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Monday, August 16, 2010

At the guesthouse, Oliver and Hope kissed on the sofa, but as they made out, the "Pose" incident flashed through her mind. She pulled away and said she couldn't stop thinking about what had happened that night. Though she loved him, she still couldn't imagine how he'd expected her to want her first time to be outside with her friends and parents nearby. "You are not the guy I thought you were, and I am certainly not the girl that you think I am," she declared.

Oliver begged Hope not to throw their relationship away over a stupid mistake, but she said the stupid mistake had changed her life. Though Hope mostly blamed Brooke, Hope felt that she had to start a new life for herself. Oliver again suggested that they run away, but she asked him to stop making things harder. She didn't want to stop seeing him, but she had no choice. Turning away from him, she ordered him to leave. He trudged out, and she wiped away tears.

In Ridge's office, Ridge reared back to punch Liam, but Liam cried out that he was Ridge's son. A shocked Ridge said he wasn't buying it, but Stephanie quipped, "Oh, I want to hear this." Ridge demanded that Liam say whatever he had to say because Ridge needed to find Steffy. Thorne entered and chuckled when Ridge apprised him of the situation with Liam. Thorne offered to throw Liam out, but Ridge said he'd take care of it.

Thorne left, and Ridge gave Liam one minute to explain. Liam claimed that his deceased mother, Kelly Hopkins, had been a model. Stephanie and Ridge had heard of Kelly; however, she'd never worked for Forrester, and Ridge had never met her. Confused, Liam stated that Kelly had kept old news clipping about Forrester Creations, and before she'd died, she'd told him that he could find his father in Los Angeles. Ridge replied that there had to be a dozen guys his age working at Forrester. "How'd I get to be the lucky one?" Ridge cynically wondered.

Stephanie decided that Liam's story made no sense, and Ridge called it a pack of lies. "But you're right about one thing: I'd never hit my son," Ridge added and swung at Liam. As Liam reeled in pain, Ridge asked Stephanie to have security throw Liam out of the building.

On the Forrester rooftop later, Stephanie found Oliver working out. He exclaimed that things hadn't been his fault, and she stated that it had been Brooke's fault. Stephanie asked how things were going with him and Hope. An upset Oliver worried that he'd lose Hope, and Stephanie reasoned that it was a real possibility.

Oliver figured he was too young to say it, but Hope was "the one" for him. Stephanie considered that it was possible, since she'd known that Eric was for her when she'd been eighteen. Oliver implored her to say that everything had worked out for her and Eric, but she admitted that they'd had their problems. Oliver vowed to work it out with Hope, because he couldn't lose her.

Downstairs, security shoved Liam outside, where Liam saw reporters hounding Hope. Liam chased the reporters off, and Hope noted that his mouth was bleeding. He explained that her father had hit him, and he warned her that she didn't want to be seen with him. Hope said she was grateful that he'd rescued her from the reporters, but he doubted she'd still feel that way after he explained why Ridge had hit him.

Liam conveyed that he'd inadvertently recorded Ridge's confrontation with Steffy about the party incident. Afterward, an attorney at Spencer had discovered the recording and remotely tampered with the tribute. Hope realized that Steffy had told the truth, but Liam, who'd known about the tampering beforehand, had kept quiet about the pending disaster.

At the beach house, a distrusting Steffy demanded that Bill reveal the name of the Spencer employee who'd set her up. Bill explained that with the help of the unwitting Liam, Justin Barber had stumbled upon a recording of a private conversation between her and Ridge. Bill detailed how Justin had tampered with the tribute, and Steffy demanded to speak to Justin.

Bill assured Steffy that he'd already admonished Justin, who was away on business. Bill hadn't been happy with how the reveal had affected his wife's family, and at Katie's request, he'd tried to suppress the story. Bill offered to help clear Steffy's name; however, he warned her not to forget that her real problem was Ridge's relationship with Brooke.

