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Monday, May 3, 2010

Brooke arrived in Eric's office for a meeting, but Stephanie and Taylor were there alone, because Eric was meeting with his divorce attorney. Stephanie assumed that Brooke wanted Bill to use Donna to get Eric's portion of the company, because Brooke didn't care how she got a foothold at Forrester again. Brooke reasoned that Donna wasn't herself after losing her mother and possibly her marriage. Taylor didn't want to meddle in Eric's private life. Stephanie quipped that it wasn't private, since Bill had insinuated himself into the matter.

Brooke grew tired of Stephanie's antagonism, so Taylor changed the topic to the "Brooke's Bedroom" line. Stephanie and Taylor didn't want to cancel the line, which made lots of money, but they thought it could use a "second look." Brooke agreed that the line could use some updating. Taylor and Stephanie requested that Brooke try on a design, because they suspected that the problem was the spokesmodel, not the designs.

Brooke chuckled and said that without her, the line would be nothing. Taylor figured that the day would eventually arrive when the line would be without Brooke, and Stephanie said that she'd been thinking of doing a "Stephanie Forrester Dives into the Brooke's Bedroom Line" campaign. Brooke grimaced at the thought of Stephanie in lingerie, and so Stephanie and Taylor paraded out their next option: Steffy, who was clad in a royal blue bra and garter belt set.

Brooke gasped at the sight of a half naked Steffy, and Brooke said Steffy shouldn't have let Stephanie and Taylor put Steffy up to that. "You can't be the spokesmodel forever, Brooke," Taylor said. Stephanie thought that Brooke could-if they started designing flannel nightgowns. Steffy's mother and grandmother agreed that Steffy had a "rocking body," but Brooke doubted that Ridge would approve of Steffy modeling lingerie.

Stephanie proposed that Steffy and Brooke take to the runway together. With a mirthless laugh, Brooke replied that Stephanie was very funny. Stephanie decided that Steffy would take over the bedroom line, but Steffy and Brooke protested the idea. Steffy wasn't interested in eating like a model or giving up her PR position for a futureless modeling gig.

Brooke, Stephanie, and Taylor bickered about it, and Brooke and Stephanie challenged each other's authority to make any decisions about the line. Brooke said that Taylor and Stephanie believed that Satan had devised lingerie to ruin marriages and destroy men's lives. Steffy agreed, quipping that the less clothes she wore, the more comfortable she felt.

In Nick's office with Owen, Nick said that he appreciated the big sacrifice that Owen had made to forgo having children for a life with Jackie. Nick had thought that he'd be facing the same thing until the pregnancy had occurred. Nick said that if the baby made it, he'd like Owen to think of it as Owen's child, too. Though the offer flattered Owen, he said that he had everything that he needed in his life, and he'd best just stick to the doting grandparent role.

In the hospital exam room, Jackie couldn't believe that Owen and Bridget would betray their marriages. Jackie asked how her own daughter-in-law and husband could carry on an affair behind her and Nick's backs. Bridget swore that it had just been the one night, when she'd been overwrought with grief over losing the baby.

Bridget explained that Owen wouldn't let her be alone in her devastation, so he'd taken her to his old beach house. Jackie said that she remembered being with Nick that night, and they'd been frightened for Bridget. Jackie seethed that Nick had lost a child, too; however, Bridget had put all the blame for the loss on him. Bridget uttered that she was ashamed.

In a quivering voice, Jackie murmured that she'd never believed in anything as much as she'd believed in her marriage. Bridget urged Jackie to keep her faith, because she was the only woman on the planet for Owen. As Jackie wondered how Owen would respond to the pregnancy, it dawned on her that Owen had known all along, and it had been the reason that he'd been at the hospital earlier. Bridget asserted that it was Nick's baby, because fate couldn't be "so cruel."

Bridget urged Jackie to realize that Owen wanted his marriage, not Bridget. Jackie said that she was deeply wounded that he'd had sex with Bridget, but it hurt even more that Bridget must have made him love her just a little bit in order for him to do it. Jackie didn't think she could forgive Bridget for it.

