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Donna pulled Beth from the pool, but the paramedics pronounced Beth dead on the scene. Donna accused Stephanie of causing the death. Eric tried to convince Donna that it had been an accident, and Donna was mortified that Eric would defend his ex-wife. Bill Spencer saw the incident as a chance for him to take over Forrester Creations.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 19, 2010 on B&B
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Monday, April 19, 2010

At Bill and Katie's beach house, Katie didn't want to burden Bill with her mother's care, but Bill said that her family was his family, for better or worse. Bill decided that he needed a little private time with his wife before her mother moved in. He suggested that they turn off the phones and pretend that they were on a deserted island.

Katie, however, was unable to put her mother's situation out of her mind. She expressed her gratitude that Bill would have Beth in their home. She felt incredibly lucky that she'd have that time with Beth. Katie wanted to be there for Beth as Beth had always been there for Katie. Bill held his wife and comforted her. Suddenly, Katie felt a startling emptiness in her heart, and she told Bill that it felt as if her mother were already gone.

Later, a restless Katie looked at old photo albums and recalled when her father had first told his daughters about Beth's illness. Bill sat with her, and she started talking about the pictures. Realizing that her favorite picture of Beth was missing, Katie got upset. Bill sensed that something more bothered her, and she griped about Beth being in that house with Stephanie. Katie just wanted her mother to have some peace.

Donna screamed in horror when she saw her mother floating in the Forrester pool. Everyone rushed to the deck to find a wet and sobbing Donna giving Beth CPR. As Eric called the paramedics and Brooke looked devastated, Stephen asked how it had happened. Donna cried that she didn't know, and Stephanie approached.

Donna shouted that Beth wasn't breathing. Stephanie spotted the lace floating in the pool, and she recalled tossing it after arguing with Beth. The paramedics finally arrived and asked Donna questions about the incident. Donna said Beth hadn't been responsive for several minutes. The paramedics worked profusely on Beth, but they couldn't start her heart. They called the time, and Donna and Brooke wailed. Stephen laid his teary face against Beth's.

Later, Stephanie entered the living room from the terrace to see Stephen holding Donna and Eric comforting Brooke. Stephanie listened as they tried to figure out what had happened and why. Stephen said the police considered it an accident, but Donna felt guilty for not following Beth to the bathroom. Donna sobbed that they'd let Beth down.

Stephanie finally spoke up and admitted that she'd been at the pool with Beth. Donna suspected that Stephanie had pushed Beth in, but Stephanie replied that it hadn't been anything like that. Stephanie explained that an agitated Beth had wandered to the guesthouse, but wouldn't let Stephanie escort her back to the main house. Out of concern, Stephanie had pursued Beth to the pool, where Beth had become even more erratic. Stephanie admitted throwing the lace. She'd realized that doing so had worsened the situation, so she'd walked away.

Stephen raged that the lace had been Beth's "lifeline." A sobbing Brooke asked if the lace had landed in the pool. Stephanie remorsefully said she hadn't realized the lace's significance. As Stephanie went on about what a tragedy it was, she noticed everyone staring accusingly at her. Donna and Brooke sobbed in disbelief, and Donna shouted that Stephanie had abhorred Beth. Stephanie reasoned that the contention was in the past, and she implored them to believe that she'd never wanted anything like that to happen to Beth. "Please believe me," Stephanie uttered.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, the reality of Beth's death settled in on all the members of the Logan family as they comforted one another. Brooke, Donna, Eric, and Stephen tried to determine whom they needed to contact about Beth's death.

Brooke tried to call Ridge, but she couldn't reach him. She also worried about breaking the news to R.J., who was on a school trip. Brooke asked Eric about contacting Bridget, and Eric said that he had left her a message. They discussed that Rick was telling Marcus and Hope what had happened.

At Forrester Creations, Hope and Marcus were joking and talking about style ideas for Hope's new line and discussing how they would present them at a meeting the following day when Rick entered. He stared at his phone and appeared dazed. Hope asked what was wrong, and Rick explained that their grandmother had died. Rick recounted that Beth had drowned, and Hope became emotional and wondered how their grandmother had been left alone by the pool.

