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Monday, May 17, 2010

At home, Hope smiled, recalling romantic moments with Oliver. Brooke entered, and Hope said that she might be falling in love with Oliver. Brooke thought that love was a big word. Hope confided that he'd wanted to take the next step. Brooke was shocked when Hope said that she'd wanted to have sex, but she just hadn't been ready. Brooke scoffed, and Hope reminded her reluctant mother that they were supposed to be able to talk about anything.

Brooke listened as Hope explained that the dinner and candles had been "so romantic." Hope didn't understand why she hadn't been ready, because it had been the perfect guy and the perfect moment. Brooke assured her daughter that it was okay. Hope said that Oliver had been very understanding, and she was lucky to have him-especially since Steffy wanted him. Brooke expressed concern that, since the prank hadn't worked, Steffy might do something drastic.

Brooke and Hope decided to forget about Steffy, and Brooke expressed her pride in her daughter. Brooke advised Hope to take things slowly and enjoy the Hope line and the new relationship. Above all, Brooke wanted Hope to respect herself and command respect from others. Brooke reminded Hope that if Oliver were right for her, he'd wait. Hope went to bed, and Brooke's eyes pensively narrowed.

Whip and Taylor ate ice cream in bed, and Taylor reiterated that Steffy wouldn't do anything to hurt Hope and Oliver's relationship. Taylor refused to believe that Steffy was manipulative; instead, Steffy was just protecting herself. Whip tacitly insinuated that Taylor would think only the best of her daughter. Taylor depicted Steffy as stronger than Taylor, and Taylor admired Steffy's accomplishments. Taylor, however, did admit that Steffy had painful wounds beneath her tough exterior.

Taylor said that Phoebe and Steffy had balanced each other out. When Phoebe died, Steffy had lost a part of herself. Whip figured that Steffy had Taylor to lean on, but Taylor laughed that Steffy wouldn't tell her mother everything. Whip noted that Steffy had been vocal about her parents reuniting, and Taylor replied that Ridge had led the kids to believe that it would happen. She felt that it was logical for Steffy to feel hurt about that for a long time.

Taylor talked about how sensitive, hardworking, and loving Steffy was, and Taylor thought that Steffy was justified in feeling robbed of a relationship with Ridge. Whip didn't think that they had to worry about Steffy, who'd get through things just fine. Taylor and Whip agreed that Steffy was a survivor. "She's had to be," Taylor murmured.

As Steffy sat on Oliver's lap and kissed his neck, she promised that his life would change in the most amazing ways, if he'd help her get rid of Brooke and Hope. Oliver kissed Steffy back, and she pushed him onto the sofa cushions to make out. She grinded on him, and he pulled away. Looking at Hope's picture, Oliver insisted that he couldn't do such a thing to Hope.

Steffy kept up the seduction until Oliver forcefully pushed her leg off him. Finally, she realized that she was being turned down. Oliver admitted to being attracted to her, but he stated that he had a girlfriend. Steffy quipped that he wasn't married, and Oliver said that Hope trusted him. Steffy reiterated her promises to give him everything he wanted, if he'd end it with Hope. "Oliver Jones-the sound of Forrester Creations," she purred and kissed his neck again.

Oliver didn't view the Logans as bad, but Steffy asserted that they'd taken the business, her sister, and her father from her. Kissing him again, she advised him to think of what she could do for him, if he helped her get rid of the Logans. Oliver figured that the plan would be for him to take up with Steffy, and a heartbroken Hope would go to Boston. He assumed that would force an isolated Brooke to leave Forrester for good. "You got it," she uttered and kissed him.

Pushing Steffy away, Oliver predicted that Ridge would be even harder on her for manipulating Hope's life. Though Steffy pouted, Oliver refused to be her pawn, and he advised her to get dressed. Steffy, however, didn't want to put her clothes on. She said that she always went after what she wanted, and Oliver and she would be the future of Forrester.

