife. He said he didn't appreciate Bridget firing Aggie, and he didn't like seeing Aggie there, loaded for bear. He implored the ladies to put an end to their differences. Nick asked them if they wanted their closeness back, if they wanted to rise above the pain and mistrust to save it.

Bridget conceded that she thought about the good times, and Aggie replied that she did, too. Bridget stated that people made mistakes. "What was your mistake, Bridget?" Aggie pointedly asked. A nervous Bridget replied that she'd mistrusted her husband. "Makes you do crazy things, doesn't it?" Aggie asked. Bridget agreed that it did, but it'd never happen again.

Bridget understood what Aggie's job had meant to her, and Bridget apologized the firing. Aggie stammered as she conveyed that it had been good working there. Bridget knew that Jackie M was like family to Aggie, and Bridget offered the job back, if Aggie wanted it.

Aggie stated that losing the baby had been extreme, and people dealt with grief differently. "I would not have done what you did," Aggie said in an accusatory tone. Aggie agreed to return to work, and she said that it was good to be friendly with Bridget again. Aggie stated that they didn't want to be enemies. "I don't want that, and I know that you don't want that, either," Aggie concluded. Bridget looked intimidated.

At the school dance, Hope kissed Oliver and thanked him for arriving. The two joked with each other and with Hope's friends. While Hope and Oliver danced, Hope confirmed plans for them to hang out with her friends the next day. Hope asked about Oliver's college, and he said that he dreamed of being in music, but he was majoring in finance. Oliver aspired to have his own label, and Hope urged him to go for it, because he brought out the best in people.

Steffy crept up to the curtain behind the DJ booth and spied on Oliver and Hope. Marcus approached and saw Steffy muttering about Oliver. Marcus laughed at the thought of Steffy having a crush on Oliver, but she claimed that Oliver was just her friend. Marcus revealed that he was dating someone, and Steffy said that she was glad for him. Marcus wondered if she were glad that Hope was dating someone, too.

Marcus and Steffy spied on Hope and Oliver dancing and laughing. Steffy griped that Oliver was too old for Hope. "Not that old," Marcus replied. When Steffy revealed that Hope had walked in on Steffy and Oliver kissing, Marcus advised Steffy that she had too much going for her to involve herself in a love triangle. She and Marcus joked about relegating each other to the "friend zone," and Marcus' new girlfriend arrived to lead him away.

Steffy peeked at Hope and Oliver again and grimaced. A distraught Steffy wondered how she could feel for someone who was so obviously turned on by Hope. Though Steffy called her actions dumb, she couldn't help looking at Hope and Oliver again. Steffy's eyes teared up to see the pair kissing.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

by Pam

At Oliver's place, Aggie told her brother that she didn't tell Nick about Bridget's tryst with Owen because she realized that telling Nick would only hurt him. She shared that she and Bridget wound up their last conversation as friends. Aggie said that Bridget apologized for firing Aggie, so she still had her old job. Aggie said she didn't know what to expect next. Aggie thought that Bridget was feeling guilty about a lot of things, including sleeping with her mother-in-law's husband.

Oliver was surprised that Aggie didn't spill the news, but Aggie said that she really cared for Nick. Oliver teasingly forced her to admit that she loved Nick. Aggie admitted that she never felt she was good enough for Nick, but she had changed her mind. Aggie said that if Bridget didn't respect her own marriage vows, Aggie might not respect them either.

Oliver and Aggie talked about Oliver's date with Hope, and he said that he had a really good time. Aggie was excited for Oliver because he was making a life for himself in Los Angeles and enjoying it. She encouraged him to make the most of it.

While they were talking, Whip entered with champagne. Oliver and Aggie wondered what they were celebrating, and Whip said that he was happy to hear that Aggie would be staying at Jackie M. Whip said that after Aggie had admitted that she had feelings for Nick, Whip didn't think she would keep her job. He said that Nick and Bridget had a very solid marriage. Nothing would come between them. OIiver and Aggie looked amused.

