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Monday, October 11, 2010

In Ridge's office, Ridge met with the family to announce Brooke's return to the company. Steffy asked if Stephanie was aware of it, but Thomas said the CEO had made his decision. Steffy asserted that she and Stephanie were shareholders. Ridge, however, didn't care who owned what, because his decision was final. While awaiting Stephanie's arrival, Eric made a martini for her, but Steffy doubted that gin would quell Stephanie's rage over Brooke's return.

Under the pier at the beach, Brooke witnessed a woman threatening Stephanie with a broken bottle. Offering to pay the homeless woman to return Ann's scarf, Stephanie summoned Brooke over to provide some money. Brooke, however, attempted to drag Stephanie out of the dangerous area, and the homeless woman absconded with the scarf.

When the disheveled women arrived at Forrester, Stephanie raged about losing her scarf. Brooke said Stephanie had almost gotten herself killed. Stephanie quipped that she'd die "sooner rather than later." The women bickered about the cancer, and Brooke threatened to reveal it to the family if Stephanie wouldn't. "You do, and I'll take you with me," Stephanie warned.

Noting that Brooke looked like "death warmed over," Stephanie instructed her to clean herself up before attending Ridge's meeting. Brooke complained that they were already late, but Stephanie insisted that it would seem suspicious if they arrived together.

Stephanie entered Ridge's office alone, and as Steffy commented on Stephanie's tousled hair, Eric handed his wife a martini. Steffy murmured that the drink was to ease Stephanie's pain. Brooke arrived just as Ridge announced her return to work. Everyone's eyes flashed to Stephanie to see her response. "Okay, what else is on the agenda?" Stephanie asked with a shrug.

Everyone was amazed by Stephanie's reaction, and Ridge went on to offer Steffy a public relations position at Forrester International. Ridge advised his ecstatic daughter to think it over before officially accepting the job. Stephanie informed the family that she'd planned a yacht vacation for them. She said that, with a helicopter and wave runners at their disposal, it would be the vacation to end all vacations.

The family beamed about the trip, and Ridge guessed that it was the big secret between Stephanie and Brooke. Stephanie agreed, pretending that Brooke had helped in the planning. Ridge was happy that Stephanie wasn't fighting Brooke's return to Forrester, and Stephanie said she was backing off because she'd realized how important it was to him to have Brooke there.

The family welcomed Brooke back, and Ridge figured that he'd been wrong to believe Stephanie would go to her grave fighting Brooke. As he hugged Brooke, Stephanie discreetly zipped her fingers across her lips as if to tell Brooke to keep her mouth zipped.

After the meeting, Thorne, Ridge, Eric, and Steffy discussed Stephanie's unusual perkiness and adventurous spirit. Eric said he wouldn't call Stephanie "perky," but her reaction to Brooke's return had amazed him. Ridge figured that Stephanie had finally found the key to enjoying life. He thought it would be incredible if Brooke and Stephanie learned to coexist.

Brooke found Stephanie in the corridor and exclaimed that she felt like an accessory to murder. Brooke hated to silently stand by and watch Stephanie die, but Stephanie responded that she'd repeatedly told Brooke to leave her alone. Brooke declared that she wouldn't relent until Stephanie changed her mind. Stephanie reiterated that she was okay with dying. "But what I'm not okay with -- I'm not going to die without my mother's red scarf!" Stephanie bellowed.

Later, Hope found a shirtless Thomas working out on the Forrester rooftop. She thanked him for supporting Brooke. He said Brooke should never have been ousted in the first place.

At Jackie M, Whip wondered how he'd put a positive news spin on Nick's decision to fire integral parts of their team. Aggie stated that Nick hadn't had a choice, but Whip questioned whether it had been the right move. Aggie expressed her confidence in Nick, but Whip cited that being in love might be affecting her judgment. He guessed that she wasn't upset that Nick's ex-wife wouldn't be around. Aggie admitted that she looked forward to having Nick all to herself.