Ridge called Steffy to ask her to meet him. She stated that she was at Bill's house, and Ridge could meet her there. Ridge balked at the idea, but she insisted, since she'd been banned from Forrester. After the call, she told Bill that he'd get his chance to set things right.

Steffy reviewed the stock offer and figured she could afford her own fashion house with the proceeds from her stock sale. Bill said that the keys to success were answering to no one and seeking no one's approval. Steffy conveyed that her family always came first with her, and despite his flirtations, she wasn't ready to sell her stock. She guessed that meant that he wouldn't talk to Ridge for her. Bill said he'd do it because her face was too pretty for tears. Steffy touched Bill's hand, and Ridge pounded on the door.

Bill let Ridge in and bashed him for not believing in his daughter. Bill said he certainly wouldn't have let the talented Steffy go, as Ridge had done. Ridge replied that he was there to correct his mistake, and he asked Steffy to leave with him. Steffy refused to go, because she and Bill were in the midst of an important stock negotiation.

Ridge hoped Steffy really wouldn't consider selling to Bill after diligently working to get the company back. Steffy stated that there was no place for her at Forrester, because her father didn't trust her. Ridge revealed that he knew the truth, and he apologized for not believing her. He begged her not to sell her stock to Bill. "Please, Steffy, I love you," Ridge implored.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

by Pam

At Bill's house, Ridge, Steffy, and Bill postured for control of Steffy's shares. Ridge warned Steffy that Bill was trying to use her to get control of her shares. Bill stirred the pot by suggesting to Steffy that Ridge was not sorry enough for what he had done.

Bill said that he couldn't believe that Ridge would have doubted his daughter.

Steffy appeared thoughtful, and she wondered what would be different at Forrester if she returned. Ridge tried to convince her that they needed to speak privately. Bill reminded Steffy that he was making a very generous offer. Ridge warned Bill to leave Steffy alone.

Steffy and Ridge left, and Katie returned. Bill shared that someone at Spencer was responsible for sabotaging the video tribute that exposed Brooke and Oliver's brief sexual encounter. Katie wondered why Bill hadn't disclosed the information before, and he told her that there was nothing he could do about it after the fact.

Bill added that he never would have allowed his employees to hurt Katie's family, which he considered his own family. He knew how devastating it was that Brooke was publicly exposed. Bill said that he had no idea what had happened until it was too late.

Bill added that he was still working on getting control of Steffy's shares of Forrester. Bill said that he desperately wanted to put Katie back in place as Forrester CEO. They kissed and romantically discussed the power they would have with Katie as CEO again.

At Forrester, Hope and Liam argued as Liam admitted that he had been involved in altering the video that exposed Brooke and Oliver's brief sexual encounter. Liam told Hope that she had every right to hate him. Hope said that she hated Justin, but not Liam.

Liam explained that he'd had no intention of hurting anyone, but innocently became caught up in a power struggle when Justin took control of Steffy's laptop. Liam apologized for making such a mess of things because he knew all along that Steffy was innocent of any wrongdoing. Liam added that Ridge had every right to hit him.

Liam teased that maybe Hope should have hit him too. Hope laughed and promised that she would help clean up Liam's cuts -- inflicted by Ridge. Hope took him to the guesthouse and placed a lamb chop on his cut lip.

Liam continued to apologize, and worried that Stephanie or Ridge would find them, but Hope promised that he would be safe. Liam explained that his late mother had told him on her deathbed that he would find his father in Los Angeles. His mom had been a Forrester model, and he had mistaken Ridge for his father. Liam said that he hoped to find his father.

Hope shared that she'd never known her real dad either. She knew who he was, but that was about it. Hope and Liam agreed that they had a lot in common. Hope explained the entire mistaken-identity sex incident with Brooke and Oliver. Hope admitted that she had started to understand what had happened, but she could never be involved with someone who had already been with her mother.

Hope explained that she was a virgin and wanted her first time to be very special. She said that she would always love Oliver, but could never be intimate with him. She added that it made her sick to even kiss Oliver. Hope wondered if something was wrong with her, but Liam disagreed and complimented her.