At Forrester, Ridge worked with the models, and Brooke and Hope chatted about the dance. Hope was radiant and shared that she had a wonderful time with Oliver and really liked him. Brooke suspected that Steffy might have tried to cause some trouble, but Hope said that anything Steffy did wasn't going to matter.

Steffy entered and said that she knew Hope had a crush on Oliver. She added that it was cute, and she clearly irritated Hope. Steffy backed off the insults for a few minutes to tell Hope about the new ad promotions she had for Hope's campaign. Ridge wanted to leave the girls alone to discuss the campaign, but Brooke wanted to stay. Ridge persuaded Brooke to leave.

When Hope and Steffy were alone, Steffy played the music that Oliver had come up with for the campaign. Oliver entered, and Hope told him that she loved the music he used. Steffy pointed out that Oliver had become her protégé, and she was working on using his music track for the campaign.

Hope told Oliver that they would both be working on encouraging everyone to choose Oliver's song. Hope hugged Oliver while Steffy watched. Oliver said that he appreciated all of their help. Oliver added that he had a great time at Hope's dance. He hugged her and gave her a kiss while Steffy disapprovingly looked on.

In the steam room, Ridge and Brooke discussed that they wanted Hope to be happy. Brooke said that she wanted Hope to meet someone as wonderful as Ridge, but she didn't want it to happen for years. Brooke added that she knew Hope really cared for Oliver, but she was concerned that Oliver might break Hope's heart.

Ridge wanted Brooke to stop worrying about Hope. He asked how Bridget was doing after Aggie lost the baby. Brooke said that Bridget seemed to be feeling better. Brooke said that she didn't think they had to worry about Bridget as long as Bridget and Nick were together because of their strong relationship.

Ridge started kissing Brooke, and teased that he was going to make trips to the steam room mandatory for the two of them. They kissed and caressed one another.

At Jackie M, Bridget told Owen about her encounter with Aggie. Bridget worried that Aggie knew about the night that Owen and Bridget spent at the beach house. Guilt was taking its toll on Bridget, and she wanted to tell Nick about her infidelity, but Owen tried to persuade her to keep their secret.

Owen told Bridget that she would ruin both their marriages if she told Nick. Owen said that they both knew that they would never sleep together again. He told Bridget how much he loved Jackie, but he added that he wasn't sorry for what he and Bridget had shared. He tried to persuade Bridget that their bonding over their inability to ever have children was not something ugly.

Bridget said that she wished she had gone home rather than returned to Jackie M the night that they got together. She cried and said that she couldn't stop crying when she thought about what she had done. Owen told her that he had been worried about her the night she returned to Jackie M.

Owen said that he worried about what might have happened to her if he hadn't found her. Bridget agreed she was overcome with grief and anger that night. She thanked him for helping her, and they embraced. Aggie appeared in the doorway and saw them hugging.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke and Whip chatted on the rooftop about plans for the dinner date that would include Brooke, Whip, Taylor, and Ridge. Whip admitted that he was in love with Taylor, and Brooke warned him that she didn't think Taylor would ever get over Ridge. Brooke wondered what Whip hoped to accomplish with the dinner date. Whip told her that he would be able to see if Taylor was over Ridge by looking in her eyes. He was confident that he could build a life with Taylor.

Inside Forrester, Ridge was working on design changes with two models while Taylor was nearby. Ridge asked Taylor about the hem on one model's dress, and she seemed completely distracted. Ridge asked her if she was already bored after such a short time at her new job. She disagreed, but added that she was worried about the dinner they were attending with Brooke and Whip. Ridge was skeptical and said that he didn't understand the need for a dinner.

Ridge insisted that they didn't need to attend a dinner. He seemed slightly amused that it was some type of test. Taylor defended Whip's idea of the dinner because he needed to be sure that she was over Ridge. Taylor said that she didn't want to hurt Whip. She understood that he didn't want to live in Ridge's shadow. She said that she had lived in Brooke's shadow her entire life.

