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Monday, August 9, 2010

In Stephanie's room, Taylor whispered that Brooke was on the terrace with Oliver and Hope. Stephanie was determined to go down there, but Taylor implored her to let them work it out on their own. Stephanie refused to sit still while Brooke ruined another of her daughters' lives. Stephanie figured that if she and Taylor left it to Brooke, then they'd wind up picking up the pieces later. Taylor hoped that Brooke would smooth things out and take her daughter home. "Over my dead body!" Stephanie quipped, storming out.

On the terrace, Brooke and Oliver asked for forgiveness, but Hope wondered how she'd live with being betrayed by the two people she loved the most. Brooke wanted to help, but Hope doubted that Brooke could make Hope's pain and visions of the incident go away. Believing that Hope was strong enough to work through it, Brooke implored her daughter to return home, where she'd recover quicker. Hope guessed that Brooke just didn't want Hope near Stephanie; however, it was actually Brooke whom Hope couldn't tolerate.

Hope recalled her visions of Brooke and Oliver kissing, but Brooke corrected that there had been no kissing because of the masks. Hope insisted that she still envisioned it that way. Oliver countered that Hope wasn't being fair; however, Hope said that even if they hadn't removed the masks, they could still see, touch, and smell.

Hope made Oliver look into her eyes and then into Brooke's. Hope stated that she had blue eyes, but Brooke's eyes were green. Remarking that she and her mother also had different scents, Hope said that she couldn't understand how Oliver hadn't known whom he'd been with. Oliver asked how they could get past it. "I don't think we can," Hope replied.

As Oliver and Brooke tailed Hope into the living room, Hope said everything had changed, especially her views of Oliver and Brooke. Hope felt that she had to make a new life for herself. Instead of hiding, she planned to put on her armor, go to work, and persevere. Hope admitted that she'd always love Oliver, but things wouldn't be the same between them. A devastated Oliver called Hope's name as she walked out the door.

Later, Taylor arrived downstairs, where only Oliver remained. Taylor asked if Oliver understood what Hope had been trying to accomplish that night. He replied that Hope's reenactment hadn't helped her see that it had been mistaken identity. Though the story seemed incredulous, Taylor decided to believe it. She warned that he might have to accept that things with Hope would never be the same. "Don't say that, Mrs. Forrester," Oliver mumbled. Advising him to give Hope some space, Taylor said that no one could dictate the outcome but Hope-and if Brooke thought otherwise, she'd hit a brick wall.

Hope retreated to the guesthouse, where Stephanie waited with open arms. Hope sobbed, and Stephanie hugged her. Stephanie asked if Hope had gotten closure, and Hope replied that she and Oliver were over. Stephanie didn't think that Oliver should be blamed for Brooke's indiscretions, but she remarked that Ridge was there for Hope.

Hope couldn't believe that Ridge had already forgiven Brooke. Stephanie advised a resilient Hope to focus on herself, college, and her job at Forrester. She also urged Hope to accept the truth about Brooke. "I know you think she's a whore," Hope stated. Sighing, Stephanie said Brooke had no sense of right and wrong.

Brooke knocked on the door, and Stephanie sent Hope to the bedroom. Stephanie whipped the door open, but before Brooke could address her, Stephanie smacked Brooke's left cheek. "That's for Bridget!" Stephanie bellowed and slapped Brooke's right cheek. "And that's for Hope!" Stephanie added and slammed the door in Brooke's face.

At Jackie's house, Bridget discussed her mother and sister with Owen and Jackie. Bridget remarked that Stephanie had helped her through her troubling time, but Jackie raised her brows when Bridget said that Hope was living with Stephanie. Owen recalled hearing that Stephanie hated Brooke, but Bridget chuckled that Stephanie merely thought Brooke was an infectious virus. Bridget hoped that her sister wouldn't be caught in Brooke and Stephanie's crossfire.

Bridget tried to call Hope, but Hope's phone was off. As Owen massaged Bridget's shoulders, Bridget remarked that the baby was very active. Jackie and Owen expressed confidence that Hope would get through it, just as Bridget had. Bridget wondered if Bridget would wind up like her mother, but Jackie reasoned that Owen and Bridget's situation was completely different from Deacon and Brooke's affair.