At Forrester, Steffy wondered how things would be different if she returned to Forrester because Brooke and Hope were still there. Ridge said that they all had to learn to work together. Ridge apologized numerous times for not believing Steffy about her laptop, but he warned that she had to learn to get along with Brooke and Hope.

Frustrated, Steffy pointed out that Ridge never stopped forgiving Brooke for her errors. Ridge warned that he loved his wife. He hugged Steffy and begged her to understand that she had to get along with everyone at Forrester in order to work there. He asked her to return to Forrester.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Oliver was remembering good times with Hope, and Steffy entered. Steffy announced that she was back at Forrester after she'd discovered that someone at Spencer had tampered with the video. Oliver said that he hoped she would prosecute, but Steffy said that she just wanted to get past the entire incident.

Steffy admitted that she didn't blame anyone for not believing her about tampering with the video because she hadn't given them a reason to believe her. Steffy lamented that she had not been a very nice person lately to anyone. She asked Oliver what he liked about her.

Oliver said that she was smart, funny, unsinkable, and always had a plan. Steffy smiled and teased that she wondered why he wasn't attracted to her, and Oliver said that he had pictured himself one day married to Hope and raising kids. He admitted that he no longer thought that was possible. Steffy told him not to give up, but Oliver said that Hope couldn't get past what had happened.

Steffy reminded Oliver that Brooke had been in control and that it was all a mistake, but Oliver said that Hope wanted space. Steffy advised him to stay in touch but understand that Hope might need more than a week to get over it. She encouraged him to give Hope a call.

At the guesthouse, Liam and Hope were talking, and Ridge knocked on the door. Liam panicked and Hope told him to hide. Ridge entered and explained to Hope that Steffy was not responsible for the video that had embarrassed Hope. Ridge said that Liam Cooper, one of the interns at Spencer, had tampered with Steffy's computer. Ridge warned that Hope needed to stay away from Liam because he was nothing but trouble and would do and say anything to clear his name.

Ridge added that he had apologized to Steffy because he had not believed her when she claimed that she had nothing to do with sabotaging the tribute. Hope noted that Steffy wasn't responsible, but the worst thing about the incident was that it had happened, not that the entire world knew about it. Hope admitted that she knew it was all a mistake and she could accept that, but she wasn't ready to return home. Ridge kissed her goodnight and left.

Liam walked out of the bedroom, and Hope asked if it was true that he would say and do anything to get into her good graces. Liam admitted that there was a time when he would have done anything to help himself, but after his mom got sick, everything had changed.

Hope's phone rang, but she didn't answer immediately. Liam guessed that it was probably Oliver. Hope answered, and Oliver begged her not to hang up. Hope was kind, but she said that it really hurt too much to talk to Oliver. She said that one day she knew they would be friends, but she couldn't talk to him. Oliver said that he refused to give up on them. Hope said goodbye and hung up.

After Hope had hung up, Liam shared his personal story and how his life had changed. He said that he was a privileged kid when his mother had money, but it all changed when his mother was sick and he couldn't afford to finish school. He added that it was the best and worst thing that could happen because he realized a fall from grace could be a reality check.

Liam told Hope that the same thing was true for her. She had climbed the ladder of the family business, and suffered a terrible embarrassment, but he knew that she was going to be all right. Liam said that he selfishly hoped that she never got back with Oliver, and then he apologized. He also apologized for staring at her, and then told her that she was beautiful, sweet, and forgiving. He wanted to see her again. He smiled and leaned in to kiss Hope, and she returned the kiss.

At Brooke's home, Brooke undressed in her bedroom. The door opened and Brooke expected to see Ridge, but it was Stephanie. Brooke asked how Stephanie had gotten in, and Stephanie said that Brooke hadn't answered the front door. Brooke wondered if Hope was with Stephanie, but Stephanie curtly replied that wild horses couldn't drag Hope back to live with Brooke.

