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Oliver persuaded Daddy Yankee to stage his new video at the Forrester mansion during Hope's graduation party. At the party, guests all wore masks. Hope and Brooke wore the same dress and Oliver and Ridge were supposedly wearing the same jacket, unbeknownst to anyone. Oliver thought he was having an intimate lovemaking encounter with Hope, but when he saw Brooke take off her mask, he noticed that she was wearing the necklace he had given to Hope. Stephen romanced Pam and moved in with her. Jackie, Owen, and Bridget agreed to keep the paternity of Bridget's baby's from Nick until they were sure the baby was all right.
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Oliver mistakenly made love to Brooke, thinking she was Hope
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Monday, May 31, 2010

At Insomnia, a magazine featuring Eric and Stephanie on the cover triggered Stephen's recollections of the wrongs that Stephanie had done to Brooke. Meanwhile, at Forrester, Pam dreamily zoned out of Hope's meeting to recall Stephen's kiss. Stephanie snapped Pam out of it, and Pam received a call from Stephen, who asked her to ditch her meeting and head to Insomnia to discuss the kisses that they'd shared. Everyone stared as Pam mysteriously ducked out.

Back at the coffeehouse, an incognito Pam arrived in a headscarf and sunglasses. Stephen and Pam expressed that they'd been moved by the kisses they'd shared. Pam assumed that they'd acted out of loneliness, and she felt that it couldn't happen again due to their family rivalry. Stephen contended that loneliness was precisely why it should happen; however, he implored her not to tell Stephanie, who'd do anything to keep them apart.

Pam wasn't comfortable about lying to Stephanie, but Stephen gushed that Pam had shown him that he should honor Beth's memory by being happy. He begged Pam not to let Stephanie ruin it for both of them, and Pam finally agreed.

Pam noticed that Stephen had been searching the classifieds for a new place to stay. He claimed that he had to be out of his place by that night. He'd gone to Insomnia to concentrate on finding a new place, but all he could think of was Pam's lemon bars and kisses. Pam offered him Stephanie's old room until he found a permanent place. Stephen thought that was inappropriate, but Pam insisted. Upon accepting, he said that she was too generous for her own good.

Later, Stephen went to Pam's place, where, in the dark, he talked to Beth's picture. He said that he'd keep their daughters safe, and an unsuspecting Pam would help. Hearing a knock on the door, Stephen answered it to greet Mike Guthrie, Sheila's former henchman. Stephen gave Mike money for a package, and Mike uneasily glared at a nearby picture of Pam and Stephanie. Mike left, and Stephen opened the package to reveal a silver revolver.

Back at Hope's meeting, Hope explained that she wanted to throw an epic graduation party, and the Forrester mansion was the only place that would be grand enough for it. Brooke thought that was a bit much to ask, and Stephanie was leery of having the entire senior class at the house. Worrying about drugs, sex, and alcohol, Stephanie denied Hope permission.

Ridge proposed that he and Brooke chaperone the party while Stephanie and Eric spent the night at Big Bear. Eric reasoned that Hope hardly ever asked for anything, and they could double the security for the evening of the party. Softened by Eric's persuasion, Stephanie changed her mind. A giddy Hope rushed off to tell Oliver the news.

When Pam returned to Forrester later, she said she'd been having tea with a friend. Stephanie found it strange that Pam would leave a meeting for that. Pam quipped that it hadn't been a meeting; it had been another family's pow-wow. Stephanie wondered if Pam were upset that Stephanie had moved out, but Pam replied that the move was good for both sisters.

Stephanie noticed a spring in Pam's step and guessed that Jarrett had called. Pam teased that it wasn't Jarrett. Excited that Pam had met a man, Stephanie wanted to know everything about him. Pam said she'd tell Stephanie soon, but for the time being, Pam didn't want to jinx it.

On the Forrester rooftop, Steffy admired Oliver as he worked out. She spotted his necklace, and he explained that the symbol was the Chinese character for "hope." She assumed that Hope had bought it to brand him, but he replied that he'd bought matching necklaces. "So, you two are going steady now?" Steffy asked. Oliver announced that he and Hope had admitted their love for each other, and Steffy quipped that a girl never forgot her first love.

When Hope arrived, Steffy congratulated her on being "necklaced." Steffy found the whole thing kitschy, but Hope retorted that Steffy would feel different if she'd gotten the necklace. Hope reminded Steffy that it wasn't a contest, and Steffy agreed that it wasn't, especially since Oliver and Hope were "in love." The couple kissed, and Steffy grimaced.