Guilt-ridden, Hope said that she hadn't spent enough time with her grandmother and that someone should have been with her. Hope wished that she had called Beth more often. Hope told Marcus and Rick that her grandmother had not recognized her the last time they had been together. She regretted that she had thought she'd had more time to spend with Beth.

Marcus and Rick tried to calm Hope, but she told them that she had missed her opportunity to spend any time with her grandmother. Oliver entered, and Hope collapsed into his arms. Marcus and Rick left, and Oliver comforted Hope and reminded her that her grandmother had had a disease that had made her vulnerable. He hugged Hope and promised to stay with her as long as she needed him.

At Bill and Katie's, Katie looked through their wedding photo album at snapshots of her mother. Katie told Bill that she felt something was wrong. Bill retrieved their cell phones and found that Katie had messages. Her phone rang, and Donna gave her the news that their mother had died. Katie hung up the phone and, unable to speak, stared at Bill.

At the Forrester mansion, Katie and Bill entered, and Donna was seething at Stephanie for killing her mother. She shouted that Stephanie was to blame for Beth's death. Stephanie tried to tell the girls that she had not meant to harm Beth. Donna warned Stephanie that she would go to jail, and Bill offered to contact his attorney.

Stephen asked everyone to calm down, but Donna railed at Stephanie, who foolishly claimed that if she were going kill anyone, it would have been Donna or Brooke, not Beth. Eric asked Stephanie to stop talking because she was only making matters worse.

Donna explained to Katie that Eric had asked Stephanie to move out of the guesthouse, and Donna knew that Stephanie was "mad as hell" when Eric asked her to leave. Donna told Stephanie that she wanted to get back at all the Logans because she had hated them.

Donna accused Stephanie of luring her mother to the pool, but Stephen tried to calm his daughter. Donna reminded Stephanie that she had been horrible to all of them over the years. Donna told Katie that Stephanie had taken their mother's lace and thrown it in the pool.

Katie shouted that the lace had been Beth's lifeline to all of them. Stephanie denied throwing it in the water and then realized what she had done. She told the girls that she had had no idea the lace had been so important. Donna reminded Stephanie that she lived at the mansion and should have known that Beth carried it everywhere.

Katie was incensed that Stephanie had thrown the lace in the water. She added that Beth had been terrified of the water because she had forgotten how to swim. Eric reminded everyone that they were all very emotional and should not be accusing Stephanie, an innocent bystander, of murder.

Donna was angry that Eric defended his former wife. Stephanie started to say that their mother had been irrational and arguing with her, but Stephen started to defend Beth. Eric tried to maintain the peace.

Stephanie returned to the guesthouse and relived the moments that had led up to Beth's drowning. She recalled Beth calling her a bitter woman and reminding her that she had become a bitter old woman. Stephanie remembered throwing the lace into the pool and walking away.

Brooke entered and noted that Stephanie was packed up and moving out. Stephanie worried that Donna was becoming irrational about involving the police and lawyers. Stephanie asked Brooke to believe that she had not intended to hurt anyone, but Brooke stared at her with a cold, emotionless glare.

In the mansion, Donna relived the horror of seeing her mother in the water and trying to revive her. Donna collapsed in tears on the couch and clutched the lace cloth with the pictures that Beth had kept close to her. Donna told Eric that she wanted to press charges against Stephanie. Eric explained that Beth's death had been an unfortunate accident.

Donna wanted to find Bill to get an attorney and justice. She wanted Eric to stand by her as her husband. Eric refused to support Donna's claim that Stephanie was responsible for Beth's death. Eric begged Donna to understand that it was a terrible tragedy, and she was in shock. He warmly embraced her.

Donna was brokenhearted and said that she was leaving. Eric begged her to stay and hugged her, but she tearfully said she had to leave. She promised to always love him but walked out the door. Minutes later, Stephanie entered and thanked Eric for his support. Eric said that he knew she was not to blame. She said that she had packed her bags, and she was leaving. She did not want to cause any more trouble for anyone in the house.