Bridget couldn't believe how incredible Jackie was being. The baby began kicking, and Bridget let Jackie touch her belly. Owen joined in, and everyone marveled at the baby's vigor. Jackie received a phone call and went upstairs. Owen wondered if "he" were always that active. Bridget corrected that it was a little girl responding to her father, and the expectant parents smiled at each other.

Owen asked what pregnancy felt like. Bridget admitted that it was frightening because of her situation. She hadn't envisioned living upstairs from him and Jackie. Owen reasoned that things could change with Nick, but Bridget concluded that it had been a reality check to see Nick and Aggie together. Owen assured Bridget that she wasn't alone.

Jackie returned downstairs, looking for her cabana boy and Greek god. Bridget retired for the night, and Jackie assured Owen that Bridget would be fine. Jackie called herself, Bridget, Owen, and the baby an unlikely foursome: Jackie didn't think anyone else on the planet could make a situation like that work. She uttered that she and Owen were "so good" together, and they kissed. Bridget watched from the overlook.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

by Pam

In Ridge's office, Ridge was livid that his mother had slapped Brooke the previous night. He wanted an apology from Stephanie, but instead Stephanie declared that Brooke was lucky that Stephanie didn't shoot her. Stephanie reminded Ridge that he should have thrown his wife out of the house for sleeping with Oliver.

Stephanie ranted that Ridge tossed Steffy, his own daughter, out of the company. Ridge worried that Steffy's sabotage of the video had hurt both Hope and Brooke. Stephanie told Ridge that he didn't need to worry about Hope because she was staying with Stephanie. Ridge changed the subject to the Forrester ownership, which would be made public. He said the owners needed to have a meeting.

At the beach house, Katie, Bill, and Stephen anxiously awaited Donna's return from San Francisco. Katie cuddled with Bill and announced that he would soon have partial ownership in Forrester Creations. Bill cautioned that they needed Donna to sign over her shares in order for it to happen, and they needed to quickly convince her to get it done.

Donna entered, and Stephen said that he had been worried about her. Donna said that she had needed to get away, and had a lovely time at a spa. Katie agreed that they had all been worried, and Donna lamented that she had lost a lot in the previous few months when Beth died and Eric divorced her.

Katie, Bill, and Stephen suggested that Donna sell her Forrester shares to Bill to get rid of the painful memories of Forrester Creations. Stephen said Stephanie would make Donna's life miserable if Donna held onto the shares and the past. Donna agreed, but she wasn't sure what to do.

Bill stepped in and presented a document that spelled out how he would buy her shares. Bill added that Donna would be a very wealthy woman and could buy a nice home for her family and enjoy herself. Bill added that he needed to transfer the shares immediately to get it recorded before the terms of the new Forrester ownership were made public.

Katie, Bill, and Stephen said that they didn't want to pressure Donna, but they felt it was an opportunity for Bill to take on the Forresters in a way the Logans had never been able to handle. Donna said that Brooke deserved to be part of the decision because Forrester had been a huge part of Brooke's life, and she deserved shares in the company.

Katie and Stephen agreed that Brooke deserved shares of the company, but Katie pointed out that the Forresters would always outnumber and humiliate Brooke. Bill and Stephen reminded Donna of what Steffy had done to Hope and Brooke. Donna called Brooke and left a message that she really needed to talk to her.

Katie chimed in that the Logans always wound up on the losing end. She added that with Bill in charge of the shares, he had much more power. Stephen suggested that Donna hadn't read the sale agreement Bill was offering. When she read it, she said, "Oh, my God, that's a lot of millions." She quickly signed the agreement. Stephen told her that she was doing the right thing and that her mother would agree. "So would Brooke," he added.

Donna and Stephen left, and Bill and Katie cuddled on the sofa. Bill read the list of Forrester shareholders on his laptop and noted that Taylor had transferred her shares to Steffy. Katie told Bill that she used to think business was a colossal snooze, but she had discovered it was a total turn-on. She anticipated that her sexy husband would turn his 12.5 percent of Forrester into something far more lucrative. She and Bill began to undress each other and made out on the couch.

Taylor, Whip, and Steffy met on the Forrester rooftop to finalize Steffy's receipt of Taylor's shares of Forrester. Steffy expressed her gratitude, but worried about Ridge's reaction. Taylor told her daughter not to worry because Taylor could handle Ridge. Taylor reminded Steffy that the Forresters would not have regained control of the company if Steffy had not intervened.