Oliver thought that Ridge had two amazing daughters, and they'd be a dynamic duo, if Steffy would just work with Hope. "It ain't gonna happen," Steffy said. Oliver stated that Steffy played the seductress, but he could see the real woman inside. In her eyes, he saw that her father's abandonment had fortified her and transformed her into a woman who could do anything. He felt that her future man would be lucky to have her.

Steffy became vulnerable under his scrutiny, but she quickly recovered. She said that someday, Oliver would be hers-if he didn't take too long. She was certain that she, Ridge, and Oliver would take Forrester into a new Logan-free era.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, models displayed the newest line of Brooke's Bedroom lingerie and Steffy, Stephanie, and Pam watched. The models left and Stephanie said that she was amazed that Brooke agreed to allow someone else to model the outfits. Steffy said that she was in charge, and had become the spokesmodel for the line, so Brooke had no say in the matter.

Pam and Stephanie quizzed Steffy about how her plan to get rid of the Logans was working. Steffy said that she might have to change her plan. Pam and Stephanie were curious because Steffy had seemed so driven to steal Hope's boyfriend, Oliver. Steffy admitted that she had developed feelings for Oliver, and she said that Oliver really seemed to understand her. She added that Oliver had seemed interested.

Steffy said that she still had the same plan, but she no longer planned to use Oliver because she had feelings for him. Pam wondered why Steffy didn't get what she wanted from Oliver the night before. Steffy said that Oliver was a great guy, and she hadn't given up on him. Outside the office, Steffy remembered her kiss with Oliver at her mother's house, and she smiled.

In the office, Pam worried that Steffy was no longer focused on ridding Forrester of Logan women. Stephanie was concerned that Steffy was getting in over her head. Stephanie worried that if Steffy started messing with Hope's boyfriend, Steffy might land in trouble with Ridge. Stephanie figured that Ridge might see through anything that Steffy was trying to do.

In the studio, Hope delivered cinnamon rolls to Oliver, and thanked him for his support the previous day during her press conference. Hope worried that Steffy was truly out to get her family. Hope reminded Oliver that Steffy could have blown the entire campaign and really hurt the company with her pranks.

Oliver came clean that Steffy had visited him the previous night after Hope had left. Hope wondered if Steffy had put the moves on Oliver, and he admitted that Steffy was her usual flirtatious self. Oliver assured Hope that he was only interested in her.

Oliver added that he thought Steffy would be reasonable at some point. He urged Hope to be patient. He believed they could be friends again. Hope worried that Steffy was using Oliver to make her jealous. She added that Steffy would do anything to push Hope out of Oliver's life and Forrester. Hope pointed out that Steffy clearly was not afraid to use her body. Oliver promised that he was willing to take his relationship with Hope slowly and not push her into anything that she didn't want to do.

Rick entered and caught Oliver and Hope kissing. Rick teased that it wasn't in the Forrester handbook for anyone to be making out with the daughter of the boss. Hope retaliated that Rick knew all about the handbook because he had been caught in many liplocks over the years.

Steffy entered in some lingerie. Brio and Stephanie followed. Oliver offered a music CD for the shoot. Steffy remembered that her first photo shoot was a disaster because she felt like a virgin in front of the camera. She pointedly asked Hope if that was how she felt.

Rick took Hope into another office, and she lamented that Steffy was continually attacking the Logans. Hope looked up at the screen and saw a bland photo of herself next to a sexy photo of Steffy. Rick talked to his sister and wondered what was up with Steffy.

Hope told Rick that Steffy was always trying to seduce Oliver. Hope nodded to the pictures and noted that guys found Steffy very attractive and sexy. Hope asked Rick what to do, since he had almost married Steffy. Rick retraced his relationship with Steffy and explained that he and Steffy came together after Phoebe's death.

Rick said that he and Steffy had a complicated relationship. He remembered that he had hurt Steffy because he was trying to get back at Ridge. Rick realized that Steffy had suffered as a result of his actions. Rick admitted that he still cared about Steffy. Hope pressured Rick to hang out with Steffy and keep her occupied so that Steffy would stay away from Oliver.