Taylor didn't blame Whip for wanting assurance that the same thing wouldn't happen to him. She added that she and Whip had become very close and wanted to build a life together. Taylor admitted that she was not sure that she could get past her feelings for Ridge. She felt she had to get past them to make a relationship work with another man.

Ridge reminded her that they had enjoyed a life together, but their time had passed. Taylor argued that it should not have passed. She angrily added that if Brooke had not interrupted their wedding, she and Ridge would be married. She said that they had taken their vows. Ridge took a call and had to leave.

While Ridge was gone, Taylor relived the embarrassing moment at her wedding when the minister pronounced them "man and horse" with Brooke riding onto the porch on her horse. Taylor vividly remembered that Brooke had told the minister that there would be no wedding.

When Ridge returned, Taylor anguished over the fact that she might never be able to forget about him. Ridge stroked her cheek, and asked if she would be all right. He told her that he wanted her to be happy. While they were talking, Whip and Brooke entered, and Whip left with Taylor.

Later, when Brooke, Ridge, Taylor, and Whip all met at dinner, Whip joked that it was a meeting of ex-spouses, and he thanked everyone for joining him. He toasted Taylor, and professed his love for her.

At Bill and Katie's home, Katie teased that she had nothing to do all day since she was no longer working at Forrester. She romanced Bill and distracted him from his work on his laptop. Bill told her that he was glad she was home and no longer a part of Forrester, but he realized that she missed it. Katie admitted that she missed the work, but not the drama. Bill said that he was sure he could find something else for her to do, and he started kissing her.

Later, over a glass of wine, Bill and Katie discussed that Katie had some ideas for magazine concepts. She suggested some online magazine content that might appeal to the youth market. Bill told her that he liked her ideas and wanted her to learn more about Spencer Publications. Katie decided that she wanted to learn more about him and continued kissing him.

At Forrester, outside Eric's office, Donna arrived to visit Eric, but she stopped at Pam's desk and noticed brownies. Pam hid them from Donna and made a few cracks about Donna's weight. Inside the office, Eric and Stephanie chatted about how good it was to get the company back. Stephanie told Eric that she thought he had just completed some of his best designs. He admitted that he was inspired once again and referred to Stephanie as his muse. Stephanie dismissed the idea, but thanked Eric for the sentiment.

Donna entered and whined that Pam had been disrespectful to her. Donna said that all she wanted to do was visit her husband at work. Pam entered and made some more humorous comments about Donna's weight, and Stephanie insisted that Pam apologize, but it only made it worse.

Donna begged Eric to get rid of Pam. Donna announced that she understood that Stephanie was one of the owners, but Pam had no place at Forrester. Stephanie argued that Pam was her sister and was staying at Forrester. All of the women pressured Eric to make a decision, and he looked befuddled.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

At Forrester, Pam asked Eric not to make her leave, and Stephanie stated that she'd like Pam to stay. Donna accused Stephanie of manipulating him as usual, but Eric insisted that he made his own decisions. He said he only wanted team players at Forrester. He decided that Pam would stay, and Pam and Donna would set good examples.

Donna tried to convince her "honey bear" that she couldn't work with Pam, but Eric retorted that she hadn't had a problem doing it for The Catwalk. Donna reasoned that she'd done it because she couldn't let Pam go on the air alone, and someone had to defend Forrester Creations. "You should have defended me!" Eric yelled.

Donna looked hurt and offended when Eric claimed that she hadn't stood up to Katie and Bill on Eric's behalf. Donna gasped that she'd betrayed her own sister for him. Eric declared his decision to keep Pam final, and he said that with Stephanie back at the company, he was happier than he'd ever been. He ordered Donna to just deal with it. A tearful Donna looked at Stephanie and wondered what was really happening there. Donna strode out, and Eric scoffed.

Pam agreed to be on her best behavior with Donna-if Donna returned. Pam left, and Stephanie suggested that Eric call Donna. However, Eric felt that he'd said enough to his wife. Stephanie remarked that he seemed to have needed to get those things off his chest for quite some time. He agreed, and she said that Donna had needed to hear it, too.

