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Monday, November 15, 2010

At Oliver's house, Oliver awakened on the sofa under blankets with the naked Amber. He glanced at a photo of him and Hope and frowned. After he and Amber exchanged an awkward morning greeting, she hoped that he didn't regret letting her spend the night. She offered to leave, because she figured that he was thinking about Hope. He claimed that he wasn't thinking of Hope, and he didn't want Amber to leave, either.

Amber expressed that she didn't have any expectations of him. She just needed a friend and place to stay for as long as he'd allow it. Amber kissed him, saying she'd give him whatever he liked in return. As they ate breakfast, she kissed him again and thanked him for forgiving her.

Over lattes with Ridge, Brooke said she didn't know what she'd do if he hadn't forgiven her. Ridge warned that he might not always be able to, but she promised he wouldn't have a reason to. He suggested that she work from home for a few days, but she reasoned that adhering to the usual routine would reinforce that the kiss had been a publicity stunt. Brooke planned to work things out with Stephanie, too, because they'd made it too far to blow it at that point.

When Brooke arrived in Stephanie's bedroom later, Bridget was there. Brooke asked to speak to Stephanie alone, and Bridget left. Brooke announced that she and Ridge had reconciled. Brooke hoped that she and Stephanie would, too, because Brooke didn't want to go backward.

Stephanie realized that she'd wasted countless nights worrying about Brooke's next humiliating scandal; however, things had changed, and she'd believed that she and Brooke would finally do something wonderful together. "And what do you do? You liplock my grandson. I mean, gee, Brooke. You really think I'm going to support you?" she asked.

Brooke was sorry that Stephanie hadn't seen Brooke's growth, but Brooke promised to have no further indiscretions. "Oh, sure," Stephanie quipped, but Brooke insisted that she'd promised Ridge. Stephanie told Brooke to start packing, because she wasn't capable of that.

Brooke said she'd visited because she respected Stephanie. She wanted Stephanie to understand that Thomas had put Brooke in an awkward situation. Stephanie wondered why Brooke hadn't stopped Thomas. Brooke didn't know what she should have done, but Stephanie warned that it was just the beginning of a lot of trouble. Stephanie asserted that Brooke had better just stay away from Thomas. Frustrated, Brooke left.

"Disgusting!" Taylor raged, cringing at an Internet photo of Brooke and Thomas. Whip sat on their bed and wished that Taylor would stop worrying about the publicity stunt. Taylor vowed that she wouldn't let Thomas get caught in Brooke's web.

Whip felt that he wasn't really helping Taylor, so he invited Ridge to the house to talk to her. Whip left Ridge and Taylor in the bedroom, and Taylor said Whip didn't get why the kiss mollified her. Ridge hugged her and admitted that he was upset, too. He didn't think that Thomas or Brooke understood the seriousness of it; however, Ridge reminded Taylor that it had been just a publicity stunt. Taylor insisted that it hadn't been worth it.

Ridge joked that he could visit her without her husband calling him behind her back. Taylor stated that Whip understood her history with Ridge, and she'd always love Ridge. Ridge said he loved her, too, and she realized that it'd been a while since she'd heard him say that. She was glad he'd seen that she'd been right about Brooke and Thomas. Ridge guessed he should listen to Taylor more. She replied that if he'd done so, they might still be married.

Taylor said she hadn't meant it the way it had sounded, and Ridge stated that he'd never had to warn Taylor against having too many scandals. Taylor said she just didn't want Brooke's scandals to involve Thomas. Hugging Taylor again, Ridge assured her that Thomas was safe.

In Ridge's office, Thomas tried on shirts. He picked up a photo of Brooke and recalled the kiss. A flirtatious Madison entered and admired his physique. He stated that he was trying on shirts to make changes according to Brooke's ideas. Madison said Brooke knew her stuff, especially how to kiss. Madison flirted more and kissed him as Marcus walked in.

Marcus was shocked as Madison left, but Thomas said it was just Madison being Madison. Noting the kiss with Brooke, Marcus figured that Thomas liked living on the edge. Marcus said the stunt kiss had made all the difference, and orders were piling in for the new line.

