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After her mother's funeral, Bill instructed the grieving Donna to take half of everything Eric owned in a divorce settlement. Bridget and Owen scheduled a secret paternity test, but when Jackie caught them at the hospital, she grilled Bridget until Bridget admitted to sleeping with Owen.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 26, 2010 on B&B
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Monday, April 26, 2010

At Eric's house, Eric realized that he hadn't been fair to his wife or to Stephanie. He felt that it wasn't right for Stephanie to continue on at the guesthouse. Stephanie guessed that he hoped that Donna would return home. Agreeing to go, Stephanie told him that it was important for him to figure out where he stood with Donna before he could move on with his life.

Later, Pam arrived to learn from Stephanie that Eric had gone to salvage his marriage, while Stephanie was moving out. Pam refused to let Stephanie go along with that, but Stephanie suspected that Eric's marriage was over. "He just can't seem to accept that yet," Stephanie said.

At the beach house, Bill urged Donna to let Eric and Stephanie have each other, while Donna took a generous settlement to include half of Forrester Creations. Donna said that, after she'd calmed down, she'd realized that she couldn't go through with suing Eric. Bill replied that he'd make sure that Donna didn't go soft on Eric-for her own good.

Eric arrived to see Donna, and Bill went to the front deck, where Justin arrived with some documents that Bill had requested. Bill said that Eric was with Donna; however, Justin would soon get his shot at her. Bill vowed to help Donna get partial ownership of Forrester Creations to compensate her in the divorce. Once she secured it, Bill intended to make her a very generous offer. Bill had once vowed to get the company back, and he'd do so with Donna's help. "Unless Eric gets to her first," Justin reasoned.

Inside, Eric stated that Donna had said goodbye, but he'd had no intention of ending things that way. He said that Stephanie was moving out, and he wouldn't let Donna walk out on their marriage. Donna realized that Stephanie and Eric's lives were deeply intertwined, and Donna could never be the woman that Stephanie was for him. Eric wondered why Donna would want to be, because that wasn't the woman that he'd fallen in love with.

Eric claimed that Donna had rejuvenated him as a designer and a lover. He wanted her to give him another chance, but she didn't think they could get past the fact that his whole family wanted him with Stephanie. Additionally, Donna held Stephanie responsible for Beth's death, but Eric didn't. Eric urged Donna to return home and help him repair the damage to their marriage. He said he'd be waiting. Bill looked in the window to see Donna and Eric hugging.

When Eric returned home, Pam told him that he was making a big mistake. Eric didn't want to hear it, but Pam said that his family and the whole fashion world waited to learn if he'd reunite with Stephanie. Pam showed him an Internet picture of Stephanie and him kissing after his tribute. An angry Eric assumed that Jarrett had taken the photo, and Pam didn't correct Eric. He worried about what would happen if Donna saw the picture.

Back at the beach house, Bill noticed that Donna seemed affected by Eric's visit. Bill reminded her that there couldn't be three people in a marriage. Bill stated that before Donna went home, Eric had to proclaim that he loved Donna above all else. Eric also needed to tell his children that he wouldn't reunite with their mother. Donna said that Eric had asked Stephanie to move out, and he'd also made Donna feel secure in the fact that she brought to his life something that Stephanie couldn't. Donna realized that Stephanie could do many things, but she'd never sexually fulfill Eric.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Bill said, showing Donna the Internet photo. Bill told her to take a good look at her husband kissing Stephanie. Bill urged Donna to avenge her mother's death by hitting Eric and Stephanie where it hurt the most. Donna still didn't think she could do it, but Bill said they'd do it together. A sobbing Donna hugged Bill.

Aggie popped in to see Oliver at work, and as they updated each other on their lives, Aggie said that things were going well with her, Nick, and Bridget. Aggie had been watching Owen and Bridget, and Aggie had concluded that the two would never cross the line again. Aggie suspected that Bridget deeply regretted the fling, and Aggie had decided not to tell Nick about it. Aggie still loved Nick, but she wasn't waiting for doom to befall his marriage.