Stephanie begged Eric to make sure that Donna did not press charges. Eric promised to reason with Donna, and Stephanie thanked him and hugged him.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

by Pam

After a phone call at the Forrester mansion, Stephanie and Eric discussed that Lieutenant Baker wanted to see them. Stephanie worried that Donna had told the police that Stephanie had killed Beth. Eric doubted that Donna would have done anything.

When Baker showed up, Stephanie asked what he wanted. Baker said that the complaint had already been filed and investigated. Baker asked why she was concerned. Eric jumped in and said that it had clearly been an accident. Beth had had Alzheimer's and had been left alone down by the pool. He added that Stephanie had warned against the family trying to be caregivers without professional help.

Stephanie worried that she had been the last one to see Beth alive and had left the pool, not realizing that Beth needed attention. Baker didn't see any reason to worry. He asked what the Forresters wanted to do about making statements to the press. Eric said that the Logan and Forrester families had been close for many years, and they hoped that the public would respect the privacy of both families.

After Baker left, Stephanie wondered where Donna was. She admitted that Donna loved Eric. She added that she would keep him company until Donna returned. Eric wasn't sure that Donna would return. Eric suggested that they have a drink. Stephanie made martinis, but she only made one for Eric. He said it was more than a nightcap.

Eric asked why Stephanie wasn't drinking, and she told him that Pam was picking her up, and she didn't like to allow Pam to drive. Eric suggested that she stay, but Stephanie reminded him that he had asked her to move out. He told her that things were different, and Stephanie looked surprised. He begged her not to leave that night.

Eric kissed Stephanie's hand and pressed it to his cheek. Stephanie called Pam at Forrester and said not to pick her up because she was staying. At Forrester, Pam and Thorne looked hopeful at the news. Pam was optimistic that Stephanie would be staying in the Forrester mansion for good. Stephanie didn't think it was time to celebrate.

After Stephanie had hung up, Eric handed her a martini. Stephanie suggested that they toast Beth. Eric made an odd toast, "To love. To first love, to second love, to love indestructible," he said. Stephanie asked Eric to play something on the piano because she wanted to return happiness to the house. She said it felt too much like death. "Illness took what it wanted," she added.

Eric played the piano, and Stephanie remembered many times when she and Eric had been together in the living room as a much younger couple. She recalled dancing and romantic moments throughout the years, including one of their weddings. After he finished playing a song, Stephanie prepared to leave, but he asked her to stay.

Eric said that it had been a long time since he had slept alone, and he didn't like it. Stephanie said that he would get used to it, and it wasn't so bad. She teased that he was still in great shape for a guy his age, and he remembered that the first time she had told him that was when Thomas had been born.

Stephanie got up to leave. Eric thanked her for keeping him company, and they kissed. She left him in the foyer. After the door closed, Eric placed his hand on the door. Outside, Stephanie lingered on the doorstep and turned back toward the door.

At the morgue, Katie, Brooke, and Stephen waited for an attendant to take Beth's body out so that Katie could say goodbye. Katie worried that it was taking too long and that maybe their mother was at the hospital. Brooke gently reminded her sister that only one attendant was available at the morgue, and it would take time.

Brooke encouraged Stephen to leave because she knew how difficult it would be for him to see his dead wife again, but he refused. Brooke told her father that he needed to spend the night at her house, and he agreed. Katie remembered when she and her mother had lived alone together for a while after Brooke, Stephen, Storm, and Donna had all moved out.

Katie lamented that their mother had worked very hard. The attendant took Beth's body in and left them alone. Katie waited for her father to give his approval, and she gently removed the sheet from her mother's face. Katie tearfully kissed her mother and wailed that it was all unfair. Stephen said they might never know how or why Beth had been taken from them. Stephen reminded Katie and Brooke that they still had one another. Stephen blamed himself for Beth's accident.