While working alone later, Thomas recalled Taylor's insistence that he not work with Brooke. He picked up Brooke's picture, and in his mind, he heard Taylor asserting that Brooke was a serial predator and a serial seductress. He paced around the room and picked up a magazine featuring him and Brooke. He heard Taylor's echoing voice say that no man was safe.

Just then, Brooke breezed in with some suits that she'd retrieved from the sewing room. She whipped around when she heard Thomas locking the door. He claimed that he wanted privacy to try on the suits. Nervously nodding, she unzipped a suit bag. She noted his downed expression and guessed that the kiss was bothering him. Brooke assured him that it would never happen again, but he asserted that it would happen again and again, whether she liked it or not.

"Thomas, control yourself!" Brooke exclaimed. Thomas said he couldn't, because it was bigger than both of them. He asserted that something had happened when they'd kissed, and his life had been forever changed. Brooke's mouth gapped, but she was speechless as she stared at him.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

by Pam

At Taylor's house, Taylor thanked Whip for asking Ridge to visit her. Taylor said that she realized she had overreacted to a publicity stunt, but she wanted to protect her son from Brooke. Whip reminded Taylor that Whip had been partially responsible for the kiss. Whip regretted his suggestion that Thomas do something outrageous to get the press's attention. Taylor said that she had confidence that Ridge would handle the scandal.

Taylor also worried about Ridge because he had handled so many scandals that involved Brooke. Taylor wondered how much more Ridge or any man could stand at the hands of Brooke. She fretted about the strain on Ridge. Whip said that he had grown tired of talking about Ridge.

Taylor and Whip lay down on the bed, and Taylor thanked Whip for his concern. She encouraged him to stay home a little longer with her, and she removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

At Oliver's house, Amber sweet-talked Oliver into letting her stay with him because she had nowhere else to stay. Oliver didn't trust Amber, but he had been willing to try again. Amber thanked Oliver because he had forgiven her for stealing the Forrester designs.

Oliver said that he looked forward to having Amber around. He had grown tired of moping because he couldn't get Hope back. He said that he just wanted to have fun, and he knew that Amber would be up for that. They kissed and hugged.

While Amber and Oliver were pawing each other, Aggie called, and Oliver put her on speaker. Aggie wondered if Oliver still had a job at Forrester. Oliver said that he did. Aggie badmouthed Amber, and Amber and Oliver smiled at the irony that Amber had been in Oliver's arms the whole time. After Oliver had hung up with Aggie, Amber wondered if Oliver could work at home for the day, and Oliver said that it sounded like a good idea.

In the Forrester parking lot, Ridge passed by a dozen reporters on his way to the entrance. All of them wanted a statement about what the kiss between Brooke and Thomas had meant. Ridge said that he had no comment. Jarrett conjectured that it had all been a publicity stunt in the same style that Forrester had used in the old days.

Jarrett recalled several stunts that had launched Brooke's bedroom line, and Jarrett said that he thought it had been pure genius on Thomas' part to get attention for the Men's Line. Jarrett added that Ridge had pulled a few stunts of his own that had "pushed the envelope" when he had been young. After Ridge left the crowd of reporters, he smiled and seemed to realize that he really had pulled some stunts of his own, and Thomas had grown up just like him.

In Ridge's office, Brooke and Thomas discussed the kiss, and Thomas claimed that it had a life of its own all over the Internet. He reminded Brooke that people would be talking about it for years. He added that he respected Brooke and Ridge, and Thomas realized that he had caused trouble for Brooke.

Ridge entered the office, and asked Brooke and Thomas what they thought he should do about the media commotion that had started all over the globe. Thomas said that orders were flowing in for the new line. Brooke said that she realized how embarrassing the kiss had been to Ridge because it had been all over magazine covers, and he must be tired of seeing it.

