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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 6, 2010 on B&B
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, CBS preempted its usual daytime lineup and no episode of The Bold and the Beautiful was shown today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 7, and pick up where the Friday, September 3 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

At Big Bear, Bridget and Owen kissed each other and admired their baby. She found it incredible that they'd created the baby and brought him into the world together. Bridget stated that she loved Owen for helping to deliver their child. After determining that their son was healthy, she stated that she still couldn't believe she finally had the baby she'd always wanted. "Our son," Owen uttered. Staring wondrously at Owen, Bridget repeated, "Our son."

Bridget confessed that she'd feared losing the baby, but it had all worked out. Owen marveled at the miracle of childbirth, and Bridget said they should give Jackie the news. Owen hopped up to make the call.

At Jackie M, Stephanie continued to believe that Jackie was headed for heartache. While she admired Jackie's compassion and forgiving nature, Stephanie insisted that someone was bound to feel left out of the "ménage à trois." As they spoke, Owen called to announce that Bridget had gone into labor, and the new baby boy had been born at the cabin.

Stephanie looked concerned as an elated Jackie prepared to go to the cabin. Jackie exclaimed that Owen was a father. Jackie couldn't wait to see the baby, but Stephanie advised her to give Owen and Bridget some time alone. "It wasn't just Owen and Bridget who had a baby. I had a baby, too, and I'm going to see him!" Jackie insisted and left.

Stephanie went to Forrester to find Eric sketching. He suggested that they go home for martinis, and she said they'd need to make doubles. She relayed that he was a grandfather again, because Bridget had delivered a baby boy at the cabin. Eric enthusiastically responded, but grimaced when Stephanie explained that Owen was the baby's father. She expressed serious doubt that Owen, Jackie, Bridget, and the baby could be the big, happy family that Jackie wanted.

Back at Big Bear, Owen cleaned the baby and swaddled him in a blanket. Bridget held her son and smiled sadly. She remembered Nicole, the child she'd lost, and she stated that Nicole would watch over the new baby. The pair discussed naming the newborn, and they decided upon Logan Knight. Bridget loved the sound of it, and Owen remarked that it was both of their names joined together. "As it should be," he said, and Bridget smiled at him.

After Bridget nursed Logan a little, Owen asserted that he'd be a hands-on father. Bridget guessed that Logan's first words would be "Da-da." She grew tearful and said that Owen didn't know how much it had meant to her that he'd stood by her after she'd lost Nick. She thanked Owen for helping her to see that the baby was meant to be. "It's all such a blessing because of you. It's you. You have completely changed my life," she said.

A car pulled up, and Owen opened the door for Jackie. She barreled in, anxiously asking to see the baby. Upon spotting Logan, she whimpered and uttered that he was spectacular. Owen explained that he'd delivered the baby, and a tearful Jackie expressed her pride in the mother, the father, and the son. "My baby, you're breathtaking," Jackie told Logan. Bridget's smile faded, and she glanced worriedly at Owen.

Jackie washed her hands and gave Bridget a glass of water. When Jackie asked to hold the baby, Bridget stammered, but released Logan into Jackie's arms. Jackie decided that the boy needed a regal name, like Alistair, which had been her grandfather's name. As Jackie said it would be nice to give him a family name, Bridget and Owen conveyed that they'd already named him Logan Knight. "Well, perhaps we might want to give it just a little bit more thought," Jackie replied, and Bridget scowled.

Eric called to congratulate his daughter. Stephanie took over the call, so that Eric could consult a supplier. After congratulating Bridget, Stephanie warned that Jackie was on her way to the cabin. Bridget awkwardly responded, and Stephanie guessed that Jackie had already arrived. Sensing that Bridget wasn't happy about it, Stephanie reasoned that Bridget couldn't raise the baby with Jackie.

Bridget looked surprised, but listened as Stephanie said that no matter how guilty Bridget felt about the Owen situation, it was Bridget's baby to raise. Bridget wondered what Stephanie was getting at, but Stephanie merely said that she'd be there if Bridget needed her.

After the call, Bridget decided to try to nurse the baby more. She asked for Logan back, but Jackie requested a few more moments with him. Jackie told Logan how much fun they'd have together. "My baby, my beautiful baby," Jackie uttered. Owen and Bridget shared another concerned look.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At Jackie's house, the Logans and the Forresters gathered to see Logan, the newest addition to their families. Rick called Brooke a grandma, and Stephanie wondered how that felt. "Pretty good, actually," Brooke quipped. As Jackie passed the baby around, she murmured to Stephanie that they'd have to find Logan a nickname. Stephanie agreed, and Brooke scowled.

While Donna held Logan, Bridget and Owen talked about the cabin delivery. Rick gave Logan some sports caps. Aside, Rick told Jackie that they'd see a lot more of him. Jackie was glad, because she wanted her baby to know his extended family. Rick complimented her house and her eye for style. She noted that she also had an eye for handsome young men, and she asked why Rick wasn't married. Rick bashfully laughed and said he was just looking at the moment.