In Nick's office, Nick frowned, awkwardly surprised by Amber's kiss. "You can't kiss me like that," he said. Claiming that she'd gotten carried away, Amber figured that a hug would have been more appropriate. "Hugs are good. Handshakes are good," Nick guardedly replied. Amber apologized for getting swept up in the moment, but she noted that he hadn't exactly fought her off. Nick claimed that she'd caught him off guard.

Amber expressed her gratitude for Nick's faith in her and beamed that the opportunity would turn her life around. Whip eavesdropped outside the door as Amber explained that she wouldn't let Nick down. She stated that "the thing that happened before" wouldn't happen again.

While Amber worked in Bridget's old office later, Whip noted that Nick's changes around there had all seemed to benefit Amber. Whip felt responsible for her hiring, and due to the type of person that he'd once known her to be, he warned her not to make him regret it.

Amber got offended, and Whip revealed that he'd witnessed her inappropriate behavior in Nick's office earlier. Amber claimed that she'd been thanking Nick, but Whip advised her to tread carefully, because he wouldn't let her jeopardize Aggie's well-deserved happiness.

Back in Nick's office, Aggie entered to console Nick about firing his mother. Nick claimed that Jackie had made a choice, so he'd done what he'd had to do. Aggie assured him that it had been the right thing. He appreciated how she'd stood by him through his troubles. Aggie credited him with changing her life, and she promised to remain by his side. The couple kissed, and Amber watched from the doorway.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke smooched and celebrated that she was back at the company. Ridge said that all the rough patches they had experienced in business seemed to be smoothing out because even his mother had been more accepting of everything. Ridge noted that Brooke was still worried about something. Ridge wondered if Brooke was worried about Stephanie. Brooke agreed that Stephanie seemed to have given up on warring with Brooke, but Brooke seemed troubled. Ridge conjectured that Stephanie had finally decided to enjoy life and focus more on her family rather than the business.

Ridge complimented Brooke on planning the family vacation aboard a yacht with Stephanie. He guessed that it was the big secret, but Brooke admitted that the vacation wasn't the secret she had been hiding from him. Brooke wanted to spill her story, but Ridge refused to let her betray Stephanie's confidence.

At home, Stephanie was coughing and looking at old family photos. In her mind, she replayed conversations she'd had with various people since she'd discovered that she had cancer. She remembered the doctor telling her to get help, and she recalled Brooke's pestering to do something about the diagnosis and tell her family. The doctor's words about symptoms echoed in her mind -- at times, she might only have a cough, but the symptoms would get worse.

Eric entered and recommended that Stephanie should see a doctor about her cough, but Stephanie said that it was nothing. Eric wondered why Stephanie was avoiding work for the day. Stephanie said that she had lost the scarf her mother had given her and wanted to get it back. Stephanie explained that a homeless person had taken it from her at the pier. Eric was concerned, but Stephanie made light of it.

Eric wondered why Stephanie had been at the Santa Monica pier, and Stephanie said that she had wanted some lobster. She commented that the people who lived there refused to accept help. A knock at the door interrupted their conversation.

Stephanie met Dr. Lewis at the door. Dr. Lewis laid into Stephanie for not returning her phone calls. Dr. Lewis kept chattering, but Stephanie glared at her and noted that Eric was home. Eric pleasantly asked why Dr. Lewis was making a house call, and he assumed that it had to do with a fundraiser. Stephanie played along and discussed the money that they had given to the hospital.

Dr. Lewis quickly realized that Stephanie had not told Eric about her condition. Eric left, much to Dr. Lewis' dismay. After Eric was gone, Stephanie informed the doctor that she was refusing treatment. The doctor sternly recommended that Stephanie reconsider, but Stephanie refused. Stephanie asked the doctor to respect her wishes, and the doctor left.

At Taylor's office, Whip and Taylor were getting amorous in her office, and Whip started to remove Taylor's clothing, but she told him that they were going to have to wait until later to start taking their clothes off. Whip shared with Taylor that he was concerned about all the problems at Jackie M. He noted that Nick had promoted Amber very quickly. Whip wondered what had prompted Nick to give Bridget's position to Amber and fire Bridget so quickly. Taylor made light of it, and reminded her husband that there was a lot going on at Jackie M, and he had to put a positive spin on it. She added that he always managed to put a positive spin on things and that he loved it.

