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Monday, September 13, 2010

Old memories rushed back to Amber when she entered Brooke's house. She complimented the annoyed Brooke, who demanded to know the point of the visit. Amber asked if Rick were still available, and Brooke dropped her jaw at Amber's audacity to ask for help in dating Brooke's son. Amber explained that she and Rick had reconnected; however, he hadn't returned her calls. She simply wanted Brooke to let her know if she were wasting her time.

Brooke, however, wasn't up-to-date on Rick's love life. She bitterly stated that Rick hadn't confided in her when he'd been in high school, and she didn't expect him to start confiding in her as an adult. Amber decided to ask Bridget for advice, but Brooke deterred Amber from bothering Bridget, who was busily sorting out her own life. "How's that going for her?" Amber asked. Rolling her eyes, Brooke scowled at Amber.

At Bridget's house, Bridget didn't know what to make of her feelings for Owen; however, Owen asserted that their family was the priority, not their feelings. He compared his and Bridget's connection to surfing the perfect wave. While it was exhilarating and fun, it was also terrifying and dangerous. He believed that they should keep their heads straight, because neither of them wanted to hurt Jackie or complicate Logan's life.

Owen felt that he and Bridget were on an incredible high. He recognized the bond between them, but he was still married to Jackie, who was a part of it, too. Bridget remarked that none of it would have happened without Jackie's understanding and support. Owen said Jackie had already forgiven them for many things, and he couldn't bear it if they hurt her again.

At Jackie's house, Jackie surmised that Rick had a little bit of the devil in him. Rick advised Jackie to keep her options open, because Logan was already drawing his parents closer. Jackie guessed she could cry on Rick's shoulder, but he suggested that she might be interested in his other body parts, too. Rick called her smart, successful, and sexy. "Married, and married," Jackie quickly added.

In Rick's view, Jackie had been the center of Owen's world---until the other day. Noting Jackie's bathtub oasis by the window, Rick warned that rubber duckies and water toys would soon encumber it. Rick felt that Owen was trading champagne for baby bottles, but Jackie advised Rick to stop the routine, because she knew a smokescreen when she saw one.

Jackie commended Rick on being a good big brother. She assumed that he sought to redirect her interest toward another younger man, so that Bridget wouldn't be the villain for breaking up Owen's marriage. Rick insisted that Jackie genuinely intrigued him, but she called him a "very well-meaning boy." She persisted in her belief that Owen wouldn't leave her. For Owen and Bridget's sake, she decided not to tell them about Rick's little pitch.

Owen and Bridget arrived with Logan through the back stairwell. Rick pretended to be congratulating Jackie, but Jackie revealed to the new parents that Rick didn't think their situation would work. Everyone laughed it off, but for the first time, Jackie seemed uneasy.

As they all chitchatted, Jackie asked to hold Logan. Bridget tried to hide her annoyance, and Owen suggested that Logan might get cranky if he were passed into different hands. Jackie backed off, but thanked Bridget for sharing the baby with her. Bridget responded with a tight-lipped smile. When Jackie noted that Bridget seemed tired, Rick offered to help with the baby. Smiling at Owen, Bridget replied that she had all the help she needed.

Owen offered to change Logan's diaper, and as he took the child back up the spiral staircase, Bridget followed. Owen urged her to stay and see her brother out, but hot on his heels, she insisted that Owen needed instruction. "I told you so," Rick murmured to Jackie after they left.

Upstairs, Owen and Bridget bonded more as they changed Logan's diaper. Bridget practically glowed as she reasoned that Logan had waited until his parents had been alone together to make his entry into the world. An emotional Bridget said she'd been "so ready to be a mom." She told Logan that she'd prayed for him and dreamed about him; however, she'd never imagined that it would happen the way it had. She believed that it was fate. All her pain and confusion had led her to that moment, and she didn't regret any of it.

Back downstairs, Jackie laughed at the thought of being worried because her husband wanted to change his son's diaper, but Rick urged her to focus on how Bridget and Owen related to each other. Jackie said she'd kept Nick from his real father out of fear and insecurity, and that had been a mistake. She claimed that she wasn't insecure, and she was thrilled for Owen and Bridget. She hoped that the new parents enjoyed all the experiences of parenthood. Rick stated that if it all went as he'd predicted, then he'd give Jackie the experiences that she deserved.