Eric asked Owen how it felt to be a father. Realizing that Eric had concerns about Owen and Bridget's unorthodox situation, Owen asserted his dedication to Bridget and the baby. Eric asked if Owen were dedicated to Jackie, too.

Aside with Donna later, Eric remarked that he was blessed. She admitted that she was moving on, but it would take a while to get over him. Eric said he'd never forget their marriage, because it had given him so much. "Just not enough, I guess, huh?" Donna sadly concluded.

Brooke asked Bridget to move in with her, but Stephanie readily offered Bridget the Forrester guesthouse. As Stephanie and Brooke debated which house would be best for Bridget and the baby, Jackie said Bridget already had a place to live. Jackie insisted that Logan needed his parents, and Bridget confirmed that she liked living near Jackie and Owen. Jackie welcomed the families to visit often, because she wanted "her" baby to know his family.

There was an awkward pause, and Bridget decided that it was time to put "my" baby down for a nap. Rick and Brooke carried the baby upstairs, and Bridget escorted Donna and Eric out before going to her own apartment. Alone with Stephanie, Jackie beamed that the party had been great. "I found the whole thing very strange," Stephanie admitted.

Jackie remained oblivious as Stephanie pointed out that Stephanie had once lost her husband to a young Logan. Jackie countered that Bridget was a Forrester. "It comes down through the mother!" Stephanie insisted. Jackie defended her marriage and said she'd never allow the situation if she had serious concerns about Bridget. Stephanie rolled her eyes and sighed, but Jackie insisted that the affection between Owen and Bridget was innocent. "Bridget has one love-her child. And my husband has two-our child and me," Jackie claimed.

Upstairs, Brooke and Rick questioned Bridget's living arrangements, but Bridget said she liked living near Owen. "But he's married," Brooke stated. Bridget cited that Jackie thought of Logan as her own son. "Does she ever," Brooke quipped. Rick asked "Budge" how she felt about the father of her child. Bridget grinned, saying that Owen was much more than that.

Bridget was enamored by Owen's gentle nature, because her previous husbands had been hard and macho. She admitted to kissing Owen after the birth. Brooke was shocked, but Bridget claimed that the birthing experience had been even more intimate than making love. "I think you should come stay at our house," Brooke replied. Insisting that she could control her feelings, the starry-eyed Bridget admitted that she might be falling in love with Owen.

At the beach house, Katie tried to delay Bill's trip to the office, and Bill wondered what she was up to. Hope and Liam arrived, and Liam said he'd heard that Bill had wanted to see him. Bill glared at Katie, who warily uttered, "Surprise..." When Katie confessed to arranging the visit, Bill said he had no time for it-and even less interest in it.

Hope remarked that Liam had assumed that Bill was trying to reach out. Liam thought Katie shouldn't have bothered; however, Katie instructed Bill to tell the office that he'd be a little late. Bill, who wasn't one to play games, stated that he and Liam didn't like each other, and Liam could forget about the job offer. Liam quipped that Bill knew what to do with his job offer. Katie ordered the men to get used to being father and son.

Bill asked why Hope cared about the situation, and she claimed that she was just helping a friend find his father. Bill stated that it was too late. He reasoned that he would have raised Liam differently, because Liam wasn't "the hardest nail in the tool box." Bill claimed that his first and last advice to Liam was to toughen up. "Well, it's a start," Katie reasoned.

Declaring that it was the finish, Bill insisted that he had no feelings for Liam whatsoever. Liam figured that his mother had been wise to cut Bill out of their lives. Liam said he'd never wanted anything from Bill, but after the DNA confirmation, Liam had thought that they might cultivate a friendship. "Obviously, I was wrong," Liam declared, striding out.

Katie asked why Bill was behaving that way with his son. "He's not my son. He's my biological spawn, and I want no part of him," Bill replied. Hope decided that Liam was lucky that Bill felt that way. When Katie revealed that Bill hadn't been close to his father, Hope figured that should prompt Bill to seek a relationship with Liam. Bill reasoned that it'd be different if he'd had the chance to raise Liam properly; however, Liam had arrived as damaged goods.

Hope grew incensed at Bill's attitude, because any other man would be proud to have the mild-mannered Liam as his son. She said that Liam was faithful, and she'd trust him with her life. As Liam listened from the window, Hope declared that she had no respect for Bill, who dared to turn his back on his son.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

At Jackie's house, Jackie was in the mood to make out, but Owen had promised to finish assembling a baby toy for Bridget. "Bridget, Bridget, Bridget," Jackie said, rolling her eyes. Jackie shared Stephanie's belief that Jackie should be jealous, and he guessed that Stephanie was stirring up trouble. Jackie assured him that she knew his heart, and she wasn't insecure.