Stephanie proudly announced that Bill Spencer's staff had been responsible for tampering with Steffy's video, and Brooke needed to stop blaming Steffy. Stephanie added that the entire incident had resulted in irreparable damage between Ridge and Steffy. Stephanie encouraged Brooke to mend the fences between Ridge and Steffy.

Brooke was incredulous that Stephanie was turning Hope against Brooke, but she also expected Brooke to patch things up between Ridge and Steffy. Stephanie said that Ridge's undying loyalty to Brooke had created a wall between Ridge and Steffy. Stephanie wanted Brooke to be a good stepmother and good wife. Brooke ranted that Steffy had no one to blame but herself when everyone doubted her. Stephanie left.

Ridge later entered and Brooke told Ridge that his mother had just shared the news that Steffy's computer had been sabotaged. Brooke acknowledged that Steffy had been hurt and was angry. She added that Steffy loved Ridge and always would. Ridge said that he had apologized to Steffy, and she had agreed to return to Forrester. Ridge lamented that he had a sick feeling that nothing was ever going to be the same.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

At Jackie M, a forlorn Bridget wondered if Nick ever thought about their marriage. Nick admitted that he was frustrated that she was still living upstairs from Owen and Jackie. "It's all just too weird for me," he concluded. Aggie entered and noted how big Bridget had gotten. "You and Owen must be so excited," she blandly remarked, and Bridget left.

Aggie offered to get Nick out of the office, but he refused to leave the crazies to run the asylum. He ranted about his mother's na´vetÚ regarding the triangle she'd involved herself in, and he felt that the "cougar thing" didn't accurately represent his mother or Jackie M. Aggie thought Whip had made the ads fun, but Nick doubted that anyone took them seriously.

Aggie countered that Nick might be taking things too seriously, and she asked if he'd seen Whip's campaign. Though she didn't want to spark another debate, she had to admit that "every woman could use a little Owen in her life." Nick glared at her in response.

In the studio, the half-naked Owen sat on the back of Jackie's motorcycle for a photo shoot. Owen requested to at least have some chaps, but Whip quipped that everyone knew who wore the chaps in Owen's family. As Bridget entered, Whip promised to give Owen pants in the next setup. Owen looked embarrassingly at Amber and Bridget, who seemed to pity him.

For the next theme, Owen played a shirtless golf instructor for the short-skirted Jackie. After that, the still shirtless Owen shined the shoes of a gangster Jackie at an old-fashioned shoeshine stand. Next, the couple pretended to be on an Australian safari. Whip gave Owen a hat, but still no shirt. "The things that I do for you," Owen murmured to his wife.

Amber whispered to Bridget that it was nice to see a man doting on a woman for a change. Bridget stared enviously at Jackie and Owen. After the shoot, everyone cooed about how Owen had fawned over Jackie in the photos. Owen said he didn't mind showering his wife with attention, but he'd prefer to do it with his shirt on the next time.

Bridget remarked that they might be pushing the "cougar/cub" thing too hard. Though Whip disagreed, Jackie saw Bridget's point. Jackie didn't want the light-hearted campaign to seem mean-spirited. Owen stated that he was happy to do his part in their group effort, and he kissed Jackie. Bridget stared endearingly at them, but then she became pensive and conflicted.

Once alone, Jackie asked for her husband's honest opinion about the campaign. A frustrated Owen wanted to be more than her boy toy at Jackie M, but Nick wouldn't allow it. She insisted that Owen wasn't her boy toy, and he decided to go home to make dinner. He said he'd wear just an apron, if it pleased her. Jackie thought he'd had enough of parading around half-naked, but he claimed that it was only enjoyable when he was alone with her.

Conversing with Bridget later, Amber couldn't help but wonder what they'd put in the "hookah pipe over at chez Jackie." Bridget looked confused, and grinning, Amber imagined that Jackie, Owen, and Bridget lived in some upscale, hippie-type environment. "Are you and Jackie sharing Owen?" Amber asked. An indignant Bridget stammered, wondering if people really thought that. "No, no!" Bridget suddenly exclaimed. Amber said it was too bad and strode off.