Whip said that he loved Taylor more, and tried to unbuckle her belt, but Taylor promised more action later. After Whip left, Brooke entered and told Taylor that she needed Taylor's professional services. Taylor seemed suspicious, but after seeing how distraught Brooke was, she offered to help. Brooke made Taylor promise that their conversation would not leave the room, and Taylor agreed.

Brooke sat down and shared that she had a friend who had been diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer and was refusing treatment and refusing to tell her family. Brooke became emotional and said that she was the only one who knew that her friend was so ill. Taylor acknowledged that it must be a good friend who had shared the secret with Brooke, but Brooke said that she had accidentally overheard the diagnosis.

Brooke explained that she could no longer keep the secret because it was eating her up. Brooke said that she was afraid her friend would die without treatment, and every day was precious. Brooke added that her friend thought that Brooke hated her, but she was wrong. Taylor immediately knew that it was Stephanie. Brooke agreed and begged for Taylor's help. Brooked wondered why Stephanie wouldn't want to fight the disease, and Taylor said that Stephanie might not have any fight left in her.

Eric entered Ridge's office, and worried that Stephanie had been acting strangely. Ridge took it to be a positive sign that meant his mother had finally decided to relax and enjoy life. Eric disagreed. Eric was concerned that Stephanie had made drastic changes recently.

Eric reminded Ridge that Stephanie hated her own birthday, yet she had planned a party to end all parties. Eric added that Stephanie disliked family vacations, but she was planning a vacation, and she hadn't even expressed anger after Brooke returned to work at Forrester. Ridge said that Stephanie had shared a secret with Brooke, and Ridge had encouraged Brooke not to betray Stephanie's confidence. Eric was surprised.

At home, Stephanie was still coughing, and Brooke entered. Brooke started to worry about Stephanie's health, and Stephanie was suspicious that Brooke had told someone. Stephanie grilled Brooke about whom she had told that Stephanie was dying. Stephanie warned that it had better not be Ridge. Taylor entered the room and told Stephanie that Brooke had told her. Taylor told Stephanie that she was sorry, and Taylor hugged Stephanie.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie quizzed Taylor and Brooke to determine if they had told anyone about her illness. Taylor and Brooke reiterated that no one knew. Taylor begged Stephanie to seek medical treatment, but Stephanie refused.

Taylor insisted that Stephanie was depressed, and Taylor added that she could help with that problem. Stephanie chastised Brooke for causing trouble by telling Taylor, and then turned to Taylor and said that she loved Taylor like a daughter. Stephanie told Taylor that Taylor had brought a lot of joy to Stephanie's life with beautiful grandchildren and friendship. Stephanie begged Taylor to keep her secret.

Brooke said that she thought Stephanie was in denial. Taylor agreed and said that Stephanie was not going to be living out her bucket list without treatment because she would continue to grow weaker. Stephanie started to cough, and Taylor said that she loved Stephanie and couldn't watch her die a slow and miserable death. Taylor reminded Stephanie that many treatments could help her and that she had not begun to fight. Stephanie begged Taylor to respect her wishes and said, "It's my time."

Taylor said that she had no idea who Stephanie was because she certainly did not behave like the Stephanie that Taylor had known. Taylor was amazed that Stephanie acted as if she had no reason to live. Taylor said, "I'll give you a reason. Me. What about me? I love you, and I'm not ready to lose my best friend."

Stephanie said that she had lived a rich and full life, and had things to do. She walked out the door, and Taylor and Brooke followed. Stephanie shook her head and said that she had two of them to follow her around.

At Angels Flight, a Los Angeles hillside train ride, Stephanie said that everyone who rode it said they were a step closer to heaven, and she liked the sound of that. On board the open rail car, Taylor and Brooke sat in seats while Stephanie stood looking out the front of the trolley car.