In Ridge's office, Eric, Stephanie, Brooke, and Ridge gathered for an owner's meeting, and Stephanie remarked that Brooke should not have been part of the meeting. Ridge insisted that Brooke was staying. Taylor and Steffy entered, and Taylor said that one more person belonged in the owners' meeting. Ridge said that Steffy was not welcome at Forrester until she could learn how to get along with Brooke and Hope.

Taylor said that Steffy was attending the meeting as an owner. Taylor announced that she had completed a transfer of her stock to Steffy. Eric, Ridge, and Brooke were surprised, but Stephanie pointed out that it was the best of both worlds, which prompted Ridge and Brooke to note that Stephanie knew all about the transfer.

Taylor said that her practice was where she belonged, just as Steffy belonged at Forrester. Ridge noted that his efforts to prevent Steffy from returning to Forrester had everything to do with how Steffy had ruined a tribute and sabotaged the company.

Taylor disagreed that Steffy performed the sabotage, but Ridge said that Taylor was rewarding behavior that shouldn't be rewarded. Stephanie chimed in that Brooke was nothing more than an oversexed teenager. An argument ensued, but Eric interrupted to say that the ownership message he was waiting on had arrived in an email. Ridge read the new ownership documents, and said, "Oh, my God, Bill Spencer is listed as an owner instead of Donna."

Brooke was in disbelief that Donna would do such a thing, and Steffy vowed that they had to prevent Bill Spencer from getting any more shares of Forrester. Taylor wondered how Brooke could have missed that her sister was selling her shares. Brooke apologized, and said that she had no idea Donna was selling. Taylor and Stephanie didn't believe her.

Steffy volunteered to talk to Bill, but Ridge refused to allow Steffy to return to the company. Steffy said that she couldn't believe that Ridge was siding with "Brooke and that little brat of hers," and Ridge disappointedly told her that her remarks clearly indicated that she had no intention of ever getting along with everyone at Forrester. He told her to leave.

Steffy left, followed by Stephanie and Eric. Taylor shook her head at Ridge. She told him that he had let Steffy and Taylor down. Taylor was disgusted that Ridge allowed Brooke to come first over his children, but she realized it would always be that way. Taylor left.

Brooke apologized to Ridge for putting him in such a position, and he said that he meant what he had said about Steffy staying away from Forrester, and he reinforced it when he said that his mother would never lay a finger on Brooke again. Brooke thanked him for showing his love for her. She thanked him for protecting her and standing by her. They kissed and embraced.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

by Pam

In Ridge's office, Ridge impatiently dismissed a phone call from a reporter. Brooke entered and asked Ridge to convince Hope to return home. Ridge told Brooke that he was concerned that Donna had sold her Forrester shares to Bill. Brooke promised to find out what had happened with Donna, and Ridge vowed to talk to Hope.

At the guesthouse, Hope lamented that nearly every magazine and website had a story about Brooke and Oliver. Hope said that she had to change her cell phone number and get a new email address, and she was concerned that reporters were still hanging around the gates at the Forrester mansion. Stephanie promised to help out and get a Wi-Fi connection in the guesthouse by asking for Liam's help. She hugged Hope and said that it would all die down.

Hope said that she wished Steffy hadn't made everything so public. Stephanie cautioned Hope not to blame Steffy because Steffy claimed that someone had sabotaged her computer. Stephanie said that she believed Steffy wouldn't do something so cruel.

Stephanie added that Steffy wasn't to blame; Brooke was. Brooke had done the deed with Oliver. Stephanie realized that the incident might be too much for Hope to forgive. Stephanie started a rant against Brooke, but Ridge entered and ordered his mother to stop bashing Hope's mother.

Ridge dismissed Stephanie so that he could talk to Hope. Hope questioned how Ridge could forgive such a thing of Brooke. Ridge explained that Brooke was spontaneous and irresponsible, but he firmly believed that it was a case of mistaken identity. Hope doubted that Oliver and Brooke could be so ignorant of identities.

Ridge disagreed and defended both Oliver and Brooke. Ridge said that Oliver was a guy who got carried away and was irresponsible in 100 different ways, but Ridge understood that Oliver was too excited that he was going to be with the woman he loved for the first time.