Jackie turned Rick down again, and he wondered why she hadn't thrown him out yet. She claimed that she wished to keep their family relationships amicable, but Rick countered that she was also keeping her options open. He offered to forget the whole conversation if things happened to work out in Jackie's life; however, he asserted that her future wasn't with "Mr. Cowabunga." Rick believed that she needed a man who was completely devoted to her. "And right now, you're looking at that man," Rick claimed and kissed her.

Just then, Bridget entered through the front door and saw the kiss. Shocked, she backed out of the door.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

by Pam

Rick planted a smooch on Jackie's lips, and Bridget saw it when she opened the door to Jackie's place. Bridget backed out quickly and then noisily reentered. On the balcony, Owen entered with the baby, and it was unclear what he'd seen.

Jackie and Rick nervously made small talk when they saw Bridget. Owen walked down the stairs with the baby, and they all chatted about how Rick was the baby's uncle and should visit more often. Later, Bridget decided to take the baby upstairs to her loft to nurse him. Bridget encouraged Rick to join her, and they left Jackie and Owen alone.

Ridge and Brooke were at home, and Ridge teased Brooke about being a grandma -- a "hot" grandma. Brooke and Ridge marveled that baby Logan had been born in the cabin at Big Bear in the exact same way that Brooke had given birth to Bridget. They recalled that Ridge had delivered Bridget.

Brooke said that she was worried about Bridget because Bridget had shared that she was falling in love with Owen. Brooke worried that Bridget was going to be hurt. Ridge suggested that Bridget move in with them.

Brooke said that she had already offered the idea to Bridget, but Bridget was determined to stay close to where Owen lived. Brooke told Ridge about Amber's visit and Amber's desire to date Rick again. Ridge was surprised that Amber was still interested in Rick after all their years apart.

Brooke said that Amber had admitted Rick was not returning her calls, so Brooke figured that Rick wasn't interested. Amber had told Brooke that she thought Rick was interested in someone else, and Brooke had no idea that he was interested in someone.

At Bridget's loft, Bridget chastised Rick for kissing Jackie. Rick passed it off as harmless flirting, but Bridget said that he was flirting with a married woman, and needed to back off. Rick defended his feelings for Jackie. Rick said that he felt she was a fascinating woman. Bridget warned him to stay away from Jackie. Bridget was convinced that Rick was trying to be a thoughtful brother and steal Jackie away from Owen so that Owen would be free to romance Bridget.

Bridget said that she appreciated Rick's efforts, but she insisted that he had to stop. Rick told Bridget that it was obvious that Owen and Bridget belonged together. Rick said that he could see it in the way that they looked at each other.

Bridget took a call from the pediatrician, who had to reschedule her appointment with the baby. The pediatrician wanted to see the baby immediately rather than later because of a scheduling conflict. Bridget packed up her stuff and the baby and decided to tell Owen about the new appointment on her way out. Bridget felt Owen would want to attend the appointment.

At Jackie's house, Jackie and Owen kissed and hugged. Jackie noted that Bridget clearly had feelings for Owen, and Owen admitted that Bridget had confided in him that she did have feelings for him. Owen told his wife not to worry because he loved only Jackie, but he wanted to be understanding of Bridget's feelings.

Owen caressed Jackie. She told Owen how happy she was for Bridget and Owen because they had both wanted a baby so badly. They finally had a child of their own. Jackie thanked Owen for including her in everything for the baby. Owen thanked Jackie for her understanding. Bridget entered and interrupted to tell Owen that she had to go to the pediatrician. Owen kissed Jackie and started toward the door. Jackie offered to go with them, but Owen told her it wasn't necessary.

Later, Jackie received a text message that she had received a delivery on the roof. When she got to the rooftop, she discovered that Rick had a romantic setting prepared. Candles, champagne, and caviar were laid out on a lovely table with flowers. Rick greeted Jackie, and she told him that he had to stop courting her, but she had no intention of letting caviar and champagne go to waste.

Rick told Jackie that he hoped he would get the opportunity to spoil her in the fashion she deserved. Rick said that he knew Owen probably hadn't planned dinner with Jackie. Rick added that since Owen would be spending more time with Bridget and the baby, Jackie would be getting less attention and fewer caviar and champagne dinners. Rick offered to take over in that department.