The women worried that they could lose their marriages, and Jackie added that Jackie M wouldn't survive such a scandal. Jackie realized that their futures hinged upon the paternity test results. Jackie recalled what had happened when Owen had returned home the night of the indiscretion. She wondered if guilt had led him to draw a bath for her and then tell her how much he loved her. Bridget insisted that Owen worshiped Jackie, and he'd want his marriage regardless of the paternity results.

Bridget couldn't forgive herself for what had happened, and she stated that it was entirely her sin; Owen had done nothing that night, but care for someone who hadn't had the mindset to care for herself. Bridget sobbed that she loved Nick more than Jackie could imagine, and it broke Bridget's heart to hurt and betray Jackie and Nick. Bridget said she'd tell Nick the truth, beg his forgiveness, and hope that they could get their lives on track.

Dr. Caspary entered, but that time, she backed up when she saw Jackie still in the room. Bridget said that it was okay, because Jackie knew everything. Dr. Caspary stated that she knew who the father of Bridget's baby was.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

by Pam

In Nick's office, Nick teased Owen about playing with his phone. Owen apologized, and said that he knew Jackie was with Bridget, and he was just waiting to hear from Jackie. Owen wondered if Nick was worried about Bridget, but Nick said that Bridget told him that he didn't need to accompany her.

Nick thanked Owen for being so unselfish when it came to Jackie's wishes about not having a baby. Nick said that he knew it meant a lot to his mother. Nick joked that Owen could help teach his child to surf. Aggie entered, and Nick told her that he had some news to share with her. Aggie worried that her job performance was not up to his standards, but he told her to stop worrying. Nick announced that he and Bridget were expecting a baby.

Aggie was surprised, since Nick and Bridget had originally chosen her to be a surrogate, but Nick said that it was a surprise to everyone. He said that fate had intervened and that he and Bridget would become parents after all. Nick said that he and Bridget knew it would be a risky pregnancy, but they were hoping for the best. Aggie hugged Nick and told him how happy she was for him. She said that all she wanted was his happiness.

Owen looked uncomfortable, and Aggie asked Owen what he thought of the news. Owen said that he and Jackie were going to be very happy to be grandparents again. Owen left to make a phone call. Aggie asked where Bridget had gone, and Nick explained that she was having some tests done at the hospital. Aggie wondered why Nick wasn't at the hospital with her, but he said that he planned to see her later.

Aggie wondered if Nick had noticed that Owen seemed uncomfortable about all the baby talk. Nick said that he had noticed, and he explained to Aggie that Owen had wanted Jackie to look into surrogacy. Owen wanted very much to father a child, but Jackie was against parenting a baby at her age.

Nick stated that Owen was very unselfish in that he had given up his dreams to be a dad in order to have a life with Jackie. Nick added that he and Bridget had found Aggie because of all the surrogacy information that Owen had given them.

Outside in the hall, Owen remembered a conversation that had taken place with Jackie about how he wanted the life he had with Jackie and not the life of being a father. He looked at his phone and nervously considered calling Bridget.

At the hospital, with Jackie and Bridget in the room, Dr. Caspary questioned if Bridget really wanted to know who had fathered the baby. Dr. Caspary reminded Bridget that there was a good possibility that she might not carry the baby to term. Knowing the paternity so early in Bridget's pregnancy might not be helpful to her in the long run.

Dr. Caspary told Bridget that no matter who had fathered her baby, Bridget would love the child unconditionally once she held it in her arms. Bridget smiled, and said that she really needed to know the paternity test results. Dr. Caspary turned to her file folder and told Bridget that she had completed the DNA tests and then run them again to be sure there were no errors.

Bridget said aloud that the father must be Nick. Dr. Caspary gently disagreed. She told Bridget that Nick was not the father of her baby. Bridget was in disbelief. Dr. Caspary told Bridget to decide what she wanted to do, and to let her know how she could help. She reminded Bridget that she was available to talk night or day, but she added that Bridget might need to seek some professional help. Dr. Caspary left.