In Bridget's apartment, Brooke and Rick grew worried about Bridget's feelings for Owen. Bridget considered that her hormones might be to blame. Sighing, Bridget reluctantly admitted that she was beginning to view Jackie as an intrusion. Rick and Brooke suggested that Bridget's maternal instincts might be kicking in. Bridget stated that Logan had changed everything for her, and she was certain that Owen felt the same way.

Bridget realized that they'd become a family, but she feared that there might not be room for Jackie in it. Though Bridget respected Jackie and Owen's marriage, something inside her was urging her to give Logan a proper family. "Just Owen and you?" Brooke asked. Bridget beamed that she and Owen could give Logan brothers and sisters. At Brooke's leery stare, Bridget said she knew it sounded crazy. She sighed, unsure that she could share her baby.

Outside the door, Owen arrived with the toy in hand. He was about to knock, but he overheard Bridget inside talking to her family. Bridget said she couldn't help but feel that Owen and she were meant to raise their child together. Brooke asked about Jackie's role, but Bridget was uncertain of it. Bridget only knew that, of all her pregnancies, Logan had survived. She believed that it was because of Owen.

Owen entered the house, and Rick and Brooke left. Admitting that he'd overhead what Bridget had said, Owen confided that things were different for him, too. Having Logan had caused Owen to reevaluate his relationship to Bridget, his priorities, and his marriage. He said he knew what they needed to do, and he believed that Bridget knew, too.

Downstairs, Jackie answered the door for Rick, who'd arrived to express his belief that Logan would draw Owen and Bridget together. "Oh, this is so adorable! It's adorable! You've come to warn me," Jackie said. Laughing uneasily, Rick stated that he just thought that Owen and Bridget should be allowed to be parents. Jackie guessed that would leave her out in the cold. "Oh, no, not at all," Rick said and kissed her.

Jackie stepped back, and Rick offered to personally guarantee that she wouldn't be alone for long. Though she found it sweet and unexpected, Jackie admonished him for the kiss. Rick stated that Owen and Bridget should be together, and once they were, he'd be interested in getting to know Jackie better. "Oh, dear Lord," Jackie replied, shaking her head knowingly.

At the beach house, Liam listened outside the window as Hope continued to defend him to Bill. Bill told his niece that excessive talking must be a female Logan genetic trait. He'd tolerated Hope's diatribe because she was family; however, it was really none of her business. Hope persisted in making a case for Liam. "Just shoot me," Bill stated as Hope went on about how caring, sweet, and smart Liam was. Bill called Liam a weak little weasel, and Hope decided that Bill didn't deserve to be Liam's father.

Hope marched out of the house. Liam stopped her on the porch to ask if she'd really meant what she'd said about him. "Every word," she replied, and he bashfully grinned.

Liam spirited Hope off to a private spot on the beach. He thought it was a great place to thank her for helping him through the most "terrible-slash-wonderful" days of his life. Hope didn't think she'd done anything, but a grateful Liam appreciated her being there, and making the horrible situation bearable.

While discussing what he had hoped for in a father, Liam said he'd envisioned having a typical, sitcom dad. Hope figured that he'd been looking for Bill Cosby, but he'd gotten Bill Spencer instead. Liam was glad for the situation because he'd met Hope. He reasoned that the purpose of his journey might have been to find her instead of Bill.

As they stretched out on the sand, Hope stated that life had given him a faithful friend to counteract his callous father. Liam quickly noted her use of the word "friend," and she politely stated that he knew her situation. He did, but he still aspired to be more than friends. Liam felt that Hope gave reason to his life. Since the moment he'd first seen her, he'd known that he was "jaw-breaking, eye-popping crazy" about her.

Back at the beach house, Katie realized that her plan hadn't gone over well, and Bill rasped that when he wanted to see "that boy," it would be on his terms. A stubborn Bill decided that he'd been exceptionally patient with Hope. "Maybe you should call her. Pretend I apologized," he begrudgingly said. Katie figured that Hope would be just fine. "You will be, too," Katie uttered, stroking his neck.

Katie told Bill that he didn't have to be afraid, but he assured her that it wasn't the case. Still, she stated that he didn't have to worry that he'd turn out like his own father. "Are you seriously comparing me to my ass of a father?" Bill asked. Katie said he was doing it all on his own; however, he was actually a better man than his father had ever been.

Katie implored Bill not to treat his son the way that Bill had been treated, but Bill insisted that the situation was different. Bill's father had known about Bill all along, but had chosen to ignore him. She reasoned that Bill had a choice, too. He could either be Liam's father and friend, or a tyrant and an enemy. She expressed her confidence that Bill would make the right choice.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, CBS preempted its usual daytime lineup. As a result, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and As the World Turns were not shown today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 7, and pick up where the Friday, September 3 episodes concluded.

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