At Jackie M, Jackie suspected that there was more to Bridget's decision not to model the lingerie line, but Nick insisted that Bridget just wanted to be taken seriously as a designer. As models showed off some of the lingerie, Aggie entered. Bridget greeted Aggie and apologized again for the animosity during the miscarriage. Nick saw them hug, and Aggie expressed condolences about Beth.

Aggie said that the designs were sensational, and Bridget would be the perfect spokesmodel. Jackie chimed in that she felt the same, but it wasn't going to happen. Bridget shrugged, saying that she just didn't have it in her. Jackie and Aggie persisted, but Bridget said that Nick understood her decision not to model. Bridget said she didn't feel well, and as she left, Aggie suspiciously looked about.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

by Pam

After Eric had professed his love for Donna at the guesthouse, she was prepared to return to him, but Bill showed her the incriminating photo of Stephanie and Eric kissing that had circulated on the Internet. Donna was upset and confused about what to do.

Bill reminded Donna that Stephanie had caused the incident that killed her mother. Bill added that Eric still allowed Stephanie to remain at the mansion in the guesthouse. Bill said that Eric should have forced Stephanie to move a long time before. Bill wanted Donna to go after Eric and Stephanie to get justice for her mother's death. He handed Donna a letter to hand to Eric, but Donna never looked at the letter.

Bill encouraged Donna to leave Eric, but Donna said that she knew Eric loved her. Donna went to see Eric to confront him, and she left without reading the letter. Justin entered with contracts for Bill, and Justin asked about Donna. Bill assured Justin that a breakup was imminent. Justin added that all hell was about to break loose.

Justin guessed that Bill planned to use Donna to get a portion of Forrester. Bill agreed that Donna deserved a share of Forrester since she had been married to Eric. Bill told Justin that he would pay Donna handsomely for her shares and again become a partial owner of Forrester.

Bill thought that if Donna divorced Eric, it might open the door for Justin, but Justin disagreed. Justin said that he knew how much Donna loved Eric. Bill made fun of Eric's waffling between women, and the way he wanted Donna one minute and Stephanie the next. Bill said that Donna had been treated like a second-string trophy wife and deserved someone much better than Eric. Bill believed that seeing the photo of Eric kissing Stephanie would have an impact on Donna.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie and Eric had coffee, and Eric showed her the photo on the Internet of the two of them kissing. Stephanie scoffed and said that it was hardly scandalous, but Donna entered and asked about the Internet photo.

Donna asked to speak to Eric alone. Eric tried to explain away the kiss that took place with Stephanie after the tribute his family had for him. He said the he was caught up in family and the moment. He apologized to Donna.

Donna reminded Eric that his family meant everything to him. She knew that Stephanie had been very calculating in preparing a tribute to remind Eric of his family and his career. Donna said that the tribute included images of what Eric's life was like when he had Stephanie by his side rather than Donna.

Donna knew that Eric didn't mean to hurt her, but she realized that Stephanie would always have influence over him. Eric promised that Stephanie was on her way out, and he told Donna that Stephanie was leaving that night. Donna said that she knew that Stephanie was always a part of his life, no matter what. Stephanie kept her clothes in the mansion and came and went as if she lived there. Donna said the house had never belonged to anyone but Stephanie.

Donna said that she wanted Eric to be happy -- to drink his martinis, play the piano, and run the company along with Stephanie. Eric argued, but Donna told him that she loved him and refused to share him with Stephanie any longer. Donna said that she was grateful for all the time that they had together, and she told him that she would always love him. She had some wonderful memories with him and many happy times in the house, but her mother's death would prevent her from staying in the house.

