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Monday, April 5, 2010

In the foyer at the Forrester mansion, Donna said that having Stephanie at the office and at home was just unbearable, and Donna implored Eric to ask Stephanie to go. Stephanie went to the living room to let Donna and Eric talk, and Eric said that it was only temporary. Donna explained that she felt like an interloper in her own home. Eric thought Donna was making too much of it, but Donna asked why Eric wasn't fighting for their marriage.

Eric wanted to strike a compromise, but Donna saw no reason to do so, because Stephanie could easily stay with Pam. Eric insisted that Stephanie was family, but Donna believed that Stephanie was interfering in their marriage. Donna declared that she couldn't be there under those conditions, and she stormed out. Stephanie advised Eric to just let Donna go.

Donna went to see Katie, but wound up interrupting Bill's meditation session again. "Don't tell me. You're having another emotional crisis," Bill guessed. Katie wasn't home, so Donna told Bill that she'd left home after Eric had insisted upon letting Stephanie stay there. Bill warned Donna that she'd made a big mistake. "So she's there, and you're not?" Bill asked.

Donna claimed that she'd left because she'd needed someone to talk to, but Bill figured that she'd just wanted someone to feel sorry for her. Bill did pity her, because she was destroying her own marriage. Donna didn't want to return home until Stephanie was gone, but Bill directed Donna to get back there and fight. "Don't let Stephanie win by default," he said. He told Donna to beat it because he had things to do. She gave him a quick hug and hurried out of the house.

Back at the mansion, Eric wished that he'd pursued his wife. He admitted that it seemed as if he were siding with Stephanie. "Well, of course you are," Stephanie haughtily said. Eric insisted that he wasn't. He said he'd merely invited her to use the guesthouse, not the room down the hall. Stephanie figured that the guesthouse would do, "for now."

Eric remarked that they'd regained the company, so he'd have to let his grudge go at some point. Stephanie felt that Eric was actually reevaluating what he had in common with Donna. Stephanie said that he'd had his fun with Donna, but he really needed a woman who'd challenge him outside the bedroom. Eric assumed that Stephanie referred to herself.

Stephanie asserted that she'd always been what he needed, but Eric replied that their marriage hadn't been all bliss. They reflected on the good moments, and Eric said that Stephanie had never complained about him working at home. She replied that she'd respected him as an artist, and he stated that she'd been his inspiration.

When Donna arrived home, she saw Eric and Stephanie smiling as they talked on the sofa. Donna politely asked Stephanie to give Donna and Eric a moment alone, and Stephanie went to the foyer. Donna apologized to Eric for running out and for making him feel disrespected. She was sorry that she'd hurt and disappointed him, because she loved him with her whole heart. Stephanie bitterly watched as Eric hugged Donna.

At work, Owen recalled that Oliver was staying at the same beach house in which Owen and Bridget had slept together. Bridget entered, surprised that Owen was at work after the wedding. She apologized for the awkwardness each time they saw one another. Owen felt that they were handling things well, and Bridget reiterated that keeping the secret was for the best. "That is, if it still is a secret," Owen uncomfortably murmured.

Bridget panicked, and Owen revealed that Oliver was living at that beach house. Owen and Bridget were certain that they'd been alone that night, and Bridget hoped that Oliver would have mentioned it if he'd found something awry in the house. Just then, Aggie entered, and Owen abruptly left. "Don't let me interrupt," Aggie said.

Aggie remarked that she hadn't expected to see Bridget or Owen, and Bridget explained how they'd coincidentally been there. Bridget said she'd been thinking about Aggie and Graham's case. Aggie confided that testifying would be hard, and Bridget replied that Aggie had the support of people who loved her. Aggie asked why Bridget would suddenly stand by Aggie.

Bridget explained that she'd realized that she'd been too harsh on Aggie. Bridget had made mistakes, too, and she'd deeply regret one of them for the rest of her life. Losing baby after baby had been a nightmare for Bridget, and the last time it had happened, she'd gone to a dark place, where she'd done a horrible thing. The act had humbled Bridget, and she'd realized that the person she strove to be was no different than the persona that Aggie had created with Sandy.