Eric conveyed that he felt like the Eric of old with Stephanie around. She murmured that she was happy. Suddenly, she admitted that she'd never really be happy until she was back in their home and until she was the only woman in his heart. "I never should have let you go," Eric uttered. He and Stephanie kissed.

At the beach house, Bill and Katie made love, and Katie left for the gym. In the middle of Bill's meditation session, Donna pounded on the front door and desperately called for Katie. Bill answered the door, and a distressed Donna shrieked that she needed to talk to Katie.

Bill asked what was wrong. Donna pretended that she was fine, but then rather quickly and incoherently, she proceeded to spill her guts. She realized that Bill was in the middle of something, but he curtly said that he wasn't anymore. Realizing that she was too upset to drive, Bill asked her to sit down and talk.

In conversation, Donna blamed Bill for her problems. She wished she'd shoved her Forrester job right back in Bill's face after he'd taken over the business. Donna suspected that Eric wanted Stephanie back, but Bill said that Stephanie was no competition for Donna. Bill advised Donna to go home and get some sleep, because things would look better in the morning.

At the Café Russe, Ridge, Brooke, Whip, and Taylor noted that the place seemed dead. Robert, the maître d', approached to say that it was the restaurant's last night in business. Taylor remarked that she and Ridge had created wonderful memories there, and Brooke and Whip looked uncomfortable as Taylor recalled some of them.

Over dinner, Whip asked about Brooke and Ridge's memories of the place, but Taylor turned the conversation back to her memories with Ridge. Taylor giggled and a discomfited Whip excused himself from the table. Brooke left the table, as well. From across the room, she glanced at the laughing Ridge and Taylor, and Brooke pitied Whip.

When Whip exited the men's room, Brooke said that he didn't have to pretend that things were fine, because the dinner was an obvious disaster. Brooke reasoned that it was at least causing Taylor to take an honest assessment of her feelings for Ridge. Whip reasoned that Ridge and Taylor were merely reminiscing, but Brooke stated that Whip had wanted answers, and his answers were staring him in the face. "She may have feelings for you, but she's obviously still in love with Ridge. And she always will be," Brooke reluctantly said.

At the table, Taylor realized that she was blowing it. She'd been having so much fun with Ridge that she hadn't even noticed that Whip and Brooke had left the table. She said that Whip had set the date up as a test, and she was obviously failing. She'd thought she'd be cheerful to keep the dinner lighthearted, but that might have been a mistake. Taylor knew that Whip was a good man, and she didn't want to lose him.

When Whip and Brooke returned to the table, Whip admitted that he'd made a mistake in putting the dinner together. He'd done it to see if Taylor was as crazy for him as he was for her. Everyone grew eerily silent.

Robert returned to the table, and Ridge asked him what he'd do after Café Ruse closed down. Robert said that he intended to retire on a ranch, just him and his animals. "Man and horse," Robert said, and Taylor erupted in laughter.

As everyone exchanged glances, a tickled Taylor told Whip the "man and horse" story. She'd thought had been the worst day of her life, but in fact, it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She thanked Whip for helping her find a new perspective on life. "I do love you. I love you so much. I love you deeply," Taylor said, smiling as she stared into Whip's eyes. Whip chuckled in amazement and said that he loved her more than she could imagine. The two kissed, and Ridge and Brooke clinked their champagne glasses together.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Over dessert at the Café Russe with Ridge, Brooke found it miraculous that Taylor was actually over him. They figured that no one would forget the "man and horse" story, and Ridge decided that he owed everything to Brooke's horse, Trigger. Brooke, however, wondered if it hurt Ridge-just a little bit-that he was no longer the object of Taylor's desire.

Ridge looked around and realized that they'd be the last customers to leave. Robert said that their meal was on the house, because they'd been his best customers. All Robert asked in return was that they have one last spin on the dance floor while he had a final drink at the bar. Ridge pulled his wife onto the empty dance floor and kissed her as they swayed.