As Steffy worked out, she overheard Hope ecstatically going on about the graduation party. Steffy cited that Hope had gone from taking over the showroom to commandeering Steffy's grandparent's house. Steffy left, deciding that she had important things to do.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke kissed Ridge in the hallway and told him how excited she was that Hope would have such a wonderful graduation party at the Forrester mansion. Brooke reminded Ridge that they had experienced many wonderful nights at the Forrester mansion.

Brooke added that it was a fairy tale for Hope to experience the same thing. Brooke said that Hope had met her Prince Charming, and Ridge was amused. He added that the prince had been spinning tunes in a coffee shop. They agreed that Oliver was Hope's first love. Steffy was eavesdropping.

In another office, Hope and Oliver were kissing, and Hope left. Marcus entered and excitedly told Oliver that celebrities were on the way into the building. Oliver said that he already knew that Daddy Yankee had arrived. Dempsey, from Daddy Yankee's group, walked in, and Oliver introduced him to Marcus. Daddy Yankee followed Dempsey into the room, and a star-struck Marcus was impressed.

Daddy Yankee and Dempsey said that they were in Los Angeles, scouting for locations for a video. Daddy Yankee said he wanted a crazy party at a great private house. Oliver suggested that Daddy probably wanted an estate on the waterfront, overlooking the city and the ocean. Dempsey agreed.

Oliver asked if Daddy Yankee and Dempsey would be interested in the Forrester mansion. Dempsey said that he had seen pictures of the house, and he wondered if it was available for rent. Oliver said that his girlfriend was one of the Forresters. He asked if Daddy Yankee would attend her high school graduation party as performers. They could shoot footage of the Forrester estate and the party. Marcus added that the kids would really enjoy it, and he would, too.

While the guys were talking, Hope entered and was amazed to discover that Oliver knew Daddy Yankee. Next, Steffy, Ridge, and Brooke entered, and Oliver announced that Daddy Yankee was going to perform at Hope's graduation party. Steffy looked miffed.

Later, Steffy whined to Marcus that Hope and her classmates were going to be having such a big party and be a part of Daddy Yankee's next video. Steffy jealously stated that since Hope was getting everything she wanted, she also ought to lose something -- or someone -- at her big party. Brooke overheard her and warned Steffy to respect Hope's party and stay away. Brooke asked Marcus to leave.

Brooke sternly warned Steffy that she would not ruin the night for Hope. Steffy snarled that Brooke wasn't going to keep her away. They argued, and Steffy said that only her parents could tell her what to do. Brooke said that she knew Steffy's plan was to humiliate Hope by stealing her boyfriend on the night of Hope's party. Brooke advised Steffy not to mess with her.

Outside the office, Pam was frustrated that she was getting Stephen's voicemail every time that she called him. Jarrett stopped by and suggested that they become friends, since their date hadn't worked out so well. Pam was thrilled and said that she needed a friend. She wanted to tell him something, but neither of them could breathe a word of it to anyone else. Pam shared that she was involved with a gorgeous hunk of man who was staying at her place.

At Pam's, Stephen hid the gun he had purchased from Mike Guthrie in a drawer when he heard a knock at the door. Mike had returned to say that he didn't want to do business with Stephen. He planned to return Stephen's money in exchange for the gun.

Stephen wondered why Mike had changed his mind. Mike angrily explained that he'd recognized a photo of Stephanie Forrester on Pam's table. Mike said that he already had a history with the "dragon lady and her clan." Mike said that he wanted no part of getting involved with Stephanie again.

Mike explained that when Eric had married Sheila Carter, Stephanie had gotten involved to break it up. Mike admitted that Sheila was messed up, but Sheila had been his friend. Mike accused the Forresters of driving Sheila to craziness. Stephen shared his sad tale about his daughters, and Mike surmised that Stephen was Brooke and Donna's father.

Stephen shared his bitterness toward Stephanie, but Mike warned him that the Forresters had Lieutenant Baker and the police in their back pockets when it came to criminal conduct. Stephen said that he didn't care about himself. He planned to avenge Beth's death and protect his daughters.

Pam entered with fresh flowers, and Stephen introduced Mike as his accountant. After Mike left, Stephen kissed Pam and said that he was glad to get her alone. Pam arranged the flowers in a vase while Stephen was changing. He reentered the room, wearing nothing but his boxers. Pam was clearly excited about having a half-naked man in her home as her thoughts went wild about how she had a hunk all to herself.

