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Monday, November 1, 2010

Stephanie rested on the sofa at home after her big day on Skid Row. Eric joked that running around like a superhero after surgery had been inappropriate. Stephanie wished that Eric would join her on her quest, because she wanted him to see why she was so compelled to help people. He said she'd opened his eyes, and he'd be by her side through everything. Eric stated that he was on his way to Forrester to work and to give Dayzee a tour of the building. Stephanie wanted to go along, but he ordered her to remain home and rest.

After Eric left, Nick arrived with flowers, and Stephanie figured that he knew about her illness. He replied that she was the toughest broad he'd ever met. Stephanie announced that she'd been to Skid Row that day, and she had a new purpose in life, thanks to a girl named Dayzee. Stephanie enthusiastically explained her new cause, and Nick jokingly hoped that social issues would take her eye off the ball at Forrester.

Stephanie looked fondly upon her time at Jackie M and guessed that Nick missed having Jackie there. Nick agreed, but boasted about his "Hotline" campaign. Stephanie chuckled that he'd better have good designs for a name like that. He expressed confidence that his line could compete with "Hope for the Future." Before leaving, Nick asked Stephanie to hang in there, because he had faith that she'd beat the disease.

At Forrester, Eric thanked Dayzee for helping Stephanie. He showed Dayzee the latest designs and said they'd be a big hit. Marcus entered with some fabric and stammered upon seeing Dayzee. After introducing Dayzee and Marcus, Eric asked Marcus to give Dayzee a tour of the facilities. Eric smiled as she and Marcus eagerly left the office.

While Amber was at Insomnia, Nick called to order her to get him more hot designs for the next week's fashion show. He implored her to say that she was "ripping them off" as they spoke. Amber said she was on it, and she abruptly ended the call to throw her arms around Oliver, who'd just walked in the door.

Hope and Liam arrived, and Hope became suspicious upon seeing Amber fawning all over Oliver. Oliver left his table, and Hope and Liam observed Amber going through Oliver's bag. As Oliver returned to his seat, Hope decided to find out what Amber was really up to.

Hope and Liam went to Oliver's table, and Hope proposed that the four of them have dinner together. Scowling, Amber said she wasn't into double-dating, but dinner sounded good-if she was with her man. Amber stroked Oliver's face, and a disgusted Hope noted that Amber and Oliver were moving fast. "Yep, just like you and Liam," Oliver retorted.

Oliver said that he was just moving on, as Hope had asked him to do. Amber added that she was helping him. Hope stated that she didn't want to see Oliver get used, and Amber decided that she and Oliver should go to his place, where it wasn't so crowded. Oliver and Amber left, and Liam suggested that Hope just let it go. Hope, however, couldn't shake her hunch, and she vowed to figure out what Amber wanted from Oliver.

At Oliver's beach house, Amber saw a bunch of Forrester designs on the coffee table. Oliver quickly scooped them up, and she guessed she shouldn't see them, since she worked for the competition. As he made some drinks, she asked about his work method. He explained that he liked technology, and while working on the Forrester campaign, he'd been using a new application that he'd downloaded to his touchpad. Amber glanced at his bag and grinned.

Oliver handed her some water, because he figured they'd had enough alcohol the last time they'd been together. A flirtatious Amber coaxed him into telling her more about his touchpad application, and he explained how easy it was to use. Amber suddenly got a chill, and she asked him to get her a blanket. While he was gone, she slipped his touchpad out of his bag. To her dismay, the pad was password protected. As Amber scrambled to figure out what to do next, Oliver returned and asked her what she was looking for.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke discussed Stephanie and Brooke's shared time with the homeless. Conversation shifted to business, and Ridge was encouraged that Brooke and Thomas were working on the new Men's Line. Brooke admired sketches for the "Hope for the Future" line, and Brooke told Ridge that the designs were some of Ridge and Eric's best work.

Brooke said that no one had done anything as elegant with youthful appeal. Ridge said that he wanted the designs to outshine all the competition. Brooke remarked that Forrester would certainly beat Jackie M's designs.

Ridge agreed. He said that he couldn't imagine what Nick had been thinking when Nick replaced Bridget with Amber as head designer. Brooke noted that it was a huge risk for Jackie M. Ridge added that Nick was going to regret letting Bridget go. Ridge didn't believe that Bridget had taken a leave of absence, which was the news that Jackie M had released to the media.