Bridget tearfully apologized to Jackie, and Jackie quietly mumbled that she couldn't believe that Owen had betrayed her. Bridget disagreed. She said that Owen loved Jackie more than anything. Bridget added that she loved Nick. Bridget told Jackie that she respected and loved Jackie, and wanted to take back the moments that she had spent with Owen.

Bridget's phone rang, and Owen asked if she had any news yet. Bridget told him to meet her later at her home so that she could explain everything. Bridget wondered aloud how she would ever tell Nick. Then, she formulated a plan to tell Owen first while Nick was at work, and then she would tell Nick.

Bridget said that by the end of the evening, everyone would know. Bridget predicted that Nick would leave her and never forgive her. Jackie quietly agreed, but she said that she knew Owen would want to be a daddy. Jackie said that Owen would surely leave her to be with Bridget.

Bridget disagreed, and told Jackie that Owen loved only Jackie. Bridget added that she and Owen were not in love. Jackie told Bridget that Owen would never be content to be a part-time dad. He would want to raise his own child. Bridget whined that it was all her fault and that she had ruined everything.

Jackie glared at Bridget and formulated her own plan. Jackie angrily told Bridget that if she wanted to keep peace and make up for her transgressions, she would listen very carefully to what Jackie had to say. She ordered Bridget to do exactly what she wanted.

Jackie told Bridget that she would tell everyone that it was Nick's baby. Bridget argued that she couldn't lie anymore. Jackie ordered her to lie and believe the lie. When Bridget balked, Jackie said that Bridget had ruined two marriages, but she was going to make up for it.

Jackie forced Bridget to say, aloud, that the baby was Nick's. Bridget tearfully mumbled that the baby was Nick's child as her lips quivered. Jackie firmly ordered Bridget to say it again and again. She insisted that Bridget needed to believe it because she was going to have to be persuasive when she met with Owen.

Bridget said that it was Nick's baby, again, much more confidently. Jackie warned Bridget that she had to believe it because they would both take the paternity secret to their graves. Bridget tearfully agreed.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

by Pam

In Nick's office, Aggie told Nick that she was happy that he and Bridget were having a baby together. She hugged Nick and told him that she hoped that everything went all right with the pregnancy.

Later, Aggie shared with Oliver that Bridget and Nick were expecting a baby, but with Bridget's history of miscarriages, it was a high-risk pregnancy. Aggie added that Bridget was having a lot of tests done. Aggie suspected that one of them might be for paternity because if Bridget had sex with Owen, the baby's paternity might be in question.

Oliver told Aggie that if Owen was the father of Bridget's baby, it might open the door for Aggie to make a move on Nick. Aggie said that she could never wish such a thing on Nick because it would really hurt him. She said that she loved Nick too much to see him hurt so badly.

Bridget and Jackie had planned for Jackie to hide upstairs on the landing so that she could eavesdrop when Bridget told Owen about her baby's paternity. Bridget wanted to convince Jackie that Owen loved only Jackie. When Owen showed up at Bridget's place, he was obviously nervous. He entered and repeatedly asked Bridget if he was the father, but Bridget was on a mission to prove to Jackie that Owen and Bridget had only had a one-night stand. They were not lovers.

Bridget beat around the bush and got Owen to impatiently agree that they had only one night of sex and that they both regretted it. Bridget reminded Owen that he didn't want to destroy his marriage to Jackie, and she didn't want to destroy her marriage to Nick. Owen agreed and begged Bridget to tell him about the paternity results. Finally, Bridget lied and told him that she was carrying Nick's baby. Upstairs, Jackie looked relieved.

Owen appeared to be disappointed, but Bridget told him that he should be thankful. Owen agreed, but he said that there was a part of him that was truly disappointed that he had come so close to becoming a father. He added that he was glad things could return to the way they were, and they would never tell their spouses that they had slept together. Owen said that he loved Jackie and never wanted to hurt her. He sadly turned away and left the house.