Eric argued that Donna had to return to him so that they could work things out. Donna explained that she blamed Stephanie for Beth's death. Donna knew that Eric would never blame Stephanie, but Donna could not forget that Stephanie had argued with Beth and agitated her. Donna reminded Eric that if Stephanie had stayed away from Beth, Beth would still be alive. Instead, Donna lamented that she would never hear her mother laugh or sing again.

Eric refused to allow Donna to leave him. He promised that he would take her away from the house and move away from Los Angeles so that Donna would no longer have to see Stephanie anywhere. He apologized for hurting Donna and vowed to make her first in his life. He begged Donna not to leave him. He told Donna that he loved her and held her tightly as she cried.

At Jackie M, Bridget and Nick were kissing, and Nick advised his wife that they had to tell his mother about the baby. Bridget disagreed, but Nick reminded her that Jackie continued to pressure Bridget to take on the role of model/spokesperson for the lingerie line. Nick said that they had to tell Jackie the truth.

Jackie and Owen entered, and Jackie suspiciously asked what was going on with the modeling idea. Nick told them that Bridget could not be the spokesperson because she was pregnant. Jackie was shocked because she thought that it was too dangerous for them to have a baby.

Jackie wondered if there was any possibility that Bridget could carry a baby to term. Nick said that they had to hope and pray that everything was okay. Nick said the baby was "meant to be." Nick praised Bridget because he had never had a family life before she came along. He said that he spent a lot of time on his boat with a bottle of booze and a bunch of cigars before Jack and Bridget.

Nick and Jackie agreed that the baby was a blessing, so they were going to have faith that Bridget would get through the pregnancy. Owen and Bridget tried to avoid one another's glances. Jackie was so excited about becoming a grandmother that she kept talking about the baby and turned to hug Owen.

Owen appeared shell-shocked. Jackie blubbered on about how Nick had been a blessing to her when he was a baby. She apologized to Nick for not really knowing his father, and she complimented him on growing up to be a wonderful man. Nick praised his mother for doing her best in raising him.

Later, alone with Bridget, Owen wondered why she announced the pregnancy so soon because Bridget had experienced so many miscarriages with her previous pregnancies. Bridget explained that Nick wanted to make the announcement and Jackie knew that something was wrong because Bridget had refused to become the model/spokesperson for the lingerie line.

Owen worried about the effects on Bridget and the baby with the stress of not knowing who had fathered the baby. Bridget said that she had planned several genetic tests with her medical history. Owen asked about the DNA test, and Bridget pulled a DNA swab kit from her purse and told Owen to swab the insides of his cheeks.

After Owen used the swab, Bridget placed it inside a tube and returned it to her purse. They both marveled that a test so simple could change their entire lives. Bridget said that she would tell Dr. Caspary everything. They worried what would happen if Owen turned out to be the father.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

by Pam

Eric and Donna continued to discuss their relationship, and Eric refused to let Donna go. Eric argued that Stephanie would no longer be a part of his life, but Donna didn't believe that Eric could ever shut Stephanie out because she had manipulated him her entire life. Donna said that she didn't want to be involved in that circle any longer.

Eric and Donna agreed that they loved each other, but Donna said that it was too painful for her to stay at the house and fight Stephanie. Eric was distraught, but he told Donna that he knew she was in pain because her mother had died. He didn't want to pressure her to return if she wasn't ready, but he was confident that she would return to him, and he promised to be waiting.

Donna said that her mother's funeral was the next day, and she had to deal with burying her mother. She promised not to close the door on their marriage. As Donna prepared to leave the house, Eric begged her to dance with him. As they danced, he reminisced about happy times that he and Donna had shared in the house. He remembered dancing at their wedding and romantic moments with Donna. Before Donna walked out the door, she left the envelope that Bill had given her on the table in the foyer.

At Bill and Katie's house, Bill told Katie that he didn't think that Donna and Eric could patch up their marriage. He added that Donna deserved much better than Eric. Katie argued that Donna and Eric were in love. Bill said that Eric had chosen Stephanie time and time again after he had been married to young, beautiful women.