Ridge wondered how Jackie felt about Bridget's absence because Jackie's name was on the company. Bridget had been listening at the door, and she entered. Brooke was surprised to see Bridget, and Bridget said that Ridge had suggested that she stop by Forrester.

Bridget showed off pictures of her baby, and she admired the "Hope for the Future" designs. Bridget agreed that the designs were among the best that she had ever seen Eric and Ridge complete. Ridge wondered if Bridget missed designing, and she said that she did. Ridge mused that she probably wanted to get back into designing, and Bridget agreed it was painful that she was missing an entire season of designs.

At Insomnia, Liam and Hope shared coffee and Hope said that she wanted Liam to attend the debut of her new "Hope for the Future" line. Liam said that he had to wait to hear from his dad. Hope worried that Amber was somehow taking advantage of Oliver. Hope apologized to Liam for worrying about Oliver, but she added that Amber had been bad news to her family for years.

Liam wondered what Amber could possibly do to Oliver. Hope didn't have an answer, but she said that Oliver had been doing a lot of drinking since he had been with Amber. Hope added that Oliver had never been a drinker before, and she worried that Amber had a reason to get Oliver drunk.

Liam acknowledged that Amber was under a lot of pressure from Nick to introduce a new line. Liam added that Amber was the only designer at Jackie M since Bridget was gone. Hope worried that Amber was up to something, and she insisted that she was going to find out what it was. Hope and Liam went to Oliver's house.

Inside Oliver's house, Oliver had caught Amber pulling his touchpad out of his bag. He accused Amber of trying to get information off his touchpad, but Amber denied it. She said that she was thinking of putting something on it. She laughed, flirted with Oliver, and promised a striptease that she had planned to record with his webcam.

Oliver enjoyed the distraction, but told Amber everything was password protected. Amber suggested that they have drinks, and Oliver offered water because he had been drunk the last time they were together. Amber romanced Oliver, and she persuaded him to drink shots again. After a few shots, Oliver decided it was time to call it a night, but changed his mind. He headed upstairs and invited Amber to join him. Amber wondered how she could get the password out of Oliver, and followed Oliver to his room.

Upstairs, Amber kissed Oliver and asked him questions about his birthday, and his favorite sports and teams to see if she could get enough information to crack his password. She made an excuse to leave the bedroom, and she raced downstairs. She frantically tried to enter passwords into his touchpad, but nothing worked. Nick called Amber, and she nervously told him that she was working on designs.

Upstairs, Oliver called Amber's name, and she was surprised that he was awake. She grabbed a bottle of booze and headed back upstairs. Amber entered the bedroom and found that Oliver was wearing nothing but his underwear and a cowboy hat. He held a guitar and sang a song for Amber. Then, he tackled her on the bed. Amber fed Oliver more shots, and they made out.

Oliver mistakenly called Amber by Hope's name. Amber figured out that the password had to have Hope's name in it. Oliver fell asleep, and Amber scooted back to the touchpad. Amber figured out a numeric equivalent to Hope's name and gained access to all the designs. She emailed the entire line to herself at Jackie M, and smiled at her success.

Outside, Hope and Liam hid behind bushes and watched the entire saga. They caught Amber breaking into Oliver's laptop and watched her every move. After Hope realized that Amber was stealing Hope's entire line, Hope promised Liam that she had an idea that would end Amber's career.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Due to CBS News coverage of a presidential news conference, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption. Regular programming will resume on Thursday, November 4 where the Tuesday, November 2 episode concluded.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

At Jackie M, Nick's office was full of models wearing Amber's designs. Nick and Whip praised the collection, and Amber said they just needed to beat Forrester to the runway. Nick reminded everyone that they had 24 hours to make it happen.

Alone in the office, Amber stared at a design pad. Whip returned, and she mentioned that Oliver was on her mind. She thought Hope was stupid to dump a man who loved her that much. Whip said Oliver would get over it, and Oliver had a great job at Forrester, where everyone loved him. Amber wondered to herself how long that would last.

At Forrester, Thomas' Men's Line was set to debut that day; however, their plans changed when Hope urged Ridge to call a critical family meeting. During the meeting, Hope revealed Amber's theft, and an enraged Ridge wanted to confront Nick right away. Hope, however, said they could beat Jackie M to the runway, thereby leaving them without a collection. The family agreed, and Ridge hoped that Thomas understood why they had to change the day's lineup. Thomas understood, but he was disappointed.