Ridge admitted that it sickened him to see the photo repeatedly, but he added that it had garnered the kind of press that Forrester hadn't received in years. Eric, Rick, and Thorne entered to discuss what would happen next with the Men's Line. Eric wanted to defuse the bad press by backing away from the Men's Line, and Rick and Thorne agreed. Thomas argued that orders were rolling in, and he had only introduced a small sampling of the new line.

Eric pointed out that some long-time customers were outraged, and Rick agreed. But Ridge supported Thomas' contention that the media had been abuzz with Forrester news, and it had been prompting a sales frenzy for a line that had been dormant for years.

Thomas noted that no one had cancelled any Forrester orders in spite of some older clients frowning on the publicity stunt. Thorne said that he had been concerned about losing customers because some of them had seen the kiss and subsequent press as "taboo."

Ridge's eyes lit up, and he said that he had to make a decision. Ridge told everyone that the line would continue, and he planned to capitalize on the press for the reinvented line. Ridge announced that they would call it "Taboo."

Later Ridge sketched out a logo for "Taboo" with a photo of Brooke and Thomas next to it. Brooke and Thomas were surprised that Ridge had gotten onboard so quickly. Taylor burst into the office, and ordered Brooke to get away from her son. Brooke scoffed at Taylor and walked away.

Taylor noticed Ridge's sketchpad and badmouthed Brooke's foolhardy attempt at capitalizing on the scandal she had caused, along with all its ramifications. Taylor called the logo design "trash," and instructed to Ridge to throw it out with the garbage where it belonged.

Insulted, Ridge informed Taylor that he had designed the new logo, and planned to launch it immediately. Taylor became furious. She told Ridge that she would not allow him to keep the line alive. Then Taylor turned on Thomas and told him that he would not continue the line nor working with Brooke. Thomas and Brooke were happily surprised at Ridge's support and dismayed at Taylor's abhorrence to the line.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

by Pam

In Ridge's office, Taylor freaked out about "Taboo," the new Men's Line name and logo. She insisted that she would not allow it. Taylor accused Ridge of falling under Brooke's spell again to take advantage of a bad situation. Taylor blamed Brooke for coming up with the "Taboo" idea.

Ridge argued that the entire kissing incident had been Thomas' idea, and Brooke had gone along with it. Ridge said that the clothing line had received more press and orders from all over the world. Taylor refused to allow Ridge and Brooke to exploit her son.

Thomas attempted to reason with Taylor, to no avail. Thomas said that his clothing line had been making a hit in Asia and Africa -- markets that had recently opened to Forrester. Ridge also tried to calm Taylor by insisting that they should be proud parents because Thomas had been so successful. Ridge said he had to capitalize on the Men's Line's positive press.

Taylor refused to listen, and she insisted that they were irresponsible parents if they went along with exploiting and taking advantage of a scandalous kiss. Thomas told his mom that he had been proud of what he had accomplished. Taylor retorted that she didn't trust Brooke.

Ridge reiterated that he had not been happy when he had been forced to look at photos and videos of Thomas kissing Brooke everywhere he turned. But Ridge added that Forrester had the press's attention in a way that they hadn't been able to get it in years. Taylor insisted that she would fight him on it.

Taylor pinned all the blame on Brooke. Taylor accused Brooke of enjoying yet another public scandal. Taylor dredged up that when Brooke had introduced her bedroom line, Brooke had paraded around in her underwear as a spokesmodel rather than hiring a model. Brooke shot back that the bedroom line had been the most profitable line in Forrester history.

Taylor didn't let up. She warned Thomas that he would be sacrificing his pride and dignity for outrageous behavior. Taylor told Ridge that he showed irresponsible parenting in allowing such behavior. Thomas reminded his mother that the stunt had been a kiss and only a kiss. He asked his mother to stop being so unreasonable and treating him like an adolescent. Taylor tried to tell him that he had little experience with women, but Thomas said that she had to start treating him like an adult.

Thomas told his mother that her inferences that Brooke would seduce him were sickening. Taylor reminded everyone that Brooke had an embarrassing history of seduction with Ridge, his father, his brother, and Brooke's daughters' men. "She's infected nearly every person in this family, and I'm not going to let her do it to you," Taylor said to Thomas.