Stephen brought up that Pam had sacrificed her life while Stephanie had lived a life of luxury, but Pam said that she didn't mind. Stephen argued that she did mind. Pam got a beer for Stephen and handed him the remote control inside a crocheted holder. Pam grabbed her camera to take his picture, but Stephen turned the tables on her and took her picture instead.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke was dancing around, listening to the music of Daddy Yankee on her phone. Stephanie entered and said that she was leaving for the night. Brooke said that she knew that Eric and Stephanie were spending the night alone together.

Stephanie started chattering about Donna expecting to get half of what belonged to Eric. Brooke interrupted and said that the divorce settlement was between Eric and Donna. Brooke was concerned about the party taking place that evening.

Brooke shared that she was concerned about Steffy's interference in Hope's relationship with Oliver. Stephanie refused to get involved, but Brooke pressured Stephanie to speak to Steffy because Brooke did not intend to allow Steffy to ruin the evening. Stephanie was pleasant, but she refused.

Hope and Oliver arrived at the mansion and told everyone that huge trucks with plasma screens had arrived. Hope kissed Oliver and told him that the evening promised to be the best night of her life. Eric and Ridge joined Stephanie, Brooke, Hope, and Oliver as they all marveled at the transformation taking place at the mansion to accommodate Hope's graduation party and Daddy Yankee's performance.

Daddy Yankee and Dempsey entered and introduced themselves. They all chatted about how it would be a memorable night and a memorable video. Daddy Yankee said that security would check all the guests, and he wanted everyone to wear baseball caps, masks, and Forrester dresses.

Daddy Yankee wanted Hope to choose the dresses that her friends would wear for the night. Daddy Yankee promised it would be a night that Hope would never forget. Later, when they were alone, Hope teased Oliver that he was making history by inviting the band to play at the mansion, and he teased her that she was becoming a legend. She added that she was a legend with the most awesome boyfriend in the world.

Outside, Ridge and Brooke were talking about the party. Brooke clicked on some Daddy Yankee music. She got up and danced seductively for Ridge then kissed him passionately. Ridge joked that Daddy Yankee's hot songs were getting Hope's parents all revved up.

Brooke and Ridge agreed that they were very lucky that everything had turned out so well. They kissed passionately and professed their love for each other. They were both excited about the party and admitted that they felt like it was a second childhood for them. Brooke said she had a feeling that something special was going to happen overnight. She added that it would be unexpected, and Ridge said that life with Brooke always featured unexpected moments.

Inside, Oliver promised Hope that there was no pressure on her for the evening. Hope told Oliver that when she was ready to make love, she would put her arms around him and whisper in his ear that she was ready. She predicted that he would whisk her up in his arms, and they would make mad passionate love like in a romance novel.

Onboard a private airplane, Nick and Aggie discussed their successful business trip. Aggie said that staying in five-star hotels was a nice perk. Nick congratulated her on doing a great job. He was happy that she could step in for Bridget. Aggie said that Bridget would have wowed the clients in New York, but Nick told Aggie that she had done well.

Nick added that the next time they needed to travel, he planned to send her on her own so that he could stay at home with Bridget. He said that he missed his wife, but he understood that she didn't want to take any chances with the baby. Nick added that their history was not good with pregnancies, and Bridget had good reason to be worried.

Nick claimed that there was something different about this pregnancy. He felt the baby was a fighter, and he said that he knew it was going to work out. Nick apologized to Aggie when he realized that she had recently lost a baby. Aggie said that she understood. In her mind, she hoped that Nick's concern was warranted and that the baby that Bridget was carrying belonged to Nick and not Owen.

At Jackie M, Jackie and Owen were discussing how they were going to talk to Bridget about the baby's paternity. Bridget was eavesdropping outside. Bridget entered and apologized to Jackie that she couldn't keep the baby's paternity a secret from Owen any longer.

Jackie glared at Bridget, but Jackie admitted that it was a good decision because Owen had a right to know. Jackie acknowledged that it was wrong of her to ask Bridget to lie. Bridget said that she'd had another checkup, and everything seemed to be fine. Bridget wanted to tell Nick about the baby's paternity but didn't know how, and she was concerned about the baby.

Owen and Jackie told Bridget that they had been concerned about what the baby would do to their marriage, but they realized that it would be good news. Jackie said that everything they had faced had made them stronger. Owen said that he had been worried that their marriage was over, but Jackie said that she did not intend to let him go.

Jackie said that both she and Owen had made mistakes. Bridget was wowed by Owen and Jackie's commitment to one another. Bridget realized that the baby would be loved by all of them. Nick arrived, and he hugged Bridget.