After the meeting, Ridge couldn't believe that Nick had unleashed Amber on the vulnerable Oliver. Brooke didn't think that sounded like Nick at all. She called Nick to ask him to meet her at Forrester. "I have something to show you," she said. After the call, Ridge doubted Nick would show his face there, but Brooke insisted that the theft wasn't Nick's style.

Thorne, Rick, Hope, and Liam entered to review the final details of the show, and then they headed to the showroom. Nick arrived, and Ridge left the room. Brooke told Nick that Forrester had decided to debut "Hope for the Future" that day. Nick wasn't sure why that concerned him. "I'd like you to watch the show with me," Brooke replied.

Backstage in the showroom, the Forresters hustled to prepare the models for the impromptu show. Ridge thanked everyone for their hard work. He said Thomas' Men's Line would follow the "Hope for the Future" premiere. Rick rolled his eyes as everyone else cheered.

Eric entered the main showroom, where Katie and Bill asked him why he'd chosen to debut Hope's line that day. Eric replied that he wanted to get a jump on the competition. Across the room, Nick enjoyed the V.I.P. treatment from Brooke, but he still wasn't sure why he was there. Brooke said she wanted to see his reaction firsthand. She eyed him with suspicion as he sent Whip a text message to announce Forrester's show change.

Backstage, Hope asked Liam for a good luck kiss, and Oliver entered as they smooched. Hope realized that she had to tell Oliver about Amber, but Thorne cued Hope to go on stage. Pam demonstrated her Catwalk dance to the models, and Rick brooded as he eyed Thomas.

On stage, Ridge introduced Hope, who strode out in a short, earth-toned gown. She told the audience that she was just as surprised as they were by the "Hope for the Future" debut, but the Men's Line would conclude the day's showing. She explained that in the new line, Eric and Ridge had put a modern twist on the classics, and it exuded beauty, style, romance, and love. She claimed that love was the "Hope for the Future."

Hope returned backstage to tell Oliver that Amber had used him to rip off Forrester designs. Oliver felt like a jerk and an idiot. He guessed that Amber would have ruined things for Forrester if Hope hadn't stepped in. Oliver thought of all the reasons that he loved Hope, and he said her intellect and intuition had enamored him all over again. He kissed her and said that he loved her. Hope was speechless as Oliver declared that she would be his.

In the showroom, Brooke drew Nick's attention to the first design on the runway. Nick remarked that Amber certainly had her pulse on the trends. "No kidding," Brooke responded, and he stated that Amber had a design that looked just like it. The second design rolled out, and Nick said, "There's another one. I'm serious; we have one just like that."

Nick looked worried as the third design hit the runway. He uttered that Amber's designs were exactly like those. "Amber's designs?" Brooke asked. Something seemed to click in Nick's head. "Oh, my God...Amber!" he rasped.

Back at Jackie M, Aggie told Whip to let Amber work. Whip read a text message from Nick, which said Forrester had moved up the "Hope for the Future" showing. Amber flipped out, and Whip said it didn't matter, because there was no way that Forrester could compete with her stuff. "My stuff? Whoa-no, no, no, no. It matters!" Amber stammered.

Whip and Aggie flipped on the television and grew incensed as they watched the Forrester showing. Noting that Amber was awfully quiet, Aggie accused her of stealing designs from Forrester. Amber readily admitted that her designs were rip-offs, and Aggie declared that they had nothing, because their line had just become obsolete. Amber gasped, wondering who'd done that to her.

Friday, November 5, 2010

At the fashion show, Nick looked ill as he viewed the designs on the catwalk. Upset and full of questions, he slipped out of the show with Brooke. She explained that she'd invited Nick there to get his reaction to the designs, because Hope had seen Amber stealing them from Oliver's computer. Nick insisted that Amber had acted alone, and she'd pay for it.

At Jackie M, Amber dashed to her phone to call Nick, but Whip was sure she'd be hearing from Nick really soon. Amber claimed that the knock-offs had been Nick's idea, but Aggie doubted that. "Why do you think he called it 'the Hotline,' Aggie?" Amber yelled and insisted that Nick had known about the theft. Whip and Aggie demanded to know how Amber had pulled it off. Amber said that it had been Oliver, and he'd enjoyed himself.