Jackie entered the room and told Bridget that she had done a good job. Bridget said that she felt guilty. Jackie blathered on about herself. She said that she realized how much Owen loved her, and she knew how much Nick loved Bridget. Jackie reminded Bridget that she had to lie to Nick so that they could maintain their marriages. She reminded Bridget that the baby might never be born, and Bridget asked Jackie to stop repeating that. Bridget started to argue with Jackie, but Nick entered, and both women fell silent.

Nick wondered what was wrong with Bridget and Jackie, but Jackie passed it off as a conversation they were having. Jackie insisted that Bridget walk her to her car. When Bridget and Jackie were outside, Jackie quizzed Bridget again. "Whose baby is it?" she asked.

Bridget quietly stated that it was Nick's baby. Jackie told Bridget that she was very happy that Bridget and Nick were going to give her another grandchild. Jackie left. Back in the house, Nick asked Bridget what was going on, and Bridget said that Jackie was worried about the pregnancy. Nick hugged Bridget and told her not to worry. He asked if all the tests were okay, and Bridget said that they were. Nick poured himself a drink and said that he was going to take a shower.

At Jackie's, Owen greeted Jackie at the door with kisses. They conversed about what their days had been like. Owen said that it was one of those days that he realized how lucky he was to have Jackie in his life, and how much he loved her. Jackie said it had been a difficult day. She asked Owen if he felt that he had missed out on being a dad. Owen insisted that he had everything he wanted, and all he wanted to do was spend time with Jackie – his lover and his best friend. Jackie agreed and they kissed.

After Owen left the room, Jackie called Bridget and asked what she had told Nick. Bridget said that she told Nick that their baby would be just fine. Bridget hung up the phone, and Nick returned. He apologized for being insensitive. He realized that Bridget was worried about the pregnancy. He said that everything would be fine. Nick prattled on that they would have a wonderful healthy baby – a miracle baby that they had always wanted. Bridget hugged him and looked distraught.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

In the CEO's office with Brooke, Ridge worried that Bill Spencer was using Donna to get Forrester Creations. To stop Bill, Ridge advised Brooke to call off her sister. Brooke felt that it was Eric's place to appeal to Donna. Brooke agreed that Bill had no place in the divorce, but she said that if Eric could make things right with Donna, Bill's ploys would become meaningless.

Eric entered and thanked Ridge and Brooke for their concern; however, only he and Donna should be discussing the marriage. Ridge just wanted to know what was happening, and Eric said that he wanted his marriage, if it were possible to save it. Brooke advised Eric to listen to Donna, who'd made herself clear about what she needed. Brooke knew that Eric didn't like to choose sides, but she felt that he had to do so, if his marriage would survive.

At the beach house, Donna had horrid flashbacks from the night of Beth's death. She stroked her mother's lace, and Bill entered. He said that, for Donna to get closure, she needed to face the facts about her mother's death; the first fact was that Beth would be alive had it not been for Stephanie. Bill blamed Eric, too, for moving Stephanie in. Donna, however, couldn't blame Eric. Bill said that Eric should beg for her forgiveness, and she replied that he already had. Bill stated that there were three simple ways that Eric could prove that he wanted his marriage.

First, Bill thought that Eric should agree to have Stephanie investigated. Donna replied that it would never happen, but Bill said that if Eric felt that Stephanie was innocent, then he shouldn't have a problem with it. Secondly, Bill thought that Donna couldn't be expected to live in the place where her mother had died. Thirdly, Bill stated that Eric should quit the business; however, Donna didn't want to take that from Eric. Bill asked if Donna really wanted Stephanie and Eric together at Forrester, and Donna said that she didn't. Bill replied that either Eric or Stephanie had to leave Forrester Creations.

Bill stated that if Eric could have Stephanie investigated, sell the house, and quit the business—or get rid of Stephanie—then Eric would prove his devotion to Donna. Bill prompted Donna to set up a meeting with Eric to request those things, but she fretfully asked Bill to do it for her. Bill called to tell Eric that Donna wanted to see him at Forrester immediately.