Katie stopped Stephen, and she reminded him that he had planned to remarry Beth because he had been so devoted to her. Katie broke down and said that they had lost Storm and Beth. Stephen tearfully said that Beth had needed him, and he didn't care what would have happened as a result of the disease.

Stephen regretted that he had not taken Beth directly to a doctor to determine the course of care, but she had wanted to spend time with the girls as soon as they had arrived in Los Angeles. He said that he should have known better because it had been his job to take care of her. Brooke and Katie insisted that he had taken care of her.

Stephen said that he remembered the exact moment that loving Beth had included caretaking, and that he didn't mind. "I would have done it as long as she needed me," he said. He admitted that he had hated that her mind had been slipping away, but he had been ready to take care of her, and she had needed him. Tears streamed down his face, and Brooke and Katie hugged him.

At Bill's house, Bill told Donna that he would call his attorney if she wanted to press charges against Stephanie. He assured Donna that even if no one else wanted to press charges, he would help her. Bill was bitter that Eric had moved Stephanie back into the house. Bill apologized for sending Donna back to Eric when she had first visited him and shared her concern about Eric's feelings for Stephanie.

Bill suggested that Donna sleep in the guest room, and he offered to send a car for her things. Donna said she didn't know where she would live. Bill told her that she could stay as long as she wanted. He assumed that she would patch things up with Eric, but Donna wasn't so sure. She said that she had lost her mother and her husband in one night.

Donna said that nothing would probably happen to Stephanie, and Bill agreed. Donna stated that if Stephanie had not been at the house, Beth would be alive. Bill reminded her that Eric had done nothing to move Stephanie out.

Donna said that Stephanie had always warned her that Eric would one day be done with Donna. She believed they would be in love forever, and she wanted to stay with Eric, but he had not been on her side that night.

Donna talked about her mother and how Beth had given up everything to raise her family. She hated that her mother had never had life on her own terms. Donna said that Beth had finally had the life she had wanted with Stephen, but disease had taken it away from her. Bill suggested that Donna live her life on her own terms so that the same thing never happened to her. Donna wondered how she would get there, and Bill, looking very determined, promised to show her.

Bill remarked that Eric seemed to have a Teflon suit. He wondered how such a passive person had inspired so much love and loyalty from everyone. Bill conjectured that it was because Eric was always a yes-man for the moment and changed his mind when it was needed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

At Jackie M, Jackie and Owen expressed sympathies to Bridget for her loss. Jackie hugged Bridget, and Bridget tensed when Owen hugged her next. Bridget left for Katie's house, and Nick, Whip, Owen, and Jackie completed another "Cabana" photo shoot. Whip praised Owen for looking as if he'd do anything for Jackie. Owen kissed his wife sand said that it was because he actually would do anything for her.

At Katie's house, Katie urged Donna not to fall apart. Hugging a blanket, Donna sobbed that she'd tried very hard to save Beth. Katie hugged her sister.

When the family began to arrive, Katie said that Stephen wouldn't be there because he wanted to handle things on his own. Donna told Brooke that she'd slept at the beach house that night, and Brooke hugged Donna.

Bridget arrived, and she asked where her father was. Bill sneered and said that Eric would rather support Stephanie than his wife. Rick and Brooke assured Donna that Eric loved her. They wondered if Eric had called, but Donna said she'd shut off her phone. Brooke stated that Stephanie was a part of Eric's memories, but Donna was in Eric's heart.

Donna figured that she should see Eric, but she didn't want to face Stephanie. They recalled that Eric had asked Stephanie to move out, so Donna decided to go home. Marcus offered to drive his mother, but she preferred to go alone. Bill reminded Donna to stick to her guns because Stephanie had lost Eric a long time before.

The family looked over old photos, and Brooke and Katie recalled a hand-me-down dress that Beth had originally bought for Brooke. They discussed how Beth had worked hard to make special moments with each of her daughters. Brooke told Hope that Beth had taught them to sacrifice, to work hard, and to love each other. Most importantly, Beth had taught them to stick together. Brooke asked them never to forget that Beth had loved them. Hope and Bridget hugged Brooke.