Stephanie remembered happy times kissing Eric and dancing with him when they were young. She recalled their weddings. Brooke watched and recalled the first time she had met Stephanie. Brooke was a server when she had worked for her mother catering a party at the Forrester residence. Taylor remembered happy times with Stephanie with hugs and tears of happiness. Stephanie continued to look out the rail car, and she coughed.

At Forrester, Liam and Hope were making out on the rooftop, and they discussed his first interview with Steffy. Liam was nervous about the ten-page spread for the magazine, and was worried about how his father would critique Liam's first installment of the article. Hope wondered if Steffy was behaving, and Liam said that he didn't think she was throwing herself at him. He thought that was the way she always acted around men. Hope said that she knew Steffy was looking for something and that she kept looking in all the wrong places. Hope wished Liam good luck with a kiss. Liam left.

At Spencer, Bill met with Liam and commented on Liam's first installment as a poor effort. Liam was upset, but Bill said there was no passion in the writing. Bill told Liam that if Steffy was modeling lingerie, Liam needed to call attention to numbers other than sales figures. "36-24-36 are the numbers I am interested in," Bill said.

Liam suggested that his writing was informative and intellectual because Steffy was a businesswoman. Liam asked if his father wanted soft porn. Bill explained that "sex sells," and he needed Liam to paint Steffy as a hot sex object with a perfect body. Bill told Liam that he had one more chance to give readers something to get excited about or else Bill would give the assignment to another writer. Liam promised to improve.

At Forrester, Steffy was donning her lingerie and preparing for the photo shoot and interview with Liam. After Liam and the photographer entered, Liam suggested that they set the scene with Steffy sitting at her desk and working while wearing lingerie. He wanted to depict her as a beautiful, responsible businesswoman at work. Liam asked her to wear some eyeglasses, and Steffy obliged, along with seductive poses with a phone and reports. Liam looked star-struck.

On the Forrester rooftop, Hope saw Oliver and chatted with him. Oliver told Hope that she was killing him with her smile. Oliver added that he knew they would be together again. He realized it could be a couple months or a year, but he knew that they were going to get back together. Hope told Oliver that he was a good guy, but she was with Liam. Oliver left.

After the photo shoot, Steffy talked to Liam, and he dished that his dad was unhappy with his writing because it was too dry and informative. Steffy said that he had to make it more about heat and skin. Steffy said that she was confident Liam would be successful. Steffy suggested that Liam spice it up a little bit. Liam thanked Steffy for taking him on as her project. Steffy admitted that she liked him, but she knew he only had eyes for Hope.

Steffy suggested that she could wrap up some lingerie for Liam to take home to Hope, but she knew Hope was a good girl, and wouldn't be wearing it anytime soon. Hope entered, and Steffy said that she was going to get dressed because she was leaving for Paris. She had taken the international PR job, and planned to be gone for a while. Oliver was outside the office and overheard the conversation.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Once off the tram, Stephanie wished she'd spent her life helping others instead of fretting over nothing. Brooke replied that Stephanie had helped many people. Stephanie acknowledged that she'd made plenty of trouble for Brooke, and Stephanie was sorry for it.

As Stephanie's cough persisted, she spotted the young woman who'd absconded with her scarf. The woman scurried off, and Brooke left to get the car, so they could search the streets for the woman. While waiting on a bench, Stephanie saw the woman dart into the Grand Central Market. Stephanie gave chase, but stopped when she grew winded in the produce department.

Stephanie exited the market on a different street, and an older homeless woman in a red hat recognized her. Stephanie claimed that she didn't know the woman, but then she had a flashback of the woman being among the homeless people who'd surrounded Stephanie's car when it had run out of gas. "My God, she can't still be here after all these years..." Stephanie uttered, meandering away.

Still searching for the woman with the scarf, Stephanie reached an alley lined with homeless people and shanty houses. She removed her earrings and pendant before heading down the sidewalk. Memories flashed through her mind of being on the same street when she'd had amnesia. She glanced up at a hotel sign and a memory of her entering the establishment surfaced in her mind. She turned to enter the hotel, but the door had been boarded up.