Hope regretted that Brooke and Oliver had not been honest. Ridge admitted that Brooke was honest with him before she told anyone else. Ridge told Hope that she needed to repair her relationship with Brooke. Ridge said that Hope didn't belong alone in the guesthouse. Hope refused to return home.

Stephanie interrupted, and Hope left. Stephanie informed Ridge that he should have been worried about his real daughter. Stephanie yakked again about Steffy being an outcast because Ridge continued to choose Brooke over his own children. Ridge was disgusted with his mother, and he left.

Bill and Katie cuddled, and Katie wanted to celebrate their victory of getting Forrester shares. Jarrett called Bill and tattled that Steffy was hanging out at the Bikini Beach bar. Bill decided to meet with Steffy, and Katie said that she would be waiting.

Later at Katie's, Donna, Stephen, and Katie met, and Brooke entered. She angrily quizzed them about whose idea it was to sell Donna's shares to Bill and not to Brooke. Stephen defended their decision. He insisted that if it weren't for Bill, Stephen would be sitting in jail. Brooke surmised that Stephen was using the shares to pay Bill back for getting him out of jail.

Stephen insisted that the Logans needed a champion, and they needed Bill, a man of power, to take on the Forresters. Brooke was in disbelief. Stephen reminded her that she was a Forrester. Brooke accused Katie of persuading Donna to sell the shares so she could become CEO again. Katie didn't deny that she had enjoyed being CEO.

Donna apologized to Brooke, but Brooke understood. Brooke said that she knew Donna was going through a rough time. Stephen asked about Hope, and Brooke said that Stephanie was brainwashing her.

At Bikini Beach, Bill found Steffy at the bar, and he congratulated her on becoming a major shareholder at Forrester. Steffy was despondent and denied responsibility for the video scandal. Bill said that her father had sold her out and should have believed in her. Steffy lamented that she was an owner who wasn't allowed in the building.

Steffy wasn't surprised that Bill owned Donna's shares. Bill sympathized with Steffy's plight, and put his hand on hers. Steffy said that Katie was a lucky woman. Steffy said that she knew Bill couldn't afford to buy her shares, and he asked what the price was. She said to fly her away from Los Angeles and all that had happened. Bill knew that Steffy wanted his shares, as well.

Brooke and Ridge met back in his office, and Ridge told Brooke that Hope would one day return home. Brooke excitedly went to the door to see if Hope was in the hall, but Ridge broke the bad news that Hope was not ready to return home. Brooke feared that if Hope stayed too long with Stephanie, it would give Stephanie time to brainwash Hope. Ridge assured her that Hope would forgive Brooke and return home, but Hope needed space.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

At Stephanie's house, Steffy sadly stared at Ridge's picture. Stephanie suggested that Steffy talk to her father, but Steffy refused to have him pity her. Stephanie felt there was nothing wrong with Steffy reaching out because she missed her father.

Stephanie asked if Steffy minded that Hope was in the guesthouse. "Absolutely not," Steffy replied. Steffy didn't blame Ridge for worrying about Hope, but Steffy felt that he was wrong to blame Hope's nightmare on Steffy, but not Brooke. Steffy doubted that her innocence would change anything, because she always lost when vying with Brooke. Stephanie vowed to find a way to make Ridge see the truth.

At the office, Ridge looked at the introduction to the sabotaged tribute. Taylor entered to urge him to call his daughter. She insisted that he consider the idea that someone had tampered with the tribute. Handing him the phone, Taylor stated that Steffy had done the tribute, even though it had been difficult for her; however, Steffy would never shame Ridge in public.

Ridge took the phone and called Steffy to request a meeting at Taylor's house. Steffy suggested meeting at Forrester, but he said not there. She asked if she were still prohibited from going on the Forrester property. He said they'd see how their talk went, but she hung up on him.

Taylor exclaimed that Ridge and Steffy were "so stubborn!" Ridge insisted that there had to be consequences, but Taylor hoped that he could live with them. He hated what the vendetta had to done him and Steffy, because he'd hoped that Steffy would take over for him at the company one day. Taylor implored him to tell Steffy that. Taylor insisted that someone had to make the first move, and it would mean everything to Steffy and Taylor if it were Ridge.