Nick bent down and began talking to the baby that Bridget was carrying. He wanted to know everything that he had missed. He was elated to be home and said that he'd had to share the good news with everyone in New York.

Nick said that he'd wanted to pick Jack up and have a family picnic, but he'd realized it was pizza day and that Jack wouldn't have wanted to miss it. Nick said that he knew the entire family was going to share in the happiness of the new baby. He included Jackie and Owen in his family. He was confident that this baby would be born. He hugged Bridget, and she looked distraught.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

In the CEO's office, Brooke saw clothes racks on which hung the new jackets from the men's line and the blue-hooded sequined dresses for Hope's party. Steffy and Taylor entered, and Brooke warned Steffy not to even think about showing up at the party. Steffy quipped that she didn't want to go to the party, anyway, but Brooke didn't believe it.

Taylor interjected that Brooke didn't want Steffy there. Brooke stated that the guests had signed releases for the music video, and un-invitees couldn't waltz past security. Steffy, however, still wondered what she'd wear. Brooke advised Steffy to ask Ridge if she could go, and Taylor took offense that Brooke thought he'd deny his daughter access to the party. Brooke asked Taylor to put herself in Brooke's shoes. "Don't let Steffy ruin this evening for Hope," Brooke said.

In the corridor, Ridge and Hope agreed that Oliver had really gone beyond the call of duty to get the musician. She stated that Oliver had known what she'd wanted, and he'd made it happen. Ridge figured that Oliver was just like Ridge, and that was why Ridge liked him. Ridge noticed the "hope" necklace that Oliver had given her, and she exclaimed that Oliver would do just about anything for her.

In another office, Oliver showed Aggie his "hope" necklace, and she remarked that his actions really showed his feelings for Hope. Oliver played a Daddy Yankee video to give Aggie a taste of what the party would be like. Hope entered as Aggie was saying that she didn't get it. Oliver explained that people would dress alike, and it would be a blast.

Oliver and Hope went to the CEO's office, and she gave him one of the new jackets from the men's line to wear to the party. Hope decided to wear one of the blue sequined dresses. They wondered how they'd manage to make out with each other from behind their party masks.

In the steam room, Brooke swung her hips to Daddy Yankee's music. Ridge joined her, and they recalled dancing to that song on a yacht off the coast of Capri. Brooke insinuated that the song got her hot, and she said that, while Unforgettable was their song for slow dancing, the Daddy Yankee tune was their "song for this..."

Ridge and Brooke got hot and heavy, but because of the party, Ridge decided that they needed to reconvene later, in some other unusual place. Brooke told him to make sure that he wore one of the men's line jackets -- just for her.

Later, Brooke found Hope trying on the hooded dress in the CEO's office. Brooke expressed how proud she was of Hope for graduating and for deciding to wait with Oliver. Brooke was proud that Hope was becoming a stable, solid, and beautiful woman. Hope felt that she owed it all to her mother and Ridge. They expressed their love for each other and hugged.

In another office, Ridge encountered Oliver. Ridge said that he liked Oliver, and both of Ridge's daughters liked Oliver, too. Oliver said that he'd been completely up-front with everyone that Hope was his girlfriend. Ridge figured that it couldn't be easy for Oliver to decline the tenacious Steffy. Oliver replied that it also wasn't easy for Ridge, who tried to maintain balance with his daughters.

Brooke and Hope went to the Forrester mansion to find it transformed into a teen nightclub. As Dempsey and Daddy Yankee set up, Hope urged Brooke to wear one of the blue sequined dresses, which were located upstairs for the other guests. Brooke seemed uncertain that it was appropriate, but Hope reasoned that Brooke was a chaperon, not an old lady. Hope suddenly realized that she'd left her necklace in Ridge's office.

Hope and Oliver spoke on the phone, and she told him about the huge line forming outside. She instructed him to send her a text message when he arrived in the sexy leather jacket.

Brooke approached again, brimming with excitement. Hope proclaimed that it would be the best night of her life -- as long as Steffy didn't interfere. Brooke vowed to personally ensure that nobody would ruin it for Hope.

Later, in the CEO's office, Marcus beamed about his invitation to the party. Steffy asked if she could be his date, but he gave her a mindful stare. She said that she might show up at the party, or she might not; however, she wouldn't stay away because Brooke had said so. Steffy felt that Oliver really got her, and she wanted him. She vowed to get him, one way or another.