After the family left, Bill said that it was too bad that Donna had missed them reminiscing about Beth. Katie thought it was important that Donna talk to her husband. Bill stated that he didn't expect Eric to be a perfect husband; however, when a husband was in a tug-of-war between his wife and something else, the husband had to let go of the "something else," no matter what it was.

In the Forrester living room, Eric wondered about Donna and his marriage. Stephanie figured that Donna would call Eric when she was ready. Stephanie offered Eric a paper and juice, and he said that their old habits were comforting. Eric wanted to call Donna or Brooke, but Stephanie said that Donna knew that Eric would be there if she needed him. All Donna had to do was call. Eric replied that Stephanie knew just what to say to him.

Stephanie and Eric decided that they weren't going to work that day. He thanked for her staying in the guesthouse, and she thanked him for allowing her to do so. It was comforting for them to have each other nearby. Stephanie left to run a few errands.

Later, Donna precariously strolled into the house. She recalled Eric refusing to say that Stephanie was responsible for Beth's death. Eric entered and said he'd been worried about Donna. He hugged her and admitted that he'd handled things badly. He believed that he should have said some things the other day, but he hadn't.

Eric told Donna that Beth had been a wonderful woman, and her demise had greatly affected him. Eric felt that Beth had been resilient, but she just hadn't been able to beat the disease. He said that Beth had been a fighter, and Donna had inherited that same spirit.

Donna apologized for leaving Eric all alone the previous night, and she berated herself for not following Beth to the bathroom. Donna wondered if she could have stopped Beth from confronting Stephanie. Eric preferred not to argue the "what ifs." He said that he loved Donna, but Donna explained that he couldn't be there for both her and Stephanie at once.

It bothered Donna that Eric had defended Stephanie, but Eric didn't think that Stephanie was capable of hurting Beth. He said that it wasn't about Stephanie. It was about Donna, and he wanted to help her through her grief.

Stephanie entered the house and was talking about Eric's dry cleaning, and Donna was livid that Eric had let Stephanie stay on there. Stephanie said that she hadn't thought that he should have been alone. Eric asked for a moment alone with his wife, and Stephanie strode toward the terrace.

Donna ranted that it was distasteful of Eric to allow Stephanie, Beth's worst enemy, to stay on at the house. "How could you?" Donna asked. She stated that he was supposed to honor and protect his wife. Stephanie returned to intervene, but Donna ordered Stephanie to stay out of it because it was between Donna and her husband. Donna raged that having Stephanie around was disrespectful to Beth's memory. Donna told Eric that she wanted her marriage, but if he didn't sever all ties with Stephanie, "That's it!"

Friday, April 23, 2010

Steffy found Oliver working at Forrester and was surprised that Hope had left him alone. Oliver said to ease up because Hope had just lost her grandmother. Steffy remarked that she'd consoled Hope by saying that the death might have been a blessing. Steffy hopped on the desk, and crossing her legs, she said it was time to get down to the business of "you and me."

Oliver tried to change the subject, but the coquettish and undeterred Steffy turned it right back to her and Oliver. She invited him to a party for two, but he declined. She mentioned the kiss by the pool, and he said he'd only done it to stop her from exposing Owen and Bridget's video. Steffy purred that she needed more convincing. "Blackmail sex?" he guessed.

Steffy pushed Oliver onto a chaise longue and told him to consider it "friends with benefits," because he surely hadn't gotten benefits from Hope. Steffy popped open his shirt and marveled at his sculpted chest. Oliver asked what had gotten into her. Though he looked intrigued, he said it was time to get back to work.

Steffy locked the door and undid the top buttons on her blouse. He chuckled, saying that she was playing him. She sank down before him on the chaise longue and kissed his neck. His smile suddenly faded. He cupped her head, pulled her off him, and said that his girlfriend wouldn't be happy about it. Steffy replied that Hope wasn't there to find out.