Back at Stephanie's house, Steffy sobbed that Ridge still didn't believe her. Determined to repair the rift between Ridge and Steffy, Stephanie pondered who'd gain the most from the sabotage. "Bill Spencer," Stephanie decided. Steffy ruled out Bill, who'd never destroy his sister-in-law or niece. As Stephanie brainstormed, Steffy said "that cute guy, Liam," had serviced her computer. Steffy doubted he knew anything, either. Stephanie vowed to figure it out, and when she did, she promised that "all hell" would break loose.

At the guesthouse, Hope encountered Liam, who was setting up a Wi-Fi connection at Stephanie's request. While introducing herself, Hope noticed the look on Liam's face. She said she'd been getting a lot of that lately. He said he was sorry, because what had happened to her had been terrible. She cited that she despised the public ridicule, but she'd accepted that her regular life had ended the second the world had found out about her mother and her boyfriend.

Hope recalled seeing Liam before. He said that he did computer repairs at Forrester, but it was no big deal. Hope prattled that he was cute and could save her music if her computer died. "You're my dream guy," she concluded. They laughed awkwardly, and Liam revealed that he'd been helping Steffy determine if her computer had been hacked. Though he hadn't found anything, he figured that Steffy might still be innocent. Hope, however, couldn't be convinced that anyone other than Steffy had taken the scandal public.

Later, Stephanie arrived at the guesthouse to find Liam alone, finishing his work. Stephanie questioned him about repairing her "other granddaughter's" laptop before the tribute. Liam vaguely recalled it; however, Stephanie doubted that many of his clients returned to ask him for help proving sabotage. She asked him to take another crack at the computer, but Liam nervously made excuses and hustled toward the door.

Stephanie spotted a Spencer Publications badge that Liam had left on the counter, and she detained him to talk about his career. Stephanie wondered if he had a second job, but he said that it was nothing that he got paid for. She questioned his interests, specifically in publishing, but he claimed that he was just an I.T. guy. She wondered what kind of work he did for Bill Spencer, and Liam scrambled toward the door again.

Stephanie halted Liam because she remembered that he'd been at the tribute. She deduced that he'd been at Forrester the night before, too, and he could have planted a listening device in Steffy's office. Liam denied it, but Stephanie leaped forward and smacked his face. Ordering him to admit it, she whacked him twice more and chased him around the bar. "I'll kill you! You set my granddaughter up!" she roared.

At the beach house, Katie and Bill made out, and Katie wondered how Bill's meeting with Steffy had gone. Bill stated that Steffy was vulnerable and angry, and when people got hurt, they also got careless. He noted that Steffy felt as if Ridge had betrayed her, and Steffy was certain that she'd been set up. Katie didn't believe it, but asked what Bill thought. He claimed that he only cared about using it to his advantage. Aroused by his coldness, Katie kissed him.

Bill called Steffy, and he asked her to meet him at the beach house, since they were both unwelcome at Forrester. The coquettish Steffy said it would be like old times.

After the call, Katie decided that it was her cue to take a walk on the beach. Bill told her fantasize about sitting in the CEO seat at Forrester, because that was what he'd be doing while she was gone. He promised to get the company back for her, and he said the one who'd stolen it from him would be the one to help him get it back.

When Steffy arrived at the beach house, he said that he was interested in her 25% of Forrester. She was disappointed that he'd asked her there to discuss stock. He said he also wondered how she was doing and if her father was treating her any better. Bill believed in Steffy's innocence, and she seemed surprised to hear it. He asked why her own father didn't believe it, and he wondered how long she'd let Ridge punish her for something she hadn't done.

Friday, August 13, 2010

At the beach house, Bill assumed that Steffy was determined to clear her name. She said she'd tried, but the evidence was "damning." She doubted that it even mattered, because all Ridge really wanted was for her to change her attitude about Brooke. "And if I do that, I really will be lying," Steffy said. In Steffy's view, the worst part was that Ridge blamed her while his marriage blinded him to Brooke's faults.

Bill advised her to stop living for her father's approval, because she had too much to offer the world, and Bill could help her make a new start. He advised her to leave Forrester and create her own legacy. "With your help?" she asked and wondered what it would cost her.

Bill claimed that he could make many things happen for her. She recalled that he'd given her one moment of triumph when she'd returned the company to Ridge. Bill reasoned that he hadn't made that one happen, and Steffy giggled, saying he hated her for it. Touching her face, Bill wondered how he could hate someone so beautiful, talented, "and so much like me."