A call to Whip from Nick interrupted the three of them, and Whip informed Amber that Nick wanted to see her in the Forrester showroom. Sighing with relief, Amber said she wanted to see him, too, because they needed to put a spin on things. Aggie doubted that was why Nick wanted Amber there, but Amber insisted that Aggie get it through her head that stealing the designs had been Nick's idea. In the corridor, Amber strode past Sally's recycling poster, and Sally's voice declared that Amber had made a royal mess of things.

Backstage at Forrester, Hope couldn't believe that Oliver had kissed her. He responded that she'd broken up with him, but he hadn't given up on her. The stage-front crowd cheered, and Oliver said that he and Hope made an amazing team. She agreed, and he said she'd one day realize that they belonged together. Liam approached to tell Hope that it was time for the showstopper. She kissed Liam and left him standing with Oliver.

Amber arrived at Forrester in time to see Hope strutting down the runway in the white, flowing showstopper gown. Amber scowled when Hope concluded the first part of the show by saying that the early launch of "Hope for the Future" just couldn't be avoided. Just then, Nick's hand clamped around Amber's arm, and he dragged her from the showroom.

Ridge slipped up next to Brooke to say that he wanted a piece of Amber once Nick was done. Brooke urged Ridge to let Nick handle it. Ridge realized that Nick had known nothing about the theft; however, if Nick didn't hold Amber accountable, Ridge would do it himself.

In the corridor, Amber told Nick that she was just as upset as he was that someone had caught onto their "Hotline" rip-off scam. Nick raged against her claim that he'd actually instructed her to steal designs. Amber said he'd been telling her to "rip them off" for weeks. "Rip them off your sketch book and hand them to me!" he clarified. Amber insisted that he'd told her to "steal the show," but Nick replied that "steal the show" didn't mean steal designs.

Amber thought that she'd just been pulling a play out of the old Spectra handbook, but Nick asserted that it was Jackie M, not Spectra. He said he'd never order her to engage in industrial espionage, because people went to jail for stuff like that. Amber worried that he'd bail on her and let her take the heat for it. "You're fired!" Nick seethed and strode off.

Nick found Ridge and Eric to apologize for not keeping a tighter rein on Amber. He assured them that nothing like that would ever happen again. Ridge and Eric sought out Oliver, who assumed that he was fired. Ridge and Eric said they liked Oliver's work, and they didn't want to fire him. "Consider yourself on probation-and stay away from Amber," Eric ordered.

Backstage, everyone rallied around Hope. Thorne advised them to get back to work because they had to set up for Thomas' show. Aside, Brooke congratulated Hope, but said they needed to focus on Thomas. Brooke wanted the night to be a win for him, too.

Amber went to Oliver's studio, and Hope startled her by slamming the door shut. Hope said that Amber had taken advantage of Oliver, and he was done with her. Hope assumed that Nick was done with Amber, too, so Amber should get out of town. Amber opened the door and said she couldn't stand a spoiled, condescending girl. Amber claimed that Hope's parents had handed everything to Hope, while Amber had clawed for what she had. Amber claimed that she wasn't done yet. Liam entered and told Amber to leave before he called security.

During the intermission, Bill told Katie that Thomas' line would be anticlimactic after Hope's show. Katie asked a drunk and cynical Rick why the intermission was dragging out. She was worried that the press might duck out on Thomas' big day. "Thomas' big day," Rick smarmily repeated. While Rick went to find Brooke to restart the show, Thomas asked him to stop the press from leaving. "Aye, Aye, captain," Rick quipped when Thomas walked off.

Thomas approached Taylor and Whip, who'd just entered, and expressed his worry about topping "Hope for the Future." Whip suggested that Thomas think of a gimmick fast before he lost the crowd. As the press wandered out, Thomas warned that they'd miss out on a major story if they didn't stick around for his preview. To himself, he panicked about creating a stunt.

Thomas found Brooke and said he was worried that they were losing the crowd. Brooke tried to encourage him, but he realized that "Hope for the Future" would dominate the headlines. He said that he needed to do something unforgettable on the runway. Brooke wondered what he had in mind, and he said they'd give them a show like no one had ever seen before. Thomas asked Brooke to just go along with him, and people would be talking about it for years.

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