Glancing around, Stephanie seemed disoriented. She spotted the woman she'd been chasing. "Gotcha!" Stephanie exclaimed, startling the woman. Noting that Stephanie didn't look so good, the woman invited Stephanie to sit in a makeshift tent that was constructed from a blue roof tarp. She quickly covered a box with the scarf and warned Stephanie not to pass out on her.

Stephanie was pale and dizzy, and she reluctantly accepted some water from the woman. Stephanie guessed the woman was a street hustler who was into drugs. The woman admitted to selling things, but got offended at the mention of drugs. Stephanie offered to trade her diamond earrings for the scarf, but the woman said she'd get arrested for trying to fence the jewels.

Nearby, a friend of the woman's got into a tussle over some possessions, and the woman hopped up to help. Stephanie seized the moment to snatch her scarf off the box. She gasped upon seeing that she'd unveiled a little baby nestled inside the box.

Brooke panicked upon discovering that Stephanie was missing. Brooke asked a street musician if he'd seen her friend, but he ignored Brooke until she tossed money into his box. He'd said he'd seen Stephanie, but didn't know where she'd gone. Brooke saw his CDs and asked if he knew a girl who was also selling them. "Ain't it about time for lunch?" he replied.

Brooke called Stephanie, but Stephanie hung up on her. A police officer said he couldn't help Brooke find her friend, and he ordered the musician to vacate the street corner. Brooke followed the musician at his request, and though she bought him lunch, he wouldn't divulge any information about the young woman. Brooke fretted about her ill friend, but the musician assured Brooke that nothing would happen to Stephanie. "Not if she's where I think she is," he said.

In Dr. Lewis' office, Taylor pleaded with the doctor to discuss Stephanie's condition. Dr. Lewis was hesitant at first, but after some persuading, she silently handed Taylor a folder.

Outside the office, Pam was looking for the pharmacy when she overheard Dr. Lewis mention Stephanie's name. Listening at Dr. Lewis' door, Pam heard the doctor tell Taylor that Stephanie's chances of a five-year survival were less than five percent. "My sister's dying?" Pam incredulously asked, entering the office.

Dr. Lewis and Taylor explained the situation to Pam, who realized that Stephanie was planning parties and vacations because she thought she was running out of time. Devastated that Stephanie had refused treatment, Pam wondered if the tumors were affecting Stephanie's cognitive skills. Taylor theorized that the cancer diagnosis had arrived at a time when Stephanie felt as if her life's work was complete, and she was no longer needed.

Pam stated that one couldn't just "call it a day" on life as if it were a job. Pam figured that Stephanie was "so like" their mother in that she wanted to control even death. Dr. Lewis said that no one controlled death, but Ann had at least allowed her two daughters to stand beside her at the end. Taylor stated that, at that moment, Stephanie was only letting Brooke in.

Friday, October 15, 2010

In Dr. Lewis' office, Pam was anxious to find Stephanie, but Taylor said that Stephanie was with Brooke. Pam yelled that Stephanie was a fighter, and she'd better "damn well" fight the cancer. Pam begged Taylor to get through to Stephanie about receiving treatment. Taylor, however, replied that Stephanie just wouldn't listen. Pam sobbed, and Taylor comforted her.

In downtown Los Angeles, the street musician assured Brooke that Stephanie was safe with Dayzee. When Brooke noted that Dayzee was likely the one who'd stolen the scarf, the musician became offended. Brooke begged him to help her find Stephanie, but he strode off. As Brooke pursued him, she called him "sir," and he grumbled that his name was Anthony.

Hoping to get some empathy, Brooke explained that Stephanie had stage four cancer. Anthony said he wouldn't let anyone "talk trash" about Dayzee, but he called Stephanie crazy for chasing down a scarf. "You're in luck, because crazy people are my specialty," he said.

Brooke noted that Anthony walked with a limp, and he explained that when he'd been a child, his father had felt trapped in their domestic situation. The father had taken off, but before leaving, he'd nailed Anthony's foot to the floor to prevent Anthony from following him. Brooke called it the most horrific story she'd ever heard. "Really? Wish I could say that," he replied.