Pushing Bill's hand way, Steffy asked what he wanted from her. He requested her shares in Forrester. He insisted that it was time for her to move on. He believe that if Steffy returned to Forrester, she'd have to contend with Hope and Brooke, who'd always have a greater influence over Ridge than she did. Bill believed that Steffy could start her own dynasty.

Bill handed Steffy a contract, and she gasped. "You're offering me twice what the stock is worth?" she asked. He handed her a pen, and she sighed, reviewing the offer. She said that after all her efforts to regain the company, he actually thought she'd just hand it over to him. "I'm sorry, Dollar Bill. You thought you had me, didn't you?" she asked.

Steffy decided that couldn't consider selling her shares until she cleared her name. She was desperate to show Ridge proof of her innocence. Bill replied that he knew she hadn't done it, and he could prove it. He admitted that one of his men had done itówithout his approval. He felt that she deserved to know the truth and clear her name. "I can do that for you," Bill said.

At the guesthouse, Liam cowered in a corner as Stephanie hurtled accusations at him and commanded him to admit to what he'd done. Scurrying from the corner, he exclaimed his denials, but she told him that it all fit. "Now you tell me the truth!" she ordered.

Liam asked if Stephanie would hold him hostage, and she threatened to have his kneecaps broken. He confessed to knowing how the tampering had happened, but swore he hadn't done it. "I knew it. Get your stuff," she ordered. As he exited before her, she grabbed a tuff of his hair, wedged her hand between his shoulder blades, and shoved him out the door.

In Ridge's office, Taylor pleaded Steffy's case to Ridge. Taylor could see the doubt in his eyes, and she urged him to tell Steffy that he believed in her. Ridge asked how Taylor could dismiss the evidence against Steffy. Taylor said she was Steffy's mother; all she had to do was look into Steffy's eyes to see the truth. "It should be enough for you, too!" Taylor exclaimed.

As Ridge toiled alone later, Stephanie dragged Liam into the office. She said that Liam, an employee of Bill Spencer, was going to tell Ridge the whole story of how Liam had tampered with the tribute. "Aren't you?" Stephanie asked, glaring at Liam.

Ridge recalled that Liam had worked on Steffy's computer the night Ridge had gone to Forrester to confront her. He accused Liam of recording their conversation, but Liam mumbled that he hadn't done it on purpose. Ridge deduced that Liam had used a remote access to the network to tamper with the tribute. Liam reasoned that it had been done that way, but not by him.

Realizing that Steffy had been honest the entire time, Ridge asked what Bill had offered Liam. Liam insisted that he hadn't done it, and Bill hadn't been aware of it. Liam explained that Justin Barber had stumbled upon the recording before Liam could destroy the laptop.

Ridge became enraged that he'd been blaming his daughter for something she hadn't done, and it had all been because Liam hadn't revealed what he'd known. Liam felt horrible about it, and he pleaded for a chance to make it right. Ridge grabbed Liam by the collar, but Liam yelled, "Don't hit me, I'm your son!"

At the Bikini Bar, Oliver worked on a surprise for Hope. Aggie sat down, saying that she thought they'd broken up. Expressing his desire to change that, Oliver explained that he'd made a video containing all the reasons that he and Hope should still be together. He emailed the video to Hope, and Aggie asked if he really thought Hope would open it. He didn't know, especially since he was the sender.

On the Forrester rooftop, Hope remembered confronting Oliver on the infamous terrace. Madison asked how Hope was doing, but when Hope pretended to be fine, Madison said, "This is me." Hope admitted that she cared for Oliver, but she couldn't be with him anymore. Madison stated that Oliver had made a mistake, but Hope said she'd forever remember her first love as the guy who'd slept with her mother.

When Hope arrived home, she tossed her black floppy hat and sunglasses aside and checked her messages. She groaned in frustration and deleted them all. Upon checking her emails, she discovered one from Oliver. Attached to it was a slide show filled pictures of them as boyfriend and girlfriend. "That's What's I'm Here For" played as the slideshow began.

As Hope watched it, Oliver pounded on the door. He said he refused to leave until she answered. Bracing herself, she opened the door for him. Oliver uttered that it wasn't over, and he wouldn't let it be. Hope sighed as Oliver kissed her.

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