During the photo shoot, Steffy displayed some sexy moves as she stared at Oliver. Stephanie watched. Afterwards, Stephanie and Steffy talked about the new youthful look of the lingerie line. They wondered what Oliver thought. Steffy moved closer to Oliver and Stephanie left them alone.

Steffy thanked Oliver for the previous night. She said that he had said some amazing things to her, and she wanted him to know that she really cared about him. Steffy flirted with Oliver, and Hope watched from the doorway.

Oliver left, and Hope entered. Hope wanted to talk, but Steffy was busy preening and admiring herself in the mirror. She scoffed at Hope's intentions. Hope said that she wanted to work with Steffy and not against her. Hope said that they could become the future of the company.

Steffy sneered at Hope and said that she admired Hope's latest strategy of using family to keep Steffy away from Oliver. Steffy accused Hope of pitching family in order to make friends. Steffy hissed that Hope would never be able to compete with a real woman.

Steffy called Hope a "school girl." She added that Oliver was too old for Hope. Steffy warned Hope to get out of the way because Oliver would one day belong to Steffy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, after Steffy warned Hope that she would win Oliver's heart, she told Hope that she knew Oliver was worth fighting for, so she knew Hope would fight for him. Hope agreed. Steffy warned that Hope was na´ve and Steffy said that Hope would never be able to stop her.

In another office, Brooke explained to Taylor that she was happy that Steffy was taking over modeling of the bedroom line. She worried, though, that Steffy's actions at the press conference could have destroyed Hope's career and the new youth fashion line. Marcus, Rick, and Ridge entered. Rick told everyone that the bedroom line photo shoot had just ended.

Taylor wondered if Ridge had supervised the photo shoot, but Ridge said he would have been uncomfortable watching Steffy model lingerie. Rick pulled Brooke aside and told her that Hope was worried about Steffy going after Oliver.

Rick relayed to Brooke the concerns Hope had that Steffy was going to use sex to get Oliver away from Hope. Rick warned that Steffy would go after Oliver any way she could. Brooke found Hope in the studio and she asked about Oliver. Hope said that she planned to do whatever she had to in order to keep Steffy away from Oliver.

Brooke didn't like the tone of that, and worried that Hope was taking drastic actions. Brooke reminded Hope to be herself because that was whom Oliver fell in love with. She added that if Steffy went after one Logan, she was going to have to deal with all of them.

On the rooftop, Oliver was pumping iron when Rick asked to speak to him. Rick warned Oliver that Steffy was trouble. Oliver said that he could handle Steffy, but Rick warned that she would stop at nothing to get him away from Hope.

Steffy entered the office where Taylor and Ridge were meeting. Steffy chatted it up about how much she cared for Oliver. She said that she was interested in him, and Taylor noted that she had not been interested in him before. Steffy wondered why her parents weren't pleased about her choice of Oliver because he was so much better than anyone else she had dated.

Ridge questioned why Steffy was suddenly smitten with Oliver. Taylor said that Oliver was a nice guy, but she was surprised. Ridge came out and told Steffy that Oliver was already dating Hope. Steffy angrily said that Oliver could make his own choices. Ridge argued that Steffy was going after Oliver only to get back at Hope.

Steffy dismissed her father's concern. She said that Oliver and Hope had only had a few dates. Steffy couldn't believe that Ridge was telling her she couldn't date Oliver. Ridge angrily said that he was disappointed in her. He worried that Steffy was continuing her attack on Hope even after they had discussed that what she had done to Hope was wrong. Steffy whined that she had feelings for Oliver, and she refused to stop seeing him.

Later, Brooke found Steffy sitting at Ridge's desk, and she noted that Steffy looked very comfortable being in charge. Steffy said that she deserved to be in charge because she was a Forrester and not a Logan. Steffy whined that the Logans had hurt the company. Brooke told Steffy that she knew Steffy's plan was to get rid of Hope and then Brooke.

Brooke added that she knew Steffy wanted to send Hope packing by stealing Oliver. Steffy said that Oliver was too old for Hope. Brooke warned that Oliver was Hope's first love, and she begged Steffy to leave him alone. Brooke advised Steffy to stop using her sexuality to get to men. Taylor entered, slammed the door, and spewed that she could not believe that Brooke of all people would lecture Steffy on using sexuality.