At Forrester, Oliver packed up for day, and Stephanie arrived to discourage him from visiting Hope. Stephanie had hired a guard and prohibited visitors to the house until the scandal died down. Oliver said he'd thought that Stephanie had been supporting him. She replied that it was all just too much for Hope to deal with at the time. Oliver insisted that he'd made a mistake. "Getting involved with that woman usually is," Stephanie replied and left.

At the main house later, Stephanie gave her buff new guard, Doug, his instructions, and he promised to remain at the front gate all night. Meanwhile, the black-clad and skull-capped Oliver lurked in the bushes. He unloaded items from a backpack onto an alabaster patio table. Stephanie heard something as she stood on her terrace with a martini. She asked if anyone was on her property, but then told herself that no one was getting through the front gate that night.

At the guesthouse, Hope called Liam crazy as she ushered him inside. He said he'd risk anything to see her again. She conveyed that Stephanie had hired a guard. "Big guy, knows Kung Fu," Hope warned. Liam admitted that Hope, who wasn't like the other famous model-types, mesmerized him. Hope grew somber, and Liam realized that she was thinking of Oliver.

Hope assured Liam that the door was closed on Oliver. She couldn't get past what had happened, and touching Oliver had become creepy. Liam asked why Hope was confiding in him, but she wasn't ready to answer that question. He gushed that meeting her had been so much more than he'd ever imagined. "You turned up the volume on my whole life," he said. He wondered what she could be doing to him, and he kissed her.

Outside the guesthouse, Oliver looked into the window and wondered "who the heck" was inside with Hope. He pounded on the door, and in a terrible falsetto, he pretended to be Stephanie. Oliver asserted that he knew a boy was in there with Hope.

Hope sneaked Liam out the back, but when she answered the door to find Oliver, she stated that she'd known that it had been him all along. She ordered him to leave, but tugging her hand, he asked her to go with him. "There's something I want you to see...Please...?" he asked.

Oliver made Hope close her eyes, and he led her through the grounds to a romantic spot with string lights hanging over a candlelit table. He recalled that he'd asked her to run away with him. "To Stephanie's backyard?" she asked. Oliver figured that it was the last place anyone would look for them, and they were safe from the world behind the gate's walls. "I can't live without you," he uttered, and Hope smiled lovingly at him.

Friday, August 20, 2010

In bed, Brooke and Ridge escaped their troubles by making love. Afterward, Brooke wished they could permanently avoid their issues with Stephanie, Hope, and Donna. Ridge added Bill and Liam to the list. Brooke and Ridge were disappointed in Donna for selling her Forrester shares to Bill, but Brooke doubted that Steffy would do it, too. Ridge worried that he'd lost something special in his relationship with Steffy, and he'd love to strangle Liam for his part in it.

At Forrester, Steffy yanked Liam into Ridge's office to advise him to slither out of the building the same way he'd slithered in. Steffy desired to slug him herself for recording her private conversation and using it against her. Liam clarified that the recording had been an accident, and Justin had acted alone. Steffy, however, countered that Liam should have alerted her to the tampering. She asserted that she'd trusted him, but he'd ruined her and Hope's lives.

When Steffy said she felt stupid for hiring Liam to investigate the crime, he returned her uncashed check to her. Snatching it, she conveyed that she was disillusioned because she'd hoped that they'd become friends. The apologetic Liam offered to make it up to her. He regretted not stepping up, because it had hurt many people, and he reasoned that Hope had been hurt the most.

Liam stated that the sweet and innocent Hope was the last person in the world that he'd want to hurt, and Steffy guessed that he'd met Hope. Liam explained that Hope had patched him up after Ridge had hit him. "And you can't stop thinking about her, can you?" Steffy asked.