Jackie told Rick to stop flirting, but Rick told Jackie that she was fascinating. He said that they could accomplish a lot if they teamed up together in business and in life. He begged her to think about it, and Jackie silently looked pensive.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

by Pam

At the doctor's office, Bridget and Owen chatted with the pediatrician about how well the baby was doing. Owen mentioned that the baby didn't open one eye at times, and the doctor discovered that the baby had a blocked tear duct. He prescribed some eye drops. Bridget and Owen congratulated each other on having a happy, healthy baby.

After the appointment, Bridget called Rick and told him that she wanted to continue her conversation with him. Rick asked her to stall because he was with Jackie. Bridget angrily told Rick to stop pursuing Jackie because it was wrong. Rick told Bridget not to worry.

On the rooftop, Rick continued to flirt with Jackie and suggested that they could team up in business and in life. He wanted her to travel to Paris with him and stay for a week. He reminded Jackie that he had spent years working for Forrester International, and the two of them had similar tastes. Rick believed that they could connect much better than Jackie and Owen could.

Jackie said that Rick had a lot of charm, just like his father. Rick made no excuses for Eric, who had at one time been engaged to Jackie. Rick said that his father was eternally tied to Stephanie, and Rick could not understand why. Rick continued to press Jackie to consider his offer of a trip to Paris.

Jackie said that she had to leave. She thanked Rick for the champagne and caviar, and she took the bottle of champagne with her. Rick tried to kiss her, but Jackie stopped him. She told him that he was wasting his time on her.

At Spencer Publications, Katie interrupted Bill and Justin's meeting. Bill had a picture of his father on his desk, and Bill shared that he would rather be dead than ever see his father's face staring back at him in the mirror. Katie tried to convince Bill that he needed to work things out with Liam so that he didn't end up like his father.

Bill said that he had been cheated out of a life with Liam, and Bill was angry that Liam had not searched for him while he was growing up. Katie explained that Liam had believed his mother when she discouraged him from looking for his biological father. Katie begged Bill not to blame Liam. Bill finally agreed to talk to Liam.

At Insomnia, Hope and Liam talked about family, and Hope tried to convince Liam that there had to be something good about Bill Spencer because her aunt had married him. Liam asked about Oliver, but Hope dismissed the conversation.

Hope's phone rang, and it was Katie, who asked to speak to Liam. When Liam answered, Bill was on the line. Bill told Liam that he wanted another chance to get to know Liam. Bill said that they had both been cheated out of a relationship for years.

Liam angrily replied that he had been cheated out of more time with his mother by the cancer that had killed her. Liam said that Bill had been cheated by nature. Liam hung up on Bill, and Bill threw Katie's phone across his office, crashing it into glass. Bill told Katie he would buy her a new phone.

Later, when he was alone in his office, Bill tried to type a letter to Liam, but he was bitter and started off by saying that there were no similarities between them. Bill played with a pen with his left hand, and nervously thought about what to say to his son.

Bill thought about Liam being stubborn, and then he composed a couple of insulting sentences. He sat back in his chair, and realized that he would really start a letter with "Dear son." He wanted to tell his son that he would have been a better man if he had known Liam earlier.

At his home, Liam also sat at his computer. He found a picture of Bill and drew devil horns, a black eye, and missing tooth on it. Liam sat playing with a pen in his left hand, and composed a critical letter to Bill telling him to stay away. Liam added that he was going to get a lawyer, but he stopped writing and wondered what he would really say to his dad.

At Insomnia, Katie found Hope, but Hope explained that Liam had left. Katie said that she and Hope had to get Bill and Liam together. Katie said that they were Logan women, and Logan women found a way to keep family together.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Bill's office, Katie called Hope at the Forrester studio to brainstorm ways to unite Liam and Bill. Hope was leery of seeing Liam hurt again, but Katie believed that a remorseful Bill was finally warming up to having a son. The women decided to lure the men to Brooke's house to talk, and Katie inquired about Hope's feelings for Liam and Oliver. Uncertain of her emotions, Hope said she'd asked Oliver to meet her to discuss things.

Bill arrived in his office, and Katie hurried off the phone. Bill guessed that his wife was up to something, and the mischievously grinning Katie said she had a surprise for him.

Back at Forrester, Hope called Liam to invite him to her parents' house, where she claimed to have prepared something special. Liam silently cheered to himself, but reminded her that her parents hated him. She assured him that Ridge and Brooke wouldn't be home. They agreed to meet later, and Oliver entered as Hope ended the phone call.