Ridge and Thomas told Taylor that they had made a business decision. Thomas said that he had been insulted by Taylor's comments. Thomas admitted that he didn't have as much experience as his father had at his age, and Ridge laughed. Taylor insisted that she would have no part of the campaign. She added that she planned to get Stephanie's support.

Ridge refused to argue with Taylor any further and he warned Taylor not to involve Stephanie because she had plenty of her own health issues. Taylor sniped that she knew about Stephanie's problems.

Ridge ordered Taylor to keep Stephanie out of the "Taboo" issue. Ridge replied that Brooke and Thomas made a good team. Taylor said that Thomas might achieve notoriety with the "Taboo" line, but he would lose much more.

At the hospital, Stephanie tried to convince Eric to return to the office while she waited for test results. Eric refused and wanted to be present for the test results. Eric promised to remain at Stephanie's side for everything. He teased that she could take a cab or a bus home, and then joked that Stephanie didn't know how to take a bus.

Stephanie argued that she and Dayzee had taken many buses together. She reminded Eric that she couldn't show up at a homeless shelter in a Mercedes. Stephanie pulled Eric close and told him that statistics were not in her favor. Then, she joked that with chemo and radiation, she might lose her hair. Eric caressed her hair and said he wanted more years, not months, with Stephanie.

Stephanie warned that she didn't want to create false hope. The doctor entered and interrupted Stephanie. She reminded Stephanie that they all lived in an age of miracles. The doctor added that Stephanie's cancer had responded very well to the oral chemotherapy treatment.

The doctor said that no new tumors had been detected in Stephanie's lungs. The doctor added that they would continue the treatment. For Stephanie's brain, the doctor shared that Stephanie would be receiving a revolutionary brain treatment with a Gamma Knife procedure. The doctor explained that it attacked the tumors with concentrated radiation, no pain, no disfigurement, and no surgery.

The doctor offered the treatment immediately because she had a cancellation. Stephanie said that she wanted the treatment. The doctor added that the treatment did not damage healthy tissue, and enabled candidates to resume normal activity quickly after treatment. The doctor said technicians would be in to prepare her for it.

Dayzee entered and hugged Stephanie. Dayzee announced that her friend, Janelle, and her baby were off the streets and living in the shelter. Stephanie gladly acknowledged that everyone had good news. Eric wanted to call the kids about the treatment, but Stephanie said that she wanted to tell them about it afterwards.

Stephanie and Eric embraced, and Stephanie told Eric that she had fallen in love with him the first time that she'd laid eyes on him. They hugged and kissed. Eric called Ridge to inform him of Stephanie's treatment. Ridge and Brooke left for the hospital.

Technicians fitted a helmet over Stephanie's head, and she went into a Gamma Knife apparatus, similar to the CT machine tunnel. Dayzee and Eric watched the procedure through a glass window.

Dayzee told Eric that she thought of Stephanie as a remarkable woman. Eric agreed, and said that he didn't want to live without Stephanie. He added that he wanted to team up with Stephanie to make a difference in people's lives. Dayzee and Eric hugged and held hands.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the Forrester rooftop, Liam met Hope for lunch and apologized for being missing in action. Hope said he could make it up to her by being her date at Bikini Beach for the "Endless Summer Party," an event to promote her line. Liam said he'd been M.I.A. while learning the family business, and he'd discovered that he had some of his father's traits. She hoped the similar traits were few, and Liam laughed.

Hope stated that she had to tell Liam something that he wouldn't like. "What am I about to not like?" Liam asked. Hope revealed that Oliver had kissed her twice. Liam stammered, but he wasn't shocked, because he'd been neglecting her for work. Hope wasn't too keen on blaming him, but decided that he could make it up to her at the party that evening.

Becoming philosophical, Hope said she'd been thinking a lot and noticing changes in herself. She didn't see things as black and white anymore. With a sultry look, she said that wherever she went from there, things had to be right for her. She never wanted to have regrets. "You understand?" she asked in a knowing tone, and he kissed her.