A tearful Bridget apologized for being "holier than thou" with Aggie, and Bridget asked for Aggie's forgiveness. Bridget hoped that they could be friends again. A shocked and affected Aggie mumbled that she didn't know. Aggie asked why Bridget wanted that. Bridget said she missed their friendship, and since Nick and she had decided to move on from the past, she'd hoped that Aggie and she could do the same. "Please?" Bridget sobbed, and Aggie hugged her.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy and Stephanie were in a meeting and Steffy shared that Hope had barged into Steffy's mother's house while looking for Oliver after the wedding. Steffy added that Hope was just like all the other Logans. Steffy smirked and added that the cake had fallen on Hope. Stephanie seemed surprised, but Thorne and Eric interrupted the conversation.

Eric said that he couldn't find some sketches he needed, and he left to retrieve them from his home. Eric suggested that he would see Stephanie later for martinis. Everyone looked at Stephanie and Eric with surprise. Stephanie explained that she couldn't stay at Taylor's house because Taylor had just married Whip, and she felt out of place. She added that Eric had offered her the guesthouse. Eric looked around the room and gave no explanation. He left.

Pam entered and treated everyone to peanut butter and jelly pie. The group discussed Stephanie's new living arrangements in Eric's guesthouse. Steffy questioned why her grandmother would want to live so close to Eric and Donna. Steffy guessed that it was painful for her grandmother to return to her own home yet live in the guesthouse. Stephanie whispered that she wanted Eric back in her life.

Steffy recalled that Stephanie had said she never wanted to return to Eric, but Stephanie said that people often said things in anger that they didn't mean. Stephanie said that she and Eric had shared a lifetime together. She called him the love of her life. Everyone smiled.

Pam was unhappy with the frozen pie she had made, and joked that she would give it to Donna because Donna ate everything. Pam added that she fully expected Eric to kick Donna out within a few days. Thorne agreed. He noted that Donna might be sleeping in Eric's bed, but Stephanie was in his head.

Stephanie said that she had seen a definite change in Eric since he had regained control of the company. Eric had also turned the reigns over to Ridge, and that was a very important step for him. Steffy suggested a news release, but Stephanie wanted to do something on a more personal level.

Stephanie pitched the idea of a tribute to Eric and his contributions to the fashion industry. Thorne agreed and promised to get to work on it. He believed it would be a positive move to get Eric and Stephanie back together again. Pam noted that Donna would never think of such a thing because she was too busy thinking about herself to ever come up with a tribute to Eric.

At Eric's home, Brooke, Katie, and Donna chatted in the living room. Donna shared that Stephanie had moved into the guesthouse. Donna said that she was upset and had walked out on Eric and Stephanie the previous night. She said that she was afraid that she was losing her husband.

Brooke disagreed, but Donna said that Eric was being sucked back into life with Stephanie. She said that Eric and Stephanie talked like a married couple and shared martinis. Donna shared that she felt like the odd man out. Katie said that she knew that Bill had advised Donna to face her problems. Donna agreed that Bill had been very sweet.

Donna said that she had made a mistake in working for Bill and Katie. She acknowledged that she had been caught up in becoming a vice president of a huge fashion company and hosting The Catwalk.

She admitted to her sisters that Eric felt that Donna had betrayed him. Katie argued that Donna had done what she had to do. Brooke agreed with Donna. Brooke said that Ridge had suffered when she was working for Bill and Katie, and it put tension on her marriage. Brooke and Katie encouraged Donna to fight for her marriage. She started to cry that she feared she was losing Eric.

After Brooke and Katie left, Donna eyed a beautiful picture of the Logan girls from one of the many fashion shoots. She reminisced about her modeling career with her sisters when they wore glamorous dresses on the runway. She remembered the photo shoot with Eric as the king and the Logans as royalty in their bathing suits.

Eric entered and interrupted her daydream. He said that he had forgotten some sketches. Donna begged him to spend some time with her. She apologized for not seeing how miserable he was when she worked for Katie and Bill. She said that there was a distance between them and she was concerned.

Donna said that she felt guilty, but Eric said that it wasn't all her fault. She hugged Eric and said that she wanted to make it up to him. Eric seemed distracted and dismissed her by saying that he didn't have time. "Donna, not now," he said.