At Taylor's house, Taylor and Whip laughed as they entered. Whip hoped Taylor understood why he'd wanted the double date, and she conveyed that her feelings for Ridge had been like an old habit. She chuckled and said that, for the first time, she felt as if she were honestly free of Ridge.

Cuddling with Taylor on the sofa, Whip remarked that he hadn't known what would happen with his plan, but something had needed to change. Taylor, on the other hand, hadn't realized that they'd had a problem. She'd figured that her feelings were common to ex-wives, but those feelings had disappeared that moment that she'd fallen in love with Whip.

Whip declared that Taylor had passed the test, and she said she'd needed to pass it more than he'd needed her to. Disagreeing, Whip revealed how miserable he'd been to only have half of her. Taylor expected a prize for passing his test, and to her amazement, Whip presented her with a red velvet box. "It's just a box until you open it," he told a tongue-tied Taylor.

Inside the box, Taylor found a dazzling diamond ring. Whip sank onto his knee and asked her to be his wife. Taylor grinned and readily agreed. They kissed, and he slid the ring on her finger. Whip said he didn't like long engagements, but he was willing to negotiate how many months she needed to prepare. "How about next week?" Taylor suggested. Whip stammered, "Next week it is!" They kissed again and expressed their love for each other.

At Jackie M, Oliver stumbled upon a poem that Aggie had written called "Prayer." Aggie entered as he read it, and he said that she should call it "Love," since it was obviously about Nick. Aggie denied it, but Oliver said that bad things happened when she kept her feelings in. "So you're saying I should act on my feelings?" Aggie hopefully asked.

Oliver wanted Aggie to admit her feelings for Nick, not act on them. Aggie remarked that she couldn't believe the people that Nick and Jackie were married to. Oliver groaned that Aggie was obsessing about it. She replied that she wouldn't obsess about it; she'd take action.

In Bridget's office, Nick kissed Bridget, and she told him that Aggie still had a crush on him. Realizing that Bridget wasn't completely past the issue, he asked if she trusted him as much as he trusted her. Bridget avoided the topic of trust, and Nick said that Aggie wouldn't try anything, because she'd learned all of Bridget's "lessons" about loyalty and commitment. "Right..." Bridget uttered. Nick said that, in his mind, Bridget represented everything good.

Nick went to an office to find a file and discovered Aggie's poem. Aggie snatched it from him and stammered that it was just a prayer that she'd written about something that she wanted very badly. Nick looked concerned, but he let it go.

Aggie asked if he'd gotten his subpoena, because she was fired up to testify against Graham. Nick hoped that he and Aggie were in agreement that they shouldn't have kept the rape secret from Bridget. "You don't think she's ever kept a secret from you?" Aggie asked. Nick dismissively replied that if Bridget had, the information probably wasn't of any consequence. Aggie stated that Bridget was a human being, not a saint.

Nick felt that it was pretty saintly of Bridget to return Aggie's job. Aggie agreed and assured Nick that she knew how to respect a marriage-unlike other people. Nick stated that he'd been trying to assure Bridget of that same thing. Aggie was surprised that she hadn't regained Bridget's trust. Nick found Bridget's feelings understandable because of Aggie's feelings for him, but Aggie assumed that Bridget just felt guilty.

Nick couldn't understand what Aggie was implying, and when she remained vague about it, he returned the conversation to her affections for him. He insisted that he was committed to his wife. Aggie understood that, but it didn't take away from the miraculous thing that Nick had done by helping her get her life back. "I care for you because you cared for me," she explained. Aggie started to cry as she told him not to try to talk her out of her feelings, because she couldn't change them. Aggie hugged him and smiled slyly when he returned the hug.

Back in Bridget's office, Owen walked in to discover Bridget sulking at her desk. She admitted that she struggled with being a woman who'd cheat on her husband and pretend that nothing happened. She didn't know how much longer she could lie to Nick. Owen warned that she'd do a lot worse to Nick and to Jackie, too, by revealing what they'd done. Oliver listened at the door as Owen urged Bridget to keep the secret to protect their loved ones.

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