Katie disagreed, and believed that Donna would fight for her marriage. Bill told his wife that he had discouraged Donna from fighting for Eric because Eric had used Donna. Katie assumed that her husband was encouraging Donna to divorce Eric in order to get part of the company -- for Donna, but she knew Bill was up to something. Bill said that he saw an opportunity, but it was about time that someone stood up for the Logans.

When Donna returned, she admitted to Bill and Katie that she was confused and didn't know what she wanted to do about her marriage. Donna said that she wanted to return to Eric, but couldn't handle having Stephanie in their lives any longer. Katie hugged Donna, and Donna cried.

Bill asked about the letter, and Donna said that she had left it on the table at Eric's house. Bill slyly outlined the letter's contents with Donna getting half of Eric's fortune and his shares in Forrester. Donna refused to discuss a divorce. Bill disagreed. He said that the Logan girls had suffered enough at the hands of the Forresters. Bill promised to intervene and help them get what they deserved. Donna hugged Bill, but Katie eyed him suspiciously.

After Katie and Donna left the room, Bill's phone rang, and Eric was calling. Eric was reading the document that Donna had left behind, and he told Bill that he would not allow Bill to use Donna to get back into Forrester. Eric told Bill to leave Donna alone.

Eric vowed that he and Donna would get back together. Bill said that Eric always used young, beautiful women and then cast them aside to return to Stephanie. Bill said that he was looking out for Donna and the Logans.

Eric said that he had faith in Donna and their love. Eric said that Bill would never get his hands on Forrester Creations again, no matter what game Bill tried to play. He added that Donna would never fall for Bill's games. Eric hung up. Bill eyed a photograph of the Forrester Creations building with the sign that indicated it was a division of Spencer Publications. Bill told himself that he would be back in charge. "Game on," he said.

At Brooke's house, Ridge returned from Europe. Brooke was glad to have her husband home, and said that she had missed him. He apologized for leaving her alone at such an emotional time. He regretted not being in town when Beth had died. Brooke said that no one could have known how bad her mother's condition was.

Ridge comforted Brooke after she told him everything that had transpired since he had been gone. She noted that Stephanie had antagonized Beth at the pool. Brooke told Ridge about Beth drowning after Stephanie had thrown Beth's lace into the pool. Brooke added that Donna and Eric were at odds over Stephanie's involvement with Beth's drowning and her living arrangements at the guesthouse.

Brooke and Ridge agreed that Stephanie never meant to hurt Beth, but Donna had been upset enough to say that Stephanie had murdered Beth. Ridge wondered if his mother was still living at the guesthouse, and Brooke told him that she thought Stephanie had left, but she didn't think that Donna was ready to return.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

After Beth's funeral, everyone gathered at Brooke's house. Katie told her father that she and Bill had wanted to move Beth to their house. Stephen wished that he'd taken Beth straight to the beach house, but he'd taken her to the mansion, because she'd been greatly concerned about Donna. Bill remarked that Donna was no longer a part of the Forrester circus.

Eric broached Donna about the letter that she'd left on his table the other day. Donna didn't want to talk about it, and Bill abruptly cut her and Eric's conversation short. Ridge asked what was going on. Bill thought that Eric should go, because his presence had upset Donna, but Ridge stated that Bill ought to leave. Eric decided to exit, and Ridge followed.

Donna told her sisters about the picture of Eric and Stephanie in the Internet tabloids. Brooke glanced suspiciously at Bill and asked if he were really handling Donna's divorce. Katie explained that he'd drawn up a list of demands, and Donna had presented them to Eric without reading them first. Brooke didn't think Donna really wanted to divorce Eric and go after Forrester Creations. Donna said that she just wanted Stephanie out of her life.

Bill intervened to say that Beth would want it for Donna because of the way that Donna had been treated. Brooke thought that going after the company would worsen things, and striking out at Stephanie was like striking out at Eric. Bill said Eric deserved it for his continued support of Stephanie. According to Bill, someone had to fight back, and that someone was Donna.