Brooke tried to appeal to Steffy and Taylor to stop the constant feuding that had taken place for years between their families. Steffy hissed that Brooke had broken up her family many times in the past. Brooke apologized and said that she understood that was the way Steffy saw it, but it was all in the past.

Brooke begged Steffy and Taylor to stop making Forrester a war zone, for Ridge's sake. Brooke grabbed Taylor's hand and asked her to stop the arguing. Steffy and Taylor looked at each other and softened.

In the studio, Hope tried to strike a few poses on the couch just like Steffy had. Ridge entered and asked if she was practicing. Hope agreed that she was practicing. She added that Steffy had made it look easy. Ridge told Hope that she had done a wonderful job during her press conference under very trying circumstances.

Ridge reminded Hope that Steffy's debut as a model had been disastrous. Hope attributed her own quick recovery during the press conference to Oliver. She told her dad that Oliver had given her the confidence she needed to pull off the press conference on her own. Ridge said that he wouldn't allow anyone to stand in the way of her success.

At Jackie M, Bridget and Jackie yakked about the paternity secret and Bridget's guilt trip. When Owen and Nick entered, they wondered what was wrong, but Bridget attributed her sullen attitude to hormones. Whip and Aggie entered and the photo shoot began with Owen as Jackie's cabana boy. Agnes said that Owen clearly never had to act when he was with Jackie. Bridget looked like she was ill, and Agnes wondered what was wrong. Bridget answered that she wasn't feeling well.

Out in the hallway, Agnes asked Whip if something was wrong with Bridget. Whip reminded Agnes that Bridget had a high-risk pregnancy. He added that Bridget was probably more than a little worried if she could carry the baby to term. After Whip left, Agnes decided to find out what was really going on with Bridget.

Jackie and Bridget were alone after the photo shoot, and Jackie reassured Bridget that keeping the secret was best because the baby might never be born. Bridget asked Jackie to stop reminding her of that possibility. Nick and Owen returned and Bridget tearfully said that hormones were making her very emotional. Jackie told Nick and Owen that they were very lucky to have Bridget and Jackie in their lives.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Bridget's office, the affair weighed heavily on Bridget's mind. Nick entered to remind her about their New York business trip that day. Bridget had forgotten all about it and didn't feel up to it. Jackie hurried in with Owen and Aggie to give Nick and Bridget a marketing report. Bridget announced that she didn't feel up to the trip. Nick offered to remain at home; however, Jackie insisted that Nick go ahead to New York with Aggie, while Jackie looked after Bridget.

Aggie tried to stifle a smile, and Nick asked for time alone with Bridget. Everyone left, and Nick wondered what was really going on. Bridget admitted that she was worried, even though the baby was fine. Nick offered to cancel the New York trip to take his wife somewhere relaxing, but she said that he was needed in New York. Nick asked if it were okay for him to go with Aggie. Bridget said it was. Nick kissed his wife and asked her to stop worrying.

Nick left, and Bridget recalled having sex with Owen. Owen entered, hoping that they could talk. He wondered why she wasn't on cloud nine about having a baby with Nick. She said that she couldn't forget what she and Owen had done, or how she'd betrayed her husband.

Owen urged Bridget to focus on the blessing that she'd been given. He felt that it was the greatest gift that a couple could receive. He said he'd never be a father, but he could live vicariously through Bridget and Nick. She said that she was sorry. Owen continued that he couldn't imagine how it felt to be a father. "You are..." Bridget uttered.

Owen asked what she'd said, and Bridget confessed that she couldn't do it anymore. She revealed that the baby wasn't Nick's, but Owen's. "Cowabunga!" Owen exclaimed. He gasped in shock that he would be a dad. Hugging Bridget, he said that it was the baby that he'd always wanted. Bridget agonized to herself as she hugged him back.

In the Forrester cutting room, Hope and Oliver kissed as Brooke walked in to have a word with him. Brooke asked Oliver to be honest about where things stood between him, Hope, and Steffy. Oliver said that he was crazy about Hope, and he'd never do anything to hurt her. Brooke liked that answer, but she asserted that Hope wasn't ready for sex.