At Forrester, Brooke entered Ridge's office and found Stephanie sitting at the desk. Stephanie was looking through old photos of Eric and Stephanie. Brooke accused Stephanie of interfering in Donna's marriage and told her to stop it. Stephanie was amused that Brooke was barking orders. Stephanie said that her living arrangements shouldn't create a problem for Donna, since Stephanie wasn't living in the house. Brooke surmised that Stephanie wasn't going to be content to stay a courtyard away from Eric.

Stephanie said that Donna's hold on Eric wouldn't last. She added that Eric was tiring of Donna. Stephanie reminded Brooke that Donna had upset Eric when she hosted The Catwalk and participated in the ad campaigns. Brooke defended her sister, and said that all of them had done what they had to do to keep the company afloat. Brooke warned Stephanie again to stay out of Donna's marriage, but Stephanie said that the marriage would self-destruct on its own.

At Jackie M, Aggie offered to make coffee for Nick and Bridget. Nick wondered if things were all right between them, and Bridget acknowledged that she and Aggie were trying to work on their friendship. Whip later entered with Aggie, and everyone wondered why he wasn't on his honeymoon. He said that he had a campaign that he wanted to introduce first.

Nick and Bridget argued that they wanted to stick with the new lingerie line that Bridget was working on because Forrester had tremendous success with the line that Brooke introduced and modeled. They wanted Bridget to model the new Jackie M line. Nick and Bridget agreed that Bridget would be too busy for another line, but Whip asked them to consider his idea.

Whip called in Jackie, who was wearing a very short pair of shorts and skimpy tube top. He described her as a cougar in summer wear who would be lounging by the pool.

Whip suggested that the cougar needed her cabana boy to join her, and he waited for Owen to enter. Owen, looking unhappy, entered the office in a barely-there swimsuit. Owen was clearly uncomfortable that another campaign focused on Jackie as a sex symbol and him as her boy toy.

Nick asked Owen if he liked the campaign, but Owen stared at Jackie. She told him that he didn't have to do it. Owen said that he would do it because Jackie loved the idea. Whip asked Nick and Bridget what they thought, and they hesitantly agreed that it was a good follow-up to the "Indulge" and "Adam and Eve" campaigns.

After everyone left, Bridget and Nick discussed that things were getting back to normal for both of them. Bridget noted that she would be very busy designing two lines. He suggested that she secretly wanted to model the lingerie line, but Bridget said that she would be very uncomfortable. He teasingly mocked that she was afraid to show off her lingerie.

Nick suggested that he would determine if Bridget was prepared for the job as he unbuttoned her clothing and dropped it on the floor. Nick admired Bridget's bra and panties, and suggested that she had no reason to be uncomfortable. He started kissing her. He paused, admired her figure, and added that she was overly qualified and had to take the job.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Stephanie and Thorne were busy planning a tribute for Eric. Thorne told Stephanie that he was working on a video salute for Eric. Suddenly, Eric was standing in the doorway, and he asked what was going on because he suspected that they were up to something. Stephanie and Thorne denied it, but the conversation was interrupted when Jarrett entered.

Jarrett was enthusiastic about seeing Eric back at the helm of Forrester. Jarrett said that Bill Spencer had banned Forrester from all Spencer publications. He added that it was a special time for Forrester because Eric had passed the baton to Ridge. Jarrett suggested that a tribute article might be in order because the Forresters were in control and another generation was stepping up to take the lead.

Stephanie walked Jarrett out to his car, and Eric commented to Thorne that it was odd that Stephanie was spending so much time with Jarrett. Thorne teased that Jarrett and Stephanie were having a torrid affair. Thorne then pointed out that Stephanie had always been a one-man woman, and Eric was the only man for her. Thorne chattered on about how good it was to see his parents together again. He added that the only thing standing in the way of Eric and Stephanie getting back together was Donna.

Eric warned Thorne not to read too much into Eric and Stephanie working together again or Stephanie's living arrangements in the guesthouse. Eric added that Donna was his wife, and he would not listen to Thorne being disrespectful of his wife. Thorne continued talking about how Eric and Stephanie belonged together and that the company was at its best when they were married. Thorne acknowledged that Eric and Stephanie were not always happily married. But, he added that they were good together most of the time. Thorne reminded Eric that Stephanie inspired and challenged him.