The couple wondered if Oliver would attend the party. Liam wasn't thrilled about Oliver's pursuit of Hope, but she said she'd set Oliver straight about it. Liam asked her not to forget about him in the busy times. He promised she could count on him for the special evening.

At Oliver's house, Amber looked at an invitation to the party for Hope's line. When Oliver entered from surfing, she asked if he planned to attend it. Oliver wasn't interested in seeing Hope partying with Liam. To repay Oliver's hospitality, Amber decided to help him get Hope back-but he had to do things Amber's way.

Amber figured that the pristine Hope was ready to unleash the bad girl within her. Oliver laughed at the idea and said that even if Amber were right, Hope was with Liam. Amber figured that Hope wasn't waiting for marriage; Hope was waiting for the right guy and the right moment. "You're definitely the right guy, and tonight could be your right moment," Amber said. She instructed him to attend the party, take Hope home, and make love to her.

Oliver seemed highly intrigued by the plan; however, he refused to pressure Hope. Amber urged him to just go to the party and be charming. He asserted that Liam would be there as Hope's date. Amber deviously said she had ways of ensuring that Liam wouldn't make it to the party. "Just use protection," Amber warned. Oliver thought she was getting ahead of herself, but Amber figured that Hope's first love should be the first one to make love to her.

At the hospital, the doctors communicated with Stephanie, who was fully awake during her procedure. She joked that she'd rather be home with a martini. Dayzee and Eric offered Stephanie some encouragement, and Dr. Lewis explained to the newcomers, Ridge and Brooke, that Gamma Knife surgery used highly focused radiation to destroy tumors while protecting the healthy brain tissue. The treatment's success would preclude the need for conventional surgery. Brooke said they'd have to believe that it would work.

As they waited, Eric hoped that Ridge had reconsidered the "Taboo" campaign, because it was inappropriate to capitalize on the runway scandal. Ridge knew that it could backfire on him, but he was willing to take the chance. Dr. Lewis interrupted to inform them that the procedure had ended. Stephanie needed to remain hospitalized for observation, but Dr. Lewis allowed everyone to visit Stephanie.

In the recovery room, the upbeat Stephanie said she hadn't known if she'd awaken in heaven or hell, but seeing Brooke, Stephanie stated that she was in eternal limbo. After joking around, Stephanie asked if they'd stopped Thomas' line. Her loved ones refused to talk business, but she threatened to wheel herself to the office to find out what had occurred. Brooke admitted that they were indeed forging ahead with the line, and Stephanie grimaced.

Brooke tried to explain why they were embracing the kiss scandal, but Stephanie balked at the mere name of the line. She was sure that Taylor would have a fit about "Taboo," and Ridge revealed that Taylor wasn't happy. Noting that Thomas and Brooke would be the center of the scandalous campaign, Stephanie wondered what Brooke would do next.

Alone with Brooke, Stephanie admitted that she'd started to think of Brooke as a daughter. "And then what did you do?" Stephanie asked. Stephanie stated that she just couldn't accept the "Taboo" line. Brooke explained that Ridge had developed the campaign, but Stephanie questioned Brooke for agreeing to it. Brooke reasoned that they were making fun of the media's craving for a scandal that wasn't even real.

Brooke insisted that she was no threat to Thomas, and she had everything she wanted with Ridge. Stephanie reminded Brooke that she'd promised to have no more scandals, and Brooke replied that she'd meant it. Brooke asked Stephanie not to fall into Taylor's paranoia, because it could negatively affect Stephanie's health. Stephanie looked skeptically at Brooke.

Brooke reminded Stephanie of the breakthrough they'd had on the roller coaster and on Skid Row. Brooke loved Stephanie, and Brooke was willing to be Stephanie's "Slut From the Valley" for all their future years. Stephanie erupted in laughter, and Brooke tearfully smiled. "I'm never going to have any peace from you," Stephanie said, wiping away Brooke's tears.