Hope was mortified as Brooke conveyed that couples could do other things besides sex: go to the zoo, see a movie, or visit a museum. Hope felt that Brooke had said enough, and Brooke left, saying, "Have a good trip to the zoo!" Hope wished that hadn't just happened, but Oliver understood Brooke's worries. He asked if Hope were ready to visit the zoo.

Later, Oliver and Hope strode through the zoo to discover that it was mating season. They kissed and joked about Brooke's suggestion to do things that didn't involve sex. They went to the movies, where they caught a romance film filled with sex scenes. Upon taking Brooke's museum suggestion, they saw artwork depicting sex. "Are they doing that standing up?" Oliver asked, looking at a piece of art. Hope decided that they should just go get coffee.

In Ridge's office, Taylor wished that Brooke would drop the Oliver thing. Ridge said that Hope was dating Oliver, and Steffy should respect that. Steffy entered to say that Hope didn't own Oliver. Taylor assumed that Steffy's feelings were genuine, and she wasn't out to hurt Hope. Ridge said that he wanted to protect Hope, but Steffy didn't feel as if he were protecting Steffy. He reasoned that he was doing so by preventing another generational feud.

Taylor said that she understood everyone's point of views, and if Oliver didn't want Hope, then Taylor wouldn't tell Steffy to back off. Taylor, however, wanted Steffy to be sensitive to Hope. Steffy quipped that heartache was a part of growing up. Steffy insisted that she had something real with Oliver, and if she could get what she wanted without hurting Hope, then she would. Steffy asked them to drop it, because she had more important things to discuss.

Their European buyers would visit the city soon, and Steffy proposed that Forrester woo them with a fashion show that would take Forrester back to its roots. "None of that 'Hope for the Future' business," Steffy said with disgust. Ridge liked the fashion idea. Brooke entered to talk, and he told Steffy and Taylor that they'd discuss it more later.

Taylor and Steffy went to review photo proofs in another office. Taylor said that she didn't think that Steffy should cave in to Brooke, but Brooke did have a point about Oliver and Hope. Steffy remarked that Brooke just wanted to protect the "Logan Legacy," but things would be a lot better without Hope or Brooke around.

Back in Ridge's office, Brooke seemed proud of herself as she told Ridge that she'd talked about sex with Oliver and Hope. Ridge looked uncomfortable, and Brooke explained that she'd helped them figure out things to do that didn't involve sex. Ridge agreed that sex could wait?ith Oliver and Hope, but not Ridge and Brooke.

Ride and Brooke started to kiss, but Hope and Oliver entered to tell Brooke how sexy her sex-free suggestions had been. Brooke grimaced as they explained that they'd seen a romance movie, a study on lovers at the museum, and mating at the zoo. Brooke suggested that they just go to the pool to cool off. "Fully clothed, of course!" Hope added, and they took off.

Ridge tried to kiss his wife again, but Hope and Oliver popped back into the room and caught them. Hope blushed, saying, "Never mind, sex is everywhere!" Hope hurriedly closed the door, and Brooke and Ridge roared with laughter.

Friday, May 21, 2010

In Bridget's office, Owen rejoiced about being a father, but his awe turned to shock when Bridget revealed that Jackie already knew about it. After explaining how Jackie had found out, Bridget said that the wives had agreed to keep it a secret in case the baby didn't make it. Though Owen expressed relief that Jackie still loved him, he wondered if Bridget were hoping that a miscarriage would preclude a confession to Nick.

Bridget, who'd never thought she'd conceive again, vowed to fight for the baby, despite the consequences for her marriage. Owen understood the reasons for the secret, and in his excitement, he said that things weren't that bad. He reminded her that they'd soon become a mother and a father, which was what that they'd both wanted for a long time. He believed that it was fate, and everything would work out.

Bridget smiled in relief and said that she actually felt better. Owen urged her to just stay positive, because the baby's survival was out of their hands. He assured her that they baby would live, and they both said that they were glad that Bridget had told him the truth.