Later, Stephanie returned and whispered to Thorne that the tribute was in the works, but she wanted to know more about the video. Eric asked what was going on, but Thorne and Stephanie covered by telling Eric that the Jarrett and the entire fashion industry appreciated that Eric was back in control at Forrester. Stephanie added that Eric was also loved and respected by his family, and Eric expressed his gratitude.

At Jackie M, Whip directed Owen to rub suntan oil all over Jackie during the "Cabana" shoot. Owen looked unhappy, but Whip explained that they had another winner. He wanted Owen to slather lotion and flex his muscles. Owen fanned Jackie and sprayed mist on her, but she paused the shoot for a moment because she noted that Owen was unhappy about his role.

Owen smiled at Jackie and told her that he was fine, but he didn't want Whip to know it. Between shots, Jackie and Owen were kissing and Whip reminded Owen not to get carried away. Whip got caught up in the cougar theme and told Owen that he had to quench the cougar's thirst with a cool drink. The photographer snapped more photos of Owen serving Jackie a lemonade drink with rum in it. After the shoot ended, Jackie vowed to reward Owen for his patience.

Whip was talking to Nick and he said that he really did like Owen. Whip thanked Owen for being a good sport about all the cougar campaigns. Whip commented on how great Owen looked shirtless. Whip added that he could never appear shirtless and be comfortable. Owen teased that if Whip went to the gym, he could be in great shape.

After everyone left, Jackie told her husband that she really enjoyed the shoot and his magnificent body. She added that his swimsuit was hot. Owen smiled and kissed her, but Jackie interrupted the romance to lock the door and keep Whip, Nick, and Bridget out.

At Dr. Caspary's office, Bridget shared that she was fine some days and depressed on others after Aggie lost the baby. Dr. Caspary said that medically Bridget was fine, but she suggested that Bridget might need something to keep her from becoming depressed.

Dr. Caspary asked if Bridget needed some medication. Bridget disagreed and said that she had been taking St. John's Wort to improve her mood because she liked to try natural methods first. Dr. Caspary warned against taking any herbs because they could influence the effectiveness of her birth control pills. Dr. Caspary wrote a prescription for a mild antidepressant.

Dr. Caspary gave Bridget some new packs of birth control pills because she had checked her chart and figured that she was out of pills. Bridget thought there was a mistake because she still had some left. Then, she admitted that she had been out of sorts and could have forgotten a few days. She wished things could be different and she could have a baby.

The doctor reminded Bridget that pregnancy could be devastating because of Bridget's history of becoming pregnant and then miscarrying. She warned Bridget to be diligent about taking her pills.

In Nick's office, Bridget returned to find Nick changing his clothes because he had ink on his shirt. Bridget told her husband that he looked great shirtless. Nick said that he was no competition for Owen. Nick kept praising Owen's six-pack and bulging biceps. Nick commented on how Whip was torturing Owen during the photo shoot.

Nick added that he admired Owen for other reasons too. He said that there was a time that he worried that Owen was out to get his mother's money. But instead, Owen proved that he loved Jackie so much that he chose her over ever having a child.

Bridget was uncomfortable hearing Nick talk about Owen. She spilled her coffee, and Nick suggested that they were both having a bad day spilling things. Nick prattled on that Jackie was the only woman for Owen, and Bridget was the only woman for Nick. After he kissed Bridget, Nick left for a meeting.

Bridget got a phone call and promised to immediately program the event into her phone's calendar. After she hung up, she looked at her calendar and panicked when she realized that she had sex with Owen and Nick when she had forgotten to take her pills.

The voice of Dr. Caspary kept echoing in her head repeating that St. John's Wort could decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills and Bridget had to be diligent about taking her birth control.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

On the phone in his office, Nick directed someone to send the proofs from the "Cabana" shoot through him. Once off the phone, he recalled several special moments that he'd shared with his wife, Bridget. He sighed, calling himself a lucky man.

In her office, Bridget hyperventilated on the floor, and Owen rushed in to assist her. Bridget said that she couldn't keep lying to Nick about her night with Owen. She worried that something more had happened that night, and she feared that she might be pregnant.

Bridget informed Owen that her period was late, and she'd been so stressed out that she hadn't regularly taken her birth control pills. On top of that, she'd taken Saint John's Wort for the stress, and it might have interfered with her birth control. Owen refused to believe that Bridget was pregnant, or that he could be the father. "It can't happen," he insisted.