Oliver enthusiastically greeted Hope, but she seemed aloof as she hugged him. Oliver said he missed her, and she admitted that she'd been spending time with a friend. Upon hearing that it was a male friend, he became nervous. Hope elaborated that it was Liam Cooper, and Oliver grew upset that she'd hang out with the guy who'd helped taint Steffy's tribute.

Hope explained that she'd been supporting Liam, who'd just learned that his father was Bill Spencer. Oliver said her helpfulness was what he loved about her; however, she could tell that he was upset about it. She apologized for being swept up in Liam's emotional issues, but she empathized with his paternity struggle. Because Hope always wanted to be honest with Oliver, she felt that he needed to know about her friendship with Liam.

Oliver asserted that he'd never trust Liam after the tribute incident. When Hope tried to explain her reasons for befriending Liam, Oliver decided that he wanted to talk about them, not Liam. Oliver wondered what had happened to putting their relationship back together. He doubted that her spending time with Liam would help their situation.

Oliver was still deeply sorry for the way he'd hurt Hope, and he knew that he was lucky to have another chance with her. He hoped that she still loved him, and she said that she'd never stopped. She believed that she'd always love him, but their relationship had gotten messed up. Oliver said that the "hope" symbol represented their future and everything that was good and right. He wanted her to wear it again; however, Hope didn't think she ever could.

Hope felt that things were no longer the same. Looking at the symbol only reminded her of a dark time in life. Oliver wondered if he were wearing his necklace in vain. He asked if he were wrong to still consider Hope as his girlfriend. "Just tell me. Do you want me to take this off?" he asked, tugging his necklace.

At Brooke's house, Katie and Bill entered to see Steffy gathering designs to take to the office. Bill asked Katie why they were there, and Liam entered. After an awkward moment, Bill realized that they'd been set up again. Liam didn't want any part of it, but before he could leave, Bill said, "Hold—hold up...Son. Stick around."

A shocked Steffy offered her condolences to Liam, and Katie asked Steffy to leave. Steffy cited that it was her father's house, and she refused to give up her "front row seat to this."

Katie admitted that she and Hope had arranged another meeting for the father and son because they believed that Bill and Liam shouldn't pass up their chance to bond with each other. Bill said he was willing to give it a shot, but a glib Liam wondered if Bill had arm wrestling in mind. With great reluctance, Bill replied that he wanted to say that he was sorry.

Liam asked exactly what Bill was sorry for, and Bill apologized for his treatment of Liam. In response, Liam recalled that Bill had seemed deeply ashamed of a son he'd known for only a few weeks. Liam asked how Bill thought that would feel. Bill countered that Liam hadn't wanted to know his father, and Kelly had cut Bill out of Liam's life. Bill asked how Liam thought that would feel.

Katie suggested that Bill tell Liam about Bill's time with Kelly. Liam figured that Bill had done something to make Kelly turn from Bill; however, Bill said he had nothing but fond memories of his time with Kelly. For Bill, the most special time had been the night that they'd created Liam. Guessing that Bill had taken advantage of Kelly, Liam decided that he didn't even want to hear the story. Bill ordered Liam to listen, because he might be surprised.

Bill explained that he'd taken Kelly walking by a quiet lake that she'd wanted to visit, and while holding her on a blanket in a meadow, he'd felt a strong connection to her. Bill was certain that Liam had been conceived that night. Liam wished his mother had told him that story.

Bill said he'd been saddened upon hearing about Kelly's death, but instead of offering sympathy, he'd attacked Liam, because, "That's what I do. That's what my instincts are. I don't do vulnerable. I don't do feelings." Bill said that when his father had left him and his mother, he'd refused to cry. He didn't think he knew how to cry. Attacking and building walls around himself was what Bill did best.

Liam remarked that Bill's father had messed Bill up. Bill figured that he could only blame his father so much, because it'd be his own fault if he abandoned his son. Bill regretted not trying harder to look for Kelly, but Liam said Bill hadn't known about the pregnancy. Bill apologized for the name-calling he'd done. He realized that he and Liam had lost many years together. Bill couldn't promise that he'd be a good father. "But I'll give it a hell of a try, if you let me, son," Bill proposed, and Liam seemed moved by the offer.