Later, Marcus told Donna that Eric was a good man. Across the room with Bill, Stephen said that he'd always wanted to fight Eric, but Eric had used Stephen's family against him. Stephen wanted Eric to pay, and Bill assured Stephen that Eric would pay. Bill said that they'd hit Eric where it hurt, but it all rested on Donna. Bill urged Stephen not to let Donna cave in.

After Donna left with Stephen, Brooke and Katie told Bill that he was pressuring Donna too much about going after a settlement. He said that Stephen and Donna would disagree. Brooke wondered if Bill really cared about Donna's interests, or if he just looked forward to another round in his Forrester battle. Brooke hinted that Bill was bitter about losing Forrester, but Bill was stunned that Brooke and Katie didn't realize how poorly Donna had been treated. Bill insisted that Eric had to pay for tossing Donna aside.

At the beach house, Donna said that the time she'd spent with Eric had been the happiest of her life. Stephen reminded her that every minute of it had happened in Stephanie's shadow. Stephen said that her mother had died and her marriage was in shambles because Eric refused to support his wife. Stephen wished he'd supported Beth when it had mattered. He insisted that Eric allowing Stephanie into the guesthouse was the same as cheating on Donna, and Beth would be alive if Eric hadn't done that. Stephen wanted Eric to pay for it, but Donna didn't want to talk about it. She just wanted to be alone, so Stephen left her to rest.

At the mansion, Stephanie prepared to take a casserole to the beach house. She insisted that Pam be nice to any Logans that she encountered that day, because they'd just buried their mother. Pam begrudgingly agreed.

Eric and Ridge went to Forrester, where they agreed that, as tragic as Beth's death had been, it wasn't Stephanie's fault. Eric said that Bill had exerted his influence over Donna, and Eric handed Ridge the infamous letter. "Donna's going after a piece of the company!" Ridge exclaimed. Pam overheard Eric say that Donna wouldn't go through with it, because she loved Eric. Ridge and Eric agreed that they had to keep Stephanie away from Donna.

Stephanie arrived at the beach house with a casserole dish. She gave her condolences to Donna and said that Donna would always have beautiful memories of Beth. Stephanie stated that she was sorry for Donna's loss. "You should be," Donna retorted. Stephanie wished that they could put the whole incident behind them. Donna guessed that would be logical for Stephanie to want to put it behind her, since Stephanie was the cause of it.

Stephanie wished that the Logan girls would move on with their lives and stay away from Stephanie's family. Donna pointed out the she was still married to Eric, and Brooke was married to Ridge. Stephanie expressed that Brooke and Donna's abuse of sex was tiresome. Stephanie hoped that Donna would learn that integrity trumped sex. "It's exactly the sort of thing that brings a guy like Eric back," Stephanie said.

Just then, Eric called Stephanie, and she said that she was with Donna. Eric asked Stephanie to get out of there before she upset Donna. Stephanie said it was too late for that, and Eric asked Stephanie to get over to the company right away.

Once the call ended, Stephanie said Eric wanted to see her because her substance lasted a lot longer than honey. Bill entered and said that it was enough. Bill announced Donna's intentions to own part of Forrester, and Stephanie wasn't a bit surprised by the news. Bill said that Eric and Stephanie didn't have a chance, because Donna would be back in the boardroom as one of the five owners of Forrester Creations. "Yada-yada-yada," Stephanie said and left.

On the Forrester Creations' rooftop, Steffy roped Oliver into her arms and asked if he needed inspiration. Oliver pried her away, and Hope strode up, figuring that she was just in time to see her video. Oliver hugged Hope, and she explained how the funeral had gone. As Oliver showed Hope the video, Steffy's eyes narrowed on them.