Just then, Nick entered Bridget's office and asked what Owen meant. Owen claimed that Bridget was just nervous about being the spokesmodel. Nick reassured Bridget, and Owen left the room. Bridget doubted that she'd be taken seriously as a designer while she was in her underwear. Nick joked that he took her very seriously both in and out of it.

He shared that he'd been thinking about their memories, and the best part of that was knowing that they had so many more good ones ahead. Bridget looked tearful as they hugged.

Later, Owen slipped back into Bridget's office with a home pregnancy test. Bridget berated herself for being so stupid about her medication regiment. Owen tried to calm her down, and she told herself that her body was just "out of whack." Owen believed it was, too, but the pregnancy test would alleviate her anxiety. Bridget wanted to wait on the test, but Owen repeated that it would put her mind at ease. "Please do it. It's the only way," Owen insisted, and Bridget finally conceded that she really did need to know. They hugged, and Bridget looked scared.

In Eric's office, Eric recalled kissing Stephanie. Downstairs in the showroom, she was remembering the same thing. Ridge entered to see her setting up a surprise for his father. He thought that her living in the guesthouse was a hopeful sign, but she downplayed the significance of it. Ridge claimed that it was just a matter of time before Stephanie was back in the main house. Stephanie reminded her son about Donna. Ridge stated that Eric's marriage had taken its toll, and Eric wanted Stephanie back. Stephanie said that she'd like to believe that.

Stephanie shared that she and Thorne were planning a tribute honoring Eric's accomplishments. Liking the idea, Ridge said it was the type of reason that they needed her there. He praised his mother for putting his father first, without anyone even asking. Ridge suspected that Stephanie would get Eric back, because she always gave him what he needed.

In Eric's office, Donna and Rick entered to discuss business, but Donna politely admitted that she'd become distracted since Stephanie was both at home and at work. Rick looked shocked as Eric and Donna apprised Rick of the situation with Stephanie. Eric mentioned that Donna was uneasy about it, but Donna pretended that she'd find a way to deal with her enemy being in her home and at work. Donna left, and Rick asked Eric "what the hell" he was thinking.

Eric claimed that his marriage had changed after Donna had chosen the wrong side in the war with Bill Spencer. Rick tried to defend Donna, who'd been stuck between her sister and husband, and he reminded his father that Donna had betrayed Katie with the "Dare" line. Rick asked Eric to cut Donna some slack, because Stephanie living at the guesthouse was a bit harsh.

Later, Ridge entered the office to find Eric sketching. Ridge was surprised that Eric could get anything done with Donna and Stephanie in his house. Ridge doubted that Donna was happy about the living arrangements, and Eric conceded that Donna was a bit upset with him.

Eric said he was trying to overcome his anger toward Donna, but Ridge felt that Eric had every right to be upset. Ridge wondered where Donna had been when Bill and Katie had relegated Eric to the basement. Eric replied that it was complicated, but Ridge didn't think so. Ridge said that Eric had a right to be "mad as hell" that Donna hadn't stood by him.

Back in the showroom, Donna entered and asked Stephanie to leave Donna and Eric alone. Stephanie said she'd thought that Donna understood that Stephanie would always be a part of Eric's life. Donna realized that Stephanie had made Eric into the man that he was, but Stephanie needed to respect that Donna had since become his wife. Donna needed time to repair her marriage, but she couldn't do that with Stephanie on the grounds. Stephanie's eyebrows rose when Donna asked Stephanie to please move out of the guesthouse.

Stephanie said she wouldn't leave unless Eric asked her to. Donna decided that it didn't matter where Stephanie lived, because Stephanie couldn't win Eric back. Stephanie advised Donna that the marriage was shakier than Donna wanted to believe, but the problems had nothing to do with Stephanie. In Stephanie's eyes, the problem had to do with Donna parading around her television show instead of standing by her husband. Donna regretted not being there for Eric, but she planned to make it up to him. Donna vowed that she wouldn't lose Eric to Stephanie, and there was nothing that Stephanie could do to make it happen.