On the rooftop, Thorne asked Stephanie what was going on with her and his father. Stephanie was more worried about her situation with Donna than with Eric. Stephanie worried that Bill would convince Donna to go to the police with her accusations. Thorne asserted that Eric wouldn't let anyone go after Stephanie, and the police had already ruled it an accident.

Stephanie said that Eric had been a rock for her through the issue, and it might have made them both realize what was important. Thorne assumed that she referred to a reunion for his parents, and Stephanie said that if there were ever a time, that was it.

Stephanie went to see Eric, who awaited Bill and Donna. Stephanie expressed her concerns about Donna's accusations regarding Beth's death, but Eric assured Stephanie that it was an accident. He said that he wouldn't allow anyone to think anything different. Eric hugged her, and Ridge and Brooke peeked in the office in time to see the embrace.

Donna arrived at Forrester and uttered to herself that she wasn't ready for it to end. She hoped that Eric would step up for her. She recalled fond memories of Eric, and Bill arrived. Stephanie left Eric's office, and seeing Donna in the hallway, Stephanie said not to count on anything, because Eric wouldn't let Donna go after Stephanie, or the company.

Bill and Donna entered the office, where Eric, Brooke, and Ridge were working. Eric and Bill exchanged barbs, and Brooke suggested that Donna speak to Eric without Bill. Donna wanted Bill there because she feared that she'd get off track. Donna said that they could save the marriage, if she could be certain that it was a priority to Eric. She told Eric that she had three requests, and she hoped that, for the sake of their future, he could meet them.

Ridge had a bad feeling about Bill's involvement, and Bill said that he wasn't the problem there. Bill hurtled accusations at Eric about the kiss with Stephanie, moving Stephanie into the house, and Beth's death. Eric told Donna that Bill had nothing to do with their marriage, but Bill prompted Donna to give Eric the demands.

Donna said that she hated what had happened to them and that Stephanie had gotten between them. Donna prayed that things could work out, but she needed three important things from Eric. She said that she couldn't live where her mother had died, and Eric readily agreed to move. Donna also didn't want Stephanie and Eric working together, and Donna wanted a full investigation into her mother's death, including a lie detector test for Stephanie.

Ridge said that Bill was setting Donna up for a divorce without making it look as if Bill had precipitated it. Donna reasserted her demands and asked if Eric could comply with them. Eric figured that if he disagreed, the marriage would end. Donna said she had to know that the marriage was his priority. If he couldn't comply, then she couldn't be his wife.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Oliver shrouded his desk behind clothes racks, so that Ridge couldn't see what Oliver was doing to Hope. Hope thought Ridge would be angrier with them for messing with his designs than innocently kissing. Oliver quipped that it wouldn't be "innocent."

As Oliver and Hope worked on the music for the campaign, Hope stated that they made a good team. He said it was because she was nice. She dismissed niceness as boring, but Oliver found it refreshing. He kissed her and asked if she'd hate him for calling the kiss "nice."

Friday, May 7, 2010

In her office, Bridget agonized about keeping the secret. Nick startled her, and he wondered why she seemed panicked. She said it wasn't an easy pregnancy, but Nick believed that they'd carry the baby to term. He was ready to share their news with the world.

Owen and Jackie entered, followed by Oliver, Agnes, and Whip. Nick announced that Bridget was pregnant. As everyone cooed and congratulated them, Owen said he'd be a hands-on granddad. Nick shook Owen's hand and said Owen could consider the baby his own.

Alone with Bridget later, Jackie urged Bridget to put the issue behind her, but Bridget didn't know if she could keep the secret forever. Jackie warned that they'd lose their husbands. Nick entered and noted that the two women were "at it" again. He felt left out of their intense, private talks, and he wondered which of the two would tell him what was going on.

In Eric's office, Donna implored Eric not to put Stephanie first that time. Eric agreed to sell the house, and Bill asked about the other stipulations. Brooke suggested discouraging Stephanie from going to the office daily, but Eric said that Stephanie was a vital part of the business. Ridge asked if Donna really wanted to rob Eric of the company. Bill said it would be a moot point once Stephanie was sentenced for Beth's death.