Unbeknownst to Hope, Steffy stroked Oliver's shoulder and touched his hair as the video played. Hope loved the music with the video, and she gave Oliver a kiss to express her approval. "Oh, for the love of God..." Steffy mumbled under her breath.

Friday, April 30, 2010

In Nick's office, Nick called Bridget to see how her doctor's appointment was going, and she insisted that she didn't need him to show up. After the call, Jackie entered to learn that Bridget was at an appointment with Dr. Caspary. Jackie worried about her future "granddaughter." She offered to stop by the hospital to see how Bridget and the baby were doing. As Jackie left, she asked Nick to look out for her husband, whom she hadn't seen all day.

Later, Nick ordered flowers for his wife. He whipped her picture from his wallet and stared at it. "I think we finally got it right, beautiful," he said to the picture.

In a hospital exam room, Bridget worried what Dr. Caspary might have thought of Bridget for ordering a paternity test along with the other genetic tests for the pregnancy. The doctor assured Bridget that they were friends and then left. Owen arrived, because he'd heard that Bridget had an appointment. She said that he'd been right: She needed to know the paternity.

Owen said that they didn't need to tear their lives apart, because the baby was most likely Nick's. "What if you are the father?" Bridget asked. She hated lying to Nick and taking a secret paternity test. Bridget rubbed her belly and said, "You are Nick's baby. You are Nick's baby."

Bridget stated that she'd grown up seeing the effects of infidelity, and she'd sworn that she'd never do it to the man that she loved. Owen was certain that Dr. Caspary would pronounce the baby Nick's, and they'd live out their lives as they were supposed to. Just then, Jackie popped through the door, and upon seeing Owen, she said, "This is where you've been."

Owen claimed that he and his wife must have had the same idea about lending Bridget their support. Jackie gushed about her thoughtful husband, to whom family meant everything. She assumed that he felt invested in the pregnancy, because he wanted his own child. She told him to skedaddle, so she could have her time with Bridget.

Owen went to the office, where Nick showed Owen photos of the "hottest campaign ever." Nick said that it was a success because it was evident in each photo how much Owen loved Jackie. Nick said that Owen made Jackie happy, and that made Nick happy.

Back at the hospital, Jackie hoped that her daughter-in-law didn't think everyone was hovering. Jackie expressed that the family loved Bridget, and Nick absolutely adored her. Jackie said that Nick and Bridget were role models for Jackie and Owen in their marriage. Jackie went on and on about how Bridget had made Nick happy, and it had showed Jackie that she had the right to be happy, too. Jackie believed that the baby would be a blessing, and she hoped that the tests being run would relieve all of Bridget's concerns.

"The paternity results will be ready soon, Bridget," Dr. Caspary said, entering the room. Bridget froze, and Dr. Caspary conspicuously backed out of the room. Jackie wondered why Bridget would need paternity results, but then Jackie slowly realized that Bridget had slept with another man. "Tell me his name," Jackie said in almost a whisper.

Bridget said that it wasn't what Jackie thought and that Jackie really didn't want a name. Jackie replied that she didn't "want" to know any of it, and she wished that she hadn't heard what Dr. Caspary had said. "This is my grandchild-" Jackie started to say, but stopped herself. Bridget wouldn't say a name, and Jackie marched to the door to go and tell Nick.

"It's your husband!" Bridget cried out. Jackie stopped in her tracks, and Bridget uttered, "It's Owen."

In the Jackie M steam room, Mr. and Mrs. Jones played "Cabana Boy," and Taylor burst into laughter when Whip entered with marker-drawn abs on his stomach. She wondered if Jackie M and Forrester were the only fashion houses with steam rooms. Whip deemed Ridge and Brooke the all-time steam room champions, but then considered that records were made to be broken. The Joneses challenged each other and then made out more.

Later, Taylor assured her husband that, despite being older, he was every bit the man that "Cabana Boy" Owen was. She grabbed a towel to wipe away the marker-drawn abs, and they began making out again.

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