Brooke wondered how Anthony lived, and he said he didn't like owning things that people wanted to steal. He guessed that Brooke lived life surrounded by alarm systems. She stated that he didn't have a home, but he called L.A. his home. Instead of being labeled "homeless," he told her to call him "chore-less, bill-less, tax-less." Sadly, he remarked that he was also "Paycheck-less, bathroom-less, and toothbrush-less."

As the sun moved across the sky, Brooke said she couldn't wait any longer to find Stephanie. Anthony wondered how much he and Brooke could trust each other. She asked why, but he just handed her a jean shirt from around his waist and led her away. Anthony took the jean-shirt-wearing Brooke to Central City East, otherwise known as Skid Row. "It's kind of like a human lost and found where Dayzee works her magic," he said.

In Dayzee's shanty tent, Stephanie gasped, and picked up the crying baby. Dayzee entered and put the five-month-old back into the makeshift crib. Stephanie said the area was no place for a baby. Dayzee knew that, but she was waiting to be granted a "Single Room Occupancy." Stephanie joked that Dayzee was waiting for the baby to go to kindergarten first.

Dayzee stated that she had to wait her turn for a residence, because that was how the system worked. Stephanie asked a barrage of questions about the baby's health, and a frustrated Dayzee explained that the baby wasn't Dayzee's. She was keeping the child while the mother attended a rehabilitation program, and everyone on Skid Row helped with the child.

Stephanie gazed at the occupants of Skid Row and woefully sighed. Dayzee warned Stephanie to vacate the area before dark, because that was when the drug dealers normally hung out. Stephanie rendered a snarky reply, and she claimed that she had never liked the scarf. She offered it to Dayzee, who quipped, "Not for all your pearls and diamonds!"

Stephanie explained that Ann had sent the scarf to her when Stephanie and Eric had gone to the White House to meet President Reagan. Stephanie had returned the package with a nasty note, and it had been the last communication she'd had with Ann for thirty years. Stephanie guessed that Ann had saved the scarf to remind herself of the hurtful moment. Dayzee replied that she didn't need reminders of hurtful moments.

Stephanie offered to buy baby Tanya a crib. "She needs help, and so do you," Stephanie said. Dayzee confided that her own mother had constantly been in and out of rehab. When Stephanie asked why Dayzee lived on the streets, Dayzee replied that she had to make the most of what she'd been given. Stephanie wondered what would happen if Stephanie didn't want what had been given, and Dayzee advised her to get a new set of glasses.

Dayzee stated that when she looked around her, she saw people who'd lost everything. She saw hope and recovery in every single one of them, because they could go nowhere but up. "Glasses," Stephanie knowingly uttered. Stephanie said she'd made a promise to a wonderful woman a long while back, but she hadn't kept it. Stephanie revealed her cancer diagnosis, and in a somber tone, Dayzee said Stephanie needed to seek treatment for the disease.

Dayzee stepped away, and Stephanie rubbed her aching chest. She spotted a handmade sign that said, "After the verb to love, to help is the most beautiful verb in the world." Among Dayzee's things, she found a quote from Mother Teresa that said, "If you can't feed 100 people, then just feed one." Stephanie cradled Tanya in her arms and watched Dayzee comforting the people on Skid Row.

Stephanie thought to herself that Dayzee was a phenomenal woman. Stephanie realized that it was her town, too. She lived twenty minutes away, but it seemed like a thousand miles. She recalled that she'd promised to make a difference, but instead, she'd turned away. As she asked herself what she'd done with her life, a version of "Lean on Me" played.

Brooke called Stephanie's name, and the two emotionally hugged. "Everything's all right now, honestly," Stephanie assured Brooke. Brooke decided to take Stephanie home, but Stephanie replied that she'd go to the doctor as Brooke had been requesting.

Stephanie introduced Brooke to her new friend, Dayzee. "I love you," Stephanie told Brooke. A tearful Brooke replied that she loved Stephanie, too. As the three women and Tanya walked down the alley, the red scarf blew off Stephanie's shoulder. Brooke gasped, but Stephanie said, "It's all right. Somebody else needs it."

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