Steffy discovered Hope's necklace on the desk. Marcus figured that Hope had left it while changing clothes. Dangling it from her fingers, Steffy thought that it would be a shame to let it get lost. Marcus told Steffy to give it to him because he was headed to the party. With her eyes glittering in thought, Steffy stared at the spinning charm.

Oliver is shocked when his tryst is unmasked

Oliver is shocked when his tryst is unmasked

Friday, June 4, 2010

At Jackie M, Aggie jumped from her seat when Oliver entered, looking like the movie serial killer Michael Myers in his white mask. She complimented Oliver on the Forrester jacket. He said that he wanted it to be the best night of Hope's life, and Aggie cooed that her little brother was in love.

From his cell phone, Oliver called Hope, and she suggested that they sneak outside when he arrived at the party, because she had something to give him. Once the call ended, Aggie cautioned her brother against pressuring Hope for sex. Oliver said that Hope would use the pass phrase "I'm ready" to indicate when the time was right.

Nick entered as Oliver took off for the party. Nick wondered why Aggie, a Daddy Yankee fan, wasn't at the party. She said that she was too old for a high school graduation. While conversing about her brother's romance, she recalled that Oliver had told her that Nick had saved Hope from drowning in a hot tub. Aggie said that Nick was always rescuing women: Hope, Bridget, Brooke, and "especially me."

Nick said Aggie had saved herself, and the women in his life had all saved him in one way or another. She wondered if he'd been in love with Brooke. He admitted that he had been; however, Brooke was with Ridge, her destiny. Aggie remarked that Nick was meant for Bridget.

Nick and Aggie discussed Oliver and Hope's relationship more, and Aggie urged Nick to talk to Hope about sex. He shied away from doing that and started talking about how honorable his wife was. Aggie remarked that Bridget wasn't perfect. Nick agreed and suggested that Aggie go to the party, but she claimed that she wasn't worried about Oliver.

At Forrester, Ridge saw Steffy reviewing proofs in the studio. He said he'd wanted to make sure that she wouldn't cause trouble for Hope and Oliver. Steffy claimed that she couldn't do so if Oliver and Hope were really into each other. Steffy mentioned that she'd seen the jackets and hooded dresses for the party in his office, but Ridge remarked that they didn't concern her. He asked her not to go to the party because he didn't want any scenes or any drama. She said that she wouldn't show up there, and Ridge decided to trust her.

When Ridge left, however, Steffy thought to herself that everyone would be in masks. "Disguises...Who would know?" she wondered and turned off the light.

Ridge went to his office to take care of some work, and Brooke called to see when he'd be at the party. She worried about where her mysteriously quiet stepdaughter was. Assuring her that Steffy wouldn't go near the mansion, Ridge said that he was on his way at that very moment.

At the Forrester mansion, the graduation party was in full swing. Everyone partied with white mime masks on. Hope and Brooke danced together, and Hope went to the indoor balcony for a view of the party from up high. Girls dressed like Hope checked to see if it were Hope behind her mask before telling her that the party was a blast.

Later, Hope, Rick, and Thomas removed their masks to talk to each other. Hope worried about Steffy crashing the party and about Ridge being late. The guys assured her that Steffy wouldn't crash the celebration, and Ridge would arrive after he took care of something at work. Rick wandered off, and Thomas reassured Hope that he wouldn't let Steffy disrupt the evening. Downstairs, Marcus arrived.

After a while, Oliver entered and found the party rocking. He asked Marcus where Hope was, and Marcus pointed across the room to a masked and hooded girl in a blue sequined dress. Oliver donned his mask then placed his hood over his backward baseball cap. The girl, who wore Hope's necklace, noticed him and coaxed him onto the dance floor. As they danced closely, she whispered, "I'm ready," and led him out through the terrace. Across the room, Marcus removed his mask to get a better look at them.

The pair found a secluded place outside against the wall. She pressed her hands over her mask when he tried to remove it. As they ravaged each other, the camera focused on the "hope" necklace and her hiked-up leg. Flashes of blond hair were visible beneath the girl's blue hood.

Oliver returned inside alone and was stunned to see Hope descending the staircase. Confused, he glanced around then noticed that she didn't have on her necklace. He asked her where it was, and she said she'd left it at work. Daddy Yankee instructed everyone to remove the masks, and the partygoers complied.

Oliver glanced toward the terrace entrance to see a girl who was dressed like Hope and wore the "hope" necklace. In slow motion, she pranced a few steps then pulled off her mask. Oliver's eyes almost popped from his head as he saw that it was Brooke.

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