Brooke said she'd been there to learn about the cancer, and she'd remain there until Stephanie was cancer-free. Stephanie didn't know if that were a threat or a promise. Brooke hesitated, but decided that it was a promise. Stephanie frowned to stifle her smile, but when Brooke kissed her forehead and stroked her hair, Stephanie's frown gave way to a smile.

Friday, November 19, 2010

At Oliver's house, Amber cooed that it was his night. Oliver, however, had changed his mind about going to the party. Amber insisted that he make Hope remember what a wonderful guy he was before Amber decided to keep him for herself. He asked what her plan was, but she only said that he could thank her the next day.

Amber used her phone to track down Liam, but Oliver still doubted the plan. She said that Hope had responded to his kisses, and he'd vowed not to give up on her. Forcing him out the door, Amber reminded him that he had to be Hope's first love and her first lover.

In Ridge's office, Hope primped in the mirror, checked her party plans, and took a call from Liam. He said he'd meet her at the party instead of picking her up, because he was at Bill's house. Hope couldn't wait to spend time with him, and he said he'd be all hers that evening.

After the call, Hope asked Madison to take her to the party. Madison and Hope talked about how Liam's busyness at work had made the couple really miss each other. Madison said that distance caused sexual tension. Hope stated that she and Liam hadn't had sex, but she knew what Madison meant. "And I have been thinking a lot about Liam," Hope added.

Madison said she was meeting Thomas at the party, and Hope became intrigued. Madison beamed that it could be the start of something. Hope felt that the night was important for her and Liam, too. Hope suspected that they'd take their relationship to a new level.

Oliver called Hope to say he'd be at the party. After the call, Madison figured that there would be party drama. Hope said Liam wasn't the jealous type, but Madison noted that he was Bill's son. Hope said Liam wasn't like Bill, and Liam knew what the night meant to her.

At the beach house, Bill insisted that Liam take a limo, since he might be drinking that evening. Bill also suggested that Liam take some girls to a private club. Katie nudged Bill and told him to work on his fatherly advice. Liam went outside, where Amber was hiding in the dark. He left Hope a message about the limo, and Amber stared deviously at him.

Later, Donna arrived at the beach house and noted that everything had changed while she'd been on her trip. She and Katie made fun of Bill's parenting skills, and Katie joked about the crazy advice that Bill had given Liam. Bill said he'd decided to forgo the party, because he didn't want to see his son drooling like a lapdog over Hope. Bill noted that though Liam had much to learn, he had a knack for reporting. Bill had observed that when Liam suspected that something was happening, he wouldn't stop until he exposed it.

Outside, Amber, disguised as a driver, stole Liam's cell phone as she helped him into the limo. She spoke in a Russian accent, saying she'd take a different route to the party to avoid traffic. While riding, Liam noticed that traffic was scarce on the road. Staring out the window, he saw hills and said it didn't seem as if they were anywhere near the beach.

At the party, Marcus and his date arrived and posed for pictures on the red carpet. Inside, they greeted Rick. Marcus figured that he and Rick could handle the event while Ridge and Brooke had dinner with Ridge's parents that evening. A commotion at the door got their attention, and they saw Thomas being bombarded by the press. Marcus worried that Thomas would overshadow Hope, but Rick refused to let that happen.

Hope and Madison arrived, and the press swamped them. Rick intervened to announce Hope's arrival to the partygoers. Hope gave a short speech, and mingled in the crowd. When she greeted Oliver, he claimed that he hadn't planned to be there long. She wondered if Oliver had seen Liam, and she couldn't imagine what was delaying him.

As the party continued, Oliver spoke to Madison, who didn't know why Liam was tardy for his and Hope's big night. Oliver wondered what "big night" meant. Madison hesitated to reply because she didn't want to see Oliver hurt. When he pressed her, she hinted that Hope and Liam were adults, and they were into each other.

Oliver found Hope, who was becoming worried about Liam. Oliver encouraged her to enjoy the food and fun, because it would be a shame if she didn't have a good time at her own party. Hope agreed, but decided to call Liam before she cut loose. Oliver rolled his eyes as Hope left Liam a message to call her.

In the limo, Amber checked Liam's phone and grinned slyly as she continued driving.

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