Friday, April 9, 2010

In Bridget's office, Owen figured that the pregnancy test would be negative, and they'd have a good laugh about it. Bridget muttered that she wouldn't be laughing about anything. Bridget gripped the pharmacy bag and headed for the bathroom, but stopped when Nick and Jackie entered with the proofs from the "Cabana" shoot. Nick noted the tension in the air, and he asked if everything were okay with Owen and Bridget.

Bridget pretended that she was stressed out about designing two lines at once, and Jackie excitedly shared the proofs from the photo shoot. The couples discussed how well the pictures had turned out, and Nick lauded Owen's part in it. Nick surprised everyone by presenting portraits that he'd had made of each couple. Bridget and Nick's portrait showed them holding each other, while Jackie and Owen's picture had been taken at the "Cabana" shoot. Nick jokingly admitted that he was jealous of Owen's "guns," and Jackie prompted Bridget to agree that Owen was something to behold.

Nick apologized for his mistake in misjudging Owen, and Jackie remarked that Owen had taught her that mistakes could be forgiven. Nick noticed that Bridget seemed distracted. Jackie grew concerned about Bridget, but Bridget said not to worry. Jackie and Nick left to conduct a press conference, and Owen and Bridget felt guilty because their spouses were so trusting.

After fretting more about the pregnancy test, Bridget finally headed toward the bathroom and took it. While awaiting the result, Owen considered that she could be pregnant by Nick, but Bridget said she couldn't be sure. Owen hoped that Bridget wasn't pregnant at all, because Jackie would never forgive him. Bridget uttered that she couldn't live without Nick.

Owen signaled that it was time. Bridget checked the test and looked as if she were about to faint. "Come on, Bridget! What does it say?" Owen asked.

Family, business associates, and media representative Jarrett gathered in the Forrester showroom moments before Stephanie and Thorne's surprise tribute to Eric was set to begin. Donna and Brooke arrived for what they thought was a fashion preview, but they quickly realized that something else was going on. Ridge said that Stephanie wanted to keep it a surprise, and Donna and Brooke looked on curiously as the Forresters toasted with champagne.

Arriving with Rick, Eric asked what they were previewing that day. Stephanie handed him a glass of champagne and said he'd soon find out. Eric questioned Brooke and Donna, but they replied that it was Stephanie's show. Stephanie corrected that it was Eric's show.

Jake and Thorne led Eric to a special armchair in the spotlight. Stephanie said that the first thing she'd noticed when she'd returned to Forrester was the energy emanating from every corner of the building and every person in it. The energy had originated with Eric, who'd positively affected the whole world through his designs. She said that he was a master of his art, and the show was for him. Donna rolled her eyes as a clip entitled, "Eric Forrester: A Legend in His Own Time" played on a screen.

Stephanie's voice narrated the presentation. She explained that Eric had been the son of a tailor. Eric had opened a small fashion shop that had eventually become one of the biggest fashion houses in the world. Clips of fashion shows played on the screen as Stephanie's narration praised him for winning 15 Designer of the Year Awards, 12 Fabric Institute Platinum Awards, and 13 International Best of Show Medallions. Eric was also the youngest member ever elected to the Fashion Hall of Fame.

Next, the video detailed Eric's humanitarianism and his devotion to his family. Stephanie's narration said that they'd gathered to honor Eric's achievements as he passed the torch to his son, Ridge. A picture of Eric and Stephanie appeared on the screen last as the narration ended by saying that they all stood in awe of his achievements, and they loved him.

The show ended, and as the crowd cheered, Brooke and Donna exchanged bitter glances. Eric stood on the stage with his arm around Stephanie, and they soaked in the applause as they'd done several times at the conclusion of past fashion shows.

Alone with Stephanie in the showroom later, Eric thanked her for putting together the moving presentation. Stephanie claimed that she hadn't had time to tell Donna about it in advance. Eric was amazed that Stephanie would honor him after how much he'd hurt her over the years. He said she'd always been right by his side no matter what. Eric felt that all the accomplishments had been theirs together, because he couldn't have done it without her. He wondered how he'd ever thank her for all they'd done.

Stephanie said that, for the record, she hadn't sacrificed her life for him; instead, she'd fulfilled her life with him. She revealed that she loved him, and she always had. He replied that he loved her, and he always would. They kissed, and from the doorway, Pam stealthily took a picture with her cell phone.

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