Standing in Oliver's Chinese-themed oasis in Stephanie's backyard, Hope asked how Oliver had pulled it off. He said he'd slipped past the guard, because he'd had to see her. He set out her favorite Chinese food and said he also had their song, "Love Uncompromised." Hope murmured that it had once been their song, and he replied that it would be again.

As they ate, Hope noted that he still wore his "hope" necklace. She cited that they'd been close to reuniting during the Jason Castro serenade, and she jokingly asked if Castro were hiding in the bushes. Adjusting a telescope, Oliver stated that it would have been a nice touch.

Oliver said he'd been gazing at the moon a lot since their breakup. To him, the moon's constant presence radiated hope. When Hope looked through the telescope, she saw the "hope" symbol on the moon. As she swiped the symbol off the telescope lens, he said hope was on the moon and in the stars, and hope was what he'd been missing since he'd lost her.

The couple kissed, and Oliver asked if she still saw visions of him and Brooke. Hope wasn't sure, so she kissed him again. "No mom," she said and kissed him. "Still no mom," she repeated. As they kissed more, "Pose" suddenly blasted through the air. Oliver toppled over a candle while diving toward the music player to shut off the song. Hope laughed as he stomped out the small candle fire. She thanked him for never giving up, and she kissed him.

At Jackie's house, Owen was making dinner in shorts and an apron when Bridget arrived. She thought that he was sweet to indulge his wife. He said it was the least he could do after what he'd put Jackie through; however, the price for his mistake sometimes seemed a little too steep.

Bridget called Owen quite the little homemaker, and she was impressed that he could hold down a job, too. Owen hardly considered posing as Jackie's boy toy a job. Bridget stated that she'd tried to intervene during the photo shoot earlier. Owen griped that Nick didn't want him around unless it was for the ridiculous ad campaigns. Though Owen loved Jackie, he sometimes felt as if they were all living in Jackie's world.

Jackie breezed in with some bags and greetings for Owen, Bridget, and the baby. "Dressed for dinner, I see," she said, kissing Owen. As Jackie anticipated a spicy dessert, Bridget uncomfortably looked away. Owen asked to talk to Jackie, and Bridget decided to go upstairs. Jackie insisted that there was nothing that they couldn't say in front of Bridget. Owen seemed reluctant, but Jackie urged him to reveal what was on his mind.

Owen stated that it was about his role in the marriage. When he noted that he'd been at home doing all the house chores, Jackie readily offered him a big allowance. Owen, however, relayed that it wasn't about money. He loved cooking for her, just not every single night. Jackie replied that she couldn't cook, and she had to work. Owen exclaimed that he couldn't work, because Nick wouldn't let him back into the company.

Jackie figured that they'd finally gotten to the root of the problem. She asked Owen to fetch her some wine, and Owen balked that "fetching," as if he were a Cocker Spaniel, was the precise thing that bothered him. Dismissing "fetching" as a British term, Jackie joked that he was a German Shepherd, not a Cocker Spaniel. Bridget interjected that Owen was trying to tell his wife something serious, and the seemingly chastised Jackie decided to listen.

Owen felt that he was destined to be more than a hunk of meat in weird ad campaigns. He understood that Nick wouldn't let him back into the company, but as a man, Owen desired to work. Jackie promised to discuss it with Nick when the time was right.

Placing Owen's hand on Bridget's belly, Jackie said he had a very important job in helping Bridget care for "our" unborn child. Jackie stated that she loved him, and he was more than her sex object. "You know that, don't you, Bridget?" Jackie asked, and Bridget agreed. "Draw me a bath?" the hopelessly spoiled Jackie asked Owen. He and Bridget rolled their eyes.

After Owen settled Jackie into a bubble bath and helped her pick a body wash scent, Bridget decided to go upstairs. Jackie asked Bridget to stay. "In fact, could you fetch me the-bring me the glass of wine, please?" Jackie asked. Complying, Bridget assumed that the queen was in her element. "Oh, my, it is good being the Queen Bee," Jackie purred, taking her wine.

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