Friday, September 17, 2010

In the Forrester studio, Hope conveyed that the "Pose" incident had gotten between her and Oliver. Oliver guessed that Liam had gotten between them, too. Oliver decided that wearing the necklace no longer made sense, and Hope tearfully watched him remove it. Oliver felt that she was moving too fast with Liam, and though Oliver wouldn't stand in her way, he wouldn't give up on their relationship, either. Kissing her forehead, he said he didn't want to lose her. Hope sullenly strode out of the room.

On the Forrester rooftop, Ridge and Brooke flirted with each other during their workouts. They spotted Oliver, who seemed upset. Oliver explained that he and Hope had split up over the "Pose" incident and Liam Cooper. Ridge grimaced and rolled his eyes at the name. Oliver exclaimed that he'd never felt that way about anyone before, and he wouldn't just toss it away.

At Brooke's house, Liam seemed at a loss for words as Bill asked if Liam would give him another chance. Bill realized that he was out of his element in dealing with a grown son, but he assured Liam that he wasn't a jerk all the time. Katie and Steffy grinned.

Liam asked if Bill had ever loved Kelly. Bill responded that Kelly had been very special to him, and never more so than on that night at Clarke Lake. Recognizing the name, Liam pulled a map of the lake from his pocket. The map had a heart drawn over a specific location, and Liam said he'd always wondered about the map's significance to his mother.

Bill pensively paced with the map in hand. He said that Liam might not be ready to deal with Bill as a father, but Bill was asking because Kelly had meant a lot them both. Holding out his hand, Bill called Liam "son." Liam grasped Bill's hand, and Katie smiled.

On Brooke's terrace later, Liam and Steffy reeled from what had just occurred. Bill asked to speak privately with his son, and once Steffy went inside, Bill asked Liam to reconsider working at Spencer Publications. Bill offered to teach Liam everything that he knew, and Bill hoped that Liam might actually take over for him one day. Liam asked for a six-figure salary and a corner office, and the impressed Bill admired Liam's tenacity.

While the men were outside, Hope arrived and was happy to hear from Katie that the men were working things out. Hope soured when she saw Steffy. Steffy didn't seriously think Hope had a problem with her presence, but Hope quickly asked her stepsister to leave her house.

After Bill and Katie left, Liam ecstatically told Hope that Bill had actually shaken his hand. Hope cheered that Liam was no longer alone in the world, but he said that he hadn't felt alone ever since he'd met Hope. She admitted that she should have known that he'd become special to her, and he said that finding his father hadn't been the best thing that had happened. "You. You are. You're the best thing that happened to me," he revealed, and she smiled.

Unbeknownst to Liam and Hope, her parents arrived home. Brooke and Ridge overheard their daughter and Liam on the terrace discussing why Hope hadn't been there for the latest meeting with Bill, which she'd helped to arrange. Hope relayed that she'd been breaking up with Oliver, because she had feelings for someone else.

Hope felt that Liam had opened her heart again. Letting him touch her chest, she remarked that her heart was beating fast. Saying that his was, too, Liam guessed that it really did happen hard and fast. Hope wondered what he meant, and he replied, "I love you, Hope." She guessed that he was just grateful to her. "Yeah, yeah, I'm grateful. And I love you," he insisted. She shook her head, but he said it again. "Really?" she asked, bashfully grinning.

Liam praised God that Hope had finally heard him, and Hope admitted that she loved him, too. She knew she didn't have to say it, but she wanted to. "I love you, Liam," she repeated, and he kissed her.

Inside the house, an emotional Brooke gasped. She was proud to see their daughter feeling so happy, loved, and appreciated. She said that Ridge was right; she hadn't ruined everything. He replied that one accident wouldn't destroy everything that Brooke had given her daughter. Brooke and Ridge expressed how lucky they were to have each other, and she said she loved him. "Really? Aw, shucks," he replied. He said he loved her, too, and they kissed.

Later, Bill and Katie went to his office. Katie cooed at the turn of events, and Bill guessed that he'd get an "ugly-ass" tie on Father's Day. He felt lucky to have a wife like Katie, who'd help to unite him with his son. He thanked her with a kiss.

Katie wondered if he would have married Kelly if she'd revealed her pregnancy. Bill didn't deal in "what ifs;" however, he was certain that he would have wanted to know his son. He thanked Katie again for her persistence, and she remarked that Hope and Liam were cute together. She said Hope was exactly what Liam needed, and Bill was exactly what Katie needed.

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