Steffy offered to pretend to be Hope, if it'd make Oliver happy. He said he was dating Hope, and they didn't take their relationship lightly. "You'd better button up," he advised. Steffy decided that she needed a good guy like him in her life, but he insisted that it wasn't happening. He smiled as he told her to get out. Before leaving, she gave him a kiss to remember her by.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric asked to speak to Donna alone, but Donna said that she was done talking. Stephanie opted to go to the guesthouse, but Donna raged that Stephanie shouldn't be on the property at all. Stephanie opened the door, and Bill Spencer stormed in to stand up for Donna. Donna decided that if Stephanie could stay, then so could Bill.

Eric insisted that they move forward and support the family. Bill doubted that Eric meant Donna's family, since Donna had stayed at the beach house while Eric had been with Stephanie. Eric defended that Donna had left because he hadn't called the police on Stephanie. Bill raged that Eric should have pursued his grieving wife. Bill decided that his father had been right about Eric. "You're a weak, gutless playboy, and you don't deserve a woman like Donna," Bill declared.

Donna calmed Bill down, and Stephanie tried to go to the guesthouse again. Donna insisted that Donna didn't want Stephanie in Donna's guesthouse. Eric asked Donna not to make it about Stephanie. Eric wanted to help Donna grieve, but Donna said the only way that he could help her was if he got rid of Stephanie.

Eric offered to address the Stephanie issue in a few days. "You need to take the hearing aid in for a tune up! There won't be a couple more days!" Bill bellowed. Donna agreed and insisted that if Eric wanted his marriage, he'd get rid of Stephanie.

Eric asked Donna to meet him halfway, because they'd overcome so many challenges together. Donna retorted that every single challenge had involved "that woman." Eric expressed that both women were important to him, but Donna asked Eric to say that Stephanie would no longer be a part of his life. "Donna...I can't do that," Eric uttered.

Donna quietly said that it was all she'd needed to hear. He'd made his decision, and she needed to make her own. She needed her husband to be all hers, but he wasn't. She touched his face and said she'd always love him. On the verge of tears, Donna strode out. Stephanie silently comforted Eric as Bill hugged Donna on the doorstep.

At the beach house later, Donna tried to understand how Eric could throw his grieving wife to the curb for Stephanie. Bill said that Eric wasn't worth it, but Donna admitted that she still loved her husband. Bill urged her to concentrate on Beth's funeral, not the "washed-up dressmaker." He promised that, by the time it was all over, Eric would hurt more than she would.

Bill asked if Donna had signed a prenuptial agreement. Donna was confused but said she hadn't. Bill said that men like Eric made Bill want to "puke." Eric had taken advantage of Donna and tossed her aside when he wanted Stephanie back. Donna said that she just wanted to forget it and move on, but Bill urged her to fight back. Donna didn't want to do that, but Bill insisted that she had to do it for herself and for her mother.

Bill reminded Donna of all the years that Beth had spent battling Stephanie, only to die in an incident involving Stephanie. "And if your marriage is over, you're entitled to a lot," he hinted. Donna said she didn't want any of it; however, Bill stated that he wanted it. He claimed to want it for all the Logans who'd been abused by the Forresters.

Bill stated that it would haunt Donna forever if Beth's death weren't vindicated. Donna grimaced and looked reluctant for a moment; however, she decided that he was right about fighting back. She and Bill hugged.

In Eric's old office, Pam gossiped to Thorne and Thomas about Stephanie staying on at the guesthouse while Donna had taken off. Pam stated that Eric and Stephanie were together, as it should be. Pam went on to explain what had transpired the night that Beth had drowned. Thorne felt sorry for Donna, who'd lost her mother and who might lose her husband, as well.

Pam, Thorne, and Thomas went to the Forrester mansion, where Stephanie told them that Donna had left. "Can I get a hallelujah?" Pam asked. Stephanie said that wasn't appropriate. Pam said she was sorry, but quickly asked when Stephanie would be moving into the main house. Aside, Thorne told Stephanie that her persistence had paid off; she was finally home.

Eric thanked everyone for being there for him. He confided that he was having a hard time, but he was sure that he'd get himself together with the help of his family.

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