Eric told Donna that the investigation had been concluded, and he wouldn't ask the police to reopen it. He said that they could work their marriage out, if Donna could compromise. Donna couldn't do it after the pain that Stephanie had caused. "If you're with her, you're not with me," Donna concluded. Bill thought it was settled, and he said that Eric would hear from Donna's lawyer. Eric, however, asked to speak with Donna in private.

Once alone, Eric said that Beth's death was a terrible accident, but Stephanie hadn't caused it. Donna replied that she couldn't accept that, or live with Stephanie in their lives. Donna realized that Eric couldn't let Stephanie go, but Donna couldn't share him with "that woman." Donna slipped off her wedding ring and engagement ring and placed them on the table. Smiling through her tears, she said she'd always remember the smiles and the laughter. She felt that she'd never love anyone the way that she loved Eric. With a sob, Donna bade him goodbye and left.

At the loading bay, Pam discussed Forrester's pest problem with an exterminator. She wondered if he could rid the building of two-legged roaches who thought that they owned the place. He guessed that the pests had names, and she said, "Brooke and Donna."

Stephanie and Steffy joined Pam, and Pam wondered why it was taking so long for Eric to give Donna the boot. Stephanie asked Pam to take the situation seriously, and Pam pulled the exterminator aside to ask him to focus on the executive suites and the blonde cockroaches that she'd mentioned. Brooke and Ridge exited the building and announced that Donna and Eric were ending their marriage.

Stephanie went to see Eric, who was disappointed by what had happened. He said that he loved his wife, but there was no chance to save his marriage. He explained that Donna wanted the police to reinvestigate Stephanie's culpability in Beth's death, but he wouldn't allow it. Stephanie empathetically stroked his face.

In Eric's office later, Donna met Stephanie, who'd text-messaged Donna to meet her. Donna said she wouldn't miss Stephanie's "warm and fuzzy" goodbye. Stephanie expressed condolences again, but Donna said that everything had worked out just as Stephanie had wanted. Stephanie said she'd known that she'd get Eric back, just not under those circumstances.

Donna asserted that Stephanie had manipulated Eric, but Stephanie stated that Donna had always known how Eric felt about Stephanie. Though Stephanie was glad that her "husband" had returned to his senses, she hadn't wanted to hurt Donna. Donna assumed that she should go leech off her next rich husband, because that was how Stephanie saw Donna.

Stephanie regretted having said things like that to Donna, but Stephanie cited that Donna had betrayed Eric by siding with the Spencers. Stephanie said that she and Eric had never given up on their dream, and Forrester Creations was back on track. She warned Donna not to try to take one piece of the company, or else, "There'll be so many skeletons dancing out of your closet, you won't know what hit you." Donna stated that she'd never forget what Stephanie had done to Beth, and Donna left.

Outside at the loading bay, Donna encountered Pam, who just wanted to say, "Toodles!" Donna warned Pam to stay away after the day that Donna had experienced. Pam stated that she was exterminating the place, and she'd rid it of "Cockroach Katie" and "Beetle Bill." Pam said that it was "Dust Mite Donna's" turn.

Pam cued someone to raise the platform that Donna stood on. The platform was a reverse hatch door to the exterminator's truck, and it closed, trapping Donna inside. She shrieked when she saw caged possums and rats inside with her, and the truck drove away.

Stephanie approached Eric in the parking lot and offered to cheer him up with a family night. She reminded him of past family nights and said that memories, good and bad, were gifts. Eric hugged her. Brooke and Ridge watched from the rooftop, and Brooke noted that the Forrester family was back in place, while the Logans were in ruins. Ridge called Brooke a Forrester, too.

Brooke went inside, and Steffy joined her father. They watched Stephanie thank Eric for standing up for her. Stephanie guessed that Eric wasn't a weak fuddy-duddy after all. Pam watched, too, and Ridge, Steffy, and Pam gasped when Eric laid a big kiss on Stephanie.

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