Bridget worried about Nick becoming attached to the baby during the pregnancy. To keep her stress level down, Owen advised that they wait as long as possible to tell Nick the truth. Owen planned to reassure Jackie about their marriage, but he'd adhere to Bridget's timetable regarding the baby and Nick. Bridget rested her head on Owen's shoulder and thanked him.

At Hope's photo shoot, Brooke commented that things went nicely. When Steffy grumbled something negative, Brooke invited Steffy to leave, since Ridge had pulled her off the campaign. Stephanie asserted that Steffy would stay put, because her opinions were invaluable. Brooke made snide remarks about the mishap at the press conference, and after she wandered off, Steffy told Stephanie that if anyone could get rid of the Logans, it was "Team Stephanie."

Seeing Oliver's stare trained on Hope, Steffy quipped that he could look all he wanted, but he wouldn't get anywhere. She predicted that Oliver would tire of looking, as all men did. Stephanie hinted that it would be best. Steffy realized that her grandmother meant that Steffy wouldn't have to instigate anything if Hope's denials sent Oliver packing on his own.

Alone with Steffy after the photo shoot, Hope noted that Brio had been excited about the shots. Steffy sniped that they paid Brio to be; however, while Hope had looked more comfortable modeling, she wasn't saving lives or anything. "And PR does?" Hope retorted. Hope cited that Oliver had enjoyed the shoot. Steffy admitted that Oliver had lust in his eyes, but he'd soon tire of Hope's innocent routine. "That's where I come in," Steffy indicated.

In the CEO's office, Brooke called her father, who seemed troubled. Stephen tried to cancel their lunch date, but Brooke wouldn't hear of it.

After the call, Oliver entered to ask Brooke what she needed from him. Brooke asked for Oliver's reassurance that he'd respect Hope's wishes to wait for sex. He reiterated that he cared for Hope, and he was willing to wait. Brooke said that she and Oliver would get along fine, as long as he respected Hope's wishes.

In the corridor later, Madison told "Team Stephanie" that Oliver had been in to see Brooke. "Team Stephanie" went into the CEO's office to see what Brooke and Oliver were discussing, but they'd already left. Stephanie told her granddaughter not to worry, because parents had little influence over people that age.

Brooke returned in time to hear Steffy telling Stephanie that "precious" would only get Hope so far, and once Oliver asked for more, Hope would realize that she was in way over her head. Brooke roared at Steffy to stop pressuring Hope. Brooke felt that Steffy's readiness to hop into bed with Oliver was disrespectful. Steffy touted that she was ready to have sex, and she was an adult. Exasperated, Brooke ordered her stepdaughter to lay off Oliver.

Steffy agreed to leave Hope's "teeny-bopper" relationship alone, if Brooke would take Hope and leave the company. Brooke couldn't believe the depth of Steffy's jealousy, but Stephanie insisted that Steffy wasn't jealous. Steffy claimed that she was right in wanting her and Ridge to be at Forrester without Brooke and Hope. Steffy lauded Brooke for running Forrester beautifully, but Steffy decided that it was time for Brooke to go.

Just then, Madison entered to tell Brooke that Stephen was down at the loading dock, and he seemed out of it. Brooke hustled to the parking lot and spotted Stephen wandering by the security gate. She called to him, and absentmindedly acknowledging her, he meandered in her direction. A car drove through the gates and plowed into Stephen.

Hope and Oliver went to his place, where he let her know that Brooke had laid out her expectations of Oliver. Hope was embarrassed, but Oliver expected that what he dangled in his hand would make his intentions clear. Hope glanced up to see that he'd gotten them matching necklaces with the Chinese symbol for hope on them.

Hope thanked Oliver for being sweet to her, especially since Steffy kept making herself available sexually. Oliver didn't know what he'd want with Steffy, because all he thought about was Hope. "I'm smiling like a fool," he admitted. Oliver didn't mind taking their time with things, because making love would be much better if she were completely ready. Hope said that she loved him, and he responded that he loved her, too. The couple kissed.

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